Kneecap Elderly Veteran

Elderly Veteran Charged For Threatening To Kneecap VA Employee With Gun

One elderly veteran was charged with two counts of terroristic threats and one count of harassment for actions at Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center.

According to Times Leader:

Angelo Anthony Mazzarese, 63, of Chemung, New York, is facing two counts of terroristic threats and a single count of harassment. He was released on $5,000 unsecured bail after an arraignment by District Judge Michael Dotzel in Wilkes-Barre Township on Thursday.

Mazzarese threatened a female employee by saying he wanted to pull her hair out and shove the hair down her throat, and threatened to shoot the employee in the knees to have physical and mental reminders of him, according to a complaint.

Mazzarese told the woman “her time is coming, you won’t know when or what but it will happen,” the complaint states.

Police said the woman was in fear of her life. Mazzarese allegedly made the threats Dec. 30.

This type of behavior cannot be encouraged regardless of how shameful or fraudulent VA’s own employees and leadership behave.

Whether you are at a VA hospital or here on my website, remember there are no 1st Amendment protections when you make direct threats or terroristic threats to harm anyone including VA employees.

Do not do it, no matter how mad you get.

Such statements only bring shame on the veteran population.

And remember, the police and other agencies are always watching.


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  1. The revolution is obviously coming. Veterans are tired of taking this money medicine approach to receiving medical care and are becoming violent. They can kill us but and that is ok. But when we fight back, we are terrorists.

  2. I look at all the settlements and think, that Veterans family should get that and more. On the other hand the VA is paying these settlements out of our VA money and the Hospital walk’s away with no money out of their pocket. I bet if you checked the management staff still walked away with their bonuses.

  3. This kinda reminds me of the movie “Article 99”, with some up and coming actors and actresses! Only on a much smaller scale!

    On a side note,
    Y’all might want to watch “60 Minutes” tonight! Looks like President Putin has had enough of the Dems and Rino’s accusations of “Russian Collusion!”
    One of the Russian top attorneys’ is speaking out!

  4. He did a stupid thing by threatening the employee. How ever, by going to the VA in search for healthcare, the veteran subjects him/her selves potentially to life changing/deadly procedure by a potential incompetent medical hack who would not be allowed to practice medicine in any other medical facility

  5. @Ben Krause – – – No offense to you, but in my thoughts and IMO, by attorneys not banding together like researchers do when getting mad and pissed off, and using their energies in solving a dis-ease, and this disease has become extremely larger as proven time and time again, where are your colleagues?

    Or what is the reason(s) that they don’t band together? This is an issue (VA) that clearly has merit to be investigated, reformed, and re-organized. And, if a common men steps into the Law to protect themselves, they’re looked down upon by the so-called “honorable ones.” Please explain this, because I know that I’m not the only one that is thinking in this manner.

    And, back in the day, it was expected that every man to know the law to protect themselves, their love ones, their properties, and such. But the law has become greatly complicated compared, and ever changing. The common man would have to stop all the he-she is doing, in order to at least have a half a chance of making the law work for them.

    Hope to see and hear a well written reply as to why there’s no backbone in the Legal mainstream of those that love the law, and to help protect others, especially protecting the one’s that protect the freedoms and rights of attorneys to express themselves. I just don’t get it. Help us out Brother in understanding these attorney’s positions of this matter.

    Is there anyone else that would like to know what I’m asking about? For me, it could clearly help me to understand other attorneys points of view, or reasons why they don’t band together, or is it that the Torte Law’s complexity doesn’t make this type of effort feasible or to come out in a favorable outcome for Veterans. For about everyone else, like you, I’m concerned about Veterans too, as are others. We’re tired of being treated as (not like) Second Class Citizens.

    Shine the light Brother, shine the light. Sincerely, Mahalo nui loa.

  6. Here in Las Vegas you cannot even mention many words without repercussions. I have RSD/CRPS from a to tight cast (compliments of the VA) and have had it for almost 7 years. With the new opiate panic they have decided to deny the problem and reduce the pain meds I am getting, I do not want to wait till they do it and I am in crisis mode so I went to pain management and ask to speak to the supervisor, in explaining why I wanted to see them I ask the lady what we are supposed to do when they take away the meds, are we supposed to become felons and get the meds off the street or are we supposed to commit suicide. Thats when the swat team showed up and patted me down in the hallway, explaining that they were told I am a threat to myself or others they was going to “detain” me. So whatever you do do NOT ask them questions they do not like even that will get you incarcerated. The other question is what kind of paper trail this bizarre event left that will plague me in the future. Las Vegas has to be one of the worse VA in the country but they are very good at suppressing it, corrupt to the core.

  7. Problem here is Ben is trying to warn people about certain things, and what is best NOT to do. Or use this forum (his) for open perceived “terrorist threats” or physical harm to others which can mean law suits, possible felony styled breaches on someone’s home which is very real today, with or without a just cause, or over merely lashing out verbally at some anti-American communist, VA antagonist, governmental creep, or corporate piece of filth. We no longer live in the old America, being old school (which is very tough for me not to do,) with a culture that will not allow us older people to use some rather rough language and/or about crapping down some fools neck. Thinks it’s bad now wait until the globalist and scum set us up with more hate speech/crime laws and stuff like they have in Canada, Australia, or Europe, and more is indeed coming, and here already. We are already being censored and banned all over the place, and totally ignored by the masses.

    We can NOT do what the activist, the illegals or gangs can do online or in the streets openly burning our flag or threatening to kill every white person on ‘their continent.’ We’d be shot, imprisoned, to being shut down immediately. We do not have that kind of Soros paid activism, or media support.

    Anyone tells me to group up, arm up, create a siege, I have to take that coming from a agent provocateur (who are everywhere in every group) wanting this site closed down or me to be pigeon holed as violent, or guilt by associations, and put on more list on the ADL, SPLC, ACLU, or some activist hit list like I need more of that crap. Now think, how many to-date have been innocently shot down by the government or someone for speaking their minds, or expecting they live in a free country or maybe having some property rights??? Hell, I wait for that kind of intentional shooting or raid daily anyway.

    Or, it comes from someone that doesn’t care about ramifications or retaliation, clueless about basic activism, has done nothing in their life to comprehend what their words or suggestions can do, or mean to others, or how others may ‘group us all together’ like it hasn’t been done already. It doesn’t work at the VA, in a court room, or out in the streets for us. Regardless how subtle others threats are, VA staff, or some activist is, or how threatening, or in our faces, they are ALLOWED to be. We can’t. And we don’t write in our files or the ones to put info in all those computers used against us. That is why when I walked out my last visit from the VA I shut down all and every communication with them. And legal or not I record, or try to when I remember to turn the damn recorders on, every damn thing. Even got trail cams in my yard, dash cam, and etc. But those can be thrown away/confiscated by corrupt cops or whatever and has been done to me in the past. What are ya going to do? Not a damn thing to be done in some situations.

    Shame? We don’t need the shame others want to pour on us. WE are expected to feel that over some idiot shooting people, or for some other person/vets issues, or false flag attacks. Enough said. King Obummer from Kenya already had us put on lists. And GW Bush’s Patriot Act crap and other stuff doesn’t help matters either.

    Fear? We better have some healthy fear about us. We better grow those third eyes in the back of our heads. Become more environmentally or situationally aware 24/7/365. Especially those still using the VA and having problems. Or those of us having serious issue from the VA and now completely in the civilian world of corrupt living and all their tactics to retaliation for standing up to them, or not falling for their intimidation or threat tactics. I can get into enough trouble on my own and being polite and mannerly. I don’t need to allow others to push me into a corner somewhere alone. Like in a VA room. WE deal with pathological liars, real psychopaths, soulless vile creatures, sociopaths to real life sadist that all enjoy their damn jobs and following orders to try and destroy us or use us for test subjects.

    Some families here had their veteran family members websites pulled down or ended due to the fear of it all, and getting gossiped about in their own towns to their hairdresser salons. They didn’t want any part of the hassles or the airing our
    issues or being identified as part of some movement for veterans causes or rights.

  8. The law severed from morality and human compassion is OPPRESSION. The way i see it is that we need to take OUR OUR VA health system back from the greedy and immoral group that has taken it from us all and is using it for there own greedy corrupt and bigited purposes. I view this veterans threats as a cry for help, help that he was not getting and not receving and was rightfully and lawfully his. We need to organize much better, I don.t know if taping and recording some of these people is lawful but we should do it for our own piece of mind and security, social media is a powerful tool too use too. The VA is ours it belongs to us and we must take it back from the greedy intrests that have wrongfully stolen it from us and are using it to engorge themselves and their special corporate intreasts. I get anxiety so bad sometimes and they refuse to do anything meaningful, just wating for me to go off and do something unholsome, they are dispiciable, but their are predictible

  9. This is some good blood boiling music. Honestly, if this doesn’t get your blood going check yourself for a pulse you might be having issues… 😉


  10. Today I am going to bat for a veteran. Let me post a copy of the lead snippet of an article about his man.

    “Russi had served 29 years active duty in the U.S. Air Force, retiring as a colonel. He was deployed four times as a combat surgeon and once as a hospital commander. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He retired in 2013 and moved to Oregon, taking a job as a trauma surgeon at Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend, and working his way up to trauma medical director. He was the on-call surgeon on Oct. 1, 2015, the day three of the students injured in the Umpqua Community College shooting were brought in to Sacred Heart”

    Google Scott Russi and you will in just four months at Roseburg VA the leadership there, a pediatrician from India, her husband also from India in senior leadership, and finally the former Chief of Staff from Kenya, a dentist, labellled him incompetant as a surgeon and booted him from VA service as a medical provider. America we just gave an honored combat surgeon the big green weiney right up the wazoo. How low have we gone? The man endured mortar attacks while saving our veterans lives and we let VA screw him over! What has VA lost for America by destroying this guy?

    No matter how you slice it, America has been infiltrated. My Congressman, Defazio had blistering words for VA over this hero. Of course Defazio is an American so maybe he doesn’t understand the culture?

      1. We have absolutely been infiltrated. Trying to understand 1 word in 10 on a complex legal/medical matter because the person on the other end of the phone is so thick with his local foreign dialect is a complete nightmare. I tend to think this is done on purpose as to add another level of obfuscation.

      2. VA now offers Tele-Dialect for Veterans. Hurry, as expected, there’s not enough of these. Plus, we’re still in analog production of the boxes. Our great Shulkin is requesting more monies for digital ones. Thank you for serving, as we don’t do our best to serve you.

      3. Then even though you can’t understand them, and you let them know, they either get frustrated or mad at you because *THEY* can’t properly use in combo, their tongue, lips, teeth/gums, and muscle movement to get the sounds out of speaking English.

        Why are they on the front lines answering the phones in the first place. Never could understand this.

        But let me not be the first one to tell you, thank you for serving our Great Big HUGE Nation that still needs to fix or do away with the VA. Hmm, just heard POTUS say, if we did away with the VA all together, we’d save a lot of monies to fill our pockets in making louder noises. Let me get my son-in-law Ger-On-A-Moe on this one.

        Oh, its going to be wonderful, a beautiful thing, and lots, and lots, of chocolate cake. And, we’re not going to have any dress codes for when our beautiful guests use the pool here at Watch-the-Logs Float, Florida.

    1. update. Here is a copy and paste from our local paper. The man they are describing is the Chief of Surgery from India. His wife is the facility Chief of Staff also from India. Look at the original blog entry condemning a veteran for venting on a VA chick. Now read this. I see no mention of terrorism when it is VA pulling this shit;

      “On April 15, 2015, May had an interaction with Chief of Surgery (Roseburg VA) Dinesh Ranjan over patient scheduling in the operating room at the VA. May alleges Ranjan berated her for close to half an hour, yelling, looming over her (he’s about a foot taller), and waving his hands angrily.

      Several witnesses corroborated her story, and one reported the incident to the VA police. Following an investigation, VA police concluded that Ranjan had been “loud enough to upset the normal working environment,” and that his “behavior could be interpreted as intimidating.” They found a claim of disorderly conduct was substantiated.

      May’s not the first to accuse Ranjan of mistreatment. Eugene surgeon Scott Russi accused Ranjan of whistle-blower retaliation after Ranjan fired Russi from the Roseburg VA’s Eugene clinic, and two other doctors have alleged Ranjan retaliated against them after they reported him for performing substandard colonoscopies.”

      1. Help me out, please: Would the VA perhaps be a tad confused on the legal definition so the VA redefined a “substandard colonoscopies” to be in-fact one-in-the-same “shitty colonoscopies”? Making all colonoscopies done at the VA, shitty colonoscopies, by sheer fact it’s being done by the VA.

  11. while I agree and sympathize with the Vet, I also agree that you should just bite your tongue or wait till you get out in the car and beat the hell out of the roof or the arm rest. making threats is not going to help your cause any and in fact could end it right then and there

    1. You don’t know what the Veteran has been through. Maybe he’s been royally screwed over in the past, by the same nurse of people in said same department. There are 3 sides to a pancake, and when it comes to the VA, I’ll bet there’s at least 10. Things like this happens because of reasons, and if things don’t change, its going to escalate, and I know. BELIEVE ME BROTHER. Want to hear my story? 5 years ago I was able to walk in the VA with my Service Dog, VA made script changes, and now after trying to maintain and keep mobilized, I’m in a damn hospital bed. Let one of them make a stupid ass mistake on me, and I’ll kiss them and thank them for making more even more worse. NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Why were an entire string of comments deleted? Also, why are we able to edit our comments, but not able to delete a comment awaiting moderation?

    When we are not able to post links, we end up re formating our comments, to make sure we didn’t make a mistake. Then we end up with 3 or 4 of the same comments awaiting moderation.

    Please provide a set of rules, so at least we can stay within those boundaries without having our comments deleted, or put into awaiting moderation.

    Thank you.

    1. Comments Deleted? What do you mean deleted? Our records indicate no such thing. Deleting comments awaiting moderation? We save everything of what we want.

      Reformatting comments? We want you to learn to write your comments in different ways for the understanding of the masses. Plus, all those comments in moderation will either show your growth or not in writing style and comprehension.

      Editing? Veterans are always being edited. Proof? Just check your medical records, most likely they need editing every other sentence due to being taken out of context.

      Rules? A set of rules? To stay in boundaries? Without having comments deleted, or put into a phase of “awaiting moderation?”

      Sounds like a revolution? We’ll put your name on the Disruptive Behavior or the EPERS list. We also have jail cells in each VAMC for your types, and our highly trained Federal Officers will handle the matter with ease. When you come into our territory (Federal property), you have NO freedoms or rights.

      And, to speed things up, if you act up out there in Citizen’s land, we got the Veterans Court for your ass to be brought up in front of one of our Honorable One’s.

      Veterans? You want, you want, you want. Man the fuck up, and stop your whining soldier. Use your inner strength in which we taught you so well. Don’t have us pulling rank on you. We’ll reduce you down to a bitching Veteran, or one as a Veteran that bitches. We can give you the choice of either phrase for no one’s convenience.

      CJ, your exactly right in what you posted. Everyone else speaks their minds, so I’m speaking mine as well. Geez, pretty soon, we won’t be able to say shit. But I’ll say it, “Shit.” Some don’t even get a word of response back, it can be automated too, as Veterans were use to that style. The message doesn’t even have to be signed. Go ahead, Wire it up. I don’t give a damn. They all need to be wired up. Their all out of order. Don’t get mad now, when the truth kind of gives you a little peck on the cheek, per for a reminder to check ourselves, or oneself.

      Hope you had a Merry Christmas and New Years. Mindz one, still in trauma, but who gives a fuck. With all the purposeful manipulations, mind control (Silva that is), conniving, bullying, and mobbing (more than one bully in cahoots with each other performing the same actions as one bully), our rights, freedoms, thinking, dreams, and our visions are being blotted out day by day, hour by hour, second by second.

      And, for all my thoughts and understanding, I firmly believe that the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (IIED), and be used against the VA’s culprits. Not only for the sake of Veterans, but their love ones, service animals, and powered caretakers. Le me group them all together in this, FUCK THEM ALL.

      I say we all revolt, and take over this crooked place. I’ll do logistics, any other takers? I’m not asking for you input, I’m asking for a yes or no. No righteousness, no peace. The best to you while you have it in your own thinking, because surely, it is being taken away right in front of your face. Good day, good night, do you got it in you to fight?

      Label me more than deviant, please do, I’ve been called worse. And surely don’t care. Peace, love, dove, to all of you who don’t mind being always shoved. Now lets wait for a response. Can I get a, “I hear you?”

      1. Yes, I hear you, and a very mediocre xmas at best.
        Who gives a shit about a damn New Year?

        A New Year occurs on your birthday, not the end of a calendar year, WTF? just another idiotic holiday, an excuse for morons to get drunk, and fat ugly women to get laid, by drunk morons.

        I remember an old comedian once saying, “Getting a fat woman drunk is like driving a Winnebago with no brakes”

        No wonder the VA is crashing!!!!!!! All those drunken tunabeasts on New Years Eve, kinda sets the tone for the rest of the year.

        I wonder if a tunabeast has a platypus?

        AND SHIT!!

      2. Just minus the platy. Plus, its double-sided, and four-walled. A frigging big one broski. And, a lot more than all the ham in the markets around you.

  13. Here’s to all the bad, naughty, and wise-ass Fatty Nurses, that’re trying to empty out the pain pills that they stole from Veterans that’re in the VA Medical Centers-


    If not approved, you may have to cut and paste into your browser.

  14. Matthew Riehl, 37. ben i am begging u to look into this please please please. not only are veterans in danger to the veteran affairs but by corrupted police as well also. i would love for u to do an article. the man had live stream when it happened no warrant was issued as well also.

  15. No offense, but we post our complaints, our heartaches, our anger, our grief, and some post what needs to be done, and how to go about it. That’s fine and dandy, but getting us as a whole, nowhere of substantiated stride or importance. And, it’s fine if you disagree with me. No hurt feelings on my end, because I know futile when I see it, over, and over.

    Where are all the Legal Beagles that should be banding together, like a legal aid types, standing up for all the women (sometimes men too), that have all their daddy’s baby’s, and they go to hell and back to fight for them, getting restraining orders, filing divorce papers, child support increases, even when the other party clearly isn’t making more monies, where are our, us Veterans, band of warrior fighting attorney’s?

    Veterans are all tied up with managing their health care, making sure their med records are correct, while the VA expects us (singularly), to know the damn VA’s Policies, Guidelines, Rules, Amendments, and other changes, plus the changes that the VA hides from us so that we have less power in giving them a good fight to protect ourselves, to protect others, and to let the VA leadership know, that we’ve got their number, and we’re dialing in a bead on them.

    But without the Professional Peeps (the great minds of the legal people- and the one’s that *REALLY* know their shit, instead of talking shit), we’re going to go around in circles.

    IMO, just like in Hawaii (happening back in the early ’80’s – late ’90’s), the State’s leaders would sit back, and love to watch the show of the Hawaiian leadership, and the fractions thereof per the Hawaiian people, and to observe them (the Hawaiian’s), call each other names, giving stink eye back and forth (mean looks that indicate I like beef to kick your dumb ass), or to pussy bicker one to another (idle bitching going nowhere), and the never ending running of the mouths, from the many hefty and overly weighted, and extra-widened girthed, with breasts bigger than most white women’s teats, with their low riding shorts, that reveals the sand-filled, or skid marked cracks of their asses, with massive bodies rattled with diabetes by showing the sores of such dis-ease, and being limited in strength, that disables the Hawaiian people from obtaining what is rightfully theirs, due to not having, and showing, any signs of strong, and lasting endurance, but the tropical air is filled with the bragging of their pseudo stamina, which can’t stand up against the one’s that’s the *REAL* enemy, even if they had their family and friends backing them up, to surely go against the culprit that’s stealing what is rightfully theirs.

    And, I’m still vigorously SMH, saying to my inner self, WTF is this all about, and where is it going without the help of attorneys like Ben Krause. Just calling it as I see it, and I’ve seen enough to make my mind up. Therefore, winning the battle against the VA, will most likely be accomplished on a one-to-one Veteran basis.

    If not, then where’s the fucking masterminds, to guide us Veterans through this corrupted muck of wanton-ish down-right conniving-behavior of these VA crooked employees, who always love to chant the VA’s motto and mission statement. Nothing but a fucking act to look good, not to Veterans, but to their fucking selves.

    Do you get see the picture now? Do you get the point of all this bullshit that applies to most of us Vets, unless we have good friends that’re Officers. Still in the same mood, but clicked it up to a higher mode, or two, or three. Rant out.

  16. This is true.
    1. WE must fight the good fight. NO threats. But it is understandable under the conditions at the VA, and the daily frustrations WE face each day, in the face of VA employees being SO, SO, SO disrespectful towards us. Hurtful the VA Non Veteran employees are. It is understandable though. Injured veterans, vulnerable poor working class veterans, who can not defend themselves, and disabled former soldiers being treated rudely, disrespectfully, and inappropriately. Denied the honor that they-so-deserve. The treatment at the VA, would make any rationale person, vet or former soldier angry….

    2. Threats, weaken the cause. Threats label us, as “DANGEROUS”, “Unstable”. Or as TIME-BOMBs” All of these terms, mean names, and hurtful things and hateful names, I’ve been called in the past.
    The remarks and hurtful names was done all in order to agitate me, or provoke me. Push me out of employment. Or be little me! Manufacture criminal charges on me, by he said, she said bull shit.

    3. The name calling. It was done to force me out of employment, eventually blacklist me, create bull shit charges (where people mobbed me without due process) humilate me.

    4. I seen it at the VA in Akron Ohio, and Cleveland Ohio Wade Park Louis Stokes. They wanted me leave the VA. Without anybody “Knowing” what happened to me in the service, how I was injured and became disabled. The hurtful things, and cover up at the VA in Ohio. It was done, SO that I would be denied benefits or my claims would never be justly addressed!!!
    I mean for example:
    1. Pamela Sue Sherer Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA Outpatien Clinic Waterloo Road. Lying to the senators, Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio. And lying to Senator Rob Portman Ohio
    2. ERIC CANNA Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road, Stated and Said,
    Eric Canna Non Veteran Catholic said these things to me. This isnt even the half of it. To add, Eric Canna father did not even served during WWII.

    5. Then the VA brings in this “FORESNIC WHORE” to engage in C and P exam hatchet jobs. Paid over and over again by the VA to sabotage vulnerable vets of deserving benefits. The VA Wade Park Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio brings in this paid benefits assassin. PAID VA Hit Man, sabotataging injured vets, poor working class veterans, who can not defend themselves, and disabled former soldiers benefits. Sabotaging claims.
    This guy:
    PETER M. BARACH OHIO NPI#1396773610 OHIO LICENSE NO.3280 VA Wade Park Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio NON VETERAN JEWISH DEMOCRAT LEFTIST, (Draft Dodger 1970-1973, possible deferment for mental illness from military), possibly liberal with Anti Military thoughts. Employed at the WESTERN RESERVE COLEGE.

    6. This PETER M. BARACH lied often and a lot on the C and P exam April 2017. Only using a small amount of private medical notes on his C and P Hatchet Job Wade Park VA Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio. Peter M. Barach only used another draft dodger 1964-1973 Anti Military democrat Non Veteran Catholic private providers 6 to 7 months worth of medical notes from Lancaster Pennsylvania. Peter M. Barach then “CHERRY PICKED” this private providers medical notes, “CHECKERED” a 20 pages C and P exam. Then attempted to throw this in front of a DRO Judge decision review office May 2017 without any DUE PROCESS.

    7. Peter M. Barach magically created a disorder out of thin air on me.
    Peter M. Barach disregarded 2 fully developed claims, MMPI with social history, Nexus letter, 2 DBQ forms from 3 private providers in Ohio. Withheld from Peter M. Barach “Origins of Disease Reports”, and thus handed directly to the DRO Judge Decison Review officer MAY 2017. And hand the senators, senator sherrod brown OHio, and senator Rob Portman Ohio’s objections (to the DRO Judge May 2017) to have all materials by Peter M. Barach thrown out of the VA record and my VA file. And out of the DRO judge’s face to face meeting MAY 2017, and out of any decision the JUDGE should make.

    8. Peter M. Barach “KNOWINGLY” created a false narrative on the C and P exam. Being paid, over, and over, and over again by the VA. Which anybody in the court, or at any institution understand this is “UNETHICAL” in Forensic Reports. Because the longer you are paid by an institution or court to do psyc evals, or C and P exams, or FORENSIC REPORTS. One will lean closer and closer to the PAYEE or their PAYMASTER.

    9. This is what PETER M. BARACH had done. He is known as a FORENSIC PROSTITUTE for the institution of the VA, that pays him over and over again. Peter M. Barach is known as “THE VAs LAP DOG” or the VAs PAID BITCH.
    What PETER M. BARACH Ohio NPI#1396773610 Ohio License No.3280 is doing is this MR. BEN KRAUSE and MR. Chris Attig.
    Peter M. Barach is taking advantage of poor working class injured veterans, that come from poor working class families of veterans. He is taking advantage of injured vets, vulnerable vets and disabled former soldiers, that CAN NOT DEFEND THEMSELVES. The veteran are poor and do NOT have the means to obtain lawyers or attorneys. Nor do these injured vets, or disabled former soldiers have the family political influence to gain support. SO, PETER M BARACH does the DEVILS WORK on Sunday, and sabotages veterans benefits and VA claims.
    Peter M. Barach is misrespresentiong the VA Hospital. Misrepresenting the injured vets and disabled former soldiers he serves. And PETER M. BARACH is misrepresenting the medical field he holds a license in, in Ohio.

    10. These three Non Veteran doctors at the VA are gang banging injured veterans and disabled former soldier. Group VA Mobbing Veterans, or VA Patient Mobbing. Also retaliating against VA patients for pulling in the support of their Ohio state reps, like Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio, Senator Rob Portman Ohio, and Congressman Tim Ryan Ohio.

    11. These VA Ohio Employees play dirty. They lie. omit facts. “GASLIGHT” the Vets through their VA medical notes, and to the disabled former soldiers faces. Create false stories, bogus naratives against the known evidence of injury in service. They COVER UP Injuries in service. Trying to keep vets and former soldiers in poverty. Where house the veterans, SO they dont go out and get their own private doctors opinions SO that the Vets get the right diagnosis. Give huge amounts of meds to mask the symptoms, and give bogus disorders, that are NOT the injury disorders the injured veterans and disabled former soldiers actually have. To me, these employees are sickness. They attempt to lie and say the injured vets had a pre-existing injury, or mommy and daddy had abused the vet or played with their pee-pee. All to lie and screw the veterans out of their claims and benefits. That is what i seen and experienced at the VA in Ohio. It is sinister.
    SO it is understandable why injured veterans, vulnerable vets, and disabled former soldiers would be frustrated and threaten employees. Even on the best of terms…

    12. MYVA, huh?
    I am an injured veteran
    I am a disabled former soldier
    I am NOT of the same religion as these VA employees
    I am NOT a draft dodger, NOR has my family ever NOT served our country in its time of need.
    I am NOT Anti Military nor harbor hatred towards individuals that are different than I. Everybody is green…
    I am NOT of the same political affiliation as these VA employees

    13. I am a veteran. All artillery. (88-90, 90-96 and after 9/11 03-05) third generation U.S. Army. And come from a warrior family where all the males had served. Were all A1s, and all earned honorable discharges.

  17. What is sad about this article is that instead of focusing on what the VA employee may have done to trigger this behavior, after receiving all the facts, the author chose to focus on what the veteran should not have done. Is it really always the veteran’s fault? And, who are you to determine what may bring “shame on the veteran population”? Statements about harming others are made daily by the leaders of most Governments. The insinuation that others are always watching only adds to an already false narrative that we should be afraid. The opposite is true. Cowering in the corner is never acceptable.

  18. It is understandable how a veteran or former soldier like Mr. Mazzasrese would get frustrated. Most veterans and former soldiers are programed to defend citizens, and it is always in the back of our minds, we took a oath to defend our country. We dont hurt citizens. WE are the good guys. HOWEVER. BUT..

    But what happens when VA employees or citizens try to hurt us, mob us, bully us, victimize us, group harass us, community harass us, quietly discriminated against us at our employers, retaliated against us vets and former soldiers for blowing the whistle on employee abuse? Just saying..
    .And what about those “Non Veteran” employees and “Non Veteran” community members, that wave the flag and eat hot dogs on Veterans day, and memorial day, but “KNOWINGLY” and quietly hate our guts???

    I am surprised that Mr. Mazzarese didn’t call her a, “CUNT”, or “A BITCH” or “A WHORE TOWNIE PIG, that SHOULD BE DOING A BETTER FUCKING JOB AT THE VA.” Or I am shocked that Mr. Mazzarese did not,say,
    “LOOK PIG GROW SOME FUCKING MANNERS, and RESPECT WHO YOUR TALKING TOO CUNT.” Veterans and former soldiers love to call female bitches at the VA, “CUNTS” or “WHORES” or “PIGS” or “BITCHES”…

    However. A good scare is what this VA employee might had needed. Sorry Mr. Mazzarese went about it the wrong way. He is “Old School”! This is a typical old veteran’s response, or old former solders responses. We are a little more politically correct with your threat now.
    Maybe he should have said. “HOW YOU LIKE YOUR CUNT TOWNIE JAW BROKEN AND YOUR TEETH AND MOUTH WIRED FUCKING SHUT FOR A FEW MONTHS?” But of course that would have been wrong to say also to a VA employee
    Or maybe Mr. Mazzarese should of said, this “OLD SCHOOL” response to the VA Nurse MS RATCHET…
    “I will tear you head off, and shit down your throat and eat your fucking heart.”
    How many times have us veterans and former soldiers heard that? When civilian here this shit. Of course it makes them scared…

    My sympathy go out to Mr. Mazzarese. The vet and former soldier gets the benefit of the doubt here with me (50% greater, Nurse Ratchet was being rude). I take the old veteran’s side here. He was frustrated. He was venting. The charges should be dropped immediately. An apology should be issued to Mr. Mazzarese from the VA Nurse, and a BIG HUGE thanx you for serving our country should be given to Mr. Mazzarese. A slap on the wrist though for Mr. Mazzarese “Old School” threats.
    An investigation should be conducted on the VA Employee, and counselors should be brought in to discuss Mr. Mazzarese frustrations and problems. And what esculated this event at the VA? Also, it should be looked at, as to how this nurse dealt with Mr. Mazzarese issues.
    Of course it is wrong to threaten, BUT Mr. Mazzarese is “OLD SCHOOL!”

  19. The VA doctor who screwed me over by falsifying documents to insure that I’d get a denial on my claim, told me and other vets that he was an ex-POW. He didn’t state what war he was in but I found out what his correct age was and he was too young to have been in World War Two. I found a vet in Alexandria, Virginia who had a data bank on POW’s from Korea and Viet-Nam. I gave him the name. He checked it and told me the man is not on any of the POW lists. I contacted this Sontag guy in Missouri about it. I told Sontag what this doc was doing to vets and his claim of being an ex POW. He didn’t know anything about him. I decided to keep an eye out on this doc just in case he started making any public statements about being a POW. I was going to video tape him doing it and expose his azz! I don’t guess he ever did. I don’t think he’s even living now. A good thing for vets.

  20. Ben, I haven’t read the comments, but this is what it’s coming too. Veterans are fed up in they way they’re being treated; like fucking cattle. I’ve informed VA PCP’s to not touch me unless asked, and if they do, it’s an automatic thought that my life is in direct danger.

    I’m not promoting violence, but I’m encouraging all to start collecting ANY weapons in order to protect ourselves from these incompetent bas-turds. I’m even thinking of getting another Service Animal, and train it to protect me on command, using word phrases that no one understands except the dog and myself.

    Question; with all the hoopla of “thank you for serving, and we love our Veterans,” where are all the legal beagles gathering together to finally put the spotlight on the VA and to end their crimes against Veterans. Where are they at? To me, it seems as though that these *Professional* attorneys are seeking self gratification instead of banding together to protect those who can’t protect themselves. After all, that’s WTF they trained us to do, protect ourselves.

    In conclusion, don’t be surprised if these types of incidents, and more extreme ones, come about. They give Veterans no choice. We’re tired of getting screwed over.

    Oh I forgot, FUCK YOU SHITHEAD “SHITTY” SHULKIN and YOUR CROOKED BROWN NOSER’s, FUCK YOU VA, FUCK YOU AFGE, FUCK YOU COMPTROLLERS who order cheap low-end Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies, FUCK YOU DoD, FUCK YOU VETERANS COURT, FUCK YOU DIRTY LYING VSO’s, FUCK YOU ASS KISSERS, FUCK YOU JEFF SESSIONS, FUCK OFF ALL OF YOU SELF SERVING TRUMPster SUPPORTERS (no offense, but you need to speak out against POTUS for sugar coating things, and for not performing any follow-ups to see if VA is working better for Veterans (and not for the betterment of VA employees), and FUCK YOU that think POTUS has fixed the VA or will even come close to fixing it, FUCK ALL YOU PUSSY ASS MOTHER FUCKERS who BOW DOWN TO AUTHORITY EVEN WHEN THEY’RE WRONG (that’s you; Military Leadership), and especially a HUGE DRIED FECAL PLUG UP THE POOP SHOOT of all you DIRTY ROTTEN POLITICIANS, and ALL those with their HANDS in the COOKIE JAR.

    Touch me without my approval for doing nothing wrong, they’ll most likely expire. No threat here against anyone, only protecting myself according to my rights of no one harming me, or the thought of being harmed. They’ve done enough already, and you’ve been warned.

    Oh, and I don’t care who the fuck reads this. I’ve always welcomed them to come to see me, and REALLY listen to my story for the full facts. No takers yet. And, most likely not. For they believe that they do no wrong. Wicked Little Hitler’s Army.

    They’re more concerned about their own employee’s instead of our Brothers and Sisters that commit the final act of exiting this life for again being screwed over. Some VA Mission Statement.

    And, I’m not encouraging anyone to do no harm, or any such terrorism. But, it’s more than likely coming, but I’ll fire not the first round of whatever is fired. Peace. Rant Out. And again, no slack from those that’re against me. You can go fuck yourself too.

    IN A MOOD, LIKE THE REST OF US ARE AS WELL, AND MOST LIKELY THOSE WHO ONLY READ THE ARTICLES AND POSTS. STAY STRONG; because when they’re threatened, they’re only going to get bolder and more controlling, and we, guilty before innocence. Cob knobbing bitches, they’d never last in a real life threatening battle, skirmish, tit for teaters war, or a simple card game of fish.

    LEGAL EXEMPTION; Veteran is extremely upset, had to take medicine, but dosage instructions is mislabeled by the VA Pharmacy, therefore, not a normal dose of said medication, and resulting in negatively effecting this Veteran’s frame of mind per making a solid, sound, and sensible judgment call, decision, understanding, or knowing what the fuck he’s talking about.

    1. Oh, and Elf is right, and I’ve mentioned it many times as well, Shulkin did admit that the Claims Side of the VA has been and is adversarial to Veterans. And, if it’s adversarial in Claims, common sense and logic tells us that it most likely is adversarial in the Medical Side as well too. And, from my experience, this is true; VA is and has been adversarial to Veterans for decades. And they get up in an uproar when payback slaps them in the face.

      I may have missed it, but I wonder what or how many times this same compassionate Nurse did some disrespectful or uncaring actions towards him. Ben, what’s the history with this Veteran? And, how’s the performance of said Nurse?

      Question for Ben; Per the editing button, I find myself wanting to add more, or to correct my post, so can the edit button be a permanent feature? This would benefit from posting multiple comments, and would allow the edit to be directly applied to the original post. Reply requested. Thanks Ben.

      1. The VA is an adversarial turd no matter which way you slice and dice it and it’s still a turd no matter what form-factor it’s presented as.

      2. Seems to me, that some VA PCP’s and other VA Specialists could be brought up on charges under, the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (IIED), for abusing their powers and intentionally causing those Veterans’ PTSD symptoms to be exacerbated, due to deliberately manipulating medical treatment standards, and not including the Veteran in their care (as a team), under the Evidence-Experienced Based Medicine (EBM) Triad Protocol Model, in which the VA uses in treating Veterans for their ailments. Per me, the VA has disregarded EBM for a few years now. I don’t know the medical term for such a type of psychological trauma, but I’m sure there’s a scientific name for it.

        @Ben Krause or other Seasoned Veterans- do you know of such a condition’s name when this occurs? If not, sure seems like a HUGE opening for setting precedence of such. It’s happening all over in many VA facilities against Veterans who only want to get better, not worse due to some fucking asinine practitioner. Input?

        I don’t want to hurt them, I only want to put my hand (legally), into the VA’s cookie jar so I can get a little piece for my troubles, my love ones, and my service dog. Oh, sorry for not informing, I’m in a mood.

  21. It’s all about perception, don’t raise your voice, cuss or appear threatening. Ask for their name, write it down and file a written complaint. I bought a surveillance pen (video and audio) that I carry in my front shirt pocket. You will always run into jerks when dealing with government employees. They believe they are entitled to their jobs, that they are doing you a favor and that you are a pain in the ass. There are ways to get even but you have to be smart about it.

    1. How in the hell does your remark help the above Vet out? He’s your Brother, and obviously in need of help, encouragement, and a buddy that can have his back. You made no mention of *HIS* pain, how fucking insensitive. Get his name from Ben, and have Amazon mail him the spy pen that you mentioned. Sorry dude, just pissed me off. If that happened to me, I’d be ready to rock and roll with somebody, and I’m surely not talking about the type of dancing either.

      VA employees are no better than anyone else, and we have the right to be treated better. Read the VA’s pissed on mission statements and all the bragging of their different mottos. WTF? I wouldn’t want you to be in direct command above me, you’d most likely not fight and go to bat for me. Fuck, I’m sorry, I’m overly sensitive for nothing but another “thank you for your service” type of Veteran. Bro, we’re not fucking cattle, and walking in single file, those damn days are over, especially since what happened to this, my Brother. Stupid shitzu you is.

  22. I am a 100% Disabled Veteran with military medical documentation of being sodomized raped and hazed by most of my division weapons aboard the Lincoln. I am sort of in a similar situation right now. The Federal Judge in my case says that my Military Sexual Trauma has no merit in my case
    Did I get angry at the VA and say stupid things yes but not what they are saying. The IG and VA have twisted my words all around. The VA I use to attend has denied me medical care, medical transportation, the VA police and IG have laughed at me when asked recently how I was discharged and I responded by saying I was sodomized raped and hazed. I was seeing a MD in the private sector and The old VA I attending funded it. The Federal Judge a nice man has instructed me to visit new VA. I am on pre trial release and I have to render all my medical records to pretrial. I have been given s public defender. I like to know what type of Federal Lawyers are out there that assists Disabled Veterans in Fed Trouble. I did call the new VA and requested a peer buddy which the new VA does not have. I want someone there with me when I check in with VA police and be there when they escort me to each medical appointment. How come there are no checks and balances ? Are there peer buddies out there ? And why does The Federal Gov and Uncle Sandusky OK and sponsor Immoral Sex Changes for Veterans but will not change the protocol to allow MST Disabled Veterans like me to utilize medical marijuana to combat depression anxiety and PTSD. Coming up this Tuesday I have a new mental MD at the new VA who will force me to take mental medication that will make me worse and only fattens pharmaceuticals pocket book. I do want to work on my anger but in the private sector. I really loved to know does anyone have a list of Fed Lawyers in Fla that can help me ? MST Disabled Veteran

  23. Howdy! Treat others the same way you desire to be treated (as our mother’s taught us). And when the VA either provides
    A). Substandard Care
    B). Maltreatment
    Then join Kaiser Permanente like I had to for medical necessities.
    100% rated Marine Corps Veteran

    PS: possibility of VA fabricating Veterans situation and statements. In which, I have experienced at VANCOUVER + BOISE VAMC’s.

  24. Off topic. For some reason, Channel 9 news in Denver has a story about a veteran in Wisconsin being released from the VA mental health, and freezing to death in a parking garage.

    I say for some reason, because Madison news stations have nothing on it.

    He was found dead on New Years eve.

      1. OLDMARINE – – – You may want to reverse that phrase to Shit and Fuck it. I find that I have better mobility and maneuverability after a large dump. Oh, I respect others, I always flush, and wipe myself and the seat, and then leave the seat down. Ok, lets move on. lol

      2. Pshewwww, I smell’er all the way over here, actually just got me up. Not the bm either. lol Ye ole stinker you. Happy New Year to you Brother.

    1. yes i found this out too. very sad. i believe the united states government should issues some sort of amber alert in a sense for veterans that need help if the government cant help them send out an amber alert for this veteran.

  25. If we could make a concerted effort to start getting on juries nation wide we could start exercising the power of the jurist via jury nullification. I would tend to think using it in not quite so serious misdemeanor cases would be considered acceptable use.

    If this could somehow be leveraged coast to coast by the veteran community perhaps that would turn some heads…

    Somebody walks into court charged with a lb of weed? Not guilty.

    Somebody opts for a trial for a 300.00 speeding ticket? Not guilty.

    things of that nature.

    We can maintain law and order while rattling the cages.

    How’s that for constructive, non-violent, resistance?

    1. That is an outstanding idea because if you go through a veterans court, you can demand a jury of your peers (other veterans)
      The only problem is …the Vets who sell out to VA to propagate the fraud and abuse of veterans.
      We all have to face the fact that what should be called out in this blog., is the sell out of veterans by other veterans.
      I would like to see an article covering this topic. Shame on veterans practicing this dishonesty and YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE UNIFORM SINCERELY!

      1. Yes, sadly the VA and VSOs and Union is full of veterans who use their status as veterans to gain trust of the public – just to screw over people…

        All scammers have a way to reach people…some of them play on our patriotism and care for fellow veterans.

      2. Even a few of the bad ones makes all the probable good ones also tainted, esp. if they do not go whistleblower when you know they have to hear it in the periphery.

      3. disgraced by the uniform? it was a uniform of corruption and greed threaded by your government truly from the very start. u write that comment as if u are wearing a iron cross and a arm badge.
        p.s canT keep an oath if the very land u sworn in on is corrupted now to the private agenda of politicians and bureaucratic lobbyist with there own self interest.

      4. Well pack your uneven titties in a ditty bag and serve elsewhere if you want to act like a bitch regarding the uniform.
        Apparently your service is disregarded ,saluting with your left hand.That is a sign of defeat in case you didnt know.
        There is always one fuckboy perpetrating a fraud. Aka VA employee fatba k.

  26. I learned a long, long time ago that you can’t trust what a VA doctor, nurse, counselor, etc. says up front to you and what they put down on their damn paperwork. The only advice that I know to give any veteran is to DOCUMENT everything! Also, the VA has what is called a Code of Patient Concern they’re required to go by when treating veterans……Don’t get mad. Get even!

    1. You also have to record the encounters with them. Look up the wiretapping laws in your state and make sure you’re not violating a policy.

      Since it’s federal property, I think you can record them. But, states have different laws…some require you to get consent, some don’t. If you don’t have to get consent, don’t let them know you’re recording them. Facebook live them too!!! (If it’s legal)

      Documenting things is good, but the VA is cunning. They will gather cronies who will lie under oath and it will be you against ten of their liars.

      1. cant violate it if u show them your recording device and tell them that from your service connected disability that regards u impaired at time to remember medical advice that it is a personal journal to remember things from audio sequences. look it up if they deny u they deny your right from being disabled.

  27. You are right, Ben , but Vets need to have the tools, (a backlog of lawyers who can immediately file appropriate charges against the incompetent boobs and those who sabotage veterans’ lives, that is immediately file criminal charges and civil charges against these boob) I remember the director of the Wash. D.C. VA medical facility sending four cops up the hall to seize me and escort me from the facility after I had very politely and properly gone up through the various VA departments to secure an X ray which I needed to take to a private doctor to confirm. I never raised my voice, was never impolite, and after asking the Director to intervene and allow me to take the records that day, (which I was entitled to do), the Director asked me to wait in the hall. 5 minutes later four VA cops came up the hall toward me, (under the “acting out” theory). I looked at them and very calmly asked them, “Are you fellows coming for me?” One of them replied: “Yes we are , Sir.” So I calmly replied, “well, O.K. because I could surely use the money”. One of the cops recognized me as a lawyer he had talked to earlier on in a conversation about other things, and he said: “Wait, I am not going to put my hands on that guy, he is a lawyer and a former Marine Officer, he knows what he is doing” Well they got on the radio with the Director and then 5 minutes later the Director came out of the office and told me I could go down and pick up my x-rays. so I said: “thank you very much” Now I am not bragging about my exploits but my point is why can’t the VA treat every single vet with the same respect as someone who is a lawyer and a hard ass Marine who will come to the rescue of his troopers. Why? There is no remedy for the mistreatment which many vets suffer at the hands of the bureaucrats who work in the VA……………………………

    1. You want the reason why? It’s because the average vet isn’t an Officer or a Lawyer. The average vet isn’t skilled in the intricacies and finer points of 38 CFR. The average vet has little to no power. The average vet has little to no influence and the average vet usually has zero people he or she can call for an intercession.

      If you where Corporal Joe Snuffy who did 2 tours in Iraq you can bet your ass you would have been up against the wall in a heartbeat maybe tazed and maced for good measure all the while being screamed at to “STOP RESISTING!!!”

      The problem I have with the whole scenario is the Director thinking they are above the law and able to use enforcement personnel as their own goon squad to deny you what was rightfully and lawfully yours. This is EXACTLY the kind of mentality that is directly behind the rampant abuses we read about every day.

      Congress is either willfully ignorant or incompetent when it comes to oversight of the VA. I won’t hold my breath for relief from that direction anytime soon.

      1. well, one day veterans will create a hit squad and will send the note of civil war on law enforcement door steps by the numers only a matter of time . can only screw a vet so bad until he gathers other veterans to do the unprecedented.

    2. Agreed. The VA knows who to mess with. The man with the child? He didn’t have a computer and/or internet access. All he wanted was some forms to fill out. He came back the next day without his wife and child just to pick up forms.

      So, I can guarantee you, as upset that he was – he, and other veterans can’t afford to hire a lawyer to hold the VA accountable and the VA loves picking on defenseless people.

  28. I can truly sympathize with this veteran as I have been to the Wilkes Barre VA. In fact, the treatment I received there caused me to move so I could be treated at another VA.

    I have been a patient at a total of 5 VAs, including the Bronx, New York. Without a doubt the Wilkes Barre VA is the worst. At one point the head of the Psychiatric Dept was not Board Certified. The physician shortage is critical and the AFGE workers mostly get their jobs through cronyism. It has been rumored that many of those jobs require payoffs to people in the “right positions.”

    At first, I wondered how this was such a different place? Then I realized the root cause. Who in their right mind would want to work in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania? I lived 40 miles away from that VA to be close to my very elderly parents but the main hospital was the closest VA facility.

    I could write volumes regarding my treatment, or lack thereof. Twice when I was there, code reds were sounded. There are so many VA cops patrolling around the building you would think it was a police state.

    I only went there for 8 months but, I saw quite a few vets get really upset. The pharmacy was the worse I have seen. I watched vets wait 4 hours for a prescription to be filled. Emergency department waits were longer than that.

    The former Director is well connected and several years ago was transferred to the VA facility I now use. Many of the staff (including doctors) have confided in me they cant stand her. One doctor told me, “This director said, no one coming to this VISN is eligible for Veterans Choice.” Recently, I was told it would be 90 days to see a surgeon and told them I wanted Veterans Choice. What did they do? They wanted to send me to a hospital outside the VISN 140 miles from my home. I told them that was not acceptable and they basically said take it or leave it.

    1. because thats all they had. wanna get shit done as a vet u gotta go through hell to get to that particular place near heaven.

  29. you are so right Ben, no excuse to make these types of threats. and at the same time how many VA employees have been prosecuted for FALSELY accusing veterans of threats of wanting to murder VA employees.

    Remember in La Junta Colorado VA clinic the manager and former coworker who had a personnel vendetta against me from when I worked for the VA. She reported to the chief of staff that I would come into my local clinic at (least) twice a month and become disruptive and told him that I wanted to murder employees !

    VA regulations require that any and all disruptive behavior be documented and one would think as a manager and she stating I would come into the clinic at least twice a month and become disruptive that she would have documented each of the incidents !

    When the chief of staff was questioned about the required documented reports, the chief of staff admitted they had 0 no written evidence of me (even) being at the clinic at any time.

    The chief of staff using hearsay as evidence and me punished for 5 years and the chief of staff without the required documented reports proceeded without any proof to contact the OIG, FBI and my local police department (telling) them MR Gallegos wanted to Murder employees at the clinic.

    2017 the Denver VA calling me and told me and my wife that I had been wrongly punished and that back in 2004 the Disruptive committee (had) not been run properly and if this would have come in front of the disruptive committee today, I would have never been punished.

    Still admitting I was unjustly punished they the Denver VA would not even apologize in writing or fix my official medical records to show I was never disruptive, plus my official medical records (still) contains the following ” If we the Denver VA (EVER) hear that you are once again reported as being disruptive, YOU will have Federal Charges placed upon you and you will be arrested and Banished from all VA care.

    Secretary Shulkin received all the evidence I have gathered since 2004 and that documented evidence proves I was Falsely accused. So I am still in danger or this vindictive former coworker.

    I wish that they would have pressed federal charges against me, at least that way I could of had my day in court. How about all of our civil, human and constitutional rights taken away.

    who is protecting us.

    1. It will always be a one-sided issue. Time and time again, we hear egregious and sordid stories of VA employees doing heinous things to Veterans and never being accountable. They are not being charged with ‘terrorism’ charges! Then, you have a Veteran who goes ballistic on an employee, an mind you, I do not advocate that, but terrorism? Assault, yes. I might even argue battery. But terrorism? What on earth!
      This is just yet another example of the lopsided organizational discourse between Veterans and VA. I will never be right until they sweep the decks and rid themselves of all SES positions and start over. They can’t get rid of all 288,500 employees, but you can re-hire all executives, and they should. Greedy, deceitful, miserly, corrupt, ‘officials’ have created the culture by which this employee probably provoked the Veteran in this case to necessarily go off on her in the first place. I would imagine he felt disrespected ‘one too many times’ and blew his stack. These behaviors can also be attributed to a toxic culture and environment. Instead of indicting this man, Secretary Shulkin would be better served by looking at the factors that contributed to this Veteran’s outburst. Threatening anyone is never the answer. Ask yourself, as a Veteran who utilizes VA health, what led to that situation? The attitude? The disrespect? I’d stake my life on the fact that Veteran didn’t just walk up to the counter and threaten her like that. VA employees must be veteran culturally competent. Disrespect is something is something Veterans will not stand for. I’d be interested to know more about the exchange that caused this terrible circumstance. I hope this Veteran has a great lawyer and I definitely hope and pray they dismiss the terrorism charge! My feeling is they charged him with that because he was in federal property and they wanted to make sure they could make the other charge stick. What a mess. What are your thoughts, Ben?

      1. probably be thrown out not enough sufficient evidence to claim such matter was diligence under probable cause.

    2. You can still have your day in court if you press for defamation fraud, false imprisonment, etc. etc.

    3. other vet want to protect u i would if i knew how but in order to do that u would have to be militarized again and prepare for civil war. as veterans we are the only members in American that can create militarized factions without hindering the amendment. the amendment just doesn’t state that. but if we can do it given or proven no supreme court would take us on .we sacrificed our judicial process for that . isn’t funny now last two years ago we were delivered due process.congress is scared of us therefore they look the other way.
      if we gave them no choice not to look the other way, by the numbers creating war only thing we where battle borne from by damage by disassociation we can limit there power by obstructing the very corruption that they deemed there bureaucratic deliverance from .

    4. James, spot on. Your last 4 words says it all, “who is protecting us?” Where are all the legal beagles coming to the aid of Veterans?

  30. Thanks for the message to veterans in this article. It gives me an indication that you may have actually read the comments I posted in response to your “Happy New Year 2018” article.

    what about my suggestions I posted about your helping to organize us veterans and fight the dysfunctional, corrupt Veterans Administration?

    1. he wont ben makes money off of agitation from recollection. his already coming to a dilemma because the va has changed there ch 31 program some what ways. he cant even sale his book by the numbers anymore for what is truth and what had changed so far from establish the war with CH31 program. ben is a target once the VA takes him out than we as veteran in arms have to start grouping up and getting the windage and drumage correct in scope on certain assets deemed personnel interest from the US government .

      1. Brother to another, you *REALLY* should consider taking some English writing skills class(es). I’d love to understand your point of view, but can’t make out what your premise is to your argument.

        This has tremendously helped me to pass a 3 hour English proficiency exam, in order to graduate from a small but highly recognized University in Hawaii.

        In my field of study, I was required to use Medical Graduate School Level Text Books in my core studies of Biology, Comparative Bio, Molecular Biology (my favorite class, and the one class that required me to write a 5 page paper every week, plus a 10 pager mid-term paper, and a final pape20 pages), plus Graduate Level Microbiology, Chemistries (In-Organic, Organic, Analytical, Quantum, Bio-Chem, Physical-Chem, Theoretical-Chem), Genetics, Physics, Geography, Geology, Volcanology, Regular and Hawaiian Botany, plus all these classes had lab classes as well.

        And also subjected myself to multiple courses labeled as Directed Research (included physical research, then writing a paper), and a final 2 semester Research Project, Paper, and Dissertation in front of not only my peers, but Professors from any Department. A grueling schedule at least.

        I mention all this to tell you an easy formula to use, and that’s this; (1.) tell them what you’re going to tell them, (2.) tell them, and (3.) tell them what you told them. Sounds simple, but at least if this process is demonstrated to you, I will guarantee you that you’ll be surprised of how your new righting style in clearly getting your point across.

        Saying this, I do realize that everyone is in different life situations, but if you can get some assistance, then when you write, and if they don’t understand what you’ve wrote, then it’s a problem that they need to solve.

        Only trying to encourage you, instead of telling you otherwise like some others may do. Good luck, and I seriously hope you take my advice, because everyone likes to be clearly heard, and understood.

  31. Js, all of what you said will work, but only if those in the VA you are dealing with are aware you will absolutely take it to the next level if they do not act on the problem you are brining to their attention.

    They tend to pay a little more attention if they know you will definitely go above them after scorching their realm. Does it always work? That depends on what level of effort you are willing to put into correcting the problem.

    1. yea 5000 dollars for a retainer just in case and a VA lawyer that has every document in the world to say otherwise from what the va is willing to work with.

  32. I filed complaints about the VA rep who hung up on me in July 2017. This is after Trump said they were gonna hold people accountable.

    To date no one hasn’t even bothered to follow up with me and my FOIA request for the call has also not been provided to me.

    1. you called the wrong number . happened to me dont call the benefits office there is an actual FOIA number your suppose to call actually they announced it back in dec 2016. ill get back to u about it .

  33. Fact is, there are good people who work at the VA. The real problem is that there is not enough people making these complaints, because if EVERYONE did it, they would not be able to ignore the issues.

    Summarily giving up because a few of you failed to achieve immediate response is not proof that the entire VA system is a criminal enterprise. As a matter of fact, the exact opposite is true, the few failures reported here should only motivate Veterans to force the system to work they way it should. I have made complaints, and I have seen results. I am living proof that there can be positive outcomes.

    1. First off, congratulations on being special.

      Fact is the VAST MAJORITY of VA employees are not good people.

      Fact is good employees who speak up are retaliated against in direct violation of multiple FedGov laws.

      Fact is nothing is ever done except to maybe occasionally play VA musical chairs.

      Fact is for every sunshine and unicorn farts story that resolves favorably there are a million stories that don’t.

      Fact is nobody here is talking about giving up. We’re talking about racheting up the pressure.

      Fact is you don’t know what your talking about.

      1. Fact is, most of what you posted was made up out of thin air. If it were not, the vast majority of posts would refer to the proof that you need to document your “facts”, but they dont because there is no evidence that your “facts” can be substantiated.

        Want to help fix the VA? Stick to real facts that can be used in front of the pubic at large. Lies tend to get around the world twice before the truth ever gets out the door. I make friends with facts because I know that lies will eventually be outed.

      2. You apparently also make friends with a fantasy world. As for me making shit up? Do yourself a favor read back about 1-2 years worth of stories from this site. Then come back and tell me I make shit up.

        The simple fact is if everything worked as intended as you claim it does. This site would not exist.

        The simple fact is if everything worked as intended as you claim it does. The VA would be in tip top shape full of employees who are happy to deal with and serve veterans. Sadly this is not the case.

        Again you don’t know what your talking about you are either a paid VA shill or in danger of overdosing on your altruism. Either way get fucked.

      3. “WyldeCylde”,
        There’s numerous sites out there telling the truth about the VA’s MASSIVE corruption, fraud, waste and abuse against veterans!
        ALL one has to do is Google them!
        I found Ben’s website through one out of California! I believe it was from one discussing the West Los Angeles VHA property! That website carried multiple other websites/articles to click on!
        The bullshit we veterans have to endure is rampant in the VA!

      4. The problem is this tool is a “johnny come lately” type. Everything is fine in his perfect little ign’ant world view because we are a nation of laws and nobody would ever be caught violating the law because that would be wrong!!! Just because the stars aligned in his happy go lucky life they must align for everybody else. I bet mommy still cuts the crust off his sandwiches for him.

        Elf it’s WyldeCHylde, just not that hard man… 😉

      5. I got some facts for ya sonny boy. I put my real name and info out here for all to see. Challenge me asshole. Put me on a lie detector whatever. You a investigative reporter with some real balls or VA smoke blower.

      6. js, does that stand for “jack shit”?, “just stupid”?, or perhaps “joined the sewage”?

      7. WyldeChylde, sometimes we just have to laugh, cause the alternative is not going to end well.

        js, should have stopped long before pushing Dennis, but, in perfect idiotic fashion he keeps at it, picking, pushing, kinda like a seasoned VA worker.

        Like any of the fine people on this site haven’t already been through the endless, meaningless channels, to try and resolve things peacefully.

        Right js? cause we are all just ignorant fucks, in your VA worker mind.

    2. A few?? Does that include the many that have died off to date standing up the VA or corrupt government for their/our rights, some decency, proper health care, etc?

      Immediate response? Does that encompass months and years?

      Glad it worked out for you but that is far from what I know about or experienced. Still, it seems those who get care or think they may be getting quality care, don’t seem to worry much about others or what the ‘under-dogs’ or targeted vets are dealing with.

      If it wasn’t such a deep-seated ‘criminal enterprise” then why are so many people, vets, vet groups, media, politicians, afraid or refuse to get involved to investigate some issues? If not so criminal how is it that threats made in the VA is carried with us out into the civilian care and having the same issues there too, including manipulated files by dentist covering up for the VA breaking someones jaw in a tooth removal. Or like me getting threats and harassing phone calls from local medical types and dealing with much more. Do you care? Hell no. It seems for others if it’s all well and good in their corner of the world, it’s to hell with the rest of us, or it must be something we did to create the problems with the criminal establishment.

      Rotting bodies, veterans suicides in parking lots, medical mistakes, abuse, I think you are turning a blind eye to some serious issues. That leads most sheep to believe we get the best care, get it all, get what works, and are happy happy happy. You don’t do other vets any favors thinking you are living proof for all of us.

      1. there’s always grouping up with veterans and starting a siege of some sort. arms and all.

    3. I’m sorry, but the few good people you claim working at the VA are worse than the perps because they sit back and let it happen.

      Now, I can see why people get scared because if you are on the VA’s poop list, they ruin you. They turned lots of people against me and ruined me personally, financially….but still,

  34. @js

    I thought a VA employee was doing something wrong and I put it in writing just like you said. Then I took the note to Circuit Court. We skipped the investigator part and a person called “Your Honor” said she needed no more evidence than already provided to issue a Restraining Order against VA Roseburg which is a way for the judge normally to stop bad people from being bad again. I admired that she did not need four months of OIG bullshit to make a determination about a VA employee.

    The judge named me the “molested” and one VA clinic manager she named the “molester”. Three days after the sherrif served the VA molester with orders to cease further interference in my health care the molester met with the very people, js, that you mention. He met with the patient advocate, the Chief of Staff, The Director, and in fact met with a special assembly of the entire senior staff which dwarfed the normal DBC size and held what he termed a “special DBC meeting (his words)”.

    In their special meeting the molester convinced the VA staff I was a dire threat leas than 72 hours after being court ordered to personally not attempt to sway others or interfere himself in my medical care any manner. He didn’t care and this special meeting held about me behind closed doors in America decided to label me a Category One Violent and Disruptive Patient and even cited the judges restraining order as the disruption caused and ordered that all further contact would be under armed escort only. Isn’t that special?

    So, js, perhaps your heart is in the right place but taking complaints about rattlesnakes to the scorpion pit and expecting corn muffins as a reward is a bit unrealistic my friend. These people are far more dangerous to your freedoms than you realize and now that they can tag you “terrorist” you are at terrible risk of your long term freedom by speaking out. Just wait my friend until an armed federal agent is watching you take a shit and as funny as it sounds….. it isn’t. It chills my bones.

    1. Dennis,

      As an aside, since I’ve seen you mention this happening before. Don’t you have a federal case in this matter now that the judges order to cease and desist has been violated? Seems to me I should be reading about Dennis vs Shulkin to the tune of a few million dollars. Yeah?

      1. The Department Of Justice represented the molester on appeal. The presiding judge ruled that the first judge had made an error in attempting to restrain a federal employee and deemed the RO invalid. His stated flatly, “…this law was not meant to curtail this kind of abuse (by a public servant)”

        In other words a Circuit Court can’t touch a VA employee. That same VA employee even showed up in Circuit Court that day with a copy of portions of my medical record in hopes to use them for his appeal! He just xeroxed them off that morning and viola they show up in court. How does that make you feel? It pissed the judge off something fierce but again his gavel does not extend to VA so there was nothing he could do. Multiple blatant Privacy Act violations and the judge couldn’t do a thing except shout at the DOJ attorney and tell him to shut up and get out.

        That shout from the judge at the DOJ harboring an obviously dishonest VA worm and hearing the judge tell the DOJ attorney to close his mouth and get out of his court was all the satisfaction I will ever get. Case dismissed.

      2. But no FTCA filed? Thats where the authority exists. The retaliation is compensable, slander is a valid injury to your characture. You also have the right to sue for violations under HIPPA laws. Did you file a SF 95 yet? you have 2 years before the statute of limitations expire.

      3. js – money is of no concern to me in this matter. This cannot be made right passing off some green on me because I lost my soul a long time ago and it just isn’t there to sell. Remember, I am crazy so things like cash just look like paper to me with dead presidents mostly and a bunch of latin nobody really understands anymore written on each and every one dollar bill ever printed.

        I look at the vets I see in America and see something that cash cannot fix. I see Roseburg pursuading those in dire need to register as hospice patients – forcing them to accept a fate void of hope even when the spirit of the Marine battles for life. This boosts star ratings when the vet dies irregardless of mode of death because death is a forgone conclusion when the vet gives in this way. Its gruesome that humans even think about such criteria for use determining bonuses!

        I see a VA convincing those with fight left in them that E Pluribus Unum no longer needs them and to me this is the horrible blasphemy against everything America stands for and we are letting VA do it to our vets. Roseburg even tags patients who refuse to register as hospice patients as hospice admitals anyway so if they die it won’t reflect as a fuck up and ALL in the name of boosting bonus cash???! Insane!

        I don’t want money. I don’t want revenge. I want America back.

    2. You have the grounds to sue the VA under FTCA. File the Find a good attorney, take the restraining order that you described here, and he should take it on a contingency.
      The Federal Tort Claims Act prescribes a uniform procedure for handling of claims against the United States, for money damages only, on account of damage to or loss of property, or personal injury or death, caused by the negligent or wrongful act or omission of a Government employee while acting within the scope of his or her office or employment, under circumstances where the United States, if a private person, would be liable in accordance with the law of the place where the act or omission occurred. Submit SF95 with the documented claim for slander and if you were never guilty of being violent or disruptive at the VAMC.

      Having a heart in the right place means using good common sense and applying it to the situation. The Judge in your restraining order made a clear order for the individual to refrain from the behavior you described, and that individual violated the order and retaliated against you for exercising your constitutionally guaranteed rights. There are several points in your post that you have legal grounds to sue for. Are you brave enough to face the lion or will you just drop it and accept the injustice?

      1. Am I brave enough?

        I don’t know. I have severe PTSD so let me see here…I have faced terrors as an airplane pilot, hunger, pain, stabbing, shattered bones, parental beatings, male on male rape, friends vaporized by explosion, and at least seven occasions in which my life was won by just inches and it pains me at times that I am the one that lived.

        I have fought the demons that men fear and not one night goes by that I must again face down my fears which grip me as I drift off to sleep and I again become vulnerable to attack. It is terrifying at moments but it is terror that lingers inside a torn spirit and has little to do with what today brings.

        So js, am I brave enough? Let me tell you something very real js. With all the bullshit I have endured I am simply no longer afraid of pain, death, or any other fate a man can dream up. The fear that wells up inside me at night is from ancient history and is woven into my core but I no longer fear men. This is what frightens VA so much about me js, in my opinion – I’m not scared of them and I came back and demanded justice when others walk away and I did it because it is my duty.

        As far as going back to court? I already know what bullshit smells like so picking up another cowpie won’t make any difference.

      2. Slander is barred by the FTCA, but the standard of care is not. The grounds would be “abuse of process ” in which the DBC is convened to deny medical care triggered by 6th amendment violations of being wrongfully accused.

  35. What I think a lot of people are missing here is the fact that you don’t have to threaten or even act with intent to murder.

    There are many MANY ways to screw with a Hippo’s life. Chief among these is vandalism.

    Car and house spring immediately to mind. All manner of ways to fuck with a person’s residence. External heating oil tank? Plenty of ways to fuck with that. Added bonus in the winter pipes freeze. Car? ping pong ball in the gas tank. Sugar, rubber bands etc. Supposedly rubber bands have a low melting point, the theory being that the rubber will work it’s way through the fuel system necessitating a complete replacement of all affected parts. Balogna placed all over the car in winter, Theory being the acid in the meat will cause a nice polka dot effect between paint job and primer. A can of epoxy can be used to seal every last seam and hole on the exterior of a car thus preventing entrance and operation of said vehicle for a period of time. Air stems can be cut off tires.

    If your pissed off enough to actually try and gain entrance onto a property? a couple of boxes full of roaches let go near or in a garage should result in a nice little exterminators bill. Same with rats. I won’t advocate killing anybodies pet because in my eyes pets are innocent and off limits. Most people have external central air units. These tend to be expensive to fix/replace. Amazing what you can do with a few tools and desire.

    1. Never underestimate the usefulness of today’s aerial personal drones, which would be able to haul enough molecular acid or similar to be released as a little sprinkle from above to produce melted bacon fat stat.

      1. I would have included that but I think drones are outside the financial abilities of most vets who have to go to the VA…That being said. Drones can be rigged/modified to do quite a bit of damage. Rig a drone with a quantity of acid and drop it on their roof. Roofs are expensive to fix. Down side is if you happen to drop it on somebody in the home that could be a problem. Although if we’re at this point anyways does it really matter?

      2. Meanwhile, just this week, a USA thuglet was calling or wait, they NOW gave it a name, he was “S.W.A.T.’ing”….guess what that is if not already heard?
        It’s when some fool calls the local police and SWAT and make it convincible enough over the 911 phone call for SWAT to be dispatched and causing a very deadly situation.
        THIS REALLY IS THE NEW IDIOT THING…for social likes.
        ^That’s a VA Disruptive Behavior Committee Tactic now being utilized by thug gangbangers out there now on civilians…and I am mentioning it here because mark my words, it’s going to continue to spread “as a thing” to do…like dropping sandbags and rocks from overpasses…assholes are doing this…VA nurses ignoring a veteran patient, probably only changing bedpan once a week, if then…

        *maybe* our Veteran pacifism approach is not working so well and it’s time we put a little hellion in their steps?

      3. Tyler Barriss. I’ve been following this case since it broke. This little 25 y/o shit stain has a history of aprox 20 hoax calls and has been jailed for aprox 2.5 years before his latest crime of murder. The bomb threat called into the FCC before the net neutrality vote it was this guy. He just waived extradition to Kansas. This guy will probably not make it out of prison alive. If he does, somebody should be waiting with a firearm to put him in the ground as soon as his ass clears the gate.

      4. Although, here’s an interesting spin on SWATTING. Since the VA loves to send cops to your house wouldn’t this constitute swatting?

      5. After trying to help a vet, who was falsely accused of acts he did not commit and asking for a hearing for him. the insane district attorney sent two cops to my residence the next day, (I called them “Harsky and Stutch”) who stated that they were coming into my home because they “believed” that I was harboring a “fugitive” . I told these cops with dirty teeshirts and jeans with guns and badges hanging on their belts:
        “Sure, no problem, just show me your warrant and I will open the door for you, an arrest warrant for me or a search warrant for my home” They said: “We don’t need any warrant!” I replied: ” Oh so you have an exception to the warrant requirement like you are chasing a dangerous villain who is at present a risk to the neighbors?”
        They responded: “We don’t need no exceptions to the warrant” I said well boys, actually you do!” They said, stand aside, cuz we are coming in” I said “could you wait a few minutes while I call the FBI?” They almost rolled on the ground with laughter and made the “he’s crazy ” motions; So I said, “it will only take a few moments”. so I called the FBI and explained the situation to them, that I would have no problem with these Yocals coming into my house but they had no warrant and if they did I would have to defend my home and as a former Marine Officer I was more than capable of doing that, and would be held not liable and not culpable for my actions. Well the agent said he would take care of it.
        So I went outside and and they ridiculed me and insisted that they were coming in: I asked them to wait just 5 minutes.
        Within three minutes they received a call from their D.A. telling them to get off my property cuz they had gotten a call from the FBI telling them that they would be liable and culpable. Doesn’t happen this way very often, I told them to come back with a warrant and I would fix them a cup of coffee while they searched. You can even post yourselves out in the streets in the front and back until your warrant arrives I told them that I didn’t need to “harbor fugitives” cuz I knew the law, but what about the poor citizens who were not so armed with knowedge?

      6. Odd you mention that Flot. ” Oh so you have an exception to the warrant requirement like you are chasing a dangerous villain who is at present a risk to the neighbors?”

        During the times about thirty years ago while getting a federal brief together with a sell-out attorney who “lost” it all, that happened to me. Cops rushed in a co-workers house I had never been in before. Stuck a 12 gauge in my face. Told to drop my taco on their plush carpeting, stop watching the Price is Right, and identify myself. I did. The said they were hunting for a murderer in the neighborhood. Another cop in a suit came in and said they were hunting for a tall guy and they had a call pointing me out walking in that house. I asked the suit if this came from city hall, names of the billionaires the suit would mention, or over a upcoming law suit, he said no. Then he proceeded to grab me by the shirt collar, stuck a pistol in the small of my back and told me to open every closed door in the two story house, with me in front of him. I did. blah blah What fun and a joke that was till I opened the basement door and a vacuum cleaner fell out and parts went down the steps. He wasn’t expecting anything to happen really, IMHO. I could feel his ass pucker through his grasping hand on my neck as he sucked in a hard gasp, hand trembling like Parkinson and I thought oh shit, this idiot is going to kneejerk and fire on me. Or thinking if some criminal actually did sneak in and I’d be in a close encounter cross fire. I squinted my eyes and put teeth on grit down. yep crap like that happens too and the media won’t report about it.

        Could I ever write a book about corruption here and dirty politics.

        Never did see any papers, Heard nothing about a murderer or murder, neither did the neighbors or home owner. Never got an apology, asked questions but told the incident is under investigation and can’t be discussed. Nice. That is how it rolls here.

        Fast forward to today. No electronic devices to be carried into the local court house or to be used to record a judge, attorney, court room happenings, judges chambers, etc. Only staff, lawyers, cops and judges allowed to carry any of those devices like cell phones. Can’t be carried in turn off either, no carry in period. I never did get info about this from city council critters or by FOIA, totally dismissed. That too is how it rolls here. Total control and corruption to protect the evils that be.

        They make phony claims to get you emergency detained for something, forcibly doped, and lose your job. Hassle. You are stuck there until a decent human being and MD and the panel states after the questioning episodes… You have just been a victim of an abusive system normally used for retaliation by Xwives or Xhusbands or spurned lovers. ‘You sir are free to go.” Nice, and no recourse of action to protect ourselves from such crap. Just like the VA way.

        No attorneys want to get involved in local corruption or deal with the VA. Hell, some claim, and have, put veterans disability as income and CAN NOT be exempt from bankruptcies. This too is supposed to be against federal/state laws, but not here.

        What we see on TV does not apply here. What the so-called laws demand… does not apply here for all. No warrants if they want you. At home, behind locked doors, at work, driving, whatever. They do as they please here and it will never be on the news including some deaths. That too is how Indiana city, sheriffs, college cops, politics, secretive clubs are.

    2. Don’t forget about dumping concrete down the cleanout of the main house sewer, I saw that done more than once.

  36. I want some of what you’re smokin. Nothing reasonable, lawful, legal, claimed, rational, by some rule or claim by the VA, by state, federal or local laws works in reality. Not for all, not at all in Indiana for sure. Not for me and others in a group I was in.

    That is like the propaganda of those huge posters in the VA stating patient rights and responsibilities. Not enforceable like the preamble of the Constitution is not enforceable or included in our rights and liberties. But works well enough for illegals and other activist in their lists of demands to be had.

    I did what you said, and the VA says to do only to turn into being on the top hit list for everything and everyone they are connected with, total retaliation status, plus having rude, nasty, untimely, correspondence deleted from my E-Vet Secure (cough cough barf barf) Messaging system. All of it.

  37. First let me say that when dealing with the VA in Tucson about 4 yrs ago, I became so frustrated at one point with the lack of service and attitude of VA employees that I often was at the point that I had to disengage or slap some fool upside their head. Fortunately I was able to disengage to the point that I went to pshych services, talked to a shrink and he gave me a scrip for Valium to take before coming to the VA to deal with those…Uh…people…

    Unfortunately, Angelo is now marked forever within the system. Because of the lack of due process in the disreputable committee and the duck and cover attitude the VA takes with any complaint, he will most likely never be able to receive the services he has earned and is entitled to…

    1. i doubt it when your on Valium u think you have god at your finger tips. he probably making 25.00 an hour some where in the VA due from him being there over a 12 year period that the federal union has no choice but to make him a candy vendor machine sweeper , but yea keep telling yourself that while supporting major pharma companies that make u cross your arms like a douche bag.

      p.s that pretty good wage to be fucking u around on Valium tell u what u ever met me u can hit me all u want wont tell a

  38. **What COULD HAVE really happened**:

    Veteran in VA Hospital Bed: buzzer for the nurse was pushed 2 hrs. ago when the food tray was left cold upon arrival.
    VA Nurse Ratchet: “Well, what do you want that was so important to ring that buzzer again?”
    Veteran in VA Hosp. Bed: points with his eyes at the uncooked chicken on his food tray and…
    The Uncooked Chicken on food tray: “I rang that buzzer a second time you under qualified witch but overqualified bitch of a nurse…get me out of here!!”
    VA Nurse Ratchet: proceeds to use cardio jumpstart equipment to cook and kill the chicken, which only pisses the chicken off more and the Veteran.
    Veteran in VA Hosp. Bed: “She’s not worth it, let’s just leave this madhouse and call the VA OIG”…
    Uncooked Chicken: “They can only choke chickens, not cook them thoroughly.”

    1. overqualified…HA HA HA..most of these rejects have degrees from fake online schools nobody ever heard of…and nobody else would EVER hire them or keep them as their doctor/nurse in the real world..

      1. yea but once u tell them where did they get there degree from? there your best friend , right? fucking assholes

    2. Wouldn’t it be just as easy to take pictures of the raw chicken and post it on VA’s Facebook page as proof? Or send it to the local state/county health department and ask them to come to your hospital room to talk about it?

      Sure, fantasy publications sound good, but in reality, they are not much more than an insult to our intelligence.

      1. “js”
        Ben did a blog on the VHA in Chicago some time ago, where the VHA was giving “undercooked chicken to its patients!”
        Go back and read it!

      2. i did i eat it up so fast i got sick and ate the dead rats off the VA floor and some how got better from the irony of that story .js your a fucking better joke your not even a vet.

  39. Except none of the steps you mentioned actually work. Either you get ignored completely and retaliated against. Or they bury your case in the court and if your lucky in 10-15 years you might get to speak to a judge.

    Everybody is fully aware of just how much of a joke the IG and the PA actually are.

    Do me a favor walk into the PA’s office and complain about your PCP then time how long it takes them to laugh you out of their office. My bets on 2.8 seconds.

  40. The pull her hair out and shove it down her throat quote has me cracking up!!!
    Really VA? I scoured the internet to look for any acts of the hair shove defense and the Pippi Longstocking is the only shit I could find with the search results.
    Thanks for the laugh!
    Maybe VA lies is their way of therapeutic resolves by making us laugh.
    Fucking A ditty bag man!?

    1. bitch be choking on hair balls sooner or later. probably smelled like a cat lady too.

  41. The threat isn’t actually the problem here in my eyes. The broken system that forces a threat to have to be uttered in the first place is the real problem.

    Now, that being said. If the system is so horribly broken that threats have to be uttered then action probably isn’t all that far behind.

    Imho if the system is that broken, skip the threat and go straight to action. That’s what gets the results. If enough VA scumbags wind up dead from acute lead poisoning maybe things will change.

    Now, since the VA is in every way, shape, and form a ROGUE FedGov agency incapable of following the law and not able to be effectively monitored by congressional oversight. I fail to understand how the VA can apply the law to others when it refuses to be bound in its own right. Imho no VA employee should be able to shelter behind the law while simultaneously ignoring or disregarding the law as it applies to others.

    Now if any LEO types wish to have a conversation regarding my views. By all means, come knock on my door.

  42. The VA cronies abuse of their authority to call police. At the Atlanta Benefits Center I sat there and watched that wicked witch tell the Dekalb police to tell a man and his wife to leave because their son was playing in the waiting area!!!

    And, she did it without even asking them first (i.e. politely recommending the wife take the kid to the canteen). She was laughing and joking yelling “code blue” and was telling us what code blue meant (she got it from the trashy Maury show).

    Another one? An older lady with an oversized motorized chair was being rudely treated by the guards. “I” was able to calm her down.

    Another? Screaming match between a VSR who simply got tired of telling a person he couldn’t get benefits from a relative. They incited the guy by yelling at him…he yells back…they have security drag him out of the building.

    Guaranteed, this is what happened with the elderly man who threatened the nurse. VA staff is rude, inept and KNOW they can spit on a veteran cuz VA doesn’t care…so a veteran snaps back and at a drop of a dime they yell for security.

    Again, I reported this ro congressmen, VA Committee, etc….and guess who got fired?

  43. Oh gimmie a break. My VA coworker told me she was gonna ‘bring guns up in here’ to deal with me and my attitude. I reported this to the VA and nothing. I also reported it to the Federal Protective Service and was told this is an ‘administrative issue’ that I needed to handle with the VA.

    BTW, they removed me on ‘inappropriate conduct’ because I called her and my coworkers “children” (despite a supervisor subsequently saying they were disrespectful and not acting like adults)….so go figure.

    When you’re a whistleblower you can get threatened all day and no one cares…but when a veteran is probably acting out against a broken system that could care less about him/her? OMG, call the National Guard because we got a threat level 100 on our hands.

    IMO, 96% of the VA should be just thrown in jail, inside of a hole, inside of a hole in the ground, on an island farther away than Gitmo. They are animals, criminals and thugs.

    1. Each time they mistreat you a vets’ lawyer should file an instant lawsuit, instant against the boobecrat and against the VA for endorsing his/;her behaviour. Knowledge is King; every time they think of doing us wrong we file a lawsuit and we flood the U.S. District Courts, (and State Courts) with bonafide lawsuits for false imprisonment, assault and battery and fraud, (ask for punitive damages)
      If you can’t hit them you hit them with a lawsuit, and take it all the way.

  44. I look at it this way. If I’m pissed off enough to threaten you with bodily harm. Chances are your probably safe.

    Now if you piss me off to the point I just shut up and walk away? Be VERY concerned.

  45. If the man is out on bail it means he is charged with a crime. I share your sentiment Ben regarding the foolhardy nature of brandishing your balls in front of VA or the world but let me point something out – in America we are innocent until proven guilty.

    This man as of the date of this post is not guilty of anything based on the fact that bail is in play. Ben, are we going to fall into the same rut we have allowed VA to fall into and presume guilt, make judgement, then pass sentence before discovery and Due Process can be bring justice to these people? It seems to me this veteran deserves his day in court before we haul his ass out as a public example of what an American veteran should or should not be. It seems to me he that has a right to face his accusers publicly and in the light of day and just maybe America should be facing those same accusers and taking a good long look.

    We are selling short the honor of an elderly vet we know nothing about from this scant article. You say he was foolish? Or did he just draw a line and say, “no further” in the language that we taught him to speak when we trained him and the rest of us veterans to kill for America. I do not recall classes exiting the Marine Corps about how to discard the warrior. Do you?

    I do not assume his vet misunderstood what the consequences would be for venting upon this chickadee VA girl and as a man he chose those consequences for himself. Did it ever occur to you that maybe he had a good reason? He thought so. Did it ever occur to you that VA lied about what he said or did? I think so. Did it occur to anyone else that he was set up? Was he provoked by those with generations of training on precisely just how to provoke PTSD veterans into an outrage sufficient to remove them from VA care permanently, or did this VA lady merely have bad breath?

    Ben is correct in my view to set boundaries on his site and it is within his right to splash the name of the accused across the internet as all media has certainly done. His message today is a public service message pleading for calm and uses his good reputation among vets and as an officier of the court to influence vets nationally to stand down from a boiling hot rage that is exploding across America against VA as we see our brothers and sisters dropping dead one by one at the hands of VA corruption.

    I commend our blog author for this but what grabbed my attention and provoked my own rage inside that feeds my own nightmares, fears, and sense of unfulfilled retribution that is trademark PTSD was that one thousand veteran deaths by incompetent VA employees doesn’t even make the whats happening section in craigslist but one elderly vet likely incapable of the harm he suggested who drew the line and had taken all he could take makes a juvenile threat about pulling hair and it is national fucking news and a call to action for all vets to stand down and back off and say collectively, “we’re sorry.”

    I however will not be among that group that apologizes to VA for shit and I will ask my own question. I do not care about being popular; what did that VA bitch do to set him off that way and how many vets has she done it to before??? I do not pity these worms and they are experts at manipulating veterans this way and to give them the benefit of the doubt is to believe that Satan enjoys iced tea.

    1. I don’t think a single one of us should back down so long as the VA is operating in an extrajudicial capacity and outside the scope of it’s mandate and mission statement.

      “To care for he who has born the battle, and for his widow and his orphan.”

      If anything the level of violence needs to be increased until these fucks get it through their heads that you don’t poke a trained killer with mental health problems. Or at least until Congress manages to find it’s balls and reign in this rogue agency.

      Administrators need to go up against the wall first since their the bigwigs and the ones calling the shots. AFGE union leadership should be next. Follow this up with the VA pig dept, you know, the gatekeepers that have to hold your hand when your labeled “disruptive” and who’s responses to your protestations of innocence is “just doing muh job” Yeah those fucks can die to.

      The VA has declared war on the vet. The sad part is this isn’t a war that any veteran wants. What do we want as vets? We want a system that works first and foremost. We don’t have that right now and that’s a problem. When I took my oath to defend the Articles of the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic I don’t recall a line in there that says I agree to be treated like a third class citizen by a rogue federal agency once my service is finished.

      Until the VA returns to the fold of lawful accountability then violence is the ONLY answer.

      1. uNFORTUNAELY that is the only thing that will get the attention of the VA mule. You kill one vet and a bunch of YOU BOOBS die and NO BODY can find out WHODUNIT…………………..

      2. I tend to agree. It doesn’t have to come to that but I really believe that the VA is unwilling to give up it’s power and therefor must be abolished. If FedGov won’t do it then we must.

      3. I was with you until you said violence is the only answer. The answer to all of the wrongdoing done by the VA is these employees must face a real judge and charges placed upon them.

        Veteran’s are being falsely accused every day and the veterans punished and VA employees do not need to prove anything.

        Our justice system must become involved or these employees Will continue to do illegally acts against veterans.

    2. True enough. Most news leaves me with too many questions that are never answered, or side-stepped. No apologies from me either, nor bowing down.

      Around twenty years ago when first signed up to VA care it wasn’t a month I seen how incompetent and dangerous the VA is. So I hit my anger switch to moderate and not battle on their turf. However, the last few visits to the VA made me draw some lines in the sand and to never use the VA again and never trust anyone working for them, or go on their turf to discuss matters when enough talk was over, period.

      Back when we had physical meeting groups over issues like ‘anger’ or chronic pain we were told to discuss issues or events setting us ‘off’ or in defense mode. Never failed whenever a vet brought up VA staff having tantrums, blowing up, being vulgar, explosive, threatening, telling us to get out of their waiting rooms, jumping up and down blowing snot cussing us, walking away to never return to their desk leaving us waiting for service that rarely came, calling us criminals to all vets being insane, “you’re call crazy,” “I hate dealing with you veterans,” was merely called “employee or VA staff burn-out.” Then on cue came the usual lecture on how we should feel sorry for them cause they are so overwhelmed by their work-loads or so much concern for vets they can’t help they blow their stack. Let it all just slide by and not worry about it. Yeah right. Then that led to ending those physical meeting groups due to too much negativity about the VA being discusssed and not staying on topic, so they went teleconferencing for more control and to keep local incidents secret, to keep vets here apart being ignorant about some events so we wouldn’t form our own groups.

      The double standards and hypocrisy. It’s okay for them to threaten us, put us on a massive all encompassing network list for retribution of all kinds and much more and not a single media source is out here jumping on any stories?

      It’s okay for us to be some target for some stupid ‘knock out game,’ targeted by groups like ANTIFA, the social justice warriors (like SEIU, AFGE – VA staff), identity politics, that think we don’t deserve anything but they want it all for free along with their illegal alien friends.

      Aren’t we all still on a national domestic terrorist list for just merely being veterans? I haven’t heard Trump dumping that label or listing yet. Like it would do any good now in our present culture of crap. “” Gee thank you Mr Kenyan president and Homey Security.

      I’ll say this much. The last several phone calls with PAs or VA staff, what we had to sit and listen to during a Roudebush VA new chronic pain orientation, along with some other intentional run-arounds and games. If it were in a bar setting, in public, or out in the street…. those scum and all involved would have been put on immediate hurting status, no holds barred, no need for weapons, no threats. Marx-feminist man haters treated in like manner if desired too, no excuses. They deserved an instant ass whooping and some lessons taught. Personally I have never let people talk to me like that since Jr high or grade school. Or to get in my face within my personal space of about three feet or less… unless I was on their turf. They won’t pull that shit out on a parking lot or away from their support systems or ‘teams’. But ‘they’ can all do whatever they desire. It’s all supported by the feds, state, unions, legal beagles, vet groups, medical boards, etc.

      1. “T”,
        Have you noticed that you [almost] NEVER see any VA employee out in the public sector!
        Ever wonder why??????

      2. Yes, kinda like local politicians, media heads and others who have to shy away from the public. Or play in their in their country clubs or gated estates. lol

    3. Dennis,
      He’s only charged with a crime because the VA employee said so!
      THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN THE ARTICLE where the veteran said: “Guilty” or “Not Guilty” to the charges!
      Until there’s a trial, we won’t know squat about the outcome!
      One thing I’ll bet on is, I’ll bet the VA comes up with “alleged witnesses” to verify the VA employees’ statements!


    5. Very well stated. 100% accurate.

      “I won’t be wronged. I won’t be insulted. I won’t be laid a-hand on. I don’t do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.”
      – – – Marion Michael Morrison – – –

      Semper Fi, Sir.

  46. Why are they so freely using terrorist threat. That is not a terrorist threat. It’s a simple thest to do bodily harm to an individual. He didn’t threaten the whole hospital. What is happening to our law enforcement. Are we being watch by a bunch of gun token pussy cops. Arrest the guy and charge him with threatened ind with gun. Not terrorist threat. Stupid law enforcement. I suppose if I want to choke them to see what shade of blue they turn. What level of law enforcement is that.

    1. We’re talking about the VA’s own kangaroo court and the jesters are the VA’s own Disruptive Behavior Committee, who busts mental and physical kneecaps and when off Federal property, they call the local SWAT team to eradicate the evidence.
      The is the VA wielding judge & jury while not having a fuck of a clue that they instigate the very Veteran Population’s PTSD by their indifferently selfish behavior and attitude dished-out…Mick Jagger & Keith Richards wrote a bit about this:

      “[…I saw her today at the reception
      In her glass was a bleeding man
      She was practiced at the art of deception
      Well I could tell by her blood-stained hands

      You can’t always get what you want
      You can’t always get what you want …]”- The Rolling Stones, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.

    2. @CW
      “Why are they so freely using terrorist threat.”

      I will tell you exactly why. Over twenty five years ago a plan was hatched in the desert that sought to undermine that which the planners hated most – freedom in America. These men in the desert wielding enormous wealth and generations of knowledge devised a plan to do this and they had a world network established to carry it out. They still do…

      They estimated that a surprise attack at a mere handful of targets inside an arrogant America would kill a few but they calculated it would destabilize freedom for millions as time went on. Just a small handfull of men set out to out fear in the hearts of America and they succeeded. These men knew what kind of chaos follows for generations when you can get a country to start pointing fingers inward and the leaders asses are so puckered they can’t shit. The true terrorists act is straight out of the book and frighten mice decided (as the desert rats knew they would) to clamp down and eliminate freedoms America had always enjoyed but enjoys no more and never wll.

      Why is our government using the terror card so freely? Hee is why; Because the plan of those arab men in the desert, now long gone, succeeded perfectly. The answer is – because they won.

  47. In my opinion, so far we’ve only “read/heard one side of the story” on this!
    Did anyone get the “Vets side”? Did he enter a plea? Questions need answering! Why did the VA employee wait to make a complaint, IF she was so “afraid for her life!”?
    Evidently, the judge, in my opinion, wasn’t impressed with the VA employee, he let the veteran go on an “unsecured bond!” Usually, when someone makes that kind of threat, the individual is held for mental evaluation. Or, did the judge see through the “story” the VA employee made as “overblown”? Has this employee ever made this kind of complaint in the past against veterans?
    See, lots of questions needs answered!

    Until then;
    FUCK VA!

    1. P.S.
      Remember, Shithead Shulkin has recently admitted the “VA is adversarial towards veterans!” This could be one of those times!

    2. Exactly. Bulls-eye Crazy Elf
      Mr. Mazzarese. Just the kind-of guy I might like on my team. fierce fighter…
      He knows just how far to push it. Just the kind of guy I might like on my team, you tell him him to cease fire, and he throws another belt in the 60 and keep pouring fire down on the enemy. Until he is given a special order to halt, cease fire…
      Or the type-a-guy, that without regards to health or body, keeps throwing 105mm rounds in the guns, until he falls over of dehydration.
      I like Mr. Mazzarese spirit and fight…
      Mr. Mazzarese scared the shit out of VA employee nurse rachet, might be what the VA employee needed for oh so, so long…

    3. I believe you maybe right about the judge, I also think when the rubber meets the road ! The va will drop the charges for and plea agreement.

      Or the judge will throw it out ! Or if found guilty 1 year of probation.

      This veteran should have his attorney see how

  48. That is a load of crap. The scheme is to deem you as a threat because of the pussy population want to use that for leverage control. Fucking someone up has nothing to do with the veteran population , it is VA ‘s choice of trying to bait you and draw you in on federal property . If you are going to fuck someone up you are going to fuck them up regardless.
    A suicidal person intent on committing suicide is going to do it ; someone intent on being homicidal is going to do it. The only difference that relates to veterans is the training, and that is VA’s “fear factor”. You can have a swat team show up at your house, A it is either going to A; be a dynamic breach, B; a deliberate breach. You know how to react. A lot of times in a firefight, it is about speed, position, and reaction time.
    I call bullshit on all of it, and it is a tactical ruse by VA to seize your weaponry and to justify their bullshit DBCs to argue its’ legitimacy.
    LESSON number 1:

    1. You bring up a good point about the VA claiming jurisdiction over a vet. Most often this is subtle by telling the vet they must comply with X, Y or Z. If we don’t comply, they try turning up the heat by withholding medicine, other care or by screwing with vets in any number of ways. If the vet still doesn’t comply with their every whim, then they can use the DBC or just make shit up. I’ve seen instances where some fat Seahag thinks she’s MacArthur ordering old soldiers around like they are defending the donut cart.

      Some tend to recognize quick whether a vet will put up with that crap and has the ability to stay calm and make life hell for them. Others are too stupid and have to learn hard lessons.

      I’ve tried the polite, calm, courteous way of doing things. Some times it works. Most often it doesn’t.

      1. I agree, but they know who the guys like us are who know the law and can act to screw them big time, but they prey upon the more vulnerable vets, and there need to be highly paid lawyers, sitting on their asses at every VA facility, who are independently funded who can intervene on behalf of vets. Once I saw this 80 year old black guy who had sat in a wheel chair in the out patient pharmacy waiting for his prescriptions FOR SIX HOURS…. After getting his story and confirming it with the Pharmacy who just shrugged their shoulders, I went up to the Director’s office and told them to get their asses down there immediately and take care of that poor vet. At first they told me: “Calm down, don’t raise your voice” and I responded: “I am as cool as a cucumber, hoss, and this is my regular speaking voice, would you like to hear me raise my voice? Now get down there and serve that vet……They did, but why hadn’t they done it before the six hours had transpired????” lLAWS AND RIGHTS ARE NO GOOD IF THEY HAVE NO TEETH.,

      2. At the end of the day, and when it’s all said and done. If the government refuses to use it’s mandated power to reign in a rogue agency. That power must revert back to the people.

        I believe what we have here is a mini King George situation. We have an entity here that believes it can do no wrong all the while accumulating a laundry list of daily crimes against the veteran community specifically and against the american populace in general.
        We fought a war against that once.

  49. If an injury must be done to a man, it should be so severe, you need not fear his wrath.

    -Sun Tzu-

  50. I DO get it, and we all tend to get riled-up when fellow Veterans are being abused while these assholes always, ALWAYS end-up on-top of things, get promoted, and prosper…while Veterans continue to die while the VA gleefully lies.

    I will say that VA employee must have royally pissed-off that older Veteran and I will go as far as saying she more than likely had it coming YEARS ago but through instigated fear, no Vet had yet dared to say anything to nurse ratchet. I’m betting we are only getting the AFGE side to this and she in-fact had escalated and instigated the situation.

    I’m rooting for the older Veteran because we all know how the bitchy ones, male or female, can come-off as cold as this Northeastern Winter Storm we are currently having, with an even larger sociopathic God Syndrome.
    Did that VA medical assistant that killed an older Veteran via blunt-force-trauma right in his hospital bed down in Louisiana VAMC, file charges against the dead Veteran’s surviving family for disrespecting him? Just saying, this is taking AFGE protection to new levels and just why is it the Veteran is ALWAYS guilty before all facts are in but the cuddly-wuddly ball of fatback VA employee is always assumed in the right…and as that LA VAMC showed, they even gave that asshole employee TIME OFF to emotionally recover, yep, recover…from getting angry and killing a Veteran in his hospital bed…am betting today’s article is not much different from this other than….the older Veteran is STILL ALIVE. Vindication, anyone? Sociopaths R Us. Yep.

    May this VA employee slip on the ice in the employee parking lot, which busts both kneecaps, then a pack of wolves clears the trash from the parking lot. Done. (I was only allowing nature & karma to take it’s course: thanks to gravity and wolves).

  51. I get mad at times but have learned not to threaten because it leads to going berserk SGT Bales style. Was very close with IRS once but came out of it in time. Imagine ruminating (feeding) your anger until you are Paddock in Las Vegas. What do you do after that? The same as he did. So why not focus on putting the last first. That is the way I cope.

    The reality check center can desert you if you have a TBI or other organic problems. That is the element the employees don’t have in their thought lines in dealing with violent veterans. The reason, so instead of de-escalating they escalate.

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