Veterans Affairs Deputy Secretary

Yesterday, President Donald Trump selected the assistant secretary at the Department of Veterans Affairs to support Secretary David Shulkin, MD.

According to the Washington Examiner, John Ullyot was selected to work in some kind of leadership capacity within VA. Early reports erroneously asserted Ullyot would replace Scott Blackburn, who presently functions as deputy secretary under David Shulkin, MD. Those reports were erroneous.

Instead, it would appear Ullyot will take over some other part of VA, most likely its public affairs division.

It will be curious to see how this plays out.

[UPDATE: 3/31/17 – Originally, it was reported that Ullyot would take over Scott Blackburn’s position. This is not accurate, and the story is updated to reflect this.]

John Ullyot Previous Employers

Ullyot previously worked at Brighton Strategy Group, as deputy communications director for the Trump campaign, and also as communications head for the Senate Veterans’ Affairs and Senate Armed Services Committees.

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The selected assistant secretary served in the Marines for four years as an intelligence officer following graduation from Harvard. Curiously, before Harvard, Ullyot studied at the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute.

Here is a full list of his employers via LinkedIn (every position is related to public relations):

  • Trump Campaign
  • Brighton Strategy Group
  • High Lantern Group
  • Hill+Knowlton Strategies
  • US Senate Veterans Affairs Committee
  • AOL
  • Intel
  • Marine Corps

Here is his education via LinkedIn

  • Harvard University
  • Pushkin State Russian Language Institute
  • Deerfield Academy

One thing is for sure, Ullyot has worked in public relations and messaging for many, many years, and is well connected in DC. My guess is you can count on messaging from the agency being tightened up. Having a spinster serve under Shulkin may be a sign that Trump intends to redirect messaging in some way.

Think it will be a series of announcements like George W Bush’s now infamous “mission accomplished” announcement of the Iraq war over a decade ago?

Let’s hope not.

Previous Deputy Secretary Under McDonald

We were initially given the impression Ullyot was to take over Blackburn’s position, which was previously held by Sloan Gibson.

Sloan Gibson, the former deputy secretary under Bob McDonald, was a senior corporate executive. We saw Gibson fly all over the US to investigate and clean up messes for the administration through strategic messaging.

Ullyot is substantially younger than Gibson and does not appear to have the same experience managing large organizations. This was an early indication and reports from the Washington Examiner and others about Ullyot taking over Blackburn’s position was inaccurate.

Now, we are not totally sure what Ullyot will be doing, but it seems likely he will take over public affairs or work in communications in some capacity.



To bad they didn’t get rid of Shulkin

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@VAISLYING INC : LOL you are consistent, this one is funny as hell though lol.


I’ll just keep my ears eyes tuned to that channel.
Off the cuff judgment : dude’s a tool bag that will be used to further deepen the shit hole.

Ex va
I like to see a Veteran in some of these positions, i am hesitant to think that he will be part of a new era towards excellent va healthcare. All the public relations positions he worked in makes me worry that he will be part of damage control for the va than be a part of involving real changes for the good of Veterans in this corrupt va system. The va lately has been trying to improve their public image… Read more »
“[One thing is for sure, Ullyot has worked in public relations and messaging for many, many years, and is well connected in DC. My guess is you can count on messaging from the agency being tightened up. Having a spinster serve under Shulkin may be a sign that Trump intends to redirect messaging in some way.]” Hope to be wrong, but seems he’s a damage control meat grinder sphincter spinster and again, I truly hope to be wrong but I… Read more »

Don’t know but do care.


@Lem – You doing alright? Not to probe, but I’ve noticed your posts have been really short. Hang in there.

Dave Shoobie

I doubt very seriously that he’s going to be Deputy Secretary. More like Asst. Secretary for Public Affairs.

OK, I am a Marine and I went to public schools. On the face of it this pick seems tailor made for the VA! Ben lists his job duties in the Marine Corps as an “intelligence officer”… Who knew we even had those officers in the Marine Corps! Not a whole lot of that to order around or lead now is there? Yep. Business as usual. An officer to lead the intelligent who was selected of all places from The… Read more »

Ring Knockers, Inc.

wayne harper

can you ask your friend, John Ullyot.
whay i have waited since 2008 for my hearing and why for years i have to pay for service connected treatment.
thank you
wayne harper


@wayne harper- You wouldn’t happen to be a USAF Veteran?

wayne harper

No, US Army, air cav


Thought I’d ask, I had a work-out buddy and ex-boxer by same name at one base for over 4 years, and he hailed from Maryland.

What do I think? It doesn’t bode well for veterans that use the VA to have another Harvard educated, former Senate VA committee spokeshack in such a position. Does this guy have any overseas deployments? Any combat zone duty? I get the impression there is a lot of politics as usual in DC, and this is an example of that. A former spokeshack for the Senate VA committee being put in place at the VA to keep an eye on… Read more »

Carbon Steel and Titanium bolts for that Stairmaster.

wayne harper

Boise VA is trying to cover up my heart attack they let me have

“[Ullyot previously worked at Brighton Strategy Group, as deputy communications director for the Trump campaign, and also as communications head for the Senate Veterans’ Affairs and Senate Armed Services Committees]” Again, where was his zeal to clean-up corruption at the VA and help fellow Vets while he served as the HEAD of Communications for Senate Veteran’s Affairs and Senate Armed Services Committee”? He HAD to have seen all the “chatter” about Vets being harmed, killed, rampant corruption, fraud and abuse… Read more »

He was a paid PR guy pushing the party line…nothing more.

Whoever paid him to speak was the position he took.

Crazy elf
?Ullyot? Methinks we just got another “D(eep)C(luster fuck)Insider”! Which, in my opinion, will allow almost every veteran receive the same bullshit we’ve been dealing with for decades! Hope I’m wrong. But, don’t think so! On the other hand Brothers and Sisters. We just got a bone thrown at us yesterday. President Trump has signed legislation, into law, making 29 March “Vietnam Veterans Day!” How’s that for “recognition for services rendered in Vietnam!” in the most fucked-up war we SERVED in!… Read more »

So a “Jar- head spook” is now the spinmaster for the VA. Nothing new here folks. Happy Friday Ya’ll.

The REAL question on everyones mind is just what new acronym they will name the new program to create the new VA in which everyone is kind, warm ,and fuzzy (KWF). “Kind. Friendly. Caring.” (KFC) might be hyper simple for VA folks to remember but it would only encourage bariatric behavior. I originally thought that W.I.N. might be a good one to replace ICARE because “Warm Intelligent Nursing” sounds so much better than ICARE (rapists often tell their victims that… Read more »

BOHICA fits. No pun intended.


Ex va

@91Veteran, ROFL!!!!!


@91Veteran – I just now visualized this 91. LMAO After reviewing it multiple times, scratching my head, it finally clicked in. Ahhh, . . .

(_T_) —–> (_o_)
closed —— open


@ANutterVet: You left out hairy butt, (.`.l .`.)


“Kind. Friendly. Caring.” (KFC) might be actually dangerous for Veterans because the term “extra crispy” comes to mind, and I am not speaking of those crows either.
Additionally, “Finger Licking Good” could be concerning if you have labs that day.

However, I DO see the connection because this new generation of KFC’s Colonel is a bit creepy, just like the VA.

Ron Nesler

Just checking. Am I supposed to celebrate VA acquiring another high dollar PR person? That may solve some of VA’s image problems, and help sueeze more tax dollars out of Congress, but it escapes me how it might help veterans.

In looking for the linked news article on this, I searched on Wasington Post instead of Washington Examiner, and came up with an article from March 26 about Trumps new WH Office of American Innovation lead by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. In it, it describes what this new office will do, including reforming the VA, and “reimagining veterans affairs”. “” It discusses this team and business leaders being brought in to discuss fixing several problems. But if re-imaging or reimagining… Read more »
Brian Moyer
I believe it will business as usual. The DOD will continue to deny the use of Agent Orange, Blue, White and Silvex on Guam when in the same breath the VA has awarded compensation to a very small set of Guam Veterans. I am also a Agent Orange Veteran of Guam who was stationed down at Apra Harbor for two years of the USS Proteus AS-19 while I was in the Corps. I witnessed spraying going on as have hundred… Read more »
“business as usual” is exactly and precisely the function of an employee union once the union deals with the actual sufferage of any employee upon initial founding of the union. Ask yourself, if the employees are not suffering under unjustifiable employer terms offered by The United States government, then what exactly is the union for? The union of AFGE exists partly to steer the course for better pay and benefits which is human, but once achieved as it has been… Read more »
No more wait and see, isn’t 45+ years, long enoug? Yes, we still have WWII veterans fighting for what is rightfully theirs. I wll say it again, it is time to take action. No more talking. Start planning and let’s roll. Nothing will ever change untill WE make it change. Dennis’s explanation of history on this, speaks volumes, and it also proves, there is no interest in DC to change a fucking thing. It’s all about the va cash cow,… Read more »
Ex va

@cj, ROfL!!!!!!!!


Why not “~MOINK~”???? Moo…Oink….Moink! Moink! Moink!

McDonalds could then make the McMoink Muffin. So many possibilities.

As usual, I make it a habit of reading the comments before I post my own comment relating to Ben’s weekday articles. And, from what I’ve read in the current comments, I don’t think I’ll have to post today. I’m going to go with the intuition from my fellow Veterans on this one; officially stamped, “BUSINESS AS USUAL IN DC.” From the headlines of Ben’s article, I almost started to get really excited. Due to the cash cow, the AGFE… Read more »

The talk about KFC made me hungry for some extra crispy old crow. 🙂


@Namnibor – Are you calling me a crispy old crow because of how I messed up my last sentence in my post above? You one pleasant and good guy.

Disgruntled Veteran
While I would like to think that this is a good thing, I do not. He was a Jarhead spook who may possibly have been headed for the CIA/NSA, then got derailed (for whatever reason) along the way. I am afraid that he is just another politico. We live in the world’s third most populous nation. We comprise approximately 4.44% of the world’s population. According to the American Bar Association there are currently 1,116,967 lawyers practicing in the United States.… Read more »
Crazy elf

“DevilDoc2017” beat me to the punch!
“Happy Friday 2017!”

This is the “Friday DUMP” we were hoping not to receive!

Ben, “IF” he’s really your “friend”, why not try to clue him in on all the things he should be doing to help veterans.

The question REALLY is not about who they do put in charge at VA. The question really is what script will they be given to act from. Personally I hink there is ONLY one Hollywood script they need to be given, and that is from nearly any John Wayne movie. In my absolutely favorite John Wayne moment, a jack ass man had been confronted by John. John dealt with the prick in the usual the straight forward way that he… Read more »
This particular “John” with the last name of ‘Ullyot” may also be an insider for the company that makes official Hungry, Hungry Hippos board game, thus, now a wholesaler to the VHA System. Why would I suggest that? It just struck me after I also struck my head under my bathroom sink earlier today that if you spell “John Ullyot” last name of Ullyot backwards, you get “Toyllu”, and in my still reverberating brain, it all now somehow makes sort… Read more »

Sadly, President Trump missed out on an opportunity to actually put in someone who would have actually made a difference for ALL Veterans………. Now, we wait to see what happens under Shulkin and this Jar-Head Spook! God help us all…………


You stated Sloan Gibson flew all over the place to clean up messes. I suspect Sloan Gibson covered up more messes than he cleaned up!


“….Ullyot was selected to work in some kind of leadership capacity within VA….” Great. Convince people how much better the VA is functioning now the this president is in charge. Nothing has to functionally change mind you – just the message.

@Cj, great art. Whatever position Ullyot will be occupying, he’s just gonna be another one of them. His history, other than being a Marine, a good thing, the rest of him is NOT good for us. Personally, I am getting tired, confused, and a little weary of ALL these damn Russian ties. @Seymour Klearly, I can use a little more reassurance about all the Russian stuff. And, S.K., I still believe AG Sessions is going to hurt America big time.… Read more »
Jo3n, I doubt this will provide much assurance regarding the Russians, but it should certainly make you ask questions. Within this article is a link to an MSNBC video in which a former Obama Pentagon official is describing gathering intelligence on Trump long before the election, spreading it around to other Obama officials and Democrat politicians on the hill. The timing of this suggests Obama and his thugs were using our Intel agencies to spy on any possible political opponent… Read more »
I can provide assurance; Be assured that Russia has the best interest of Russia in mind and that if it EVER became obvious to them in their eyes that it was necessary to launch an all out nuclear strike at America that 1) they would not hesitate longer than one heartbeat to do it and, 2) they have full capability. History assures us that Russia is extraordinarily powerful because they have a tradition of being extraordinarily brutal to those they… Read more »

“These things are assured. Not good. Not evil. Just the way it is.”

M.A.D. = Mutually Assured Destruction, it’s a real DoD term. They LOVE it. They also really love their Doomsday Clock. They also really LOVE all those cool blinky colored buttons.
“Do you want to play a game of thermonuclear war?” — ‘War Games’ movie.

Disgruntled Veteran

@Dennis – – – Spoken like a REAL Marine Spook. Your “Assurance Assessment” Clear, Concise, Correct.

@Nam – – – When the WOPR clock reaches zero – – – Whoppers (BK) and all other nutritional nuggets will cease to exist in the Western Hemisphere. Except for the cockroaches.

How about a nice game of Chess? My name is Joshua . . .

This kid is full of shit. His resume (on LinkedIn) lists job descriptions, but NO RESULTS – at all – for every stupid position (“issues Management”) he has ever been hired for by other Harvard leftists that hired him. He is a nobody – just the YES-MAN type Shulkin would insist on to “work” for him, while Shulkin is deciding what he wants to be – a doctor?, no, a president of a hospital in NJ?, no, an entrepreneur/inventor of… Read more »
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