Wall Street Journal: Is Secretary Shulkin Set To Leave Veterans Affairs?


Wall Street Journal Shulkin Interview

On Friday, Wall Street Journal dropped a bombshell on veterans in a story showing Secretary David Shulkin is actively taking steps to leave Veterans Affairs.

Two weeks ago, we learned Secretary Shulkin is under investigation by IG for using taxpayer funds to fly his wife to Europe for a vacation while he was there on official duty. Friday, we learned Secretary Shulkin is interviewing for the head spot at Health and Human Services to take the role of Tom Price following Price’s resignation. And he is one of the lead candidates for the slot.

Washington Post previously exposed that Shulkin and numerous others within Trump’s Cabinet had improperly used taxpayer dollars to fund vacations or official travel using private jets. Secretary Prices was busted using private and military jets to zip him around and subsequently resigned. Shulkin was obviously linked in a similar, albeit less expensive, case of bad decisionmaking.

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Think Shulkin will keep his actual chair in the Cabinet? Or will they play musical chairs? Why is Shulkin considering working in an agency with a smaller budget?

According to Wall Street Journal:

David Shulkin, the current U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs and a holdover from the Obama administration, has been interviewed by the White House for the top job at Health and Human Services, according to sources familiar with the meetings.

Now, what kind of benefit might be sought by moving Shulkin to HHS?

First, we know moving between agencies generally kills any IG investigation. But what might be another reason?

Certainly, it cannot be his ability to clean up VA fraud, waste, and abuse by federal employees because more and more scandals keep coming out of the agency. Just recently, another VA hospital was caught not cleaning surgical equipment properly, again. Or, that malpractice cover-ups continue.

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Second, could this be a sign HHS is transitioning over certain resources or know-how from VA to HHS related to health care for regular Americans? Is the federal government finally exporting VA practices for a single payer system?

Given the massive Veterans Choice Program failures and multiple ongoing failures in health care quality, I think the present interviewing process at HHS warrants deeper investigation.

Since the Clinton Whitehouse, VA has been touted as the medical platform model for the 21st Century and held out as a great success of government providing medical care to a large population.

That was until the wait time scandal destroyed the myth for the American public, at least for the past years.

If Shulkin does move over to HHS, America should be very, very nervous about the quality of health care nationwide.

Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/veteran-affairs-head-interviews-for-health-and-human-services-post-1507938721

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Seymore Klearly
Seymore Klearly

Shulkin got jealous when he heard about all the stuff Tom Price got away with over at Health and Human Services. Now Shulkin being the unethical turd that he is wants his turn to plunder Health and Human Services.


My opinion is that this false flag event was designed from the beginning to get this legislation rushed in.

Someone had this all ready to drop in the hopper.

Just my opinion. Draw your own conclusions.

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Crazy elf
Crazy elf

1.) Feinstein has come out and admitted “…there’s no way to stop gun violence!” She also admitted there’s “…no way to stop the next mass shooting!” These statements were in reference to the Las Vegas Shooting!
She’s also stated, at the same time, “…there needs to be more gun laws!”
Do y’all see the hypocrisy, and contradictions, in her words!

2.) There’s already enough laws on the books. Many of which are the same as what’s being introduced!
This is WHY most of the Congress Critters need to be voted out of office in 2018!


The world is a stage.
3min……It’s all fake…LOL


Cant Blame tha Black Guy anymore for how Fucked up the Senate (sell out Mcconnel) and (Dumbaxx P. Ryan) have not and will not do anything Significant for the US at all. Just Smoke Blowers for those who need it their (Followers)

james gallegos
james gallegos

Secretary Shulkin is just like Trump, We are going to make the VA the most wonderful place for veterans. Its going to be Bigger and better than ever.

Veterans deserve the best service we can give ! We are going to fire employees that should not be working at the VA !

We are going to let veterans have a choice where they want to be treated. He wants congress or the senate to pass his version of the choice program. One problem I seen in his plan for veterans choice.

It states ” Veterans will have a say so in choosing where they want to go and its up to the veteran and his VA provider to decide what is best for the veterans.

So if you want to use choice program because the provider is the problem, the provider can say no you have to stay here. Then the veterans Choice will be denied.

How is that choice ?

VA in Kansas owes the Ambulance company 1.5 million dollars and has not paid them, The ambulance co stated they will have to go after the veterans to pay the bill. The VA facility had a nurse speak with the ambulance co, the director refused to deal with the matter.

so once again the veterans will be forced to pay or have their credit go down the drain or go hungry or loose their home.

Guess Secretary Shulkin knows he has did all the damage he can and afraid he maybe held accountable and he wants to get out before that happens.

He refuses to post the names of employees who have been fired and has paid employees to quit and gives them money and cleaned up their personnel folders so it will not reflect the wrongdoings and they can be hired in the public sector.

So employees that have harmed veterans are not fired, they are sent into our communities to harm American citizens, maybe your mother or children.

The VA has over used its use to veterans and is a real danger to veterans. They lie from both sides of their mouths. They twist everything and will never admit to making a mistake and veterans dying waiting for care, is no concern to veterans its the price of doing business with its stake holders.

Until employees are really held accountable in a court of law, will other employees committing crimes will stop or think twice. In court they can Plead the fifth, but they cant stop the trial.

At least they will get a trial, veterans accused of being disruptive are no offered the same right. The OIG and other agencies are just as guilty when they collaborate with the VA to deceive veterans and our elected officials.


P.T. Barnum used to say the same thing each year about his circus and freak shows, “Bigger & Better, spared no expense…”. No different with the VA Circus of Fools.