hines va hospital

Hines VA Hospital Lets Veteran Corpses To Rot, Liquefy For Months

hines va hospital

Corpses of dead veterans were found rotting for months in Hines VA Hospital morgue, some bodies liquefying before being buried.

VA denied allegations that the huge delay in providing veterans with “dignified and timely burials” were “consistent” problems. Instead, the agency is trying to deflect allegations apparently asserting the liquefaction of corpses before providing burial is an inconsistent problem.


Hines VA Hospital spokesman Rick Fox disputed the allegations, kind of:

“We take whistle-blower allegations very seriously and absolutely agree that all of our veterans deserve dignity and respect, in life and in death. While our investigation into this matter is still ongoing, we have found allegations related to consistent problems with dignified and timely burials to be unsubstantiated. However, we have taken this opportunity to review our policies and procedures and are currently working to improve them.”

Senator Mark Kirk exposed the problem with the corpses in addition to other scandals at the facility over the past few years. “Hines VA — the hospital that has been overrun with cockroaches and mold and left vets waiting for care for months on secret wait lists, has reached a new low in the treatment of our veterans.”

Kirk continued, “We now have reports of bodies being left to decompose in the morgue for months on end.”

According to a complaint, “Some veteran’s remains have been left in our hospital morgue for 45 days or more until they are stacked to capacity at times.”

It should be noteworthy that Sharon Helman, the felon from the Phoenix VA wait list scandal, was formerly head of Hines VA. Perhaps the string of skeletons that followed her all link back to the same group of derelicts?


What concerns me about the behavior at Hines VA is that Chicago and Illinois law enforcement are not protecting veterans and their families from the fraudulent and dangerous behavior of federal employees there.

Perhaps the reason things are not getting better at Hines or elsewhere is that there are millions of dollars at stake in fraudulent schemes perpetrated by various federal employees including the Department of Veterans Affairs.

At Hines VA Hospital, rumor has it there are ties between the facility and some kind of gray market for high-end art. This would make sense given the present art scandal being exposed at various facilities nationwide.

I plan to write about this in the future, but suffice it to say problems are all over. VA is supposed to highlight veteran artwork in its

VA is supposed to highlight veteran artwork in its facilities, but it is instead commissioning high-end paintings of its former secretaries.

Personally, I have been to many VA hospitals and Hines VA Hospital is one of the creepiest I have ever seen. The old hospital stretches for one-mile end to end. Now it includes space for animal experiments on the second floor.

Crazytown. Hines has its own zip code and is basically its own town. I personally know of no other VA that has that kind of latitude.

Let me know if your VA hospital has its own zip code or if you know why Hines has its own zip code.

Source: https://tribunist.com/news/a-new-low-even-for-the-va-vets-corpses-found-rotting-in-chicago-vas-morgue/

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  2. First off, little Ricky Fox is a liar.

    At what point is any non VA employee allowed to call bullshit to their claims that another whistle blowers claims are unsubstantiated?

    Given just the past 3 years, one would think the VA is the best running federal agency in history given all the claims that are said to be unsubstantiated…by the VA.

    He is a liar because one of the first news reports I read on this described and quoted from emails sent to the bastard who is supposed to approve the burial.

    Why would more than one email have to be sent if he was immediately approving every burial he was notified of?

    That and other news reports try to claim the VA doesn’t have the funding or the staff, but the jackasses in management positions should have thought of funding or staffing before they hired 127 Interior Designers. Or before they blew millions on “art”.

    Ben, I think one of the best FOIAs you could submit is for a copy of the inventory of every VA facility listing their art. Given the dollar value, every art item should be on their facility inventory.
    In fact, if you request this, you should request 2 or more years worth of their inventory. This would show what was on one years inventory, but not on another. The inventory would show the date they first bought it, and the purchase price.

    Years ago, I saw a painting in a Congressional office, and it had a US Government property sticker on it. If VA art isn’t on their inventory, why not?
    I see US Government property stickers on computer monitors at the VA, so they sure as hell should be on the art they are buying.

    Back to Hines. It would be instructive to search on funeral homes in the US who had bodies more than a week or two. Investigative authorities from the local and state levels were crawling all over, and I recall even a federal investigation for civil rights issues.
    Its truly sad the two Americas we live in. One in which veterans served America, then discarded by it and ignored, and another in which all hell breaks loose if the wrong individual is offended.

  3. Off Topic but important.

    Infowars will be covering the live presentation by Julian Assange for Wiki leaks at 2:00 a.m. . Clearly the information that is being release concerns Hillary Clinton and with this 2 am time chosen for the release it is meant to target the minds of the folks in Europe.

    A link to the sites u-tube channel that is counting down to the link is currently active and can be reached at:


    1. The 2 am time chosen is also clearly showing that the release is also meant to influence the hearts and minds of those in the Middle East.

      1. I hope we get it here. I’ll look for it in the morning.
        Not been sleeping very well over the past few days.

        There’s been quite a few questions over what Assange is going to release. I hope it’s good enough to stop “The Butcher of Benghazi!”
        Maybe that’s why she wants to do a “drone strike” on him!

      2. I do not think he is the type to not have a Plan B, C & D for just an occasion, tied biometrically with his heartbeat and should it stop, Google’s servers will have a massive dump. 🙂

    2. If you are up and watching, a better link to the WikiLeaks press confess with less interruptions through Right Side News.


  4. This is real life folks.

    “Hillary Clinton Wanted to Drone Wikileaks!!!”

    Published 3 Oct 2016
    By David Seaman

    Hillary Clinton considers Mr. Assange, of Wikileaks, “a soft target”! Meaning, the ‘Embassy’, where Assange is at, is a “fair (” SOFT”) target”!

    What kind of diabolical and evil person would even consider such an atrocity?

    This speaks volumes about a person who would want to occupy the highest office in our land!

    The only “reason” behind this, would be because, Hillary Clinton fears the truth!

    1. The same diabolical types that I just saw in news that the Syrian Refugees now pose another problem…you will never guess….the enemy’s men have found that dressing-up as woman and crossing into borders and such so much fun, they have started accessorizing. So now, these European countries are having to do physical ‘checks’ to make sure the men are men and the woman are not men!!! Thought you’d appreciate that, crazy elf in light of today’s glum article. It’s true, all the same unfortunately.
      Remember, Hillary is of the same ilk that just handed over the controls for the internet…while we are at war…makes no sense…why don’t we just sky-write the launch codes above the desert while at it? 🙂

  5. Hey folks, here’s a brand new Utube video out about an hour or so ago!

    “Congress Getting Ready to Pull Security Clearance From Hillary Clinton”

    It’s about 9:00 minutes long.

    There’s three “bills” –

    One is – H.R. 5697
    The other is – S. 3135

    Both are closing in on people who “Carelessly” do not follow proper protocol when handling classified material!

    Another bill, (I believe H.R. 889), in front of Congress concerns – “non profit” (501-C-3) U. S. entities, with family ties in government, taking donations from foreign governments. It’s talked about in the video!

    All of these “bills” have Clinton’s name all over them!

    I suggest googling and watching this video. Share it. Make sure your representative is aware you know about it.

  6. Hey Ben, I have a question. How can we make sure this doesn’t happen to us ? If I die at home what can I do to make sure they don’t take me to rot at some VA ? I’m serious .

  7. You are so right about other VSO’s, where are they ? I can’t believe this kind of thing goes on in a huge hospital , mile-long? Then there’s no one there that sees it smells it ? What a way for them to go . What the hell are VSO’s for ? They’re definitely not doing any good for most veterans , especially the dead ones . We took better care of Osama bin Laden . This just makes me sick.

  8. Silly me! A Kardashian was robbed in Paris and it has ALL the news! Must be tough to lose 10 MILLION in jewelry…her “traveling jewelry”….silly me. Seems a Kardashian has blotted out the significant Veteran VA scandal news before in the past from mainstream feed. We must be persistent just send this story about Hines VAMC repeatedly over time and just maybe…

    1. And then millennials get angry when we older folks explain why they are taken advantage of by “certain members” of Congress. They’re completely at a loss for words. When we explain taxpayers will be paying for all those free things, (ie; education and healthcare amoung many other things), they want.
      They’ve been so dumbed down by our government run educational system, “Common Core” for instance, it’s pathetic!
      Did y’all know “CIVICS” is no longer being taught in public schools!?

      1. Bill,
        There’s a lot of great classes the public schools have dropped.
        I remember taking “shop” from 8th grade through my senior year. It included drafting, metal, wood and automotive shops.
        Have I forgotten any?

      2. Welding, I also did the same as you. I spent 30 years as a computer programmer for work, people seemed to be some what amazed if what I can make with my hands. I iften get asked where I learned ti do such things, I smile and reply public schools. They were not always screwed up.

  9. The wife and I have “taken care” of our “final days on this earth!”
    It’s called “MEDCURE”!
    it’s a “Whole Body Donation”!
    They take care of EVERY THING. Then they cremate the remaining parts for your loved one! It’s all FREE!

    I believe they’re out of Washington State or Oregon.

    We also have a ‘living will’ to insure our last wishes.

    Never thought I’d be discussing this.
    Yet, these are things we “older farts” need to know about.

    If anyone is interested, I’ll put their phone number on here.

    1. @crazy elf- I just do not want to eventually read on here where the VA contracts all it’s VAMC cafeteria chili and chili crackers from a company called ‘MEDCURE’. LOL! Seriously, not far from the level of crazy we are at now!!!

      1. Brother, they have nothing whatsoever to do with VA.
        If they ever do, the wife and I will discontinue their services!

  10. Where is the outrage from the Congressionally chartered veteran service organizations??????

    Cashing their 6 figure pay checks and planning the next million dollar+ national convention, (bull shit party). They could give a rats ass about some dead vets.

    1. They, along with the VA now have their funding for 2017, so what do they care? Where’s Rep. Miller’s **stern words**? McCain? OhBummer?

      Where’s Sec. McDonald?

      1. Miller, McCain and (almost) ALL of the Dumbocrats,(Obummer is probably off golfing), and the rest of the underachieving asswipes are back in their home states “STUMPING FOR REELECTION!”

        Only a few are sticking around Washington DC earning their pay, ie:
        People like Rep. Jordan, Rep. Gowdey, Rep. Chaffetz and a few more are busy trying to make our country safe!
        They know how fucked up our government has become! They want to help fix it!

    1. Same here. Hell, just prop me up next to a lake with a view and I will go quietly when that time comes. Wanted to be buried in family land but now as a farmer you cannot even have such a family plot because of regulations and code…in farm country, Indiana. (many reasons I live in another State for years now…also, the Indy VAMC is a nightmare)
      So, my brother and I will not let our demise be BY the VA or handled in the course of it…we have each other’s long-game backs on this. He even ceased using the VA in last year and he’s way more patient than I.

      Isn’t this sad? I would much rather have a VA System I can boast about and proudly state I have that benefit. As it is now, it’s like a Scarlet Letter of Malpractice….good future title of a book about the VA. Hint Hines. Err…Hint.

  11. My question is, how many of these veterans were killed due to malpractice / neglect?

    What is the law in IL to properly handle unclaimed deceased?

  12. I just came from a good friend’s place and he is usually right on-top of current scandals and news and when I just informed him of the Hines VAMC mess he thought I was making something up over-the-top but then he thought about it, grimaced, and said, “You know this has NOT been on the mainstream news at all over the weekend nor even today…yet.

    This is our problem: THE MEDIA. The VA Public Relations Spin Dr. must be spinning so fast it’s frothing at this point in order to keep it out of the news. For instance in Chicago they have been having so many attempted homicides and shootings that the media is only covering a *few* because otherwise, it would dominate most of the allotted news feed time.

    This is a reminder of the not long ago Veteran that lit himself on fire outside a VAMC on East Coast. That only really made it to the most basic local news as well.

    What can we do? Are the family’s going to file some Class Action against the VA? Since Congress vetoed POTUS on the suing of Saudi Arabia re: 9/11, am wondering if this ball of wax now will allow Veterans filing a Class Action against the VA without having to have ‘permission’ to do so?

    Anyway, wanted to convey my good friend’s reaction when I tried to convey the newest VA Scandal. He even said that it’s so over the top that most people would think it’s exaggerated or just a rumor but he knows better.

    1. namnibor,
      In the article Ben uses, there’s a video from “Foxnews” explaining what occurred at Hines VHA.
      That’s where I got the “name” for that asswipe, aka: “Mr. Worthless”. Because the person speaking, couldn’t pronounce his name! Like in the old Superman comics, Mr. XZYKCKRPS, or whatever that little guys name was, who was Superman’s Nemesis!

      Yet, after Fox reported it, there’s been nothing from other “Main Stream Medias”!

      Like I said earlier, we need to contact “conservative radio stations”. Let them know what’s occurring around the country! It couldn’t hurt to try!

  13. OK, a couple of things here!

    I wonder how soon Christopher Wirtjes, aka: “Mr.Worthless”, gets to retire with full benefits? He’s the one responsible for this. His ‘title’ is “Chief of Patient Administration Services”! How he got there is a mystery. Especially after getting caught manipulating wait times before!

    Watch the video in the “link” Ben uses. It’s definitely a “slam” against Hillary, aka: “The Butcher of Benghazi”! And a “plug”, rightfully so, to Mr. Donald Trump!
    (Basically, IF you want the same VA healthcare, that your receiving under the Obama Administration, vote for Hillary! Because, she’s already stated it!)

    When your done with the video, look for this Utube video of Mr. Trump speaking at “The Retired American Warriors PAC”! It’s Outstanding!
    Here’s the title to google:

    “FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Speaks at Retired American Warriors PAC Event 10/3/16”

    It streamed live about 6 hours ago at Herndon, Virginia.
    Congressman Sessions was also in attendance.

    namnibor, there’s a bunch more “anti-VA patriots” slamming the TROLLS on that article. Go back and read some. It’ll make you proud more came on to slam the trolls!

    1. I have said several times before that I didn’t support Trump.

      I do now, based on the reporting of Trump speaking at this event.

      A good majority of the media are claiming Trump said veterans suffer from PTSD because they are weak and can’t handle it.

      Hell even media reports in which they quote the veteran as saying that is not what Trump meant still slant their reports as saying vets with PTSD are weak.

      While the same media ignore veterans bodies lying for days at Hines.

  14. Wow, this is too much. I’m starting to believe our biggest problem is getting the message to the public. I can’t believe the public would know that all the stuff going on and not raise a stink about it. I mean really been, what’s going on ?

  15. The reason that Hines has its own zip code is due to the fact when it was originally constructed it had the Maywood Post Office and airmail field.

  16. You all should read the comments below that article Ben posted here. There’s a good number of VA employees posting on there that Hines is a WONDERFUL place. Even a few VSO’s popped-in to state how there were **only** two or three bodies left for months…as if even -1- is okay??? WTF are these employees smoking??!!

  17. With almost everything that is wrong with the VA this is one of the Worst and most unacceptable.

    Now to ask the questions.

    How does someone at Haines VAMC “profit” from desecrating dead Veterans at the VAMC?

    How many of the dead have incidents of reported medical care after they died?

    How many of the deaths were improperly and untimely reported?

    A recent New York Times article may point in the direction of how the VA may be profiting off of this and why the VA Spin Machine is in full White Wash Mode. In march an inpatient being treated at the VAMC Northport died and the death was not properly reported for months. All the while staff were continuing to update his medical records on the care he was receiving while dead.

    “Deaths, Fraud Allegations and an Inquiry Into a Long Island V.A. Hospital”, By KRISTINA REBELO and MARC SANTORASEPT. 19, 2016


    Excerpts from the article:

    “Northport, N.Y., with charges of abuse that include widespread billing fraud and the failure to report the death of a patient for months after his body was found in a building on the complex.”

    “According to a person familiar with the investigation, who was not authorized to speak and requested anonymity, they will also be asked about allegations of widespread fraud, including the collection of thousands of dollars in fees to care for veterans who were never actually treated.”

    “the death in March of Anthony J. Cox, 51, a veteran who was working at Northport and enrolled in a drug rehabilitation program, was not reported even though his body was found on the campus. The circumstances surrounding Mr. Cox’s death and the discovery of his body remain murky.”

    “When Mr. Cox’s mother, Judith Wood, 77, a retired nurse and a United States Air Force veteran, arrived from South Carolina to claim her son’s body and learn what had happened, she said she was met with systemic silence at the Northport campus.
    “No one would tell me anything,” Mrs. Wood said. “I was not allowed to go where he lived; we kept getting the runaround. Everyone shut us down. There’s something screwy about that place.”

    The death of Mr. Cox was never formally announced by the medical center, and it was not reported to the group that accredits and certifies health care organizations, or to local congressional offices as what is known as a sentinel event, an unanticipated death or serious injury.

    For two months after Mr. Cox was found dead, the medical staff continued to make notes on his chart as if he were alive.”

    ““Patient will see me on 5-23. Patient was a no-show. No testosterone will be filled unless he follows us in the clinic,” one clinician wrote in Mr. Cox’s electronic medical records, which The Times obtained from his family. Other notes indicated that offices at Northport had made calls to Mr. Cox.”

    1. Hey Robby McDonald. This is happening on your watch. There is no excuse for this. How many Veteran’s Bodies do you and your organization have hidden around the Country right Now!!

      Robby McDonald, how Many Hundreds of Millions are you Billing insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare for the care you claim dead Veterans are receiving?

    2. Seymore,
      I wonder how many of these dead veterans, “pilling up”, had fiduciaries?
      If it’s occurring at two VHA’s, it has to be occurring at more, right?

  18. I suggest everyone call their “conservative radio stations” and explain what the hell is going on at Hines!
    Maybe then the MSM might get embarrassed enough to run a story? Can’t hurt to try, right?

    1. I’ve searched a few times using various terms, and it’s shocking to see how few stories there actually are on this.

      The local CBS station in Chicago reported on it, along with Fox News.

      Most reports are on blogs, often veterans only blogs.

      What is pathetic is the article on Snopes claiming the story is mostly false, mostly based on a picture used with previous articles.

      They also claim it’s mostly false based on only two bodies mentioned in the emails.

      Nothing like leftist media either covering for it excusing this bullshit to protect Obama.

  19. I wonder if the Hines VAMC will attempt to place the blame on the Veteran’s families for not claiming the bodies? This also brings to question if the VA is having trouble keeping-up with the 22 Veteran Suicides each and every day? Given Chicago’s path to overtake Detroit in violence uptick, statistically, am thinking a number of these Veterans may be victims of Chicago’s violence as well. Have read countless stories of elder Vets having home invasions or outright assaulted on the streets in daylight…the fact that the Hines VAMC has it’s very own zip code makes me wonder if that gives the Federal Property even more immunity to prosecutions?

    This story should be pointed-out to each and every VA M.D. or RN or VSO that comes on here defending this crap by trying to say “this happens ALL the time in the private sector…blah…”, NO, IT DOES NOT!!!!

    Sorry folks, in a demonic mood today and rant out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I hope the TROLLS do come on today!
      They’re going to be ridiculed unmercifully by every loyal patriotic veteran and American!
      Like you’ve stated namnibor, this DOES NOT HAPPEN IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR!
      And any asswipe who believes, or states, this does happen. Is either a fool or a complete idiot!

      This story is beyond belief.

      1. Elf, have you seen the people in the streets nowadays? Most of them ARE complete fools and idjits. It will be as it has always been the tail WILL wag the dog and the MSM will do whatever the PTB tells them to do.

  20. It looks like Chicago, Illinois is the “ground zero” of all corruption. The City is wrought with shootings and death. During the Presidential Debate, last Monday, Mr. Trump brought up statistics concerning the “Chicago Crime Rates”!
    One reporter, concerning the criminal activity in Chicago, mentioned, “Al Capone would be proud!” I have to agree with him/her! I can’t remember the reporters name!

    This article is just one more disgusting antithesis of why Americans need to become more aware of how Obama’s Administration is complicit in all that is wrong with America! His “Town Hall Meeting”, over veterans issues, proves he’s not fit to be Commander In Chief of an ‘animal control department’ anywhere!

    The “statement” made by that “VA hack” proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, VA’s upper management cares nothing about veterans, whether alive OR DEAD!

    Maybe “PETA” should be made aware of “animal experimentations” on the second floor of Hines VHA!
    I remember they went after Proctor and Gamble some years ago, and won!
    Hummmm, I wonder if Sec. of VA, Bobbie McDuck knows about this? I know “Green Peace” made fools outta P & G, over the destruction of rain forests, about two years ago!

    There’s definitely going to be more about this in the media. The “Main Stream Media” can’t deny real true egregious acts, by our government run agencies, any more! They’re going to have to start telling the truth sooner or later!

    1. I wonder how many times the Hines VAMC Animal Experiment Labs on 2nd Floor has mixed-up animal experiments with living Veterans or deceased Veterans?
      Sad to say but I wager that the animals from that lab probably are given much more dignity….then again, in a “Sweeney Todd” kind of way, the Hines VAMC Cafeteria’s meatloaf may have a chute directly above where the animals are recycled while some hack at this VAMC pockets the $$$ for meat orders. Yeah, I went there!!!

      Now is the VAOIG going to mosey over to Hines to give a public **guhrumph** ‘We agree that Hines VAMC should do a better job and have made recommendations in noted areas. The Hines VAMC concurs, we need to try…harder”???

      And let me guess? No heads will roll? The National Cemetery has had it’s share of nasty scandals as well, I recall. Getting the very strong signal that they JUST Do not care!

      1. Would explain the behavior of the Idjits that work at VA Prion disease from the lab animals or residual INDs from the research animals being processed for their Sweeney Todd dining facility bet they hired Mrs Lovett to be their chef. VETS do not dine at Hines VA Cafeteria

      2. After reading this, I too would be questioning “WHERE” Hines VHA received their “meat” to feed to all who eat there!

        Of, course, anyone who went to Nam has more than likely, “tasted” the fresh delicacy of DOG!
        Yes, I went there!!!!!

  21. I would NOW like to hear Obama’s answer to any family member asking at a Military Town Hall, “Mr. President, why do you allow lazy-assed VA employees to disrespect the bodies of American Servicemen & Women as found at Hines VAMC, you know, your old hometown area?!!!!???” “Mr. President, what IF this were your own family members?”

    POTUS: “It’s not perfect, but it’s getting better. The notion that the VA would leave corpses as reported is just not true. I have absolutely trust & faith in the good work Sec. McDonald is doing at the VA” (future-perfect-paraphrased blanket statement)

    If THIS scandal is not the last shard of the iceberg to stop the VA’s lackadaisical performance, then I have absolutely no idea WHAT will stop this reckless behavior. This story has made me sick. That could be any one of our Brothers & Sisters one day, left in stacks while VA employees carry on as if the trash was not taken out over the weekend.


    1. By The Way– I am YET to hear this story on any mainstream news program. Nada. Not even on the BBC. WTF?!!!

      Heads need to roll for gross negligence and I believe some crimes have been committed here. Many crimes and State/Federal mandates. This should not matter one bit that it’s Federal Property or Agency.

      If the VA takes such great care of our corpses, just think about the same mentality treating us while we are living. What’s next? Every time going to a VA appointment the Veteran is supposed to have their legs already in the body bag, you know, because it’s just too hard of work for VA employees?
      Should we fill-out the toe tag ahead of time for these lazy bastards?

      I have tried sending this story to a myriad of news agencies of all walks of the aisle and NONE have yet even covered this.

      WTF, McDuck?!!!!

      1. namnibor,
        I believe there’s a “criminal statute” which covers this. It has something to do with the way one “treats a corpse!”
        I also believe it’s considered a “felony”!
        Why the State or Federal Courts, or DOJ’s, don’t become involved is a mystery all onto itself!?!?!
        Oh, wait, they’re just as complicit!

      2. On the VA is Lying FB page, there have been several posts from various media outlets in this, all basically saying the same thing.

        But no outrage.

        If you search on bodies left in funeral homes, there are over a million hits reporting stories of bodies left in funeral homes from Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Rhode Island, Michigan, etc.
        In every case, state investigations happened, several were arrested, and the worst in Texas were charged with felony abuse of a corpse.

        Meanwhile, the same happens at the VA, and everybody yawns because the VA claims there is no truth to the story.

        Out of this story, I can say it is encouraging to hear more whistle blowers coming forward. Crap like this needs to stop.

    2. same old crap differant day with va dc HQ SEWAGE RATS VA BUDGET FOR 2017 182 BILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ VA DC HQ JUST KEEPS ON SAYING TO VETS BEND OVER @ GET SOME MORE CRAP UP YOUR REAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I read the article on Friday and they seemed more concerned over the cockroaches and mold than they were about the honorable deceased

      1. The VA feeds these corpses to the coackroaches. That is, after the directors and McD’s staff fill their bellies.

  22. Like you said Ben, the local level state offices and law enforcement are hands off because they receive federal funding. It is like the corrupt DOJ entities in each state that have to defend VA in lawsuits. They will lie and claim sovereign immunity
    When all hell breaks loose, because they are putting are national security at risk with mass corruption, DOJ , VA will fold because they are not operationally ready like the military. These entities are supposed to be the homeland front in case of homeland warefare.

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