Illegal VA Complaints Strategy Against Veterans Exposed

Benjamin KrauseLast week, journalist Angela Rae exposed despicable treatment of veterans through a little known process VA employees use against veterans. Some VA employees illegally lodge VA complaints against veterans to manipulate the purpose of disruptive behavior committees.

Angela Rae interviewed me about how veterans are impacted by this illegal retaliation at the receiving end of VA’s disruptive behavior committees.

Disruptive Behavior Committees

Disruptive behavior committees are intended as a catch all to manage hostile and threatening veterans while they seek health care from VA. On the surface, this sounds reasonable. Some veterans are in fact dangerous. However, many nonveterans are also dangerous, and I have yet to see a secret committee like these in civilian hospitals.

My problem with the process is that it is secret. The review process is done in secret and the veteran will not know who sat on the committee or what the evidence presented was prior to the decision. Only after the decision is made are veterans informed of the outcome and given a chance to appeal the vague allegations. That seems like a due process violation if I have ever seen one.

Further, the process of filing complaints against veterans has been used in many instances where the veteran initially files a complaint against a VA doctor or staff member. In some instances, when a complaint is lodged, VA personnel escalate the intensity of the conversation and even threatening the veteran.

In those instances, VA employees are guilty of illegally filing counter complaints against veterans since the totality of the circumstances would not match the allegations. Unfortunately, VA has a tendency of never believing the veterans, and veteran complaints against VA personnel are almost never received well. As is the case here, in many instances those complaining veterans are instead retaliated against.

I believe this tactic is used to disparage and discredit the veteran when VA reviews the matter.

Background on DC Breakdown Interview

Initially, Angela Rae was outraged when she heard about what VA is doing behind the scenes to retaliate against honest veterans seeking care, so much so that she decided to interview me to learn more about the illegal practice.

It was done via Skype while I was on vacation with family, so the sound has a slight delay. But, you will get a good idea about what is going on and how certain VA doctors and administrators are harming veterans by misusing the process of disruptive behavior committee reviews.

This form of retaliation is, in my opinion, one of the biggest crimes VA is committing across the country because it chills the speech of veterans who respectfully file complaints that have merit. In response to many of these valid complaints, VA employees have been known to file counter complaints that defame the veteran and diminish their credibility. The end result is a veteran having an improper flag on their file, harassment from VA police, and/or restrictions in access to timely health care.

If you have been harmed by an illegal use of disruptive behavior committee policies, please comment below or send me a private email.

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  1. I am going through the process now of the VA taking away my IU status because the VA IG said I was holding a shovel in a picture at my local VFW even though I am only 20% rated for my back injury and 70% ptsd which made me eligible for IU. I explained working with a shovel was not against my disability rating of IU and I just found out they issued an ordered to cancel my IU. On top of that I showed them text messages from a local compensation and Apemsion supervisor who I know that works at the VA hospital who told me I could work and make a liviable wage so me having a business in my name years ago was legit and they told me that’s not true even though their code of federal regulations state since I’m on IU I could make money (even though I did not). Now I’m waiting to see the paperwork they will send me in the mail explaining exactly why they took me off IU. In the mean time, the VA already took away my IU status. I think all of this is from me complaining about how my PCP misdiagnosed me with cancer a couple years back especially since the investigators told me I have been under investigation for the past couple of years.

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  3. The VA isn’t all bad, but we, the veterans who own it, have let slip into disrepair… and now we get to reap what we sow, or, what comes around, goes around.

    1. I have been following this, as well as other sites that complain of V.A. treatment, I have come to the clear and conclusive understanding that these are all “Do Nothing” sites. All I see are whining, crying, complaining posts. If that’s all you people are going to do is cry, throw your skirts over your heads and wank like little girls at the playground,, Not interested. But, If you decide to grow some balls, get some testosterone, get organized and DO something, I am with and behind you 100%.. Other than that, have not interest in frivolities …

      1. The original post by Mr. Krause was about secret meetings in the VA that would/could terminate a veterans benefits. The answers so far have been to give legs to or validate this allegation to see if there is any value to it… identify the problem, then fix it. Many of the folks that work in the VA have never seen combat, but they have probably seen more blood and guts than you or I… just not their own:-), but some vets are killers, trained killers… potentially dangerous people. I’m not defending the VA for a secret government, that would be treasonous on the VA’s part and totally against the oath we took in the military to defend the constitution but I do believe in analysis of the situation… measure twice, cut once…

  4. I too have witnessed and been part of this type of “Lord of the Flies” or “Stanford prison experiment” behavior at the VA: I am in awe of human behavior when left to its own accords, as what we are hearing from all of these observations in this blog, going on in the VA.

    To begin, a VA employee cannot be fired unless they have been found guilty of some misdoing, and only after Due process has ensued and also given the employee a chance to rectify their misdoing: It is extremely complex, but the rules can be found in Title 5 of the USC.

    However, that being said, there is a committee within the VA that can and does hold hearings about disruptive veterans, but they aren’t a secret. A veteran can lose their rights (notice I didn’t say privileges, we’ll get to that in a bit), but only after due process. Even though the VA does not have to adhere to federal rules within the BVA system, the complaint could eventually end up in the Federal Circuit where the constitution does apply and Due Process is just that, a constitutional right. Therefore, the veteran also has certain rights, should they be exposed to bad VA employee behavior and/or having their VA benefits threatened. Just don’t go hitting or slapping your doctors and nurses even though it may seem justified at the moment:-)

    I no longer have a phone. One of the reasons that I don’t have phone is because of all of the wrong information that I had been given over the phone and in person where the VA employee has the opportunity to deny what they said: I use secure messaging now.

    I was flagged by a nurse to have my, what she referred to as, “privileges” revoked, because I wanted to make an appointment through secure messaging, She said secure messaging was not used for that and then she threatened me with revoking my VA ‘privileges’. Upon entering ‘secure messaging’ it points out that one of the purposes of secure messaging is to make appointments. BTW, the nurse has a masters degree… but, please, do not ask me how though, because then we would end up in our also seemingly corrupt educational system. So, I too have been red flagged, and that started me asking questions. That incident was about the third or fourth instance I was given wrong information.

    I have, since then, learned that VA benefits are not a privilege, they are kind of like a piece of property that the veteran has already paid for and can’t be taken away without good cause and due process.

    Should a veteran just blindly do what any doctor, nurse, or employee tells them to do? Yes, if they’re stupid.

    1. I have the same problem here at the Lyons V.A. was independent, asked questions, did not silently sit through things like a sheeple, and in short, was cut off completely by the V.A here. was treated rudely, ignored, and told to go to outside sources.

      1. I’m still in the gathering information stage, and few if any at the VA have been very helpful. Most VA employees go on the defense as soon as I start asking for directions; that is contrary to the VA policy of being “veteran-centric”.

        What I think I might know so far? I can never know what someone else knows except from they tell me. Therefore, what a VA employee is thinking is way beyond any thing I could know, therefore, it is difficult to asses if these people are without the abilities of thought and reason, they are liars, or drones simply following policy in which case on that last premise, I do not appreciate it when they say “thank you for serving” because that statement then becomes an insult closing in on “fighting words”.

        I want to provide one example of a recent run in of policy breaking: In the past year I had gotten health insurance through other than the VA, so I decided to explore other health care options and went outside the VA (the whole health care system seems to be broken folks).

        The primary care doctor (PCP)I got gave me some of the same prescriptions that the VA (PCP gave me, so, I went to the VA pharmacy to have them filled… why not? I was told by the VA pharmacist that VA policy states: “A VA pharmacy cannot fill prescriptions from doctors outside of the VA system!”, they can only fill prescriptions from VA doctors. He went on to say however, that I already had a VA doctor and I could have that doctor fill the prescription; I didn’t think much of it at the time.

        I’m back at the VA now. My mail was getting held up at my apartment buildings office, so, I couldn’t get the med’s the VA sends through the mail. I went to the VA pharmacy and said I would wait for the refill. The pharmacist told me that VA policy states (I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, if you know what I mean, but, here’s where my dense skull starts to catch on…VA policy?): “All prescriptions must be sent through the mail!”

        Alright, I just gotta look this VA pharmacy policy. Turns out that the policy actually reads: “The VA pharmacy will provide Rx to veterans from outside PCP’s providing that PCP is licensed to practice in the area of that VHA pharmacy, however, a VA doctor’s prescription is only valid at a VA pharmacy. Furthermore, this same VA policy actually states about the automated (mail) that it is optional to the vet.

        Are we, the veterans, dealing with ignorance, us against them attitudes, liars, or, drones that are simply following policy that they don’t understand? We can’t fix it until we know what’s broken.

  5. I have been having this same problem at the Lyons V.A. at Lyons, new jersey. I have been diagnosed with severe lower back problems, PTSD, and other issues. I have found that when I asked questions, challenged statements, or in any way questioned doctors I have been met with hostility, rudeness, disrespect, and have been told that I could go elsewhere for medical treatment. Without cause or effective reason I have been cut off any/all medications and have been told that my next scheduled appointment(s) were for a year or more. there is so much more to say, but I leave it at that.

  6. My father is currently at the Dallas TX VA. He has open wounds that require being sterile to ensure his infection doesn’t return. He was left on a bed pan with stool covering part of his wounds for over 30 minutes. Each time we hit the nurse call button to request assistance to clean him, the light was turned off. This happened twice. My sister went to the nurse station and requested assistance twice more, with no avail. Each time she was told they couldn’t locate his nurse. She went back a 3rd time and asked for the charge nurse only to realize the person she had spoken with the previous 2 times was the charge nurse and had the power to either come assist herself or request any available nurse to assist but she chose not to. My sister spoke with the assistant manager acting on behalf of the absent manager who is on vacation. My sister requested a form to place a formal written complaint. The next morning I was informed he will be transferred to the county hospital. Since that day he seems to be getting no care just laying there until the move is made. It has nearly been a week. I finally received a call from the county hospital this morning stating they have started the process for transfer. I am not opposed to him being transferred bit I find it ironic that at no point prior to the complaint being filed had their been a discussion of transfer.

  7. I had this problem with my voc rehab counselor who did not give me access to the complete program while at the Winston-Salem office. I complained via voice and she called the inspector general who in turn contacted me and accused me of a false crime. I do not think there was any paper work against me just verbal telephone threats. I called and emailed the main VA inspector general who wrote back and said this is not what they do even after I gave them the inspector’s name that called me.

  8. I would like to file a complaint but am afraid of any retaliatory actions against me for doing so.

  9. I had to turn a vash worker in for horrible treatment. Ever since then I gotten no help from the VA. I became homeless I had my bags that I carried from LA to west la va on the bus. For two days I went to the VA for help. They declined. I think that I am a victim of that disruptive list. This is unamerican.

  10. Reading these comments….I just don’t know. What I do know is that I am a veteran, who is also an employee. I have been dealing with constant physical pain due to my military service. I have also been dealing with ptsd/mst. I have reach out to the VA for help. However because I am an employee there, I’m terrified to go and get treatment. Any suggestions?


    On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 9:52 PM, Randy Short wrote:
    Dear Social Justice Activists and Journalist Associates and Friends:

    I am trying my best to help a whistle blower friend Mr. Tarref Simon who was a boiler technician for the Veterans’ Administration’s Michael E. DeBakey Medical Center from July 16, 2012 to December 31, 2013. Mr. Simon witnessed that the plumbing system of the Hospital was compromised. The made the mistake of trying to alert VA authorities to the fact that our service men and women who were in that facility were more than likely exposed to waste water, untreated water, and polluted water-depending on whether the water was being used to drinking, cooking, bathing, or for providing medical care. Mr. Simon has faced intense retaliation an This is a scandal that parallels Flint Michigan, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and other places where EPA water safety standards are ignored and the masses of people dependent on local water supplies suffer illnesses and sometimes death. Below is Mr. Simon’s statement sent to a VA official regarding his observations.


    My name is Tarref Simon, a formerly employed boiler technician with the Veterans’ Administration from 7-16-12 to 12-31-13 at the Michael E. DeBakey Hospital Center. The hospital where I worked used industrial boilers to make steam for hospital operations—including cleaning water and sterilizing bedding and miscellaneous items. Frequently, the plumbing that was necessary to operate the boilers lacked the necessary water pressure to function properly, and malfunctions occurred the nurse stations would make repair/maintenance work orders–because they had no water to care for patients or for medical staff to conduct their work. When the plumbing malfunctioned it compromised the safety, sanitation, and operation of the Hospital, because it prevented the bathrooms, fountains, utility sinks, washing machines, ice machines, etc. from working properly, hygienically, and so forth. Our water pressure problems resulted from the chronic problem of undertreated or untreated water of Houston’s Drinking Water Operation authority was full of mud that clogged valves that separated the Veterans’ Administration water line from the city’s water line. Many hospital toilets required repeated unstopping due to mud and debris traveled through the pipes that obstructed water flow in the plumbing. I tried to find the origin of the problem, and asked power control technicians about mechanical bay 8 in the hospital where power, water and steam intersect. I also inquired whether bay 8 had a main filter, and I was informed that there was no filtration system for the bay in question. Ironically, I knew that there was none, but I wanted someone with expertise to confirm what I knew already. Dentistry had one filter and some ice machines. The Michael E. DeBakey Hospital Center operating rooms on the 5th floor had their own ice machines. The ice machines for the operating rooms had no filters. Medical staff used this ice made from unfiltered water to pack human organs—means the ice was made from dirty water. Imagine how many people have been possibly harmed by being exposed to unclean water, and I know that ice machines that had filters required changing because they filled up with dirt and sediment rapidly. Veterans and the public should know this because people could become ill or die. Please look into this matter and help the patients. Please contact me or email [email protected]. My # 504 458 0630.My address 4851 Perelli Dr. N.O. La. 70127. I want to tell the public what I know. Thanks.

    If anyone can help Mr. Simon stand in the gap for the Servicemen and Servicewomen, please contact him or myself. It is a scandal and shame that our veterans get such gross mal-practiced medical care as par for the course.

  12. I have PTSD Iam treated at the MPLS> VA. MY doctor Karen Wahmanholm has given me Zolpidem for my sleep. MY GOD it works ! But now she sits and counts my pills so I never have enough to last the month !What is the VA doing about it ?

  13. Keel haul the traitors, then shoot them out a torpedo tube for fish food! One by one, start with those already identified – make BIG news out of it – even public executions if required, shown live online. They are causing the slow lingering agonizing deaths of honorable veterans and their families.

    Just my humble opinion of course, based on decades of abuse by my own God damned Government!

    This is not the first time such a scenario has been fomented –

  14. My name is Charles Jenkins and I am being unjustly treated at the Dorn veterans hospital in Columbia SC.I have been to the emergency room 3 times since July 27,2016.for chest pains, severe burning from my buttocks down. All my joints were inflamed, fingers numb on left hand when sitting down, losing feeling in both my legs and falling. I have spine problems and this facility will not let me see a Neurologist. I’ve filed always complaint at the VISN and now they are not taking my calls. My primary care physician has me blocked so I cannot respond to the messages sent to me. I need help.

  15. I was told the Va had a new ptsd therapy that has been successful with helping vets. Having gone through therapy 35 years ago I knew the hole I would be putting myself in and the demons would be there. I was assured that my therapist would “have my back”. So I said that I would go to the 12 week sessions. Well I am in the shower to get ready for my first appt, when my wife answered a phone call telling me the meeting was cancelled due to an emergency, Ok big deal we will start when she has a free hour. So we finally begin and for five weeks I open my soul to this woman about the traumas in my childhood and then Viet Nam experiences both with missing memories. On the fourth week she ended the session with “I would like to explore the missing memory issues next week”
    So I took it upon myself to explore what happened July 14/15 1967 at Danang Air Base. One of my missing memory situations. As I told her I was talking to another guy that night as we were both waiting for a chopper to Chu Lai in the morning. I had told my therapist that as this guy and I were talking a jet aircraft 50 yards in front of the hanger we were waiting in just exploded and we hit the ground. I saw that there were Vietnamese people running around but thought this was an accident and they were there to put the fire out. My next memory was the next day and I was getting off the chopper to see my brother and meet a Stars and Stripe newspaper photographer to have our pictures taken for a story of brothers in the war zone at the same time, which wasn’t required in those days.
    When I googled the date I found a horrible event had taken place. In brief 75 marines were wounded 9 kia when the barracks they were sleeping in was rocketed and mortared, 12 aircraft were destroyed, the ammo dump filled with 500 lb. bombs was hit and destroyed. The Vietnamese I saw were sappers with satchel charges. After going to web sites of vets that were there at the time I learned more. So, I tell all this to the therapist first thing at the appt. She handed me 5 or 6 sheets of paper and said I want you to take these home and read it and answer the questions on the last page. I agreed, she then pulled out another set of the same papers and began reading every word on them to me and my time was up. To say the least I was surprised the experience wasn’t explored in more detail with me, but agreed to see her next week. I said to her I will really need you next week as that is the anniversary date of that event, and left confused. Well after being in one of the worst depressions of my life I couldn’t wait to see her. I hadn’t slept or eaten by that time for 3 days. So I get in the shower and, you guessed it my wife came and told me my appt was cancelled AGAIN and on the anniversary. When I complained to her supervisor he said I don’t know why she cancelled, and I said “I don’t give a sh– why, if she had done to another vet what she has done to me and he put a bullet in her head then I could understand why my appt was cancelled”. Well that wasn’t the best metaphor to use because His notes read that I was going to put a bullet in my therapist head. Since then I have been to patient advocates,administrators,etc. all to no avail. Once it is written in your va notes its written in stone. I then got a notice to go to the same center but to see my psychiatrist to renew my meds. So I went and was talking to another vet also waiting for an appt. We were chatting when I heard this woman scream my name, I turned as the other vet yelled back “he’s not deaf”. Little did he know that I am deaf in my right ear and have very little hearing in my left. The abuse continued in her office and I was bewildered because I have never had a problem with her. I told her look I am here to have my meds renewed, not liking the ptsd therapist has no bearing here. She told me that she likes her and I will have to go somewhere else to get my meds. And so it goes on and on. These people who call themselves doctors and treat vets the way they do has convinced me that they need to be retrained or fired.
    If anyone knows how I can either get this lie repaired or a lawyer who can help me. I am even willing to pay for lie detector tests for both myself and the person who lied about I said. I need help from someone.

  16. I have had all my medicines taken away abruptly for standing up for the rights I fought for. They told me “You can express your religious beliefs all you want. No one is trying to stop you but keep it in your head. You are offending and scaring these men.” Ironic thing is they joke about raping women, some say”Hail Satan”, some quote from their Koran, sleeping with “ghosts”, and none of that stuff is offensive or scary. They don’t want anything to do with Jesus or Jehovah since it’s offensive but then they pray the Lords Prayer and the Serenity prayer also. They fidget and panic at anything they think is Jewish or Christian exception being the Talmud. They tried to lock me up today because I wouldn’t deny Jesus and I demanded they follow the Constitution, which is the highest law in the land and we swore to uphold it. They use two excuses over and over. I don’t know about that and I don’t care about that. They tell me to stop saying anything religious other than their approved buzzwords like “higher power” but they only enforce their rules on Christians. They are hypocritical. I tell them that no matter what your beliefs are you are free to express them. They counter with “why are you trying to suppress non-Christians 1st amendment rights?”. I believe these counselors and shrinks need a lesson in common sense, honesty, integrity, and the Law. It’s their lying hypocisy that gets me the most. I’m just some dumb brain damaged veteran that’s just makes stuff up and gets angry just because people are twisting my words, lying, and manipulating the situation to their desired goal. If you ever act like a man, much less a military man, then it is deemed hostile and aggressive. The religious book with “strike them at their necks” is peaceful and the one with “Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves” is offensive and scary. It the wise and honest part that scares them. Easier to call someone crazy than to be a decent human being and not try to shut someone up for saying Jesus because it scares you while you joke about how funny rape is. Rape doesn’t scare anyone and it definitely is not offensive, right? I feel like I’m in upside down backwards world.

  17. I have repeatedly been caused undue hardship by racist providers who do not like me because of God given traits that I have no control of. Because providers cannot be sued, things are written in veterans records that are totally untrue! The veterans are inaccurately misquoted and often providers unprofessional opinions and feelings are written in the veterans records which have had rippling effects on the veterans in regards to the quality of care they receive. Because of a frown I had on my face due to my unhappiness with the competency of a provider I had an appointment with, this provider labeled me as being violent. I have tried desperately to have this reversed with no luck. Unfortunately, When complaining to the patient advocate, it became so obvious that the patient advocate was not on the side of the patient, but on the side of their colleagues at the VA. In the VA there is an obvious atmosphere of “Us against them”, or staff against patients. This atmosphere is so thick that one year during a veterans domiciliary alumni appreciation dinner, the staff was fed first, sat up front and given awards and acknowledgement while vets were seated towards the back and treated like vagrant, begging, outsiders. After staff was called up for seconds, it was only then that vets were allowed to approach the buffet for the first time. Unfortunately some were unable to get their first plate due to there not being enough food.

  18. Staff called security on me when I tried to file a formal, written complaint about the standard of care I received (horrendous) when I broke my foot. They chased me outside, tackled me in the rain on the concrete, dragged back in in cuffs and then charged me with disorderly conduct – the charges were dismissed after I made a formal request for all video surveillance that day – prosecuting attorney dropped the charges a month later. I now have wicked panic attacks everytime I visit the VA – found out last week the behavioral flag was renewed by Anchorage VA even though I’ve been gone from the state 3 years.

  19. I have been an extremely reluctant patient at the VA for 21 years. I have never been the least bit confrontational. Recently I had the receptionist cut me off because I was getting frustrated by her clearly orchestrated response…I really hate it when I get “canned answers. I am pretty good at recognizing a script being read to me. 21 years and now suddenly I am confrontational? Just before she cut me off she stated she marking her my file to “cover herself.”. She actually used those words. (medically unethical). I don’t care that they need to do this at times, but they need what I learned as “2-man integrity”. It’s too easy for them to just make up something without a witness. I also hate “THE WALL OF IGNORANCE” when calling because I need help. I don’t go there ever unless it is my last choice. The VA is a miserable place and I don’t just go there for fun. ( I was a spook people and I know what ” disinformation is.)

  20. I think new material should be listed and you should leave 6 year old docs in archives. We have a hard enough time sorting through the va. We find this info you provide feeling vindicated and it’s more inciting a riot than helpful info. Give us updates yes, we need them. I’m a victim of the flagging but you aren’t telling me how to fix the problem, just is sing me off more.

    1. I feel there is not a veteran that does not feel as though they are on this red flag list. There are so may responses that reflect the behavioral problems of va employees. They are quick to tell us that we are wrong and need help, when all we have done is ask “why” they continue to red flag veterans.

      And yes I have plenty of red flags on me, most recent is my C/P Exam for my back. Which I filed as secondary to my original discharge of Bilateral Patella Femoral Syndrome. What was and is hard to accept for me is that i 1990 I had no choice whether I wanted further medical treatment for it. As back then it was just before Desert Storm and the DOJ was cutting back on troops. And of course I felt robbed since they would not look into possible torn medial meniscus ligament. But just referred to it as knee pain and he can’t keep up the everyday training and working requirements, so kick him out.

      And it has been long battle with VA as they have put up road block after roadblock to stop my claim for over 26 years now. And to make it worse all they have done is deny my claim til 2015 without my military medical records and private care records. They just flat out said you have to submit a fully developed claim and evidence, then we will deny you so it will take another 100 years.

      But to the point on employee’s turning things around on a veteran. Yes I have been going through this now for almost a year and half by being red flagged. I got tired of the VA RO in Louisiana giving me excuse’s about why my claim was denied for 26 years I took it to Washington, directly to the top with the Under Secretary. And after review of my claim the Under Secretary made New Orleans RO give me a C/P Exam. That was a joke as they were specific it what they were looking for and instructed the nurse to only use certain records that were not there.

      I took it back to Washington after arguing with the Decision Review Officer over Denying my Claim. And I had to request a DRO Review of my Claim just to get a fair C/P Exam. Well I have never know the VA to give anything fairly to a veteran. As I demanded a new C/P Exam and the DRO sent me right back to the same VA C/P Exam place with a different nurse. And her exam replies were so obviously against me, she could not even give back to back responses without contradicting herself. And funny thing is she was so intent on backing her buddy nurses previous C/P Exam that she did not even give exam on the other conditions I filed for. So the DRO had to request another C/P Exam to cover my back.

      Meanwhile I was so frustrated I went to the Patient Advocate and wanted to file a complaint against both of them for wrongfully and falsifying their statements to deny claim. The patient advocate told me that it was not his job to fill out complaints against nurses for C/P exams, I would have to take it up with the DRO. So I did and left the DRO a not so nice message about how they were lying about their responses. He called me back and told me that for the claim he felt a nurses opinion was good enough to complete the claim investigation. I told him about both the nurses responses were not consistant and they both could not make their mind up.

      One of the funny things I found was that I can have 2 left knee surgeries and 2 lower back surgeries and yet I have never had any pain nor swelling in the affected areas. And it is funny how if I was in so much pain that I had to have surgery, that I have never reported any flareups. So I pointed those things out to the DRO and told me I need to contact the corrections department and get them to ask her to review and correct her responses. I told the DRO that was the most rediculous thig I had ever heard of, and then I told hi she made the responses so she will have to accept the responsibility of falsifying her statements.

      And I told the DRO I am not going to ask them to go back and correct their responses as it shows they intentionally did this to deny my claim. And all this is because I rocked the boat and got Washington onto their a** for not doing their job. I am awaiting the DRO’s Statement of Case as he said he would be done within a week or two.

      But noticed that when I logged into my ebenefits account today that I had a New Appeal filed on August 1,2016. Not sure what it is about as the only one that knows about the harassment from the VA Employees is the VSO. Got no clue what the New Appeal is about.

  21. From what I’m reading. The VA is nothing but a legal government crime syndicate. A bunch of loan sharks swimming around looking for someone to lunch on in the name of covering there ass for incompetence. I have my own VA issues. I’m just getting to old to care anymore.

  22. I had met with a VA Provider, on March 24, 2016 for the first time. We talked without mentioning she was going to alter any medication and no past abuse problems or adverse reactions in my medical history to justify reducing any drug quantity. However, this VA Provider, reduced my pain medication by a 1/3. I asked several times for the quantity correction yet I was ignored, so I requested another VA doctor to be assigned, but both issues were quietly disregarded by the VA Battle Creek VA Medical Center, 5500 Armstrong Road, Battle Creek, MI 49037. The VA Battle Creek Medical Center Advocate stated, “ I (Patricia Shepard) would have to wait until the end of the summer for another VA doctor to be assigned, and Advocates can not get involved with medical issues or VA doctor determinations.”
    “So I guess if a VA patient is prescribed the wrong medication or allergic to it, the Battle Creek VA would still make that person continue with it?” I asked.
    I requested to speak with the Battle Creek VA Medical Center Director, regarding this policy and requested a return call, but instead Dawn, Patient Advocate , Tim Rankin Patient Advocate, Sue Feybeck, Chief of Staff from the Battle Creek VA Medical Center had returned my call not the Medical Center Director. Sue Feybeck, Chief of Staff, was supposed to call back Tuesday, June 21st, and give me a decision, but I instead received the same medication altered again by 1/2 or cut in two.
    Now, my family is requiring someone to go with me to the VA when I visit, because this VA doctor has demonstrated such bad judgment. Civilian doctors I have spoken to say cutting any medication has additional stress on the body. No doctor (civilian or government) would make such a decision to alter any medication on one visit and then not notify their patient. So, what standard or criteria does the VA adhere to? These VA medical people are supposed to help with Veteran’s medical issues not create more stress, but these standards CANNOT be this low.

    On June 17, 2016, I called the VA Office of Inspector General, and asked why I did not have a reference number for my case. I was told I would only receive a reference number if this agency accepted my case. So, how does this federal agency track cases, or even prove the number of cases they review every year to justify a legislative budget? I can accept the 8 week time frame to review a case, but not a reference number, really? So, the only path for this veteran can take seems to be judicial.

  23. The VA is not the problem, those we pay to represent us is. I make this claim based on two things; and earlier statement about an ‘unofficial’ fourth branch of government, and the FACT that those that represent us allow this to continue.

    In nine years I have sent letters to Gabriel Giffords, Rob Barber, Martha McSally, Jeff Flake, and JOHN McCAIN, in some cases I have sent multiple letters restating my concerns since the letters I had them present on my behalf to the head of the TUCSON VA – head of Tucson ‘unexpectedly’ retired Jan. 4, of this year, with a ‘big shakeup’ in process…as told me by a few well placed people in Tucson – who spoke glowingly about the car I was receiving, and never addressed any issues I spoke out about.

    As you can guess, my record has been flagged, and the information the board used was from my psych nurse that violating my patient confidentiality. Said psych nurse is under investigation for her actions.

    And speaking of state boards, many VA doctors, and some nurses, are work out of state, and the states they are licensed in do not allow for complaints from out of state. This thanks to VA hiring practice allowing all credential doctors to register through VA allowing them to work in all 50 states.


    To be clear, I have been abused by the VA for nine years, have had a new PCP each year, each succeeding worst than the next, and once my record was flagged I walked using my Tricare Standard. I have complained and asked for assistance from each of my representatives, and I have received ZERO assistance…only backpedaling and excuses.

  24. The VA has screwed with me for 20 years, denied every single claim and ongoing claim for 20 years. I have PTSD, have been homeless for all but 5 years since my expulsion from the military after a suicide attempt. I have been mistreated by all along the way except for my current PCP who will not mistreat me or lie about me. Another doctor was told by a VA chief to murder me, he tried to stop my heart in a procedure. I had a heat stroke at work right afterward, have not worked in three years. I’m broke, literally bankrupt but no money to hire an attorney. I’m homeless, starting to think about suicide again after 2 years of not being affected by it.

    My insane nephew’s wife is a criminal investigator with the VAOIG. She has been accessing my files illegally.

    I wrote an email to the VAOIG in D.C. about every bit of corruption the VA has done against me since 1996 and instead of investigating, they turned the email over to the VA I was going to at that time in (deleted). It was after that they tried to stop my heart, and falsified a miraculous test that showed my military-damaged hearing had returned to normal, therefore failing to provide a me a new set of hearing aids after mine were lost when my truck was stolen.

    The email to the VAOIG in D.C. caused a furor that caused me to see the head of psychiatry and be put on weird meds- except… my only diagnosis with the VA is depression.

    A homosexual doctor made advances toward me, I complained. I was told that I would have to day that it didn’t happen before I could continue receiving any care. They weren’t able to enforce that.

    So, the director made statements that a friend’s friend who worked in the director’s office sought me and told me directly, that the director was out to get me.

    I worked a CWT session for five months and was fired after being lied about. Unbelievable ridiculous harassment. I’m lucky to be alive.

    1. Bro- my advice is to contact your local TV stations who have investigators that would get answers you are looking for. Good Luck.

  25. Hire a VA savy lawyer, no cost unless you win. Then haunt them. It took me ten years, but I tell you it was worth it. Bitching and sharing helps the stress, does little good until you fight fire with fire. Got specific complaints, see the patient advocate. They have authority you won’t believe.

    1. Doesn’t do any good when part of the huge problem in Indiana is the Patient Advocates. They too play musical chairs in that department or team and they all play the same game here. New people or trainees continually. I was neglected/ignored, played phone and email tag with them for over a year/s until finally a angry primary care team advocate called and from the start was pissed off about me putting his team down and blaming all the years long issues on me, and that “nobody was going to put down, accuse or disrespect his team mates.” Interrogate us like murderers and keep changing the subject and then go on the attack is total BS. About as much BS as telling us in the VA new pain clinic NOT to use civilian care like we were previously given cards to use and do.. even if we got into a wreck and had broken bones. Beyond pathetic and fantastical. Or to drive to the pain clinic at the VA two hours away. Right! But then we aren’t allowed to tape audios of this ignorance and noone wants to take the time to swap names and contact info to fight this crap so we, well I, don’t have to do it alone, or be the one to ask why this insanity and attacks on vets continue. More so on some than others it seems.

      Lawyers, the medical boards to state’s attorney to the phony state’s pages about VA care and how to resolve issues ate totally a front and meaningless. So now I have little good to say about the entire system of things and the deep seated corruption and self-service, passing the buck, being totally ignored by the whole sheebang.

      I personally have wasted enough money on other local issues that changed nothing but created more enemies and showing me in some states or areas it is totally a waste of time to seek some change or at least get media or someone to investigate things. My area and the people in it to the vet groups or those seen on TV simply don’t care. Or afraid of Indiana and been told by a few attorneys they would not come here for any reason due to the corruption. Hell, I had one attorney lose a many year federal court brief and all my evidence and original copies and not one thing was done to him by the Bar or courts. So years ago I found out what Indiana is all about.

      It’s just really sad to see so many vets and people afraid to get involved in anything. “Afraid to rock the boat.” And when the VA and their lying workers can start deleting emails, MDs not writing in the files they tell us, other incriminating info, or advocates being nasty towards old dumb vets that are not supposed to stand up, question incompetence, or abuse, disrespect. Then to look around and people just shrug their shoulders and turn away because of the special interest groups, being labeled by a VA activist or union worker, or the notorious flagging.

      This country is lost and the VA is a great example why and how deep the corruption and incompetence runs. Of course while all the workers claim perfection and excellence and all that is needed is more pay, free training and more tax dollars to throw away at the corruption and those high paid professionals, or gods.

      1. My name is Charles W. Allman III, CEO, Georgia Veterans Group, Inc., call me at this number to see whose doing what for Veterans. I will answer those questions u ask, and what to do about it. 716-812-7707…u won’t be disappointed!

    2. The Patient Advocate at the Cheyenne VAMC was involved in a conspiracy to kill me so why would I talk to her.

    3. Patient Advocates at the Portland, OR VA are all jokes who always support the medical establishment. Always.

  26. This happens everyday in Martinsburg VAMC … specifically they have hired a “pain clinic” doctor that was fired from a practice in Maryland and is very confrontational and basically unsatisfactory in her work. Anytime a complaint is made, the veteran is then listed and cannot receive care. This is ongoing as we speak.

  27. You can thank all this negative treatment on that filthy Islamic terrorist dictator in Washington. He hates the veterans and he refuses to spend the money on us anymore. This all happen after he was shoved in office illegally that is.

    1. If you are angry, then do something about it. Speak up. Ask questions. Demand answers. Demand them again. Then demand them again.

      In our Republic we hold one Truth about the nature of what a Republic grants each citizen to be the Truth that binds us; we each have the intrinsic right to speak out, and demand answers.

      Your First Amendment rights extend far beyond protecting what you posted above as free speech. The real power of the First Amendment, is the power to petition the government and demand answers. That right was placed First among our Bill of Rights, and if it’s just reporting a pothole in your street, or demanding answers from The President Of The United States, then it is your right, and if you take that right as sacred, it is your duty.

      Don’t ask an elected official to do your duty for you. You write the Civil Rights complaints. You circulate the petition. You assemble a group of like minded citizens. Speak up. Speak out. Don’t just do it. Do it now.

    1. I saw the Document online sent from the United Federation Of Government Employees to the VA in direct response to the 2013 OIG report that concluded the Disruptive Behaviour Committees were out of control.

      The UFGE union made formal demand for mid term negotiations based on the fact, they said, that the OIG report had recomended changes (to comply with the law) and that those changes “may affect the safety of the work environment…”

      In other words, those Disruptive Behaviour Committees are a bargaining chip in labor negotiations, and the OIG report recomending compliance with the law triggered mandatory labor negotiations! They are AFL-CIO affiliated, and get this; the Union has a legal right to examine your medical record. Look it up. It’s in the law.

      We aren’t fighting the beuarocracy with these unjust proceedings, we are fighting the labor Union who demands that they dictate terms of the behaviour of those DBC committees. It’s obscene.

      1. Where can I find the law you are speaking about, showing the unions have the right to get into my official medical records? . Were did you get this information from, its a crime if there is such a law! Post it on this site, for everyone to see.

      2. This is a cut and paste from the Master Agreement of 2011 which I believe is still the one in use. If you read this carefully, any incident that affects the “safety” of an employee must be made known to the union. But look at the agreement that the Union will develop plans for veterans jointly with the VHA. Since the VHA is a made up of union members, the union will be negotiating with itself on how they want DBC’s set up and so forth.

        Kangaroo Court – the union sets up the rules, the jury is all union members, the people making allegations are union members, and it is in the union members best interest to see fewer patients irregardless of what reason. The allegations are judged beforehand by union members, and the committees really just decide what arbitrary action they will take, rather than judge their own for truthfullness

        Think about it; is the loyalty to the rights of the individual veteran, or are the loyaties with a brotherhood of workers?

        Here is the cut and paste from the master agreement in place. This is what I was refering to:

        Section 26 – Workplace Violence
        The parties agree that violence should be eliminated from all workplaces within the Department . Each facility will develop a policy and a plan jointly with the local union on the prevention of violence . Annual training shall be offered to all employees .
        Section 27 – Safety and Health Records
        A . The Department agrees to compile and maintain records required by the Act and the Department safety and health programs . The Department agrees to ensure access by employees, former employees, and Union representatives to records/logs of facility occupational injuries and illnesses (including copies of accident reports) and to the annual summary of these in accordance with 29 CFR 1960, consistent with FOIA and Privacy Act requirements .
        B . The Department and the Union will identify employees who occupy positions that carry potential risks to their health . The parties will establish and maintain procedures for the medical surveillance of such employees .

  28. Ben I am also a Vet 100% but not P & T, I feel the VA is doing me wrong by not giving me PT when I have injuries that justify PT. I also Had a TBI have neck and back problems that required surgery and severe PTSD. I have also been red flagged but just recently taken out of that but I would like to know what I can do to fight for P& T. Please help me in any way I would really appreciate it!!!

      1. Any veteran who states something about another employee or your not feeling well and change your tone of voice when speaking, you will be placed on the Disruptive list. Sometimes you don’t have to do anything at all. If an employee don’t like your nationality, color of skin, you seem to chipper, you look at them and they don’t like the impression on your face and you look angry, they can and will use any excuse they like and that’s all they need to place you on the Disruptive Committee list and the employees don’t have to provide the committee with any proof period! When you go to the VA, the VA employees don’t want you to say anything negative about anyone who works there, they want you to just shut up and do whatever they say and do not question them about anything and if you do, your out of line and therefore you are considered disruptive and they will punish you and if you disagree with them about being disruptive, they will say, See I told you he was disruptive! IN OTHER words you don’t have to do a dang thing wrong, if they don’t like you for any reason, your a cooked goose.

      2. I came face to face with the “Disgruntled Veteran list” when my Dad went tnrough the Houston VA ER. He was Tier 1, service connected injury and disabled, meaning top priority. The Physicians Assistant told my Dad he was not entitled to healthcare and would not be treated. I worked for docs that staffed that VA and went arou d the VA. S8meone from the VA called my Dad and told him he could return to his home and that rep changed his information in their system. Thing is, he was remanded to my care in lieu of a nursing home. Ojce he drove home, he wrecked 4 cars and the VA placed him on Xanax. He had been taken off benzodiazapines in the 90’s due to failed liver issues. He was on 24/7 oxygen and required assistance through the day and night. No care was ever provided and I was charged witn paying attendants. The VA did not follow up on him and filled oxygen precriptions with obviously bad oximetry reports. 8 months later he died from a toxic combination of Xanax and hydromorphone. My Dad died from the “delay, den5, u gil they die” plan orchstrated by the VA, as decided by the OMBUDSMAN on 7 counts.

      3. Did the VA tell you fancy
        family anything after he passed, did you complain to anyone. VA, congressman etc? . You should tell the media! Someone! Let us know what happens, they should be arrested and placed in jail for life! .

  29. You know my story Ben. I REALLY in my heart of hearts think this is why they did what they did to me. They punished me by pulling my teeth like they did. So sad I’m STILL suffering from depression due to that. :/

  30. @Jim, this post is literally one year old. I rarely check old posts for messages from veterans. Send me an actual email if you have an issue you would love feedback on. Keep it short though. I get tons of emails and no one person could actually read them all if they were too lengthy.

    1. Understand that the article I am linking you did not report all because of space reported half of the really horrifying stuff, including just how I did get my drugs when out – vha employee at the clinic handing me an envelope of them after hours on the street corner in Eugene outside the clinic. And the cover up that ensued. Read the story and ask, why did they pursue such a course to shut him up??? Its because I posess rhe official uniform report UOR which is generated by a VHA Police investigation, of the illegal drug distribution scheme to keep mental health patients supplied with life saving drugs. Its the report that slipped out using FOIA that I doubt they will ever release again. The report contains the written confession of the VHA employee who did this, and the doctor(s) involved. Would you like a copy of that report?

    2. i am going against the VA now, but i have a bad feeling they are going to retaliate soon.

      1. They will. Be prepared.
        Watch out for coworkers and officers. Send all of you emails to private email and keep you own personal journal. Be sure to get all personal belongings out of your desks. The officers and informants go thru them when you are away.
        And go to court.

      2. I have over the last 5 years gone against VA, the OIG wrote a whole complaint on me.. Im not the patient. .The VA has a bunch of non caring lying Doctors I have proof.. They should be able to be firedone but they cant.. We need to do a petition on this issue. I hate lying Doctors and thier staff

      3. I have been in defense and protect mode for around two or more years against the VA, which I left the Indiana VA systems, the CBOC in Terre Haute, IN., and switching to the Roudebush VA hospital in Indianapolis, which was like jumping from the skillet into the fire. You piss off one corrupt person in their “team” you seem to piss them all off. Then add their friends, family, activist groups, etc., to that too.

        I wish I could contact the nine or so vets that were in the “New chronic pain clinic orientation” with me about a year and a half ago. We were threatened, told to sign special contracts with them that took complete control over our lives. Forcing us to never use civilian care at all, nor for ANY emergency, ie, heart attack, wrecks, broken bones, and etc. Really over the top insanity and pure condemnation, ridicule, hateful, degrading, and beyond abusive. That was my last visit there. And there is much much more to the story.

        That said, as I was threatened with, would never find health care in Indiana again if I left the VA. It has been a pain trying to find a decent MD or what they call today a “primary.” Then be pushed off to another clinic, MD, more money, for a pain MD and to get pain meds. How would anyone in pain like to sit in a waiting room filled to the brim with patients, some knitting, having their lunch in their vehicles, waiting up to six or more hours for each visit just to see the quack for pain meds? Plus having to sign numerous legal forms, agreeing to be sued by the MD for abuse of any meds, and for no release of more private information between the medical boards here and any doctor. Totally absure and corrupt from the feds, down to the state level and as it runs down-hill to the locals. It’s all a corrupt cover-up machine with state and medical boards support. There is no winning but I am not going to stop bitching, I am totally fed up.

        The VA on one of my last trips broke my jaw pulling a tooth. Not a single dentist in town would Xray me after the fact nor would verbally say the jaw was broken. The oral surgeon I went to for attempts at repair that isn’t working out, refused to send me out a copy of my file and procedure. It took me weeks and contacting the medical boards and state’s attorney general and commerce protection division to finally get a a copy of a phony short report. Not the same paper work I seen him filling out and writing during the surgery. And nothing of our conversation and what he was limited by. They all told me to hire an attorney, but they said no due to “professional courtesy” or it would cost me big money in the thousands, I heard near thirty grand for a retainer and no guarantees to get something done. The entire machine is in cahoots with each other and nothing but a run-a-round.

        Then we get the phone calls. Threats from foreigners like the MD at my last clinic was a Pakistani, now I get floods of calls from them by their voice and accent. Some threatening and to being IRS agents or VA reps out to shut me up or pay me back for being a racist and hater since the last two/three really MD were colored or I guess they would claim minority status or something. I don’t know but the PC stuff along with all the other stuff going on should not be part of the VA or VA staff way but is. So the big city is no different in their corrupt attacking ways than the locals are with their cliques. So I don’t know. People are really afraid to be identified or part of any discussion about this stuff here. If there is anyone from Indiana going through this on here email me or see if Ben can allow us to contact each other cause I am at my wits end trying to deal with everything. The corrupt are in total control of everything, the records, files, and support from all the concerned racketeers and medical mafia. Here, the VA – civilian, same crap, and new state laws don’t help.

  31. So Mr. Krause I truly believe that you want to help Veterans with their issues. Based on the above story it appears to me that you don’t take the time to read all of the responses you get. I have sent you very lengthy emails regarding exactly what you are talking about here and have not heard a word. I have been suffering through the pain of dealing with the Dallas VA after they screwed up my shoulder surgery in 2009 after 7 surgical procedures all of which got progressively worse and my attempts to go through the channels I have gotten no where. I am not allowed to speak with a patient advocate, (mine was forced from her job for speaking to me) and receiving no response from the Executive Directors office.

    Last week one person talked to me even though her job has been threatened for doing so, told me that when she looked at my records she found a note telling everyone at the Dallas VA not to provide me with any care as only the Executive office would approve it. You can bet your ass that I have become vocal and will continue to do so as I am not afraid of anyone or anything.

    After I found this information I immediately contacted Secretary McDonald, Undersecretary Hickey and Jill Draime with my findings and disappointment. I of course receive no responses from any of them. I am losing the use of my arm because the prosthesis they used is failing and they don’t care. I have approximately three thousand pages of documents and note many of which prove beyond a doubt that the VA will do what they want and when they want when it comes to treatment of Veterans.

    I would absolutely love to talk to anyone who has an interest in going after the VA thugs!,= So far, my local Government Representatives do nothing but kiss the VA’s Ass. Rep. Jeff Miller has done nothing when I contacted him and the list goes on. 6 years and sill going strong. As long as I have a computer or pen and paper you can believe I will keep up the fight.

    1. Hello Sir
      I am very sorry to hear about your situation I too am a service connected vet and i am trying to do something about the ill and corrupt care we all receive. I started a blog and am willing to lobby congress I need other vets suggestions and input if you would like to contact me [email protected] best regards.

    2. They all eat out of the same trough.
      Nobody wants to tell on anyone. Unless you are connected and can afford a lawyer it will be a long fight.
      Keep in mind that VA is well connected with EEOC , layers and other local officials so going locally for help is a waste of time. Example
      VA police chief is friends with EEOC director. VA director is friends with local congressman and is special guest at job fairs put on by that congressman. Get the picture.

  32. I complained via FAX about slow drug deliveries. The manager of the CBOC called me at home twice and told me that if i continued to complain and cause him work with the faxes I sent that he would have me flagged as a disruptive patient. In Oregon, it is illegal to threaten a disabled person in this fashion, so I went to Circuit Court with my complaint. Circuit Court issued a Restraining Order to Stop Further Abuse and named me as the abused and the manager as the molester. It specifically banned the manager from interacting with me or influencing others to. Four days later, citing the Restraining Order as the prime reason, the Chief of Staff issued a Cat One PRF, alleging that I had threatened a VHA employee with physical harm. But FOIA also revealled that in the minutes of the DBC committee, the logic was, “…veteran has obtained a Restraining Order against (CBOC manager). This indicates that veterans anger with VHA is out of his control.”

    All care, including local suicide prevention group that I had attended religiously for 7 months was terminated. Moved to Roseburg a 140 mile round trip away. My local VHA psychiatrist, fearing that I would suicide, began prescribing Morphine, as this medication was stopped cold turkey as a result of the PRF. I ran out of a psychiatric drug within a week or two. The local suicide prevention coordinator was given an envelope of enough of that drug to get me through the weekend, which she handed me outside of the clinic on a Friday after noon after the clinic was closed. I did not know at the time that they arent even supposed to have those drugs, let alone dispense them on the street corner, but it was the only way with the flag to get them.

    When I complained about to Washington DC about this bogus flag placed because of a RO to stop abuse, and the way I had to now get my drugs, the VHA rep said, “I hope you’re used to wearing handcuffs, because you just admitted accepting those drugs which is a federal offense. Now, do you want to continue your complaint?” I WAS FREAKED OUT. I am 100% sc PTSD and have severe ambulatory issues as well. I immediately hung up, but called the local VHA police and told them to come get the drugs.

    They wouldn’t, but invited me down for an interview which I did. They told me the VHA employee who did this faced a $250,000 and $200,000 fine, if verified. I handed them the envelope. FOIA request revealled they took the envelope to her and obtained a written confession from her and the doc who gave her those drugs to save me. When I got that report back from FOIA, it revealled that the VHA police searched that building and found 23 diffferent prescriptions, including Controlled Substance Act drugs inside that clinic.

    I callled the VHA cop whom I talked to in the interview, and asked why I hadn’t heard of any prosecutions. He told me that the Chief of Staff apparently was using the report for wallpaper. That VHA cop quit the force immediately after. I went to the State Police with the report, and when the Chief of Staff found out, he went balistic. He ordered that instead of police check ins, that I now be followed at all times by an armed guard. He called me at home and said if I so much as opened my mouth he would have federal police escort me off the premisis.

    Both the Regional Suicide Prevention Coordinator and my own psychiatrist entered into my record that I had never threatened anyone, and in fact, 5 letters to my congressman over this incident and the best the VHA could do was say, “…due to continued behaviours while on campus, this flag was placed solely based on behaviours while on campus. In fact, the Chief of Staffs letters ALL cite the Restraining Order that was served on a VHA employee, or use of the secure messaging system to attempt to remove the PRF.

    A local reporteer, 30+ years reporting, told me as her team followed this story that it is the most convoluted story of government corruption she has witnessed. The VHA’s problem now is this; I record all my phone conversations at home. The Chairman of the DBC made 4 calls to me over this, knowing full well I record. He acknowledged that there has never been an incident on campus where I threatened anyone. He ultimately told me that the Committee would remove the flag on the condition that I no longer make written complaints to VHA, and no longer record telephone conversations on my home phone. In Oregon it is perfectly legal to record your own phone.

    The story is much much deeper, and got so involved, the newspaper has told me they are breaking it into two parts which will run concurrent Sunday editions.

    If this story does not showcase incredibly blatant abuse of civil rights, then no story will. It is scheduled to print next month, and I am told the layout for both issues is nearly done. VHA refuses to comment to the reporter, but the massive documentation I have from recordings and from FOIA is absolutely bullet proof in showing criminal intent and action by the DBC. I will post when it prints if you like.

    PS – I have left out the 5 (five) PRF letters sent me in 3 years trying to cover this up. One of them said this, “…the employees as CBOC suffer from PTSD owing to a prior incident with a rifle (some other guy!). Your comments trigger the staff’s PTSD and they feel that they cannot provide you with proper medical care owing towards their feelings.”


    1. I am UNABLE to Even get a Job as a Night Custodian at the VA because of the Reason I was Terminated from my job w/ Kroger co. as a Butcher of over 28 yrs!!!
      PLEASE Read Petition to Help with a Combat VET’s $HITTY TREATMENT by THE HYPOCRITICAL KRoger co.

  33. Im thinking I may have been flagged as a Disruptive Family Member. Recently my fathers V.A. Assistance Rep filed a claim for benefits without our knowledge or approval . He further refused to give us a copy of the Claim , A.& A. Form he secretly had completed , or any records he submitted with the claim he signed and filed without our knowledge. Naturally the Claim was Denied. The funny thing is that the Claim was denied on the same day I received the Denial Notice and called him . The conversation got a little heated and He hung up. The claim wasn’t scheduled to be completed for months . A few days later I receive a letter that the Rep. accused me of threatening him which was a flat Ass Lie. The conversation was witnessed . I haven’t received a Notice from the V.A. but We never do. Still have an 18 year old S.C. Claim that now looks as if it may have been approved and a Cover-Up has taken place for Years./ I found the Income Error in the Denied Claim in 10 minutes but the Rep who fied it took no action . Its as if he & the V.A. planned it out and they didn’t care if I found the income mistake only that we get thrown into the Appellate Process and lost forever. What Should I do. My father needs his benefits ? Tom Clelland

    1. Hello Tom if your claim is for ptsd you may want to contact an attorney that practice is dealing mainly with veterans who have ptsd, he is well known and if he thinks you have a chance for ptsd he will take the case. I hired him and he was able to get the va to produce my records which proved i was shot in the head and i now have my disability and finally received the treatment i needed. His name is Kenneth carpenter Out of Topeka Kansas, he will take a percentage of what they awarded to you. Just look up his name and call his office. Good luck fellow veterans

  34. I am a family member, actually POA Healthcare. A doctor hurt my mother’s eyes during a VA inpatient stay, i asked that she stop 4 times, stating I was her POA; the Dr continued, I stood and told her to stop. SHE CONTINUED! I couldn’t believe it! What was the insistence? I removed her hand, yes, gently. Exactly what was I to do? Mom is 100% assist.; unable to defend herself. The doctor was hurting her but besides that, mom, thus i, has the Right to refuse treatment. Police called; I was held as she continued to hurt mom with no regard to her pain level. The police asking if the POA stated verbatim about her eye. Later the police stated it was handled wrong, however; I am now flagged as dangerous at every VA across the country. Moms medical records are more about me than her with information that is far from accurate. They want her placed in a nursing home and intimidate and abuse really both of us. Mom is afraid to go to the hospital. Now, moms care is non-existent. She was discharged from the hospital with a Central PICC Line and smouldering osteomylitis with no discharge papers, no followup appointments, nothing to implement consultants recommendations, particularly Infectious Disease…..i could go on. Can’t seem to resolve the issue either. Its funny, I am 57 years old and haven’t had a fight or violent episode since 1st grade! But since their label, I’m feeling like physical retaliation. Trying to get help; don’t want any problems but like they are bothering my mother. Taking her to non VA hospitals is expensive but I’ve paid for the peace, however; the cost of medication (I’ve spent about $15,000 now and getting tired) and the VA won’t provide the meds unless she is seen at the VA …….that shes afraid of and I’m flagged DANGEROUS!:-). Any suggestions? Anyone in the VA system that I call, doesn’t seem to get back to me.

    1. Cynthia, Your story about your mom is sad. I have been fighting the VA for 10 years about the Disruptive Committee, the OIG, Senator Bennets office, and Bob McDonald. You need to do the same and all veterans that have had this happen to them write to these people. They may not help, but at least we all can leave a paper trail showing that we tried. With my experience of what the VA has done in the last 10 years is nothing. Even BOB has not contacted me, to ask me any questions.

      I did get a letter from the Denver VAMC Acting Director, stating that BOB asked her to send me a reply. The letter did not address my allagations of the wrong doing by the VA Disruptive committee and the Manager that started this whole mess. The letter stated that I could sit down and go through all my Medical Records and write them a letter of my concerns and that would be placed into my medical records. I know if I do this it will be put into my records, the lost ones.

      The VA does not care about you or me or anyone who speaks up for themselves. We joined the Military to keep peoples Freedom from oppressive Governments, Just to come home and our own Government betrays us and it seems the Senators and Congress, Just do not care what the VA is doing to its Veterans or they just turn a blind eye.

      I wish you and your mother the Best, Sorry the VA has failed another Veteran. They will all have to Answer to a Higher Power and I am sure, he will send them to his Disruptive Committee and that Chairman wears Horns.

  35. Charles W. Allman III., CEO Georgia Veterans Group,Inc.: Ben lets organize a March on Washington, and a class action against the contractors…? You will have the support of thousands of veterans ready to make a change in this corrupt system. I have been fighting with the VA since 1967. My claim is still active. Too long a story to tell now, but my claim opened up the issue of Cancer from exposure to AO 34 years ago.
    I also exposed the 10 million dollar scandal that the Atlanta, Ga. regional office did in 2000, which put me on the Infamous List of Disruptive veterans. High ranking VA officials in Atlanta, brought back dead veterans, approved the claims, and collected more then 10 million dollars over a period of 10 years ( 1990- 2000). I have been
    arrested by the Atlanta Regional office in retaliation. I was charged with making terroristic threats, went to court for six months, and then the State dropped the charges, knowing that the VA had lied on me because I was known as a disruptive veteran because of my knowledge of the system, and I was helping thousands of veterans through my organization, The Georgia Veterans Group, Inc. I was forced to abandoned my home in Stone Mountain, Ga., move my family back to Buffalo, NY. so that my claim could be adjudicated. Atlanta ignored my claim for 12 years prior to my moving. Buffalo heard the claim within a year and a half after getting it, I won the issue of an earlier effective date, my effective date was changed from 1987, back to 1975, and I have only been paid $940.00. I am 100% and have been for 12 years, but the VA refuses to pay me for the 12 years(1987-1975) at the 100% rate. I too am not afraid to stick my neck out for the rights of other veterans…THATS’ WHAT I DO!!
    ME AND THE MEMBERS OF THE GEORGIA VETERANS GROUP, AND THE BUFFALO VETERANS GROUP, along with thousands of other veterans will back and support you. Lets go to Washington in mass….????

    Anybody interested, we can put it together…together!! Call me at 716-812-7707 or 678-587-5854. We must remember, we elect the people that can change things, lets
    get their attention!!!


    1. I am with you, veterans and active military should march on washington, its a dirty shame, that our own country is fighting the veterans that defended this country. Can we start a pation for veterans to sign or can this be forwarded to all veterans groups, that were set up to help us. I was shot in the head in 1972 and the v.a told me that they lost my records andthat they were burnt up in a saint louis fire. to find out they lied and they had my records all this time. I am now 100% but only after hiring a lawyer. and now the v.a. is telling more lies, stating I had been disruptive on many ocassions, when I asked the v.a. to provide me or the senators office with any evidence, the v.a. confirmed there was no evidence to me ever been disruptive, yet they have placed into my official medical records, that if they ever (ever) hear that I have been disruptive, I will be arrested and banished from v.a. care. I have tried many times for someone to listen to me, even lawyers seem to be afraid of the v.a., I sent have send the i.g. via registered mail and they did not return my regeristration receipt back showing that they received it, nor have I heard from them. I stay at home everyday, just waiting for the v.a. to say I did something wrong and be arrested. I also worked for the v.a. for 25 years and a union rep and had made a comment about a single employee, who I felt was not performing her duties justice and now that person is in charge of my local clinic and she reported to the v.a. that I had been disruptive and did so only for retalation. Is there no justice. shame shame

    2. Charles, that is what it seems I had to do for years is spending myself broke, bankruptcy, sneaky illegal and legal attacks on me and property.

      Just this morning after months of waiting I finally met yet another new PCP in Indiana. The past three have changed things and now stopped a very meager amount of pain meds. The new pain clinics is atrocious and Draconian. Got a call this morning and a pain MD said I have good reason to take a stupid 10 mg of Hydrocodone, period. Other doctors and specialty clinics told me to use that plus a higher narc for break-through pain and days of migraines, and arthritis, etc. She called the new PCP, foreigners of course, to keep renewals going. New PCP says no. So specialty clinics are of no use..

      I am having another procedure done and need anti-biotics, Did this for most of my life when under-going the procedures, from every doctor I have ever dealt with. Now the PCP says no on that too. One cocky diva from India is now telling me to disregard everything in my past and that the VA (she) knows me better than I know myself. Right, this young pup in her twenties is telling me everyone is wrong but her. Even against several other VA doctors. Go figure. Because I did stand my ground as usual, and they all hate that. So just when I get an apology call and the pain doc said she understood my issues, again more is added and changed yet again with more conflicting statements, studies, changed rules and regulations.Those are the one, foreigners that always tell me they lived or been to third world countries and those people deal with everything without pain meds or American styled health care and helps. Totally nuts.

      I told a nurse and the pain doc this morning I am tired of the hassles and insinuations. And yes they will retaliate especially the females I had to deal with at a local CBOC. You deal with one or challenge their stupidity and such, they all go into defense mode from the clinics to the main hospital staff and lovely union workers. I told the pain doc this morning about the “intentional” abuses and ignoring of my issues and years and months of waiting and trying to use Patient Advocates who refuse to return a call or email.

      The major problem is that too many people don’t care about others. One guy said he’s had the same heart doctor there for over 22 yrs so he has no problem with them and happy. And not concerned at all about others, and some refuse to act as witnesses. I get new PCP every year or none at all. When we were having physical meeting groups I heard some horror stories about the VA locking vets up if they get agitated or known to be “lively” than others, on the psych floor for 3 days.

      The problem in area is if you upset one feminist you upset them all. Try using the politicians for help we get the same thing. Try every which way for help it just brings on more attacks in one way, form, or another if we are alone. Merely because the locals on every level, media, vet groups, etc., do not want to offend or upset some political party or some one who is in one of many corrupt cliques that love to see people hassled and harming in any way possible, any way.

      It’s sad when you think you have some people behind you or you can use as witnesses and go to appointments with then they all bail and don’t want involved. Then I, or those kindred, are left standing alone against it all.

      Something has to give and change drastically. I’m old and fed up, ready to leave the planet and leave the VA for good. It’s the youth I worry about and what they are going to have to face if folks, vets, don’t get together and find some power source big enough and sincere enough to really make changes and cease all the BS. Both intentional and unintended attitudes and abuse.

      1. So very familiar, esp your experiences with dealing with the local CBOC and its subcontracted employees. And with finding and keeping a Primary at the local CBOC. Very similar to my husband’s experiences. He and I have communicated with 3 patient advocates so far. One was good, the 2nd not, the 3rd we’ll see when we contact him again about our recent experiences and delays. But of course, the PAs get in touch with the employees you have had trouble with and then there is retaliation.

  36. They kinda did this to me. Some emergency room doctor said he left the room out of concern for his safety when I complained how he was treating me. He was being very disrespectful and I just told him he wasn’t giving me a gift, I served. It was so ridiculous. I don’t know anything about a board but I wouldn’t be surprised. I know my “formal” complaint was a joke.

  37. Have you ever heard of disabilitty pensions being audited threatening lose of benefits for complaining?

    1. Well I went to another link and was able to hear the interview. I have been going through an appeal on my disability status since 2008. They have put me through the ringer! I have a hearing on the 27 of August was out in West L.A. . It’s a SKYPE with the borad of appeals I guess. I am currently rate at 50% permanent from the my time in the Navy for a back and hip injury. I have been trying to get them to declare me 100% because of my Sarcoidosis. It was found that I have it in 1996. They finally found it after 20 years. I had to have proof of this disablity within one year of my separation of servive. I was separated in August 1976. I did suffer from a contion in my right eye within that first year. It is called eyeritius. It is a tell of the Sarcoidosis. I have felt that they have been playing games with me since I got out of the Navy. Almost likeit was my fault. I’m real tired of this all. I am on oxygen now and I feel like all they are doing is waiting for me to die. Thank you for letting me bend your ears! Yours, Lyle L. Bell, 10530 Larch Ave.,Bloomington , Ca. 92316

  38. Incredible testimony! How did you get through law school post head trauma? Congrats!!

  39. I have been a victim of this very system. I am presently required to register every time I enter any VA facility in the country, and be searched by the VA Police for weapons, even though the VAs very own Psychiatrists have stated in no uncertain terms that I am not a danger to myself or others.
    When I attempted to have my named removed from this list, I was told that I would just have to wait until the next meeting of the committee in two years.
    I asked why I was not informed of the original committee meeting and was told they didn’t need to inform me. I asked why I was not allowed to speak on my own behalf. I was told that it would not have mattered since they would not have considered my testimony as valid before the fact.
    I feel that every right I have as a Veteran and Citizen of this country has been violated.

  40. The disruptive behavior committee is not for people who have “filed claims” or for people that have concerns about their care. We do not, as VA employees, flag for these issues. It is a lie and he knows it. Veterans have the biggest voice at this time at the VA. This is a gentleman who did not receive the care he wanted, but obviously received the care he needed. Oh, and VA employees get fired. That is a lie that we do not. This is someone who knows part of the story and is sensationalizing it for his gain.

    1. I know being a career VA employee has its perks, 5+ weeks off per year for leave, etc. but the VA that my husband goes through threw a boomerang and got him on the flag list. This boomerang made it to Washington and now the boomerang is on it’s way to our local VA. Hope they are good at catching! When you get your employees to alter appointment times and dates for your own benefit, that’s what some people would consider conspiracy and fraud. If anyone dies while waiting to be seen as a result of this, this is what is termed as manslaughter. It’s time for the VA to start playing by the rules and stop hiding behind the government and the unions.

    2. Three words on your comments Michelle – clueless and ridiculous. I’m somewhat shocked that you brazenly posted here while at work at a VA facility ( getting paid by taxpayer dollars. Why are you reading this website while at work?

      VA has abused this system to retaliate against various veterans across the country. It does not happen every time, but it does happen where VA incorrectly concludes LEGAL First Amendment Speech is the same as threatening behavior. VA OIG’s own report evaluated the system last year and explained instances where the program was misused against a veterans for threatening legal action and/or for commenting on social media, etc. On the other hand, I am sure there are examples where a veteran was flagged correctly.

      The point and problem here, however, is that the system is SECRET. In this country, we generally frown upon secret committees making decisions about a person that affects their liberty that resemble Stalin Soviet type procedures. If VA was out in the open about their committees and not doing it in secret, I am sure such failures and retaliation by employees against veterans would be less likely.

      Back to Michelle, I suggest you read more from VA’s own manuals and oversight that I posted here:

      1. I am a Vietnam vet. I have decades of experience with VA. VA targets ANYONE that tries to upset their corrupt apple cart, whether it is an honest VA employee or a knowledgeable and outspoken vet. Ben is one of those vets who will not tolerate illegal behavior on the part of public servants. I am one such also, and we are quickly becoming legion. The glory days of the VA, wherein they have been able to deny veterans basic human and constitutional rights, are coming to an end. Veterans are coming after the VA parasites, and we are bringing along journalists and attorneys, and we will be heard and answered to. Hide and watch, Michelle no last name.

      2. Ben,
        I can give you plenty of evidence that the VA uses the OIG to retaliate against veterans. Did you ever find out which VA this fat bitc h .Michelle works?
        She is clueless !

    3. The v.a. flagged me for disruptive behavior and punished me and placed into my official records that I would be arrested and banished from v.a. care if it ever reported that I have been disruptive and or not corroprate fully with any staff member and this has no end to it. When asked the v.a. to provide me with any documation that in fact I had ever been disruptive, there reply we have no documation but so what, we are going to punish you anyway. I am also a former v.a. employee, who had made comments about a manager and that manager now in charge reported that on numerious ocassions I had been disruptive, this is retalation pure and simple. I was shot in the head in 1972, was unable to obtain care from the v.a., as they said my records were burnt up in a fire in st louis, finely to find out the v.a. lied and had my records all this time showing I was shot in the face. They should not send any more troups anywhere to just return to have your own government attack you and even let you die. I sent the OIG man documents to prove my case, via registered mail and never received the registration card back. OIG has no phone # to speak directly with them. I think the veterans and active military march on washington and demand our legal rights and not fear our own government. Yes I do have a Traumatic brain injury.

      1. I agree with a March on DC and just so you are all aware……it’s become just as corrupt and unmanageable while your still in service. They will do anything to preclude medical retirement because then they and the VA owe you for life. This new IDES, integrated disability evaluation system is just a way to manipulate the finding before your discharged so then you have no recourse with the VA because it’s in your service record…smart way to manipulate the system!! I’ll probably be retaliated against for posting here.

    4. I’m hoping for a whistleblower benefactor! Yes Michelle,you’re right-we’re all liars! We as DAV’s who have served honorably and were disabled during our service,don’t deserve your “Quality Healthcare System,” “Thanks for serving us,now it’s our time to serve you…” That’s False Advertising! You Fabulous VA Employees at VAMC’s and VA Clinics that,”treat the Veteran with dignity and respect,” you don’t have to work there-nobody is forcing you,you’re not stuck there! We on the other hand,are stuck with having to go there for that ” Quality Care!” No one in there right mind would CHOOSE VA CARE after having received it! You can choose,we can’t! How is it that,my Service to my country and my record alone,would allow me a “hiring preference” over others for federal employment? Yet,through no fault of my own-100% Service Connected DAV,IU,P&T and can’t work,and receiving VA Care-all the sudden those same merits mean nothing? Because I’m a VA Patient-I can’t be trusted,I’m a liar,I’m getting more than I deserve,looking for a handout and somehow faking my disability-You’re Sure of it?! I still have my integrity,I don’t work for The VA! You’re all so damn Patriotic huh? It shows,calling us liars and disgruntled vets,etc…Wave your Flag once a year and,tell others, how you “help” veterans and it’s so sad and you wish you could do more…get that Praise you so oddly must need! Then,you go back to work and show your “TRUE COLORS”! You’re so damn “PATRIOTIC,” that you HATE US! THANKS!

      1. Is it me? I don’t know but I find the older va workers if I can use that term
        are much more caring and helpful. The newer ones seemed detached.

    5. What a crock of shit. I have proof…and I believe it is in both ron Nesler’s hands and Ben Krauses that is part of a VAOIG complaint where both my husband and I were flagged for in part complaining too vigorously to a senator. The VA employees lost SOCOM confirmation, illegally “lost” claim information and cold turkey’d my husband off of seizure meds and only wanted to know if there were guns in the house when I went back up to find out what was wrong.

      Alex Spector called me an hour after I was on the Rick Rydell show talking about it and asked for the flag notice back. They actually put complaining to my elected representative as a reason/.

    6. 10 months and a congressional inquiry to receive only one (1) voicemail from the Patient Advocate, and no follow up, nor response to my return calls/secure messages. I can’t hear my own voice, over the deafening silence. You may still be right, Michelle; Veterans have been treated worse in the past, but that’s nothing to brag about.

    7. Michelle, go back to work. You are just a nut job. My boss was Chair of a Dept at a university connected hospital. I am well aware of the docs abuse of the vets (gomers) and my brother had forms forged by a VA employee with a very obvious cut and paste technique. With all his notes and the forgery evidence, he was never able to get resolution. Even letters to congressmen don’t work. Every time he goes to the VA we worry about him. He is there right now due to a botched dental procedure. There has never been such confusion at the VA. My brother had an MRI, and had to wait a month for interpretation. When his appointment date finally arrived, the VA doc still did not have the results. He had another MRI, and has been scheduled for 5 more by this out of control (dis)organization. Delay, deny, and hope you die…that’s the VA motto.

    8. You are a lie Michelle. The VA is getting worse as time goes on. I simply asked why my prescription was not refilled after 5 days of asking for it through messaging and phone calls and I was placed on the list. I did not yell or become rude at any point. I was just following up on why after five days no one even wrote back to me on secure messaging. After I filed a complaint that my requests for the medication refill went unanswered, the retaliation began.

      My primary care doctor, who is AMAZING, was out on vacation and no one was addressing request for refills in his absence. If I have a prescription, it means I need the medication. If it needs to be refilled, why does it take more than five days to respond to a secure message for that prescription request?

      The reason the VA never gets fixed for the vets is because of people like you who refuse to listen to their clients….well lets face it you do not even see us as clients. You have a job no matter how poorly you do it and with conditions like that what is the motivation to provide patient centered care?

  41. My Dad’s death was in instigated to be the worst case of wrongful death in recorded history and the best documented case. However the VA, after denying his death was service connected for 4 years, they now admit his death was due to Agent Orange.
    This is BS as I collected plolice reports, ambulance records, hospital records, doctorz letter to the VA requesting 24 / 7 care. He had been awarded to my care in 2006. I workd for Baylor College of Medicine, whom staffed the VA. The doc that wrote the book on pain management, back doored him to avoid the restraints placed on them by beuracracy. The VA told Dad he could go home 230 miles from my home and failed to provide care.
    The VA put Dad back on 2 medications that he had had medical issues with in the past due ro his liver condition Hep C. The VA failed to follow protocol and did not follow up for 10 months and mailed him 180 Hydromorphone, 180 Xanax, and 90 Vicodin to his home. He was expired wiyhin 24 hours. The lab that performed his autopsy is willing to release a clarification of their report, but the request must come from a lawyer. My Dad was on 24/7 oxygen therapy, had a history of strokes and dementia. He wrecked 3 cars in that 10 months and there are 42 bullet holes in his house from frustration, nof suicide. I know this as I have been at his house when I have heard a gunshot, petrified in fear I lay there in fear of what was happening at 3am. Then to hear my Dad say “I love the smell of gun powder in the morning.” , relief and bitter sadness would overcome me.
    I now live with these bullet holes and the memory of the many atrocities our Veterans face every day. I never wanted to believe my America would kill my Dad intentionally, let alone find out people made money by causing it.
    I have written Congressmen, the Presiden, and was told by Pentagon staffer that I need to be quiet and tone it down. MY DAD WAS MURDERED BY DR MARK MAYO AND PAID A BONUS FOR IT. THE OMBUDSMAN DISCIPLINED 7 DEPARTMENTS. …what does that mean and why won’t the VA accept responsibility with blatant evidence. Why can’t I just collect the benefits he earned? He did so much better and was alive when allowed to see local doctors. He could not and should not ever be made to drive 2 hours for medical care. In closing, mu Dad was Tier 1, service connected disabled and was to receive priority care.

    1. My Dad was rated 100% Service Connected Disabled due to PTSD. He had first been in an institution in the 70’s. I know for s fsct he csrried a stun gun and a one shot bullet pen. I feel my Dad’s negligent care id due to his being targeted by the secret VA organization. Dad was labeled a polysubstance abuser coming out of Vietnam, butbthe drugs he was addicted to were given to him by the Army, on a cart so he could work longer as a surgical specialists duringnthe Tet. He was stationed where Agent Orange was stored. He spoke of how they took fire while operating.
      I have been to many VA appointments with him and can atest to the sad treatment and rude behaviors that seem to be in effort to antagonize him. I know he was locked up for 5 days and Dad said it was like being POW stateside.
      Please help me. Now the VA has lost 3 of my 4 claims for benefits for Dad. I have a well documented case. One decided by OMBUDSMAN.

  42. You know, it is really sad when you do as your asked, you ignore that disability for your back, which leads to a disabling arthritis, Fibromyalgia from numerous issues, ( there was no Fibro) when I was in, ) that my x-rays prove the metal has changed, that my C&P claim was denied for being assaulted, not three months later, raped in my own room. I answered every question possible thrown at me truthfully, want to know something? SHE LIED! She changed my answers to suit her! Funny thing is, I had just come out of a Fibro fog, you can’t think straight, with school extra time for testing, my doctor has treated this for years, but lie? Oh hell to the big no! My family will back me up on statements I answered truthfully! The point was, I didn’t want my kids drugged into the VA BS mess! So no fighting back right? Okay, fight back by getting their state that they are called “passed that test” and send in what I “stated” and what they wrote.” They can loose the ability to practice medicine, if anyone checks them out, and I sure hope their “own words” will be the death of the VA Dinosaurs that need an exit ticket out!

    1. They do lie, then if thier pisses off they go to the OIG and make a complaint against you..I have proof. I’m up for getting a petition together to get rid of these lying Doctors and thier non caring staff

      1. I’ve been fighting with these assholes for years I’ve gone threw congress McCain’s office and been all over the news nothing is done google James yakym Goshen nice article

      2. PETER BARACH Cleveland Ohio VA WADE PARK Nepotism of Federal Employees at is finest…
        I am all for that. The VA doctors do lie. They lie, lie, and lie. They lie a lot and often. They omit facts, manipulate symptoms, and falsify the injured veterans and disabled former soldiers disorders. And these VA non veteran doctors stick together. Now I have PETER BARACH (Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1969-1973), PHD Wade Park VA Cleveland Ohio. Grew up across the street from the VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio lying about me, and writing lies in a C and P exam interview about me. Cherry picking notes, and manipulating disorders and symptoms. All to deny me my benefits! What do I do? Peter Barach’s family works at the VA in Wade Park Cleveland Ohio (But Peter Barach claims he has no ties to the VA). Peter Barach, he grew up across the street from the VA. Grew up in Shakers Heights Cleveland Ohio. Educated there in Shaker Heights, and never left the area. Peter Barach is the guy they are paying over and over again to do C and P exams on injured veterans and disabled former soldiers. It was said, by an employee, a former soldier (veteran). That Peter Barach is simply a hatchet man, a benefits assassin. A liar who is paid by the va to sabotage the injured veteran’s claims for benefits.
        If you contact Senator Sherrod Brown (D) Ohio, or Congressman Tim Ryan’s Office in Ohio, Peter Barach will retaliate against you further as an injured veteran. Nothing is being said, about this “Monster of Shaker Heights”. His nickname is “DR FRANKENSTEIN” at the VA, because he manipulates symptoms, disorders, and cherry picks through medical notes in order to screw the vets on their C and P exams and interview. Everytime a complaint is made against Peter Barach, the adminstration and Humam Resources office at WADE PARK VA Cleveland Ohio, covers his misconduct, unethical behavior, and unprofessional actions up. PETER BARACH, NEPOTISM at the VA Cleveland Ohio Wade Park at it’s finest…

    2. The threats we got from the new chronic pain clinic in Indianapolis was true, apparently. Going through my requested files not much makes sense. Anything negative against the VA, the CBOC, their staff, etc., don’t exist in my 50 pounds of wasted papers and trees. Much is skipped over, different fonts are used looking like stuff was added later. Doctor reports from idiots I have never seen making false claims against me. They use abbreviations, codes, letters, etc., that people I have shown them to or spoke to about are at a total loss. Including a X-VA nurse and veteran state assistant representative in another state. Just told me I would have to get books and schooled on Medical coding and I would never know the in office only letters stood for. It’s for staff eyes and knowledge only I guess.

      The files sent to me is a huge cluster from clinic visits running together, interspersed with their findings and documenting whatever procedure they may have done to how I was dressed, acted, body language, and on and on.

      Nothing is mentioned about my waiting a year or so and other times when my PCPs left the VA leaving openings or vacancies. Only to train someone then having one MD tell me he couldn’t treat me properly the VA way and quit them after my first visit with him. .

      The threats were made that we would never get health care here again, or good health we think we should get in Indiana. I have had pure hell dealing with all kinds of idiots around here. Now, I have to hire an attorney to try to get my records from a civilian oral surgeon that tried to repair damages to my broken/shattered jaw after the VA contractors were pulling teeth. They refuse to talk to me on the phone, and hung up on me when the nurse/secretary called me back after knowing who she called by mistake. In my letters I also included that my requests had nothing to do with any kind of law suit against them or the VA. So after several attempts and certified mail I have to again play the money game and hire a lawyer to fight the system here in Indiana. Writing medical boards, media, vet groups, any of the elected scum officials are worthless and a total waste of time.We aren’t supposed to question authorities or corruption here, not to dare blemish the lies of a globalist perfect utopia full of goodness and nothing but integrity. All BS. Then to have so many refuse to simply do their jobs, be decent, to being afraid to upset some clique or the stinking government or VA is pathetic beyond words.

      Even worse is trying to discuss these issues with civilian MDs. If they let you talk much. Must be more of that professional courtesy crap then putting the blame on using the wrong meds or combinations of then telling ME how wrong I was. Then try to give me a damned chemistry lesson during the visit. What a mess. I really must have pissed of the state’s hot-shots, boards and politicians plus the VA family locally and in the big city. Today they call me and inform me they finally got a file from the VA about me. (?) So that has to be discussed in a couple of weeks at next visit. That should be fun seeing how I am declared as confrontational, harm to myself and others, non-compliant, etc. When I haven’t done one thing to deserve this stuff on permanent file. And from quacks I have never seen or heard of before. All I have done is to piss them off by not agreeing with or their threats, and not contacting them after telling three advocates and a couple of desk clerks I was done with the VA and their lying games to their professional mis-conduct and malpractices, oh and dealing with college students. Yet they keep trying to contact me and tell me they are waiting for me to return so as to get my meds and be seen by the same caustic lying MD I left over in the first place. It all, ALL, really is a lost cause expecting any kind of change from anyone at any level, over any issue.

  43. I have continuously been harmed by the VA. I have been fighting for PTSD Disability since Vietnam in 71. I now find that I suffer a brain injury from Mortar fire and 122mmRocket fire which has caused me to have damaged hearing, tinntus, and severe balance /vertigo issues which I have dealt with life long. Just 2 weeks ago the Neurologist said my brain damage was NOT DUE to alcohol use (I do not drink) and was from a concussive force. I now have my 4th appeal in Aug 27, 2014. Here I am no longer going to be the kind soft vet. I am now going to fight these assholes. I will have the DAV officer with me but frankly I have NO FAITH in the DAV.

  44. We don’t have any real “due process” to speak of due to the nature of the VA. VA is an Administrative Agency, under the control of the Executive Branch. The Administrative Procedures
    Act of 1947 created a “fourth branch”of government (Harry Truman’s words, not mine) outside the reach of any real check’s and balance’s. The only recourse is for Congress to pass new legislation
    blowing away the old VA crime network.

    Will S.1982 correct any of this ? Not sure myself, haven’t read the whole thing through. Lots of pork and pork related products from the little that I did read. I’m not sure,but I think it may have stripped the head of VA FROM ACTUALLY FIRING ANY VA EMPLOYEE.

    The VA is not much more than a multi-level marketing scheme,kept alive by a ocean of out-sourced services. which is why they have some very powerful allies in the House and Senate, and a back door to the Executive.

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