Barbara Temeck

Guilty: Ex-VA Surgeon Guilty For Illegally Prescribing Opioids To Buddy

A jury in Cincinnati did not bite on the whistleblower rouse when finding a former surgeon turned administrator Barbara Temeck guilty of illegal prescription of opioids to a friend.

Between 2012 and 2013, Temeck wrote 3 prescriptions for controlled substances to her friend Kathleen Hetrick, who is the wife of Jack Hetrick, the then director of Indianapolis Regional Office. Hetrick later resigned for serious misconduct.

An investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and VA OIG found:

  • Temeck was only legally allowed to dispense drugs to VA patients
  • Kathleen Hetrick is not a veteran or VA patient

After her misconduct was reported in 2016, Temeck voluntarily surrendered her license to prescribe controlled drugs. In 2017, a federal grand jury indicted Temeck on three counts of illegal prescription of controlled substances for the following:

  • 50 tablets of anti-anxiety Valium in December 2012
  • 100 tablets of the opioid hydrocodone in May 2013
  • 180 tablets of Valium in November 2013.

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Temeck Whistleblower Excuse

Once the intent to pursue charges became known, Temeck alleged the agency had engaged in a witch-hunt and was actually the result of retaliation. Temeck allegedly cracked down on healthcare providers at University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. However, the judge apparently viewed this as an irrelevant smokescreen and would not allow much dialogue about whistleblowing in 2016. It only took the jury a couple hours to reach a guilty verdict.

This, of course, makes sense. Unlawful prescriptive practices have nothing to do with being a whistleblower many years later. Recently, Temeck alleged Secretary David Shulkin targeted her as a whistleblower.

I had hoped the judge would at least allow this to be explored, but the premise of why she was prosecuted was not really relevant. She was guilty.

During testimony, Temeck denied making two of three prescriptions and claimed she was involved in Hetrick’s treatment as justification for making illegal prescriptions.

The judge did not issue sentencing following the verdict. Maximum penalties for the three counts carries a possible prison sentence of 5 years and a fine.


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  1. I don’t know about this Temeck, you guys are much much smarter than me, but i do know this as fact, they will set someone up, they will provoke, antagonize, and they’ll use there influence over a number of organizations to do it from the locals all the way up, they’ll even cannibalize one of there own indoctrinated higher up dummies. VA probably considered me a threat because i didn’t feel like making them a key fob years ago. I don’t think any one here wants to hurt any one, just so sick of a delusional bureaucracy. So we talk like grunts sometimes, I kinda find it refreshing, because i hate talking to pussies unless they got one between there legs. I don’t like giving the VA any cover either, but i have found 2 o 3 very good people there, The problem is it took 40 years and whole lot of trouble in between to get there, not to mention the fact that i probably only have a few years to go, yeah there worth there weight in gold, but even they are limited in what they can do, I even hate to admit there right sometimes because they can never ever reciprocate. Ya just never know which direction VA will be coming with there nutty shit smearing tactics so one should always be on guard.

    1. I don’t consider myself smart or carry a high IQ either. If I had the brain I did forty or so years ago I’d be dangerous today and could play “I Spy” or play crusader a whole lot better. Plus you are right on about them eating their own.

      You seem wise enough, in the know, and smart enough for me. I wish I could share a camp fire and some chat sessions with some people out here, but geography is not on our side either.

  2. o
    ( Oo)………………………………..\|/

  3. to all of you that have responded to my comments on this blog today or previously, you don’t know who anyone is on this blog. the tone and content of what has been written in the comments section of this blog since the first of the year needs to change. Benjamin Krause recognized this as well. you don’t know who anyone on this website is. situational awareness. think before you post your comments.

    1. Oh please. I have posted my real info/name out here at least three or four times, name and facebook crap. Who are YOU????

      First you want to censor and now it’s to censoring tones AND content. Like I wrote before. I think you are an instigator, divider, and exactly what I deal with in my environment, town, on a daily basis. I smell your kind a mile away and you keep proving it. Why don’t you vent, support, or provide some info instead of family size portions of distractions and whine?

      You speaking for Ben?
      Is this comment supposed to be taken as threat? That tone you know.
      Just like a typical local Hoosier activist or college town libtard here…. demand change to pacify your ways or whims. Destroy and silence all those who refuse to assimilate, conform, use the baby voice, or pretend to be happy happy happy while totally miserable. Got ya buddy!

      Wanna do me harm? Like the little blond on the Match dot com commercial says… “come find me.” I am not hard to find at all and I am not afraid of anything or any powers that be. Period.

    2. Mike Berns – I think you should shut the fuck up, or post all of your information. I don’t know about how others feel, but something smells funky here.

      And, per the VA playing its fucking dirty games and working their conniving tactics like their the poster Agency of taking care of Vets, but yet by retaliating against those that don’t follow their pied piping music.

      There’s no fucking reason to post ones full name and contact information on Ben’s blog. And if this becomes a NEW AGE for the TIMES REQUIREMENT, then I’ll drop off Ben’s site quicker than a fucking NY second. Done it before for a bit, and I surely can and will make it a permanent thing if necessary.

      The VA holds back on its fucking information, and undermines us Veterans, so why the fuck is it important for someone to put their real name on their posts? Real supportive, non-candied assed Veterans know what is real, and what isn’t.

      Why do you have connections deeply rooted in the VA that will protect us Veterans from fucking us over even more?

      Does anyone else smell something, something? If we get anymore censored, or have to reveal our identities, then there’s going to be many that leave.

      Ben can we get a status on this. I don’t want to waste my time with this dumb ass mother fucking shit. We committed Vets get enough of this shit just trying to get treated normally.

      Somebody clarify please, or I’m going into lockdown, and into high alert of a selective protective mode.

      1. yes ben lets get a status on this. you’ve seen all of my posted comments.
        In your story on January 5th you’ve even wrote about the folks posting comments on your blog about making threats of violence as well as bringing shame to the veterans community. maybe just writing one story about this isn’t enough. please do provide some clarity on this Ben.

        what’s the status Ben?

        and nutter, I agree with you that there is no reason to post ones full name and contact information as T suggested. I never suggested this. T said he has done this.

      2. What did you want Dennis to do and post a photo of himself? Mr Instigator and still going aye?

        I didn’t suggest everyone do it just because I did. I told you to do what you are expecting or telling others to do, so do the same or lead the way, simple. Now you want to continue to make a mountain out of a mole hill?

        I posted my info cause I am fed up with the intimidation, threats, fear tactics, games, and the status quo and sheep, plus all the enemies thinking we are supposed to just lay down like door-mats, shudder with fear, and just play keyboard commando, whilst the corrupt filth run rampant over us or our lives. I say BS to it all. I’ll stand up and be counted, identified, cause I am fed up to the gills with all the shit and people like you. Now you want Ben to come out and spank me for some reason or whim of yours??? Grow the F up.

        Meanwhile you just continue to spew shit, play kindergarten games and run for back-up or help and point fingers at me for doing something wrong. While I am trying to expose all I can, what I deal with as an example for others to see, and show people how corrupt things are in my state, DC, and town, and cowardly and corrupt the whole sheebang is top to bottom. As vets are suffering and dying out there you piss and moan over kid crap and have a bug, or a cluster of em, up your ass to contend with.

        So play your fricken games pal. I’m coming down on you easy MR. activist. So don’t let your ego get bruised much and don’t get hard little pecker cause so far…. I am just playing with you and setting the record straight. Now run off and tell mommy about mean ol’ Mr T on a forum
        giving you some severe feed-back over your gaming.

      3. Mr. “T” you still don’t realize that I didn’t ask dennis to post his photo. Dennis already posts his photo and it appears next to every comment he posts on this blog. Dennis is the only one besides Ben who I have seen post a photo.

    3. You do not have personal jurisdiction over me, nor does VA or any of those losers. This is a free country and the owner of this site has authority of its contents.
      The owner clearly has a disclaimer associated with its use and does not endorse pseudo names or those pseudo comments.
      As Phil Collins once said in a song “Oh Su-Su-Sussudio”

  4. More bull for the day before a nap.


    We are on a domestic terrorist possibles list and now Homeland false-flaggers are going to join in getting help for vets and be put on yet more lists? The same ones that demanded we be stripped of pain meds and put on head dope, by force, immediately???

    Get real Trump. Nice photo op with all the suits though.

    1. T, look at the comments on that story you posted, this is why we are in trouble. Except for the first two comments, all the rest are praising this President, for all he is doing for the Veterans.

      Again, the public is oblivious to the truth. They think all is just wonderful in the rose garden. Honestly? I would love to slap the shit out of anyone wearing rose colored glasses so fucking hard, their Optometrists would turn into a Proctologist, while making a “POP” sound.

      Da fuck does that mean?

      1. yes. They had better do some serious news searching or listen locally to chatter about how the open border Dems and illegals are loving this guy on one hand, supporting him with the other, showing us all kinds of crap and propaganda.

        EB – 5 Visas up, way up. Asian corporations buying us out and flooding in here to build and bringing in all Asian workers. Trump helped with that.

        Very few illegals in reality are being deported. None locally. Countless ones allowed in since his term, still flooding in, allowed to stay. Media quiet, but still trashing him too. The games are endless.

        I could post some news links but not a good time and would change nothing. Trump lost me when he chose Pence, then the win, and started with his nepotism, bowing to Israel, and not keeping his many promises. But his fans like those of Hollywood will put the facade first and reality last, and keep putting lip-stick on all the little piggies.

  5. Story time before nap time boys and girls. Allow me to share another one about how deep the corrupt deep state and retaliation networks are:

    Spring of 2017 was – forced- to have a smart meter installed. Installer woman said I could not refuse it. Even though I was told through the news room that we could refuse them but had to pay a one hundred dollar re-install fee, plus an added thirty bucks a month to have it read monthly.

    Fast forward to fall of 2017. Two trucks of Duke Energy workers (4) came out to adjust the new meter, and to check the reality of my using a CPAP and continuing on with their “Life Support System” that is supposed to put those on life support systems a priority to be repaired in case of outages. One older male worker said they could do a CPAP usage check to verify my usage through the smart meter, no need to come inside to look and see.

    Fast forward to the past few days. Answering machine full again. One main one of this story when calling back connects me with Duke Energy. Other calls coming from that same number calling constantly were over ‘credit score checks,” auto insurance sales, pizza delivery, to get credit cards, etc. Nothing about electricity. One girl with a sexy voice commented : “How do you like getting fucked with.” So I call the number back as usual to see what i can find out or if it’s another number called and reported as “not in service or disconnected”. It came from Duke Energy customer services division.

    Ziiiiiip fast forward to today. In the mail I get the yearly contract I am supposed to sign to stay on that emergency needs list. I didn’t sign it last year and remained on it cause I told them I refused to sign any more releases of information or release of my medical files that usually ends up leaked to some local politicians or activist, like on our city council and etc. Info later used when these clowns are calling leaving messages or when answered are from those with intimate so-called private information in my medical files and can only come from certain places, or from places where the info has been up-dated or changed.

    Last year all it took was a phone call to my new incompetent PCP to verify the CPap through my VA files he got and complained were too thick.

    Major bitch is this. They can have records of communications in the past but not of the harassing phone calls or why I was being told certain things they now deny. Like being able to verify my CPAP use by way of Smart Meter. So which is it? One says they can, the girl I just talked to on the phone says, “no they can’t check or verify things that way. Just watt usage.” So then why am I being told one thing, then another by verifiable Duke Energy staff and workers???

    Bitch 2. Why the need for…. clause…. “I agree that Duke Energy may disclose information to local, county, and/or state authorities without additional notification or consent, solely in order to protect the well being of me the patient.” Remind me here… who the hell am I supposed to be able to trust in town and state like mine?!

    They will not drop the above clause or agree in writing that the info must stay within the Duke Energy system. And not end up on Rick Burger’s desk or any other politicians locally who happens to be both on city councils, boards, AND a Duke Energy spokesperson and boss man. See another connection here? Dot dot dot to dot.

    Never a dull moment without pains. This is the kind of shit we can get when contacting or so-called congress critters or senators who are supposed to represent us. No, instead we get more of the same, and intensified. Call a rep, chat with some lefty or activist uncaring staff, wait a while, then more hell breaks loose and easy to see where some of it comes from and by whom was last contacted over some issues. Do they help? No. They just demand more releases of information with no ending date on them and for the interns, staff, who ever, to use as they wish. End of story in my open air prison camp called Indiana, the Gaza Strip of the USA. Happy trails.

  6. Just received. More BS, propaganda, excuses, claims, stats, etc.

    “What the VA is Doing About the Opioid Epidemic”


    1. T, made it a little shorter, plus directly takes one there.


      1. Thanks! Had a site that helped shorten long links but don’t know what happened to it, or if I am messing it up.

  7. Just got off the phone with my NON-VRO attorney. MINIMUM wait time: 1.5 years at the BVA!!!! WTF OVER!!!

    1. Longer than that I bet you. I’ve heard wait times of 5-8 years recently for appeals to get in front of judges.

      1. You are one tenaciously tough Crazy elf, elf. Only a former drill instructor could be so patient and wait like a croc in the reeds that long. 😀

      2. The VA tried to say I was never in Vietnam, hence never injured, because I was never in the U.S. Army!
        That’s what occurs when there’s a bunch of crooks running the VA boards!

        Oh, and by the way, I was a “DI” at Ft. Polk at the “Vietnam Village” AFTER my tours, notice plural, in Vietnam!

  8. PTSD vets are not violent. We’ve been through violence and all we want to do is live in peace. Unfortunately for us we live in a corrupt and violent society that won’t allow anyone to live in peace. I keep thinking about what they did to the Indians who just wanted to be left alone and to live in peace. We are forced to be ashamed of our service and then we’re forced to be ashamed of our PTSD. We’re unfairly stereotyped and stigmatized so bad that we become isolated and reclusive. No one likes us. I remember a phrase I heard in Viet-Nam, “The only person back in the ‘World’ who likes you is your mama. Nobody else likes you. They sent you over here didn’t they?!”

    1. dennis, reread your comments you posted on the Puget Sound VA story which include: “some American vet who knows intimately how to visit divine retribution upon his foes will deploy to the VA center of his choice, and take up positions with weapons of his choice and he will murder as the price for accountability”

      1. then ben is your name and picture to post comments you now say you didn’t make dennis. try posting comments that are helpful and not inciteful.

      2. Post your real name and photo, what state and town you live in. Easy. Don’t ask others to do what you won’t.

      3. There are several Dennis’s, YOU just accused one Dennis of saying what another Dennis said.
        Yeah, hard to believe more than one Dennis would walk through the doors of the same damn VA huh?

        How many Vets named Vito, do you suppose use the VA NY Harbor Health Care System? One?

      4. Fuck, I’m tired of all this shit. So now my hand has been forced to take direct and immediate action;

        “I VITO them ALL. There, done wit it. Move da fuck on.”

        Again, LMMFAO Even More

      5. Dennis
        PTSD vets are not violent. We’ve been through violence and all we want to do is live in peace. Unfortunately for us we live in a corrupt and violent society that won’t allow anyone to live in peace. I keep thinking about what they did to the Indians who just wanted to be left alone and to live in peace. We are forced to be ashamed of our service and then we’re forced to be ashamed of our PTSD. We’re unfairly stereotyped and stigmatized so bad that we become isolated and reclusive. No one likes us. I remember a phrase I heard in Viet-Nam, “The only person back in the ‘World’ who likes you is your mama. Nobody else likes you. They sent you over here didn’t they?!”

        3 REPLY4 hours 7 minutes ago
        mike berns
        mike berns
        dennis, reread your comments you posted on the Puget Sound VA story which include: “some American vet who knows intimately how to visit divine retribution upon his foes will deploy to the VA center of his choice, and take up positions with weapons of his choice and he will murder as the price for accountability”

        Show me a picture next to this Dennis, name. Oh, that’s right, you can’t.

      6. Where is all the intimacy on this blog? I mean, I’m a looking for feeling this shit. Been hard up so long my peckner is in a state of non-deflation.

        But you’d think that this would cause me much inconvenience, but it doesn’t, not at all. But I’ll tell you what it does do for me; it acts as a safety measure device, by stopping me from rolling out of my hospital bed and hitting the floor, with the high probability of hitin boat my headz.

        And, the damn fucking VA gets no credit for they didn’t provide me with this device either. I got it from my Pops, he’s wasa da man in da house, therefore over and on top of me mama, and his spermaceti decided that I’d get that safety device even before it became freely oxygenated with a rush of meez red blood cells and other kindz of dem fluids for it to perform itz norml function(s).

        And the neat thing about it is, that it grew right along with me, as we both aged and matured together. It came wit many features too; tool for dispersing fluid waste, can do by makin more of meez with the same safety device via introduction of squirmy tadpoles in another type fluid base.

        And when it matures by filling, expanding, and increasing its firmness, and stayz dis wayz for more than regular time needed, this is when itza morphs into dat nightynite tyme safety device, so that I no fall out of bed, and to possibly burse or brokes wonz or toos of meez headz.

        Better safe then brokes and in painz. – – – Nutter.

        Bring of the sickness.

      7. @Ben Krause – – – I like to request an upgrade to being able to have more EDIT’s than only one or two. I want the Unlimited Package please.

        How much por dat bros? Do you Pay Pal or Bit Coin, or other Coin Initiatives that er currently available. Or, is this kindz stuff done under the table? How does this all worx anyway?

  9. I am only surprised at this that the charges were completely followed through on, which again, clearly shows the VA can do so when they want to.
    Its interesting to see the prescriptions listed. 100 hydrocodone? How many vets with severe pain have been cut off? Or have had their prescriptions reduced to 30 per month or lower, and have to jump through hoops to get those? 180 valium at one time? Seems the little wifey was pill shopping, and hubby hooked her up.

    Speaking of hubby, where is the investigations and charges for him coercing a VA doctor into writing controlled substance prescriptions for his wife? They had evidence of him doing so. Why were they not called as witness to help the prosecution? Selective application of the law?

    Temeck said in testimony she did not write 2 of the prescriptions, and it appears 2 charges were dropped. Where is the investigation into those 2 prescriptions? Temeck said in testimony she wrote prescriptions in the early 2000’s for his wife when they all were at Hines. Why no prosecution for those? Statute of Limitations expire?

    How many veterans can summon a VA chief of staff to their home for a panic attack or muscle spasms, and get that chief of staff to immediately write a prescription? Meanwhile, vets with a serious fucking heart condition cannot even get proper care in a timely manner?

    The linked article said Temeck and Hetrick were living on VA grounds when they were at Hines. What kind of boondoggle is that? How many VA hospitals in the country having living quarters for very well paid VA employees? What is the cost to maintain those facilities? Do the employees have to pay a locally prevailing rate to live in those facilities?

    How is it the VA does such a lousy job at helping veterans who might become homeless, or are homeless, while at the same time providing housing for employees who are certainly paid enough to pay for their own damn housing?

    Ben, I think a FOIA for how many VA employees are living in VA facilities would be interesting, along with what the cost to the VA is, and whether any amount is paid to live in them. I bet if they pay anything, it is vastly lower than local rent or mortgages, and the VA excuse would be it helps them maintain the property.

    What are those costs as compared to the rates charged that non-profit at Tomah where the VA threw homeless vets out in the middle of winter?

    Why did the VA go immediately to prosecuting her rather than having the IG whitewash the whole thing?

    1. “Why did the VA go immediately to prosecuting her rather than having the IG whitewash the whole thing?”

      Because VA Sec Shulkin does not want any “blemishes” on his vitae re: controlled RX’s being unauthorized and RX’d under his watch…it’s ALL ABOUT swamp creature self-preservation and keeping that golden parachute clean of thixotropic shit stains….however, I would say working as the headmaster dick of the VA would be a shit-stain on anyone’s vitae, even a janitor or pest control….I wonder if the DBC qualifies as “pest control” to the VA? 😀

      1. It wouldn’t matter what blemishes are on his record, he will still get that parachute onto a few corporate boards somewhere.

      2. What I have noticed with POTUS Trump and Shulkin is VA Sec. Shulkin seems to get quite a few more “photo-ops” with Trump than previous VA Sucks. Maybe Shulkin is vying for personal physician to the orange man…? Hope not because I absolutely do not want Pence to become full POTUS if Trump receives VA type medicine from Shulkin and then Trump croaks & stuck with Pence…he’s not the panacea to Indiana’s economic woes as he would like you to think. Indiana has had an opioid and out of control heroin epidemic for as long as Obama was POTUS and then some and it’s even worse now.
        So, it’s my choice of cheeto man over white cheddar man. 😀

      3. At least it wouldn’t be Michele “pray away the gay” Bachmann or Sara “I can see Russia from my back porch y’all” Palin.

      4. Ain’t that the truth. Pence and his clowns under him, state agents, before him did little for us vets but to pass the buck or totally ignore us. All his people would tell me to do is go back to the VA and use Patient Advocates. That proved to me they won’t listen, don’t care, didn’t care, and still don’t. Typical Hoosier poli-ticking, blood sucking, emotional vampires, then boast about being making momma Pence happy and to play Evangelist puritans of total righteousness. cough cough.

      5. I can only guess Trump is demanding updates from Shulkin on what is going on, or Trump is setting up a claim of “see! I fixed VA, and have the pictures to prove it.”

        I keep tweeting Trump, Shulkin and both congressional committees many news articles covered by Ben. At some point, they either do something, or just block me like Isakson did.

      6. My wife also “tweets” and “e-mails”, ALL the bullshit coming out from VA, to POTUS and our Congressman every day!
        For Trump to “claim the VA is fixed” is complete unadulterated bullshit!

        Now, it’s reported our Congressman DeSantis is “stepping down as a Congressman to run for state Govenor of Florida!

    2. 91Veteran,
      The Bundy trial ended, a few days ago, with the judge stating egregious “misconduct by the prosecution”! They “…refused to hand over documents which could have helped the defense!”
      In this case, with Temeck, the same could be said for the prosecution as well!
      Only one problem, in my opinion, the prosecution, possibly the judge and [progressive liberal] jury were in this together! They were going to find her guilty no matter what!
      Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Ohio, are all part of the bullshit going on in certain areas of our country today! Look who’s running the state!

      1. Krazy Kucinich, that’s who’s in charge but running for gov. next year is reportedly…Jerry Springer, former Cinci. Mayor and an entire gaggle of characters from both sides of the aisle and the gutter lanes.

        Added benefit if Jerry Springer becomes OH Gov. and then onward to POTUS, is we could see Chamber Chair Fights League. the start of the CCFL, on pay-per-view with close-up splintering chair meets soft skin shots. 😀

      2. You mean, “Pay [prostitutes] By Check”, Jerry Springer is wanting to be Governor of Ohio?
        Damn, I’m speechless!

      3. Crazy Elf, I’m sure that prosecutor knew full well what his orders were, and that was to get a conviction on the charges and absolutely do not allow anything to interfere with that.

        In some respects, I agree with keeping irrelevant information out of the case. The question was, did she break the law in wrongly prescribing to a non-VA patient? Given her conviction, someone thought she did.

        To see why, if you get a chance, watch The People vs OJ on Netflix. It shows what a circus a trial can be when BS is allowed throughout the trial.

        As for Bundy, do a search on “Dan Love Doctor Suicide Blanding”, or at a minimum, read the article at: (“”) to read about the thug behind what has been happening here in the west, and why the Bundy case was thrown out. 80 agents conducting a raid, with 2 defendants and an informant committing suicide. One suicide was an old doctor in a small town that was accused by that thug bastard. That town, Blanding, UT, is not that far away from me, and I never heard anything about this until just recently when the prosecution in the Bundy case was accused of misconduct. It was in that article that I read about Dan Love.

  10. I believe this has been brought up before. Anyway, see it as a refresher.


    1. Personally I wouldn’t admit to use of a Schedule 1 narcotic to a federal employee. I feel it’s a good way to end up on a “list” of junkies getting their benefits reduced/cut.

  11. On the one hand you have a Dr. Who is at best guilty of 3 prescriptions worth of painkillers…

    On the other hand you have a FedGov and University relationship that appears to be as shady as the day is long. hundreds of thousands of dollars in “research” costs. Dr’s. that are double dipping the Taxpayer and not working their agreed upon shifts to the detriment of veterans. HIPPA violations. And last, but not least, just plain old fashioned retaliation.

    Even though she’s found guilty here. I don’t believe for a second that justice has been served here.

    1. I agree WC. But I don’t feel sorry for Temeck. I suspect she was well aware of corruption in the VA, and only went public after she was put on the chopping block.

      1. I don’t feel bad either. What sickens me is that Justice, in this case, plucked some pretty goddamned low hanging fruit, while sweeping the rot under the carpet right in front of our eyes.

  12. Chronic Pain Patients Aren’t Lab Rats
    Donna Moore-Piland United States says:
    January 8, 2018 at 2:42 PM

    Clearly, the “mission” is to take all chronic pain patients off pain managing opioids and put them on Suboxone or Methadone, both opioids. As is, our modern medical system is killing chronic pain patients by tapering or denying them opioids to manage pain, but addicts get to take high dosages of the addiction maintenance opioids. Yep, take them from folks in pain and pile them onto those who abused opioids. What could possibly go wrong? Clue, most chronic pain patients have been searching for and using alternative treatments long before these puritans thought that nonsense up. I have spent years trying alternatives, they either didn’t work for pain, or made me very, very sick. ( I have an autoimmune disease with chemical sensitivities, not someone who should be serving as a lab rat in your “experiments” ). I have had steroid injections, nerve ablations, cold laser, physical therapy ( I did yoga before they took the meds away, can’t do it now) and countless other alternative treatments, I took opioids for years without a problem but because of the actions of addicts, I have to suffer. Chronic pain patients are the collateral damage in this new war on drugs. Torturing chronic pain patients will not “stem the tide of opioid overdoses.” We aren’t the ones overdosing, that would be the street addicts dying now in record numbers from heroin and illicit Fentanyl from overseas. There is the problem, fix them and leave law-abiding pain patients alone to work with their doctors and take what works for them. The man in the article was an addict but only about 1% of pain patients go on to become addicts. You might educate yourself about the difference between addiction and medical dependence. For the vast majority of chronic pain patients, pain meds allow for far more active lives, not flop about stoned on a couch, but out being part of the world or caring for our families and doing things we love. We take pain opioids to have lives, not escape life. Unmanaged chronic pain causes brain damage and dementia, high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, etc. But hey, feel free to play with our lives in a misguided effort to stop street drugs, while junkies die anyway. Way to save us all from demon opioids, how proud you must be.


    1. The above article is exactly what I’ve been presenting to VA PCP’s. I’ve had enough of their bullshit, and don’t give a fuck what they *THINK* they can do to me. They’ve already been put on notice, that if they touch me, then I yell as fucking loud as I can, “hey, my life is being threatened, leave me a lone, I told you not to touch me, I have to protect myself, help me, my life is being threatened.”

      Let them touch me, and this is legal, I then can protect myself anyway that I see fit. You need to give them the warning, and try to yell and make noise as loud as you can, so that others around you hear.

      The VA has abused their powers for decades, and murdered our Vets in the process. They don’t care, and this is why you should not give a fuck about them as well. They’ll damage or kill you, and you may get a little notice in the papers about yourself, but them, they’ll continue to do what they’ve already been doing; abusing their powers and authority.

      This is like pouring fuel on a fire. When it reaches its limits, boom, the air movement and flash, will then kick these mother fuckers ass. This phrase just came to my mind. Another will bite the dust, and burnt like pork rinds. Oh, my, that fire within me, within you. All that’s needed is a spark that flies up your ass, through your digestive tract, flaring and banging through you pallets, and then bingo, it hits your neurons, your brain. And, this is what will set you off.

      Well maybe, that’s if you’ve got enough of nads to kick back.

      My writing are always commentaries, and my opinion, observation, or just an honest thought, No intentions to cause any harm, only the harm of not informing other Vets, and therefore putting their lives in jeopardy. VA doesn’t have a hint of knowing what *TRUE* back up really means. They only protect themselves. Always.

      1. The problem I tend to confront each and every second of each and every waking day is this. Preventing said spark from climbing up said ass.

        That’s the problem that FedGov gave me to deal with when it broke me. Further exacerbation of this problem by a rogue FedGov agency isn’t doing anybody any favors.

      2. The BUTTONs at VA are simply atrocious. (B)urnt (U)p (T)hree (T)itty (O)bnoxious (N)urses

    2. Excellent post Nutter. Before the prescribing laws took effect here in PA in late 2016, I had a life. Pain was controlled. I was able to work 40+ hours a week in construction. My 20 acre property and Home were well maintained. I was an avid fly-fisherman, I loved chasing and playing with my grandchildren.
      Those days are now gone. I work 25 hours a week if my body allows it. My property needs attention, fly-fishing is a memory and my grandkids ask why pop-pop doesn’t play as much anymore.

      Thank you very much Washington, State of Pennsylvania, DEA, and VA. Go fuck yourselves.


      1. Nutter and everyone on Bens colum, you all are fucking awesome. What I love about this forum is the BRUTAL HONESTY expressed by men and women who’ve served or cares for a Vet. Maybe I’m biased, but my opinion is that give Veterans what they ask for. Whether it is pain medication to allow them to function, medical care at the Dr and facility of their choice, or a claim decision in the Veterans favor. I mean really, what the fuck! Hey VA, do you really think we’re out to fuck your system, looking for a handout? Well VA I hate to burst your bubble, but we’ve earned our health care, our medicines and our compensation. Unlike VA fucks who happily collect large salary’s and a bonus that are only possible because of my brothers and sisters blood, sweat and tears.
        Each and everyone here, much respect and love from here in central Pennsylvania.

  13. I can support this tactic but now the Dr. Will be reluctant to prescribe anything to vets who need strong Rx

  14. Here’s the newest out from; “”,
    Dated: 9 Jan. 2018
    By: Amy Bushatz and Richard Sisk.

    “Trump Orders Expanded Mental Health Services to Curb Veterans Suicide”

    Before y’all jump for joy, it’s only for the “transitioning veterans” ‘ETS’ing out of the military.
    It was done by “Executive Order” yesterday!
    The VA has “90 days” in which to come up with a plan, and “180 days” to start it! We ALL know how thats going to work out, right!

    1. That only works out to 3600 more vets if using the 20 suicides per day figure.

      Which is an absolute scandal given the VA should already be capable of doing what was ordered.

      …and if the VA fails?

      1. “…and if the VA fails?”
        Oh, just another VA Healthcare held hostage for yet another cool $2.1 Billion, that’s all…all for the vets.
        Meanwhile, the VA will also need an additional future $2.1 Billion for the linguistics programs and Apps in order for the clean translation from mud hut to English to be as audibly clear as flies in a mud hut for the 3rd World Hacks the VA will end-up importing for this executive order…or…the VA will develop a Hyperbaric Chamber On Wheels that has an engine and can just park outside where you call home for a little affixation role play…it will end-up looking very much like the Oscar-Meyer “Weiner Mobile” when all is done… 😀

  15. OK, according to the law on prescribing meds to her “friend”, she’s GUILTY! Good! About time someone gets held accountable in VA!

    On the other hand, what about ALL the alleged illegal activities committed by the VHA and University? Will anything happen there? OR, will, as namnibor says, it get “…swept under the rug?”
    Will Temeck’s attorneys do something about those issues? Only time will tell.

    1. If I look at my crystal balls Crazy Elf, I see Temeck has 2 choices:
      1. Accept what is offered for sentencing and quietly retire with full bennies after agreeing not to sue for retaliation.
      2. Appeal the sentence and hope for a better outcome, while at the same time, filing a whistle blower retaliation lawsuit against VA. I highly doubt she wins an appeal given the evidence, particularly if she uses the same incompetent defense attorneys. I doubt she wins a retaliation suit given the hoops she would have to jump through and the time it would take to win.

      She’s 67 years old. I bet she will be on the beach in 6 months. I can’t believe a VA employee with 37 years of fucking veterans suddenly develops a conscience and wants to fix the VA.

  16. Of course she is guilty. She is VA. The land of VA long ago saw ANY person of ANY integrity, lawfullness, or honor leave its shores because the honest ones have all been driven out by cruel, petty, and vindictive thugs.

    Let me share an example of dishonesty visited upon me and I now suspect has been done to vast numbers (perhaps Ben can find out)… this is the first place this is being reported and it might seem insignificant but the VA hotline in DC seems to think something major is amiss.

    The good folks here in Roseburg had terminated all care on any VA facility for me immediately following publication of a newpaper story they found distasteful. I have repeatedly appealled the discontinuation of care and demanded a a restart. They finally answered after Imused the online app that lets you schedule yourself. Here is their precise response from Roseburg VA to me,

    “Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

    Response By Email (Dept of Veterans Affairs) (01/09/2018 03:07 PM)
    your inquiries have been referred for response
    Response By Email (Dept of Veterans Affairs) (01/08/2018 05:00 PM)
    Mr Dennis,
    VA Roseburg is providing Mental Health and Primary Care Provider through the choice program. Both episodes of care have been authorized through Veteran Choice / Triwest.

    Thank you

    VA Healthcare System”

    Yesterday the VA hotline lady spent 45 minutes questioning me and kept coming back to “what is the name of the person who sent you that?” She told me bluntly that this innocent and official lookng explanation to a vet entitled to care was a major departure from federal law. She said bluntly, “This REALLY pisses me off.” She kept soliciting details and vowed to escalate this because it most certainlly means now that VA has sent multitudes packing this way.

    It all looks pretty innocent, right? Far from it. First of all this is a ploy to deceive mental health patients and others into believing they have no choice but to try to find a doctor outside VA. It all seems so official. Secondly by refusing to assign either mental health or PCP it effectively makes it impossible to obtain any medications from VA at all irregardless of if yiu could find an outside doc. Furthermore, the lady from DC said, by refusing to assign VA doctors the administrative staff at Choice and Triwest will have no options but to reject all payments for lack of an authorized referral from an authorized VA provider. This letter terminates all care and makes it look like they are doing you a favor.

    Multiple folks at VA have come together and are attempting to rewrite law so as shave their workload and it has the effect of terminating care and there is no way they are ignorant of what they are doing. It takes a lot of people who do know better to look the other way for this to work. My point is this – this new scheme to toss mental health patients out on their asses and others too under the guise of some new regulation or program is being carried out not by one or two. This scheme takes a VISN to pull off. Nobody is innocent at VA.

    VA Washington DC has assigned me a case number and when I threw my best faiery dust up into the moon beam last night it sparkeled pink. I am sure they will catch the ones perpetrating yet another scam to deny, refuse and then delay until you die onto the vets that they have been at war with since the very beginning.

    President Trump, I am calling you out for what you said. You said you would fix this yourself if you had to. Do you want dirctions to VISN-20 or does Shulkin know the way?

    VA Washington DC had never ever heard of a VA facility removing care this way before and then justifying in official correspondence meant to deceive. The hotline VA lady said three times, “This is highly illegal.” She is wrong – this is highly VA.

    1. Dennis I bet you chat more on here than contact your Senators and Representative no excuse like they don’t listen…..Another Bites the Dust.?.

      1. My Congressman is the point man for vets in this district by agreement between our reps. They split the state up. To date you are right, I post here daily. To my Congressman I have only made six personal trips, written three letters of concern, have called and conversed four times, and the senior reporter at our regional paper has solicited his opinion along with opinions of our other reps in my case.

        I feel that more conversation wih my Congressman who back in October called VA Roseburg leadership “totally dysfunctional” from the floor of the Congress indicates message received. Obviously I have communicated with the Circuit Court in this matter as well.

        So why on Earth would I keep posting here on this blog? I’ll tell you why – because of all the folks I mentioned above their TOTAL contribution to fixing this problem is but a fraction of what Ben has achieved on behalf of a bare minimum of 25,000 TBI and countless thousands of others. When you write a letter to your Congressman at best one intern will read it.

        When you post on Ben’s blog you reach tens of thousands who are moderated by one man who has done more for vets than all of representatives combined. Call it a hunch but my money says his is the better place to tell the truth.

      2. Dennis, there are a few of us Roseburg Veteran’s commenting on this blog. I too have written DeFazio’s office to address problems I’ve experienced that affect other veterans as well. I just sent another letter to him/Whitney Couture his aide about the flawed radiology studies at the Roseburg VA. the VA continued to whitewash the problems with their flawed radiology studies since brought to the congressman’s attention in 2016. the studies don’t show everything, arthiritis disappears from Roseburgs MRIs and reappears on Non-VA studies. even Roseburg Radiologist Dr. Wang has admitted problems with roseburg’s radiologists reports as well as problems with the MRI machine itself that cannot be fixed and the need for a new machine to replaced the outdated piece of crap they are using to diagnose, treat and in some cases deny compensation to veterans.

        I don’t know that tens of thousands of people even read these comments dennis and I really don’t know how successful ben has been in getting issues formally addressed but he can do more than just stirring the pot and aggravating vets with ptsd to post threats with guns and violence on his blog. how is that helping matters?

        there are a lot more problems at Roseburg dennis and I have sent all of my letters to the congressman as well as director Paxton have been certified mail or delivered inperson to DeFazio’s Eugene office.

      3. @mb

        I rewpect my fellow local vets but I going to critisize you;

        I appreciate that you characterize PTSD patients as being irrational violent folks bent on destruction with “guns” as you put it, but I must object to this stereotype. You have fallen prey to the VA propoganda machine to believe such nonsense that one man posting the truth is the trigger for a psycotic PTSD episode bent on bloody revenge. I am rated at 100% PTSD my fellow vet and that ain’t the way it works. Historicall PTSD vets who go Rosenurg end up with the bullet n their own head my friend. Do you not read the papers?

        I find this objectionable mb to be labelled a bloodthirsty vet solely on the basis of my diagnosis because I do not recall ever posting an intent to take up arms and I think that perhaps I am among one of the angriest vets that posts here. Yet you, my brother vet, cast me aside in stereotypical fashion as a blood thirsty PTSD vet from some television show you watched who cannot help but be moved to bloody gn toting violence on a word from Ben. I do not fault you for this clinging to this stereotype but I will say it is this same the attitude that VA clings to to justify a kangaroo court called DBC. They call it “predictive violence potential” by VA and PTSD lands you guilty before even being charged. Moreover it is precisely this attitude that VA nurtures so as to convince the nation vets MUST be seperated from the others when they are sick and that VA is the victim.

        My attacks against Roseburg VA are in the form of our Constitutuinal rights to appeal, to ask for redress from our government, and to inform law enforcement agencies and the press of gross incompetance, malpractice, and intimidation. You are right about one thing – Ben’s blog has inspired me to redouble my efforts and do my part in the tactic I choose to make America whole again. MB, I do not even own a gun.

        With respect I ask that you rethink your predjudice against those with this disability and friend before you start blasting Ben Krause for not doing enough for veterans you had better check the records pal because you are out of line to call him out this way.

      4. your reading more into this ptsd comment because you appear to feel its some sort of personal attack directed toward you dennis which it is not.

        my comments are multi directional and although you are not aware, I am also addressing one particular veteran with ptsd who is a friend, who reads these blog comments, who I have concerns about.

        it’s not all about you dennis!

      5. It is about Dennis and all of the rest of the veterans who are unified as one. One team, one fight. It sounds kind of odd you are cuddled up with your buddy looking at Ben’s blog.
        Dennis has every right to express what he feels, some veterans do not , you need to find the quiet ones because they are your most deadliest threat.
        Stitching up Marines since 1775
        Semper Fi ?oorah!

      6. part of the problem is veterans are not unified as one. if that ever really happened we could change things. your right its the quiet ones. that’s where my concerns are. that’s why ben needs to be more responsible and start filtering comments that may trip someone’s wire. comments posted need to mindful of the quiet ones. not cheer them on to murder as dennis has done in his previous posts.

      7. You clown. More censoring? More collective punishments for all? Danger Will Robinson…blanket statements? Silence cause we are responsible for possibly tripping someones wire? You trip mine. Now censor yourself. You offend me. I think you’re a agent provocateur. Besides all that Dennis, the regular, has already stated he did not do what you claim.

        Responsible? WTF

        Only communist in my book and fascist want to “filter” or censor all others…. because they think it’s needed to make them happy or to save us all from imaginary boogie man. You sound like my city council critters who censor everything and want total silence for the serfs and non-elite members of a globalist tyrannical community of Pc-ness and Draconian controls.

      8. so in Ben’s Jan. 5th story about the vet who wanted to kneecap his nurse with a gun, he called for posters of comments on his blog to censor themselves. and Ben appears to have removed some of these comments from previous stories. as an attorney ben appears to be realizing his responsibilities with running this blog.

        I’m sorry that you think ben is a communist T.

      9. It’s Ben’s site and can do what he wants. You that sounds like a common liberal in my town that wants to censor everyone or silence for all for a few, or to hang all, for a few, are the commies and fascist in my book. Also to keep ragging on one person you must not care for or like. So see, just by this post you show your true colors and playing instigator, while side stepping what you demand of others. Post your real name, photo, location. The more you post the more of a lefty activist you sound like.

      10. Right on T!
        Imagine if bootcamp were censored?
        That type of thinking gives VA leverage on adjudicating claims. Their rationale is if this person was this flaky after discharge, regarding cussing , swearing and the normal military jargon, he must of been that way before he joined=Rubber stamp Personality Disorder NOS not associated with military service.

      11. Remember the Slogan “VA CARE IS MEDICAL WARFARE”
        T shirts, hats and Shulkin action figures now on sale!
        If their wire is tripped by a simple truthtelling blog, then the VA has its hands full with the most dishonest healthcare providers, attorneys that bring shame to any oath taken to label veterans the way that they do.
        1.People hate to be called racists when they are not.
        2.Veterans hate to be called violent when they are not.
        3. Americans hate to be called UnAmerican when they will die for the American way of life.
        Finally VA nurses hate to be called fat right after lunch.?????

      12. @CorpsmanUp! – Your last sentence got me laughing so much, that I lost control and peed. Shit, and VA sent me those cheap one ply wipes. I’ll just squirt it off with my squirpeeteer.

        Too much sometimes Ben’s blog (in a good way), between the off the wall humor, the artworx, teat for teats (tit for tat), funny ANALogies, the bickering, the facts, the twisting of the facts. and all the commentaries.T

        @Beneful – this is what makes your blog so interesting, informing, insensi-tivi-tities (clean up your own fluids due to melting a bit), and all else. Stop the censoring, do the redacting, but leave enough so the we get the gist of it. Got to take the nitro under tug, lay head down. LMMFAO.

      13. Part of the problem is veterans don’t believe as you, so commenting on veterans issues should be censored?

      14. mb,
        With respect and palms up in peace let me point something out to you that you might not be aware. Frankly many folks in America still do not get it so maybe this helps.

        One telling indicator of a PTSD diagnosis is a belief by the patient that nearly all comments, threats, or actions made by others are directed at them personally. I learnd this from a highly trained non-VA therapist that specialized in severe PTSD cases. This is part of the core PTSD belief by the patient that the other shoe is ALWAYS about to drop. This in turn triggers either the fight or flight response and even being aware cognitively that this is a mental health symptom that makes me unreasonably angry my responses are typical PTSD because once triggered I do not care.

        This often results in a response by those around PTSD sufferers generally of the nature of your parting sentiment. The symptom of feeling always under attack is perceived as a selfish character flaw by others in a social setting and not a symptom of severe PTSD. “It is not about you!” is a form of social shaming in an effort to educate the sick person that society doesn’t like them when their symptoms are active. Shame is part and parcel of PTSD.

        I point out to you sir with an interest in good relations that I do not take you to be mocking my symptoms or me but in a social setting your sentiments when expressed in the same way but by the public are precisely why PTSD patients often don’t fit in. After all it feels shitty to be shamed by others just for being you. VA is very, very, very, good at leveraging this shame.

        I wish you well in life and hope your experiences with VA are positive.

      15. …in addition to the thorough education you provide other veterans on many topics Dennis.

        I never heard of the DBCs and how far VA would go in persecuting a veteran until I read your comments.

        I never heard how bad Roseburg VA was.

        I never knew how far VA officials would go in breaking the law or ignoring the law until I read your comments on the restraining order.

        Many veteran comments here are a thorough eye-opening to any veteran repeatedly fed a line of bullshit about how much the VA cares for veterans.

      16. You are becoming a nuisance , with the consistency of Representative remarks and subtle objections.
        You may have to cleanse your mackerel box, because it is getting fishy up in here. Besides Hellen, women are more elegant in their writings and formation of their sentencing.
        Troll Alert!

      17. Had that 6th sense-of-a-bean on this one too. Why thank you Detractor of da Hel-inz. LappingMeyesMudderFawkingArseOff.

      18. Helen, once you contact any representative, another cannot help. Dennis went to Fazio, and therefore cannot go to Wyden or Merkley. The first thing that happens when you contact a representative is they make you fill out and sign an information release that includes, “have you contacted any other rep on this issue”. If so – we can’t help… More rules and restrictions for Veterans.

    2. You may have to check they delivery email address to see if it is a government email address. The contractor may be stirring business back to themselves in which we really know it is VA blaming the contractor for a faulty app defense. ???

    3. You are exactly right Dennis, and spot on.

      A veteran could spend the rest of his life calling Choice providers trying to get an appointment and never do so if there is no VA PCP providing the referral.

      Unless the hotline told you to wait, your response to that email should be, “who shall I contact at the VA if there are questions about the referral”?

      1. The VA hotline assigned a case number and told me the investigation will be expidited. When VA Roseburg terminated all care they terminated multiple psychiatric meds and left me no way possible to obtain in any other way. The VA lady said their first priority will be to force VA Roseburg to restart mental health treatment. The VA lady said, “I am a veteran too and this pisses me off.” She went on to say I would be contacted and that VA would put top priority on finding the name of the individual who caused the email fro their IRIS system to be sent.

        I will stand by and see what shakes out. This is no small matter. This is a willful betrayal of the VA mission on the heals of a damnng letter from their own surgeons to NYT also pointing out nearly identical illegal, immoral, and outrageous behavior. I intend to let the process work. Just think about it though….how many more hundreds vets or maybe more are out there right now completely lost and with no care because of these pigs. I cannot believe this strategy was formulated just for me.

      2. I too doubt it was just for you Dennis. I also have no doubt the VA is counting this email as a referral, and counting it as a positive contact with a veteran.

        I very much hope you provide follow-up on how this hotline contact goes. I have had a positive experience calling them, and have read other veterans also getting help fast after calling the hotline, but have also read a few comments about it not working for a vet.

        I can think of no better way of a veteran forcing change at the VA than calling the hotline.

        I sincerely hope Trump or someone provides a good report on its first 6 months of operation.

        How many calls taken, what topics, how many repeat calls to fix a problem.

        If the hotline becomes permanent, those statistics can be compiled quarterly and posted next to their BS star ratings.

    4. Dennis – for clarity, what is “…Imused on line app”.. As in I used the on line app (

      Let me see if I got this straight.

      1). They booted you out when you pointed a boney finger at them.
      2). You went into the electronic portal to schedule care.
      3). They – the VA – said go to Choice/TriWest.
      4). Choice won’t play ball because they won’t get paid because the VA doesn’t recognize the referral, e.g. lack of PCP.

      Aside from being evil, it’s also very clever. Even Ben’s Pal Lagoe at KARE 11 TV in MSP would have a hard time following the trail. But – he’d be the guy to try. Ben?

      And thank you for .. aahh umm your .ahhh shit aaahh service.

      1. There is a new online app that allows vets to schedule themselves. I long ago got booted but they enter a brand new type of flag called a Cat 2 Disruptive Patient flag that requires all coms from me to be routed directly to the DBC. Even my
        privacy Act requeats and FOIA requests get routed here now and they have stopped honoring them. A cat 2 Disruptive falg cannot be appealled because they just made it up. So the DBC has put itself in charge of my care via a Cat 2 flag behavioral nobody EVER heard of before and unkike a cat one violent and disruptive flag their Cat 2 rules say they can deny local care as needed.

        I can post the entry of the cat two flag if you wish but it lists no reason and gives no clue to the reader what the justification was and of course it was entered the day after the newspaper published their story.

        The reason I went online to the new scheduling app was on a hunch that the DBC would be unable to intercept the request and therefor hide the fact I even wanted care as thye have done now since I outed them. They depend upon a cat two flag forcing all employees to direct all care requests from me directly to the DBC who was named in the paper for gross malfeasance (same people).

        It appears as if my hunch paid off because VA did indeed respond via their IRIS system and it is this email – the IRIS one that some person in VA authorized which flatly refuses to assign care owed by the US government that VA Washington is keenly interested in. There is jow a trail to follow. It is that person who sent me the denial whose ass is now in a sling with VA Washington. It left a trail despite an illegal cat 2 behavioural flag transfering all care to DBC control. I even have a tape recording of a DBC member calling me and demanding I retract my FOIA request about them. I have the recording and it was reported and in fact the document received by the was dated one week AFTER my FOIA request. Yep – they altered the document that I learned of and made a new one and sent it and not the document that existed when the request was made.

        Further, in front of the Register Guard reporter the VA spokeperson replied to her question about why my appeals of the DBC flag had been ignored. To the reporter and in front of witnesses she relied, “Every time you appeal your flag we will add six months to it.”

        My hunch is if they get busted they will make up a catagory three flag and the cycle starts again.

      2. Dennis, how would you like to screw with Roseburg as much or worse than they have with you?

        As you know, each VA facility has a Privacy and FOIA officer. Often both are the same person. Your hospital has one, the VARO has one, all the way up to a FOIA Officer in the Executive Office of the Secretary. I have a complete listing of those contacts, or you can find the same by searching on line.

        If you want to put the screws to them, send a FOIA request to the VARO. Request from them a listing of all of the FOIA’s filed by Mr. Dennis, Veteran, along with a status of each. Once you get that list, compare it with those you have submitted, and which ones they have ignored. The VARO will have to get that data from Roseburg. Once compared, compile a list with examples of every FOIA they have ignored, and send the same request back to the person providing you the list, with a request for an explanation of why they are ignoring federal law and exposing a federal agency to liability for damages.

        If the VARO does not respond, or if you just want to start off at a higher level, send your request for the FOIA list to VAHQ. Each is responsible for a separate response to you, even if they respond telling you your request has been referred to VARO or Roseburg.

        If you put in your request that Roseburg has ignored your prior FOIA requests, perhaps it will cause the VARO or HQ to respond to your request themselves.

        Every FOIA submitted to every federal agency must be logged into a system the agency uses to track those requests, and a case or tracking number assigned to each one. If the requester decides to sue, the agency must have a way of tracking what actions they have taken on the request in order to defend themselves. They also have to know whether they have responded within 20 days, or if they have requested more time to respond, or if they have responded saying no records could be found, or if they have referred it to someone else. You know the record exists because you submitted it.

        Once you start sending requests higher, it tells people at a higher level than Roseburg that Roseburg is not complying with the law.

        When you get the list of FOIA’s submitted and it shows Roseburg has ignored your requests, you can either request the same records which might be fruitless, or sue for not complying. I think if you are being denied information that has a direct impact on your medical care, you would have a pretty solid case.

        The FOIA logs are key. It will prove Roseburg ignored your requests. I highly doubt there is some bullshit VA policy saying the DBC can ignore FOIA.

        Edited to add: At some point, some FOIA officer has to wonder whether they are left holding the bag for some other FOIA officer not complying with the law.
        Whatever information you get, even if it continues to show they are ignoring FOIA, should give you a chance to show your representatives that the VA is ignoring the law, and you can ask what they are going to do to fix it.

      3. On my first visit to Defazio’s office Whitney was unavailable and I got that young guy. As I handed him a packet of police reports, FOIA docs, and other evidence which was a carbon copy of the packets I handed to the senior reporter at the RG, and also the Oregon State Police detectives, I mentioned as he started reading the stuff, “These guys are lieing. The are not playing by he rules.”

        He didn’t even skip a beat and responded, “What else is new?” They have ZERO doubt what VA is but now especially that Defazio has called them out by name from the Congress floor he will NEVER be listened to again at VA. He called them in Congress out because they never did listened to him in the first place.

      4. To add Dennis, I believe that FOIA tracking system would have to be national in order for other VA offices to know the status of every FOIA submitted.

    5. UPDATE:

      The VA explains the following codes when reading your VA appointments like the one I made using the new self scheduling app. The app validated me as a valid user and scheduled me for an appointment. Here is a copy paste from what “status” means on your appointment:

      Past Appointment Status
      “Appointment Kept”
      “Appointment Not Kept”

      Current Appointment Status
      “Status Update in Progress”
      “Not Applicable (this is a temporary status and will change)”

      Future Appointment Status

      Appointments that require no action for the patient
      “Cancelled” (by patient or by clinic)

      Now, here is the copy and paste from the appointment I made and eas entered into my record book. Today is Jan. 10. Look what VA Roseburg has entered into the status area and note the date of the appointment;

      “Appointment Date/Time Status Clinic Location

      It seems the VA has predicted I will not keep this future appointment so they took the proactive approach and labelled it that way a month in advance. They are already setting up to claim I didn’t show up.

      VA is scamming America one vet at a time. This is no accident and this has nothing to do with poor training. I cannot be the only one they are doing this to. This is not a glitch and this cannot happen without human interaction.

      1. Dennis, they are playing these appointment games with every Veteran. You can request a copy of all your appointments, going back, I believe it is either 20, or 30 years. This is something every Veteran should do, just for shits. What they will notice first about their appointment information, is how many appointments, and canceled appointments they have listed, that they were never aware of. This is the basis of the wait list scandal.

        They make and cancel, or show that the Veteran canceled, and the end result is, it shows that all the clinics were operating at capacity, when in reality nobody was seen, no, or very little appointments.

        This way the doctors see as few Veterans as possible, while getting paid as if they saw Veterans all day long. I know for a fact I have missed maybe, ten appointments in the last 40 years, yet if you look at my appointment data, you would think I made a living making and canceling appointments.

        The one group of Veterans who are neglected the most, using these tactics, are those Veterans with severe mental issues, PTSD, TBI, ANXIETY, ANGER, etc.

        This is why I get so angry and triggered when I see the VA post the phony 22 per day, when I know it is at least three times that, and it is all their fault this is happening.

      2. That is the tactics they employ to show full clinics. Making appointments the veterans are unaware of and will not get an appointment letter or call because the system is bogged down with these false appointments.

        If they can do it within a two or three week time period as of today. The veteran will never get an appointment notice. This will be a no show most likely put into the system. So it reflects bad on the veteran.

        If they were to bring up the dr./provider schedule it will look full in the system, but you look in the waiting rooms they were empty majority of the time.

        They have a lot of schemes to cheat the system,they cheat the Veterans out of medical care because they cannot get treatment.They create a waitlist because of these fake appointments.

  17. “Another One Bites The Dust”- Queen

    ‘[Oh! Let’s go!

    Steve walks warily down the street
    With the brim pulled way down low.
    Ain’t no sound but the sound of his feet,
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    But I’m ready, yes, I’m ready for you
    I’m standing on my own two feet
    Out of the doorway the bullets rip
    Repeating to the sound of the beat]”

    Queen- “Another One Bites The Dust”

  18. VA stop abusing, murdering, lying, manipulating, undermining, and misleading Veterans. Require *ALL* Medical Professionals to be registered and monitored in the State where the so-called VA Professional practices, and treats Veterans. Give Veterans access to all New and Breakthrough Technologies and Services. Prescribe Veterans Brand Name Medications, and Medical Supplies. Stop falsifying medical records. Operate with a True Open Door Policy.

    Run an honest Federal Agency, by offering precision medical services, medication that has a high efficacy rate, the access to non-FDA approved medications just like your unchecked Doctors write “Off Label” scripts, that’s not been FDA approved for certain medical symptoms, but it is believed that these medications will give Veterans some relief of their ailments.

    Stop hindering us Veterans from being treated the way that we believe that we should be treated, and to approve us Veterans for ALL trials that we believe will benefit us, and include all Veteran in obtaining new medical operation breakthroughs that the Veteran believes may help them to recover from their traumas.

  19. Glad to see her convicted. And rightly she should be. As a VA Doctor, she is barred by law from prescribing controlled substances to non-veterans. Her whistle-blowing three years later had NOTHING to do with her illegal issuance of prescriptions for controlled substances three years prior.

    Great that the judge saw her whistle-blowing for the smokescreen that it was!

    Hope she gets both the five and a fine.

    Another TunaRat bites the dust! Wonder if they will pull her license? I also wonder how long it will be before she is working for the VA again. As Nam says: “Wait for it”.

    VA Death Squad of the Century? Helman – Houlihan – Nelson – Shulkin – Temeck.

    How’s that for an All-Star lineup?

    1. With the current climate re: opioid/heroin epidemic, I figured that Temeck would feel the blunt of the charges and the Whistleblower defense may have held viable info for going after other assholes but then again, maybe that’s why the judge ignored all that in order to help the VA sweep the assholes under the Indiana/Ohio VISN rug-munchers.
      I still think in the end she will be allowed to retire with full benefits. Wait for it…not over yet…Shulkin will make Temeck an example only because she’s a liability to their gravy train. Loose lips sink ships…V.A. Titanic…blub, blub…

      1. I’m wondering why the sentencing hearing was delayed. Are they quietly negotiating for her to just go away with full retirement?
        Is she being told to shut up and just go away, or she gets the full 5?

  20. This is just stupid. Doctors can prescribe as they wish, for the most part. Maybe there was some contract they signed when they decided to work for the VA that they broke, but other than that and the fact these happen to be opioids (which are all the rage these days), I don’t see much wrong with this.

    Some of my friends are MD’s, and they have save my butt a bunch of times by prescribing me meds that I need and saving me time and office visit costs. They are careful to limit prescriptions to things like antibiotics that clearly have a medical need and are not frequently abused.

    1. That was my thought too devildog320. Maybe her DEA scripting number was issued by the VA, and not through a normal licensing process. Not that I know shit about any of this. Just wondering out loud.

    2. Nothing wrong with prescribing medications, even Controlled Scheduled 2. But there is an issue when prescribing to a friend, and I know that this can be a gray area. But, that friend has an in by knowing a doctor even though the friend has a legitimate need.

      The issue is when another person, with the same issues and need for the relief of said pain, doesn’t have a doctor friend, and then the doctor that this other person visits, will not feel obligated to prescribe the said same medication(s).

      Whereas, if the friend has the upper hand in the doctor-friend relationship that is originally being discussed, the edge will go to the friend more than likely having the his doctor friend to prescribe the meds. And again, this is a grey area in medicine when doctors treat their friends, plus it involves the prescribing of very powerful, and addictive medication.

      When I first stared going to college, my family members and some friends would say to me, “if you go to med school, you can be my doctor.” I flat out said, “no, and its not that I can’t, but it would put me into a gray area of temptation, and a possibility of jeopardizing my medical license.”

      Sounds kinda harsh, but if you really think about it, it make good, sound, decisive sense. Its like in MOST relationships, someone usually always has the upper hand, or one person is more in love than the other. A personal Marital Psychiatrist in Hawaii explained this to me, and for me, it made a hell of a lot of sense.

      But, I know there are some that will come on and say, in my relationship, we’re equally in love, and at the same intensity, and commitment level. I’d would then tactfully respond, “BULLSHIT.”

      1. And, I wouldn’t doubt that this practice of VA Physicians helping their friends, golf buddies, drinking pals, whoremongers, alcohol-drug seeking friends, and such, by prescribing meds may also be above the norm in the VA’s treatment facilities compared to the private sector. But I could be wrong, but I’m sure there are violation of such that occurs in both sectors.

        Plus, we forgot the other issue of a friend of a friend. When addictive drugs are involved, the word gets out quickly. Hey look, it just like weed, in the connection or hook up sense. There’s always that temptation of a doctor being pressured to prescribe to others. Again, the friend that has the upper hand in the friendship is able to skillfully apply pressure on his doctor friend, in order to help out his other friend in whom the doctor doesn’t know.

        OK, I’ll man up, and this process happen in the world of selling sticky kola buds too. Especially if the buds that hasn’t been available in the area for a long time, or when one is very familiar with the new batch of Popeye’s potent greenery products.

        The field of pharmaceutical ethics is quite interesting. And, I’d imagine that since the recent epidemic, the policies and rules have been tweaked up quite a bit to hinder the possibility of abuse, overdose, and death, let alone a new high paying, and mind controlling side job. You know what the fuck I’m talking about.

        And down the road in a short period of time, the ethics rules are going to have to be again revised, so that to be groomed and trimmed due to SNRI’s and SSRI’s being flooded by prescribing this new go to medications, due mostly to the Opiate-Opioid crisis that the Country supposedly is in now.

        But, I believe that there is a skewing mechanism that many overseers of the distribution of pain medication are extremely overlooking; and that’s the sales and amounts of street drugs, the ones that aren’t prescribed through the normal process of receiving such controlled substance medications through the prescription process via a doctor.

        These would include such as; Opium, Heroine, Fentanyl, Meperidine, Propoxyphene, Buprenorphine, Diamorphine, Hydromorphone, Pethidine, Tapentadol, Carfentanil (elephant tranquilizer, added to heroine, about 10,000 x’s more powerful than morphine), and others.

        The other problem that occurs with animal pain medications, is that they’re sometimes least controlled and managed compared to medication for people. The black market has always been a problem, but more so since international trade is so prevalent, especially with China.

      2. On the money Nutter. One MD or addiction specialist reported that the street dope is the major issue, combined with large animal meds like you mentioned for elephants and horses. Or possibly some combined with other dope to make it more potent or for cut. But no, they all seem to have tunnel vision on pain meds and preventing us from getting the smallest amount needed or required.

        Locally the well-to-do, those behind gated communities, celebrities, jocks, country clubbers, the elite, mafia families with those med professionals in their clans, secretive club types, the politicians having their special clinics we don’t have access to can get it all. Illegals and immigrants seem to have their own clinics to use also, in their own tongues of course. They turn me down in a heartbeat with their broken English.

        I know of some who are related to MDs and get free health care and seemingly don’t have to worry about pain meds, valium, or play games when anti-biotics, or the best of them is required to kill off some super flu bug. We don’t need to apply. One guy did here for his wife with a super bug and had to pay I think it was $25,000.00 (his insurance would not pay for) for one small intravenous bag of it. appeared to be about one half cup worth hanging. They told him the price was so high because the drug company didn’t make much of it or had it in supply. There wan’t much call for that strong of a anti-viral or anti-bacterial. (?)

      3. You’re right Nutter,
        Carfentanil and Etorphine are easily obtainable via the internet by Chinese manufacturers.
        The issue which is deadly, is the amount of SSRI inhibitors VA prescribes to alter the chemical make up of the brain.
        Delayed appointments + inadequate physiological monitoring of the chemical norms of the brain is a well calculated medical malpractice that goes unchecked by the sovereign immunity defense.
        Those *PCP* pork chop belly providers have no remorse because they know they can retire if they don’t buck the system.
        What happened here is that the Dr. claimed she was going to spill the beans, but didn’t realize her deeds had nothing to do with whistleblowing after getting caught.

      4. @T, @CorpsmanUp!, and my fellow, felloweez Veterans – – – Haven’t y’all seen the commercials that *ALWAYS* blames prescription drugs for the epidemic compared to the street drugs? Something is amiss here, and the overseers who can’t see past the fuzzy hairs on the tip of their nose, *HARDLY EVER* mention the availability, easy access, low cost, and more powerful drugs that can be found on almost every populated street corner.

        A form of Social-Medication-Engineering is happening. I can’t put my finga on it, but something is awfully strange, and skewed with all the noise of prescription drugs.

        I’m not the first to bring this topic up, other seasoned and more Akamai Veterans have mentioned this in the past. It just doesn’t sit easy in my mind and spirit. We as humans, and consumers, have been used before to fatten up the pockets of others.

        Especially those a-holes that act like they’re the ones doing everything possible, looking good for their image, but at the same time, watching and a counting that there moola coming right into their greedy fucking hands.

        Of course, and again, IMO, and vigorously shaking my head. Damn, this shit hurtz, like Mega.

      5. @Nutter,
        Look at all the drug commercials being produced and the disclaimers associated with the warning signs.
        You can literally get the same result , plus more if you have a group of veterans taking aspirin at the VA and surveyed them in a clinical trial.
        The “silence effects” are more dangerous than the real side effects the medications actually cause. It is a concerted effort where lawyers who can force these pharmaceutical companies to disclose ingredients and not use the patent protection defense to obscure the truth. All ass trinkets Imo!

    3. devildog. Oh no they can’t. Not in Indiana or locally they can NOT and will NOT, period. Yet they claim to still be having an epidemic of MDs passing out scripts for pain meds,…. liars. Follow the money, the want of confusion, the flip-flopping, the want of total control over our lives, all the attorneys or communities make the money, and etc. While thinking about ways to file law suits for city, state, more ways of revenue for all those drug programs, for law enforcement, needs to hire social workers over this excuse, create more laws, more cops, more courts, higher pay for them all, and more.

      No more links to be found about some MDs in the state reporting the real issues are the illegal drugs coming in and the use of Heroin. Reports of tainted Fentynal patches/dope coming in from Asia by the shipping containers full, etc. And that they are over-doing the attacks on people, vets, needing pain meds for life or quality of life. They shut him down fast. Especially when the reports came out about the epidemic spreading of HIV or Aids coming from the homosexual community far worse than that of the drug use community with infectious needles or sex spreading. Can’t have any truth of facts that may offend some special interest activist and lefty media types. So more censoring and more town councils putting ordinances or their laws on the books forbidding them to discuss such issues. What is that BS all about? Us peons will never know and don’t dare attend a meeting with the fascist and ask questions.

      In a town of over a hundred thousand now thanks to all the immigrants and illegals we aren’t hearing about or is NOT being deported, I can only find one clinic to get pain meds from and have to be able to sit all day long in their office filled with others, no drinks no food allowed, to get a script from them. Game playing

      All others here will not see a veteran or patient with chronic pain issues, period. We are supposed to visit emergency rooms for pain meds….or like the VA said… hit a street corner and buy some crack or Heroin for pain, or go back to drinking heavy enough to cure it all.

      All the while I am encountering vets with not near the issues I and others have with pain, and nothing has changed for them getting meds from the VA, nothing. But others who may have had some disagreements with staff or forced to leave the local CBOC due to corruption, lies, threats, to information being deleted from our files or online sites, seem to be catching pure hell from the VA and eventually from the scum-suckers in the civilian community who are covering up and carrying on with some VA and health workers retaliation and threats to make our lives miserable. Or as miserable as they all can make them.

      So what kind of deals are they making with the like of Lilly or Pfizer since those corporations give back to so many communities and colleges by way of grants, help with grants, gifts, scholarships, land, all the other back door deals they make. Cities and communities are going to harm them, that may be one of their largest local employers?




      Then one of the most dangerous corrupt names here, Trump wants to put in another power position. Hmmm why.



      MDs claim here it will cost them their license, fines, charges if they see pain patients or give us the needed meds like we have used for years without any problems. Without any negative reports about it in any of our files for many years. Still nothing.

      The VA Purple team claimed their orders came “from the top” to cut their patients prescriptions for pain meds in half immediately….regardless of need, they, she, did. Smiling all the way, giving excuses, and passing us on to a new corrupt, totally insane, pain clinic where we were talked to and treated like dogs. Then be told that names pulled out of a team hat, had problems with the VA, or with eyes closed picked from a pc monitor screen is total BS. Must have been fun for them picking out thousands of names ( I was told over 1600 to get dropped in that one clinic alone to pacify new laws and medical board demands) to get screwed and made targets of the VA and all connected with the filth.

      1. U are dead on ”,T,”,,,the propagandist,,the lies and liars have destroyed ,,anyones ability to have access to effective medical care to lessen physical pain..The money leads to a group called ,”Shatter Proof,” convenient name eh..Who have paid off politicians in exchange for complete prohibition.Or only addiction medicine made by there pharmaceutical companies.It is run by people,groups like the ,”Catholic Legue,,or x-Directors of the cdc,n.i.h.,,ni,d,a,,medicare-medicaid,,Who openly admit to paying off politicians to change laws,,definition,,that stood and worked for over 200 years,,,but to trump up numbers to prove this lie of a ”addiction epidemic,”,,ITS ALLL 1 BIG LIE,,,, for monies,,,These are the companies,men/women who run the world w/their money..The Duponts,,etc,,,and their arrogance and the illusion of their rank in society allows them to think they have the INHUMANE RIGHT TO DECIDE who forcible suffers to death,via agony of denial of access to effective physical pain relief using a medicine that has worked for over 200 yeats,,,,opiate MEDICINE,,Follow the money,,and u too will see who is responsible for this corruption on our government officials,and who are literally tortureing to death the medically ill in physical pain,,maryw

    4. I believe there is a big difference in the rules between having a license to prescribe medicine, and having a license to prescribe controlled substances.
      In researching VA provider credentials, I have seen nurses without prescriptive authority, nurses who can prescribe, and nurses who can prescribe controlled substances. Most doctors have prescriptive authority, but not all can prescribe controlled substances.

      1. I might be a bit ignorant in this area, but all of my doctor friends seems to be able to prescribe whatever medicine they deem fit for their patients. Even radiologists (who rarely prescribe meds) can do this. They go to school for a very, very long time and take an oath so that the nation can trust them to do what’s needed and best for patient care.

        A controlled substance in many cases like opiods are simply drugs that have valid medical uses but high potential for addiction. But the term controlled substances has broader implications and can include things like heroin so let’s not confuse the issue. We’re talking about perfectly legal medications that have high abuse potential, so there are extra safeguards in place. Most doctors are careful when they prescribe these because they are aware they can lose their license if they hand these out like candy. Apparently this lady didn’t get the memo or took the risk anyway.

        The VA seems to be an entirely different world with its own unique set of rules that I just don’t understand. As someone with ADHD, they wanted me to come in on a regular basis and take drug tests to “ensure I was taking my medication” of adderall. No thanks, psychos! I’m perfectly happy getting my meds from a “normal” doctor that doesn’t treat me like an untrustworthy convict and make me come in for unnecessary visits.

      2. I don’t know where the miscommunication is DD. I’m not defending the VA or your friendly doctors.

        My comment was in response to you saying your doctor could prescribe antibiotics, which is not a controlled substance, compared to Temeck who orescrobed 3 different medicines, all of which ARE controlled substances.

        Prescribing authority is as I mentioned above. Some have prescribing authority,, but not for controlled medication. If they give you Motrin, it is prescribed, but is not controlled. If you are given a wheel chair, it is prescribed, but not controlled. If you are given hydrocodone, it is a controlled substance, and the doctor must have a controlled substance prescribing license to give you that prescription.

        The rules are vastly different. If the license is restricted as Temecks was, then she can only prescribe to VA patients.

      3. Ahh, got it. Didn’t mean to reply to your comment, meant to reply to the thread in general. I didn’t know that MDs needed an additional license for controlled substances, but I guess everyone I know just happens to have that.

      4. Actually DD, if you reviewed VA provider licensing, its kind of surprising how few have controlled substance prescription authority.

  21. Although the Tunamelt was guilty, the whitewash continues by these district attorneys and judges.
    My concern is that , although her retaliation claims are not relevant, the practice of Brady violations at VA are more of a problem and I think the goal of VA is to bury any evidence period!
    The dockets on pacermonitor show cases with dockets, then voila they are gone.
    My purpose is to collect the attorney names representing VA. A whole bunch of these assholes are practicing law and not even in the state where they work

    Pennsylvania is the biggest loser of licensing rejects.

      1. What is a Brady violation? What is pacemonitor? How can you tell an attorney is practicing in a state where they are not licensed? What is the penalty for that?

      2. Pacermonitor is a federal court docket listing in each district in which lawsuits have been filed. The Secretary is usually sued in his official capacity as secretary, unless individuals are named as ” et al” meaning and others.
        VA attorneys work like healthcare providers in which they can have a license in NY but can work in Pa under federal law , meaning no restriction.
        There are no penalties. The state boards are like AFGE ,in which they will not do anything to harm their dues paying members.
        The cases on pacermonitor lists the attorneys which is usually DOJ attorneys, but the MSPB and the Court of Appeals will list VA attorneys names on their submissions, orders, ruling etc.
        I am compiling a list of these jack asses to file one summary complaint with their boards. They do have a code of conduct and senate appointed judges can be ostracized by the Senate if you nake their egregious conduct known.

      3. You can go on pacermonitor dot com and type in Shulkin under case search. It will show all the cases vs Shulkin , which is currently at 118. There may be more under the preface of McDonald, i.e appeals through the circuit courts.
        Many cases have not been answered by VA for whatever reason. The clerks at the court fail to give notice to pro se litigants for docket deficiencies, etc.
        The judges use to deny their opportunity to amend making bogus assertions of futile amendments and so on. VA clearly has been given ample opportunity in these cases to file motions for extensions of time.
        All the entries in these courts are public information, listing the attorney’s names representing VA. I am creating a masterfile to cross reference where they are bar members so I can file simultaneous complaints at the bars and mail certify copies directly to various news outlets.

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