Criminal Probe Into Illinois VA Over 14 Legionnaires’ Deaths

Illinois VA Legionnaires' Disease

Illinois is taking action over deaths of its state’s veterans who died from Legionnaires’ disease at an elderly facility. There has been an ongoing investigation for years into 14 deaths of veterans from Legionnaires in that state.

According to WBEZ News:

A downstate grand jury has subpoenaed records from Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office and at least two more state agencies as part of a criminal investigation into fatal Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks at the Quincy veterans’ home, WBEZ learned Wednesday.

Rauner’s administration surrendered copies of the Adams County grand jury subpoenas in response to a series of open-records requests.

The grand jury’s demand for Legionnaires’-related records tied to outbreaks at the Illinois Veterans Home went to the governor’s office and to the Illinois Departments of Veterans’ Affairs and Labor. Last week, WBEZ reported that the grand jury had also subpoenaed the state public health department.

The subpoenas, which went out Oct. 25, demand that Rauner’s administration turn over the documents by Thursday. No one has been charged with any wrongdoing relating to the outbreaks.

They represent the latest byproducts of a criminal probe that outgoing Democratic Attorney General Lisa Madigan disclosed last month. Her office is looking into how the Republican governor’s administration’s handled a series of Legionnaires’ outbreaks at the facility that are linked to 14 deaths… 

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6 thoughts on “Criminal Probe Into Illinois VA Over 14 Legionnaires’ Deaths”

  1. What they do. With hold information and don’t respond. There is no one they fear or care about and why so many problems. If you get someone to talk, they justify mistakes calling themselves saints because they serve so many veterans. They admit fault because they are trying to treat so many short staffed. They brainwashed themselves to think the quality of care can be sacrificed to see as many veterans as needed. They will argue and try to make life difficult so you shut up. Then fight saying no one knows veterans as they do protesting anything that has veterans getting care outside the VA. Anyone who knows their actions caused pain to another human being coming in the next day must have issues. They also say we are lucky to be seen at all because we don’t pay and everyone knows the response to that bullshit

  2. 11/19/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    On 09/11/2014 my Book [No. 5] “Cut and Draw Blood” had letters to every Politician in Arizona from the City, County, State, and to the Governors’ office; Congressmen, U.S. Senators, and the President.

    In this article you had a couple of statements that should be noted by state officials: “The grand jury’s demand for Legionnaires’-related records tied to outbreaks at the Illinois Veterans Home went to the governor’s office and to the Illinois Departments of Veterans’ Affairs and Labor. Last week, WBEZ reported that the grand jury had also subpoenaed the state public health department.”

    Grand Juries are normally wimpy when it comes to a real case [1998 Cox Report], but I can see the Citizens of Illinois are getting impatient with Federal Officials.

    So why does my State of Arizona still stands behind their statements “it is a Federal Matter”?

    We can see four (4) years later that other States insist that they have jurisdiction over this matter [VA Hospital Care].

    Is there more going on at the “One Star Rated” Hospital in Phoenix?


    Don Karg

    1. Are you the Dennis from Oregon? If so Brother, I’ve been thinking about you, and wishing you well. Try to keep pressing in, although I do understand that there may be things out of control.

      Best Holidays to and for you. A Brother named Nutter.

  3. “A dozen families have filed suit, but are limited to $100,000 awards if they prevail, a cap which is tied for the lowest in the country.” Illinois is probably the first state the will ever go bankrupt and need Federal assistance (Or whatever they’ll have to do to get out of it) they have such massive debt. (They couldn’t even do payouts to lottery winners, what’s up with that?) But for politicians to put caps on Veterans that fought for our country is really spineless, and they’re using coverup, deny, and delay tactics too. By the time the lawyers, the IRS. and the state get their boogerhooks on the $100,000, there will probably not even be enough left for a funeral. I can only imagine the conditions of the homes that have little over-sight, except maybe from number crunchers, compared to the VA which is “supposed” to have some kind of oversight, but you read about the VA problems everyday even with it. Elderly Vets ignored by the Govt. again. Sad.

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