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Benjamin KrauseRepublicans have attempted to cut veterans compensation and other disability benefits 3 times this year. First, Michelle Bachmann (MN) suggested disabled veterans had it too good. She thought disability pay should be reduced by $4 billion. Later, Paul Ryan (WI) suggestion gutting VA Healthcare by $6 billion, which would have cut 1.3 million veterans out of the program.

Now, aligned with the President, Republicans are again attempting to cut veterans benefits. This time, they want to cut $23 billion over 10 years, dwarfing the initial cuts proposed earlier this year.

Last week, the Congressional Republicans and President Obama warned that if a new debt ceiling is not reached, veterans’ pay and Social Security pay would be threatened. In addition, President Obama and Republicans also proposed a new inflation index. The index would cut disability pay by $23 billion over 10 years.

Currently, the traditional Consumer Price Index (CPI) is said to increase with the rate of inflation. The new chained CPI is said to reduce payments during economic downturns to reflect spending during that period.

The theory rests on the assumption that consumers buy cheaper goods during hard times. Instead of buying Heinz 57, maybe you buy Generic Catsup. Since the consumer spends less money, they need less money. Therefore, if the consumer needs less money, then the amount of money they receive from Social Security of Veterans Disability should be less.

The govenrment is mainly looking to increase “savings” and “revenue.” However, it seems the media allows government to point to the poor for sacrifices while continuing to pay out large amounts of dollars in tax benefits to the “job creators.” Ironically, there are no jobs despite large payouts and tax incentives for companies like GE, Textron and friends. Yes Mr. Obama, where are those shovel ready jobs?

Sadly, our country always seems to look at the downtrodden and disadvantaged to make the most sacrifices during hard times. Disabled veterans were asked to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of every American. All the while, political marienettes at the behest of their puppet masters continually turn to this group to sacrifice even more.

Meanwhile, Republicans like Michelle Bachmann and Paul Ryan want “job creators” to pay no taxes at all. Is this not the most insane bunch of politicians yet?

Paradoxically, Bachmann was a federal tax lawyer and considers herself to be a job creator. So, while taxing the hell out of the little guy, small businesses and middle class people, she helped wealthy Americans create jobs like McDonalds burger flipper and Walmart cashier.

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NY Times: “Democrats Oppose Talk of Cuts to Social Security”


This whole thing really ticks me off! how can they think “vet have it to good”! my husband was attacked and almost killed for this country and now has suffered from ptsd for the past 7 years! is that really having it to good! If they cut these benifits are family of six will lose our home! is that having it to good! Really get a life people! How about you stop handing out the money to other countries and… Read more »


j. m. garr
If you only have a dollar and Heinz 57 costs 1.25 you know very well you’ll get what is cheaper so you can pay your bills and be able to servive on what the goverment gives a vet .at times I feel sorry for the people we elect into office ,they seem to forget where they came from,we as vets didn’t choose to get to where we are now ,but political people forget that if it were not for us… Read more »
R. Vedet
When a person agrees and commits him or herself to serve this great Nation’s armed forces, they are giving and oath to protect it with a “Blank Check” given to the nation, the amount being up to including giving up your life for your country. They are OWED these so called “Entitlements!”Part of the modest promise to those who serve with honorable conditions and who were willing to potentially give their life to this country, is Medical care if you… Read more »
mathew, us navy seabee vet
mathew, us navy seabee vet
At 18, I signed a promise to defend my fellow Americans, and country from ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic. I was disabled keeping this promise to my country, and earned my honorable discharge. It took ten years for my country to acknowledge my disability. It now seems that Americans only enemy is our very own government. Tax the blue-collar working class, and liberate the wealthy from any responsibility to the country they call home. 10% tax should mean just… Read more »
Senators from Wi & Mn take a huge kiss at my nuts. You phony SOBs you are the ones overpaid! Why don’t we cut politician pay by 230 BILLION, you’d still be overpaid. Leave US Vets alone, we paid in sweat and blood for what we get, and it still is not enough you fools. You pricks have a woman politician get shot, all over the news, how many vets have been lost in the last 5 years????? Where’s their… Read more »

Throw Obama out as well as the rest of the crooked politicians out for a buck. If you didnt serve then be served with a notice of resignation for even contiplating the thought of va benefit slashing for those that have served. Shame on you and teh ranch you grew up on. This country is terrible for imposing such threat to our real heroes.

When I hear that cuts to any vets arise, It sickens me to the core, Veterans make this country what it is, not those clowns up in DC. I hear about people that collect Social Security that have only lived in this country a few years. You shouldn’t be able to collect anything unless you were born here or fought for this country. I guarantee that if you were to go to another country and live there for a while… Read more »
Steve Nomad
First off, Michelle Bachmann never made that comment – it is made up by the author because the bill she supports has cuts and he has an agenda. Did you ever notice that these articles written by liberal school graduates always leave out the Democrats? Who gave us concurrent pay? It sure wasn’t a bunch of jackasses. As for taxing the little guy – we are heading toward 50% of Americans not paying any taxes at all so how are… Read more »
What a bunch of hypocrites in Congress, one minute you support our servicemen and women then turn around kick us to the ground. It’s all about your rich buddy’s see how we can support them. I bet if those rich sob’s lives were threatened by an enemy from another country they would be begging for protection. So why serve then if you get hurt in battle or while on active duty what are they going to do for you? Time… Read more »
I agree with you Mathew, I spent too much time on the lines to deal with their bullshit….Focus Americans…Obama can’t take the chance of bringing down the world economy. NO AMERICAN CITIZEN WILL PUT UP WITH HIS LYING AND THREATS! Soldiers will not put up with ‘not getting paid’, especially now a days when there is NO TRUST in the war. No American citizen will put up with their disability check being delayed or taken away. There are NO JOBS,… Read more »
This is so wrong. In fact, we have a man at the WI State Capitol about to starve himself to DEATH over this issue. He, Hallis Mailen, is a vet (easy to find when you goolge ‘hunger strike Madison veterans’) . The President is not responding to his simple demands to meet with him or even to acknowledge his concerns. As he told me personally, if he is not heard, there will be a dead body on their doorsteps.
Bill Starcher
When you join the military, you think you are serving the better good. In fact, all veterans serve are self serving politicians who are only looking for the mass votes of mindless people. These politicians threaten to take away benefits from the elderly, the disabled, and the children born in this country. The country has no problem giving benefits to illegals while at the same time taking away benefits of our grandparents. People who serve in congress should do it… Read more »
I can only say; I am saddened and shame on Bachmann saying disabled vets have it too good? Well, I suppose she wasn’t walking through the rice fields; with things crawling into her underwear. All the while this was going on, bombs flew by; leaving a “dust” in it’s wake that went into the lungs, onto the skin and the brains of the brave service members who were drafted and did not run away. (i am not passing judgement on… Read more »
You shouldnt be asshamed to use the VA hospitals if you are in need or if due to war time disabilities you need them, thats what the VA is for. I never feel guilty using the VA I sold health insurance untill obamacare pretty much killed the market out of the 23 companies i represented due to my injuries sustained in combat I was considered uninsurable and the programs i did qualify for such as group coverage or discount plans… Read more »
dj webb


Where the hell was Bachman when she was 18? College? I joined the Army. These politicians are so far removed from the rest of us. They all rah-rah around the vets throwing condescending at-a-boys/girls at those serving. “Great Americans,” are those who have served. Are they willing to give up any of their “perks”? Has a single politician said anything about “austerity” for themselves? No. Obama and his clan flip around the country … go on these vacations that the… Read more »
Asel Wood
Both political parties are freaking bold-faced liars who had promised to leave veterans benefits alone. Now they have to make cut in order to ensure a better living for illegal immigrants, foreign blacks, and the welfare class who keep producing children out of wedlock for everyone else to support. I suggest cutting welfare, all aide to illegal’s, and billions that are sent to Agrica for ignorant people to squander and to get rich off of U.S. tax payers. No, blacks… Read more »
Asel Wood
Call your democrat and republican officials and let them know that you’re going to cut your votes for them since they worthless. They would rather spend $ 3,000,000.00 each year studying cows passing gas. How about billions being sent to African countries to educate blacks on how to clean their penis before sex. Wow, what good will that do if their sex partners have A.I.D.’s? Apparently they were to freaking stupid to use condoms that U.S. tax payers sent over.… Read more »
Sondra Cornwell
I think it’s time we all come together, as a peaceful yet firm, group of people and go after all of the benefits that we pay for out of our pockets for the people we elect & won’t elect again. Why should we suffer while they have premium healthcare, retirement and are able to vote themselves raises?!!!!!!! This is not like a Democracy that we live in, it is more like a dictatorship. We are like puppets on a string… Read more »

When they say the won’t touch benefits now, they already have by freezing their pay the last two years … VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!!

Sondra Cornwell

I forgot to add one other comment. We need to have some kind of term limits on our federal government elected officials, just like the president. Four years is long enough for all of them!!!

Gulf War I &II Somalia Kosovo Cold War
Gulf War I &II Somalia Kosovo Cold War
And the media effectively keeps this particular congressonal issue out of the limelight by making it look like congress is attacking some poor old worthless veterans for being lazy. And thats not news worthy. Congress is always attacking veterans benifits when there is hardly a Veteran present to make some kind of a stand against these apparently rough congresspersons. Only elect those who talk about recuding congresses life time benefit, and this for just two years of service and this… Read more »
When I served back in ’60s Cold War years, we knew who our enemies where and where to find them. They were the Socialist in the Soviet Union and Red China as well as Castro’s Cuba. We defended our country and kept the Socialist out. Now, today we have them living in the White House and in the halls of Congress. Just like Castro deceived the Cubans in order to take control of Cuba in ’59, Obama and the Democrates… Read more »

I see another “American Revolution” Part 2 coming up. DHS placed vets on the domestic terrorist list and if you mess with too many vets on their right to benefits and cut their livelihood out by threatening them. This govt will see great problem with its vets getting together to get rid of these politicians one way or another.

OK this is enough.. I’m a disabled veteran of OEF/OIF how do these appointed personnal. Get to judge disabled veterans and say we have it good??????? Look at the past you f——- idiots and learn a leason from the past.. Do you remember the past and all the veterans that came back and didn’t get the benefits that they earned.. While you all sat in a class room and took it easy.. Check the history and look and what happened.… Read more »
You are forgetting that you are dealing with the scum of the earth politicians. If you combined all their IQs you might come up with one. They only says what is convenient at the time. The majority of the ones calling for the cuts were NEVER in the military and if they were they pushed a pencil. All the people that ever served this country should be ashamed of the current group of LOSERS that we have in Washington.
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