VA Clinician

Guilty: VA Clinician Sodomized, Molested Veteran Patients

VA Clinician

A Kansas jury convicted sex abuser Mark Wisner of five sex-related charges committed while he worked as a physician assistant at Eisenhower VA Medical Center.

Wisner was convicted based on testimony from four veterans and a recorded admission of guilt during an IG investigation. The veterans testified Wisner conducted improper testicular, penis and anal examinations at the VA medical center.

According to CJ Online:

Wisner, an elderly Horton resident and U.S. veteran, stood as District Court Judge Gunnar Sundby separately read “guilty” to one felony count of aggravated criminal sodomy, one felony count of aggravated sexual battery and the three misdemeanor counts of sexual battery. Wisner remained jailed in Leavenworth County and the judge scheduled sentencing for Sept. 29. He could receive more than a decade in prison.

Allegations also included sexual assault, battery, unnecessary examinations of patients and excessive prescription of pain medicine.

Wisner surrendered his license after providing oral testimony to IG officers that he lacked self-control and confessed, “I don’t have any business in medicine.”

His sentencing is next month, and Wisner may be sentenced to a decade in prison.

Dozens of lawsuits are reportedly pending in US District Court against Wisner.

VA will likely attempt to exculpate its liability by arguing Wisner was operating outside the scope of his employment.


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  1. As an employee at the Leavenworth VA I can say confidently that they knew about this guys past before hiring him. Same thing about the person at the Topeka VA where something very similar happened as well. Both VA’s are ran by the same management.

    There are other life long registered sex offenders working here right now.  There is one in the engineering dept who is a three time convicted child rapist. There is also a driver who drives the Vets around. And the housekeeping dept have several registered sex offenders.

     But I guess that’s ok since the Vets aren’t usually women or little kids. I was shocked to find out that people like this get to work as federal employees. Especially since there are deserving veterans that don’t have sex felonies who should have been hired instead. 

    This is so disgusting. Our Vets deserve better and so do the employees who care for our veterans. A simple Google search of these people will verify this info….on the very first Google page that is listed, usually.
    This should be a HUGE scandal….especially in light of the sicko this article is about.

    I have looked into trying to say or do something about this, but I am sure I would be fired if I was ever found out. There have been some other pretty bad things that have happened here as well. But I probably wouldn’t be believed if I shared some of those things. Shame….Shame…Shame…Shame

      1. Ok 91. Let me think about this for a bit. Doing that on this forum could allow me to be found out…so I am a bit apprehensive.

      2. Private LV, you can change your user name from private LV to whatever you want before posting the information. I trust Ben completely.

        Once posted, names or whatever, we can research other stuff.

        A name at a minimum would help research these bums.

      3. OK 91….you trust Ben. So is it safe to assume that the email I used to join this forum will not be given to anyone? If so, I’m ready.

      4. Email addresses are only provided when posting a comment.

        Many blogs will accept just about anything that shows @ someplace dot com, but of course, if you entered that, you would not be notified of a comment.

      5. Here are a few. My source is reluctant to tell me more. I’ll keep working him/Her.

        Ronald Dewayne Leifeld
        Loren J. Mead
        And possibly Steven Clark. He needs to be verified that he still works at the VA

      6. Holy Jesus! That LEIFELD guy is seriously a piece of shit. 3 felonies for sex with minors? One of them 14 years old? How the hell is it he can be employed by the VA and supposedly pass a background check?


        So he gets 10 years in prison, was convicted in 2006, which means if he served his full sentence he would have been out in 2016. But he is working for the VA in 2017?


      7. Looks like Loren J. Mead is the same, although he was convicted of only 1 felony of fondling or touching a minor.


        Seems he was convicted much faster than Leifeld, but only served 2 years.

        How the hell is it a veteran cannot get a job at the VA, but they are hiring convicted sex offenders who have to register for a lifetime can?

  2. When women have these up close & personnel tests there are always 2 people in the room, the examiner & the witness which in theory ensures no hank-panky improper touching goes on & thus they avoid any criminal related charges. Now that the men know PC’s who conducted testicular, penis & anal examinations may be perverts – Ask for another person or family to be present during the exam. If there is 1 Dr. who enjoyed this touching, You Know There Are Many More.

    1. John, I can only suggest posting the perps name here so we can research them.

      What can you do? I can only suggest documenting it in writing as detailed as you can, and then asking for a meeting with the Chief of Staff and director.

      Or, after you have it documented in writing, you could call Trumps hotline. That seems to get some attention in the VA.

      In my opinion, the key is to document it as detailed as you can so the VA cannot claim they did not know.

  3. Seems the Kansas Licensing board updated Wisner’s profile page as of August 31, 2017…today. I wonder what they added, or cleaned up.

    1. 91Veteran,
      After all Wisner has done to veterans, he’s the perfect kind of healthcare provider VA WOULD hire!
      Hell, VA hired a “serial killer”. Why not hire MORE “sexual predators”! The VA has shown it’s NOT about hiring great healthcare providers, it’s about hiring the scum at the bottom of the barrel!!!!!!

      1. If the VA was considered an individual who acted the way they collectively act, it would be said that the individual behaves in a passive agressive manner, is abusive to those in his charge, and displays a pathology of deception. This individual long ago from documented actions would be required to register as a sex offender. This indivdual would be deemed by the court to be a hostile witness in proceedings with a history of perjury under oath.

        This individuals criminal record would cover a wide gamut of criminal activities and would include personal, property, and civil rights violations. This individual would be a target for federal interest from law enforcement owing to a known modus operandi of shifting criminal behavior around to different states, often fleeing justice across state lines and borders. This individual’s brutal history would likely mean lifetime incarceration under the three thousand strikes and your out laws.


        VA is not an individual. It is made up of individuals. Each contributing to the whole in the manner I describe. But what exactly did I describe?

        I described untreated mental illness with a pathology of criminal insanity. How other would a typical person describe VA except as an insanity allowed to fester?

  4. The VA has replaced any accurate information on their web sites for looking up VA providers.

    Compare the bullshit they have posted on their DocInfo page to what the Kansas Licensing board has on Wisner:



  5. When the Kansas Medical Licensure board investigated, they spell out 7 patients being assaulted in the Consent to Surrender his license.

    Yet he was only convicted of a few charges, and the VA wants to absolve their own responsibility for him working for the VA.

    The consent order is here:


  6. Some significant new details posted at this news article on this perv.


    “More than 60 of Wisner’s patients have sued the federal government, claiming it knew or should have known that Wisner was a danger to patients and had a history of providing improper medical care and victimizing patients. They also allege that he overprescribed painkillers and other medications.”

    “One of the lawsuits, filed by a disabled veteran, says that Wisner was convicted of a sex-related crime in 1987, had been reported for sexually inappropriate conduct by a Kansas nurse in 1999 and was the subject of complaints by VA patients in 2011, 2012 and 2014.”

    1. With his conviction and being reported by a nurse, one has to wonder WTF the VA was thinking allowing this bastard to work unsupervised.

      One also has to wonder about the VA excuse of him working outside the scope of his employment since they knew about his past.

    1. ted,
      There’s one hell of a support group here. Two such persons are Seymore and 91Veteran. Not to say others can’t find out about VA employees, these two are on the ball!
      Put his name on here asap!

  7. i got a doctor that is that way right now.he likes to touch me almost tried to slip a finger in my crack a while back but caught him self, i keep telling him “stop touching me but he continues to do so”

    .no Fucking joke. i want to look in his past records since the va doesnt do it. Reno va is one of the worst . Nevada senators dont even have the time of day for me. i mean i dont know what to do .
    i would really appreciate if some one can help me on this one . OIG,DAV AMVETS, LEGION ive tried them all .

  8. “I don’t have any business in medicine.”

    Yeah, but the VA looked the other way and gave you an ability to abuse veterans, just like they do with many other quack employees.

    Wisner seriously was operating outside the scope of his employment, but the VA, as his employer, had a duty to supervise him, and like they do often, the VA failed miserably.

    I seriously believe the only reason why this guy was caught, the IG investigated and he was convicted was because the veterans who came forward were able to prove what happened. That, and the presence of a Leavenworth County Sheriff Lieutenant during his questioning. Look at the many (dozens) lawsuits? Why was he not charged and convicted with several more counts? Was it because the IG ignored several other complaints?

    Which of his victims managed to get the attention of the media or a politician to force a proper investigation by the IG?

    How many other VA employees dismissed the complaints of these veterans prior to one getting someone’s attention?

    1. Their were at least 7 Veterans who were molested by this freak and the VA only acted because a district attorney filed charges against him. Originally the VA worked hard to cover it up.


  9. I’m quite sure wherever Wisner goes, he’s soon to have friends up the ass. Outside of his scope of duties? I sure hope so. VA is responsible. Wonder if he’s on paid leave. @Y’all, this is my last post. Life dealt me another blow, no, not Wisner, and looks like I’ll be off line for a few months. Thank each and every Veteran associated with Benjamin Krause. Keep informing Veterans and Americans. Hopefully, when able to return, things will be better for all Americans. God Bless y’all.

  10. OMG! How atrociously vile!? The VA needs to suck it up and pay on these lawsuits. They are responsible for hiring these disgusting physician assistants…by the way PA work under supervision of an actual doctor…is the MD being help accountable too? Outrageous!! ?

  11. I bet the VA knew of this doctors criminal past, I wonder just many others he violated, and of course the VA will try to separate themselves from any liabilities

  12. I’m curious, what did the VA say when these veterans told them about the abuse. ! Why did it take veterans to bring this person down. !

    The OIG, had no choice, since he admitted it. ! If this employee would have pled the 5th, he would be chief of the service by now.

    Why did they not fire the chief of staff and the director. ! Was the patient representative involved.

    This is more proof, that the VA is incapable of policing themselves and it takes more that one veteran to prove anything against VA employees !

    We all know someone at the VA tried to cover this up. Probably told the veterans when they told the VA about it ” that’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. !

    He, is one of our better doctor’s. ! Good grief. !

  13. Umm – Ben. Your cover page said “malpractice”. ?? I don’t know if there is a right or wrong way to sodomize another human. Criminal sexual conduct – no confusion there.

  14. Working outside his scope of employment?? VA speak for “we are not responsible for what our employees do”

    1. This phony Va argument means that the VA was grossly negligent or recklessly indifferent to supervision of these creeps and incompetents OR the did not give a rat’s ass. Argument does not hold water in a Real Courtroom; Sounds like the old excuse: “Yer Honor, I didn’t do it but so did he!” Piled higher and higher. The VA’s not accepting financial responsibility for this creep’s conduct is disgusting in and of itself, but typical of such lowlife persons who go to work for the VA.

      1. That. or the old standby favorite of the WW2 Nuremberg Trials, where all the Nazi’s simply claimed, “We were only following orders”…to screw Vets, literally this time.

  15. I read about Wisner it was disgusting,and it’s systemic in the VA. The beatings of elderly Veterans. Patient neglect. I’m here afraid to go in for just routine exams anymore. What can be done to stop these atrocities committed against veterans

    1. @Edward,

      what can be done to stop the atrocities?

      Dismantle the VA. This is

      Then forever vow never to create a unique social services agency targetted at one highly specific and seperated part of our population again. Ever. When segregation exists and is thusly sanctioned then we reap the fruits of segregation which history show clearly are generally horrific.

      We dismantled “special schools” for those we found distasteful like mentally ill children. We dismantled special schools for the descendents of American slavery. We dismantled “white only” hospitals, buses, clinics, and in fact just about every other thing that segregation allowed us to turn a blind eye toward the atrocities that segregation breeds.

      And why did we do this? The answer is still in the heart of this 15 year old who knew he wanted to be a Marine, who was raised in a home that did not allow disrespectful speech of our president, country, or way of life. We did this because as a nation we have NEVER lost sight of our goal even if we have left the path.

      We have never lost sight of freedom and irregardless of age, color, creed, or place of birth the nation eventually could no longer turn a blind eye to the attrocities perpetrated out of the belly of the monster good upstanding white folk called “segregation” and which the segregated called tyranny. So with enormous effort we shed he ignorance of segregation in this nation and undid one more knot of tyranny. Almost…

      Veterans are still segregated in social programs. Veterans still have “vets only” hospitals and there are still “no vets here” hospitals. If a veteran promised health care cannot pay at a non VA hospital it is a no vet here hospital and is in fact segregated from the rest of the people who pay from the nations other and more wholesome programs that ensure social security for the washed folk. Vets are segregated away from “security” in favor of “administration” and besides vets stink.

      …. and the administration has ever been corrupt which thrives inside a nation that just looks the other way. Like the unspoken embarrassment of a “special school” and the isolation of being the one who has to ride “the short bus” It makes me want to vomit.

      VA is segregation. It is no different than one governor a long time ago who stood in a school doorway and was willing to face federal men with guns before he would unblock the entrance to the goddamn public school! The wormy bastard believed so strongly in segregation that he was willing to see bloodshed rather than let a few black kids go to school in a good upstanding white school alongside the “washed” and clean Americans.

      Our federal government believes so firmly in like manner that vets should remain segregated that they too are willing to see bloodshed to keep the status quo. This makes them no different than the worm who would see Americans die to keep things segregated except for one thing;

      …the man blocking the entrance to the white only school saw nobody die for his ignorance – this is not true of the VA. Seperate but equal is most illogical notion man ever bought into and we witness again the results it brings in every newspaper headline that starts with the letters “VA”.

      1. Sounds like a successful argument to the U.S. Supreme Court, right on and Semper Fi!
        Get rid of the VA bureaucracy and let vets go where they find the best medical care and PAY THE BILL FOR THEM and allow naturalpathic remedies to be covered.

      2. The problem with me going to the very neighborhoods from which spring forth the divine wisdom of our nations highest legal chamber of Justice is that I have personally been to Washington D.C. before. As a matter of fact in the very neighborhood of Justice and law and procedure I once stood. The Great Hall of primates with gavels and robes was nearby.

        I found out that in the neighborhood of justice that a man without a can of mace is likely to undergo unauthorized individual tax collection by civilian self serving social programs. I have seen their “Hood” and I named it “Robin”.

        I am all out of fresh mace and still have a nagging suspicion that all those American women on the corner outside the Great Hall of equality and justice acted as friendly as they did just for the money too! So I will pass on the trip back to Justice in our land.

      3. Dismantle SEIU first, the VA and country’s largest union that has the most political capital in D.C. and the worst when it comes to hiring the most untrained and unlicensed medical personnel. Then there’s the govt HR, “HUMAN RESOURCES” that too, protect the untrained, serving up humans as resources, called VETS because it is all about the VA with the DoD saving money at any cost and that Kaiser is in charge of it all from A to Z in denying medical care. The govt installed kaiser to save costs at any cost, by not giving out any real medical care. That was and is the plan and it’s done to civilians too for decades.
        What happened to the VET by this VA clinician is as abhorrent it gets and one civilian injured worker had the same thing done to him by a clinician AFTER his co-workers, the CA. CHP, beat the tar out of him at least 10 times and leaving him with brain damage. He tried to file charges and NO ONE would ever acknowledge his complaints. For decades we have had to deal with unacceptable criminal behavior to try and get medical care but again, it is because the GOVT installed kaiser to create the path of criminality and unions like SEIU, AFGE (AFL-CIO) WHO are co-conspirator’s in collusion to commit ongoing criminal acts via “medical care”, one of the biggest govt lies and one of the biggest thefts of American dollars.

      4. Dennis, would there be a way I can speak with you. I am a U.S.M.C. veteran who was directly involved in this trial. I agree strongly with your view and discussions of why and how it is and what needs done to change this system. if possible to get In Touch I would appreciate.

      5. I seldom use a phone and then only for id verification and such. My email is redturtle 984 at gmail dot com.

    2. Again, when you see vets mistreated go right to the Administrator’s office and raise hell and get it on the record.

  16. I had a nurse try to give me a shot one time and I did not see the needle come out of a sanitary pack or even what she filled it with. Just walked out, back in. I was like Hell naw bitch you come near me with that needle and I’ll strangle you with a boot lace. She was like but waaaah I call da police and I just smiled and said go ahead. Make sure to tell them you don’t even use sanitary needles or know what you’re trying to inject me with. Idgaf anymore, I’m sick and tired of the shit treatment and the next VA employee that tries to shit on me is going to get a face full of mace and violence. I might be crippled and slow now but I’m still a nasty bastard inside.

    1. Do remember when the nurse’s said they used pens used for shots, were used over and over and they were to be used only once. !

      The OIG stated no law’s were broken, this along with scopes !..

      One thing we veterans should take from this, veterans must have more than one veteran complain about their provider or VA employee or no one will listen.

      The veterans got lucky this guy admitted he did this or the union or management would have covered it up !

      I know your mad, the VA would love nothing better than to see you hit or do something against them, so they can justify harming veterans by using the disruptive committee. !

      They will use you to justify the illegal disruptive committee, so you would be helping them hurt other veterans !

      Just report them to the director and after they cover it up, write the OIG and the new accountability department of the VA in Washington.

      1. I came home from Iraq with severe ibs of the constipation type and have many broken ribs on both sides. Imagine the pain and discomfort from bloat. In order to prove what according to VA law is a presumptive disease from sw Asia I was told I had to have a colonoscopy right around the time they were giving people aids and hepatitis. I flat out refused and screamed at the man that I don’t want hepatitis or aids in my body. You know what they did? Nothing. When I had surgery I was treated like garbage and given a dose of narcotics and told to stand and dress myself. Joke was on that faggot because it was not the first time I had to get loose and dress myself. I spent months in a tent alone with a broken arm, broken leg, messed up spinal column and was unable to walk without crutches and a boot. Shit didn’t stop me from kicking in the door to a kbr tent during incoming across from my tent. After my surgery they wheeled me out in a chair with blood still flowing down my face from having wisdom teeth removed. My acu field jacket and beard had blood all over it. So the same VA Jackass handed me papers and ordered me to give them to the pharmacist and I threw them down on the ground acting like i dropped them and made that bitch pick them up twice. Second time I spit blood all over his sneakers. I don’t give a fuck who they report me to, I’m not a coward bitch that will sit out front and waste myself. I’ll grab up my giant ballsack and do something. Let em go fuckin tell teacher Idgaf nobody fucks with me.

  17. The filth of the nation all seems to end up working at VA. Gosh, how does that happen? hmmm. Mr. President, got any ideas here?

    1. Brings to mind that all glass conference room in which a former chief of VAOIG was habitually masturbating…across from family’s and daycare/school…yeah, he retired early with full benefits intact…will today’s habitual asshole get-off…literally or just figuratively in the end? Time will tell the tale.

  18. With all due respect Ben, I disabree with your conclusion –
    “VA will likely attempt to exculpate its liability by arguing Wisner was operating outside the scope of his employment.”

    Wrong. The following sentence is correctly stated;

    “VA will likely attempt to exculpate its liability by arguing Wisner was the only one involved.”

  19. Hurricane Harvey Update VA Patients
    8/29/17 Update 3: Open: Houston VA Medical Center Charles Wilson VA Outpatient Clinic (Lufkin) Closed: All VA Outpatient Clinics closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Appointments: If you have medical needs and can make it safely to the medical center, please be careful. If you do not have urgent medical needs, please stay in a safe location and heed the guidance of local government officials. We are contacting patients to reschedule appointments once the weather conditions improve. You may also utilize the Telecare Call Center at 1-800-639-5137 (713-794-8985) for any medical issues or questions, or use MyHealtheVet Secure Messaging. If you have a medical emergency, dial 911. Emergency Prescription Refills for Veterans: If you have refills, present to CVS or HEB with your VA ID card and prescription bottle, and ask the pharmacist to call Heritage Health Solutions Customer Care Center at 1-866-265-0124, Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Representative will qualify the request by asking a few questions. No controlled medications will be processed under this program. If a controlled medication is needed, or you have no refills, please contact your provider or Telecare Pharmacy at 1-800-639-5137, Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. We will keep you updated as the weather progresses. Please be sure to check our website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for information on how the weather is impacting our operations. Stay Safe!


    1. The VA North Texas Health Care System in Dallas says 20 of its nurses have headed to Houston to relieve the staff at Houston’s beleaguered Veterans Affairs hospital.

      The team will join a 25-member team from the Austin-based Central Texas Veterans Health Care System, and 15 professionals from San Antonio-based South Texas Veterans Health Care System.

      According to a statement Wednesday, Houston’s VA hospital has had about 700 staffers staying onsite, sleeping on floors, in the auditorium and in offices to keep the facility open throughout the disaster.

      A former U.S. Army ranger swam through flood waters to the hospital to be treated for a burst appendix.

      “The Latest: Fire officials to begin block-by-block search ”

      1. @Seymore Klearly — **THANK YOU** for the update!! I had asked yesterday or so if anyone had news from our Texas Veterans and I *just* read about that Veteran that swam with a burst appendix to the VA…having had burst appendix and knowing what knife life sharp pain that is, let alone when you even try to move a toe, that former Navy Seal has respectable balls.
        Like any large metro city, I would presume there to be a sizable homeless population with a significant Veteran population making part of that severely affected and dislocated by Hurricane Harvey and flooding…as well as Survivors and elderly nursing home Veterans….

        The scammers are already out there so be very careful where you may decide to contribute/help with many fundraisers…remember the earthquake relief fund and the Clintons…Haiti is still a cesspool but a LOT of people got wealthy off of it, Katrina no different…still Wards uninhabitable and sure they could use our prayers.

        This Dr. Wisner in today’s article should be dropped from a helicopter into some Houston dislocated alligator-infested flooded neighborhood…gotta keep those gators fed. 🙂

        Rant Out. Thanks again for update, SK.

      2. Having spent a couple weeks in the Houston VA some time ago, I can say that Ranger may have been netter off swimming to another hospital. But then, with staff locked in there, perhaps he might be seen in a timely manner.

        When I was there, the VA police seemed more intent on searching any veteran coming into the hospital through the main doors than they did of any punk or thug entering the hospital through side doors. Vets who hang around outside in a little park smoking, and that side door was wide open. Any thug would come up, mingle with the vets for a minute or two to blend in, then get right into the hospital and up the stairs that was nearby, as I saw happen.

        I don’t recall if it was Houston or if it happened at another VA, but a punk was caught going through some elderly veterans room stealing stuff because the place was so unsecure.

      3. Seymore,
        This morning on WDBO, 96.5 fm, news, “…Secretary of VA Shulkin is headed to Texas!”
        Hopefully he’ll insure vets in Texas AND Louisiana are taken care of! South Western Louisiana was also hit hard by torrential rainfall! Hundreds of people had to be evacuated there as well!

      4. Seymore,
        That $2+ billion VA just received for the choice program, can you see where VA will be going back to Congress (soon) because a majority of it will be used to pay for veterans affected by Hurricane Harvey?!

        I’m not bitching about veterans receiving outside healthcare due to Harvey, mind you. It’s just that because this natural disaster came along right after the money was allocated, there could be temptation on some of the VA AND private healthcare providers to scam the system!

        I hope I’ve explained it correctly!

      5. Why are 700 VA employees sleeping. ! I’ll bet they were stuck there and all of them will get over time or triple time since it’s a natural disaster.

        If the storm does not kill them, the VA will or tell them to come back at a later date. !

        If they are caring for the public and treat them the way veterans are treated and complain about their care. !
        The disruptive committee is going to be very busy !

  20. Out today from:
    “New to the VA World? Here’s What You Need to Know”

    “” | by Amy Bushatz

    A “step by step guide” to no where in the VA system! The “comments section” is a must read to understand the real bullshit coming from the author of this article!

    1. P.S.
      Or, this author, Amy Bushatz, could have been getting her (mis)information from that “$25 million dollar a year public relations firm”! Which is more likely than NOT the case!

  21. Could this be the first of many reprobates going before a REAL judge? There’s MANY more out there in “VADisneyLand” which deserve no less!
    Of course, this asshole actually admitted to his acts of depravity, unlike the rest of the assholes!

    1. This VA Dr. better now be labeled as a registered sex offender, never able to practice medicine again, not even in prison, and the VA has absolutely no chances of regaining my trust in this lifetime.
      Go in for an ear infection, the VA wants to stick hand up your butt. Stub your toe, yep, up your ass again…

    2. sorry crazy, but there are no real judges in the usa corporation, which is the organization that is doing this “trial”. those are all administrative “law” judges, not connected in any way with the constitutional courts that have real judges. those real judges in real courts do not exist anymore. canceled by the likes of FDR working with stalin the communist.

  22. “[…Wisner remained jailed in Leavenworth County and the judge scheduled sentencing for Sept. 29. He could receive more than a decade in prison….]”

    When and IF this scumbag goes to jail, since Leavenworth Federal Prison is so damn handy and nearby, why not place him there with a specially fashioned pair of prison pants that are like the old-fashioned one-piece long-underwear that has a buttoned butt flap on the ass, left wide open all the time with large bold letters on his back that states “I am a Dr. that sodomized military Veterans”…then set and forget.
    Problem will rectify or rectal-fy itself in no time once bubba wakes-up. Fucking creeps.

  23. Keep an eye out for this guy…The VA might want to hire him back after he gets out. I bet he’ll work for cheap…

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