Agent Orange Denier Thomas Murphy Promoted To VBA Chief

Disappointing news last week as the newest acting VBA chief is Thomas Murphy, a confirmed Agent Orange denier who thinks the herbicide is harmless.

As head of Compensation in 2012, Thomas Murphy blocked expert opinions supporting service connection for veterans exposed to Agent Orange herbicide on C-123 aircraft despite regulations and other evidence supporting the determination.

I wanted to highlight this issue not just because of the huge injustice you are about to read, but also because the story and documentation about what Thomas Murphy did has effectively been buried on Google.

As a side note, I am in the upper right of the picture where Murphy provided the testimony in question to Congress that we discuss below. I am literally whispering to a buddy, “I have never seen such a large man tap dance before, much less before Congress.”

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After his testimony, I met with him a few times at different conferences around the country. He even drove me around San Diego at a NOVA conference in his rental car. Not a bad guy in person.

Unfortunately for him, this policy decision is a real shameful spot on his public record. Murphy now joins a smug group of bureaucrats as an Agent Orange denier.

I am wondering to what extent his political contributions in 2008 to the Obama Campaign played a role in his climb to power within VA. I have feedback on this at the end of the article.


According to an article from C123k Cancer article:

In 2012 Mr. Murphy wrote his denial of a C-123 Veteran’s Agent Orange exposure claims, “In conclusion, there is no conclusive evidence that TCDD exposure causes any adverse health effects.” He wrote that to dismiss expert input from the CDC confirming the Veteran’s exposure.

TCDD, the toxin in Agent Orange, is recognized by science to be the most toxic of the toxins, and definitely causes “adverse health effects.” VA itself (but not Mr. Murphy) understands that it is a highly toxic substance.

This was no mere typo. Mr. Murphy’s three-page denial blocked compensation and medical benefits to a Veteran C-123 aviator. Four years later, VA itself conceded that Veteran and other C-123 Vets actually had been exposed to Agent Orange and could receive benefits.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Thomas Murphy, a non-doctor, denied a compensation claim by refuting the medical opinion of an expert on the subject. His denial essentially included a denial that Agent Orange (TCDD) causes “any adverse health effects.”

His opinion was also a spit in the face to CDC input that confirmed the exposure and input from the National Institute of Environmental Health Services, the NIH, and numerous other scientists.

Is Murphy smoking crack cocaine? No adverse effects?

No doubt, Thomas Murphy went on to tell Congress that his denial was not a blanket denial but that he would review each case on a “case-by-case basis”.

He deceived Congress by leaving out that each review would result in a denial because he already concluded Agent Orange did not cause injury, which would result in a 100% denial rate.

This leads me to one question. Who or what is Tom Murphy covering for at this point? Who is behind the great curtain hiding Agent Orange truths from the public?

Murphy does not pay the amount out of his own pocket. Taxpayers want these veterans compensated. Congress is on board. The science is there. What is the hang up?

Oh, the hang up is that VA will fight against every subset of veterans exposed to Agent Orange who did not have boots on the ground in Vietnam.

It gets worse. According to documentation cited by the same article that I have also uploaded here:

A note: if Mr. Murphy’s 2012 claim denial letter was written by a staffer for his approval, the staffer was most likely Mr. James Sampsel, manager of VBA’s Agent Orange desk and liaison to the Joint Services Records Research Center (JSRRC) in DOD. Mr. Samsel was also the staffer who drafted Secretary Shinseki’s error-laden letter and deceptive C-123 Fact Sheet.

Here is where we see the typical pattern of “yes” men / women being promoted within the agency. If they are willing to screw veterans over, they will get promoted. Do you wonder what new swanky position Sampsel will hold now that his boss was promoted?

The C123 article continues:

Mr. Sampel, a Vietnam veteran himself, had his perspective was made clear in a related email to Mr. Murphy. Mr. Sampsel wrote that “the real problem” in denying C-123 veterans’ claims is the amount of evidence confirming those exposures.

Get it? VA’s “real problem” is that the veterans’ proofs have to be ignored by VA so as to deny the C-123 exposure claims. Mr. Sampsel, labeling CDC, NIH, US Public Health Service as “the real problem” in his email to Mr. Murphy, insisted VA had “an overwhelming preponderance of evidence” against the vets, citing input from the VA consultant and VA’s own web site, as if somehow VA putting their policy statement online was “overwhelming evidence” sufficient to ignore the other federal agencies that came to the veterans’ defense.

Even the DoD had tried to tell Mr. Samsel it had credible evidence from many sources supporting the veterans, but were told in return that VA put blinders on and was being selective about what evidence it would acknowledge, and that VA would not request a JSRRC finding on C-123 veterans (note: this violates procedures described in VA’s own regulation VAM21-1MR, as well as the Veterans Claims Assistance Act.)

That really is the typical game.

Personally, I was unclear why VA continues to game play with these old veterans. I guess now I understand.

VA will fight against certain groups of veterans with certain similar injuries to avoid payouts to numerous vets when deciding one issue.

This probably explains why VA is fighting against service connection for burn pit veterans when they make claims for certain cancers.

VA is an insurance company, except it plays with tens of billions of taxpayer dollars and holds back payment even when the American public endorses the payout.

So what do you think is behind Murphy’s assent to VBA chief and why do you think he is an Agent Orange denier?

Let’s keep in mind, when VA wrongly denies benefits for those exposed to chemicals like Agent Orange, they may also be denying that veteran access to VA health care where the cancer linkage might be Agent Orange.


I should probably also mention a rumor on the subject of Thomas Murphy.

Four years ago, I asked a DC insider how Thomas Murphy was selected for the role of Director of Compensation, in 2010. I was told Murphy was a noted contributor to the 2008 Obama Campaign.

Some of you may recall he worked under then VBA Under Secretary Allison Hickey and is now the third person to hold the position in the past year after Hickey stepped down.

This contribution was prior to Murphy being selected to be the Director of Compensation under then VBA Under Secretary Allison Hickey.

If true, and there is a linkage between the contributions, these moves certainly indicate Washington DC is still operating under – politics as usual – regardless of which party is in power.

In his 2010 VA biography, it shows Murphy managed the disability and survivor benefit programs that provided more than $45 billion annually in benefit payments to four million Veterans and their families. That biography explained his background as of 2010 being:

Murphy had been the Director of VA’s San Juan Regional Office since August 2009, overseeing benefits for 151,000 veterans living in Puerto Rico, Vieques, Culebra and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Murphy retired from the military as a Major after serving 15 years in the Colorado National Guard and six years in the Marine Corps Reserve.

Murphy joined VA from The Home Depot, where he was a Director of Merchandise Planning and oversaw more than 1,950 stores, with more than $8.5 billion in annual sales.

Murphy previously was a Senior Tactical Planning Manager for Qwest Communications and worked for 10 years at the Department of Defense in a variety of positions.

So we know Murphy retired from the National Guard after serving 6 years as a Marine. He also worked at Home Depot and Quest in an executive capacity.

I guess I would wonder what government contractors he is closely aligned with during his tenure at either company prior to quickly moving up the ladder within VA.

When considering his overall career development, his tenure at VA looks as though his career at the agency was closely managed and planned for a very intentional purpose.


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  1. Folks,
    Tom Murphy is still there as VBA Administrator under Trump, and his lackey, Jim Sampsel, made the news on ProPublica for further delegitimizing Vietnam Veteran’s legitimate Agent Orange claims. It has become clear this is a concerted effort at the highest levels of government and industry to protect bad actors like Dow and Monsanto and to leave Soldiers, Marines, Sailors (even Blue Water), and Airmen exposed and flapping in the wind. New legislation has been proposed to deny concurrent individual unemployability and Social Security benefits. Savings accrued from older veterans would be passed along to younger veterans. They are trying to divide us. Don’t let it happen.


  2. I served in AFRES 1975-84 as an Acft Maint Spec. My entire service other than basic or Tech school was served at Westover AFB I spent 1000s of hours servicing and inspecting several 123’s and explicitly remember 362[patches) and another tail # I can’t recall nicknamed stinky. Many hours removing panels ,floorplates and spending many hours in the hanger or on the flightline confined to the cargo bay sometimes all I have eaten , slepted, worked and flew in these acft. It sickens me to know that so many have tried for so long to cover this up. I recently filed a claim with the va and researching came across Wes’s website c123 Veterans association. God Bless him and others that have fought to bring this injustice to light doors closed with a portable heat. I am now 59 yrs old and have several health ailments that could be attributed to dioxin exposure. I was always baffled by my being hospitalized at 24 years old for 7 days with pneumonia! Now I may have found some answers after 30 plus years!

  3. If he believes what he is saying, then he would have no difficulties about taking a full dose in the face for two or three days. With no shower between doses. I DARE HIM TO THIS! Other wise he is just another LYING POLITICIAN. Back up your statement id you dare. An outside agency would have to verify the Agent Orange as Viet Nam grade.
    Personally I thank he is just a low life without the balls to back up what he is saying.

  4. Let that guy take a shower out of a 55gl barrel, that was filled up with AO

    1. Joan really, that’s your solution, knee jerk reactions are the reason people like him are put into positions of authority, some idiot didn’t think when recommending him for the job. Your type suggestions are never the answer and would never be carried out so save your breath and use your head please…

  5. What this disgraceful pig is doing is setting up a road block to any veteran that is not already covered under the presumptive law. He can’t do anything about that law, but he can make life damn hard for any other vet that was exposed.
    What’s so stupid about this is the science has been settled enough for Congress to presume exposure and service connect several diseases. The VA constantly ignores veteran health problems from exposures to toxins until most are dead, claiming there is not enough research, and disease prevalence rates are anecdotal.
    Here is a case where the science is not anecdotal, yet this jackass presumes he knows better than every doctor that has found a connection to disease from exposure.
    What he has also done is establish a burden of proof that is higher for some veterans exposed than for those in country.
    This road block will work up until enough vets convince Congress to presume others were exposed. Many more will for without benefits because of this prick.
    It reminds me of Bernard Rostker claiming to the media that depleted uranium could be eaten like a candy bar without ill health effects because most would be expelled from the body.
    Vets need to hammer this guy and make damn sure he is not around in the next administration.


  6. *sniff* *sniff* Are those old hotdogs I need to throw out or is it coming from below a bridge? Billy Goat gruff anyone? 🙂

  7. The VA will never change. All of us , Ben , congress or senate or a president cannot change the VA . It is a corrupt to the bone jobs program .

    1. Well quoting Forest Gump ” Stupid is as Stupid does.,”. And I guess they don’t believe that we have global warming or that the world isn’t flatWell they can all fall off of the cliff as they try to convince themselves that they are right! I for one was drenched with Agent Blue and had to spend time in a Naval Hospital until my fever, welts, etc. got somewhat better and I am surprised that I haven’t came down with an terrible disease yet!

  8. I think they are doing the same thing with Gulf War claims. My claim for various issues due to Gulf War service have been denied and I am currently awaiting a decision from my NOD hearing which was held in March of this year. I will probably be denied again and have to go to the BVA unless someone has a better suggestion.

    1. You may wont to look into the court of veterans appeals, A none v.a.controlled court with real lawyers and judges. AND JUSTICE FOR ALL EXCEPT FOR VETERANS .

    1. Here is the problem that I personally saw and talked to hundreds plus Vietnam era veterans and how they actually brag about it, collecting VA benefits, and admitting that they never were been exposed to Agent Orange nor did their illness result from AO. They jumped on this VA statement to collect the benefits, now for other Vets it’s a fact and truly deserved but not the ones that read, “PRESUMES”, “DON’T HAVE TO SHOW THAT YOU WERE EXPOSED TO AO”.

      That’s the problem, besides the VA is totally corrupt, so is some of the Vets that are scamming the system from us. Thank you – John Vietnam Era Disabled Marine

      From the VA Website:
      Eligibility – Service in Vietnam or Korea
      VA presumes that Veterans were exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides if they served:
      In Vietnam anytime between January 9, 1962 and May 7, 1975, including brief visits ashore or service aboard a ship that operated on the inland waterways of Vietnam
      In or near the Korean demilitarized zone anytime between April 1, 1968 and August 31, 1971
      If you fall into either category listed above, you do not have to show that you were exposed to Agent Orange to be eligible for disability compensation for diseases VA presumes are associated with it.

      1. I do not ever really recall *ever* overhearing any Vietnam Veterans *bragging* about the Vietnam War, let alone people talking about scamming the U.S. Taxpayers and insulting fellow Vets by claiming AO exposure…and to be frank, the LAW our own President Obama enacted for the VA to make “Presumptive Agent Orange Claims Approved” has NOT been even followed by the VA, quite the opposite, so find it a far cry that vets impersonating or claiming AO exposure…nah…I think I smell rotten hotdogs…

      2. @John says

        That is a large problem within the veterans community. Many veterans ASSUME too much. Just as the VA scumbags are well aware most “Vietnam Veterans” never saw combat!

        Here’s something else many are unaware of: the VA is the ‘entity’ which came out with the ‘title’ -“Vietnam ERA Veteran”! Basically Clumping every person in the military into “One Group” (during the Vietnam War)! Many Vietnam Veterans were angered over this “title”!

        Now, back to the “presumptives” of AO!
        There’s enough evidence, by way of arial photography and maps, showing explicitly WHERE the AO was sprayed. Not only from aircraft, from tankers all the way down to “back-packs”! Yes, the Army used “back-pack sprayers” to rid the areas of follage!

        As far as I’m concerned, IF you weren’t in one of these areas – you weren’t or may not have been exposed.
        It wasn’t until 2005-6 when I finally learned where they specifically “sprayed” this crap in the Central Highlands, (II Corps),!
        (Side note: from 1982-3 until 2005-6 I wasn’t sure if AO was the reasons behind my many illnesses!)
        An area known to have been heavily sprayed. Especially in areas north and west of Pleiku!
        This is an area I’m very familiar with!
        The Ho Chi Minh Trail dropped VC and NVA out there on a regular basis during the “TET Offensive of 1968-9!” That was my year there! All of it. From Pleiku to the Cambodian Boarder!
        I’m also disgusted with physicians and other healthcare providers not believing what I say.
        Yet, because of posers going in and lying – what do you expect!

      3. @John you are exactly right but what man6 failed to realize is it only took a pin drop to kill you. The most toxic substance on earth.TCDD DIOXIN. Me personally I went ARC LIGHT AIN’T 68 with the 99th Bomb Wing to the 3960th Bomb Wing/4133rd provisional strategic wing 3960th Combat Support Group and three days,later was on an A1B TANK TRAILER handling, mixing by hand and power sprayed AGENT ORANGE HERBICIDES ON ANDERSEN.AFB GUAM and off base down the fuel pipelines to Potts Junction, Tumon tank farms, NAS Agana and Aora Harbor Naval fuel supply depot where the JP4 for the mighty B52s and KC135s.came from. I was one of those Vietnam War vets that did the grunt work but no medals even though my unit received them they wouldn’t put it on my records. The VA,uses the medal criteria to give you presumptive status and the environmental exposure block checked. I handled the AO DRUMS as well as 50LBS BAGS OF SILVEX powder and crystals which has 7 times the amount of TCDD.DIOXIN than drum AO. I have 33 autoimmune diseases including severe spinal stenosis and ANKLYLOSING SPONDIOLYSIS with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis with degenerative joint and disc disease and colon cancer and rectal cancer and severe ischemic heart disease as well as thyroid cancer and hypothyroidism and bladder disease. I have fought the VA FOR 30 YEARS. I was sterilized by it. The US NAVY did experimental testosterone intravenous injections in 77 on me. It caused near,death with anaphylactic.airway.closure. and had to stop halfway through the 36 injections. The urologist Naval captain said it could take 15 or more years to work. I ended up having one child with several diseases and now a grandchild with multiple birth defects including 24 fingers and toes and heart disease as well as aspergers syndrome and legally blind with deformed eyes.

      4. @namnibor
        Do I smell “TROLL” for VA or maybe the union?

        And, I’ve never fuckin bragged about anything!

      5. @crazyelf- Glad you got that, and although I am NOT a Vietnam Veteran, my favorite uncle who was only 10 years older than me indeed DID go and he died of horrible brain cancer back in 1979 and even though everything sure seemed to be self-evident that Agent Orange was the culprit, my uncle’s widow was NEVER compensated and in-fact even had to fight the damn VA to pay for a proper burial…she eventually just gave-up fighting the VA because even after my uncle’s death, even back in 1981 when I firstly enlisted in USAF, the VA was denying my uncle was ever actually stationed where he was because my uncle was one of those with BACK PACK SPRAYERS of AGENT ORANGE, in which even the DOD doubled down and denied…and this new VBA Murphy Phuck is from that very same evil tree of “DENY, DENY, WAIT FOR YOU TO DIE” mentality.

        My brother was stationed in Korea in the early 80’s and the Army. The military was still very busy then covering the tracks of exposure, planting fields over mass-graves of 50 gallon Agent Orange Barrels…which were found and pointed-out not too long ago by a Vietnam Veteran and an article on this blog in last year or so.

        I mentioned I smelled “cabbage” as a light reference to that devilish hot stuff called “Kim-che”, but the Troll variety…glad you got that.

        Murphy has more than likely been “installed” as a desperate VA and AFGE Union measure to ensure the VA cookie jar goes for VA Employees and NOT veterans…and I am betting that the VA is hoping Murphy will STAY IN POSITION even AFTER THE POTUS ELECTION…this POS needs removed and FAST.

        Instead of VA Employees playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos, they should now play with paint guns loaded with only Agent Orange “paint balls”….see how that works-out down the line….

      6. So sorry for all of this heart ache and sorrow brother. Our God will make things,right I know for sure. These,evil bastards will have their day in front of us all being thrown in the pit of hell for eternity. I know this for a fact. These son of bitches will be nashing their teeth and screaming in pain for eternity.

    1. PENDEJO VETS WHAT DO YO EXPECT FROM VA RICO FEDRAL CRIME RACKET AGINST ALL VETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Since it looks like this uncle fester never misses and meal and since Agent Orange is so harmless to his lard brain, how about we make him a really large banana split sunday with a healthy helping of Agent Orange glaze for starters…then there’s the Agent Orange Brandy as an afternoon nightcap?


    When some of you had that conference call with McDonald recently, you may as well have been speaking with an automatic toilet by Apple with Siri’s voice made as a man.

    This really is a huge insult to Vets. VBA Humpty Dumb-ty

    1. @namnibor
      Liiks like Murphy was N.G. for 14 years. Then a Marine.
      I wonder what “Real Marines” will think when this news breaks?

      I wonder what kind of ‘job’, (MOS), he had in either one!?
      Something is really fishy here! Contributes to Obamy’s first term! So, I wonder if he’s contributing to Hillary’s campaign?
      Is he thinking ahead? Is he thinking she’ll appoint him higher up later on?
      What is this asswipes real agenda?

      He also worked for Home Depot. I wonder if that was during the time frame when half the crap one bought there didn’t work? Or half the people who worked there, didn’t know the difference between a screw and/or a nail?
      I still won’t purchase anything from Home Depot! The workers really aren’t knowledgeable on home construction or repairs!

      Does anyone see the correlations between Murphy and McDuck?
      Seems both, in my opinion, are not what they seem. Both officers in the military. Both in “private Interprise” before being in VA!
      I think more needs to be found out about this idiot.

      1. @namnibor

        I think your right. I think when McDuck had that phone conference with Ben and all the others. He knew full well Murphy was going to head up the VBA.
        I believe McDuck knows what Murphy is all about.
        I can see it happening in the near future! Veterans benefits being stripped away! Now that Murphy’s in charge!
        I can also see all this new generation of veterans being screwed by him!

      2. Yeah, that is NO slight to Ben and Ron and supporters whom got to be on that conference call….it’s an outright SLAP in the face of integrity to NOT even bring something so insensitive as an appointee, but what I am thinking, and I could be wrong is McDonald simply is above the fray of common knowledge and not naïve but rather a TRUE YES MAN…no new transparency with accountability at the VA.

        I am almost wondering if the entire Hickey/Graves/Rubens, et al scandal was not a horse and pony show in an elaborate musical chairs to GET this asswipe appointed to head VBA. I say that because of his track record and see this as many leaps backwards rather than anything progressive for vets and the VA. Again, I could be wrong here, but NOTHING made sense with Hickey’s ‘retirement’, all hush hush, the VA and Court screwing-up several times IN the VA’s favor…reversals of charges…anyone else seeing this as one big smokescreen or am I truly delusional? 🙂

        The VA truly does not vet their hires at ANY level. But God forbid you overestimate your travel voucher by 60 cents!

        Square Deal? Does that now mean a blunt object? 🙂 In a MOOD!

  10. As a Vietnam Vet, “in country and Boots on Ground”, with 10 out of 15 ‘Presumptives of AO. And not receiving any comp for them!
    All I can say is:
    “This is one real sick fuck!”

    I agree, let’s spray his ass and wait to see the effects!
    Of course, a good sturdy Oak Tree Limb may be needed also!

    1. I forgot.
      When will this asswipe start lowering or getting veterans disabilities reversed?

  11. Well it looks like the head honcho’s have the big boy they all want! If Agent Orange is as harmless as big fat Murphy insists that it is; then why is the Vietnamese government demanding that the U.S. clean up those Agent Orange dump sites still in Viet-Nam? O’Bama should send Murphy to Viet-Nam and let him explain to those Agent Orange victims over there how harmless Agent Orange was? I doubt he would get a very warm reception!……I think I sense an underhanded conspiracy in his appointment at VA though. The O’bama admin. wants to get Viet-Nam on board with the TPP agreement. First put Murphy in at VBA so that Agent Orange vets get denied then O’Bama can go back to Viet-Nam and tell them Agent Orange is harmless and say, “See, our own veterans weren’t ever harmed by it!”

    1. If you remember it was very serious when Times Beach, Missouri was sprayed with oil that had some toxic chemicals, it was the same thing that was in Agent Orange but less concentrated. The Government bought everyone’s homes and property due to the damage.

  12. How many tours did in Vietnam did Tom Murphy actually have? Did he serve in the Marines? Did he serve in the Army? Did he ever serve in the Military? If he has children how many had birth defects? Howe many live with Down’s syndrome? Did he ever read “My Father., My Son”? Is he puking maggot?

  13. Vietnam vets have never gotten a fair shake from VA (or Congress) on anything, and this is the worst insult yet. How Bob McDonald could imagine that this is OK, is beyond me.

    1. This is not me saying this. My name is Kirk R.

      Kirk with all the life threatening statements that you make I would appreciated it if you would use your last initial with the name. Given most of us know that these pages are watched.

  14. Murphy is just another apparatchik for the Corporate Stasi State, a minor plenipotentiary, handmaiden to the shadow elite who manipulate the strings today’s bureaucrats,—across the board, all dance to. Murphy is a pig. The VA is loaded with them, all conspiring in adversarial postures against the hapless veterans. He needs to be strung up ( if you could locate heavy enough rope!) to the same lamppost Mussolini dangled from.

    Another recent piece posted here at this forum highlighted the injustices wrought through the so-termed ‘disruptive behavior’ policies of the VA. Nothing but a spike-studded club the VA wields against any veteran willing to question their (presumed) authority. Years down the road with this unjust policy and STILL there is no due process ( guaranteed through the Bill of Rights) for veterans snared in their punitive thrashing machine. Even an adamant complaint about VA failures on one level or the other can make one subject to the disruptive behavior red flag branding. This is not just adversarial in nature, it is tyrannical at its core. Why do we put up with it?

    I am 100% disabled, but because I could not tolerate these policies aimed against veteran’s best interests, I have now switched completely over to Medicare, despite my out-of-pocket costs. Like I always say, once the VC were our enemies; now it’s become the VA. Nothing has changed much except the acronym. As for fat face Murphy, he is a scumbag bottom-feeder wielding his newfound authority without any consideration for veterans in need, and entitled to, assistance. May he choke on a chicken bone and we shall dance on his grave.

  15. VA is progressive left wing now. Welcome to the Nanny State. A glimpse of how the claims process will be on every claim Veterans make from hearing loss to PTSD.

    Amazing! The man is driving outside his lane in the wrong direction and nobody at this Congressional Hearing asked him if he had the credentials to even speak on the matter?

    1. Anthony, you apparently have no idea of what ‘progressive left’ resembles. I find it unfortunate that your brainwashed right wing agenda political stance, I.e., how your perceptions have been effectively managed, has led you to frame this response. I’m with you on everything else you had to say, but Tony, you are clueless if you think the VA leadership and policies are either progressive or leaning to the left. I recommend you read Death of the Liberal Class, to better understand how few real, diehard progressives remain. Semper if!

      1. @boonieman, I provided additional commentary on this subject in the article a second ago. A DC insider told me an “influencing factor” in Murphy’s selection for then Director of Compensation was his campaign contribution to Obama 2008. If true, I guess this would suggest his climb to power certainly hangs on the neck of Democrats this time around.

        But truth be told, problems within VA span the political spectrum. It really does not matter who the President is or even the VA Secretary. It does not matter whether they are “Democrat” or “Republican” since both parties are Wall Street sellouts. They are Republicrats or Democans these days — two sides of the same coin.

        Bad bureaucrats remain while veterans are slain! And you can quote me on that.

  16. That typical Fat Sick Overweight Paid Faggot is eating the shit Monsanto and other Gov run Farm Factories are putting out…

    1. Mark you like that word faggot don’t you? You are clueless, obnoxious, and intellectually challenged to post such a comment. The people here are venting against this Murphy guy who have legitimate complaints. Then their are people like you, trolls who throw out gay slurs for no logical reason. Sorry you were made fun of as a child and never got attention, I’ll bet you were nothing but a coward bully growing up. It’s obvious you have little to no education to speak of. Get help please.

  17. Looks like maybe the VA finally got their man. I had some luck getting my claim and appeal moved forward with Allison Hickey. After she left, Danny Pummill finally got me to my P&T rating.

    I thought it was suspicious that both of them were undone by the ridiculous scandal involving Rubens & Graves. It seemed to me that this was something that should have affected Hickey (as much as I liked her) but not Pummill. Now, two people who seemed to be committed to helping vets had to fall on their swords for two corrupt criminals who got to keep their jobs.

    The message seems clear. If you’re not on-board with the “deny, deny, and hope they die” paradigm for claims and actually try to help vets, you’re out. Now there’s a bureaucrat in charge who’s well-documented to deny cut-and-dried claims. I’m sure this is who the VA wanted in charge all along.

  18. I vote we drag his azz out in the yard and spray him down with the contents of a 55 gallon drum of Agent Orange, and see if he notices any effects! I bet he supports Monsantos use of glysophate on his grandchildren too!

    1. He needs to prove that Agent Orange is not Harmful by drinking a cocktail of Monsanto’s poison.
      This man has insulted thousands of exposed veterans, dead and alive suffering from the effects of this herbicide!
      He can go F*(k himself!

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