Dr. David Houlihan

Benjamin KrauseInsider reports across Candy Land (ie Tomah VAMC in Wisconsin) indicate former Tomah chief of staff Dr. David Houlihan has appealed his termination following confirmed allegations of his involvement in the death of at least one veteran.

Sources within the VISN 12 element in Wisconsin confirmed yesterday that Dr. Houlihan has in fact appealed his termination. The appeal hearing is supposedly set for January 25, 2016. If true, the hearing is likely to be held in Tomah, Wisconsin, but who really knows about such things until after they happen. To this point, the mainstream press has been totally silent about the appeal meaning VA is likely keeping it under wraps to the outside world.

Should we all go?

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Dr. Houlihan is obviously not the first VA leader to appeal an adverse determination in recent months. Obviously, the world is familiar with the infamous demotion and appeal of Diana Rubens and Kimberly Graves. Before them, Pheonix VA head Sharon Helman also attempted to win her job back.

VIDEO: Tomah VA Staff Playing Human Hungry Hippos


Last winter, reports surfaced that Dr. David Houlihan was possibly engaged in an unethical and unlawful prescription scheme involving prescription of opioids that put at least one veteran’s life at risk. That veteran, Jason Simcakoski, eventually died as a result of reckless management of his mental health care at Tomah VA. Dr. Houlihan was ultimately linked to Simcakowski’s death and terminated following a string of other investigations from VA OIG, Wisconsin and the DEA.

Now, America gets to watch and wait to see how Dr. Houlihan’s appeal will be resolved. Again, do you think we should go watch the show?



crazy elf

How many believe he will get his job back?

I wonder what the family is thinking about this?

Remember when the Doc’s wife came on here and defended him a few months ago?
Remember what she said?
Basically, he’s such a great guy and cared deeply for the veterans he saw!?

I wonder if any of our “alleged lawmakers” will intervene in his behalf?

There’s more to come. I can see it now!



Again, you and I think an awful lot alike. I stand corrected in my post: I said it was his daughter that came on here but apparently it was his wife? In any case, still an asshole…and anyone that defends this overeducated killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crazy elf
@namnibor It could have been his daughter. I thought it was his wife. Not sure. Anyway one looks at it, a “family member” defended him. I remember that douchbag at the Illiana, Illinois VA pain management puke who was arrested back in July 2015. He was extradited back to Indiana for killing (murdering) three people. Over the exact same thing the “Candyman” was doing to veterans. I think they, law enforcement and procecutors, called it “death by narcotic cocktail”. Or… Read more »
@crazyelf Yes, I do. What I have seen recently is just like the VA does, is the more or less by inference, vilifying vets or anyone that needs to be on any controlled med, to include psych meds. This newer “Dr./Patient Contract” they have at least in private healthcare, where you are required to check all the boxes “as read” and then sign in agreement in order to be prescribed ANY pain med, you are as a patient also more… Read more »
Paula feist

Gee l would rather die…than my healthcare l have now misdiagnos
Wrong meds horrible.
I want very much to see this doctor
But can’t afford it!!!!

Not being able to realize and self-acknowledge when a highly educated professional crosses lines of the law is what “The God Syndrome” is all about. Not all M.D.’s achieve this level of self-acknowledged level of asshole. Most M.D.’s respect their Hippocratic Oath. When and if they reach a certain level of achieved asshole status, they absolutely feel they are above the law because they of course feel they are smarter than the rest of us. These are very dangerous individuals.… Read more »
oh boy will I comment,,,,u know,,u never report on all the HUMANBEINGS,, That HAVE BEEN FORCED TO ENDURE THEIR PHYSICAL PAIN now because of this misplace angry,,,this destructive ,”group think” this has all created…Don’t believe it,,,,now I mention this petition not only for the formal complaint,but for thee comments,in ”petition2congres,donoharm,dea,”…people are writing their last ,”wills,”,,,people are chooseing death to stop their physical,,, pain because their meds have been taken from them,,80 years with arthritis ,and other medical conditions are calling… Read more »

Absolutely cannot tell if you are defending this “Candyman Dr.” or not defending him?? So many mixed messages in your message, I have no idea where you really stand with this.
Sounds to me like you are blaming Veterans and giving the Dr. a “free pass” based on your unfortunate situation. Not even a valid analogy.

Do I smell troll this early in day?

crazy elf
@namnibor It seems to me, for some reason “Paita says” is rambling on about how we on here aren’t treating patients, who need pain meds, with the respect they deserve! I, as you point out, also can’t tell if “Paita” is condemning the “Candyman” or praising him!? In one instance, “Paita” blames him and veterans for abuse of narcotics. Yet, in other instances, “Paita” praises him and others in that medical field!? Could it be Paita is “wired” right now?… Read more »
Candace Baer Delis

Yup….the smell of troll is strong…..

Paita here,,and no trolling,,nice try,,,and maybe u should go back to school and learn how to read,,,Fact,,U R NOT TREATING OUR VETERENS W/THE RESPECT AND MEDICINES THEY NEED!!!!FACT,,U OR NO-ONE ELSE CAN PHYSICALLY FEEL THE PHYSICAL PAIN OF ANOTHER,THATS A FACT,,,THUS,,NO-ONE,,NO-ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DECIDE WHO SUFFERS IN PHYSICAL PAIN AND WHO DOES NOT… it really is a simple concept,,but maybe you are tooo high on your 22 hand thoroughbred to understand the basic concept of humanity,compassion,,and u have… Read more »

paita, Please learn the English language before commenting… furthermore, comment, we no where to go to get nonsensical drivel. I doubt seriously that you are a Vet.

crazy elf
@JoeWeil, I also believe “paita” is no Vet. That “dribble” speaks for itself. paita definitely needs to learn the English language! If “paita” were to understand “WHAT” Dr. Houlihan did to the veterans, (over prescribing opioids in dangerous quantities vs. medical procedures set down by AMA), which in some cases caused death! Plus, the death of a Marine which was due to HIS reckless action. paita might understand the “PAIN” of family members. Who will now have to visit their… Read more »

Where has anyone here demanded your pain meds be taken away? If you have read any comments here for any length of time, quite a number of Veterans have lost their pain meds. If you read comments here, you would find many here want Houlihan held accountable for killing a veteran given his very questionable prescription practices. He was a quack that didn’t give a damn about the harm he was causing veterans.


I love your flights of fantasy Ben. Face it, you won. You just can’t live with your own success.

How do you define success.Ben has won with veterans and dreamers can acomplish many things.dreamers went to the moon etc. And it’s not a matter of winning it how you play the game and when the rules are not fair they need to be changed. Ben and all veterans want change to live without fear that the very origination untrusted to care for veterans has become hostile and complacent and forgot the mission. Ben us winning.but it not over until… Read more »

Put your money on a bonus and promotion to head a bigger facility……..


It would be nice if someone on the veterans side were able to go watch Ben, but would they allow it given its a personnel issue?
I would like to see what he claims are grounds for appeal, and I would like to see if the VA continues their stellar record of screwing up every firing they lamely attempt.
This hack should be nowhere near veterans seeking health care ever again.

@91veteran I am going to go out on a limb and guess that ‘The Candyman’ will try to simply use the “the veteran should have known better” lame assed excuse. In any case, am thinking strongly that Veterans will be vilified to protect his ass…and just WHO would want to be the first to be his patient again? The VA would have to promote his sorry ass and in the way only the VA could do, they would promote him… Read more »
They can try blame the veteran, but would look stupid doing so since the veteran does not have the medical training. Blaming the veteran is like blaming your car not running right after taking it to your barber for service. Would the VA try blaming the veteran anyway? Absolutely! These are the nitwits after all that believe bad behavior is resolved by redefining accountability. It’s like the VA doctors saying to a vet, “well, you don’t look disabled”. Well, what… Read more »
If things go in court like I see here.it would not do any good.first hearing lawyers will talk to each other and make a deal and no one would know what was said and or they will ask for another hearing date. There is no one to go to bat against him getting his job back is there. Government employees have rights.where the veterans (citizens) have no voice or choice. Veterans can be accused of disruptive behavior and threatened with… Read more »
Darrell Austin

He’ll get his job back, he’ll be apologizedone to , he’ll get a promotion because he didn’t rat on the rest of the system. He’ll got a bonus that he’ll us to the Cayman Islands.

What layer of VA he’ll get placed into .

There is just no telling what he’ll gets. It’s very daunting a real inferno.

If your justification to ignore truth is to bitch about grammar,,,then u don’t care about our veterens being forced to endure physical pain.People like u,who think they have the right to decide who suffers in physical pain and who does not,,are causing soo much undue suffering to all people who’s only crime according to u people is they have a physically painful medical condition.I am a chronic physical pain humanbeing,,Tomah,,,is 1 hour from me,,,all 3 of my brothers served,,Ft.Cambell Ky,,Quanitco… Read more »
I think the post above was aimed at me, not Darrell Austin. paita, your comments make little sense. I don’t have a clue what point you are trying to make. Are you a Vet? Are you being treated by the VA? Most of us who post here are veterans, as am I. Most of us are very aware of pain and pain meds. What we don’t understand is your comments. I did not fully read your posts until today. I… Read more »
Don Karg


Dear Benjamin Krause,

Why Not?

Everyone else is getting their jobs back and the FBI Director just terminated all investigations—–What problem?

Looks good to me!

Bob must be doing a great job—-can’t wait to shake his hand!

It will feel like Shook’s in Torrance, California after I spoke to the Southbay Bar Association 1992 Congressional Forum—Six years before the 1998 Cox Report [900 pages of Treason].


Don Karg