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Benjamin KrauseThe United States was recently ordered to pay over $21 million to a veteran and his wife for damages from medical malpractice that led to a second stroke Veterans Affairs doctors failed to prevent.  The victim, veteran Michael Farley, was 78 years old and the funds will pay for the remainder of his care until his death.

Farley was seen at the Manchester VA Medical Center in New Hampshire. There, he was seen for symptoms of stroke, and he was given a series of tests. He was later seriously injured form a second stroke that could have been prevented had VA properly treated the first stroke.

VA failed to adhere to the standard of care required to treat the risk of the second stroke. He then suffered a second massive stroke. That stroke caused “locked-in” syndrome that severely limited his voluntary muscle movement.

After a four-day bench trial, the court found Veterans Affairs failed to adhere to standard medical practice. That failure caused a severity amount of harm and VA is now required to pay.

Thank God the court is wising up to VA’s continued medical failures. I used ot think only VA Benefits was guilty of wrongdoing on a mass scale. I now realize VA Health Administration is more guilty than most of harming veterans and failing to hold negligent practitioners accountable.

I am giving this family a fat “hell yeah” for sticking it to VA for harming this veteran and hope all courts across the country are waking up to foolish VA medical practices that harm vets.

What do you think? Do you have a story about VA harming you or a loved one?

SOURCE: Janice Farley vs. United States of America

Shirley Desmond
Thank you for printing this story Ben. There are so many stories. I have been giving you the numbers, perhaps they were missed. 1200 people die Every Day, from medical error. The United States Senate held hearings July 17 2014, to investigate because it is such a serious problem. Only 3 of the 22 Senators on the committee even bothered to show up. Al Franken was A NO SHOW. I don’t know if there is any way to know how… Read more »
Paul Shephetd

Ben please contact me …My brother needs help. Over his stroke

[email protected]

Jim Clarkson

I am curious, is there any way to find out how much the VA has paid out each year in lawsuits?

Ovez Japanwalla

Try Office of General Counsel, statutory support in the Freedom of Information ACT.

I thought the VA could not be sued, how can one with a traumatic brain injury find a lawyer to assist me with the slander, lies that the VA did to me by reporting me to the disruptive committee and punished me for something I never did and they have no proof that I did anything. But yet they have threatened me with Federal charges, Jail time and Banishment from all VA care ?. I could really use someone’s help… Read more »
Danny Toliver

James contact Robert Gillikin, Esq. at (757) 622-5000. He handles your type of Brain Injury and his consultation is free.

Hi Danny what I need is a lawyer to help me fight the VA with their illegal Disruptive Committee. I am after 40 years 100% service connected from being shot in the head. I have an employee that I use to work with that reported me to the disruptive committee as retaliation, for something I said about the way she was performing her duties with a committee she was running before I had to retire. She was able to do… Read more »
Yeah, I know exactly what is going on. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 1991 by an Army doctor and was never told or treated for it. I was also diagnosed with osteoporosis by the VA in 1994, but never told and never treated for it. I got sent to Afghanistan with severe osteoporosis and could have easily shattered a bone. I didn’t find out until I got back from AFG that I even had osteoporosis and was at a… Read more »
If the VA was a public owned business it would be bankrupt… forty years ago! My own experience and I have the paper work so I’m not just talking through muffled jeans, is both appalling and in no way has the VA medical in Northern California aided me with any sort of positive medical outcome or care other than, misdiagnosis, over medication, and NOT ATTENTING TO MY SERVICE CONNECTED WOUND that I received while in combat! They at the Martinez,… Read more »
bruce wallace

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Stephen LeMaster

I can’t report that the VA has done me any physical harm. Financially, well, that’s a horse of a different color.

Ben, if you would like to hear my story about an action I’m currently involved with, drop me a line at [email protected]. I guarantee this will curl your toes. This is a totally different situation, but it’s a doozy. I can even email you the pleadings from my case. I think my story needs to be told.

judith gelinas lodato
Oh, yes, very much poor care at VA for me. I had no medical coverage, except VA, at the time. For two years, I complained of what I later knew were symptoms of diabetes. VA Primary Care Provider blew it off. I was not obtaining copies of VA medical files at that time to make my own notice that, indeed, glucose levels were at what is considered diabetes by the standards. Just as I felt so sick, figured I’d go… Read more »
The Boston VA did a series of tests on my heart and told me that everything was fine. I took the VA report of these tests to a private cardiologist who after reading them told me that the reports were worthless (his exact words) and asked if I could get the actual imaging done at the VA for him to review. I provided him with the imaging and when I saw him two weeks later he told me that not… Read more »
Lee Morrison
My best friend and brother in arms was sent home to die a little over a year ago by VA in TX. He had Pulmonary Fibrosis and was told his condition needed to decline a little more for him to qualify for a double lung transplant. He had a panel of 5 Doctors at VA, they suspended his medication to accelearte the decline and when he hit the target level, one of the 5 Doctors pushed that he was too… Read more »
Judie Gelinas Lodato
I would like to see the VA test for cancer…my husband was dead in 2 weeks after finally being seen at a real non va hospital due to the VA in Manchester, NH not believing Lawrence’s Lodato had severe pain and was losing weight very quickly..they kept saying you just have arthritis, stop being a my husband is dead at age 63 and I am alone..I know my husband had a high threshold of pain and handle a lot… Read more »
Barbara Hastings
My husband died May 29, 2011. The VA denied him disability for diabetes, back injury (military injury) and Occupational Asthma (multiple exposures during military service including AO, Rainbow, other hazardous chemicals and nuclear waste). Due to his denial, my husband was forced back to work (he had 28 years with Customs/Homeland) and was able to find a place with the Dept of Int., where he spent the next 6 years until he dies. The VA refused to change their diagnosis… Read more »
Judith Gelinas Lodato
The steroids they gave my husband, Lawrence Lodato on April 11, 2014 caused the cancer that the VA missed to spread like wildfire and kill him in 2 weeks..we had no time to say goodbye, I spent evey minute with him until he died at a non VA hospital in Manchester, NH..Since the VA in Manchester, NH was killing him I could not let him go back there..I believe if he had a real health team he would have never… Read more »
Debra Hostetter
MY husband is dead because VA wouldn’t do a colonoscopy. Even though we requested several times between 50 and 60 we were told that peripheral smears were adequate screening for colon cancer. At the end of his 60th year, he began to bleed and finally got the colonoscopy. By then he had a huge colo-rectal tumor that had metastasized to the liver. We had to rely on VA for care because he had no insurance to go to private facility.… Read more »

@Debra- Totally with you on the VA’s antiquated pharmacy drug “formulary”…trying to get an off formulary drug approved is as common as rocking horse $hit. We Veterans and Dependents/Survivors should indeed receive *whatever meds* and even cutting edge meds…but I would also admit the cynic in me would immediately think then the VA would simply start catering to Big Pharma and using even more “experimental drugs” or worse…quite a quagmire we find ourselves in for serving our Country for years.

kim green

yep…my husband is dead due to negligance and in

Well, if these law suits are actually paid out by the VA, one would think this also sets some form of ‘legal precedent’ and perhaps that’s where they VA will finally see they need to ‘step their game of proficiency up’ in order to only save their bonus $$ from going to pay outs from lawsuits…that’s what a narcissistic organization does like the VA…and by ‘stepping up their game’ the VA will just try to curtail services or something in… Read more »
Judith Gelinas Lodato
I really believe the VA wants our Veterans dead so they do not have to pay monthly benefits..It is probably all a scam and if they can have our veterans dead instead of paying them a monthly check for disability this gives them a reason to give them misdiagnosis, the quicker they kill our vets the more money in the pockets of someone, certainly not our vets or their families…I know how much money the VA has saved by killing… Read more »
The only problem with filing a class action lawsuit is the victims receive a very small percentage of the settlement agreement. In a case of settlement of a class action lawsuit for 20 million dollars the victims received only 5 million divided by 8,000 victims but the law firm was to get 15 million in the settlement agreement, thus approved by the court. The judge was an attorney before becoming a judge. The people of the class action was not… Read more »
Michelle Woznicki

Locked in syndrome is a form of existence you hope doesn’t happen to you. While your body cannot function on any level, your mind is completely normal. There is no ability to communicate except by blinking.

Should you be interested in reading a first hand account — through a book dictated letter by letter through blinking from a locked in victim, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a good book.

alfred (tony)brown
Glad i read the stories today..i have what they call tart claims forms from FT Milley VA hospitat in San Francisco being filled from a malpractice dating back to 1997 and the hospital had HIDDEN the dr reports and i just discovered them 6 months ago through the FOIA after trying to get them since 2009.the info have caused me to have would not believe all the hell i am going through and how the records have been altered… Read more »

What exactly do you mean by realizing that “the VA is more guilty than most” of harming vets through improper medical care? Are you saying the VA injures patients at a higher rate than do non-VA healthcare facilities? What is the basis of your conclusion? If the VA is injuring patients at a higher rate, then tell us the source of that information.

Ovez Japanwalla
Stanman47 I worked as a Radiologic Technologist at VAMC in Florida in the late 80’s. Anybody who has ever had a iodine contrast dye injected should remember if they were allergic. Serious stuff, if so have to inject non-iodinated contrast, more cost. I had a elderly, severely compromised patient with high risk factors. Protocol/Policy stated use of non-iodinated only. But non-iodinated not available( actually stashed). Consulted Chief Resident, ordered to inject. I said we could be sued for malpractice. VA… Read more »
Ovez Japanwalla
It is pathetic that the real horror stories dealing with treatment, the reckless disregard for human life is only displayed in sites like Mr. Krause. Only of recent mainstream media is dealing with the appointment delay scandal and a one or two minute blurb on television and print. The high damages numbers are there to quantify a class-action certification for mass litigation. It is one unifying thread running through: Delay the claim Deny, Delay or Mistreat the veteran patient. One… Read more »

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Ovez Japanwalla

Does He sacrifice goats like Dr. Bravespell?

Chuck Baier
On March 1, 2015, I had a serious heart attack and my life was saved at a local hospital. I currently still have an 80% blockage in my LAD that has needed immediate intervention. The VA in Lecanto and Gainesville Florida has delayed treatment for 2 months and still has not treated me properly. I may very well die if I have another heart attack. The VA has also refused to allow me to get treatment at the local hospital… Read more »
blanca brown

You might want to write a concise note to your primary care provider informing him/her about PERSONAL LIABILITY as well as reporting him/her to the state licensing board for professional misconduct.

If you live more than 40 miles from the nearest VA facility, then your PCP is obligated to help you obtain non-VA treatment at the VA’s expense.

I think this is a good thing that happened to the VA..Glad this soldier got what he deserves, but wish he did not have to suffer so much to get it..To bad that I have been subjected to a 47 year battle with the VA just because so long ago a VA employee lied, making my life miserable as well as everybody elses…And with 3 BVA decisions and CUE in my favor and 100% disabled Vet, they are still screwing… Read more »

To bad we have to die to get someone to listen, veterans with ptsd have to kill themselves if they care about their families. That is the only way the veteran can get benefits for their families sad but true.

Berta Simmons
Unfortunately that is not quite the case. VA considers suicide as willful misconduct, unless the survivors can prove the veteran was insane at time of suicide. Some of you know I am a FTCAer. VA admitted to causing my husband’s death. Somewhere here someone seemed to think they could sue the VA after many many years has passed, after they were aware of potential malpractice. The Statute of Limits for FTCA actions is 2 years from date of knowledge of… Read more »
I think we have a horrible system for all people who need help, the rich get rich the poor die. My husband would be here today if he was rich and not a veteran who believed what the VA told him..I wish there was something we could do before we loose any more veterans unnecessarily but it i going to take an act of congress to get our vets and their families the help they deserve. Just my opinion after… Read more »
Mam, I am truly sorry about your husband and I also wish congress would do something about the VA! I wrote a letter to the president, telling him about the plight of veterans that have PTSD and in order for the veterans family to obtain any benefits, they must kill themselves for the family to even file for benefits! Here’s the response I got! NONE! Maybe some day this will happen, May have to wait until Christ returns and sends… Read more »
Thank you James, I know we loose so many good men and women everyday because of the crap care they give at the VA. For every Veteran they kill they/Congress can give themselves a raise. They will meet their maker someday and I hope they all get what they deserve. I love my country but hate the selfish people who run it.I think you should have to be a Veteran to run for any office. in the USA. That ought… Read more »

I lost my right leg ( above the knee ) in 2011 by None Vascular Surgeon’s. I feel that I should not have lost my leg if a Vascular Surgeon was at the Dorn VA in Columbia SC. What can I do at this time and who can I see and talk too about this?.

Ron Garney

Email Dede at this address. they are helping me on a claim. Tell her Ron Garney sent you there. [email protected]
Dede Aldaco,
Legal Assistant to
9601 McAllister Freeway, #1250
San Antonio, Texas 78216
Telephone: 210-340-8880
Fax No.: 210-340-8885

Louise Maher
So not trying to think the VA New Orleans is not the epitome of Health care to Veterans who are employees that hurt orhers get this story it will flip your mind, but not nearly enough have accessibility to these due to living on the out side of most popular towns, sadly what you do has not been I would love to sue them an apologize that they acknowledged the harm to me.The entire Veterans Affairs Deputies, shameful numbers considering… Read more »