Negligent Hiring

NEGLIGENT HIRING: Phoenix VA Hires Known Liar, Abuser

Negligent Hiring

Phoenix VA hired a former VA employee to administer the Choice Program who as terminated for abuse and lying from North Chicago VA in March.

In an interview, Phoenix VA said the hiring was “regrettable.”

Deloris Judd was fired in March 2016 for abuse of patients a lying to arbitrators during her termination appeal. Three months after her termination, she was hired by Phoenix VA to administer the Veterans Choice program.

Shortly after her negligent hire, the Choice Program at Phoenix VA went down the tubes.


According to The Daily Caller:

“In Chicago, Judd was repeatedly cited by VA police for her inappropriate behavior. In another case, when her boss asked her to do some work, Judd indignantly called the police on her boss, calling it harassment. In another case, she was suspended for inappropriate behavior with a patient.

“That was all before the final incident, in which an elderly woman asked for a printout of her appointments and Judd refused, saying it was not her job. The woman crumpled up the one piece of paper that Judd did give her and laid it on the counter. In response, Judd called the police on the old lady and accused her of threatening her.

“The elderly woman burst into tears at the hostility, and Judd did nothing to console her, such as asking a patient advocate or nurse to comfort her, the VA determined.

“Judd paced back and forth and tried to intercept the police to give them her version. She was fired after an administrative investigation, and the incident was re-litigated when Judd refused to accept the firing and appealed it in a union hearing. Testimony in all those, including from a nurse and a naval officer, found that Judd lied about being threatened and showed no empathy for the people she was supposed to be caring for.”

Geez, we fight like hell for Secretary Bob McDonald to fire bad employees. When he finally does, they get hired into the hell pit we call Phoenix VA? Negligent hiring is apparently a thing at VA.

This turn of events is just incredible.


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  1. I lived in New Hampshire I go to Manchester Veteran Medical Center does anyone know good Concerned Veterans for America or great Attorney for malpractice in a New Hampshire…Thanks

  2. I called the VA yesterday to get the status of my vet’s disability claim, they gave me a generic dissertation and I said, please hurry this claim up, he is old and has every condition related to agent orange! She said is he 85 or older?? I said not yet, that would be the only way they can speed up the process!!! I said really??? 85 or older??? They really are waiting for the WWII vets to die off before paying any claims! The whole system makes my stomach hurt!!!

      1. Between all of us on here, you would think there is strength in numbers that we can all ban together and expose those crooked people for whom they are! All these false survey’s that they publicize and the public believes them and they are so full of shit!! We have never been asked to complete a survey to see if their services were satisfactory! I bet the minions filled them out!!

  3. Just another fine example of how the VA employees , use the police and the disruptive committee to hurt veterans, VA employees can, will and do attack veterans they don’t like, for what ever reason.

    With everything happening VA employees, from Bob Mcdonald down, don’t care if VA employees attack veterans and try to ruin the veterans lives, Really how many more veterans old ladies, men, have to be hurt by Bad employees.

    This person had to know someone in Phoenix, Friend, Family member, Phoenix is so screwed up, Its shows they want BAD employees who will cover up for them. Can you imagine how many veterans this employee is going to hurt and falsely accuse them of disruptive Behavior and did nothing.

    Veterans are in real trouble, as there are many more employees just like this one, Ben needs to keep putting the picture of Bob McDonald with his big lieing nose out there.

    Ben please bring up the Disruptive committee and tell some stories of veterans being reported as being disruptive and VA employees are not required to provide any proof of said Disruptive Behavior.

    This was someones wife, mother, PUT A STOP TO IT !

  4. IrateVet24601
    It’s coming to that. Here’s proof, google this on Utube.

    “Putin Ally Warns Americans: Vote Trump or Face Nuclear War”

    Oct. 12, 2016

    I commented some time ago how WW4 would be fought; “STICKS AND STONES!”
    Compare the threats Hillary has made against Russia. Then “Listen” to what Mr. Trump wants. There’s absolutely no comparison.

  5. The choice program is bad. I have a bill on my desk that none of the “Choice” representatives, not the telephone rep, the one at Cheyenne VA or the one at Banner Health will fix. I’ll have to wait until I get sued for it and then take it to court. Possibly after it goes on my credit report.

  6. Hey, folks,
    Read my comment to Don Avant above.
    It’s about what the “former Russian Premier”, Gorbachev, has told Putin and America what he wants!

  7. Yes it is incredible Ben, and something we all suspected, that the VA shuffles their bad employees around to other VA’s, but this is an example backed up by clear evidence.
    There is no way in hell the VA can claim they did not know about her actions in Chicago.
    This is likely also an example of shitbirds like her hired over veterans. It would be interesting to see who all applied for that job in Phoenix, and how this slug was hired over all the other applicants.

    It also goes to the research I did a couple years ago in which many VA employees here in Colorado are not complying with state law, and also provides examples of a nurse from Phoenix who was sued twice for malpractice…then moved here. In fact, I found there were at least 7 that had been sued for malpractice or sanctioned for violating privacy or negligent care.

    By the way, there is a Washington Post article today giving Obama 4 Pinocchios for lying about how many VA employees have been fired by McDonald.

  8. I received a reply from Bobby Mac today . Andy spelled my name Mr. drowning . That’s not my last name . Could this be a prelude to the future ? Am I really drowning ?

    1. @Jo3n- Best to avoid at all costs, any VA “Hydrotherapy”, Saunas, esp. whirlpool hot tubs…they like to leave people to make soup for the cafeteria…yeah, avoid even sitting under the fire sprinklers while waiting a few hours for your appointment.
      Also, what you are feeling the day before an appointment is anxiety that’s testbook PTSD….errr, textbook PTSD. The VA is also testing you for the Halloween Hungry, Hungry Hippos Spelling Contest. 🙂

    2. From the single response I received some months ago to an email to McDonald…it’s clear he doesn’t read anything sent to him beyond the first couple sentences, and then not very carefully.

      1. WHAT, MCDUCK knows how to read!
        Or, he’s too busy trying to figure out how to screw over Congress. To get as much money in his pocket before January 21, 2016!

  9. Sounds like…. Treason. To me, the entire VA command are home grown Terrorists. At least now I understand why I’m feeling under attack each and every time I have to go to the VA.

  10. I think we should get hired to say they are paying us, but then not do anything so we are not competing with current idiot employees (not the god ones). But we would not be doing anything negative, so it is a win-win.

  11. Sometimes, it seems VA is intentionally trying to attract criticism. Or, maybe rubbing veterans’ noses in the fact, that they can get by with ANYTHING, no matter how bizarrely outrageous.

  12. 10/12/2016

    Re: Negligent

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    The VA Administrators are totally aware of the situation after two and half years of confrontations with the Veterans, Veterans Groups, the Government, and the People of the United States of America.

    This “organization/institution” is out of control and this organization had and continues to violate the laws.

    This is treason, delivering us to the enemy by depleting our reserve; this action is nasty and it is the ugly truth about who is running the show.

    Negligent is what you tell the illegal drunk Mexican [20] who killed his best friend on Cave Creek Road last year by smashing into a car dealership going 70 plus miles an hour on a posted 40 mile an hour strip of the road. I had warned him earlier on 9/11 not to drink and drive—there is no need to take the risk.

    As for our grown men in their Sixties and Seventies who have been scolded by Government Officials from the highest offices who had known how many good men have died; this is Treason not Negligence.

    Now, I understand the English ways!


    Don Karg

    1. Don, I agree, this is treason. This is an brazen attack on we brave souls who have served our country. Most of us were not drafted. Mister REDTURTLE; I very respectfully disagree with you on the elephant comment. You see sir, Some of us don’t have the option of leaving the room that the elephant occupies. We have nowhere else to go. And the VA Storm Troopers won’t let you in with your elephant gun. Look guys, If Hillary “There is nothing wrong with the VA” Clinton wins this election. WE ARE FUCKED! There will be no justice for Vets and many, many more Vets will die. Sorry Ben, I know you support the beast and I absolve you of your cardinal sin due to your work for us. But there WILL be a revolution in this country and I don’t give two hoots in hell for the future of the criminals at the AFGE

  13. The is no layer of corruption that is not thoroughly entrenched by the AFGE. Make absolutely no mistake here – this is NOT VA negligence. This is out of the book AFGE brotherhood loyalty. She is a part of a brotherhood formed into a union about the time my own father was born.

    The brotherhood always finds a place for a loyal member. This is pure union and even POTUS and his minions cannot put a scratch in that kind of armor. Union is family.

    Affiliated with AFL/CIO.

    1. So, redturtle984,
      How would you propose to combat, and eliminate, the AFGE?
      There has to be something that can be done!?!?!

      1. It took a man to rise to the level of POTUS to call in a WHOLE lot of political clout to grab up the air traffic controllers union by the short and curlies for the safety of a nation.

        There is nothing short of an effort orders of magnitude more difficult to do than shut down AFGE.

        Shutting down the funding to VA for medical services and shifting ALL healthcare into the established civilian healthcare establishment is the only way to remove vets from the harm that AFGE’s incompetant and mentally ill employees continue to perpetrate decade after decade.

        How many more laws, rules, regulations, and directives can we possibly need in a belief that ANY idea can fix health care at VA? How many more Presidents can we elect in this hope? New Directors? I hear we are funding a computer program to fix it. Robots didn’t do it.

        Gee Wiz, the elephant is in the room and we are debating new ways to stop elephant shit from getting in our eyes. Everything we have tried just seems to fail. The elephant claims he is doing his best to help because he cares about us.

        Why don’t we just leave the room?

      2. How do you combat the AFGE? First, by not electing Granny Harvey Dent who is so two-faced she would sell her own soul for power. If she is elected, there is nothing that will change for the better, and would likely get much worse as the various entities fought over the table scraps she throws their way.
        If a President were serious at reforming the VA, they would have a staff of about 10 lawyers, preferably former veterans and those experienced in labor law, and starting January 21, they would renegotiate the entire union contract starting with throwing out any provision that goes against federal law.
        The only preference in hiring would be for veterans, regardless of whether they belonged to the AFGE or not.
        A clear non-negotiable part of any contract with them would provide very clear measures of accountability, and any criminal activity would result in immediate firing with no ability to appeal, and no ability to get hired at another VA.

        Companies doing business with the federal government caught breaking the law are supposed to be barred from federal contracts. Why not employees?

        There would also be a requirement that any activity resulting in the harm to a veteran would require an outside entity to investigate, and if substantiated, that health care provider would have their license to practice revoked, then fired.

        If the AFGE wanted to object to any of those provisions, then just declare that union to be barred from representing VA employees and disband it.

      3. 91Veteran,
        I like your proposal!
        Bet there would be loads of asswipes jumping ship over that kind of “contract”!

      4. 91Veteran-

        YES! Ensure the renegotiating terms are such that the AFGE has no other option BUT to jump off V.A. Titanic. Also make sure to tell David little Cox AFGE President where to shove it.

      5. @ Crazy elf, this war if it comes to it with Russia isn’t going to be like anything seen since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, only with a bigger body count. I am talking NUKES if it wasn’t obvious. Highest yield weapon in our arsenal is 50MT the Tsar bomb is 100MT do the math.

  14. Hey y’all, here’s two new Utube videos to watch.
    “Newt Gingrich on Clinton Collusion with CNN, CNBC, Boston Globe – October 11, 2016”

    (06:39 minutes long)


    (04:51 minutes long)
    “Metaphorically speaking” of course!
    It ties her to Saudi Arabia AND ISIS!
    You’ll be surprised, or not!

    1. What’s this got to do with the VA and Veterans elf? Thought this was a place to help Vets, not air out your personal political beliefs?

      1. I disagree Don. The only thing the VA DOES is politics They don’t do anything else guy. Be damned what you and I think. The politics are the reason we are dying man. So believe me, this discussion has every thing to do with politics and personal political beliefs.

      2. @Don Avant,
        Just as Ralph D. Carmina has stated——-
        Everything has to do with politics!

        Watch what is, or isn’t, being said in the political arena.
        The only person, or incumbent, who’s taking on the VA’s corruption is Mr. Trump!
        The only thing Hillary has said about the waste, fraud, abuse and corruption in VA. Was that it was blown out of proportion by the media, (late last year, I believe in November!) Ben had a “blog” about it, remember.
        Is that what you want for the next CIC or POTUS?

        Today, the media is alive with articles concerning how Hillary and Putin are taking us closer to war. Possibly even WWIII.
        Even the ‘former Premier’ of Russia, Gorbachev, is pleading for tensions to cease between the US and Russia!
        Are you, or do you think the VA is ready to start another war, especially with Russia?
        Do you really believe the Democrats, most Republicans and the “social elite” care one iota for you, me or anyone in America?
        I believe our military is being used as pawns for something more sinister than what’s being let out!
        “Seymore Klearly”, and others, has given multiple articles concerning what our elected officials have been up to!

        I hope you also see I’ve stated my many concerns, and anger, over what’s taking place in all of the many VHA’s and VBA’s! They aren’t ready for more war!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        On the other hand, don’t you believe, it’s valuable to be informed!

  15. One of my questions is, did she get a fat VA Relocation and Travel Payout to go from Chicago to Phoenix? WHO is she related to at the VA that allowed this?
    I know someone that absolutely hates going to the Northern Chicago VAMC because he says it’s literally a zoo. He even told me that particular VAMC has a FOOD PANTRY in which VA Employees seem to have first dibs….go figure.

    1. namnibor, my buddy in Illinois says the same thing about the Chicago VHA!
      Sad! He, and his wife, refuse to go there.

      I guess those lower rank and file VHA employees are scrounging for food like the rest of America’s finest! I guess they aren’t being told the truth about how bad things really are.
      Or, they just want to screw over veterans.
      I bet it’s the later. They love fucking over veterans!
      They’ve sure had enough practice!

      1. In the years I went to the Madison VA, there were always many veterans who came up from Rockford and the surrounding areas to get medical care. Nobody wanted to go to Hines or even the Milwaukee VA.

        Back in the 1990’s the then Secretary of the VA Jesse Brown came to the Milwaukee VA for some function. I gave testimony at that event, and it was shocking to see the condition of the hospital, even though the Secretary of the VA was visiting. One would think they would have made an attempt to clean the place up for him, but they didn’t.

        I used the restroom there before going home, and it smelled like it hadn’t been cleaned in weeks. That was typical of much of the rest of the place.

    2. Doubt. She is related. But I would bet she is a virtuoso at the skin flute, doubt Monica Lewinski has anything on her

  16. And then the upper level echelon, McDuck, Gibson, etc., wonder why veterans and others are horrified, and angered, by some of the most stupid, and asinine, decisions made by other high VA employees! I wouldn’t doubt if McDuck had a hand in this! He’s nothing but a complete lying asswipe, anyway!!!!!!
    All that is done is lies upon lies to the vets and the American people! VA is a complete waste of taxpayers monies!!!!!!!!

    The time has come for the VA to have a complete enema! Shut it down. Fire all of them. Yes, even those who are good employees. Why? Because the good employees aren’t standing up for us. If they’re not with us, they’re against us, period!
    Allow veterans to use free outside healthcare!

    Mr. Trump says our government “…is run by stupid people!”
    I disagree.
    It’s run by individuals who know exactly what they’re doing. They are turning this once great nation into a “banana republic”. A ‘third world ghetto’ of massive proportion. The people are in complete disarray, or racially and economically divided. Which is what they want!
    The wealthiest are becoming more powerful. While the ‘less fortunate’ struggle to make ends meet. We’ve not seen this many, 98 million, on welfare- ever!
    The GDP is stagnant. Around 1.2%.
    Workers haven’t had a raise in over 18 years.
    Our borders are open. Allowing anyone to enter illegally.
    There’s a great possibility our leaders are allowing the enemy to infiltrate all aspects of our government. As was done in the years following WWII.

    And there’s much more!

    Someone once said, “POTUS IS the most powerful person in the world”.
    I beg to differ. He, (or she), is only 1/3rd powerful. Our government is made up of THREE entities. Look it up. Could this be why “CIVICS” was removed from our schools? So our youth would be unaware of how it works?
    No president is allowed to break the “Oath of Office” or laws! As we are blatantly witnessing, first hand, in this administration!
    Our “national security” is not only on a road to ruin. Our families safety is in question.

    The VA is just one entity getting away with massive fraud, waste, abuse and massive corruption!
    Until “We The People” realize this, our Great Nation will go the way of all the great nations of the past. History DOES repeat itself. I, myself, refuse to be a part of it! But, one man cannot stand alone!

    “Those who refuse to learn from history, are DOOMED to repeat it!”

    1. Hey guys, just a question. Didn’t the person responsible for burying the Vets in IL come from Phoenix and now visa-versa. What is this…musical turds?

      1. The civilized, developed part of the world has the iCloud. The VA has in their cesspool the iTurd, where all the really nasty floaters at VA eventually float over to another location. The Grand Canyon obviously has a major influence on the specific gravity and density of the VA’s iTurd storage facility. We now just need some brave Navy Seals to dive down to depth of the Grand Canyon at Phoenix VAMC and pull the main drain plug for the enema to be efficient and drain the iTurd account and remove all support from the AFGE septic tank.

    2. What does private enterprise do with a defective, dangerous, uncontainable product? They get rid of it. Ask Samsung about the Galaxy Notes. The gov. wil not get rid of any of their departments. That would be admitting failure. They keep generations dumbed-down in the school system dictated by them. “Nothing here to look at…we’re clean”

  17. The VA is truly stupefied and stupefying!!!!!!!


    verb (used with object), stupefied, stupefying.


    to put into a state of little or no sensibility; benumb the faculties of; put into a stupor.


    to stun, as with a narcotic, a shock, or a strong emotion.


    to overwhelm with amazement; astound; astonish.

    1. stupefy


      1510s (implied in past participle stupefact), from Middle French stupéfier, from Latin stupefacere “make stupid or senseless,” from stupere “be stunned” (see stupid ) + facere “to make” (see factitious ).

    2. Funny…They should do a reboot of Forrest Gump dealing with the VA after NAM. Maybe a motion picture film is needed to explain the VA to everyone. How ’bout “The Godfather” – the Corlione’s grappling with the VA? Is it a take?

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