Veterans Affairs Unveils New VA Hospital Prototype

New VA Slogan

Not really. This is a parody. VA would never publish something so accurate. After we published a meme prompt for a new VA slogan on Christmas Day, we created this based on what one adventurous veteran posted.

Hey there and thanks for checking in this January 1, 2020.

On Christmas, I published a meme contest to readers on Facebook and on the website. We received almost 200 comments, which says a lot about how readers feel about the services they receive from the VA at the moment.

Now, we know VA really does not care what we think unless we hit them over the head with some kind of wooden club. My website, DisabledVeterans.org, is one of those clubs since VA knows Congress pays attention to it.

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We also know VA is continually restricting access to my content by filtering out newsletter emails to employees seeking those emails even though that act of blocking emails, in itself, may be a violation of the 1st Amendment.

And that is where social media shares get involved. The more we share, the more likely it is this meme might show up on someone’s iPhone.

So share the hell out of the image at the top. At least a few veterans will tell you it is closer to the truth than any real press release from VA.

Hit VA Pressure Points

Let’s remember, VA does not care unless we have yet to hit the pressure points.

So many veteran readers are trained in methods of infiltration and influence of ideas (i.e. public affairs, journalism, etc) while forgetting to implement those same methods against our Communist-run Department of Veterans Affairs. (I guess those Ruskie won despite our best efforts.)

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Why are we not writing and researching more about what is going on within VA from the disenfranchised veterans’ perspective, not the perspective of the chosen favorites?

Anyway, now it’s 2020.

We know VA has fully implemented the shutdown tactics created and published by the OSS to undermine Nazis within its manual for Sabotage.

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These tactics are what stalled VA adjudications of disability benefits adjudications resulting in a claims backlog that led to the current appeals backlog. Read that manual closely.

While it was published in the ’40s, it is markedly similar to what we all have experienced and struggled through when fighting for compensation and healthcare.

Surveillance Capitalism

One part of a broader campaign could be to embarrass VA leadership for continuing to put third party corporate profits ahead of the interests of the veterans the agency is supposed to serve.

Should they be proud of how our health information is being harvested, scanned, and prostituted to marketing companies and social media firms? Methinks not.

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VA Slogan Ideas

We have our own fun slogan thanks to one of our readers that led to the slogan derivative at the top of this article.

I would like to thank all the readers who participated including Jason Howard, David Graham, and Carolyn O’Connor. Here are their versions that led to the version above.

In case you did not see it, the original prompt was of a semi-truck wedged under a bridge overpass. Below are the different images some veterans presented that I thought were worth mentioning and particularly amusing for different reasons.

The Prompt

New VA Slogan

Carolyn O’Connor

This is hilarious for a thousand reasons.

David Graham

David did a great job lifting the original content off the truck and imposing his own version of a VA slogan onto the vehicle.

Jason Howard

Most veterans will likely think this is true. Meanwhile, thanks to massive spending on propaganda and press, the American public is intentionally ignorant.

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28 thoughts on “Veterans Affairs Unveils New VA Hospital Prototype”

  1. James, I question the Oversight model. Who will provide oversight? Who will make sure the oversight panel is not compromised?
    Dollars buy everything nowadays including disloyalty, murder, lies, unlawful medical experimentation- you name it..?
    Too many of us know how corrupt the VA system is! Too many Veterans have been killed by these fuckers, then we have all the Veterans who are not physically dead but are mentally wasted on VA drugs. How about all the medical malpractice that goes uncharted? You want oversight on this? As Elijah Cummings said, ” COME ON MAN” . Give us the data sets and let the private sector mine mine for medical mal-feasance

    This conversation has me jacked up because I know what we are dealing with. The VA is the face of evil , Dude.
    Have a nice day guys,

  2. My Daughter sent me a facebook post “Whats the difference between a bullet and a VA employee? The bullet can actually be fired and can only kill one person.”
    There are good and bad VA employees. It’s when you get to those salaried, administrative/management employees is where the root of the evil is. Many are Veterans whom have forgotten the oath they took, whose mission has changed to deny Veterans healthcare A fellow advocate once published a guest column in the local paper. About the Veteran Integrated Service Networks (VISNs) he wrote: A fish stinks from the head down.” It goes much higher than VISN as we all know.

  3. Guys, we have to stick together. If I can get up a petition and I will if I can get enough of you to sigh, that would be a good start. I’ll make it contingent on your approval of the final final product but I’d like some community interest shown before I spend the time. JCH

  4. I repeat:

    “Worst Care . . . Everywhere.”

    Worse than a fourth world country.

    They continue to be”Bitchy, Rude and Disrespectful” to patients which is very harmful to the patient to say the least. Mental abuse is still abuse!

    V.A. slogan:


  5. “One part of a broader campaign could be to embarrass VA leadership for continuing to put third party corporate profits ahead of the interests of the veterans the agency is supposed to serve.”

    Here’s a good example

  6. HUH….NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING A DISRUPTIVE PATIENT???? I was drugged in a VA emergency room and forceably taken to a closed locked ward at a Phyc Hospital thats in “kahoots” with the VA when i was being a disruptive patient….they used the excuse that i was suicidale….PERPOSTEROUS!!!! (pls excuse the spelling, im very tired and in pain). I was experiencing severe clostrophobic panic attacks from my anxiety disorder and seeking help as my heart rate was above 140!!! This was their care for me….5 days in a rat hole….havent been to the VA for over 5yrs…im 100+% SC, disabled, unemployable….i now pay out of pocket for my health care and do without food and other things i need and am happy to do it….i will never go back!!!!

    1. @”Douglas” and “Peabody’ s Cow”,

      I received a letter a few months back, stating IF I “…cause any more disturbances…” at my local VA clinic, I’ll be put on a “disruptive patient list”!
      All because some low ranking “shrink” got involved in an argument between me and a nurse – over the nurses refusal to give me copies of my medical file. A violation of VA regulations!
      When I spoke to the person in charge of all the healthcare persons at that clinic. I was informed I was NOT on any disruptive list!
      In my opinion, standing up for one’s rights is one’s duty!

  7. I don’t usually respond however,i injured my rotor cuff on Trumps’ inauguration day;even with xrays,&an MRI proving an injury–it took 2yrs to the month to get an orthopedic consult,then I had a slight temp and my consult was not rescheduled,but cancelled. Just this past December,i go to pharmacy,since my pain management Dr renewed my meds.(all controlled narcotics)
    The intake pharmacist said everything was fine,it might be a bit longer since the pharmacy was doing random audits After3hrs. I finally received 2of 3scripts,a form for the last controlled,OUT OF STOCK,until February. The intake pharmacist had to know whether the medicine was available but instead let me wait for an extra 1.5 hrs. I received my medicine through a civilian pharmacy for which I had to pay. I’m 100%,i’ve never had to pay before,nor use a civilian pharmacy; I am retired Army,Tricare saved me,because until the civilian pharmacist knew I was military retired,he said the meds would be triple digit,fortunately,even though I had to pay out of pocket,it was only $10.00.( Being military retired,Medicare won’t permit the new benefits,saying it would cause Tricare to be cancelled) Also,I found it true,if I want to be seen civilian,my insurance(Medicare,Tricare) would have to cover the care,however,when CHOICE makes the appt,whatever the VA decides,I have NO “CHOICE”. IT’S NOT AN EXTENSION BUT CONTROLLED HEALTHCARE THAT VA HAS TOTAL CONTROL OVER.
    Years ago,a psychologist told me the VA was like a big tit and manipulated veterans to become dependant.as long as you obey,never question and never complain,you get to be taken care of…but dare wake up and realize the dark oppressive evil and boom you become a disruptive patient.

  8. I agree, CHOICE should be my choice and not up to the VAH to decided, I hate them group meeting’s, it’s like poorly rehearsed sitcom with all the brown noses pandering to the doctor or instructor.
    If you make a comment and someone cuts you off during your sentence it becomes a free for all.
    Let me go where I am comfortable using the VA and I will not use my private insurance !

  9. Not to mention having my records falsified, thrown into the closed ward for complaining of sleep deprivation, witnessing a WWII vet allowed to fall FOUR times, finally to his death because it was a hassle to transport him around for dialysis. Forced to take a shower without a fixator on my foot covered (as my surgeon ordered.
    But the worst, by far, was the discovery that the huge VAH Dallas DOES NOT DO TRAUMA SURGERY but obsessively amputates limbs it has no competent orthopedic surgeons to save. I had numerous targets put on my back because they wouldn’t pay my bills having the surgery elsewhere when they said they would, I wouldn’t let them amputate my foot, and I objected to the obsessive use of debrieding they do to prevent wounds healing in order to amputate. I’ve talked with a number of vets, that once the issue is brought up about their lost limbs, see the light. This is evil incarnate. JCH

  10. Certainly did, my friend. Been 100% SC since 1965 and seen the VA go up and down in care quality since but after ObamaWham it went through the floor. I can even add to your list of horrors. The Dallas VAH is the worst I have seen, even more so than Detroit. Someone needs to get passed President Trump’s gatekeeping advisors and tell him “Choice” has made little difference since it began since the choice is not left up to the vets but made by the same VA critters who will make sure their regimen is carried on no matter how bad it’s proven. JCH

    1. @James Horak,
      One of the worst VHA I saw was the hospital in Cincinnati. The nurse who drew blood reused hypodermic needles!
      Then NOW there’s that VHA hospital down here in St. Petersburg. Which was caught numerous times screwing vets!
      Then there’s the West Los Angeles VHA where the cops are literally acting like Gestapo.
      The list goes on and on and on!!!!
      Some time ago, I can’t remember WHO suggested that vets be given a voucher or use “Champva” for our healthcare, made sense! It would actually illuminate the VHA side of the VA. Then all vets would have to worry about would be the VBA side of the VA!
      Could you imagine how VHA employees would act once they actually had to perform healthcare duties in the private sector!
      Could you imagine how many would be held accountable for their inaction in malpractice suits!
      That list goes on and on as well!

      I’ve been S.C. p&t. since 1982!
      And watched the VA go downhill ever since. The worst it has been was during Obama’s administration!

  11. Privatiztion is not the answer, oversight is. As much or more corruption will be allowed corporations as has government agency. Has not the example of the USPS taught you anything? It all amounts to who is likely to be less corrupt. We are going to find that out when and if President Trump gets his second term. And, Crazy Elf, you could certainly wise up if you would stick your nose, for at least a while, in the TransPacificPartnership. Just to see how rotten corporate rule can be. Thank God, President Trump revoked it. JCH

    1. The vast majority of really concerned citizens and veterans especially need to ‘wake-up.’ Nothing is going to help or aren’t people paying to attention to some stories out there and what many are suffering or have to exist in? All political parties and Trump are of, and will be no help. No jumping on any band-wagons or supporting any of those DC or clowns will help. The chronic censoring, blacking out of news, fake news is still going on isn’t it? As the war machines and empire boot-stomps on.

      Some of us out here have found out the hard way there is little difference in health models or caliber of people in any health care settings. If we have a target mark or stamp in any of our folders, stepped on the wrong toes, game is over. There will be no help to be found and nothing will change that including privatizations, etc. But few care to discuss some realities of living or trying to exits in communities or states that are totally, TOTALLY, corrupt bottom to top including med boards and the rest. Have Ben or someone point you to my FB page and see how far going public will help us against the corrupt machines and will not get help or notice from the likes of Trump, Pence, Pelosi, media, whomever, whatever. Nothing. And no POTUS or any clown up there is doing crap about the more serious issues or truth about his or state agreements over trade to the floods of illegals still invading us and getting drivers license, and more. And can vote. Support him and all others for what exactly? More propaganda and circus? More lies and two-faced attitudes and crap from veteran’s groups with brown stuff on all their noses and not wanting involved in more serious issues other that to feed or clothe or claim they do.

      Hint hint. Dig deep and beyond Faux news, Clinton New Network, any MSM, etc.

      We need a really open free speech forum but nobody cares to do it or can.

    2. @James Horak,
      The “privatization” I speak of is where veterans can use whatever healthcare they want. As is being accomplished by the “MISSION ACT”!
      If that means shutting down the veterans administration, then so be it!
      I have had to use non-VA healthcare recently. All because the imbeciles at the VA clinic can’t even read a lab report.
      Just the other day, a VA nurse said this: quote: “We don’t like to give medications out until you have symptoms!” This was right after she stated I had a “UTI”!
      After a few more words were exchanged, she ordered me “antibiotics”!
      I have had horrible healthcare at VA. The only reason I use it is to receive free prescriptions!
      Trust me, even though it took me time to find a great physician, it was worth it! AND, the VA IS paying the bill!

      Note: Did you know “…over 50% of veterans in America aren’t even registered with the VA!” Which means Wilkie was using semantics when he stated, quote; “…90% of veterans want to use the VA!” unquote!

      Next subject;
      USPS IS corrupt. The wife is going through an “issue” with them now. Call any (800) number and be on hold for at least an hour.
      They used to send texts letting one know exactly where a package is. Now it lets you know it’s on its way “…to the next destination”!
      Definitely not a very well run government agency. Ben Franklin would not like his brainchild!

      Next subject;
      I knew the “TPP” was crap, just like the NAFTA agreement was, when the previous administrations brought it about.
      How many businesses moved out of America? How many jobs lost?
      Too many to count!
      Of course, the last administration was, in my opinion, crap as well!

      Next subject:
      Veterans Service Organizations, especially the DAV, are just as corrupt.
      Look how they’ve been caught screwing American Veterans!
      (example: *”Davreform.org”*)

      There’s lot’s of crap going on. Maybe you should read “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”! I did! Look at how they lost their power!

      So, James, did I pass your test?

    3. James, I question the Oversight model. Who will provide oversight? Who will make sure the oversight panel is not compromised?
      Dollars buy everything nowadays including disloyalty, murder, lies, unlawful medical experimentation- you name it..?
      Too many of us know how corrupt the VA system is! Too many Veterans have been killed by these fuckers, then we have all the Veterans who are not physically dead but are mentally wasted on VA drugs. How about all the medical malpractice that goes uncharted? You want oversight on this? As Elijah Cummings said, ” COME ON MAN” . Give us the data sets and let the private sector mine mine for medical mal-feasance

      This conversation has me jacked up because I know what we are dealing with. The VA is the face of evil , Dude.
      Have a nice day guys,


    Great pics Ben!
    Hopefully the Dept. of Veterans Affairs will go the way of the DODO BIRD! Then everyone will receive better healthcare and their claims adjudicated in a timely manner!

  13. Happy New Year everyone!!!! ????Yes, great selections Ben. ??
    #On the road again….2020??
    #What devastation is at the brink of slamming the veteran community next????? ??

  14. Good picks Ben.

    American public intentionally made ignorant? True, very true. Add willfully, unashamedly, yearning for ignorance by the majority of the public including those elite brain-washing over-educated professional idiots that rule over us and ruin the VA plus the entire country. I digress.

    Death Star from Star Wars or the Borg’s cube from Star Trek. Fitting. Add Mickey Mouse ears to both. I’ll be nice and clean here omitting much. Can apply to matters and issues far beyond the filth at the VA and the scum pretending to care at any level. I will not assimilate.

    Oh happy day another day of living. If ya want to call it that. G-day.

    1. Lem, you are not alone. It seems that the VA stays with their annual ‘New Years Resolutions’ to screw as many veterans as humanly possible. The VA waited until the last possible moment in 2019 to schedule 2 C&P exams, both of which had the VA physicians state that I no longer have PTSD! Amazing! It’s odd that I have all of the symptoms and issues related to PTSD and then add to that the fact that NO ONE AT THE VA has done anything regarding the PTSD, so there is that.

      The Secretary of the VA as well as the White House AND the members of the Committee on Veteran Affairs will not reply/respond to any contact or any face to face requests. This has been a 14 year battle and I do not believe they will ever stop. Congress members may read this site’s articles, but they are proving (as proof of inactivity and progression with a copious amount of untouched Bills still awaiting any action) that they are not willing to put their name out there as someone who actually fights the VA to ensure the veteran community does not get abused any longer. They would rather not risk VA donations or a fat 6-figure annual salary (and free healthcare)!

      Yup, it is sad but the only focus for 2020 for this guy is to ensure I don’t die at the hands of the VA. That would be success in my book!

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