Wall Street Journal Shulkin Interview

Wall Street Journal: Is Secretary Shulkin Set To Leave Veterans Affairs?

Wall Street Journal Shulkin Interview

On Friday, Wall Street Journal dropped a bombshell on veterans in a story showing Secretary David Shulkin is actively taking steps to leave Veterans Affairs.

Two weeks ago, we learned Secretary Shulkin is under investigation by IG for using taxpayer funds to fly his wife to Europe for a vacation while he was there on official duty. Friday, we learned Secretary Shulkin is interviewing for the head spot at Health and Human Services to take the role of Tom Price following Price’s resignation. And he is one of the lead candidates for the slot.

Washington Post previously exposed that Shulkin and numerous others within Trump’s Cabinet had improperly used taxpayer dollars to fund vacations or official travel using private jets. Secretary Prices was busted using private and military jets to zip him around and subsequently resigned. Shulkin was obviously linked in a similar, albeit less expensive, case of bad decisionmaking.

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Think Shulkin will keep his actual chair in the Cabinet? Or will they play musical chairs? Why is Shulkin considering working in an agency with a smaller budget?

According to Wall Street Journal:

David Shulkin, the current U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs and a holdover from the Obama administration, has been interviewed by the White House for the top job at Health and Human Services, according to sources familiar with the meetings.

Now, what kind of benefit might be sought by moving Shulkin to HHS?

First, we know moving between agencies generally kills any IG investigation. But what might be another reason?

Certainly, it cannot be his ability to clean up VA fraud, waste, and abuse by federal employees because more and more scandals keep coming out of the agency. Just recently, another VA hospital was caught not cleaning surgical equipment properly, again. Or, that malpractice cover-ups continue.

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Second, could this be a sign HHS is transitioning over certain resources or know-how from VA to HHS related to health care for regular Americans? Is the federal government finally exporting VA practices for a single payer system?

Given the massive Veterans Choice Program failures and multiple ongoing failures in health care quality, I think the present interviewing process at HHS warrants deeper investigation.

Since the Clinton Whitehouse, VA has been touted as the medical platform model for the 21st Century and held out as a great success of government providing medical care to a large population.

That was until the wait time scandal destroyed the myth for the American public, at least for the past years.

If Shulkin does move over to HHS, America should be very, very nervous about the quality of health care nationwide.

Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/veteran-affairs-head-interviews-for-health-and-human-services-post-1507938721

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  1. Secretary Shulkin is just like Trump, We are going to make the VA the most wonderful place for veterans. Its going to be Bigger and better than ever.

    Veterans deserve the best service we can give ! We are going to fire employees that should not be working at the VA !

    We are going to let veterans have a choice where they want to be treated. He wants congress or the senate to pass his version of the choice program. One problem I seen in his plan for veterans choice.

    It states ” Veterans will have a say so in choosing where they want to go and its up to the veteran and his VA provider to decide what is best for the veterans.

    So if you want to use choice program because the provider is the problem, the provider can say no you have to stay here. Then the veterans Choice will be denied.

    How is that choice ?

    VA in Kansas owes the Ambulance company 1.5 million dollars and has not paid them, The ambulance co stated they will have to go after the veterans to pay the bill. The VA facility had a nurse speak with the ambulance co, the director refused to deal with the matter.

    so once again the veterans will be forced to pay or have their credit go down the drain or go hungry or loose their home.

    Guess Secretary Shulkin knows he has did all the damage he can and afraid he maybe held accountable and he wants to get out before that happens.

    He refuses to post the names of employees who have been fired and has paid employees to quit and gives them money and cleaned up their personnel folders so it will not reflect the wrongdoings and they can be hired in the public sector.

    So employees that have harmed veterans are not fired, they are sent into our communities to harm American citizens, maybe your mother or children.

    The VA has over used its use to veterans and is a real danger to veterans. They lie from both sides of their mouths. They twist everything and will never admit to making a mistake and veterans dying waiting for care, is no concern to veterans its the price of doing business with its stake holders.

    Until employees are really held accountable in a court of law, will other employees committing crimes will stop or think twice. In court they can Plead the fifth, but they cant stop the trial.

    At least they will get a trial, veterans accused of being disruptive are no offered the same right. The OIG and other agencies are just as guilty when they collaborate with the VA to deceive veterans and our elected officials.

    1. P.T. Barnum used to say the same thing each year about his circus and freak shows, “Bigger & Better, spared no expense…”. No different with the VA Circus of Fools.

  2. Cant Blame tha Black Guy anymore for how Fucked up the Senate (sell out Mcconnel) and (Dumbaxx P. Ryan) have not and will not do anything Significant for the US at all. Just Smoke Blowers for those who need it their (Followers)

  3. My opinion is that this false flag event was designed from the beginning to get this legislation rushed in.

    Someone had this all ready to drop in the hopper.

    Just my opinion. Draw your own conclusions.

    Anti-gun bills filed in Congress

    Here is the latest list of anti-gun legislation filed as a response to the Las Vegas tragedy since 10/1/2017:
    U.S. House of Representatives
    HR 3947 – Bans parts and accessories that increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm
    HR 3962 – Bans online sales of ammunition
    HR 3984 – Repeals the Lawful Protection in Commerce law that would allow lawsuits against FFL’s and manufacturers
    HR 3986 – Would require the placement of tracking ID into ‘all’ firearms sold in America
    HR 3987 – Would require a fee to purchase a firearm through NICS and use these monies to fund the CDC to conduct research on gun violence that was previously found to be biased by Congress
    HR 3998 – Bans firearms for known or ‘suspected’ terrorists
    HR 3999 – Bans parts that increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm
    HR 4018 – Institutes a ‘3’ day waiting period nationally for purchase of handgun
    HR 4025 – Expands reporting of multiple firearms sales
    HR 4052 – Would ‘ban’ possession and transfer of large capacity magazines (More than 10 rounds)
    HR 4057 – Expansion of Prohibition for firearms ownership for being on a Terrorist Watch List

    U.S. Senate
    S. 1915 – Would require all firearms to be personalized for restricted access and use
    S. 1916 – Bans parts and accessories that increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm
    S. 1923 – Expands background checks of firearms
    S. 1939 – Repeals the Lawful Protection in Commerce law that would allow lawsuits against FFL’s and manufacturers
    S. 1945 – Would ‘ban’ possession and transfer of large capacity magazines (More than 10 rounds)

    1. Oldmarine,
      1.) Feinstein has come out and admitted “…there’s no way to stop gun violence!” She also admitted there’s “…no way to stop the next mass shooting!” These statements were in reference to the Las Vegas Shooting!
      She’s also stated, at the same time, “…there needs to be more gun laws!”
      Do y’all see the hypocrisy, and contradictions, in her words!

      2.) There’s already enough laws on the books. Many of which are the same as what’s being introduced!
      This is WHY most of the Congress Critters need to be voted out of office in 2018!

      1. The world is a stage.
        3min……It’s all fake…LOL

  4. Shulkin got jealous when he heard about all the stuff Tom Price got away with over at Health and Human Services. Now Shulkin being the unethical turd that he is wants his turn to plunder Health and Human Services.

  5. Frankly I wanted to put off this announcement for a while but…here goes;

    I nominate the ONLY man that can be trusted with the welfare of our nations veteran population and with the keys to multiple billions of free money; me.

    I plan to use myself as the quality control measure too – just keep me alive and everything gets an “ok” rating. Keep me happy and it is bonus time! I figure, do it for one vet first as a test, me, then move on to a room of my closest vet friends if it all works out (assuming Congress approves more funding).

    This IS my platform; “brutal honesty” (about my motivations for the job) – a first in our nations history! If confirmed I plan to double my efforts at being brutal and honest to all my veteran brothers and sisters. I promise.

  6. Let us not forget that the non-veteran Shulkin, who apparently has no problem in spending taxpayer money on flying his wife around, is the man who tried to take the TDIU benefit away from us. Beyond Shulkin, what happened to the promise to “…put America First…”? If we stopped ALL FOREIGN AID, including to all of our so-called “allies”, then there would be plenty of money for both the Choice program and our TDIU veterans! Thank you.

  7. Shulkin is not the real problem…AFGE/Title 5 is the problem…this actually might be good for us. This is a weird situation. Usually in Washington (The Beltway), an agency head (Secretary) with a larger budget has more power then an agency with a smaller budget. But in my opinion, as a VA/Beltway Veteran, HHS Secretary has more sway, than the VA Secretary with a larger budget. The dynamics of this would take too long to explain and I have homework to do. But he actually might be able to advocate for our main complaints. One of them, and I have mentioned this before, “Medicare Part V.” Shrink the VHA then give us a special medicare benefit, Part V, get it, part V for Veteran. I am a genius!

  8. For Vets with no other choice, the VA is a risk that has to be taken. Health care is not going to be give to us on this scale, we need to fix it.

  9. Gee Ben isn’t it obvious why Shulkin wants to work at Health and Human Services? Let me explain;

    At that new place he gets to deal with “humans” and “health”. The place he is at now only deals with “veterans” and “affairs”.

    Seems like a promotion to deal with humans instead of us vets. Besides, as a doctor who has sworn to first do no harm, the only government position possible available to him in “health” that he can first do no harm is one that does not actually run any hospitals or actually treat anyones health – HHS. Just the place for an extremely well paid Phd…I guess. Obviously he wants this whole veterans affair behind him.

    Make sense now?

    1. @Dennis- “[…Obviously he wants this whole veterans affair behind him. Make sense now?]”
      Like a deadly dense lingering fart. Behind him. Again, one turd leads to another.

  10. If Shulkin leaves and the Agent Orange deniers Thomas Murphy, Beth Murphy and Mr. Stampsel of the Pro Publica March 6th, 2017 transcript. Where Stampsel has actually has shown his ignorance about the use of Agent orange, Blue, White and Silvex on Guam which has poisoned a entire island and its veterans. There was a news article in The Pacific Daily News about the continuation of cleanup on Guam. I have all the EPA reports. The USTDR that shows dioxin levels at 19,000 ppm at a site were we trained for firefighting school at Andersen AFB, Guam. I was a Sea Duty Marine assigned to the USS Proteus AS-19 for two years from Feb.1974 to Feb. 1976. We provided security for all the nuclear weapons on ship and the “boomers” (submarines) when they came in for a refit. I was twenty feet away from spraying when a work party of sailors from the Proteus were spraying AO along the inner fence line while we were getting ready for PT or we were cleaning our rifles at Apra Harbor. Congress has shown itself to be nothing more than a bunch of cowards and only needs its veterans when the need us for a photo op when they are up for re-election. I have also talked youngsters from enlisting because of the lies we have been told as veterans. From Guam, Thailand, Okinawa, Korea and that includes the Blue Water Navy veterans. I have nothing but contempt for the government. On holidays I do not fly the American flag but fly the Dioxin flag because Agent Orange doesn’t discriminate and the government does.

  11. The GSA should have Mr shulkin reimburse the taxpayers by taking the cost plus 15% for admin cost and keep him from ever taking another government job, there is too much temptation and no accountability

    1. I read most everything I could on this. Every thing he did was both customary (i.e. spouses come along on overseas trips paid for by the government) and pre-approved by the government agency.
      So please, what are you talking about?

      1. For one if he is allowed to fly with his wife with the Government’s blessing so be it but if he or his violated any other spending then he should be on the hook for refunding the taxpayers, I believe Shulkin is a decent person but enough of this wasteful spending if I had to fly on Military transport then this folks should do the same

  12. I must say that I’m very disappointed with Trump (and I voted for him). Lots of “musical chairs” and passing of laws and EOs that either have no teeth or are left up to legacy swamp creatures to enforce/implement.

    How can you make change by keeping the legacy people? It’s not like we need them to help incoming/new people that will eventually take over (like a merger in the private sector – where you use current employees to train his/her replacement).

    I and other whistleblowers already have HHS looking the other way when we reported the VA allowing unauthorized access to our medical/VA/personal/claim records by VA garbage (to embarrass us and as a form of retaliation), so I’m sure HHS is more than happy to give Shulkin a home – as HHS is full of slime already, IMO.

    1. Wouldn’t it be great if Big Pharma made a pill that only taking it once makes any congress critter unable to experience human greed and was marketed as a Swamp Clarifying Agent Therapy (S.C.A.T.)? Seems none of the critters can say NO…last night’s ’60 Minutes’ disclosed that congress AND the DEA KNEW they were creating the opioid and consequently, an even worse deadly heroin epidemic…they KNEW…this was a DEA Whistleblower. RAT BASTARDS!

      1. YEA, Wouldn’t it also be great IF President Trump were to take the “subsidies away from Congress”, which is in Obamacare!

        Talk about the “congress critters” in the committees wanting to figure out HOW to implement some form of “real affordable healthcare!” Or, how they can figure out how to get government out of the healthcare business! Which they should have NEVER been in, in the first place!

      2. I can tell you #1 reason the congress critters cannot move forward on healthcare reform and that’s simply the fact they have made themselves EXEMPT from Obamacare or otherwise SO…they have absolutely NO STAKE in the matter…BUT they DO have STEAKS from Big Pharma and $$$$ for bowing to Big Pharma, their masters.

        So, Congress Critters are STEAK-HOLDERS and we Vets are STAKEHOLDERS. Pretty sure a good steak bone would kill as efficiently as a stake to the heart. What happens when you take a stake to a steak holder?

      3. Yes, saw 60 Minutes last night and sadly, I felt so helpless. Same thing at DEA I saw at other agencies. The law firms send in their cronies – who go back to the law firms and tell them our weak points…or worse, the cronies stay and write policy/regulation under the sly to help the buddies in the law firm get their claims passed through and approved.

        Need to reduce salaries of congressmen and politicians in general and remove all the “perks” (i.e. campaign contributions from creeps like big pharma) – that will make having a “career” in federal service nearly impossible and/or unrewarding…you get a basic salary of barely nothing. No cushy retirement, no cushy vacations, breaks, or whatever.

        Also need better and tighter ethic rules to get rid of the cozy RL between government peeps and the private sector. I mean, for one, they can start with barring the hiring of people who come from a private entity with a possible conflict of interest (i.e. a tax preparer who wants to work at IRS) and make a clause for life that they cannot use what they gained in knowledge and/or connections in the private sector.

        Like Judge Dredd…make government service a thankless job where you are sentenced for life to serve the public. Guaranteed the swamp would clear out itself.

  13. I think you are right, Ben. Shulkin wants his name on the new health care package and hopefully it will be single payer, contract medicine for health not fee based without the mistakes of the VA in its huge contracts to only two contractors and failure to do the in house controls that are normal accounting measures to prevent fraud.

    Did he learn any lessons? The VA kiosk was late but it happened. At least he went back to David Cutler’s plan and dug that out. Still to come is the reduction is size of contracts and turning the contracting over to state boards with HHS taking a supervisory roll to prevent fraud.

  14. Shulkin is Running away, same o same move and nothing will happen. If an investigation were completed all he has to do is say I Plead the Fifth or just say, the Ethics committee is to blame.

    End of story. So Secretaries leave and his staff is still there to screw over Veterans. Like his # 1 employee Stephanie. Way to go Stephanie for harming Veterans you Big Wig.

    I hope they investigate you and you pay the price for turning your back on Veterans.

    You are just as Guilty as the VA employee who committed the class 6 Felony, its call collusion.

    1. james Gallegos do you think Secretary of Veteran Affairs have influence on the Board of the Veteran Affairs Committee.

  15. Don’t you know the Veterans Affairs Admistation been shitting since John Kennedy the President

    1. “Concerned Veteran”,
      It goes back way further than that. For example: President Hoover was caught in the White House “…choking his poker buddy…” over a “…99 year contract he made with a floor wax company…!”
      This “poker buddy” was in charge of the newly formed administration designed for veterans. It came to Hoover’s attention his ‘buddy’ was receiving kickbacks from the company.
      Then there’s multiple scandals after the Civil War over this issue as well. As was reported in the news medias of that period!
      Then, of course, there’s the scandals after our “Revolutionary War” and the “War of 1812”, (or what has become known as our “2nd Revolutionary War!” against the British. Where the British not only burned our newly constructed White House to the ground. They also burned down our “Library of Congress” and other structures in Washington D.C.!)

      So, you see, this is an ongoing event in Washington D.C.!

  16. “One Thing (turd) Leads To Another” – ‘The Fixx’ (replace ‘thing’ with ‘turd’)

    “The deception with tact, just what are you trying to say?
    You’ve got a blank face, which irritates
    Communicate, pull out your party piece
    You see dimensions in two
    State your case with black or white
    But when one little cross leads to shots, grit your teeth
    You run for cover so discreet, why don’t they:

    Do what they say, say what you mean
    One thing leads to another
    You told me something wrong, I know I listen too long
    But then one thing leads to another.

    The impression that you sell
    Passes in and out like a scent
    But the long face that you see comes from living close
    To your fears
    If this is up then I’m up but you’re running out of sight
    You’ve seen your name on the walls
    And when one little bump leads to shock miss a beat
    You run for cover and there’s heat, why don’t they:

    Do what they say, say what they mean
    One thing leads to another
    You told me something wrong, I know I listen too long
    But then one thing leads to another
    One thing leads to another

    Then it’s easy to believe
    Somebody’s been lying to me
    But when the wrong word goes in the right ear
    I know you’ve been lying to me
    It’s getting rough, off the cuff I’ve got to say enough’s enough

    Bigger the harder he falls
    But when the wrong antidote is like a bulge on the throat
    You runs for cover in the heat why don’t they

    Do what they say, say what they mean
    One thing leads to another
    You tell me something wrong, I know I listen too long
    But then one thing leads to another
    One thing leads to another
    One thing leads to another”

  17. Also, from “Military.com” is this article out from “Stars and Stripes” by Nikki Wentling. Dated: 13 Oct 2017.
    “Shulkin Vows in Writing NOT to Cut Program for Disabled Vets”!

    This is about the “IU” program for tens of thousands of disabled veterans. He’s now put it in writing, no cuts!
    Question: “IF” Shulkin steps down as Secretary of VA, could the next Secretary reverse this program and strip veterans of “IU”?
    From what we’ve been through, and seen, by VA in the past. Could we get screwed? I’m my way of thinking, the answer is as plain as the nose on our faces: “YES!”

    1. They are being cut. My son was just cut & had to appeal, waiting for VA to respond. I found the article you mentioned & sent it to him @ “https://www.military.com/daily-news/2017/10/13/shulkin-vows-writing-not-cut-benefit-program-disabled-vets.html”

      1. NiteWish,
        Hopefully your son will get this fubar straightened out.
        And, you might want him to get an attorney to intercede for his benefits (compensation) which should not have been stripped!
        Shulkin talked about this over the past few months! He said it “…would be wrong…”!

        Did your son give you the reasons WHY VA stripped him of these benefits?

    2. If Shulkin continues to get attacked mercilessly by those who yell first before thinking, and don’t have full knowledge of the issues, maybe we’ll find out.

  18. CorpsmanUp,
    This article is for your pleasure.
    “Military.com/Daily News”
    Dated: 15 Oct 2017
    “Too Fat to Fight: Military Threatened by Childhood Obesity!”

    “The Gazette, Colorado Springs, Colo. | by Tom Roeder.

    Quote from the article;
    “Even the kids in America’s fittest state are too fat to fight their nation’s wars, a pro military nonprofit argues in a new study!”

    1. DOD is switching to spandex uniforms with scratch-n-sniff all you can eat buffet patches to keep the rolly-polly platoons rolling. New Military uses massive squashing power of a formidably wide doughy ass.

  19. I thought POTUS was ceasing EPA’s “Turd Recycling Incompetency Program Entropy” (TRIPE)? Entropy= a statistical measure of the disorder of a closed system…

    1. Nam, I’ve noticed that you’ve been on a big roll lately. Good brain creativity and stimulation, due to the African Sativa Ganga smoke from the sweet-n-fruity, pine smelling, heavily laden trichomed out kola’s (laymen terms; fat dense buds). Save the seeds for me. – – – Nutter.

  20. Change positions in the government agencies and investigations cease!
    That tells the complete story of what might happen.
    That’s the problem I see occurring! Just because someone changes “titles”, should NOT be “get out of jail free card!” The investigation should continue. “IF” fraud, or any criminal activity is found, charges should be brought against the perpetrator!
    “We the People” are seeing this behavior by the (NON-)JUSTICE DEPARTMENT more and more.
    Yesterday, there’s were a number of utube videos out concerning this very issue. Judge Janine Piro had Rep. Ron DeSantis on her program and literally blasted ALL of Congress over their inaction to hold our leaders in government agencies accountable!!!!!!
    And as true to form, DeSantis skipped his way around the subject to talk about what was going on with the Awan Brothers Scandal!
    What was discovered this past week was that Awan was taking trips to Pakistan, for months at a time, working in Pakistan, and allegedly giving classified information to someone, or many someones, in Pakistan.
    What I believe “We the People” want to know is: When the hell are people who have been committing corruption, waste, fraud and abuse in the U.S. going to pay for their crimes!

    “ANutterVet” and “CorpsmanUp” brought up Harvey Weinstein. Good example, IF the DOJ and FBI will work together to bring down the pedophile ring operating within the United States of America and abroad!
    This could, IF Weinstein were to start “snitching” on ALL of the perverts, bring down those who ARE in political power, and those who WERE in political power! (It was reported months ago, around one-third of our elected officials ARE pedophiles!)
    Of course, there’s that old saying, “Snitches ARE a Dying Breed!” for Weinstein to be careful of!!!!!!

    My last word is: The “USS VA Titanic” is about to submerge and “Shithead Shulkin” knows his time is about to expire! He’s getting while the getting is good! Sooner or later, I hope it’s sooner, President Trump will have to explain why he’s letting the veterans HEALTHCARE he promised, go the way of the dodo bird!

  21. Off-Topic: “Bergdahl expected to plead guilty in desertion case Monday.” –Mark my words in that Bergdahl will grow-up and fill John McCain’s future vacant congress critter padded ass-position deckchair in D.C. Swamp….wait for it…

    1. Bergdahl did f**k up.
      He admitted it.
      He pleaded guilty.
      He enlisted.
      The 2nd time, after the Coast Guard found him unsuitable, and discharged him.
      He wasn’t a draft dodger.

    2. Nam, Informed sources hold that Bergdahl is being groomed for the position of SecVA . . . about twenty years from now.

      Chelsea will be the HMFIC of the VBA.

      WAIT for it!

    1. The dingbat rats on a sinking dinghy called V.A. Titanic, believed to be unsinkable. Priceless. 🙂

  22. Once a floating turd is in the D.C. Swamp turd polish is no longer effective so it’s a constant squeeze and shit-smear campaign to make an old turd look spanking new for a brand new pair of shorts to stain in very near future. Tom Price was no lottery windfall of a gratuitous human being. One leech would replace another.
    Remember: One turd ALWAYS leads to another with the VA and life.

  23. Now we know why Shithead “Shitty” Shulkin hasn’t introduced a major overhaul of the VA, even after all the scandals and screw-ups by the VA’s Executive Leadership, Mid-Level Management, Low-Level Supervising Pukes, and the many lame ass, cocky, and well protected VA AFGE Union Workers.

    Instead of a picture, the VA’s portrait tells the story on how non-excellence is rewarded. Especially within the VA, and Gubmint sectors. It’s as clear as a bright sunny day on the Kailua-Kona’s Gold Coast. And believe me, without the Vog (Volcanic smog) floating through Kona’s air, its as clear as can be. Do you see the picture?

    Go ahead, get it all out by sharing your thoughts. And, don’t sit back and do nothing, tell others what has been happening within the hallways of the VA, and how our Brothers and Sisters, are at risk by the awkward behavior(s) and non-decisions of the VA’s leadership.

    If Shulkin is selected, all we need is another filler from the world of the CIA to take the helm. The VA could even get worse. And, who in the hell is whispering in POTUS’s ear anyway? I’m dumbfounded by all of the inaction(s) of such. Gee, gotta pee. l8r, – – – Nutter.

  24. Any IG means nothing. It is merely a tabloid paper that comes out to satisfy the screwed up Senate and Congress we have here.
    It all boils down to the public taking action.
    The public won’t take action because many people will not serve in the military and any action taken by the general public will bring attention to the threat of mandatory service.
    The fat and nasties outnumber the “willing to serve”. That is why you see the egregious behavior towards veterans.
    Fat fucks and fatbacks run the show.
    Look at Weinstein, perfect example.
    He would look like a model VA employee,
    No neck, all mowf. (intentionally spelled mowf)

    1. And the Motion Picture Academy says that all the sexual bullying and mobbing stops at Weinstein. Right? Since Weinstein got booted, that’s all there is. Right? When you see and hear one, there’s more crawling around that’s looking up the skirts, and pleasuring themselves. OK, I lied, there’s been no reports yet of skirt probing. I thought that I’d say it first before it gets reported. Ass wipes. – – – Nutter.

  25. With all of his Turd polish wearing thin with each new Veterans Administration scandal. It is no surprise this floater is looking for a new home and hoping for a fresh coat of turd polish.

    Personally I think it is already past the time to flush this one out of the swamp. His stench has been a problem since he started at the VA.

    1. Only 2 comments after this important article America don’t care about our veterans that’s the problem

      1. It just takes one important person to care. The man that
        partially occupys the White House. That wood help a lot.

    1. Ed,
      “Shithead Shulkin” has been with the VA for quite some time. He knew how fucked up it was BEFORE he was Secretary of VA!

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