VA Disability QTC Medical Services

QTC Wins $6.8 Billion VA Contract, Or, Did VA Just Award Itself A Contract?

VA Disability QTC Medical Services

QTC Medical Services was just awarded the prime contract to perform disability compensation examinations for VA with a ceiling of $6.8 billion, again.

QTC, a Leidos company, announced winning the contract Monday following a recommendation from the Government Accountability Office last year. Several prejudicial errors in the bid process resulted in the recommendation.

Compounding problems, the company was recently involved in a whistleblower lawsuit where the company allegedly failed to properly conduct examinations of Vietnam veterans claiming to suffer from side effects of Agent Orange exposure.

The company has been the go to for VA disability compensation examinations outsourced by the agency starting in the late 90’s and increasing substantially over the past 20 years.

Today, VA is doing fewer and fewer exams and likely will outsource all exams in the near future. But how did this process of outsourcing exams start? Was anyone behind the changes?

What I am about to describe is the short story of VA outsourcing spearheaded by at least two former Secretaries of Veterans Affairs leading me to wonder if, by awarding contracts to QTC, is the agency really awarding contracts to itself?

While presiding over VA, problems persisted related to scheduling exams and exam quality. Somehow, after working at VA, the American public came to entrust these VA secretaries, and their private QTC teams, to fix VA’s problems, at a substantial profit.

But if they were unable to fix the agency while running it, why would we trust them to fix it later? Were their contracts above board? Did the company perform as advertised? What back room dealings existed to allow such an outsourcing scheme?

Over the past 20 years, policies implemented and deals struck by at least two VA secretaries have resulted in outsourcing of the vast majority of disability compensation exams.

Are veterans better off?

QTC Medical Services Bid Redo

During the bid process, according to GAO:

“VA made several prejudicial errors in evaluating the proposals for these contracts,” the GAO said in a summary of its decision. “The VA misled two of the (competing firms) during the conduct of discussions or negotiations. These errors led the VA to make source selection decisions that GAO found were unreasonable because they were based on erroneous conclusions in support of the contracts awarded.”

Why would VA mislead contracting companies competing with QTC?

QTC And Former VA Sec Anthony Principi

QTC, a company using lobbyist and former VA Secretary Anthony Principi, is the largest provider of medical evaluation services to the US government. That company used to be run by Principi before he served as Sec VA as its president and after as chairman of its Board of Directors.

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Principi was leading QTC’s Board during its 2011 sale to Lockheed Martin, a company Principi used to work for in the 90’s as its Chief Operations Officer.

In 2014, Principi’s firm, The Principi Group, registered as a lobbyist for Lockheed Martin, with the listed lobbying mission “Determine the benefits and medical affairs requirements of the Department of Veterans Affairs.”

It certainly sounds like he was lobbying for Lockheed’s company known as QTC based on that description. But, Principi claimed he was not involved the bid process for the $6.8 billion contract.

He told Tribune-Review in writing, “I never read any of the [bid] documents.” He continued, “I’m confident that the process will lead to a result that serves the best interests of veterans. The integrity of the government’s procurement process should be above reproach and free of outside influences.”

Well, if that is true, then what good are lobbyists? Do you really believe him?

VA Awarded Contract To Itself?

One insider familiar with the matter found the contract acquisition comical, “It is basically like VA awarded the contract to itself. Didn’t VA develop huge delays and problems obtaining medical examinations while Principi ran the agency?”

If I did not know any better, it would almost seem like Principi coincidentally presided over VA during the creation of the perfect storm that justified outsourcing billions in medical evaluation contracts.

Before Principi become Sec VA, he ran the company receiving many VA contracts for outsourced medical examinations. While Sec VA, QTC grew its business line but VA maintained problems with its medical exams justifying further outsourcing.

And, one year after being Sec VA, Principi returned to run the Board of that same company that went on to receive ever more billions in fees for medical exams to VA due to exacerbated programs.

Yup, seems legit.

Apparently, no laws exist that would preclude involvement with your own company immediately after you resign from a government position while the contracts are being signed, right?

Here is an interesting fact. GW Bush later selected retired Lt Gen James Peake, MD to as Secretary of Veterans Affairs two years after Principi departed.

Prior to his nomination, guess where Peake worked?

According to Wikipedia, “Just prior to his nomination as Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Peake served as Chief Medical Officer and Chief Executive Officer for QTC”.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs James Peake, MD, ran the agency during that transition to expanded use of government contractors for medical exams. Of course, as you can imagine, Principi was sure to send a brilliant letter of recommendation for his QTC colleague.

By the time Peake took over, the press was fixated more on the poor care veterans received from VA versus the cost of any outsourced medical examinations. But maybe it is time the Principi coincidence is revisited by historians.

What led to the outsourcing, or at least the increased outsourcing?

Did Principi’s own leadership decisions while running VA precipitate the need to outsource the examinations to his former company? And what about Lockheed Martin’s later acquisition of QTC?

Who owns all the data from the exams? Where is it stored? Does the data just move between companies once acquired? What happens if a firm is acquired by a non-American company with ownership belonging to [insert name of Doctor Evil bad guy]?

Speculation aside, there is no question that few if any people inside QTC are holdovers from the Principi / Peake era, meaning the answer to my question in the title is likey “no”.

But one has to wonder about the close relationship between these ex-chiefs and their lobbying efforts to outsource agency functions previously done at a fraction of the cost. And more importantly, if they were unable to fix the problem while running VA, why do we trust them to fix it later, and for massive profits.

It closely resembles the Hegelian Dialectic where the controllers set up the crisis to then implement their pre-designed solution that otherwise would not be palatable but for the crisis.

Academy Graduates And VA Leadership

One thing is for sure, until current Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin, MD, the good ole boys clubs at our nation’s military academies have enjoyed advantages while in the military and well after the leave their uniforms behind.

Every nominated Secretary of Veterans Affairs has been a graduate of one of America’s fine military academies since 2001. (Principi is a product of the Naval Academy. Peake is a product of West Point.)

While in service, they enjoy the caste system good life afforded to all top officers who make the most of their academy rings.

Out of the military, they seem to do the same.

And in certain select examples, such as running VA, they again enjoy the fruits of that caste system, as leaders of a new army of union workers whose sole existence is supposed to care for wounded soldiers, their widows and children.

However, when looking at the above example, these same good ole boys from the academies have found yet another way… earning big bucks on the backs of taxpayers while maintaining the need for more and more funding and more and more outsourcing.

So long as VA remains in a state of crisis with deficient care and deficient benefits adjudication, Congress maintains an open purse.

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I think it’s worth looking at exactly what companies hire former heads of the agency, and not just secretaries but the respective under secretaries as well.

QTC Award Press Release From Leidos

Here is the full press release from Leidos about the QTC contract:

DIAMOND BAR, Calif., Aug. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — QTC Medical Services, Inc. (QTC), a Leidos (NYSE: LDOS) company, was awarded its second prime contract by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to continue to provide medical disability examinations for the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). The contract has a one-year base period of performance, four one-year options, and a total contract ceiling of $6.8 billion, if all options are exercised.  This second award follows the initial award of VBA’s only nationwide contract supporting disability examinations for separating and retiring Department of Defense servicemembers.   

The series of contract awards is part of a VA initiative to improve disability examination experiences for Veterans through an efficient and streamlined process. The new program management and delivery process will also continue to ensure broad national and international coverage of medical examination requirements to meet Veterans’ needs worldwide. Under the contract, QTC will apply its 30-year expertise in providing high-quality, technology-driven exam solutions to continue to provide the VBA with medical disability examination services.  QTC will use its customized, systematic operational workflow to administer evaluations, supported by innovative technology that will help VA achieve efficiency and accuracy goals.

“Our Veterans deserve an expedient, efficient and reliable system to provide medical disability examinations. We’re proud the Department of Veterans Affairs has entrusted QTC to continue to provide these important services for our Veterans,” said QTC President Grant Kim.

About QTC Medical Services
QTC Medical Services, Inc., acquired by Leidos in 2016, partners with each customer to identify existing and forecasted program needs and delivers a full complement of disability-focused medical examination and diagnostic testing services. Since 2000, QTC has provided more than 4.5 million physical examinations and diagnostic tests.

About Leidos
Leidos is a FORTUNE 500® science and technology solutions and services leader working to solve the world’s toughest challenges in the defense, intelligence, homeland security, civil, and health markets. The company’s 32,000 employees support vital missions for government and commercial customers. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Leidos reported annual revenues of approximately $7.04 billion for the fiscal year ended December 30, 2016. For more information, visit  

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  1. If ping pong un hits Guam. He may as well kiss his ass goodbye. Now it’s either he’s
    rattling his saber or he’s crazy and he’s getting ready to obtain his 82 virgins.
    Let’s hope it’s the latter.

  2. It’s getting very hot over North Korea. Talk was scary. DO wish our President wouldn’t say what he says, but he does. Hope pingpong has a sense of humor. Probably wake to aliens..who knows.. Makes it tough to sleep.

  3. @WyldeChylde, For the life of me, I cannot understand their real motives. There’s always something or someone in the background. I don’t get it. I was reading earlier posts. Have you ever thought of changing States? I’m in Alabama and it’s worse. AG Sessions State. Love the grow box.

  4. So apparently Kim Jong Un has threatened to strike Guam…I got a bad feeling about this one…

  5. @ANutterVet, I like the idea. Although, I have to believe, by the time anyone would settle anything, the attorneys would be bought. Every Senator and Congressmen who is a lawyer is in it for the money. I don’t trust more than one lawyer at a time. Don’t stop thinking… There are many Veterans, still alive, that feel like you. Looks to me like we’re waiting for the moment. What our country is doing to Veterans is a crime. We shall overcome. Just don’t think it will happen in my life. Perhaps….

    1. I read, many years ago, when the “founding fathers” were putting together our Constitution”, they were going to make it illegal for lawyers to hold any office in the government.
      Off course, that little piece of legislation NEVER made it into the Constitution. Why, because it was never ratified!

      Maybe, one day, someone will invent a time machine. Go back to when Congress was putting together our Constitutional Republic, and add other specific “reasons” WHY things can’t be done to fuck up our country!
      Just thinking out loud!

      1. elf ……..

        Since the adoption of the United States Constitution twenty-seven amendments have been passed, and thousands more have been proposed. It may seem that it would be clear what exactly is the governing document of the United States, but some people argue that there is another “lost” amendment that was passed and is really part of the Constitution today. The missing amendment would have been the 13th, and it is called the Titles of Nobility Amendment.
        If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain, any title of nobility or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument, of any kind whatever, from any person, King, Prince or foreign Power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.

        As the amendment had been passed by both houses of Congress, it could move on to the next step of the process – ratification by three quarters of the states, 13 of the 17 at the time. It is here that historical interpretations diverge. Everyone agrees that it was ratified by 12 states – Maryland, Kentucky, Ohio, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It is also clear that it was rejected by three states – New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The debate is over whether the amendment was ratified by Virginia and South Carolina. If it was approved by either of them, that would make 13 states for ratification. Both of these states took action on the amendment. The South Carolina Senate voted to ratify it on November 28, 1811, but the House of Representatives rejected it years later, on December 21, 1814. Virginia’s House of Delegates voted for it on February 2, 1811, but the Senate rejected it on February 14.


  6. Off but On Topic – – – Just a thought here. What if we found a way to be able to put together a team of Attorneys, that all they would do is to specialize in breaking up the Corrupt VA? And then, let the group go to town on filing Federal lawsuits against the VA. Man oh man, shit would hit the fan, and then just repeat this, again, and again (in a rhyming mood tonight). This would be awesome. Things would change then, especially if the Top Dirty Dogs (TDD’s) of the VA got legally bitch slapped a bit. Rat Basturds. – – – Nutter.

  7. @cj, @Lem, @OLDMARINE – – – We know that the height of the Stock Marked is based off of Profit. How then, are the wages not going up as well? Greed, fucking Greedy Basturds. As a matter of fact, many investors are expecting another collapse, and soon. All the signs are there, except the downward movement. Wait for it, because it always happens. Its called a cycle, frequency, movement of the market. Any top story can cause the money changers to get nervous. Don’t be fooled. Why do you think many are currently investing in Bit Coin, and other Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s). Don’t follow the Snow, follow the Trade Winds. – – – Nutter.

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      3. OLDMARINE, My kid tried to keep it a secret from me about being in this trial drug study but made one mistake, when he moved out VA didn’t change his address & the meds came here, twice.
        He must be sworn to secrecy because he won’t tell me what it is. “”

      4. He doesn’t know for sure. It is either a drug or a placebo (something that looks like the drug but isn’t and is harmless like flour, sugar etc.)

      5. He’ll only know what he is taking it for and whether it is helping. Surprisingly the placebos often work for awhile. That is why the damn studies are too long.

    2. And failure of regulations. The minimum wage should be increased. It would bring an up line increase as it always does. Of course inflation along with it but if it had an automatic increase it wouldn’t allow the bankers the leverage of inflation to feather their nests.

  8. @Nitewish, The art of Deception, Shithead is great at that. It fits. @ OLDMARINE, I checked out the Roosevelt tape(s). How do you not stay depressed? Now, I feel the world is against me. OLDMARINE, I don’t have the head to take it all in. Interesting reading. Thanks again….

    1. Jo3n ….THE TRUTH WILL SET U FREE…….Depressed,. NOT A CHANCE…The more I found out the calmer I got…GO FIGURE

      CERN WATCH: They Are Digitizing Reality!
      FaceLikeTheSun……..This guy goes from a to z in 24 min..LOL

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  11. Figures. How can businesses say one thing and get away with another? Stupid question. I’ll log it in as another questionable business. Thanks

    1. Jo3n, “The social engineer anticipates suspicion and resistance, and he’s always prepared to turn distrust into trust. As human beings we are all vulnerable to being deceived because people can misplace their trust if manipulated in certain ways” THE ART OF DECEPTION

      1. Next time there won’t be a big enough bucket to bail with. The Fed will be in trouble. Not enough trillions. Means a lot more quantitative easing than last time which means a lot more pain.

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  12. Why would a Federal Credit union, PenFed be holding a benefit for Veterans at Trump hotel, D.C.? Said it was a benefit for Veterans. I was checking their site and the word Veteran isn’t listed. Just wondering which Veterans benefited.

    1. I don’t need ask the audience for help on that one….FINAL ANSWER….

    2. “Holding a benefit for Veterans” is now slang for running open gambling as long as 5 to 15 % goes to one of the many so called Veteran non-profit Charities.

      Just using our name of Veterans to make a buck is all.

      1. Subsidized Suds. Cannot forget those suds. Anyone I personally have known or associated with that hung-out at those lodges and were lifetime members…was simply for cheap suds.
        Me, I’ve never been much of a drinker so I could not be lured-in that route, plus a lodge would insinuate socializing…nope, hate that….so the funny hats with cheap suds had no carrot shiny enough to tempt me to sell my soul to a VSO for an old dime store barbershop turned lodge with the smell of stogies heavy in air even when nobody around…nope, now if they had Veteran Farmer’s Markets, where the VSO’s had farms and Vets were part of every part and profit, then sure, I’d support helping Veterans, but I do not see any innovation in the mentality of if we open a keg they will come.
        Maybe that’s how McCain keeps getting reelected. (too soon?) 🙂

      2. Nope not too soon. I can’t wait to see his bald head – better be bald or he had no chemo

  13. Last night I replayed the swearing in of Shithead. So far, every thing he said, is a lie. Not about the problems, he lied about the solutions. He is burying us in crap. Nothing positive for Veterans will happen with that idiot going back channels and sticking IT to Veterans. Good article Ben, just depressing.

  14. I think I’m going to file a lawsuit against one of the dispensaries/grow companies in my state. 7 gram maximum this month for 30 days normal limit is 2.5 OZ I have PTSD AND Bipolar II I smoke WAY WAY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than 7 grams in 30 days. I am a straight up nut job when I’m not medicated. Seriously, today this chick tried to brake check me on a side street coming home I stuck my head out the window and started screaming that I was gonna fucking hit her more than once. Needless to say I shouldn’t be driving. But srsly 7 grams / 30 days???? I have state dept of consumer protection investigating. These fucks better pray their shits legit or I’m coming after their 2 million performance bond.

    1. @Wyldechylde – – – Did you check for any changes for monthly allotment that may have changed. Still, 7 grams, that would be gone in a few days. Damn, let me know what State. If so, you may have to get your medicine from family, friends, or the dark web. – – – Nutter.

    2. Wyldechylde, go after them. One of my kids has to constantly dose or as I call it, he’s a fire cracker waiting to explode. you dudes are scary when pushed over the edge of ‘sanity’. He grows his own as long as the crop don’t fail, he has what he needs to stay medicated.
      My smoking days are over since the lung collapsed, now on CBD & other extracts etc

      1. The problem is in my state there is no home cultivation. There are 4 companies allowed to grow cannabis and there are a total of 9 dispensaries that are legally allowed to sell it. Since I’m on a fixed income from SSDI. I qualify for my Dispensaries Compassionate needs program. This program is supposed to get me access to a “select few” strains at cheap prices (80.00 USD per ounce.) this works out to 200.00 / month or is supposed to. I very rarely get my full allotment but I get enough to stretch if I need to usually 1.5-2 ounce.

        Now according to my dispensary they take what their given by the grower and they are allowed no input as to what they receive. So what I suspect is going on is the growers have product that really isn’t selling. Their medibles are weak as fuck their oils and tinctures are possibly not selling all that well. So how do you move product that really isn’t selling? you dump it on the compassionate needs program. So lots of bullshit and not enough bud so now everybody who uses bud to medicate is on stricter rationing than we where. And to also top matters off, there are 4 licensed growers and only one is actually participating in the compassionate needs program.

        Of course my dispensary would be absolutely thrilled to sell me weed up to my maximum allotment…I just have to come out of pocket 700-1000 USD a month needless to say I don’t have anywhere near that amount of money on a monthly basis, not with what I take in from SSDI and goes out for rent.

        So I called the commissioner of the agency that regulates the program and got quite a bit of smoke blown up my ass about an “investigation”

        So I guess my next stop is the Governors office and my local house Rep and Senator. If I can’t get any relief there from this injurious situation, I may have to contact an attorney and start getting people served.

        I’mma catch a motherfucker half stepping and I’mma get that fucking bond.

      2. Cultivate your own, and keep it a secret to yourself. A thought. I know, if I’ve been thinking about it, so have you. ROI is fantastic with cash crops due to high yielding kolas. – – – Nutter.

      3. I can’t cultivate. If I get caught my gf loses her state job we lose the house and property to asset forfeiture. The dogs end up in the pound and we’re both probably going to jail since they won’t allow jury nullification in any trial. It’s a fucking nightmare and it’s one I’m rapidly getting sick of. So instead of having to sneak around like a fucking criminal with all that risk hanging over my head. I am instead going to bend the system over the fucking barrel and make it work for me. Honestly I don’t care if I’m the only motherfucker allowed to grow weed legally in my state. I stopped giving two shits about anybody else a long long time ago.

      4. If things don’t go your way, and the money changers at the dispensary don’t rectify your situation, you’ll end up growing your own. Keep quiet, and live like a hermit inside your home, and go visit other people’s places for enjoyment, entertainment, fun, and mental stimulation. Shit happens, and we often change our minds. Equipment is available to eliminate the smell of those fat sticky kolas. Plus, dogs and humans sense of smell is over ridden with certain aromas. Burn the incense, then burn a doobie, Brother.

      5. btw is it still official policy of the VA to not do anything if a Veteran is using medical cannabis in a state legal and compliant way?

      6. Wyldechylde; If you don’t have cancer & if you have other medications the VA will fault you & punish you & list you as a drug addict or drug seeking unless you’ve got a Dr whom honors their oath before their gov’t pay check. It matters not if your state has MMJ & you are a verified MMJ Patient. Federal Law trumps state law.
        My PC before she quit & went active Army gave me the # & address to get MMJ. This was to replace the sleeping pill Temazpam. Which by the way was a real bitch to come off of after 15yrs of taking it. I didn’t know she was quitting until she was gone. She set me up. The new PC & I quote her “you’ve got a Pos urine test for marijuana & I have a problem w/that & I will not refill your pain med [ Tylenol #3].” She would not have any discussion. When she brought up Gabapentin or Cymbalta as a replacement it was game over & the appt went very badly from there.
        I get to see her in a few days & I am not looking forward to it but after this appt I can switch to another Dr or I’m ready for a Nurse so long as it is licensed in my state to practice.

      7. I’m sorry to say, but federal law does not trump state law. federal law was never supposed to be about Big Daddy telling states what to do. Ever. States were sovereign, and federal law governs federal employees and D.C. and territories. That’s it. States have sold out the people and collude with the federal gov on these issues. Via contract.

        People have been led to believe, like you say, the federal law is bigger & badder than state law. That idea is pure propaganda and is not true.

        General SMedley Butler wrote a booklet: WAR IS A RACKET. it’s online for free. everyone here should read it.

      8. Sepp Dietrich, To Clarify when it comes to medical treatment at the Dept of Veterans Affairs the Medical Doctors working for the VA will not talk about MMJ with the patients.

      9. at the VA, the medical doctors, nurses, psych-everybody, clerks, all of them, they all talked to me about marijuana. medical use of marijuana. which allows neuropathy pain to be zero, without opiates, which i can’t take anymore.

        after they talk to you about it they will call you a drug abuser. cannabis dependence they call it. even if you only use plant, they still call it a drug. they are not very smart, i pointed out to them. so there is additional disability available if you use cannabis for your medical disabling condition. unfortunately you have to put up with being called a drug abusing cannabis dependence. lol. i don’t care myself what they call me. i don’t use their medical services. if doctors aren’t smart enough to know the difference between a plant and a drug, then they are not qualified to work on me. and VA doctors,et al, will tell you how harmful it is, but when you ask to see evidence of the harm, they never show it.

        as for all this so-called legal “medical marijuana” the whole industry has been taken over, just like the country. no states who legalize now are allowing people to grow their own medicine. and states that allow it, like colorado, are tightening up regulations so you can’t grow enough to get high, therapeutic doses. that’s the key for their success. keeping the idiots pumped up on some crap they sell at the store, while denying real patients the right to grow and make their own meds. MMJ is just more racket, like in Minn. where you can “register” for their “program” then buy “medical marijuana” products, that they make, from them. no growing, no plant material, only more pharma products. no thank you.

        arbeit macht frei. blessings be.

      10. Sepp Dietrich, a bit confused by your contradictory statement: VA staff has had MMJ conversation w/you & then you say I don’t use their medical services. Whatever its all good. California allows up to 99 plants plus 3 pds of marijuana. Senate Bill 420 “” Patients here are allowed to grow amounts consistent w/their personal medical needs.

      11. yes, it appears contradictory.
        truth is that back in the day, i did seek help from the VA.
        I’ve had extensive dealings with them over failure to follow medical standard of care, in multiple areas.

        plus the fact that i refuse drugs, & use plants instead of drugs, makes me a drug abuser, which is absurd, and when pointed out to them, in turn, makes you (me) disruptive influence. it’s quite a mind control operation that i can’t seem to figure out, so i stay away. i believe that people can heal, but not if fed mind & body poison. so i stick with plants, avoid idiotic nonsense like “health care” or whatever they call it.

        i’ll take a shaman, indian medicine man, snake oil purveyor or witch doctor over any choice offered by health care.

      12. plus also it’s not like I haven’t been researching the shit out of growing for the last several years. When I kick off I’m going with a recirculating hydro system and either a 1000w HPS/MH setup or an LED setup or maybe both. Will run the HPS/MH through a cool tube because man those things get hot and out a carbon filter with a vortex fan pushing all the heat off my plants. I’d also like to start getting into Arduino related stuff as far as running different sensors and wi-fi’ing the data to my computer in real time for monitoring.

      13. @Wyldechylde – – – VA is against MMJ even in the States where it is legal. If you test positive, tell them its CBD (non-psychoactive compound), because I don’t think the VA will go and spend time and $$$ to do tests that differentiate between the THC and CBD metabolites; not sure though. If you’re flagged and tagged, and they want to beat you up a bit, they may go and send your urine sample to outsourcing; again not sure. You know how they roll.

        Sounds like you have a good set-up in your plans. I’d watch the heat though, and go with LED. Less expensive, may be longer lasting, and with heat, aroma compounds will be jumping through the air, and colliding with those sensitive neurons of the Po Po, and K9 sniffers. Don’t forget to burn incense of pine, Christmas, tree, mints, eucalyptus, etc. Neural receptors are agitated by these molecular compounds. And, these vaporous molecules over ride others that may get in the nasal turbinate pathways of the nose.

        The turbinates are structures on the side wall of the inside of the nose. They project into the nasal passages as ridges of tissue. The turbinates help warm and moisturize air as it flows through the nose. The inferior turbinates can block nasal airflow when they are enlarged (vapors agitate this area when inhaling).

        I did my dissertation on the olfactory system (sense of smell). If you have a K9, or you know someone that does, watch them when they smell these vapor types. They’ll turn quickly away from it. I discovered this about K9’s back in the mid 70’s. Oops, revealing a possible age. – – – Nutter.

  15. @OLDMARINE – – – Cerebrolysin is used in more that 50 Countries in Europe and Austria. Why isn’t it FDA approved in the US? Take away money from Pig Pharma and the Quacks that’re Members of the AMA. Thanks OLDMARINE for the post. I’m going to share Cerebrolysin to a Veteran friend of mine.

  16. My Company Commander in Viet-Nam was a West Point man.He couldn’t read a map or use a compass. Kept getting us lost all the time out in the boondocks. Went out on patrol one day and we keppt getting sniper fire so he decided to call in 81mm mortars on the sniper. The mortars came right in on us taking out 3 guys killing 1 of them. Another time he f**ked up again and called in 155mm heavy artillery in on us fire for effect and took out 12 guys killing 2 of them. Hell, being a graduate from a military service academy doesn’t make one smart at all. Not a damn bit!

    1. It brings to mind the character on ‘M.A.S.H.’, a Capt. named ‘Henry’. He was one of those silver spoon military academia graduates AND a Harvard graduate…not an ounce of common sense, but tons of typical oxymoronic ‘military intelligence’ and like a robot, always did things by the book unless it personally benefited the greedy asshole.

  17. We have a political problem no one wants to talk about: very old politicians – Vox
    In one of the most dramatic moments in the Senate in years, 80-year-old John McCain rallied from surgery and a diagnosis of brain cancer to cast a 1 am vote that torpedoed Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare — for now. The vote had been put on hold once already, to give him time to recuperate.

    For all the drama, we shouldn’t be surprised that a medical emergency interfered with Senate business. The highest levels of American politics bear an uncomfortable resemblance to a gerontocracy….[LOL].. From the Senate to the presidency to — perhaps most strikingly — the Supreme Court, top positions are held more and more by people in their 70s or above.

    Disruptive medical tragedies are an unavoidable statistical consequence of this trend, as is the risk that key political actors will develop cognitive impairment. There’s no easy solution to the problem, but it demands a frank conversation.

    In the body as a whole, 23 senators are at least 70. Seven are 80 or older.

    The geriatric Supreme Court has long inspired hand-wringing but no action. Rumors abound that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, now 81, may retire. Five of the nine justices are older than 67, three are 78 or older, and several have serious age-related health problems. Out of fear of letting President Trump choose their successor, Justices Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsberg surely feel obliged to hang on until at least 2020, if they can…….
    Money,/POWER, it’s a gas.
    Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.
    New car, caviar, four star daydream,
    Think I’ll buy me a football team.

    Well, get back.
    I’m all right Jack, keep your hands off of my stack.
    Money, it’s a hit.
    Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit.

    I’m in the high-fidelity first class travelling set and think I need a Lear jet.


    1. When they are in the forest starving I’ll walk by and say you should have been poor like me for a time in your life. Then you might have learned how to scrounge the forest for edibles. But don’t think I’m going to share unless your cable of assisting in the scrounge. (call it a hunt if you have a hunting implement)

  18. For the bullies of the snowflakes.

    Cargo Cult Studies Explain Trump Supporters

    By EricAZ
    Monday Aug 07, 2017 · 1:13 PM MDT
    2017/08/07 · 13:13
    Despite manifest incompetence, supporting policies that would harm his supporters and obvious constant lying, Trump enjoys support from a core group that remains loyal. The best explanation for this phenomenon can be found in work anthropologists have done on South Pacific cargo cults.
    These groups sprang up in native populations before, during and after World War II with members believing that ships or planes would bring them great wealth. In some of the most notable cases, people built aircraft runways on remote islands, constructed control towers and sat in the towers wearing radio headphones that they had carved out of wood. They believed that practicing these rituals would cause airplanes to land and bring them a wealth of supplies. They created full-scale airplane models out of wood hoping they would magically attract real planes.
    The cult’s leaders often told them the goods would be coming through the powers of ancestor spirits who were concerned about the breakdown in social order. This appealed to people who felt social hierarchies were threatened. In 21st century America, there are people who see the election of a black president, the candidacy of a woman for president, the arrival of non-white immigrants, and poor people getting health care as disruptions of the social order that threaten their status.
    In addition to straightening out the social order, the ancestor spirits are expected to bring great wealth.
    In a Journal of Social and Political Psychology article, Thomas Pettigrew explains that though Trump supporters are not really economically disadvantaged, they feel like they are not getting their share as other groups get more. This feeling of relative depravation ties into the cargo cult belief that the social order is breaking down. article

    In cargo cults people feel that attachment to a charismatic leader will make them rich. This concept was manifest in the whole idea of Trump University. People were led to pay thousands of dollars to get the secret of wealth from The Donald. When it didn’t work, the answer was to give more money for more Trump knowledge.
    It is surprising to some that Christians make up a large percentage of the diehard Trumpists. The prosperity gospel is now taking up a larger share of the religious audience in America. Members do not want to hear about a ragged Jew talking about feeding the poor. They want to know how to become rich. This gives the Trump cult a solid base within a number of churches.
    To some extent, cargo cults run their course, but not always. The faithful are still waiting on the island of Tanna for John Frum to return with a load of goods. A separate cult on the same island waits for Tom Navy to make everyone. “” 8/8/2017

    “” 8/8/2017

    1. Why that is the biggest pile of snowshit I ever read, from an obvious snowman made of snowflakes.

      Lem, you voted for Trump as well. You think these snowflake communist assholes, would ever think maybe, just maybe, the entire country has had it with the snow job we been receiving all these years? And since they cannot conceive they are the reason, President Trump won, they are grasping at melting snow to explained it away?

      Think man, your smarter than that. Hell, I think your one of the smartest people I ever seen. Do what no establishment politician, or their willing conspiritors, the press, and elitists, could ever do, put two and two together and get four!

      1. Hey, I’m getting what I voted for. Thanks to the nut jobs reported above. We’ll not have another spineless president bowing to the feet of Wall Street. They’ll see to that. Even though they are backing this shit head who isn’t doing anything he promised.

        The “Wall” is coming down. That is “Wall Street”. I predict a major collapse before Trump is out of office because of the bloated equity capital pool. 2007-8 was nothing compare to what is to come.

      2. @Lem: I hope your right about the street, alas, those listed above would bail em out… We can still dream though.

      3. LEM…. Truer words have never been spoken…….The “Wall” is coming down. That is “Wall Street”. I predict a major collapse before Trump is out of office because of the bloated equity capital pool. 2007-8 was nothing compare to what is to come… buy what food u need on those credit cards max them mo-fose out and then toss them in garbage ….When they call, tell them to take it out of your SS trust account… the end those bankers are still laughing at us,

    2. @Lem – – – I recently seen a documentary about John Frum. Distorted Christian doctrine at least, but faithful they are. That’s the catcher right there, our beliefs of faith. For me, I can make up my own mind, I can read and understand. This type of manipulation of people’s core values of their belief system, has been taken advantage of by both parties. Its called Politics; anything to get the Vote, and the Approval Ratings. – – – Nutter.

  19. This just in from DOJ about PHH Mortgage:


    PHH Corp. PHH Mortgage Corp. and PHH Home Loans (collectively, PHH) have agreed to pay the United States $74,453,802 to resolve allegations that they violated the False Claims Act by knowingly originating and underwriting mortgage loans insured by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Federal Housing Administration (FHA), guaranteed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and purchased by the Federal National Mortgage Association (“Fannie Mae”) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (“Freddie Mac”) that did not meet applicable requirements, the Justice Department announced today. PHH is headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, and PHH Home Loans operates in Edina, Minnesota. PHH has agreed to pay $65 million to resolve the FHA allegations and $9.45 million to resolve the VA and FHFA allegations.

    DOJ still reeling in the low prime mortgage lenders that bilked the government loan guarantees.

    1. Did I say that happened under the Bush Administration after the Clinton Administration removed banking regulations? The Wall Street winner but none of the winner’s are going to jail.

  20. WTF we need another fake war
    THE FOOD and Drug Administration unveiled last week what may be one of the most important public-health initiatives of this century: an ambitious long-term strategy to finally end tobacco’s cycle of addiction and death, a scourge that has taken the lives of millions of Americans over centuries of cultivation and consumption. The FDA should move quickly to make this vision a reality — more quickly than it did under the Obama administration.

    Though smoking rates are at historic lows, the habit still kills roughly half a million people every year…….[And I bet Ted turner is loving that]

    California sunlight, sweet Calcutta rain
    Honolulu Starbright – the song remains the same…..WE CARE..LOL

    1. The *real* story is more along lines the Big Tobacco Industry quickly reinvested it’s major holdings into acquired Food Product Brands while riding-out billions in lawsuits…while Big Tobacco has been fighting the Vape Industry (Nicotine) with a vengeance, so the Big Tobacco decided it can still afford to step on it’s own tail, and wants full control of it’s nicotine derived from their plant they want taken off market because ‘smoke’ is killing people?
      Nicotine is a poison. No ifs or butts, mind the pun, about it. Big Tobacco owns just about all the major and smaller brands in your local grocery store shelves…Take Kraft Foods for one and ALL it’s subsidiaries…there’s a lot of them, and many other companies Big Tobacco reinvested itself.

      Mind you, I was once a smoker for 20+ years and then utilized vaping to get off nicotine and that habit in last three years. I have some friends that own a vape retail shop and they have kept me up to date with Big Tobacco’s antics….and funy thing is Big Tobacco tried to put out their own e-cigs and failed miserably at it….so this is sour grapes on Big Tobacco’s parts… Oh, I also feel measurably better giving-up that poison and monkey on back.
      Rant Out.

  21. Does anyone else notice the mugshots of these and more recent VA Secretaries could easily replace the person on the Quaker Oat container? Maybe they are all looking at the same exact thing or maybe, just maybe, Satan ate their souls for a mid-breakfast snack?

    I’m going with the latter.

  22. Oh when a Vet breaks down, he’s promised treatment that’s fair
    And soon he finds out that, there’s really nobody there.
    Under the bus now, what’s wrong with me
    On the pavement with my medals, is where I’ll be

    (Under the bus now) there’s nowhere to run
    (Under the bus now), playin with loaded guns,
    (Under the bus now) thought I was serving my country
    (Under the bus now) I sure feel like a dummy
    Under the bus now, right now!

    Gets me all flag wavy ‘n shit

    1. DADDY’s telling lies
      Baby’s eating flies
      Mommy’s on pills
      Baby’s got the chills

      I’m friends with the President
      I’m friends with the Pope
      We’re all making a fortune
      Selling DADDY’s dope

      Stand by to stand by
      Ain’t no need to worry today
      Thorazine shuffle make everything OK
      I know how you feel
      You say you need your highs and lows
      But what if you could take your pain
      And just let it go

      1. Thank you ladies and gentlemen. We’ll be playing all week here at the Doom Gloom Room next to the dumpster depot between the VA and the Motel 6. Y’all come back – binge your own smack.

  23. Nothing new. Endless hiring of people in federal government who use their time to write law/policy to favor themselves and/or their buddies when they leave the federal agency.

    Better screening pre-hire and clauses of conduct post leaving an agency needs to take place.

  24. All I know is that when I finally get scheduled for a C&P exam I intend to record it. Then let those fucks try and pull a snow job. I’ll blast that C&P exam all over the fucking internet.

  25. Here’s three (3) articles/video out since yesterday y’all need to read and watch!
    1.) From:
    “ news”
    via: “Stars and Stripes” | by Nikki Wentling.
    Dated: 7 August 2017
    “Report: DOD Not Providing Adequate Care to Troops at Risk of Suicide”

    Could it be, because of troops pulling multiple tours, (some are pulling MORE than 5 tours), in a war zone, suicide would be higher among their ranks?

    2.) From:
    “ Duty”
    “The Charlotte Observer” | by: Theodore Jones.
    “Before Florida Georgia Line Went Onstage in N.C., It Helped a Veteran!”

    I put this one on to show how some people are praising our veterans! A great story for a man who served MANY tours. And was given a bad turn by being wounded in action!

    From: “The Alex Jones Show”
    “Lee Ann McAdoo reporting”
    Dated: 8 August 2017 (11:04 minutes long)
    “Monsanto Emails Show COLLUSION with EPA!”

    This is a must watch video! After you’ve watched it, you’ll understand how Monsanto is bypassing all regulations and laws pertaining to killing Americans (veterans)!
    I’m not joking brothers and sisters, this video should piss every American off!
    Readthe comments section as well!

    1. ELF …EPA, FDA, All so called agency’s to protect the people are a total farce,

      When US President Gerald Ford suffered stoke – he used this foreign non-American drug to recover. When US President Ronald Reagan first suffered from Alzheimer and dementia in 1983 daily doze same cheap foreign medication kept him from going insane for another 20 years. Yes, it’s cheap that why FDA and Big Pharma investing millions to keep it from American public. They what to preserve their billions of profit to keep poisoning Americans with the deadly cocktail of drugs currently being prescribed nationwide to Stoke and Alzheimer patients.
      In fact, everything currently offered by FDA and Big Pharma is aimed for one simple goal not to threat patients but to generate an enormous amount of profit. Nothing available here from this $5,000 drugs to this $50 medical marijuana won’t work. Long story – short. There are only two ways to cure Stroke and Alzheimer.
      First – expensive and very unethical. Second cheap and somewhat unethical.
      First one – direct and repeated injection of embryonic stem cells right into the damaged area of your brain. This will cost you about $30,000 per year
      Second – intramuscular injections of drug called Cerebrolysin. This will cost you about $800 per year.
      In Europe Cerebrolysin used for decades to effectively threat Stroke and Alzheimer patients. This drug alone promotes speedy Stroke, Alzheimer and brain injury recovery. I was shocked when I learned what expensive deadly drug cocktail American doctors administer instead of one simple medication called Cerebrolysin.
      My dad suffered stoke when he was just 60 years old after United States Secret Service Agent Faisal Alshami robbed him by coming to his house with a gun.
      Early 2016 he got his fourth stoke and doctors told me he could never see, walk, talk or eat normally and will be blind permanently and has only a few months to live. I guess I am stubborn and refused to believe it. I called to as many stoke clinics as I could. I tracked down several stoke survivors who recovered and they all (except one were from Europe) and they all told me one thing – Cerebrolysin.
      Now in 2016 summer I and my dad were playing chess. He won by outmaneuvering my queen with his two rooks. And I am good chess player. Of course, he is not a man he used to be but he can walk with cane, he can see again and he can eat without a straw. And that’s all was possible only because of daily injections of Cerebrolysin. Which are very easy to perform because you don’t have to use veins but any big muscle would do.
      The only one patient who told me to use different treatment but also recovered from stoke got direct injection of embryonic stem cells directly into his damaged brain area in Ukraine. Now I am asking you not to have this procedure anywhere in America (that’s includes US, Mexico and Canada). Why? It’s a scam. I went to San Diego California La Jolla clinic and observed the procedure they perform here with my own eyes. All they do – they will make you a stomach liposuction. They will extract fat from you stomach, centrifuge it. And inject you fat back to your brain though the nose. First of all, fat stem cells are useless. Second, injection goes though your nasal cavity but not to the area affect by stroke or injury. Third, it will cost you $20,000. Now injections in Russia and China are different, because they use human embryo but not your fat and inject it to the area damaged by stoke or injury. Finally, it’s very unethical to use human embryo when the other much cheaper and as effective method is available.
      I have to warn you that Cerebrolysin has no medical side effects except one moral side effect. It is also unethical. Cerebrolysin is actually processed pig brains. Peptides from pig brains will repair your broken neurons connections and promote new neurons growth. That’s how this medication will repair you at the expense of a dead pig. It is might be as bad as human embryo. I am Animal Liberator, Vegetarian and Animal Rights Activist but in this case I won’t judge you. Given a choice to see my dad to die in pain or to kill a pig I made my call. And so shall you. I ask of you to let anyone who suffers from Stroke, Alzheimer, Dementia or Brain Injury to let know about it. They can easily and legally order Cerebrolysin from Europe. It will end their and their families suffering. No one deserve to suffer when the cure is so easily available and so cowardly withheld by FDA and Big Pharma.
      Dad is recovering thanks to Cerebrolysin. And so should you. Yesterday was the first time he smiled in years.
      They fail to mention the 1 million they make per drug fast tracking it through their system, where does that money go….SHHHHH don’t tell anyone

      1. cannabis resin extract does indeed cure alzheimers. and prevents stroke damage becoming permanent if the cannabis is used in time.

      2. @OLDMARINE – – – Thanks for sharing Brother. This is the first time that I heard of Cerebrolysin. Very interesting. I’m going to read up on this medication. And, Cerebrolysin isn’t on Ben’s spell checker using Word Press apps. Will get back to you on what I think about Cerebrolysin. – – – Nutter.

      3. Old – thanks. I knew the Europeans were doing something. My former boss (German) got Alzheimers about 10 years ago at the age of 59, and he pretty much faded away. I just picked up a trade mag and there he was, meeting and greeting.

      4. I found the above on u tube his comment was below the video

        Stroke, Alzheimer & TBI Patient – There Is A Cure That FDA & Big Pharma Do Not Want U To Know
        Igor Kryan
        If you can understand him…LOL

      5. “OLDMARINE”,
        I’m glad you put on that information. Great job!
        The video about Monsanto is VERY informative, in so much as it’s explained how Monsanto executives did NOT have the research they claimed over “carcinogens”! Which, in all other research, it does cause cancers!
        Plus, if you watch the video, you’ll see where rats were used. Just like it didn’t occurr during the time Dow Jones was producing Agent Orange!
        Please, google the video!

  26. The Winston-Salem Regional Office has a habit of scheduling a VA or QTC medical examination and opinion after the veteran has submitted strong medical evidence of a service- connected disability and evidence of an increased disability rating. These exams are questionable and deceitful after the veteran has proven his case. The Winston-Salem Regional refuses or delays the veteran’s request for the most recent VA or QTC exam and the hypothetical questions posed until after the Regional Office issues a denial.


    1. Make certain that you write down the full name of the physician who examines you. If the examiner is not a physician, make certain you know the examiner’s credentials. Most VA or QTC examiners are very polite while examining a veteran.

    2. Try to obtain a business card from the examiner.

    3. Try to find out if the examiner is Board certified in any medical field or has any specialty for which she or he is recognized or certified.

    5. Write out the text of what you need to tell the physician about your disability and your medical condition. Many QTC physicians politely refuse to take any information from a veteran. It is very important that you get across all symptoms of your disability to the examiner even if not asked. Even better, you should write out the symptoms you have and give a copy of those symptoms to the examiner at the QTC examination. Be certain to keep a copy. Use the forms at:


    1. The QTC doesn’t even have any radiology or reports for comparisons. That’s waist of time.

      1. The VA gives them the radiology reports [but they only give them the ones that don’t mean shit to your claim, I caught them on that one, look at what they gave him for evidence to make the decision, that will tell u the whole story…QTC does a xray that’s about it in my case

  27. What is that old saying “liar liar pants on fire”.

    Guess Shulkin was caught spinning another whopper this morning.

    “Fire alarm ends VA secretary’s speech on innovation”
    by Pete Kasperowicz | Aug 8, 2017, 9:59 AM

    1. Probably a “collaborated fire alarm” because Shulkin must have gotten too close to the VA’s kryptonite in that speech called accountability, which would be considered “innovation by VA” if they took part in that thing called accountability.
      Too bad he did not go up in flames like one of ‘Spinal Tap’s’ many drummer’s ways of meeting their demise.

  28. This is more than likely the reason the VA does not want the “CHOICE” program to succeed. This is going to be a “WALNUT SHELL” game looking for the concealed pea “MONEY” and the winner is BOTH VA and QTC. AHOLES!!

  29. The very kind of deal Trump was elected to hinder. Look at QTC’s federal legislators’ campaign contributions. This is all part of the Secret wink and a nod that congress is doing. Republican and Democrat notwithstanding.

    Problem is you have less and less regional representation and a one size fits all single payer mentality. Guess who suffers? Not the legislators or their minions. The American Taxpayer and ultimately the Veteran. I had my sleep apnea Rating reduced from 50% to 0% on a basis of CUE without due process, without clarification with QTC (very convenient), and without collaborating with my non VA board certified Sleep specialist and PCP. Does any one else see an issue here? Dr’s are selling their souls because lying is just a way a life for the budget keepers. Recent research presented to VA has shown that young veterans with PTSD have a 60+% chance of developing OSD even though not obese which is the usual correlation. QTC wants to keep examiners’ medical opinions ambiguous and confusing because of the influence it has on the claim and rating process.

  30. These fine men of VA have PROVEN that they KNOW what America deserves and they gladly give it to us good and hard for one small fee.

    Want short time, GI, or long time?

  31. Two things here!
    1.) “Outsourcing” – seems like VA is outsourcing lots of areas within its own ranks! So, why does VA need so many employees?
    How many areas of VA is outsourced?

    2.) “Government Contracts” – I believe we’re going to see lots of (possible illegal) transactions occur within our government, when contracts are made, under the “Good ‘ol Boy’s Club” venue!

    Example: DOJ is now investigating Former President Obama over $6 billion worth of “DOJ Slush Funds” he set up for “banks” and “extreme left leaning non-profit organizations”; ie: “La Raza” is just one of these organizations! If they continue to use these organizations for political purposes; ie: to insure the democrats stay in power!

    1. Hey Elf,

      Did you catch this article published yesterday morning talking about you and Lame Brain McCain?

      Their trying to put out a fake narrative about Lame Brain. Guess the knowledge that everyone will be adding to a yellow river on his grave bothers him.

      “Posts wrongly blame John McCain for deadly 1967 fire aboard USS Forrestal”
      By Joshua Gillin on Monday, August 7th, 2017

      1. Seymore,
        Fuck McCain! He knows what he did! He even (partially) admitted to ALL of it in his book!
        The article from the “WMR” report, (Navy Releases McCain’s Records), via: the Associated Press, is clear on the details!
        “Wayne Madsen/Wayne Madsen Report” is also very clear on what happened!
        When anyone googles what you put on here, Seymore, there’s numerous other “sites” telling the “Facts” about how McCain was responsible for the “…worst naval accident since WWII!”

      2. Every time I google why are va employees fucking crazy? Most all sites are stories from here. So I guess google bing etc have VA and fucking crazy in data base. Lmao serious If they are paying attention to what ppl write abt McCain on here fucking y r they not paying attention to the money the abuse of veterans etc. THE FRAUD oversight of veteran affairs committee needs to do that and only that. Investigate. Americans are known as chumps to world. Greedy criminals.

  32. Wish they would outsource to Social Security. Social Security does a much better investigation. I’d advise anyone who is having adjudication trouble to put in for SSDI or SSI and then get their report from the “Caves”. Or at least my report is much better than anything the VA ever did.

  33. GREAT article, Ben!

    The VA has found a way to create perpetual motion in dollars but no sense.

    1. Anyone now should be able to clearly see that as long as the VA keeps the Claims Backlog as status-quo, it guarantees the salvo of $$$$ keeps pouring-in to QTC which is really the VA in a different housecoat and slippers with really ugly hats.
      As long as the VA keeps the Veteran Appeals Backlog, it also guarantees the salvos of $$$$ for VA Counsel and Attorneys and keeps the $$$ from going to Veterans….status-quo. Ugly hats exist here as well.

      The Fox is paying the Hens to act like they are assisting Veterans while only the Foxes and Hens are getting fatter and now all need larger ugly asshats. Perpetual motion at the $$$ trough.

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