WWII Veteran Must Prove Military Service Despite Discharge Papers

WWII Veteran Purple Heart

Benjamin KrauseThe Department of Veterans Affairs says one WWII veteran with two Bronze Stars and one Purple Heart still does not have enough proof of military service.

Disabled veteran Emil Limpert recently submitted a claim for benefits for his injured leg that was wounded in a Philippines’ foxhole when a grenade went off. The grenade killed two soldiers and severely wounded Limpert.


He supplied evidence of his two Bronze Stars and one Purple Heart along with an xray of the wound. He also provided his discharge papers. But VA claims the evidence is insufficient to prove his military service and military injuries.

Limpert’s records were destroyed in the 1973 Missouri fire that conveniently destroyed the military service records of millions of veterans. Now, VA wants him to provide additional evidence including buddy letters from his dead comrades.

“I get this letter that says we can’t accept it because we’ve got no record of you being in the service,” said Limpert. “I guess I’m the unknown soldier.”

VA wanted Limpert to provide the identity of the hospital that treated him for his initial wounds. He would provide that information if he was injured anywhere other than the jungle of the Philippines, where there were no hospitals.

“There ain’t no hospital,” said Limpert. “We were in the jungles.”

VA always throws common sense out the window whenever adjudicating claims, and it is a shame we keep hearing stories like Limpert’s.


Veterans tend to wait until they are in a hard place to seek benefits from the agency. And it seems like VA always responds with as many idiotic excuses as possible to deny those veterans the first or second time around.

“Delay, deny, hope that I die,” ring a bell?

If you are a disabled veteran who has not yet filed for a rating, it is never too early to get it sorted out. For Lampert, he is down to his last pennies together when he  first filed. Horrible idea – and tangling with VA in your 90’s is not what you want to go through.

Trust me.

Source: https://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/02/07/va-demands-proof-world-war-ii-combat-vet-with-purple-heart-served-in-military.html


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  1. Can a Veteran answer this question can a Veteran Medical Center Police Officer come in a Veteran Patient Advocate Office to hear what a Veteran and what a Veteran Patient Advocate is saying to each other.

  2. @91 Vet

    Would Obama Have Soldiers Pay for Own War Injuries?
    • By Justin Bank
    • Posted on May 12, 2009 | Updated on Sept. 25, 2009
    Q: Did Obama accuse veterans of “selfishness” and whining? Would he have forced them to “pay for their war injuries”?
    A: This chain e-mail contains fabricated quotes and misrepresents a budget idea that the White House scrapped. The quotes were intended as satire.
    This e-mail is circulating. What is the truth about this one?
    I don’t care what your political views are…you must read this. Another look at our president, unbelieveable!!!!
    We’ve received many copies and variations of this e-mail in the past few weeks.
    Made-up Quotes
    To start, the e-mail’s anonymous author offers no evidence to substantiate the disparaging remarks about veterans that he or she attributes to President Obama. White House spokesman Tommy Vietor told us that “these quotes are fabricated.”
    Our own research backs that up. We searched news databases and turned up no news organization that has ever quoted Obama this way. We conclude that these quotes are simply made-up, and perhaps intended as satire.
    Update, Sept. 25: Long after we posted this article, we discovered that the quotes were indeed intended as satire. They are the product of conservative humorist John Semmens, who posted them originally March 21, 2009. They appeared in Semmens’ column, “Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News,” at the online publication The Arizona Conservative.
    We might have figured that out sooner had we recalled that Semmens was the source of an earlier fake Obama quote that was widely circulated during the 2008 campaign. That time, Semmens poked fun at Obama’s reluctance to wear an American flag pin on his lapel, and spun a tale in which Obama supposedly said the “war-like message” of the National Anthem should be replaced with something like “I Want to Teach the World to Sing.” That was the subject of an earlier Ask FactCheck article posted April 22, 2008. Then as now, the bogus quotes became part of a chain e-mail that many passed off as true.
    Garbled Budget Proposal
    Furthermore, the author incorrectly describes a budget proposal that the White House discarded after veterans groups protested loudly. The message describes the idea as a “decision to let the military pay for their war injuries” and to “require veterans [to] carry private health insurance.” That gives a false picture of what was actually under discussion.
    As reported by the Washington Post and others including Fox News, the Obama administration met with several veterans groups on March 16 and floated the idea of saving taxpayers $540 million by billing veterans’ private insurance companies for treatment of conditions connected to their military service, including war injuries. The Department of Veterans Affairs currently bills these insurance companies for treatment of non-service-related conditions.
    But as administration officials made clear at the time, there was no proposal to force veterans to pay for treatment for their own injuries, or to make them buy private insurance if they did not already have it. In fact, administration officials told FactCheck.org at the time that their proposal would have no financial impact on veterans at all.
    “The idea … would result in no additional out-of-pocket costs to veterans even when their private insurance plans require deductibles before benefits are paid,” one official told us in an exchange of e-mails.
    Nevertheless, veterans organizations protested. An American Legion news release carried the headline: “The American Legion Strongly Opposed to President’s Plan to Charge Wounded Heroes for Treatment.” It complained that the idea could under some circumstances result in added costs to veterans despite administration officials’ assurances. For example, the Legion said, a veteran’s treatment might cost enough to reach maximum insurance coverage limits, leaving the rest of the veteran’s family without health care benefits.
    Two days after its meeting with veterans groups, the White House released a formal announcement saying that “the President has instructed that [the idea’s] consideration be dropped.”
    –Justin Bank and Brooks Jackson
    Rucker, Phillip. “Obama’s Turnabout on Vets Highlights Budget Nuances.”Washington Post, 21 March 2009.

    “Veterans Groups Blast Obama Plan for Private Insurance to Pay for Service-Related Health Care.” Foxnews.com, 17 March 2009.

    1. Seriously Beenie, if you want to refute something, it would be much better to cite credible sources other than a raving leftist, excuse making site such as Factcheck. They have been well known to highlight things they believe support their position while ignoring facts that don’t.
      Their entire article wants the reader to believe this issue was nothing more than some paranoid conspiracy theory made up from an email floating around the internet. You, like them, choose sources that support what you want to believe, or sources that will protect your favorite politician at all costs rather than sources that are factual.
      I said you could find articles on this on CNN which provided facts, and you cite a left wing site that is misleading and portrays the issue as an internet hoax.
      “Factcheck” does cite a WaPo article, likely hoping the reader will never click on it to find its more than a hoax, but even the WaPo article downplays how hard and how long Obama pushed that stupidity, and how hard many veterans organizations had to fight to convince him how stupid this was. The WaPo article reads like just a few disgruntled vets complained when in fact, it was at least 11 different organizations that were fighting hard against it, for several weeks. That they had to fight so hard and for so long tells you this was much more than just the usual brain fart from a nitwit. That a left wing Senator like Party Murray made public comments stating his stupid idea would be dead on arrival in the Senate should tell you even leftist politicians in office realized it was a stupid idea and not some internet hoax like Factcheck wants to portray.
      Regarding that Factcheck drivel, it’s interesting most of the media articles are dated from March 2009, yet the Factcheck article is dated May 2009. They had all these other credible news articles reporting on Obama’s little scheme to screw veterans, yet Factcheck chose to spin it as an internet hoax. They also try toss in the idea that the veterans complaining about this were taken in by the hoax, while at the same time saying Obama’s scheme would have had no impact financially to vets. Which is it? An internet hoax or a plan that would supposedly have no impact on vets? As one who fought the VA after having my insurance billed almost $7000.00 for service connected surgery, I have first hand experience with how his scheme would have impacted every veteran.
      Finally, his whole scheme was to somehow save taxpayers $540 million, which is a laughable joke when you think of the billions he gave to his now bankrupt green energy cronies, the millions he has wasted on various vacations all over the world, the billions wasted on his illegal aliens he allows to flood over the border, and the billions he wants to spend in relocating middle eastern rapefugees here to the US after he and Hillary turned Syria and Libya into such disasters. Even if that $540 million was not a blatant lie, you can bet no veteran would have benefited from that savings.
      Now, you have been thoroughly educated on the facts. Accept them if you want, I don’t care, but blow smoke somewhere else because no sane people buy your nonsense.

      1. It’s unfortunate more people do not now how to utilize Critical Thinking and gain one’s information from a plethora of sources instead of tunnel vision fanaticism.
        More and more I find more facts of even what’s really going on in the current War Theaters via BBC, and the same goes for the USA’s political climate.

        Obama and his “Change You Can Believe In” Kool-Aid is still being poured freely apparently to maintain that tunnel vision point of view.

      2. What’s most concerning to me namnibor is that even people you expect to be old enough to know better will reject clear facts provided into them in favor of their unicorns and rainbows vision.
        It is dangerous for the country that so many people think like that because they will willingly give up everything to continue that belief, or continue their gravy train regardless of what it does to the country.

      3. You guys heard.recruitment for active duty volunteers for the military.has dropped qreatly.

        Our young men and women do not want to join the military.knowing what the department of Veterans Affairs is doing to veterans.

        Pretty soon.they will have no choice but to bring the draft into play.

        Then and only then will the public take action or this country will be under marshal law or we will be attacked by another country.

        Maybe that’s the VA and others way of distracting the American people away from what’s really going on.a fleecing of the American people and it’s veterans.

        Greed is a powerful weapon.

    1. Buddy letters from his dead comrades??? Seems I may be having problems when I submit my claim.

  3. Keep voting Republican and you’ll never get any help.

    Happy Veterans Day? 5 Times Republicans in Congress Screwed Veterans
    James Woods | November 11, 2015
    Today is the 61st celebration of Veterans Day in America, when we celebrate the service of all U.S. military veterans. Originally proclaimed Armistice Day by Woodrow Wilson in 1919 to commemorate the end of the first World War and to honor all who served in that war, it was changed to Veterans Day in 1954 to honor veterans of all wars.
    However, in recent years, this holiday has become the ONLY form of gratitude that our veterans can count on as the GOP has spent the last decade chipping away at the benefits and support afforded to our veterans when they return from deployment, while paying lip service to their struggles and heroism.
    So today, as members of the GOP stand behind podiums giving speeches in their home districts about the need for more funding to pay military contractors and to give missiles to Israel as part of their plan to continue the growth of “American exceptionalism,” please remember these instances of “gratitude” the GOP showed to our veterans by placing partisan politics above caring for our veterans.
    1. Veterans Affairs Funding Bill (2015)
    The House Appropriations Subcommittee, met with VA Secretary Bob McDonald to remove more than $1.4 billion in veteran services from President Obama’s proposed 2016 budget. Included in those cuts was more than $690 million earmarked for direct VA medical care and $582 million in VA construction projects. As a result of the cuts, it was estimated that 70,000 fewer veterans would be able to receive needed care.

    2. Women Veterans and Families Health Services Act (2014)
    This bipartisan bill would have provided fertility treatment and counseling for severely wounded veterans and their spouses. However, the bill was killed before making it out of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee after Republicans proposed an amendment to prevent any involvement with Planned Parenthood.
    The author of the bill, Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), took to the floor of the Senate and made the following statement:
    “Don’t take something that should be above politics, our sacred duty to our veterans, pull it down into the muck of petty politics. It is not fair to veterans and their families who have been hoping and praying for the opportunity to have children.”
    3. Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act (2014)
    This bill, proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders, was a piece of sweeping legislation that would have expanded healthcare and education for veterans. After clearing a procedural vote by a 99-0 margin, the bill was hijacked by Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans who attached an amendment to the bill which would have levied sanctions on Iran.
    While arguing over the proposed amendments, other Republicans took to the floor to raise concerns over the cost of the bill, and it was ultimately defeated with 41 of 45 Senate Republicans voting against the bill.
    4. Veterans Jobs Corps Act (2012)
    Originally submitted by democratic Representative Bruce Braley of Iowa, this bill would have established the Veteran’s Jobs Corps to provide gainful employment to more than 20,000 veterans through public works projects in their own communities at a cost of $1 billion over 5 years.
    Ultimately, Senate Republicans blocked the bill because it was unpaid for… while simultaneously proposing a bill to increase military spending with no way to pay for it.
    “We Republicans remain resolute in our commitment to deny the Democrats anything that looks like an accomplishment in an election year,” said Republican leader Mitch McConnell.
    5. Homeless Women Veterans and Homeless Veterans With Children Act (2010)
    Originally proposed to expand assistance for homeless women veterans and homeless veterans with children, as well as increasing funding for federal grant programs to address the issues surrounding homelessness amongst veterans, this bipartisan bill made its way through theSenate Veterans’ Affairs Committee with strong support from members of both parties.
    However, the bill was promptly killed as Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell, on behalf of Senator Tom Coburn, objected based on the cost of the program.
    “If we don’t start paying for new programs and continue on our path to bankruptcy we’ll have a homelessness problem beyond imagination,” Coburn spokesman John Hart told HuffPost. “The old Washington excuse that it’s too hard to cut spending is undermining our troops, our veterans and our future.”

    James Woods is an independent journalist based in New York City who can be reached on twitter @JamesFTInternet or via email:[email protected]

      1. @91 vet
        All 5 points are easily verifiable if you care to find out. Individual votes by each representative are online for each bill that was presented.

  4. Reading these comments is disgusting. So many hateful people here have nothing good at all to say about the VA. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and he has had wonderful treatment at the VA. They have been better than any civilian hospital he has ever been in. They supplied him with 2 top-of-the-line hearing aids and they even send him batteries. He’s had a heart operation and recovered very well and now they supply him with meds to keep him alive. We have no complaints at all about anything they have done. He gets an appointment very quickly when he needs one and they take excellent care of him. I’m sure Mr. Limpert will also get excellent care when the VA has the proper time to verify him as a veteran. If someone was getting care from the VA and it was later found out that he or she was a fake then you would all bitch about that. As for the disgusting comments about President Obama, what you need to do is read CREDIBLE websites. All of the garbage some of you wrote about him is full of lies. Get your head out of FOX news and stop being brainwashed with their stupidity.

    1. It’s unfortunate for thousands of veterans who cannot get proper medical that you think your husband’s care is the same treatment all of us are getting. I am happy your husband is getting the care he needs and has earned, but that is certainly not the case for everyone.
      If it were, there would not be thousands of veterans living on the streets, nor so many veterans committing suicides.
      If you consider that bitching about the VA, so be it. It’s reality. Many face it every day.

      1. 91 Vet, when my husband goes for his appointments there are others vets there and all they do is complain about the VA. In the meantime, they are getting good treatment, just like him, but they just like to complain. Some of those homeless vets are that way because they choose that life. My husband never got into the drugs that a lot of them do. Also, you seriously cannot blame all of the suicides on the VA!

        I read all of the comments here and you had one of them that had the biggest lie, about how unemployment figures don’t count the ones who stopped looking, and how that will change the day President Obama leaves office. News flash – the statistics have ALWAYS been done this way, even when Dubya was ruining this country. And it will continue to be counted that way. I lost my job several years ago, should they still be counting me as unemployed?

      2. HA! You’re quite a hoot Beenie…so secure in your version of facts and so sure that Obama has been such a savior rather than the bumbling fool he is in reality.

        With your comments, I can see why he was elected twice.

        But, you keep on believing all veterans are just whiners and like to complain. You fit right in with Obama’s thinking. He was the first president ever to propose veterans wounded in battle pay for our own health care.

        He has crapped all over your husband’s service, yet you ask for more.

    2. @Beenie Baby
      1.) the VA has been caught numerous times committing fraud, waste and abuse by such “watchdog groups” as; VA-OIG, Judicial Watch, Military dot com etc., etc., etc.! These “watchdog groups” can’t keep up with the many egregious acts committed against veterans by VA employees!

      2.) As far as my, and others, statements toward this current POTUS. Everyone of my statements are true and factual. They come from such reveered news sources, such as;
      The Wall Street Journal, Military dot com, New York Times (a liberal news rag), Judicial Watch and many more!
      If you noticed, only one person on here was “racist” in his remarks. And was immediately taken to task! As will be anyone who uses filthy language.
      I, as well as many on here, do not believe much of what the (liberal) news medias say. Fox has proven they don’t give a damn about veterans.
      Are you aware ALL TV (news) stations, radio and a majority of newspapers nationwide are owned by 6 (liberal) corporations?
      Are you aware there are some reporters who have gone onto other non-government or large corporate (liberally) owned stations to report what really is happening Nationally and Worldwide? The BBC is becoming the station many watch.

      3.) Now, as far as your husband receiving “great care by VA”, be greatfull! Because you are amoung the minority! That has been proven many times now! Veterans, in the majority, have had horrendous health care and administrative help over the past many decades.

      1. @crazy elf
        Yes, I am aware that the media is owned by a few corporations, but what on earth makes you think they are liberal? In case you haven’t noticed, businesses in the US are mainly helped by Republicans, with less regulation and NO taxes, etc. So these media businesses are not liberal, by any means. FOX is media and not liberal. I still maintain you are not getting your information from CREDIBLE websites and only want to complain about President Obama. Yes, let’s all go back to what this country was like in 2008, when he took over the mess. I know my financial status has improved since Obama took over. I wish we could keep him longer.

      2. Explain why so many veterans are being denied their compensation and left alone to fight ptsd on their own.

        Explain how a person with a TBI must live with it and only finding out 40 years later.

        40 years of no treatment 0.do you have any idea what happens to veterans who have PTSD and a traumatic brain injury and are refused treatment.called a lier.not knowing why they feel they way they do.

        VA hiding veterans military records that had all the evidence needed to approve the veterans disability.

        I known first hand and only for the grace of God and my family.that I’m still alive.

        Why did I have to live that way.because someone wanted a bonous.at my expense and a lot of the ? addicts you speak about.many are veterans the VA filled with powerful drugs and then when the public found out.they cut those veterans off.many cold Turkey.

        Think about it !

    3. Really. 1970 to1973 active duty volunteered.shot in the head. Sought treatment for ptsd.denighed. VA needs more proof of being shot in the head.

      No treatment for ptsd for over forty years.VA stating your records were destroyed in the st Louis ?.

      Lie.discharged after the ? and fourty years later and spending 40 thousand dollars to hire a lawyer to find out the VA had been lieing about my records being in the ?.

      Suffered 40 years waiting for treatment.just to find out the VA had all my records that they repeated in a comp and pension examination.

      We all agree that there are some very good employees.but we also know that there are a lot of bad employees and need to find employment elsewhere.

      Management is the problem.it just line raising kids.whatever they are taught they will do it.because they trust that you have their best interest at heart.

      You are what your environment is.if you are taught to be a bully.you will be a bully when you grow up.

      Hundreds of Veterans can’t all be making this stuff up. Again we all know there are good employees but the bad ones are giving them a bad name and veterans are tired of the bad employees.

      Are we all wrong

  5. Folks, we are on official Troll Alert. Seems an obvious Troll of the VA variety called “Spotted D!ck”, calling Veterans “posers”…

  6. Dear Mr. Krause:

    I believe if those people working the Department of Veterans Affairs, are not able to read nor understand those Veteran’s records they have no business holding the positions they should resign or be terminated; how can they serve the veterans fitfully if they do not understand what the government puts out as evidence of a man’s former service to his country.

    They should be forced to resign or quit, until thy go to school and learn to read or get a lawyer or someone who knows how to read.

    That’s how I would handle that, and I am sure any business individual would the same.

    Yours for GOD and Country
    Frank P.Calderon

    1. Frank Calderon I read what your message my belief telled your Congressman your belief remember a pen is stronger than a sword…….Semper fi

  7. Hopefully everyone who believes the Veterans Affairs and Veterans Medical Centers is doing wrong please put your beliefs in Local Newspaper plus called your Congressional Leaders I know as a Veteran I have been doing that. …….Semper Fi…please reply ..

    1. Sunshine, our newspapers, TV and radio stations are mostly owned by liberal democrats who are part of the problem.
      Our Congressional and Senatorial members have proven themselves unable, or unwilling, to get those at VA to follow any semblance of laws or regulations.
      We, on here, have tried, unsuccessfully in a majority of cases, to force VA employees to do what they are required!
      If you have any more ideas. I’m sure we would like to ‘hear’ them.

      1. crazy elf what is the name of your Local Newspaper I can check it to see if I can put a Classified AD my belief how to improve Veterans Healthcare. …..Semper Fi ….Thanks.

      2. @Sunshine
        Our two newspapers are;
        1.) The Daytona Beach News Journal
        2.) Orlando Sentinel

        Good luck.

  8. About the racist remarks your so wrong and you offend more that BO in the way you expressed yourself! On common since when dealing with the FUBAR VA since 1968 because of a head wound that put a 2 square inch hole in my head plus a few pieces of shrapnel and a stay in various U.S. Army hospitals for about one year I received in May 14th, 1967 in an ambush while serving with the 1st Bde 1/327 Abn Inf 101st Abn Div as a Combat Medic…I was retired for those wounds. The failed VA in Oakland, California in 2012 sent me a letter saying, “they can not see in my medical records that I ever had a TBI! WTF! Again, DOUG if you can read this, keep your racist comments off Ben’s site! Your so wrong!

    1. Your right and I also have a TBI and the VA refuses to make it service connected. Even when the records proved I had been shot in the head.

      Keep putting in for that disability.maybe some day.our elected officials will see the light and do the right thing by veterans.

      The VA seems to think all veterans are lieing.when in fact the VA has been lieing to veterans.citizens our government officials and themselves.

      Yes many nationalities have fought for this country and deserve respect.

    2. Well said Doc! I wouldn’t be here today if not for a (black) Corpsman who only carried his medical kit, a Bible and a folding knife!

      We do not need racist remarks on this site. We’re all veterans, or spouses of veterans, or friends of veterans!
      Our “mission” is to root out corruption, then expose it to the proper agencies.
      If that can’t be done, then we lose!

  9. I remember a few years ago when 2 young student employees at the NPRC in St Louis got busted for throwing away many veteran’s complete military files in a swampy wooded area near NPRC. When caught they confessed they had to “process” a certain number of military files to qualify to get a bonus (Christmas bonus, I think.) They were not fired and were allowed to keep their jobs. (I wouldn’t be surprised if they got their bonuses.) I read later that they could not remember how many veteran’s records were “lost and never found.” Maybe the 2 students threw the Philippines-veteran’s records in the swamp, too. I STILL BELIEVE ONLY VETERANS SHOULD BE PERMITTED TO WORK IN THE VA OR NPRC. ONLY A VETERAN CAN IDENTIFY WITH THE MILITARY CULTURE, THUS KNOWING WHAT IS AND IS NOT POSSIBLE DURING WAR. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BENEFIT-OF-THE-DOUBT RULE? GET THE CIVILIANS OUT OF VETERAN’S BUSINESS.

    1. A couple months after my unit came home from the Gulf, we had a new unit records clerk that was caught going through everyone’s 201 file and removing anything pertaining to our service over there. He believed it was no longer pertinent to keep in our files. Luckily the nitwit was caught before he had thrown anything away. He bragged how many college degrees he had, but couldn’t back any of them up with transcripts.

      1. Every active duty members I meet or are planning to go into the military to keep records and keep every paper they get even ifs it on TP.

        But if someone is doing that.they should have been punished another misjudgment.jails are full of misjudgmens.

        Veterans like that need to be taken behind the shead. That’s treason. To me.

        Medics in the field must keep good records.soilders depend on them for treatment and keeping records to help not hurt.

        In the guard there were 11 of us and were trained by the state as emts and they were good.it goes against the moral code.

  10. How did this muslim fu*king sand ni$$er get into this conversation let alone terrorists and there womb infected future terrorist! This is about this WWII veteran and his dilemma. We need to focus on that issue and make this go viral and further shame these despicable piles of shit! I don’t get it and I’m with you on what the hell is goin on but this is just incomprehensible. My hope is you people vote repub.. cuz it’s the demons that have put us in this situation and put unaccountable, irresponsible pathetic people in charge of that system. This needs to change and like right damn now!!

    1. You are a racist and a major part of America’s problems. This is about all veterans not just a few.

      Blood is red not black Brown or white. VA mentality.

  11. USS LSI(L) 1067 transfer orders for the US Army, 163rd Infantry, 41st Division, being assigned to Company C, shore, Philippines, include which included “PFC Emil C. Limpert”. Source: “Fold3 National Archives Records” February 7, 2016.

    1. Way to go NamVet! I’d bet the VA is hoping his files were burned in the 73 fire and can’t be found!!

    2. BTW, someone needs to get this to the proper people in charge of his filing and let them go forward on this!!

      1. Mr. Limpert and his family sacrificed much during WWII. It appears his brother, US Navy SF1 Oliver R. Limpert, was one of 193 men lost at sea in December 1944, when his ship, the USS Cooper, was torpedoed and sank in battle with the Japanese near the Philippines (https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=56779660). VA is amazingly incompetent at even very simple benefit decisions. Radical change is needed.

  12. Google this:

    “Unreal! – Tapped Phone Call Reveals What Obama is Giving Syrian Refugees Upon Their Arrival”

    It should anger y’all!

    1. @crazyelf-

      Yes, I had read that about the Syrian Refugees and ALSO, *many* of these refugee women come already with an “Anchor Baby Brewing In Womb”, and you know where that’s heading? Yep. Sharia Law.

      Also, do you all recall in just the last year our POTUS mandated 1000’s of criminals released from prison for what he called “unjust drug and petty theft crimes as well as what Obammy likes to call Disenfranchised Youth”?
      Well, just in my State alone, **MANY** of those that were released have been out committing heinous crimes, mass murders, you name it. Almost every day on my local news it’s yet another handful of thuglets that were released by Obammy either killing kids and “baby momma” or outright car jacking and robberies…thanks for that UP TICK in crime, President Obama!!! WTF?
      My State has also had an increase in FBI/DHS catching refugees or homegrown radicalized terrorists…and 99.9% of them are….Muslim. But…Obammy refuses to listen to the FBI…WTF???
      How much more damage will he do to our USA in his remaining 11 months? Obammy has been visiting Mosques quite often this year and has been reported on news. When exactly has this POTUS made a surprise visit to any given VAC that’s plagued with scandal? His Hawaii golf vacations do not count, where he actually displaced a wedding party/reception that had been planned for a long time…arrogant and clueless. One of Kenya and Chicago’s ‘finest’.

      The fact that we are not taking care of our own Homeless Veterans and Americans first just sickens me.

      1. @namnibor
        I’ve also read where his, and that wife of his, “seven years vacation trips” have cost over $70.5 MILLION of taxpayer’s monies.

      2. @namnibor
        Yea, our crime rate is skyrocketing out of control down here in Florida also.
        We’ve had MULTIPLE homicides and other incidents being reported daily. Of course, I wonder how many AREN’T being reported.
        Could it be because Florida doesn’t want to “upset” those who wish to “visit” (tourists)? Or, could it be they, the six corporations who own ALL the TV stations, just don’t want to report the “truth”? What are they afraid of – insurrection?
        As was done in 1774-5-6?
        More Americans are coming out to vote than in any time frame of the 19th & 20th Century, I believe! Record numbers are voiceing their “displeasure” (I’m being nice) over this corrupt administration.
        Sooner or later, you watch, all hell will break lose. If this corruption DOES NOT STOP!

      3. @crazyelf-

        Even stranger is there’s been an uptick in “stabbings” alongside the already higher homicide rate than days already in this year in my city alone and it’ almost like “someone” must have told these thugs released early from prison, “Now, we do not want an increase in gun violence so USE KNIVES instead…”, yes, I know I am being more than a bit facetious but it’s what has been occurring here in State of Ohio last several months and yes, the MSM even obscure the homicide and shooting rates, as if you are not going to notice.
        Hell, my bank has even now had to warn people to be VERY WARY when and if going through a bank drive-up ATM because they are jumping cars…literally.
        Sorry a bit off-topic.
        It’s obvious that the VA could have taken the time (a few minutes) and conducted a simple Google or otherwise search to fin this Veteran’s Service Record. Fire or no fire, that is documented more than a solitary warehouse in St. Louis.
        This is what concerns me about the VA going total electronic records because then it will be even easier for anyone to simply hit the DELETE key or something similar.

        Sorry if I am a bit ragged on edges today as I am about half-way into a cold-flu from hell and yes, I got the seasonal flu-shot. 🙁

    2. @ crazy elf:
      I googled the story about the tapped phone call and it led to nothing but conspiracy theory websites that make up stories about President Obama. I did not find a single CREDIBLE website so none of this story is verifiable.

      Also, on another post you claimed that President Obama has visited many mosques. He visited ONE in his 7 years as president and that was just a few days ago.

      On another post, you claimed that President Obama has released “thousands” of prisoners. In December 2015, he commuted the sentences of 95 prisioners, mostly minor drug infractions. This is nothing new, many presidents do this, especially in their final moments as president.

      You really should question the things you read and fact check them before just believing them.

    3. @91 veteran:
      Yes, many years ago President Obama asked if a veteran’s health insurance could pick up some of the coverage for a veteran. It was a question he asked, nothing more. It never went any further than that. I remember my Army Ranger brother complaining about it and when I told him that it was just a question and nothing more, he shut up about it. President Obama was attempting to find a way to get the veteran’s more immediate help because of all the complaints about the VA.

      1. You know Beener, you whine about credible news sources, berate crazy elf about fact-checking, then come here and spew this BS about Obama just offering an idea shows how blatantly ignorant you are.

        You have repeatedly spewed your BS as fact, when everything you have said is a stretch, and if caught, you whine like most delusional leftists that “everybody does it”, or is at fault.

        It took about 3 seconds of searching to find a CNN article from 2009 reporting on all veterans organizations complaining loudly about his stupid idea…an idea he pushed for over a month before someone told him he was stupid and should drop it.

        One of them quoted in the article is Party Murray, Democrat senator from Washington who said Obama’s plan was dead on arrival in Congress.

        11 different veteran organizations lobbied Congress to oppose his “idea”.

        You might get away with spouting this crap to a few university leftists, but it won’t fly here with veterans who lived through his stupid ideas.

        Is CNN credible enough for you?

  13. The VA tried to pull this on me.well they did this to me and it went on for forty years.stating my official medical records were destroyed in that fire.

    Same thing it’s up to you to find someone who was there.we need more evidence.time after time.

    Left me in limbo.with no treatment for my TBI and ptsd.forty years of living a life of uncertainty if I was going crazy.why was my mind thinking of things or my mind racing.

    Just like me others are and still being lied to.when it comes to this ?.

    The VA does not assist as required they lie to the veterans.

    Turned me down since1993.threaten by regional office employee.telling me I better quit telling people.I had been shot in the head while in the military.

    And if I would not stating this story.they would have me arrested.when I call the regional office.they still have me disabled because of being hit in the head.with a tear gas canister and the disability was for memory loss.

    Not being shot in the head. Who was there me Or them.I know the difference between a gun and a can.

    They don’t read very well.a rater put down I was shot in the head.put down shot by a tear gas gun.

    Don’t know where they got that information.as I only know I say a ? a foot away and they pulled the trigger. I did not remember that I was taken to a German hospital and then to American hospital.

    This all has to be done by higher management telling employees to do anything and everthing they can not to give veterans their disability.

    This is the norm not the exception.when this is the case all veterans should be automatically given back pay from the day they were discharged or first applied.

    Employees doing this should be put in jail and no more excuses of well they made a misjudgment.misjudgment bull shit.they did this with intent to deceive the veterans.

  14. Truly sad to see this happening. I’m sure the VA will swear up and down they fulfilled their duty to assist this veteran. Hopefully McCaskill will see the media opportunity and do right in helping this vet.
    Clearly a proud man who did not want to ask for help from anyone. Now, he has spent his last dime on helping he and his wife, while our feral goobermint are handing out thousands to illegal aliens and rapefugees.

  15. I have urged many times at http://www.hadit.com over the past 2 decades that ,if the VA tells you that your records were “burned in the St Louis Fire”, check that out yourself, as it might be VA BS.
    I had a USAF vet who showed me what VA stated in a denial.
    Then his vet rep showed me 3 pages of all the VA said they could obtain,and that the rest of the rest of his SMRs had been destroyed by the fire.

    There were no watermarks on the 3 copies nor any evidence of charred edges. I was with a volunteer fire dept for 8 years…firemen don’t go into a burning building ,able to retrieve a few pages of documents , here and there.

    He requested his SRB and SMRs himself with a SF 180.
    I still have them.
    All of them. Evidence of heart disease in service.

    Another vet I was asked to help got the VA BS that all of his records were
    destroyed in the fire.
    The problem was he didn’t even enlist until AFTER the St Louis Fire!
    They had to CUE themselves on that one.

    A word of advice that has helped me win multiple personal claims, as well as helped other vets….if the VA states something on paper, in order to deny your claim, do the legwork to check it out.

    They even tried to make up some kind a regulation on one of my claims,then could not produce the reg.
    They stated my husband had never asked for SMC in his lifetime.
    He was 100% P & T PTSD and over 60% under 1151.
    SMC is mandated if the evidence requires that it be considered.It is NOT required that the veteran raise the SMC issue.
    I cued them on lack of consideration of the SMC mandate.They caved in 6 years later.Awarded SMC S.

    Often years ago if VA saw USAF ,they would almost automatically assume the veteran’s records had been destroyed in the fire.
    if they could deny on that basis, then they would hope the veteran would never question them.

    I never buy what the VA is selling in any decision I get (unless I like the decision)

  16. I noticed something else in the comments section. Some were blaming the veteran for “waiting too long to apply for benefits”. Some even accuse him of “scamming the system!” For those who stated that; SHAME ON YOU!”

    Today, most people take for granted why people of his age wait so long. It’s because people of that generation “worked their ass off until they reached a high age!” Some worked until they died!
    They lived through something, we today have no knowledge of, “The Great Depression!”
    Very few today lived through that. Very few today had to go to work for a government agency, ie; CCC or WPA.
    Very few today even know about these government “programs”. Men, and women, received about $30+/month. They lived in tents. They worked hard for that money.
    Very few today have had to wait in a “Soup Line” to get a meal.
    This is a very humbling experience for men, and women, to go through. Especially when they had jobs before the stock market crashed!
    I know about this. Because my parents went through it!

    I also noticed a few found his military paperwork online. Of course, this doesn’t excuse the incompetence of VA.
    Yes, I also believe the VA DOES “DENY, DENY, DENY – UNTIL THEY DIE!”

    1. Beautifully said Crazy. My dad was on Pearl Harbor when it was bombed he spent 22 years in the Navy, didn’t go to the VA for anything. If he couldn’t pay for something he didn’t need it.

      I remember the war the end of the war my dad coming home from the war. They were a proud generation who deserve everything possible without question………..

    2. Well said, crazyelf!!!!
      See, that’s the HUGE difference we have today with these “Wars of 15 years solid”, is that in **past wars** Americans were ‘ASKED TO SACRIFICE’, and that meant recycling all kinds of things, and family’s were given “Ration Stamps” in order to conserve resources to WIN both WW1/WW2. That meant serious rationing of things from gasoline, food, metals, to even alcohol and much more.
      With these now 15 years of SOLID WAR, a HUGE MISTAKE in my opinion, has been our U.S. Gov’t. NOT asking the U.S. Tax Payers/Citizens to make serious sacrifices (BEYOND a son/daughter going to war and losing their lives), which has done nothing, NOTHING to serve as a CONSTANT REMINDER that WE ARE AT WAR!!!

      This is why we have remained in a constant state of war is because only time Americans are reminded of the seriousness of this is when we Vets are paraded out like in Super Bowl Games like ‘stage props’…then it’s right back to the “Entitlement Nation As Usual’….am hoping the next POTUS will do this right or we here in the United States are somewhat doomed for failure.

      Then we have a VA/VBA that wishes to f^ck with Veterans even MORE when and if we reach a point our pride can no longer hide and finally ask for help and the VA wishes to pop that balloon by questioning the fact you even served?????!!!! WTF!
      WTF!!! WTF!!!!!

      SHAME ON YOU VA and SHAME ON commenters on that article trying to say this Vet is trying to get one over on the Gov’t. Again, WTF??? Those were supposedly Vets that were making those comments as well. We cannot allow the VA to divide the ranks as they are obviously have some success in doing. Again, WTF, over????!

      1. @namnibor and Hondo.
        I read somewhere this a.m.
        where there is approximately 145 million people in the workforce. Out of this, approximately 95 million are unemployed. That averages to about a “49% unemployment rate”! Far from the 4.9% the White House claims.
        In the article, the writer says the “(gov.) must be using Common Core Math!” How else could Obamy come up with such a Rediculous Figure?
        It’s been said there are approximately 300+ million people living in the U.S. This includes ALL age groups! Therefore, if one uses that figure, instead of the 145 million, divided by the 95 million, it still averages out to over 1/3 out of work.
        Now, does anyone remember “How many were unemployed during the Great Depression?” Answer; There was 1/3rd of our population out of work!
        Does anyone here see History Repeating Itself?
        Our Stock Market is going crazy. There’s a number of articles proclaiming a “bursting Bubble” is shortly going to happen. If someone doesn’t stop it! Mr. Trump has stated it. A “banking crisis” is right around the corner.
        Our country has been divided economically, racially and socially by this administration. There are less than 100 people today who own more wealth than all the people worldwide COMBINED!
        I read an article this morning where the government has taken $2.5 billion from the VA. Given it to the U.N. (United Nations), which in turn gave it to the Syrian Refugees. I also read where the refugees are receiving housing, food, cash (including a Wal-Mart card), furniture etc., etc., when they arrive! This was through a “tapped phone conversation” from out in Texas! This is how our government treats refugees over the homeless in our country!
        There’s so many articles out since the beginning of 2016 which shows how our government is screwing the taxpayers and veterans.
        There’s also a push, which began with Bush (not sure which one) to combine the U.S., Canada and (the corrupt) Mexican Governments (Countries) into ONE Sovereign Nation!


      2. The manipulation of the unemployment number results from the government no longer counting those unemployed who have given up finding a job. In other words, their unemployment figures are a blatant lie.
        I think this is a disaster in many ways if whatever they are doing now to survive suddenly comes to a halt.
        There were news reports of people applying for non VA disability spiking, and many getting it around 2009-2010. I believe it was a way for the government to not have to pay attention to those people any longer since they were no longer looking for a job.
        I’m sure the media will once again start reporting truer numbers on January 21, 2017 depending on who is elected.

      3. Maybe it’s time Americans start “rationing” AGAIN. Can y’all imagine the people becoming belligerent over it?! That would say a lot about what Americans are really made of, wouldn’t it!

      4. The only thing being rationed is “common sense and intelligence”, and that rationing has been the blight affecting most of our so-called leaders in Congress, VAOIG, and DOJ.
        It brings to mind a humorous scene in Tim Burton’s movie, “Mars Attacks”, where the Martians destroy all of Congress and they make some dark humor about it with Jack Nicholson as President. No intelligent life here.

    3. First NO ONE found his military records online and in America today there are so many posers who claim to be veterans that EVERYONE has to show proof.

      1. If you had read the actual source article you would have read that this Veteran DID SHOW PROOF OF SERVICE….DISCHARGE PAPERS….but that was NOT good enough for the incompetent VA.
        I will not feed your Troll Bate though. Maybe you should get back to playing Mine Craft or something at your “work station”?

  17. How much longer will the VA be able to milk this “St. Louis Records Fire”? I read the Fox article and when you read the comments you will see several people “found” Veteran Limpert’s documentation where and when he served in just a few minutes of searching in the archives.
    Sounds like the VA is both too lazy to search and trying to play “plausible denial”, while just riding out this Vet’s remaining years. Truly evil, these people are.

    1. Yeah that fire was a liberal plot.Check your water the libs might have put some fluoride in it.

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