Illegal VA Complaints Strategy Against Veterans Exposed


Benjamin KrauseLast week, journalist Angela Rae exposed despicable treatment of veterans through a little known process VA employees use against veterans. Some VA employees illegally lodge VA complaints against veterans to manipulate the purpose of disruptive behavior committees.

Angela Rae interviewed me about how veterans are impacted by this illegal retaliation at the receiving end of VA’s disruptive behavior committees.

Disruptive Behavior Committees

Disruptive behavior committees are intended as a catch all to manage hostile and threatening veterans while they seek health care from VA. On the surface, this sounds reasonable. Some veterans are in fact dangerous. However, many nonveterans are also dangerous, and I have yet to see a secret committee like these in civilian hospitals.

My problem with the process is that it is secret. The review process is done in secret and the veteran will not know who sat on the committee or what the evidence presented was prior to the decision. Only after the decision is made are veterans informed of the outcome and given a chance to appeal the vague allegations. That seems like a due process violation if I have ever seen one.

Further, the process of filing complaints against veterans has been used in many instances where the veteran initially files a complaint against a VA doctor or staff member. In some instances, when a complaint is lodged, VA personnel escalate the intensity of the conversation and even threatening the veteran.

In those instances, VA employees are guilty of illegally filing counter complaints against veterans since the totality of the circumstances would not match the allegations. Unfortunately, VA has a tendency of never believing the veterans, and veteran complaints against VA personnel are almost never received well. As is the case here, in many instances those complaining veterans are instead retaliated against.

I believe this tactic is used to disparage and discredit the veteran when VA reviews the matter.

Background on DC Breakdown Interview

Initially, Angela Rae was outraged when she heard about what VA is doing behind the scenes to retaliate against honest veterans seeking care, so much so that she decided to interview me to learn more about the illegal practice.

It was done via Skype while I was on vacation with family, so the sound has a slight delay. But, you will get a good idea about what is going on and how certain VA doctors and administrators are harming veterans by misusing the process of disruptive behavior committee reviews.

This form of retaliation is, in my opinion, one of the biggest crimes VA is committing across the country because it chills the speech of veterans who respectfully file complaints that have merit. In response to many of these valid complaints, VA employees have been known to file counter complaints that defame the veteran and diminish their credibility. The end result is a veteran having an improper flag on their file, harassment from VA police, and/or restrictions in access to timely health care.

If you have been harmed by an illegal use of disruptive behavior committee policies, please comment below or send me a private email.

We don’t have any real “due process” to speak of due to the nature of the VA. VA is an Administrative Agency, under the control of the Executive Branch. The Administrative Procedures Act of 1947 created a “fourth branch”of government (Harry Truman’s words, not mine) outside the reach of any real check’s and balance’s. The only recourse is for Congress to pass new legislation blowing away the old VA crime network. Will S.1982 correct any of this ? Not sure… Read more »
I have continuously been harmed by the VA. I have been fighting for PTSD Disability since Vietnam in 71. I now find that I suffer a brain injury from Mortar fire and 122mmRocket fire which has caused me to have damaged hearing, tinntus, and severe balance /vertigo issues which I have dealt with life long. Just 2 weeks ago the Neurologist said my brain damage was NOT DUE to alcohol use (I do not drink) and was from a concussive… Read more »
You know, it is really sad when you do as your asked, you ignore that disability for your back, which leads to a disabling arthritis, Fibromyalgia from numerous issues, ( there was no Fibro) when I was in, ) that my x-rays prove the metal has changed, that my C&P claim was denied for being assaulted, not three months later, raped in my own room. I answered every question possible thrown at me truthfully, want to know something? SHE LIED!… Read more »

They do lie, then if thier pisses off they go to the OIG and make a complaint against you..I have proof. I’m up for getting a petition together to get rid of these lying Doctors and thier non caring staff

james yakym

I’ve been fighting with these assholes for years I’ve gone threw congress McCain’s office and been all over the news nothing is done google James yakym Goshen nice article

PETER BARACH Cleveland Ohio VA WADE PARK Nepotism of Federal Employees at is finest… I am all for that. The VA doctors do lie. They lie, lie, and lie. They lie a lot and often. They omit facts, manipulate symptoms, and falsify the injured veterans and disabled former soldiers disorders. And these VA non veteran doctors stick together. Now I have PETER BARACH (Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1969-1973), PHD Wade Park VA Cleveland Ohio. Grew up across the street from… Read more »
The threats we got from the new chronic pain clinic in Indianapolis was true, apparently. Going through my requested files not much makes sense. Anything negative against the VA, the CBOC, their staff, etc., don’t exist in my 50 pounds of wasted papers and trees. Much is skipped over, different fonts are used looking like stuff was added later. Doctor reports from idiots I have never seen making false claims against me. They use abbreviations, codes, letters, etc., that people… Read more »
Adrain Hurst
My Dad’s death was in instigated to be the worst case of wrongful death in recorded history and the best documented case. However the VA, after denying his death was service connected for 4 years, they now admit his death was due to Agent Orange. This is BS as I collected plolice reports, ambulance records, hospital records, doctorz letter to the VA requesting 24 / 7 care. He had been awarded to my care in 2006. I workd for Baylor… Read more »
Adrain Hurst
My Dad was rated 100% Service Connected Disabled due to PTSD. He had first been in an institution in the 70’s. I know for s fsct he csrried a stun gun and a one shot bullet pen. I feel my Dad’s negligent care id due to his being targeted by the secret VA organization. Dad was labeled a polysubstance abuser coming out of Vietnam, butbthe drugs he was addicted to were given to him by the Army, on a cart… Read more »
The disruptive behavior committee is not for people who have “filed claims” or for people that have concerns about their care. We do not, as VA employees, flag for these issues. It is a lie and he knows it. Veterans have the biggest voice at this time at the VA. This is a gentleman who did not receive the care he wanted, but obviously received the care he needed. Oh, and VA employees get fired. That is a lie that… Read more »
I know being a career VA employee has its perks, 5+ weeks off per year for leave, etc. but the VA that my husband goes through threw a boomerang and got him on the flag list. This boomerang made it to Washington and now the boomerang is on it’s way to our local VA. Hope they are good at catching! When you get your employees to alter appointment times and dates for your own benefit, that’s what some people would… Read more »
The v.a. flagged me for disruptive behavior and punished me and placed into my official records that I would be arrested and banished from v.a. care if it ever reported that I have been disruptive and or not corroprate fully with any staff member and this has no end to it. When asked the v.a. to provide me with any documation that in fact I had ever been disruptive, there reply we have no documation but so what, we are… Read more »
I agree with a March on DC and just so you are all aware……it’s become just as corrupt and unmanageable while your still in service. They will do anything to preclude medical retirement because then they and the VA owe you for life. This new IDES, integrated disability evaluation system is just a way to manipulate the finding before your discharged so then you have no recourse with the VA because it’s in your service record…smart way to manipulate the… Read more »
Juliet S.
I’m hoping for a whistleblower benefactor! Yes Michelle,you’re right-we’re all liars! We as DAV’s who have served honorably and were disabled during our service,don’t deserve your “Quality Healthcare System,” “Thanks for serving us,now it’s our time to serve you…” That’s False Advertising! You Fabulous VA Employees at VAMC’s and VA Clinics that,”treat the Veteran with dignity and respect,” you don’t have to work there-nobody is forcing you,you’re not stuck there! We on the other hand,are stuck with having to go… Read more »
Jim Nose

Is it me? I don’t know but I find the older va workers if I can use that term
are much more caring and helpful. The newer ones seemed detached.

Robin Mitchell
What a crock of shit. I have proof…and I believe it is in both ron Nesler’s hands and Ben Krauses that is part of a VAOIG complaint where both my husband and I were flagged for in part complaining too vigorously to a senator. The VA employees lost SOCOM confirmation, illegally “lost” claim information and cold turkey’d my husband off of seizure meds and only wanted to know if there were guns in the house when I went back up… Read more »
Peter Short

10 months and a congressional inquiry to receive only one (1) voicemail from the Patient Advocate, and no follow up, nor response to my return calls/secure messages. I can’t hear my own voice, over the deafening silence. You may still be right, Michelle; Veterans have been treated worse in the past, but that’s nothing to brag about.

Michelle, go back to work. You are just a nut job. My boss was Chair of a Dept at a university connected hospital. I am well aware of the docs abuse of the vets (gomers) and my brother had forms forged by a VA employee with a very obvious cut and paste technique. With all his notes and the forgery evidence, he was never able to get resolution. Even letters to congressmen don’t work. Every time he goes to the… Read more »
You are a lie Michelle. The VA is getting worse as time goes on. I simply asked why my prescription was not refilled after 5 days of asking for it through messaging and phone calls and I was placed on the list. I did not yell or become rude at any point. I was just following up on why after five days no one even wrote back to me on secure messaging. After I filed a complaint that my requests… Read more »
Mark A. Lauer
I have been a victim of this very system. I am presently required to register every time I enter any VA facility in the country, and be searched by the VA Police for weapons, even though the VAs very own Psychiatrists have stated in no uncertain terms that I am not a danger to myself or others. When I attempted to have my named removed from this list, I was told that I would just have to wait until the… Read more »
frank soriano

Incredible testimony! How did you get through law school post head trauma? Congrats!!

Lyle Bell

I couldn’t hear the video!

Lyle Bell
Well I went to another link and was able to hear the interview. I have been going through an appeal on my disability status since 2008. They have put me through the ringer! I have a hearing on the 27 of August was out in West L.A. . It’s a SKYPE with the borad of appeals I guess. I am currently rate at 50% permanent from the my time in the Navy for a back and hip injury. I have… Read more »

Have you ever heard of disabilitty pensions being audited threatening lose of benefits for complaining?

Juliet S.

Yup,it happened to me!

A Renee Evins

Yes I am a victim and I know so many more!!

Ida Fioretti

They kinda did this to me. Some emergency room doctor said he left the room out of concern for his safety when I complained how he was treating me. He was being very disrespectful and I just told him he wasn’t giving me a gift, I served. It was so ridiculous. I don’t know anything about a board but I wouldn’t be surprised. I know my “formal” complaint was a joke.

Charles W. Allman III.Georgia Veterans Group, iNC.
Charles W. Allman III.Georgia Veterans Group, iNC.
Charles W. Allman III., CEO Georgia Veterans Group,Inc.: Ben lets organize a March on Washington, and a class action against the contractors…? You will have the support of thousands of veterans ready to make a change in this corrupt system. I have been fighting with the VA since 1967. My claim is still active. Too long a story to tell now, but my claim opened up the issue of Cancer from exposure to AO 34 years ago. I also exposed… Read more »
I am with you, veterans and active military should march on washington, its a dirty shame, that our own country is fighting the veterans that defended this country. Can we start a pation for veterans to sign or can this be forwarded to all veterans groups, that were set up to help us. I was shot in the head in 1972 and the v.a told me that they lost my records andthat they were burnt up in a saint louis… Read more »
Charles, that is what it seems I had to do for years is spending myself broke, bankruptcy, sneaky illegal and legal attacks on me and property. Just this morning after months of waiting I finally met yet another new PCP in Indiana. The past three have changed things and now stopped a very meager amount of pain meds. The new pain clinics is atrocious and Draconian. Got a call this morning and a pain MD said I have good reason… Read more »
So very familiar, esp your experiences with dealing with the local CBOC and its subcontracted employees. And with finding and keeping a Primary at the local CBOC. Very similar to my husband’s experiences. He and I have communicated with 3 patient advocates so far. One was good, the 2nd not, the 3rd we’ll see when we contact him again about our recent experiences and delays. But of course, the PAs get in touch with the employees you have had trouble… Read more »
I am a family member, actually POA Healthcare. A doctor hurt my mother’s eyes during a VA inpatient stay, i asked that she stop 4 times, stating I was her POA; the Dr continued, I stood and told her to stop. SHE CONTINUED! I couldn’t believe it! What was the insistence? I removed her hand, yes, gently. Exactly what was I to do? Mom is 100% assist.; unable to defend herself. The doctor was hurting her but besides that, mom,… Read more »
Cynthia, Your story about your mom is sad. I have been fighting the VA for 10 years about the Disruptive Committee, the OIG, Senator Bennets office, and Bob McDonald. You need to do the same and all veterans that have had this happen to them write to these people. They may not help, but at least we all can leave a paper trail showing that we tried. With my experience of what the VA has done in the last 10… Read more »
Tom Clelland
Im thinking I may have been flagged as a Disruptive Family Member. Recently my fathers V.A. Assistance Rep filed a claim for benefits without our knowledge or approval . He further refused to give us a copy of the Claim , A.& A. Form he secretly had completed , or any records he submitted with the claim he signed and filed without our knowledge. Naturally the Claim was Denied. The funny thing is that the Claim was denied on the… Read more »
Hello Tom if your claim is for ptsd you may want to contact an attorney that practice is dealing mainly with veterans who have ptsd, he is well known and if he thinks you have a chance for ptsd he will take the case. I hired him and he was able to get the va to produce my records which proved i was shot in the head and i now have my disability and finally received the treatment i needed.… Read more »
Dennis Parker
I complained via FAX about slow drug deliveries. The manager of the CBOC called me at home twice and told me that if i continued to complain and cause him work with the faxes I sent that he would have me flagged as a disruptive patient. In Oregon, it is illegal to threaten a disabled person in this fashion, so I went to Circuit Court with my complaint. Circuit Court issued a Restraining Order to Stop Further Abuse and named… Read more »

I am UNABLE to Even get a Job as a Night Custodian at the VA because of the Reason I was Terminated from my job w/ Kroger co. as a Butcher of over 28 yrs!!!
PLEASE Read Petition to Help with a Combat VET’s $HITTY TREATMENT by THE HYPOCRITICAL KRoger co.

James Johansen, USA (Ret)
James Johansen, USA (Ret)
So Mr. Krause I truly believe that you want to help Veterans with their issues. Based on the above story it appears to me that you don’t take the time to read all of the responses you get. I have sent you very lengthy emails regarding exactly what you are talking about here and have not heard a word. I have been suffering through the pain of dealing with the Dallas VA after they screwed up my shoulder surgery in… Read more »
Lori USN 2001-2005

Hello Sir
I am very sorry to hear about your situation I too am a service connected vet and i am trying to do something about the ill and corrupt care we all receive. I started a blog and am willing to lobby congress I need other vets suggestions and input if you would like to contact me [email protected] best regards.

Pierre D. Perkins

i would like for you to contact me because im going up against the VA now.

A Renee Evins

Yes I’m interested. Anyone can contact me @ 817-438-8384 or [email protected]

They all eat out of the same trough. Nobody wants to tell on anyone. Unless you are connected and can afford a lawyer it will be a long fight. Keep in mind that VA is well connected with EEOC , layers and other local officials so going locally for help is a waste of time. Example VA police chief is friends with EEOC director. VA director is friends with local congressman and is special guest at job fairs put on… Read more »

If you know any vets that are going to use the VA Choice Care Program then they might want to read this personal account of how the system really works or DOESN’T.

Kerri Anne D

You know my story Ben. I REALLY in my heart of hearts think this is why they did what they did to me. They punished me by pulling my teeth like they did. So sad I’m STILL suffering from depression due to that. :/

Alexander Acuna
Ben I am also a Vet 100% but not P & T, I feel the VA is doing me wrong by not giving me PT when I have injuries that justify PT. I also Had a TBI have neck and back problems that required surgery and severe PTSD. I have also been red flagged but just recently taken out of that but I would like to know what I can do to fight for P& T. Please help me in… Read more »

How did you know you were red flagged? How did you get off that?

Any veteran who states something about another employee or your not feeling well and change your tone of voice when speaking, you will be placed on the Disruptive list. Sometimes you don’t have to do anything at all. If an employee don’t like your nationality, color of skin, you seem to chipper, you look at them and they don’t like the impression on your face and you look angry, they can and will use any excuse they like and that’s… Read more »

Good to know. We had our suspicions. Did you check out our blog yet?

Adrain Hurst
I came face to face with the “Disgruntled Veteran list” when my Dad went tnrough the Houston VA ER. He was Tier 1, service connected injury and disabled, meaning top priority. The Physicians Assistant told my Dad he was not entitled to healthcare and would not be treated. I worked for docs that staffed that VA and went arou d the VA. S8meone from the VA called my Dad and told him he could return to his home and that… Read more »

Did the VA tell you fancy
family anything after he passed, did you complain to anyone. VA, congressman etc? . You should tell the media! Someone! Let us know what happens, they should be arrested and placed in jail for life! .

Reuben Castro Acosta


I saw the Document online sent from the United Federation Of Government Employees to the VA in direct response to the 2013 OIG report that concluded the Disruptive Behaviour Committees were out of control. The UFGE union made formal demand for mid term negotiations based on the fact, they said, that the OIG report had recomended changes (to comply with the law) and that those changes “may affect the safety of the work environment…” In other words, those Disruptive Behaviour… Read more »

Where can I find the law you are speaking about, showing the unions have the right to get into my official medical records? . Were did you get this information from, its a crime if there is such a law! Post it on this site, for everyone to see.

This is a cut and paste from the Master Agreement of 2011 which I believe is still the one in use. If you read this carefully, any incident that affects the “safety” of an employee must be made known to the union. But look at the agreement that the Union will develop plans for veterans jointly with the VHA. Since the VHA is a made up of union members, the union will be negotiating with itself on how they want… Read more »
P. B.

You can thank all this negative treatment on that filthy Islamic terrorist dictator in Washington. He hates the veterans and he refuses to spend the money on us anymore. This all happen after he was shoved in office illegally that is.

If you are angry, then do something about it. Speak up. Ask questions. Demand answers. Demand them again. Then demand them again. In our Republic we hold one Truth about the nature of what a Republic grants each citizen to be the Truth that binds us; we each have the intrinsic right to speak out, and demand answers. Your First Amendment rights extend far beyond protecting what you posted above as free speech. The real power of the First Amendment,… Read more »

This happens everyday in Martinsburg VAMC … specifically they have hired a “pain clinic” doctor that was fired from a practice in Maryland and is very confrontational and basically unsatisfactory in her work. Anytime a complaint is made, the veteran is then listed and cannot receive care. This is ongoing as we speak.

Doc Silveira FMF

Hire a VA savy lawyer, no cost unless you win. Then haunt them. It took me ten years, but I tell you it was worth it. Bitching and sharing helps the stress, does little good until you fight fire with fire. Got specific complaints, see the patient advocate. They have authority you won’t believe.

Doesn’t do any good when part of the huge problem in Indiana is the Patient Advocates. They too play musical chairs in that department or team and they all play the same game here. New people or trainees continually. I was neglected/ignored, played phone and email tag with them for over a year/s until finally a angry primary care team advocate called and from the start was pissed off about me putting his team down and blaming all the years… Read more »
Charles W. Allman III

My name is Charles W. Allman III, CEO, Georgia Veterans Group, Inc., call me at this number to see whose doing what for Veterans. I will answer those questions u ask, and what to do about it. 716-812-7707…u won’t be disappointed!

Michael Valenta

The Patient Advocate at the Cheyenne VAMC was involved in a conspiracy to kill me so why would I talk to her.


Patient Advocates at the Portland, OR VA are all jokes who always support the medical establishment. Always.

Michael Valenta

I have been severely harmed!

VA victim
The VA has screwed with me for 20 years, denied every single claim and ongoing claim for 20 years. I have PTSD, have been homeless for all but 5 years since my expulsion from the military after a suicide attempt. I have been mistreated by all along the way except for my current PCP who will not mistreat me or lie about me. Another doctor was told by a VA chief to murder me, he tried to stop my heart… Read more »
Juno fow

Bro- my advice is to contact your local TV stations who have investigators that would get answers you are looking for. Good Luck.