$305k – Agency Tries To Pay VA Whistleblower Who Won’t Quit

VA Whistleblower

In an anti-corruption scandal, Veterans Affairs is unable to pay off one VA whistleblower that refused to falsify records in an illegal termination scheme.

The scandal is going down at Puerto Rico VA involved Rosayma Lopez. VA leadership demanded she write a critical report to terminate another employee, Joseph Colon. That employee exposed a drunk-driving and illegal drug arrest of the facility director, Dewayne Hamlin.

For some perspective, this is the same corrupt facility where:

  • Veterans were left in their own feces for days, where, after the Office of Special Counsel busted the disgusting conditions, the woman in charge of the unit was promoted
  • A convicted sex offender runs the human resources department
  • The head of the purchase office was hired weeks after being released from prison for credit card theft
  • The new FOIA officer fraudulently charged requestors thousands of dollars for requests to avoid working
  • And of course, the director was allegedly drunk driving with illegal drugs

Sounds like a real pit of hell.


VA tried to get Lopez to provide a fraudulent report. When she refused, VA then used the same scheme to get her fired. When ethics officials prevented her termination, VA offered Lopez $150,000 if she would quit and not apply for a new VA job.

When she refused, they moved her out of her job and into a trailer where they deprived her of the tools she needed to do her job. They then pushed up the offer to $305,000.

But Lopez has stuck to her guns.

How far will VA go in using taxpayer dollars to silence a whistleblower who actually wants to keep her job?

The whole time, Lopez never requested a settlement for what VA did to her when they fraudulently removed her from her position only to restore here later.

When will corruption end in our federal government? Without accountability, we can expect VA will continue to rot from the inside out.

Source: https://dailycaller.com/2016/08/30/va-offers-anti-corruption-whistleblower-305000-to-go-away/

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  1. Here’s the latest round of lies by the “Butcher of Benghazi”. Or, as I also like to call her, “The Hildabeast!” She was in front of the American Legion in Cincinnati today.
    I got this off Utube just a few minutes ago.

    “Hillary Blatantly Lies to The Vets”

    From “Infowars.com”
    Published 31 Aug, 2016
    It’s 05:57 minutes long.


    1. I saw on the news the American Legion amidst The Hildabeast giving their seal of approval. If she wins we have another 4 years at least, of same old same old.

      1. Namnibor,

        I guarantee it won’t be the same old thing. It will be a hell of a lost worse!

      2. I see news that many in the media are showing misleading shots of her speech to the Legion. They are mainly showing the stage from a certain angle.

        I’ve seen a picture tweeted out by other media. It shows quite a number of empty seats, right up to the front row. Either many in the Legion are not buying her bullshit, or they hit the bar early.

  2. Question? Does anyone know of a dam good VA Benefits lawyer who will do consultations over the phone? I’m in NC. I have a case that is way over my head.
    Thanks a bunch for any and/all help that can be provided.

    1. Boris,

      Two options same result. Copy and paste the following url into your browser or you can look to the left and select the contact link.


    2. If someone does not help you and it’s for PTSD. Call carpenter charter Law office out of Topeka Kansas his name is Kenneth carpenter

      Look him up. 25 percent he charges if and only if he wins

      Hope that helps

  3. To all,
    Keep an eye out on your news stations tonight.
    On Channel 9, “WFTV.com”, here in Central Florida, there’s a story coming up on how government employees are getting caught AGAIN “…Using their government credit cards at strip clubs and for alcohol”!
    “Even though they were told not to last year!”

    The story showed a picture of the Pentagon. I wonder if this is somehow connected to that “Lost $6.5 TRILLION?”

    1. Channel 9 just let a little more out. Looks like those credit cards were being used in Las Vegas!
      I guess, “What happens in Vegas, doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas!”

      1. Yep, “Pentagon employees are being allowed to use their government credit cards at strip clubs, gambling and alcohol out in Vegas!”

        Damn, what a freaking racket. Al Capone, and other Mob Capo’s, would be proud of this! Their probably thinking,
        “Why didn’t we think of this?”

      2. @crazyelf- Hope you have everything buttoned down for the incoming storms as it looks like a double whammy. Keep that t-paper dry. 🙂

  4. Here’s some great news. Yesterday Rep. Corrine Brown, (D-FL), was voted out of her seat!
    I found this “Classic” of her’s just now on Utube. It was published Aug. 30, 2016!

    “Democrat Rep. Corrine Brown Just List Her Primary in Florida – Here’s a 2014 Classic”

    She actually thinks the VA is great!?!?
    Maybe now they can put her in prison where she belongs. Reguarding that scandal she’s involved in with that “NOT so nonprofit organization”!

    1. @crazyelf- I will almost guarantee Corrine Brown will be on the forthcoming list(s) of “forgiven” and names cleared or otherwise ‘lists’ from Obama before he bows out. Wait for it. Hell, he may even try to forgive the people we are at war with.

      1. namnibor, yes, those “Presidential Pardons” are kinda like getting a early “Christmas Gift” for the Guilty!

  5. To all,
    “The Hildabeast” is in Cincinnati today at an “American Legion Conference” rally.
    I just heard about it on the radio, 96.5 FM in Central Florida.
    I wonder, “What is her expectations amoung the (“LOWLY”) membership of that (“ONCE”) great noble veterans service organization!”

    All the while, Mr. Trump is in Mexico City visiting, and meeting, with Mexico’s President. He’s expected to make a speech later today on his “immigration plan”!

    1. Just found this on Utube by “InfoWars.com”, published Aug. 31, 2016, titled;

      “War Monger Political Elites Support Hillary Clinton”

      “If y’all think Benghazi was bad, just wait!”

      1. To Elf I too keep up with fellow Texan Alex Jones at Info Wars. He sure knew how to get under Killarys hide. They made a big deal of PickleGate. Jones is right about Soros also. As I mentioned awhile back Soros=Clintons. The whistleblower is either a true angel or just another holdout for more. Which is it? Time will tell. Problem is, do true Americans still have that allotted time or not? Kind of makes me edgy- seems like we are being herded along in a downward spiral that none of us wants, but TA DA that’s when I go to quick prayer- then I am ready for more. In God We Trust is still with us. Yay to our beautiful second amendment, others dare not take it away. I am honestly going to continue to keep on the positive side. I feel that God wants a country on this planet that still believes in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit– and the second amendment right along with it. Hey if the snake is in the hen house, better keep the arms handy, right?

    2. @crazyelf- I am thinking granny might be helping any VSO “Save The VA” from accountability. Seems to be the bandwagon all the VSO’s are jumping on…but it’s self-preservation and has absolutely nothing to do with making the VA do their actual jobs and assist Veterans. Plus, the AFL-CIO/AFGE has fully embraced The Hildabeast like lemmings.

      1. I seen a commercial if a disabled veteran. Stating the VA Is not for sale.

        VA is paying someone a bonus for making that statement. !

        The VA sold out many many year’s ago !

  6. Ron Nesler, you often post the IG Missals email address here or in VA is Lying.

    How about posting a link to this article along with his email address, and a request that any veteran reading the article send an email to Missal demanding his office investigate this blatant waste of tax dollars.

  7. pendejo VETS VA ONE BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET CLOSE VA DOWN UNDER RICO RACKETS LAWS PENDEJO US TAX PAYERS @ VETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You Are correct. Billions saved and veterans will get care at private doctor’s

      And get rid of all the bad Apple’s

      You leave one and it will eventually make the others go bad

      What do you do when you select an Apple and what do you do when you see a bad one

      Some store’s will still try to sell it. The loves rotten Apple’s

  8. Finally. A VA employee that is adamant about doing the right thing and cannot be bought.

    Question though. How many veterans or VA staffers in that shithole have been told they cannot get X or Y because the facility cannot afford it?

    What broken equipment has not been fixed, or how long has a veteran waiting for medicine, a wheel chair, etc., because the VA claims they cannot find the money?

    They sure as hell can quickly come up with $305k in bribes.

    Ben, I think this is an opportunity for another FOIA.

    I would like to know the names and positions of all managers who authorized this proposed settlement, the authority it is offered under, exactly what budget it comes from, and every individual who has oversight over that budget.

    How can they offer this thinking they can get away with it unless it’s some kind of off the books slush fund?
    The next FOIA should be for the records of any supervisor above that director, Regional director, VISN director, HR directors all the way to McDonald that indicate what action they have taken to correct the bad behavior of that director, and any involved in this illegal firing and attempted bribery.
    At what point will this woman be hired to teach mandatory ethics training to every supervisor in the VA? When hell freezes over?

    1. @91Veteran- Thanks, that helped my critical thinking lenses with the situation as in needing to know everything taking place in the periphery. I still get the strong sense that even though the VA claims these kind of payments have to be authorized X, Y, and Z, am thinking you may have hit it on the head with VA Slush Fund. Why? Because when you read entire story at ben’s link, the VA is really obscure in answering where such funds would come from and this story sounds like a freaking BRIBE?
      However…I am sticking to strong sense also that the VA is trying to PAINT Ms. Lopez as a money-grubbing opportunist by holding out for more or even NO $$, but the VA trying to paint all VA Whistleblowers in a bad light. Please correct me if I am simply slow today. 🙂

      All those FOIA requests should indeed take place.

      1. I’m just speculating here, but I have never heard of any kind of whistle blowing, retaliation kind of “settlement” that is negotiable.

        Ok…reading the article, the OSC orders the VA to give her her job back, VA managers refuse, so OSC orders them again.
        VA managers then decide to offer her $150k, she refuses, so they up it to $305k.

        They WANT her out because she is a FOIA officer and they believe she might release embarrassing details.


        All of this SCREAMS slush fund bribery.

        Which they continue to ignore by putting a friggin law breaking hack in as her supervisor who tells FOIA requesters that their request may cost them thousands of dollars in an effort to intimidate them and get them to go away.

        Seriously? At what f#$king point will Congress hold hearings on this corruption and law breaking? Or have the GAO investigate this?

        This pisses me off because I was told the same thing when I submitted a FOIA to my local VA..,that I could be charged for the processing.

        I acknowledge charges for FOIA processing are allowable, but this was for records pertaining specifically to me which they are required to provide for free under either the FOIA or Privacy Act.

        It clearly was an intimidation attempt to avoid releasing embarrassing records showing VA managers don’t give a flying fuck about veterans, and the records I got show exactly that.

        I say send me that damn Bill and I will attach it to a press release that I will spend the next several days faxing to any media outlet I can find.

    2. I had mentioned here about the Fort Lyon VAMC back about 2002 the VA closed it.

      What I understand is that VA medical center. One of the largest psychiatry hospital in the nation was closed down. For this very reason.

      The VA paying off employees for retaliation. !

      Problem. They transferred these patients to local nursing home and to mental health ward’s in Denver.

      Those patient’s ate on locked unit’s. No freedom. Day room and a out side smoking area about 20 feet by twenty feet.

      Problem. The employees causing the problems and causing the clousure !!!!

      Were transferred to outpatient clinic’s across southern Colorado as manager’s.

      They use to call it the good old boy club. Now it’s called the good old girl club and they are still hurting veterans. Because they have total control of their employees

      Friends and relative’s. These employees know better to speak out hand when veterans do.or don’t management still goes after the former employees they did not like and no longer work for the VA.

      Imagine. Now much money through out the VA systemically pays off out monies due to mismanagement. !

      In stead of getting rid of the problem. (Management). The Denver VA chief of staff and the directors cover up and let thing’s continue?

      This. Is not an isolated case. $350 thousand dollar’s is way more than they paid me for my disability. After waiting 40 year’s.

      This is normal pay off. !

      Until. Someone really looks into this matter. They will continue to use tax payer dollar’s to keep employees quite.

      1. This is what I think would get the attention of Congress.
        Congress directs federal agencies to spend money appropriated to them according to how Congress directs. Any deviation from that requires an agency to get permission from Congress.

        I’ve explained this before, but if Congress gives a total of $100 to the VA for their budget, Congress will also give the VA a breakdown in how that money is spent.
        Out of the $100, Congress may say VA can spend $60 on labor, $20 on bad VA art and $20 on overpriced pills invented by former VA doctors for a total of $100.
        If the VA wanted $5 of that to spend on glass office buildings for their IG, the VA is required to go to Congress for permission prior to spending it.
        If the VA spends it without permission, Congress can go after the agency for misappropriating funds. That gets people fired and sent to prison.

        You can bet there was no line item for bribing whistle blowers in any budget passed by Congress.

        The only caveat to this is if Congress gives an agency a certain amount that is discretionary…to be spent how the agency sees fit. I do not know if this discretionary funding is truly happening…I highly doubt it because Congress likes to keep tabs on things.

        Or at least they used to before 2009 when they all fell asleep.

      2. The VA Is given a certain amount of money and if they don’t spend it. Next year they get less. !

        So they spend and spend. Not on veteran’s but for the employees. !

        If they would shut it down. Veterans would be able to be paid for their disabilities

        IF. Someone would really investigate and a complete audit done. They would not be able to balance the book’s

        And if it did. Most of the money will be to employees. Not veterans.

        So. Many Veterans are being taken advantage of and no one. No one will go after them

        I plead the 5th. Just don’t cut it. Get the dirt out in the open

        I’m proud of VA employees who’s morals. Mean more to them than the ever loving dollar. !

        Come on VA employees. If you don’t want the VA to shut it’s doors. Turn the scum bags in now. Or the VA doors will close on you and you won’t have a job at all. !

        Get togather and turn them all in. If you don’t think they will close your VA. You better think again. !

        It’s not good to be a ? but it’s good to be a ? if you like your job and tired of all the VA B.S. and lies.

        Been there seen it. If you can’t trust the VA. Tell it to the press or Donald trump. !

        Someone. But don’t stay quite. !!!!

        Were talking about real people here. Were not stats. We hurt just like everyone else. !

        The truth will set you free and when you meet your maker. He won’t except excuses. !

      3. Our USA is also supposedly under the auspices of budgetary sequestration and isn’t THAT kicked-can going to land on the lap of the next POTUS very soon? I cannot see the VA being allowed discretionary spending at a time of budget sequestration but what do I know, am just a lowly Veteran?

  9. The VA with never ending purse strings. If this employee is a veteran and ever leaves

    The VA will report them as being disruptive. In order to get back at them

    This person. May become one of the veterans who killed themselves or VA employee. Who killed themselves. With help

    Who’s protecting this employee. No one. !!!!

    Did anyone tell this person. Their in real danger

  10. Benjamin– This story actually kind of confuses me. Maybe it’s just me but my brain is having trouble realizing if Ms. Lopez is one for the good team or bad team in this story. Sorry if I had misinterpreted the story initially…still a bit confused…and has Puerto Rico VAMC been allowed to become such a heaping mess of scandals because it’s a U.S. Territory and thus, not under same oversight as the States? (as if the VA’s in the States had oversight)

    I ask because it almost seems as if the VA is trying to give black eyes to the Whistleblower Program by painting Ms. Lopez as a money-grubbing-holding-out-for-more type…am thinking there HAS to be MUCH MORE to this story???

    Again, forgive my confusion and if I may have confused anyone else. Hell, even my cat’s confused on this one! 🙂

  11. It is an amazing and outstanding action that Rosayma Lopez has taken. With the corruption at the VA and the corruption inside the government of the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.

    In recent years most of the territories assets have been sold to Vulture Capital Hedge funds and management of U.S. aid to Puerto Rico has been managed by the Clinton Foundation.

    What Rosayma Lopez did by standing up against fraud is truly amazing.

    Although this article is about the Veterans administration I would like to point out what has become common place Fraud in Puerto Rico and the Social Security Administration. I would like to point out also the same doctors who are involved with the SSA fraud are also scamming the Veterans Administration.

    With so many Veterans in the United States that have been disabled by their service and are not receiving proper health care, assistance or proper consideration for benefits. What is being allowed by the VA in Puerto Rico is such a major crime that cries out to be investigated.

    Also with all the United States Citizens who have paid in to the Social Security fund now being denied. This needs to be investigated and fully prosecuted.

    With the assistance of AFGE employees at both the Social Security administration in Puerto Rico and the Veterans Administration in Puerto Rico the American tax payers being robbed.

    The following links are from appeal testimony given by several Doctors who specialize in defrauding the U.S. Government. The first is the best example where the doctor testifies that his patient’s mental disorder was worsen by his patient going through boot camp. Although his patient had been institutionalize several times prior to his joining the service and never completed boot camp. This so called doctor is pushing for a 100% total disability for his patient.

    Dr. Luis Escabi-Perez testimony during an appeal for Veterans Benefits.

    Another of the so called Doctors testimony Dr. Americo Oms-Rivera

    Note these testimonies are from the 1990s and these so called Doctors continued doing this up until 2016 and are still going strong. The following are several articles about these same so called doctors with the help of AFGE members branching out into SSA disability claims.


    “Feds Bust Massive Puerto Rico Disability Scam” by Wynton Hall, 21 Aug 2013, “BreitBart .com”

    “The government says it will go after $1.7 million from Torres Crespo, a former Social Security worker who was allegedly in on the scam.”

    “According to federal agents, Puerto Rico is considered a hotbed for disability fraud. In 2006, 36% of applicants were approved. By December 2010, 69% of Puerto Ricans who applied for disability received it. Over 33% of Puerto Rico residents on disability qualified by claiming they could not work due to “mood disorders.””



    “Puerto Rico Doctor, Three Others Indicted for Social Security Disability Fraud Scheme”, Wednesday, August 3, 2016, OIG SSA The Office of Investigations, From the U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Puerto Rico

    “SAN JUAN, P.R. – On August 2, 2016 a Federal Grand Jury in the District of Puerto Rico returned a 16-count indictment charging one doctor, Americo Oms-Rivera, his secretary Mayte González Muñoz, and Francisco Cabrera Alvarado, a former Social Security Administration (SSA) employee, for fraud in the application process for SSA disability insurance benefits in Puerto Rico”



    “70 Are Indicted in Puerto Rico in Social Security Fraud”, By TIMOTHY WILLIAMS, New York Times, AUG. 21, 2013



    “40 Additional Individuals Arrested in Puerto Rico Disability Fraud Conspiracy”, Date: Thursday, January 15, 2015, OIG SSA The Office of Investigations, From the U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Puerto Rico

    Excerpt from the report: ““This case is the result of the continued efforts of the SSA and the FBI. Since August 2013 when 75 individuals were indicted for similar charges, including the current charges, we have filed a total of 115 indictments,” said United States Attorney Rosa Emilia Rodríguez-Vélez.”



    “Puerto Rico Doctor, Three Others Indicted for Social Security Disability Fraud Scheme”, Wednesday, August 3, 2016, OIG SSA The Office of Investigations, From the U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Puerto Rico

    “SAN JUAN, P.R. – On August 2, 2016 a Federal Grand Jury in the District of Puerto Rico returned a 16-count indictment charging one doctor, Americo Oms-Rivera, his secretary Mayte González Muñoz, and Francisco Cabrera Alvarado, a former Social Security Administration (SSA) employee, for fraud in the application process for SSA disability insurance benefits in Puerto Rico”



    How many hundreds of millions, or Billions, have been fraudulently spend paying fraudulent claims in Puerto Rico for both Veterans Benefits and Social Security since the 1990s up until now. Funds received by Criminals and fueling the problems with the Puerto Rican situation all while Veterans or citizens who have earned the benefits or need the benefits due to real disabilities are denied?

    Of course Hillary is promising more money for Puerto Rico. Not for the Government but for the corporate partners.

    1. Seymore, it seems, no matter what country the Clinton Foundation is in, massive fraud has taken center stage.
      Look at Haiti. They just had a great news report on it showing massive fraud.
      Look at what the Foundation and Hildabeast are trying to cover up on her trip to Saudi Arabia in 2013, as SOS, with the Abidin crime family.
      There’s more coming out, just wait for it.
      Plus, where is the “Butcher of Benghazi”? She’s “….hiding behind all her donors!” Raising millions, from the elite, to defeat all her rivals!
      All she can do is this:
      1.) Raise monies from the wealthy! Hollywood and the Hamptons is where she’s been recently!
      2.) Put negative political ads on TV to slam all her opponents. Yet, the Democratic Party is the worst party going! Its history is appalling and egregious. Especially when it comes to Human Rights violations. That’s historical fact, not my opinion!
      3.) They spout negative words, ie; racist, homophone, islamaphobe, etc., at her opponents or their supporters!

      What else has she done? Nothing!
      Those “rhetorical negative” ads aren’t working either! FACT; Trump is pulling out in front of her in almost every poll! The MSM isn’t letting the truth be known.

      1. Elf,

        She has been in hiding since before the campaign. Remember before the campaign all this negative stuff came out of her pre-campaign office about press access and such. Then all the effort to keep the press at a distance. Even now the her latest interview was over the phone.

        It seems like they are trying to hide her health problems from the public. She must really be getting bad by now.

        Mentally she must be total toast if they are not even letting her do interviews anymore.

        Really sad that the pundits are playing lap dogs for Hillary.

      2. She knows she is in trouble with this election

        Donald trump is going to win this election and if he does go after corrupt government employees the country may have a chance to turn it around.

        Hilary. Past is catching up to her and active duty better not expect help from her in a dangerous situation.

        It will be the same B.S.

      3. Seymore and James.
        All I can say about her (bad) health is this. If she thinks “Running 4 POTUS is stressful”, BEING POTUS IS EVEN MORE STRESSFUL!

      4. If had to be very stressful. No white hair for her. Hair dye weekly

        I just keep thinking about rhose people being killed in her watch and thinking of myself or a family member In a forgein country and being attacked

        And no one coming. !

        Complete nightmare. !

        I HAVE been there and after being shot. They started hiding me. !

        I did not think about it. I thought they just needed me some where else.

        Guess the TBI effected my thought of mind. I was taken for a ride and didn’t even know it

        I’m still being taken for a ride. I want to get on a different ? !

        But it seems there’s no Windows or doors to let me out.

  12. Here’s an interesting article on “military.org” this morning.
    It seems for the past year there’s been a “sign up sheet” going around on the web to have “…a nonviolent protest at the Pentagon…” on Sept. 23 to 25, 2016!
    People are “…tired of the [many] years of war…” the United States has been involved in.
    At least someone, or many someones, are doing something!
    The article didn’t state how many have signed. Although we on here have been quite vocal on this issue.

    I also believe with this new “fact finding” on the DOD “losing” $6.5 TRILLION of taxpayers monies, + the VA spending ($) MILLIONS of taxpayers monies foolishly, + Muslim Refugees receiving millions of taxpayers monies for the same things, + “illegal immigrants” receiving millions of taxpayers monies for healthcare, housing, food and other things – American citizens are denied.
    Something is about to break if this continues!

    Here’s other facts,
    “Illegal CRIMINAL, those convicted of felony crimes, immigrants” are receiving more in taxpayers monies than veterans! Even when a veteran is at the 100% T&P position.

    There’s another article out, within the past few days, where Muslim men, in Detroit, can “…receive welfare for up to four wives!” Think about that. Four times the amount going to bigamists! Which, by the way, is illegal on so many fronts.

    Why is there so much silence over these travesties?
    When will our ‘Lawmakers’ grow some balls and do something?
    What will it take for Americans to tell these asswipes, we aren’t here to support illegal acts committed by others in this country?

    So many questions and no answers!

    1. Americans’ know that the U.S. does not allow multi marriages, so these men list one wife as his & signs the other 2 or 3 up as extended family. in Michigan when you call the Public Assistance office you are told to Press 1 for English. Press 2 for Spanish, or Press 3 for Arabic. Check it out – Here is the number 1-888-678-8914. Snopes.com

      Gaging the welfare system in Calif too w/extended household members & they get really pissed with the paperwork.

      1. @NiteWish
        “Extended Family” is not what was reported by numerous news sources.
        The report stated “wives”! That’s plural in any English class.
        What your implying is no more than what the “Social Services Office” is implying – ie; use other words to ‘get around the truth’!

        Until Americans stand up and say “Enough is Enough”, nothing will change.

      2. C Elf, late to respond due to DDS appt. Please I’m not implying just pointing out the regular play of words used. Ie: the all-citizen family makes too much money to receive food stamps but the mixed family which contains an ineligible alien is allowed to have 1/3 of the family’s income ignored or prorated allowing THAT family to get food stamps etc.. [https://cis.org/An-Aid-Program-that-Routinely-Discriminates-in-Favor-of-Ineligible-Aliens]

        The anxiety should be enormous for those Unauthorized in the USA after Trumps speech. We’ve heard those folks chanting & protesting: undocumented, unafraid.

      3. I distinctly heard the word “WIVES” in plural on Public Radio and they enunciate perfectly there. Never heard “extended family”…”WIVES”. They also reproduce like genetically modified rabbits from the VA’s experimental Labs. 🙂

      4. Such is how gov’t & state work. Play with the words & keep the people confused & ignorant. By claiming ‘extended’ family they, not only the Arabs become eligible for the welfare & all those entitlements graciously contributed to by the taxes from the people.

  13. It came out last night on “World News” the “…DOD misplaced $6.5 TRILLION of taxpayers monies”. How’d y’all like to get some of that? I wonder who’s pockets a lot of that money went into?

    A few years ago, 2012 I believe, someone said,
    “Until America returns to GOD, it will crumble into the pages of history!”

    Will Americans allow this? The answer is up to all of us!

    1. Remember back the very day before 9/11 Rumsyfeld testified before Congress that around that same amount of Trillion$ had become **missing** from the DoD??? Then 9/11 sufficiently quashed that forever from the news…money used for something, somewhere…and it’s just been announced Trillion$ *missing* from DoD just now, so if “patterns” serve me well, something rather disruptively bad may be on the horizon unfortunately and I hope to be wrong.

      How do you **misplace** TRILLION$ let alone $10,000. or $50.?????? They obviously are not living on our budgets?

  14. Ben, you asked; “When will corruption end in our federal government?”

    The answer is very simple!

    When “We the People” say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    Until such time arrives, this government will continue to do just as they please!
    Only, now their lying, and laughing, right in y’alls faces. Plus, they act as though, and believe, we are stupid and don’t care. How wrong they are!

    So, hold onto your hats folks. If y’all think it’s bad now. Times are changing and are going to start getting rough in short order!
    The “Sheep” are waking! This government believes they can control “Free Thought” AND “Free Speech”! Again, how wrong they are!
    History is filled with trials and tribulations of the oppressed!
    Just about every one of our elected and appointed officials needs to learn this country was “Founded on certain principles”!
    Our government has become dictatorial in nature. They have forgotten their “oath(s) of office”. They’ve forgotten “We the People” run the country.
    The sooner they learn this “Fact” the better off we will be!
    I could go on. Yet, I feel most on here believe as I do. It’s time to stand up and make our voices heard!

    1. Crazy Elf – The frequencies of the ‘human’ are known & can be influenced/Controled. Ever hear of the Lily Wave which by passes the human brains’ safe guards, in a way – disarms the mind. In through the power grid/wires in walls ultra-sonic wave pulses travel piggy back with 60hrz AC w/other influence frequencies attached. Thought process & emotion can be controlled by the Lily Wave as these frequencies are known. The program just goes right in. US patent #6470214. Stay safe

      1. Since “sound and frequencies” are kind of my thing, here’s a great link on Lilly Waves and it’s history and intended uses, prohibitions, and capabilities in today’s tech…pretty scary and very real crap and another reason to definitely NOT USE VA Telemedicine after reading about it:



      2. @Namnibor excellent article on the lilly-wave-and-psychotronic-warfare, thank you, I hope everyone reads about it. Couldn’t get back to you the other day, had a DDS appt to have my TMJ orthopedic appliances adjusted, leaves me drained, in pain & needing to re-charge.

  15. Hey, Ben, you forgot about that VA employee who was involved in an “armed robbery” over there. Only to be reinstated by that “sexual predator & deviate” human (feces) resource officer!

    Could namnibor be correct? Could Lopez be involved in other shady deals? Could she be “holding out” for more taxpayers $$$$$$$?
    I think this is not going to be the last on this scandal. Of course, it does not take the spotlight off other areas of VA!!!!!!

  16. Seems they could have dug a large hole around the same size or larger next to Ms. Lopez’s “holdout trailer” and simply a few strong pushes of said trailer into hole and maybe install a communal urinal & outhouse there as a memorial for Veteran’s Anguish. Done.

    The entire VA requires a massive enema.

    1. Allow me to add that it would be fitting for Ms. Lopez to have a working phone when pushing into proposed hole and memorial and call it…”VA Telemedicine, The Early Days Memorial” 🙂

      If the VA could not “lure her out of her holdout” with $305k that likely means she makes much more $$$ in shady dealings connected with her position elsewhere because $305k is NOT “chicken scratch” anywhere in PR.

      1. I forgot to add the critical factor that Ms. Lopez is NOT in proposed trailer, but her corrupt bosses at the VA. 🙂

        No need for coffee, just keeping you all on your toes. 🙂

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