Agent Orange DenierOne veteran started a petition to oust VA Agent Orange denier Thomas Murphy after he was promoted as acting Under Secretary for Benefits at VA.

Thomas Murphy, formerly the Director of Compensation, was just promoted to acting Under Secretary for VBA. Unfortunately for Vietnam veterans, Murphy is a documented Agent Orange denier, and based on his past decisions in contradiction of claims from scientists, burn pit veterans should also be concerned.

In response to the move that has been called “anti-veteran”, Thomas Osmond created a petition to support ousting the denier, Thomas Murphy.

SIGN IT: Petition To Fire Thomas Murphy

Please be sure to sign the petition and get read up on the issue. I cannot figure out how our federal government has devolved to such an extent where public workers are able to actively defraud veterans of their benefits.

But that is where we are at today.


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The announcement of the VA appointment came a couple weeks ago. Various veterans groups were obviously unhappy with Murphy’s selection, but that is life. According to ExecutiveGov:

The Department of Veterans Affairs is set to appoint Thomas Murphy, acting principal deputy undersecretary of the Veterans Benefits Administration, as acting undersecretary for benefits at VBA.

He will succeed Danny Pummill, who will depart from the benefits undersecretary post that he has held on an acting basis since October 2015, and will also serve as principal deputy undersecretary for benefits, the VA said Thursday.

According to a 2010 VA press release, Murphy’s executive background is that he managed the disability and survivor benefit programs that provided more than $45 billion annually in benefit payments to four million Veterans and their families.

That biography explained his background as of 2010 being:

Murphy had been the Director of VA’s San Juan Regional Office since August 2009, overseeing benefits for 151,000 veterans living in Puerto Rico, Vieques, Culebra and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Murphy retired from the military as a Major after serving 15 years in the Colorado National Guard and six years in the Marine Corps Reserve.

Murphy joined VA from The Home Depot, where he was a Director of Merchandise Planning and oversaw more than 1,950 stores, with more than $8.5 billion in annual sales.

Murphy previously was a Senior Tactical Planning Manager for Qwest Communications and worked for 10 years at the Department of Defense in a variety of positions.

Now that reports are surfacing that Murphy is an Agent Orange denier, it will be interesting to see how long he lasts at the helm of VA Benefits.


There should be several thousand gratuitous Veteran Line Entries On That Petition, representing ALL those Veterans and deformed/diseased children, if these Vets were even lucky enough to produce, that have ALREADY DIED of AGENT ORANGE…then start adding present veteran and Survivor’s names on this petition. This should be a NO-BRAINER to even VA Sec. McDonald and Sloan Gibson and friends, that this is Murphy as head of VBA to Veterans is akin to appointing the head of ISIS to Chair… Read more »
I agree with what Bill said above about burn pit claims, but also a delay, likely by Congress. I just started hearing about so many others being exposed to AO, which means vets have been fighting the VA about it for some time. If the VA or some in Congress can delay even just some Blue Water Navy vets presumptive service connection for 5 years, how many billions will that save? How many will die in that time and never… Read more »
Reuben Castro Acosta

Sounds like to me the are putting in their “Ace” to make up science for the new burning pit claims.

crazy elf
Because of a VAMC MURDERING my “brother”, I’ve signed the petition! He passed a short time ago due to cancer! I also have multiple medical complications/disabilities from AO! Which a VA physician has documented in my file! My wife will plaster this all over the internet, just as I have! ____________________________ Here’s something I received this morning from, “Dave Hodges [of] the Common Sense Show”, w/video! google —- “George Carlin and Donald Trump “Political Correctness” is fascism pretending to be… Read more »
We have seen recently, due to technology and social media, crowd-funding, and *anything* that goes VIRAL is what gains people’s attention and I am certain this is the path to take to shine the light of accountability and disgrace on matters such as Murphy’s appointment and all other fraud at VA and yes, even accolades when deserved, but as it is, the cat box is completely full of VA Turds and it needs changed entirely…this petition, and more, done right… Read more »
crazy elf
@namnibor Last night I saw a news article concerning “prosthetics”. A group of college kids used that new 3-D printer to “make an arm & hand” for a young girl, I think she was around 11 yrs old, who was born without one. They said prosthetics could range in the thousands of $$$$$! Yet, these young college students made one for about $30 to $50 bucks. !!! INGENUITY !!!! Also, very intelligent for those college students! Now, why can’t VA… Read more »
Jim Starowicz
* * Every Generation, ‘Veterans’, is Having to Come Back and Fight * * And why: >The conservative ideology: Like our long time Veterans Conservative Nemesis, one of their experts(?), used to shape their policies, and very highly compensated: * * Sally Satel Still Selling Care for PTSD Veterans is Waste of Money * * There are plenty of others, they’ve got a ready stable full of go to {experts?}, and plenty of unfunded ignored and denied issues!!< “Why… Read more »
Ronald Nesler

Thomas Murphy is a $350,000 per year VA slug who openly refutes both science and federal law, by insisting that Agent Orange is (and always was) completely HARMLESS. VA Secretary Bob McDonald has just put Thomas Murphy in charge of ALL VA CLAIMS ADJUDICATIONS. If you have a VA claim for Agent Orange, Burn Pits or any other toxic agent, you are now both openly insulted and SCREWED.

I guess working the toilet aisle at Home Report is more of a learning experience than we thought. Who knew he had more medical training and research experience than all of those researchers studying AO over the last 30 years. Any claim involving AO I which he denies it is nothing more than opinion, and should carry as much weight. He has no medical basis for it, but unless veterans turn the heat up on him and get him out,… Read more »
Reuben Castro Acosta

AGIN PENDJO VET YO ARE SCREWED AGIN BY VA DEATHCARE FROM HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don Avant

Signed and forwarded to the Birmingham News…Contact your local paper and TV and Radio news outlets and present it to them as a press release…


I signed it. Now where is the petition to oust McDonald?!

Ralph D Carmona Sr

McDogfood needs the same cranial injection!!!

ron stewart

he promise of a square deal, or benefit of the doubt? I been denied9 times now and two remands, the judges got my claim now so who knows..we don’t need this guy, he is the monkey wrench in the system.. keep him out of trhe VA stuff…

What. Have you done to help veterans. Bet you can’t count them with both hands ! Because. 0 is 0. ! Ben. Is just one person and how work is very important. You have no clue. What he and other’s are doing or have done. ! Tell. Us all how Ben is self serving. ! Again. What have you done. ! Your. Probably mad at him. Because you can’t handle the truth and probably an employee whom had harmed veterans… Read more »

This would be an interesting FOIA request. Ask the VA how much paper they use and then normalize the data against the commercial medical sector. I believe the results will be quite surprising…


“His mind rejects what his eyes are reading” from the book, Vets Under Siege! Good read.

Director in San Juan? Was that about the time a supervisor was doing something illegal, so he couldn’t hold accountable a flunky when she was busted for an armed holdup? Why would someone move from the CO Guard to the Marine Corps reserves? Did he grease some skids to sweeten a retirement? Home Depot huh. Given how they are shockingly worthless at anything other than a homeowner building his first picnic bench, that doesn’t impress me. Various positions in DOD?… Read more »
crazy elf


Let’s not forget he “greased the wheels” back in 2008 for what we’ve got in the White House today!
Wonder just how much “blood money” he gave?


Well said mate. I am not impressed with this low life beauracrat.

He is riding on the backs of thousands of the sick and injured.

Whst a POS

Fish From The Sea William R Marlin
Fish From The Sea William R Marlin
Both Murphy and McDonald should both be sprayed with Agent Orange and let them feel what the Exposure Really Is! WTF! And After the exposure begins to show it’s effects let’s see What They Do and Say after that! Once That Proceedure is completed, they should both Spend At Least One Month In A Burn Pit. It appears that to me that any Government Servent who is paid $350,000.00 + annually should be required to have some experience with what… Read more »

You know Bob McDonald’s staff read all of this. Seems after reading all of our stories. They would do something positive. !

Nope taking names and probably calling the FBI and sending our names or other information to hurt us further !

Come on Bob do the right thing and fire the employees who are using the VA and veterans as their own play ground. !