Burn Pits

36-Year-Old Mother Possibly Newest ‘Burn Pits’ Victim

Burn Pits
Muller Family Photo – Photo from CaringBridge

The burn pits have impacted their newest victim, a 36-year-old mother of three children who served two tours in Iraq in the Minnesota Air National Guard. But this victim is committed to fighting the cancer she is afflicted with while increasing public awareness of the impacts of Iraq War burn pits on veterans.

Amie Muller, a Minnesota native, served two tours in Iraq that landed her square at Balad Air Base, Iraq. The air base at Balad had one of the worst burn pits near the largest and busiest of all air bases in Iraq with a burn pit 10 acres in size that burned 100 to 200 tons per day.

Muller was stationed next to the burn pits while in Iraq. Now, nine years later, she has been diagnosed with Stage III Pancreatic Cancer after symptoms were missed by area medical facilities including the famous Mayo Clinic. Those symptoms may have been caught if VA did a better job educating non-VA health care providers about risks related to service including burn pit exposure.

Muller is not alone; soldiers like her who were stationed next to burn pits are now coming down with conditions similar to Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange decades ago. This correlation has now resulted in burn pit illnesses being dubbed the modern Agent Orange.

Star Tribune reporter Mark Brunswick wrote a fantastic news story about Muller’s condition and its linkages to the burn pits in Iraq last Sunday.

READ: Iraq, Afghan Vets May Have Their Own Agent Orange

[UPDATE: Amie Muller passed away, on February 18, 2017, from complications related to her pancreatic cancer. You can find links to her obituary and funeral plans here.]


For over a year, Muller was sick with fatigue, stomach problems, and related symptoms. The Mayo Clinic and other facilities did not know what was causing the symptoms and missed years of treatment that could have shunted the tumor’s development had Mayo doctors known to screen for cancers possibly linked to burn pit gases.

Unfortunately, VA outreach to educate non-VA doctors in the community, while a new priority, has been slow to develop. Perhaps the delay is in part linked to an internal turf war between the union and VA leadership over the controversial Veterans Choice Program.


Nonetheless, the slow dissemination of information has resulted in veterans being misdiagnosed within the community. No doubt, while VA engages in turf wars inside the agency, veterans are receiving incorrect care outside the agency’s walls due to misunderstandings about what it means to be a veteran exposed to burn pit off-gassing.

Compounding matters, government research into the effects of burn pit exhaust on troops has resulted in little to know help for veterans seeking compensation and health care within the agency. VA claims it lacks enough proof to connect things like cancer to burn pits.


For Muller, this serves as a significant hurdle because her claim is caught up in a review where the agency has promised a decision in February. Muller plans to be here for that decision despite the somewhat bleak survival rate of people recently diagnosed with Stage III Pancreatic Cancer.

Luckily, she is much younger than the majority of individuals diagnosed with the cancer, and stands a much higher chance of survival. The average age of an individual diagnosed with pancreatic cancer is around 71. Given the age difference, Muller remains optimistic and tackled the diagnosis with an aggressive chemo regimen.


With the support of her husband Brian, and three children, she remains focused on beating the odds.

This particular story strikes a chord for me since Muller is my daughter’s mother.

To provide a little context to avoid confusion, Amie Muller was my first wife and we had a wonderful daughter together named Caidyn Krause, who is now 14 years old (Caidyn is center of family photo at top). She went on to marry Brian Muller, and the couple have two young children together.

I first heard the news in April and was shocked that someone so young would have to fight through something like this. A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer for anyone is scary and certainly not what one expects at 36.

Any readers interested in learning more about Muller’s circumstance and how you can help support her cause to increase awareness about the possible link between pancreatic cancer and the burn pits can check it out on her CaringBridge page and its Journal page.

READ: Amie Dahl Muller Pancreatic Cancer


I talked with Secretary Bob McDonald about this case in particular and how VA intends to address problems like Muller’s across the country.

McDonald said increasing education in the community amongst non-VA doctors of risks posed by veterans is one of his highest priorities right now. However, he also said the science is lagging when it comes to linkages for burn pit-related illnesses.

Given that burn pit-related illnesses are becoming the Agent Orange of the newest wars, let’s hope VA is quicker on the drop when it comes to developing the science to help link and cure afflicted veterans.

Now don’t go holding your breath. It took 50 years for VA to own up to the impacts of Agent Orange and dioxin exposure. Supposedly toxins in the burn pit replicated the same nasty toxins used in Agent Orange.

If past treatment is any indicator, American veterans exposed to the burn pit toxins are likely in for a rough ride.

Source: https://www.startribune.com/iraq-afghan-vets-may-have-their-own-agent-orange/383522481/#1

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  1. So incredibly sorry for her diagnosis and pray she has a full recovery. My issue is that she needs to be fighting her doctors regarding this mis diagnosis, more so than blaming it on the VA for not training civilian doctors- the symptoms you give in the article are symptoms of pancreatic cancer – I expierenced many of the symptoms for pancreatic cancer and my doctors ran all the tests, blood work, MRIs, ultrasound, etc to rule out pancreatic cancer – this falls to her doctors in mis-diagnosing. I hate the fact that so many of our veterans have become sick due to burn pits and fear for my husband as well, but we can’t begin to blame every cancer diagnosed belonging to a service member on burn pits – otherwise we would be losing entire units of soldiers with cancer and that is not the case.

    1. I agree not every cancer and neurological diseases are due to the burn pits. However, you cannot expect a civilian doctor to have an accurate picture of what is going disease-wise if they are not given all the facts. My yopd diagnosis was delayed 8 years from first appearance of symptoms because I have no family history and the Drs obviously had no idea how many toxins and pesticides I was exposed to during my deployment. We, the veterans, we’re not told. So, yes, it is the VAs fault in many circumstances because they knew and were not forthcoming.

  2. My heart goes out to her family. I deployed to the middle East in 2002 as a flight nurse and was placed on the burn pit registry. I was diagnosed with young onset PD at age 41 (in 2015) after years of misdiagnosis. Neuro thinks I had disease for about 8 years prior to diagnosis. When will the military wake up and admit the new agent orange is those stupid burn pits. I have 2 young kids. Not fair to them or my husband who still serves. Meeting with local VA for help applying for disability. I am expecting a long fight. How many 30 somethings do you with parkinsons disease????

    1. I saw similar problems in Gulf War vets who had been involved in painting vehicles desert color in the Gulf. They used CARC paint inside tents, with only surgical masks as breathing protection…as they were ordered to.

      The same civilian contractors that painted vehicles at Ft. Sill before the vehicles were shipped over used SCUBA.

      I met one such soldier, I believe around 1994, Florida National Guard who was involved in that painting. He looked healthy, but was having serious lung problems.

      I met him again in 1997 and he was in a wheel chair, had oxygen tanks, and had serious tremors in both arms.

      I don’t know how much longer he lived.

  3. I consider myself luck, while my lungs have been effected so far it has not been cancer, or hasn’t been diagnosed as that.
    I’ve been an athlete my whole life, after two deployments to Afghan and burn pits, I was diagnosed with severe asthma, since it was the only caratvory I fit under. Instead of gasping and wheezing like traditional asthma, my lungs no longer process O2 probably, so my SPO2 stats on a good day are 94%.

  4. Hey Dina Padilla

    I hear what you are saying. Here is a link to an article regarding the VSOs fighting against Veterans receiving improved health care. Like the health care that is being recommended by the Commission on Care that was created by a mandate from Congress.

    May 11th Luke Rosiak at the daily caller published a piece about the American Legion and how they threw out a survey that showed what Veterans wanted in their health care. They threw it out because the survey showed that Veterans want access to better health care outside of the VA.

    From the article:

    “The same week an American Legion survey found its members overwhelmingly wanted the option of choosing private or government doctors for health care, the Legion’s Washington headquarters told politicians the opposite: Veterans shouldn’t have a choice of private or government doctors, and that they didn’t want it.

    The Legion’s top brass told The Daily Caller News Foundation that it threw out the survey results because surveys aren’t comprehensive and veterans weren’t savvy enough to know that private-sector doctors don’t always provide perfect care either.

    The Legion and six other similar Veterans Service Organizations (VSO) wrote to a government commission April 29, saying their national executive boards did not favor expanding the Choice Card program to all veterans.”

    Why would the VSOs fight against Veterans getting better health care? Because they are nothing more than puppets of the VA and AFGE.

    Here is a link to the article:


    Also Dina

    Congress mandated the creation of the Commission on Care under the same legislation that created the Veterans Choice program. Had the AFGE not been sabotaging the Veterans Choice program the Commission on Care wouldn’t be making the recommendations that they are.

    Here are some of the changes that the VA AFGE maggots are fighting against. Changes that would give Veterans a choice and real health care.

    ““The overarching recommendation to develop locally-based integrated delivery networks in partnership with community providers to expand veterans’ access to high-quality healthcare.”

    “Providers in the networks should be paid using the most contemporary payment approaches available to incentivize quality and appropriate utilization of health care services (ie., using Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) physician payment methodology being proposed by CMS”

    “That the veteran has a choice between seeing VHA-employed providers or VHA credentialed community providers in the VA Care System, both being equal in quality; that the veteran can select a primary care provider within the VHA Care System to be the primary provider; and that the primary care provider is responsible for coordinating the veterans’ care”

    “The current time and distance criteria for community care access (30 days or 40 miles) should be eliminated.”

    “VISN geography should also be eliminated as a factor in where veterans can access care. VA-eligible veterans should be permitted to receive care at any facility and by any provider in the VA integrated care system, to include both VA and community providers.””


    So not only do us Veterans have the VSOs fighting against us but we also have the VA and the VA AFGE union fighting against Veterans having improved health care. If any of them were fighting for Veterans they would be supporting the recommended changes that are going to be released in the Commission on Care Report.
    One of the dirty tricks that is now being used. Last week Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who is the House GOP conference chairwoman, unveiled a proposal this week to eliminate the Veterans Health Administration, the segment of the VA that provides health care and other medical services to American veterans.

    So now the VA, VSOs, and the AFGE can claim that members of Congress are trying to eliminate all VAMC.

    There are now numerous news articles that are linking the Commission on Care upcoming Final Report to the action taken by Congresswoman Rodgers. They are in no way connected and only provide a false narrative for the Groups working against Veterans to shine a bad light on the Commission on Care.

    With all the tiny groups of VA AFGE members pulling there 1/2 hour long protest for the cameras for photo ops to get the false story out there.

    1. This is all going on at a time when the VA is also trying to make Veterans Health Care even more deadly by replacing Doctors with Nurses. What total Garbage the VA is pulling with that not only fighting to prevent Veterans from having a choice in of real health care while they are also fighting to make the health care they provide even more deadly.

      Of course the AFGE is supporting that change and the VSOs are just turning a blind eye to it.

      1. Not unless you are someone who has lots of money, the rest of us, vets, working civilians, injured workers are receiving HMO(slave healthcare with the likes of Kaiser), we’re nothing but experiments , fodder for profit, for the so called health care we have today. NP’s were working at kaiser back in the early 90’s and this has permeated all over the private health care system here in the U.S. I often said, that pretty soon a janitor would be able to do surgery and we’re not far from that since we got HMO’s.AND again kaiser provides the cheapest pathway while they suck up federal dollars and the unions like SEIU/AFGE will certainly help provide the 2nd class medical staff and medical care from those who will get the kaiser kare institution medical “training” to do more harm than good. I’ve seen it when I worked there and seen it other hospitals. I wouldn’t give you 2 cents for any of them, private or military. The same medical care and attention you all get is what we get and watch out when you turn a certain age. You only get meds that harm more than help thanks to PHARMA’s influence on congress and then adios. I do call it, kaiser the killing fields.
        But now all other medical institutions are doing it all the same way.

        This was one big reason WHY I will not vote for the HR woman, she’s part of that problem for kaiser insurance healthcare, which is made up of medical doctor acctuary’s figuring out how to cut and save every cent for their own agenda. Even France doesn’t want anything to do with kaiser but kaiser medicine such that it is, keeps trying to get in every where it can do do its evil deeds for more profit for it’s own agenda.

        Younger adults that have disabilities are being used as pre-organdonor money markets. It just gets uglier and uglier every day with evil ways to make money in the health care system with no help out there.
        This is what the friggin nazi’s did and they’re now in, thanks, to the likes of kaiser.seiu/afge, all of it.

        I’m glad you were able to put your knowledge out there and again it is no different than here in the private sector with the same minded unions, just getting rid of us, one way or another, mostly silent ways.

        I know too that some people will think I’m off my rocker, but I’ve seen as well as others the same exact stuff you all go through and post on this blog. The congress nuts want privatization because they’ll make money off it rather than put it where it is needed the most, for the vets care and if kaiser could figure a way to shut me up, they would. cause they are down right evil bastards but it’s a U.S.A. issue
        Too bad that we weren’t France, because then they know how to hold their folks accountable, we as a country do not. There are too many scurrilous insiders who are sabotaging the whole of this country and just remember, that banks and real estate all in on it together. It’s pillage and plunder with a modern day twist via health care . It was either Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson stated we need a revolution every twenty years to get the lead feet out of Government, We’re way over due.

      2. Dina,

        You said “Not unless you are someone who has lots of money, the rest of us, vets, working civilians, injured workers are receiving HMO(slave healthcare with the likes of Kaiser), we’re nothing but experiments , fodder for profit, for the so called health care we have today.”

        Did you even bother to read my post before responding and labeling me?

        To set the record strait I am a disabled Veteran who in 1999 received an experimental hand surgery that was designed for someone who is a tetraplegic. Even though I am not Tetraplegic. The experimental surgery was done without my consent and left me unable to use my right hand, arm and shoulder until 2013.

        I quit having anything to do with the VA in 2000 as they kept covering up what was done to me and were not working in any way to provide care for the problems they caused.

  5. The situation of Ben’s ex is very upsetting and know he must be anguished. My deep sympathies to him and his family. Unfortunately, we do need science to make that connection. So the VA is supposed to do ALL the research and educate ALL the other non-VA facilities (even Mayo!)- but we are bashing them when many receive great care- including me- and they are doing what other non-VA facilities won’t or can’t.

    1. Wade,

      Oh and Wade Congress has taken steps to provide better health care for Veterans it was called the Veterans Choice program. The same program the VA AFGE maggots have been sabotaging.

      Also Congress mandated the creation of the Commission on Care under the same legislation that created the Veterans Choice program. Had the AFGE not been sabotaging the Veterans Choice program the Commission on Care wouldn’t be making the recommendations that they are. But hay you have shit for brains leadership at the AFGE and demonstrated with your sabotage tactics on the Veterans Choice program that more effective measures are need to provide proper care for Veterans.

      The AFGE members sabotage has caused Veterans to suffer and die. Yet you maggots are fighting to keep Veterans suffering and dying so you can have a job. You are totally fighting against Veterans having a choice in our health care.

      Here are some of the changes that you VA AFGE maggots are fighting against. Changes that would give Veterans a choice and real health care.

      ““The overarching recommendation to develop locally-based integrated delivery networks in partnership with community providers to expand veterans’ access to high-quality healthcare.”

      “Providers in the networks should be paid using the most contemporary payment approaches available to incentivize quality and appropriate utilization of health care services (ie., using Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) physician payment methodology being proposed by CMS”

      “That the veteran has a choice between seeing VHA-employed providers or VHA credentialed community providers in the VA Care System, both being equal in quality; that the veteran can select a primary care provider within the VHA Care System to be the primary provider; and that the primary care provider is responsible for coordinating the veterans’ care”

      “The current time and distance criteria for community care access (30 days or 40 miles) should be eliminated.”

      “VISN geography should also be eliminated as a factor in where veterans can access care. VA-eligible veterans should be permitted to receive care at any facility and by any provider in the VA integrated care system, to include both VA and community providers.””

      Now wade go back to your AFGE and don’t forget to also plug the Nurses instead of Doctor bullshit ya’ ll are trying to pull off.

      1. The forty mile rule doesn’t apply to all clinics or care. Like here, dental is contracted out I am led to believe and told to drive to Indy. Ahem, which broke my jaw then.

        We were told last winter in the NeW pain clinic that we had to sign new contracts stating that we NEVER use civilian care for anything. Not for emergency, vehicle accidents, broken bones, or heart attacks, etc. He told us straight up to drive at all cost or injury to the Indy VA hospital, no exceptions, Not to use card or expect them to pay for any outside treatments. It will void the new contract we were told we must or shall sign. How is that for totalitarian contradictions of what we hear on the news or others that may think the VA is great for all? That alone if the state and others were dead set on change would ‘interrogate’ others in the class room it would show investigating authorities and others how the VA really is behind the scenes, or as one X VA tech, mentioned, ‘they do this to run off veterans who have offended or questioned too much.” Flagging??? When things happen to expose our politicians, VA staff, workers, all the unions including SEIU, the activist, the corrupt… easily enough…it won’t happen and is/has been dismissed by everyone I have tried to inform and contact. Real change could happen easy enough but no-body is willing to sacrifice for the cause, admit to corrupt and the rest of it, or over anything.

        Time is on their side. More die off, more distractions, more disconcern, swept under the carpet and some truth is never revealed or easily investigated. Great crooks, cons, lying media, and psychopaths we have leading the country, sheep, and states.

        The other issue is that civilian doctors can and will decline use of any cards or vouchers some get to use. I had to pay up-front and in cash for other oral surgeries to repair the damage that hasn’t shown good results to-date.

        No swift care either changing to civilian care or primaries. They don’t believe what you tell them about the VA. Then they want your VA files and inform us they are all under the same training, laws, board requirements, etc. Then want complete test on their own which would take more money and more time some of us may not have. It’s all a mess to deal with. And who is going to believe the total insanity and BS we are told at the VA? Or about all the lost X-rays and stuff they want us to do in triplicate. That must be to kill us off I guess while reporting they are all safe today. (?)

        All of them can deny care to us or refuse to take on new patients even if they have room, and they don’t have to accept Medicare. Or so I am told. I was told at the VA their MDs can reject seeing any veteran or patient they desire as well. Long story but typical, blamed on their “burn-out.”

        I have been told from the locals they would not accept what the VA is willing to pay for our care. The civilian MDs charge an amount the VA will not pay or cover. Then informed the MDs will not lower their charges either which are extremely high, really. Again, typical predatory and corrupt practices, oath breaking in my book.

        Been told those in Illinois are not having the problems we are having here. Those “vouchers” are accepted and for some, civilian doctors are requesting them for some vets so they can use the forty mile rule, and for better treatment they failed to get at the VA. Or to prevent them from having to drive to Indiana for some strange reason.

      2. I don’t know why vets aren’t being asked what they would like or given a questionnaire to determine their needs, expectation or desired results of any or all medical care.There should be representation from inside (veterans only) who should be able to decide the needs for the many vets. I don’t understand any union to have that much power over what kind of care a vet should get. because of how it will affect their jobs. It should be the other way n, the vets get to decide and if the union members don’t like it, oh well. For far too long patients have been getting the short shrift no matter if they are vets or civilians and we need much better representation.
        As patients we just shouldn’t have to lie down and take it. We all pay for the shoddy medical care we have today, whether it is through taxes or health care premiums.

        I know congress is supposed to be their for you vets as they are supposed to be there for all Americans, BUT, clearly, congress hasn’t done it’s job on much of anything, let alone for our vets. They should all be fired, recalled, voted out of office, something, anything that alerts them that they aren’t immune to road out on a rail for not doing their job for all of you. They the congress (included is the senate and president) gotten away with too much while our vets suffer and It’s a national disgrace that any union gets to decide the needs of any vet.

        Just a note here about the supposed private hospitals.While working for kaiser, there were several unions including SEIU, which encouraged a strike in 1986, supposedly for better health care for patients. What a CROC!

        IT’s all about the unions and kaiser, the federal contractor like the VA, which has SEIU too, I believe..well it is never about the patients. and with the super bugs like MRSA & C-DIFFICULE, both hospital borne diseases that would not have spread if the federal contractor and it’s business unions would allow their employees to keep the joint clean) kaiser allowed it all to proliferate, so where else has it proliferated?1? Kaiser is aslo right there with the VA giving out instructions on to operate the VA!., IT’s ALL gotten out of hand.because then kaiser could invent a vaccine to kill off something it created, it’s all about profit.

        Just letting you all know how some of this works against patients and veteran patients, all patients.
        All vets should scream to be involved in their own health care choices, not the unions.

    2. Well, Wade and others. I’ll try another post here but normally when I start getting censored or posts pulled over nothing I give up and not waste my time. It’s the same stuff we have lived with and under in Indiana for years. It gets damn old especially when I have a foot on the proverbial banana peel and the other in the grave, again.

      For one, I tee totally understand Ben’s anguish, feelings, and etc. I have lost countless people in my life and – about every single person I have loved and been very close to ALL of my life, all of the closest in my own life. Family, best friends, fiances, girl friends, X-wives etc. Have sit next to countless death beds, played many roles, and today noone around who even knows how to treat people with respect, dignity or real compassion. Or can even find the words to help some one in trying times. All to the point I have zero people to enjoy holidays or simple conversations with, everything. So it’s empathy and surpasses sympathy. And trying to make new friends or try to get along with new young neighbors and on and on is impossible in our modern American social climate and attitudes towards us old dudes, vets, or the younger crowd who think we should all just be quiet and die off since we won’t join the herd and bow.

      I have been banned, attacked, censored, laughed at and more just for trying to find other vets or hurting people in local forums which the city and media rule over. It too is vet against vet so as not to blemish the area or the situation we live in today with all it’s movements, special interest groups and corruption. To make the VA to the globalist/communitarianism look divine and utopian. Very sad. Freedom? What Constitution? That’s for taking stands, fighting other’s wars for them when they fear or can’t take a stand or fear to be involved. Or it may harm their cozy position or facade of happiness.

      This post, and issues really shows what many are up against to the point nothing much will be done with this government or VA. It’s vet vs veterans and much more along with emotional upset and pain running deep, including anger we are not allowed or supposed to show. If one vet is doing okay with no problems, the others don’t seem to care much or desire to help or attempt to understand the plight and issues of any others. That is something lacking in today’s culture full circle, and pure fact.

      I have tried to care for others. That includes being quiet and not losing it over medical mistakes, mistreatment – both intentional or not- or dealing with others lack of professionalism or all the “burn out” we have been told to understand while at the VA when dealing with everybody. Enough is enough and silence or shoving down the issues don’t help matters especially when it’s not appreciated at our expense to possibly our death In my lower sixties and have no-one to care for me much or to share special moments with or be there when I croak, but I am beyond caring for that too in part thanks to the VA and it’s brand of bed side manners and training. I over-looked much in my life so others wouldn’t possibly lose their jobs, positions, or create more problems in a un-winnable situation.

      In Indiana’s new VA pain clinics I have never sit and listened to anyone being put down, ridiculed, mistreated, called everything, countless assumptions and rhetoric, everything negative towards myself and combat vets next around me afraid to even ask questions in fear of flagging or being so accustomed this way it just flies by them with that cognitive dissonance, fear of conflict or the VA way.

      We were told to forget our life’s history and what we think we think we may know. Anything and everything any other doctors or specialist, clinics have told us, VA or civilian. It’s all wrong the only way and treatments and research is the VA way, PERIOD. We were told we were too stupid and incompetent to know or research on our own. That VA training trumps any training we may have had or will. To sign zee papers and bow to the regime, period. We were so incompetent and pathetic the VA can’t trust us when mailing any meds out to us at all. And all those there except me stayed silent until I had to speak up and voice my opinions about this “orientation” and “VA science” and their training including patient treatment to the VA, Homeland Security, Democrats, the DoD, Washington DC knows best. Since we, according to them ‘don’t know what we need or the difference between good and bad or what we actually need. Total garbage from a another veteran and nineteen year employee of the system? Their training, conclusions, knowledge, etc., trumps our own experiences, training, or possible degrees and such???? Oh horse feathers. Fine while others claim the VA is great while allowing this stuff to continue or happen??? Oh I get it, I understand it all very well. I got the shirt and hat and scars to prove it, and heart aches like tonight.

      I lost a good VA doctor just because she helped me out of a chair, gave me a one armed hug, asked if I could drive home okay, I said yes once I’m up. Then due to the new VA way, science, with a new much younger punk from IU a new supervisor claimed that was “inappropriate contact”?

      So let’s keep playing games and allowing time to serve the VA while it ignores millions. Pushes it’s stuff on the state boards of medicine and over our political parties to appease the feds and the corrupt. Civilian medicine isn’t even what is was before for those younger than most of us here probably. Everything is different today compared to yester years of medical care and I know plenty of people and medical care pros in the family back then that agree and lived it. I heard/seen the horror stories and disgust of modern changes to the under-staffed and patients laying waiting for care or properly dying alone and other stuff. I have also had more than my fair share of medical issues over the years enough experience the change into a lying predatory. life ruining medical and other professional systems to appease and profit all those “above us.”

      So Wade, you have it made. Good for you, millions don’t. I had to jump and run to see many clinics and wide variety of interns, students, VA trained lying MDs and other stuff plus ever changing primaries. Those who have had the same primary or heart doctor for twenty years, just having to see a few clinics for simpler stuff may not have the complaints or troubles we others have had. It still doesn’t make it right or good. It’s not in my nature to just stand by and think it’s fine happening to others as long as stuff doesn’t come too close to home or effect me. But we/I are supposed to jump on others band-wagon at a whim even if it’s wrong or allow others to try and shut us up or make assumptions about us?

      You know. I keep trying to discuss matters with a public schooled G-kid that graduated and educated to not think or oppose much at all. His class never went through the Constitution. Life matters, the youth here can’t pour pee out of a boot with instructions on the heel, and all from the likes of the VA/State way and common core that’s supposed to be kept out of classrooms today. They have no clue how to hold conversations or have sympathy for others. Oh yes, the state, gov, and all those professionals and the elite, unions, knows best. And all others supposedly know whats best for me and my life and that I can do whatever the youth and healthy can do. The VA globalist way, “don’t worry, do as your told, bow, and be happy, enjoy your pain and the corruption.”

      Isn’t division, conflict, distractions, disconcern for others fun?

      If something happens to me shortly I personally will not miss the NEW America or this messed up Earth peoples at all.

  6. Typo correction. Meant to say the VA does NOT allow us to use oxygen for pain therapy like civilian care does.

  7. “No science or is lagging?’ This country is full of idiot sheep and the Hollywood loving distracted lemmings to keep falling for all this lip service and Kool-Aid? Is this like the VA science that says all veterans taking pain meds will turn into addicts and go out and kill, rob, and rape? That is what we were told in their new pain clinic orientation programs at Indy last winter. “We are all alike?”

    The same science that says oxygen is good for pain and treatment for migraines but according to the VA, is is allowed.

    Helen Caldicott https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helen_Caldicott and others have warned about depleted uranium that has spread widely over the world but the VA seems to want to bury such science and reports or outrage? Then want to blame everything on Saddam or someone without taking any responsibility? Our government is the warring empire out to rule the world including mass destruction and countless lives lost and effected.

    Common sense and good old fashion outdoor cooking and survival is not throwing plastic, poop, rubber, tires, trash, body parts, toxins, chemicals etc., into cooking fires or to stand around a burn barrel without protections. Wood stoves are for wood only, not paper, plastic, books, contaminated soil, etc. Sheesh. Must be showing my age or total campaign of defiance against modern Kool-Aid and propaganda and flat out con jobs and corruption or cover-ups.

    Have always said it and will again. The final product of advanced civilization and it’s governments is death, period. Not hard to see for those with eyes wide open and aware, or experienced beyond the sheepsters so afraid to even read information outside the box. Fear their cognitive dissonance or must join the herd mentality. Or part of the VA and government or medical establishment only out for the bucks and powers.

    “Blue Water Veterans” I imagine are still having issues dealing with the VA over Agent Orange, still. I don’t know.

    This is a very sad story and report. Been bringing to mind some others I have met. Will keep them in my thoughts and prayers as well. Very sad and preventable but not in this country with our government and leadership. People with those short memories that serve evil and governments so well should remember we deal with animals, crooks, pure evil, and those who have tested and murdered many children, the insane, the weak, ill, and defenseless for various testing in the name of science. Warfare chemicals and such on our own troops, and testing diseases. Testing nukes on our own soil and not reporting the nuke issues we have today here creating more cancers and health problems. Locally we were supposed to have some of the highest cancer rates in the country along today with HIV and other junk.

    This is one of those stories they would try to shut down and not discuss when having real groups that met in physical reality, and why they don’t allow such groups here now. Such issues are to be censored out and such group teleheath meetings/groups to be more on desired topics and tightly monitored.

  8. Just recently, I’ve discovered that counties, towns, states are receiving “rebates” from the insurers. One of the biggest is the state of WYO. These govt entities are all self-insured and who own and control a claim on all of their employees and IF no injuries are “not reported on” then the insurance company will give the agency back money, The state of Wyo. just received over 800 million, almost 1 billion dollars for the last year. This happens every year with self insured agencies receiving “rebate” money that is not used for what it is intended, civilian injured workers. The reason I’m bringing this up, is because the VA & DOD are also self insured and if injuries on vets are not reported, would or could that benefit the VA or DOD with the insurers giving them back millions that could be used for care for the vets but is not just so the agencies get back a giant kickback every year, errr, I mean “rebate”?
    Does the insurer that pay for the vets disability payments and medical care give rebates back, if the care is less or the rates of disabilities are less per year?
    In civilian life, an IW claims amount to 6 million dollars, how much is a vet’s claim worth and if the costs are kept low, does that benefit your VA or DOD or any other related agency WITH REBATES?

  9. I sent the article off to Ben a few minutes ago. It’s about how the AFGE is holding a “rally” at the Tomah VAMC this Thursday (two days from now).
    I hope he puts it on here tomorrow. This way many vets will see how disparate the union truely is over holding veterans (healthcare) hostage!

    1. The article is titled

      “VA union holds rally to save itself, Tomah whistleblower says”
      By M.D. Kittle / June 21, 2016

      At: “https://watchdog.org/268676/federal-tomah-va/”

      1. @Seymore Klearly
        I was just going to put the article on here.
        I hope Ben puts it on here.

        I also hope a lot of vets show up to put a damper on things!

      2. With the pure corruption of the Veterans Service Organization in the Tomah area that was demonstrated by the American Legion Hall being used for the AFGEs last Meeting in Tomah and speakers from the DAV at that meeting.

        It is clear not only are the VSOs openly supporting the union but they are also fighting against Veterans receiving proper care outside of the VA.

        It is clear the VSOs, AFGE and the Veterans Administration are now all fighting and sabotaging efforts to provide care for Veterans outside of the VA system. In addition they are all fighting to make the care at the VA even worse by replacing Doctors with Nurses.

        How friciken insane is that. None of them would allow that to happen in their own health care. Why are they trying to shove this garbage down the throats of veterans?

        Nurses acting as Doctors how fricken insane. The AFGE would never allow their health care providers to pull that shit. The VA employees would never allow it to happen with their Federal Employee Health care Benefits and the VSO management would never allow their health care package to replace Doctors with Nurses.

        Who the fuck do they think they are trying to replace Doctors with nurses in Veterans health care?

        To know that the VA, the AFGE Union, and the VSOs are all fighting and sabotaging needed changes to Veterans Health care. Truly it is not Veterans Health Care at the VA anymore. It belongs to the VA Management, the AFGE and the VSOs. They need to remove the word Veteran from their name.

    2. Also Elf,

      Here is a relevant repost from yesterday.

      “The AFGE is holding protest in Montana against any changes that are going to be recommended in the Commission on Care Report. They really don’t want any improvements at the VA that might help Veterans receive proper care. Although they do want to make the care at the VA worse with having nurses take over as doctors.

      “Anger over proposal to privatize VA care”
      Phil Drake, 4:22 p.m. MDT June 20, 2016


      HELENA — Protesters on Monday stood along Euclid Avenue in Helena to demonstrate their anger and frustration over a federal proposal to privatize health care within the Veterans Affairs system.

      Standing near the roadway and clutching signs that read “Veterans for a Strong VA” and “Staff the VA,” nearly a dozen protesters in the event organized by the American Federation of Government Employees heard a steady chorus of car horns honking in support.

      Gerry Swanke, AFGE national vice president for District 11, said the protest was in response to the Commission on Care Report, which is looking at altering the current structure of the VA and privatizing.

      Note that the AFGE Union members were holding signs that read “Veterans for a Strong VA”.

      I would be willing to bet that none of the protesters in Helena Montana were in fact Veterans and that all of them were Union members posing as Veterans.

      Also just to note what happens when you try to change nurses insurance to allow nurses to act as doctors in their care. They will strike to fight against letting it happen.

      “Nearly 5,000 Allina nurses continue strike”

      KARE 11 Staff , KARE 9:03 PM. CDT June 20, 2016


      Oh and patients are suffering and dying do to the strike.

      1. @Seymore

        I’ll wager those AFGE members who will be holding the rally at Tomah thursday, will be holding similar signs, ie: claiming to be Veterans, yet aren’t!
        I wonder what could be done to throw a monkey wrench into their plans. Like maybe, a bunch of real vets showing up and calling those posers LIARS in front of the news reporters!

        I’ve actually called VA employees liars right to their face. Especially when they can’t prove they served. Got some strange responses. One bitch actually showed me a VA employee card, trying to use it as a “military I.D.”!
        My wife pulled her Military I.D. out, and proceeded to “call out the bitch” as a LIAR.
        That’s how stupid these people are!

        Using nurses as physicians is another ignorant idea. I wonder who was the FIRST person to come up with that idea? Couldn’t have been McDuck. He hasn’t enough ‘grey matter’!
        You can bet all the VSO’s, upper management, have private care. So, why should they care.

      2. The idea that these Union shitheads are going to hold their “””Rally””” on the sidewalk in front of the VAMC is another slap in the face of Veterans. Of course they have to hold it there so they can pretend to be associated with Veterans.

        I am sure you are right they will no doubt have signs that indicate they are Veterans or that they are fighting for Veterans. When in fact every one of the maggot that attend this so called rally is fighting against Veterans receiving real Health Care outside of the VA system.

        I am also sure that some of them have been sabotaging Veterans outside care as they were instructed to do at the VA, VSOs and AFGE meeting at the American Legion Hall earlier this month. The same sabotaging they have been doing since the start of the Veterans Choice Program.


        They certainly have a lot of nerve with all the damage to the lives of Veterans and their families that as a result of Veterans receiving care at that facility.

        They want to go out in front and act like they own the place they are begging for trouble.

      3. Imagine how many VA rent a cops would appear if veterans were holding a protest on the side walk in front of a VA.
        I hope Ryan or the media get pictures.

  10. I stated earlier in the comments how a National Academy of Science, (NAS), review would help bring the Exposure to burn pits and its health consequences to Veterans to light.

    After checking further, I found that NAS had completed a review in 2011 its title is “Long-Term Health Consequences of Exposure to Burn Pits in Iraq and Afghanistan”

    The report is available for free download at: “https://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=13209”

    One thing that stands out in the report is that there has not been enough research in the field. Yet since the report the only year that research was funded was in 2015. A December 2015 article also points out that further research has been de—funded for 2016.

    A December 2015 article shows that currently research into burn pit exposures has been de-funded for the year 2016.

    “Congress Drops Burn Pit Exposure from Pentagon Research List”
    “Military.com” Dec 23, 2015 | by Bryant Jordan

    1. Having been involved with CDMRP research programs and know both of the veterans cited in the article, I can only speculate that it is similar to DU and other exposure research.
      I am not saying the CDMRP program is bad. It is in fact the best program for veterans being heard by independent medical researchers I have ever known, and has made more advances in just a few years than 20+ years of VA research. I am saying there are certain topics that are very taboo regarding research being funded…typically by others ripping a part the research proposal as inadequate and unlikely to find anything.
      Now, it is possible other entities lobbied to have that area dropped as an area needing more research…the article is not clear, so there would be no calls for proposals to be submitted.

      Like DU, I doubt some want to know the answer, but veterans certainly would.

      I would also be interested in more detail in the $247 million spent on research. This appears to be total funding for everything handled by CDMRP, which is more than veterans medical research.

    2. 91Veteran,

      Regarding current research funded under the $247 million a link to their page on currently funded research.

      To access their website just Google “CDMRP”

      Also just want to point out that the 2011 report from NAS did find a relationship with Parkinson’s like disorders. The report indicated that more study was needed. I see in the current budget they are researching Parkinson’s like disorders for treatment under research titled “Neurotoxin Exposure Treatment Parkinson’s Research”.

      But note they are not funding research that could connect Parkinson’s to Burn Pit exposures so they cannot be held liable under a VA Claim. Although they will not be furthering research to establish a connect between burn pits and Parkinson like illnesses. They are certainly opening the door to big pharma to start trying out all there new meds for Parkinson using veterans as Lab Rats.

      To access a listing of their currently funded research click on the word research in the menu bar.

      From their webpage title “Neurotoxin Exposure Treatment Parkinson’s Research”

      Vision – Slow the progression of, prevent, and cure Parkinson’s disease in order to lessen personal and societal impact of the disorder

      The Neurotoxin Exposure Treatment Parkinson’s Research (NETPR) program began in 1997. Projects examine neurodegenerative mechanisms and compensatory effects that compromise motor, autonomic and cognitive systems which are characteristic alterations in Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients and which also present performance and health risks for military personnel.

      The overall goals of the program are: 1) Develop means to correlate risk factors and dysfunction associated with PD, 2) Develop means to identify risk factors for subsets of the affected population, 3) Correlate clinical phenotype and molecular underpinning and 4) Develop candidate therapeutics, based on identified molecular pathway intervention points, to halt progression and extend quality of life for the at-risk population.

      The program develops means to ameliorate the effect of risk factors by: 1) preventing or delaying development of the cardinal motor signs of the condition that compromise performance and long-term health and 2) identification of preventions and therapeutics for currently diagnosed patients. Specific risk factors of interest are: chemical exposures, prolonged physiological stress, depression, traumatic injury to the head, disordered sleep architecture and dysautonomia.

      1. I hope you know by now that statement of “More studies are needed” is always code for putting something off, kicking the can down road, blame the budget, anyone…the dog…anything BUT actually helping address the immediate problem in which Veterans are sick and dying.

        “More studies required/needed” holds absolutely no merit with me because if Big Pharma could make huge $$ off it, no further future studies would be required…it would be actual research and not a bunch of cigar-smelling suits announcing a loud, *Harrrumph*, and move onto the company golf outing agenda…while Veterans are sick and dying.

        Further studies are not needed…action is needed.

      2. I hear what you’re saying nam, and I hated hearing that after many millions were pissed away by VA and DOD.
        I can say though that when research projects are presented to CDMRP, veterans voices are given serious weight on whether projects are funded. I seriously believe when the VA or DOD says more research is needed, they don’t give a damn about the outcome and only want to find their lifestyle. If a researcher is funded through CDMRP, they are often independent or private, and when they say more research is needed, they either found something doesn’t work, or their initial idea shows promise and they needed to do a larger study to prove it.
        There was a military medical health conference in Kansas City I attended some years ago and I got to talk with a number of independent researchers. They were very serious about finding things that would help veterans health, and we’re just as frustrated as we were with the money wasted by VA and DOD over the years with little or nothing to show for it.
        That’s not to say there were not VA or DOD hacks there pushing the party line.
        I think if you looked at some of the lead researchers funded by CDMRP, look at their histories, most of them are far and away more qualified than many VA employees calling themselves researchers.
        I also believe they considered their reputations for good research much more valuable than those in the VA.

      3. What it also means is that without more study Veterans cannot use the information to get a claim for service connection approved. Also that current service members will continue to be exposed to the harm caused by burn pit exposure.

        Most certainly there have been studies done that do link burn pits exposure to these illnesses but they remain unpublished.

        They need to make NAS take another look at the more recent research that was completed between 2011 and today. Clearly the newer research found a link that kicked open the doors for Big Pharma to step in.

        NAS needs to look at the newer research!

      4. That too is infuriating. You could have the top researcher on the planet for toe jam provide conclusive proof it’s connected to putting a foot in someone’s ass, but the VA will never accept it until several reports from the NAS or IOM tell them it is. Even then, a couple years later, the VA will get a different part of the IOM or NAS it’s not at all related. Or just do their own study claiming its from sitting on their thumbs.
        When questioned, the VA will claim more research is needed, but when you question why they are not studying foot in ass, they claim they just don’t have the funding.

      5. I don’t recall looking at Parkinson’s research when I was more involved, but in my opinion it’s worth it to research it If they are looking at it as being caused by chemical exposures or other things you listed. For years the VA or DOD wouldn’t even bother with research like that.
        As for the $247 million dollar budget, it must have been increased by Congress significantly. Back when I was involved we were lucky to see up to 15 million a year, and often less.
        Still, even with this research, it might take years to convince the VA that it’s service connected. I’m sure as one independent study says it most likely is, the VA might suddenly fund a VA study claiming its not.
        Same with burn pit exposure. It doesn’t matter how prevalent a disease is in those exposed, or whether the VA has clear data from veterans medical records showing how prevalent it is, they will still argue something else is responsible for the disease, while never looking for that something else.
        Frustrating as hell, but if you ever looked at the VA research portfolio for Gulf War illnesses, you will see it’s nothing but a jobs program for VA doctors calling themselves researchers. Its also interesting to see how many research projects are the same, but with a slightly different title…and often including the same researchers…they just take turns being named the lead author.

      6. 91Veteran,

        The thing is in the NAS review from 2011 it did indicate possible and probable links to between diseases and burn pit exposures such as the Parkinson like illnesses. The review also indicated that more information was needed and that more studies should be done.

        The report is available for free download at: “https://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=13209”

        But since the review was published in 2011 with data that was available for up to 2009 there clearly have been additional studies done that have gone unpublished and the NAS needs to do another review.

        Given the health affects of burn pit exposure are no longer being studied but treatment of the illnesses is instead being studied. It seems clear that CDMRP is trying to hide the connections which would allow Veterans to claim service connection but at the same time they are kicking the door open for big pharma to try out their new lines of pharmaceuticals on Veterans.

        This not only keeps the Veteran from being able to afford health care else where it keeps the Veteran totally relying on the VA who is using the Veteran as a human subject in research.

        While if the Veteran was able to get service connection for the illnesses they might otherwise seek health care outside of the VA. Health care that is not only safer but is also relying on proven medications or treatments instead of being a lab rat for the VA.

        Not to mention that the Veteran would also not have to undergo serious financial distress and hardships that is caused by the illness that should be service connect to begin with.

        All because they are not publishing the studies done that support service connection.

      7. I am not understanding what you are saying, when they are not publishing the studies done supporting service connection. Do you mean the CDMRP? Or the NAS?
        I know of a researcher named Baraniuk (sp) that I thought was published recently in a journal of his field of study, neurology.
        No matter whether a study is published or not, the VA often refuses to even provide care based on independent research conclusions, and will often duplicate the exact same study and still reject it.
        Years ago I took a published research article on neurological effects found in Gulf War vets to a VA neurologist. I was shocked when the VA neurologist said the research author was a former classmate, and even more shocked when the VA neurologist refused to even read the paper.

        In the end, all the research in the world could conclude cyanide causes death, but the VA would refuse to accept it or provide care for it unless Congress passed a law forcing them to service connection it.

        The prevalence of ALS in Gulf War vets is a prime example. The VA refused to accept ALS was service connected until internal VA data on the number of Gulf War vets was leaked. Only then did Congress pass a law forcing the VA to presume it was service connected. Presume. Because the VA kept saying there wasn’t enough evidence to prove it, calling for more research. Well, most vets diagnosed with ALS were dying before they ever got a claim service connected, so Congress forced them.

        The only difference is when a VA employee can get rich quick as we saw with Hep C.

        My bottom line on this is the CDMRP, funding independent researchers have made far more gains in knowledge for Gulf War veterans, and other vets particularly with TBI, in a shorter time than the VA could ever hope to.

  11. The difference between Vietnam and this is the forum you are reading now and the medium that it resides on. It is MUCH tougher now for the VA to hide jndividual vets behind paperwork and nameless statistics when those same vets can document for the world in multimedia format what the are dealing with.

    As individuals we must not stop beating the drums. We must stay restless, and we must remain noisy about what we see, and who we see doing it.

    The drums are driving them nuts. Bong. Bong. Bong.

  12. I am sorry to hear this Ben, while infuriated at the same time because the excuses from the VA have not changed in 50 years.
    They are the same excuses given to Agent Orange vets as you noted, the same excuses we Gulf War vets continue to hear 25+ years later, and the same excuses OIF vets are hearing regardless of whether it is a burn pit exposure, or exposure to any of Saddam’s WMD’s of which there were well over 600 as reported in a recent NY Times article. Same with Camp Lejeune vets and families.
    I can even tell you what the history of this is and what the outcome will be.
    The history: Veteran signs up to serve their country and does so. During their service they are exposed to something that is readily recognized in private medicine as causing serious health problems. Vet goes to the VA and is met with stupid stares and shrugs because the VA is too ignorant to care for a veteran beyond a prescription.
    Veteran goes to outside, private care, and may or may not readily get an answer. Once veteran is diagnosed, everyone, including the VA, says how unusual for that veteran to have X illness.
    The outcome: The VA swears for the first several years that their is no evidence to support X illness is related to Y exposure, regardless of any previous private medical research published or in the archives of unpublished VA and military medical research. Oh, and while proclaiming there is no evidence, the VA does nothing to do research because the illness cannot be cured by a get rich while working for the VA big pharma prescription.
    After fighting for several years, and long after many veterans have died, Congress might be forced to pass laws presuming illness X, subpart D, line 4 may be service connected, but all those others are not.
    The veteran files a claim, the VA pulls a new reason out of their ass why it’s not service connected, and eventually the veteran dies.

    After putting a substantial strain on themselves and their families from fighting bureaucrats, they are finally at peace.

    I may sound overly cynical, but I saw Vietnam vets go through this, we Gulf War vets go through this, and several others go through this.

    And continue to go through this.

    The one thing I thought we Gulf War vets had success with was getting a law passed requiring baseline medical screening prior to deployment to prevent the VA claiming an illness was pre existing. I don’t know if that medical screening is even conducted anymore.

    As for education, the VA will point to the millions spent on printing pamphlets, but never distribute.

    1. Don’t forget when the VA will even stoop as low as to suggest the sickened veteran was more than likely exposed to crop-dusting since they lived in a farming community…THAT is how INSANE the VA has been and continues to be. Plausible Denial 101.
      Hell, I am waiting for the VA to claim any and all cancers Vet’s get are second hand smoke related, thus their own fault…yeah, cynical, but old and wise as well. 🙂

      1. I heard that excuse too, from both the VA and DOD that any uranium possibly in our systems from exposure to depleted uranium was just back ground radiation.
        That worked until I forced them to provide the urine test, long after I returned, and the results showed a higher exposure than the veterans in their “Friendly Fire” program, which the VA admitted to, but provided zero follow up care for.
        Long after I found documentation of the DOD testing Deer for the presence of U236 in their systems because it’s not a naturally occuring isotope.

      2. You can bet that several deer were force-fed U236 to have some form of sick ‘control group’, then there’s whatever the VA ‘may’ put in the cafeteria food 🙂 🙂 Meatloaf should not possess a half-life. However, there’s a LOT of loafing meat at the VA.

      3. The report was on a firing range in Indiana where DU rounds had been fired for years. The DOD wanted to make it public hunting land or some such, and did the testing to determine how contaminated a deer might become from foraging in the land.

        While at the same time claiming there were no effects from soldiers exposed to much higher amounts.

      4. I know of what you mentioned. I have an uncle that’s been an A-10 pilot forever and just what’s the entire ingredients in an A-10 Anti-Tank Shell, to include the shell-casing, is more than enough to be extremely concerned.

        Now, take that, times 10,000 Squared and then some, you have the Burn Pits…and according to this article, the DUMB ASSES placed the Burn Pit UPWIND FROM THE BASE….did we not learn and retain ANYTHING from the Cold War Days? WTF?
        An you cannot tell me they did not know the EXACT regular wind patterns either…this has been available tech for military reasons since first satellites were launched and even better each year.
        Upwind? Would these same contractors remain in their homes WHILE exterminators sprayed? I think not.
        Would you stand under the direction of the falling tree just cut-down? I think not!

      5. @namnibor

        spot on & as true as true can get…most on this blog know this first hand. The ramifications of such practices onto the veteran and often to their families is nothing short of “evil”.

        More and more, it is looking like the enemy is much closer to homeland than anyone thought.

    2. Y’all know “Agent Orange” wasn’t even tested on rats before it was used in nam. Or anywhere else for that matter.
      Here’s what I heard from asswipes in VA. Oh, you worked on the railroad in between the army and navy!?
      Therefore, because the railroad used dioxins on their “lines” —– (y’all fill in the blanks from there)!

      1. Regarding Agent Orange the contractors who supplied it to the military had tested it on animals and knew the risks involved before it was used in Vietnam. That is why only the most cut throat chemical suppliers would produce it and supply it to the military.

        The waste products from producing Agent Orange was also marketed as an oil to be sprayed on roads, alley ways and parking lots that were gravel to hold down the dust. It was also sprayed on rail lines to hold down the dust. This was in both metropolitan and rural communities.

  13. Ben, you and your family, especially your daughter, have my deepest well wishes and thoughts through this trying time.

  14. Nuclear testing, agent orange, Gulf War illness, depleted uranium and now burn pits. I ask you brothers, when will it ever end? When will we stopped being used as Guinea pigs for the “industrial military complex” that “Ike” warned us about?

    I myself suffer from the effects of Gulf War illness. The cause, unknown. Whether it be inoculations, PB pre-nerve agent pills, documented sarin exposure, depleted uranium exposure, living in the oil fires for two months, etc….. It all comes back to one thing. That is not upsetting the cozy balance between our government and the defense contractors.

    Being a good soldier I keep plugging along though. Pain meds being my only relief. Thank the good lord for a civilian doctor and good friend who’s researched my illness and will prescribe meds so I may keep working the drilling fields of Pennsylvania. VA will not help me, except to say it’s psychological.

    Ben, my best hopes and wishes to your family.

    Brothers and sisters, maybe it’s time to rise up, answer the call from our conscience, and take back what we defended. The worthless fucks in DC need to hear our voice as one, and this time they need to feel the thunder from our hearts and minds.

    “No retreat, no surrender”

  15. Sad to read of this hitting so close to home, Ben. This issue with Burn Pits goes a bit hand-in-hand with the DOD and VA active cover-ups on Spent/Depleted Uranium from Shell Casings and More during these Active Wars.
    The VA performs Mickey Mouse Science, which is code for ensuring Veterans are left in the Oort Cloud, far away from the actual truth, just like Agent Orange and those Veterans forced to endure nuclear blasts….plausible denial…through misdiagnosis. That same misdiagnosis can easily come from HUGE civilian medical machines such as Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, et al, because these HUGE medical research facilities have a Very ACTIVE working relationship WITH the freaking VA, meaning the truth is NOT always found outside of the VA either.

    These bastards need to go fight their own wars and deal with the warts of war themselves and only when the entitled leader’s sons and daughters have been affected, only then will the unfiltered truth come out. We Vets seem to be simply disposable tools to them otherwise to fill their cookie jars.

    Really sad to hear and read of this happening so close to home, Ben.

  16. Here is some very BAD news for Amie Muller and all other vets harmed by A/O, burn pits or any other toxic agents. The brand new Under Secretary of VBA, Mr. Thomas Murphy. is an Agent orange denier. The guy in charge of ALL veterans’ claims is now a person, who wrote a recent letter denying that A/O had ANY negative impact on health. Can you guess his opinions on the burn pits?


  17. From:
    “Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show”, 20 Jun 2016.

    “Putin is the Leader That America Wishes It Had”

    Before y’all start blasting me. Please listen to his broadcast. It makes sense that our current leadership is/has been failing us for some time!
    Here’s some interesting FACTS about whats’ been occuring in Russia under President Putin.
    1.) A 13% flat tax on EVERYONE. This has bolstered their economy.
    2.) Every ‘refugee’ who enters their country is not only “vetted”, their “investigated thoroughly”! Then “…told where to go and what to do!” Has anyone heard anything about “mass shootings” occuring in Russia? Our current leadership is allowing refugees to come in unvetted. This has even been reported on our MSM!
    Our many “Security Agencies” have confirmed we “…have ISIS in all 50 states!”
    For example, a Muslim Extremist was just caught in New Mexico. She had “plans” which would cripple our country! Google this from “Judicial Watch”, 20 Jun 2016.
    “Judicial Watch Uncovers Muslim Plot to Blow Up American Cities”
    (there’s also a video)

    We are at war!

  18. anybody i mean BURN PIT come on but they just don’t give a shit.we will get it back but we got to take it back.. this make’s me sick im very sorry

  19. Ben,
    I’m so sorry this has happened to someone close to you. I hope everything turns out better for you, than it has for someone close to me. Plus other’s to use the VA for their healthcare!
    I wrote about my “brother” a short time ago. Where the VHA dropped the ball. They didn’t catch it until it was too late. My “brother” used his outside Medical. Where he was diagnosed with ‘Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer”!
    IF the VAMC he was being treated at, would have had the proper training, we believe he might have been saved. Many tried explaining to his physicians something other than moderate diabetes was occuring. But, NO, those “Omnipotent Asswipes” wouldn’t listen! It’s like talking to that proverbial “Brick Wall!”
    Those in VA’s, (VAMC’s and VBA’s), accross this nation don’t give a rats ass about veterans. We know this because of all the negative press coming out daily! Maybe you’ll have better luck in combating this issue! At least many out there are hoping so!?

  20. Ben,

    As we all know that history is doomed to repeat itself without corrective action. The VA and the federal government will take steps to ensure any research on burn pits is incomplete, unfunded and results will be bias in their conclusions. Any scientist who dares to preform research on the effects of burn pit exposure to Veterans will be wrongly discredited and unfunded.

    One possible solution to this problem is by we Veterans as a group find a Congressional sponsor, or sponsors, to ask the National Academy of Sciences to review the information on burn pits and to have them recommend a clear path forward for the research that will help prevent further suffering and deaths of all Veterans that have been exposed.

    I would like to point out the affect reviews by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), has had just on reviews of the FBI Laboratory in recent years.

    1. NAS review of the FBI’s Bullet lead analysis fully discredit the methods used and it is no longer used by the FBI.

    2. NAS review of the FBI’s Microscopic Hair analysis fully discredit the methods used and it is no longer used by the FBI.

    3. NAS review of the Science of Microbial Forensics created by the FBI in the Anthrax Letters case from 2001 was also fully discredited by a NAS review.

    I believe that a NAS review of the science produced by the Veterans Administration would also be discredited and that NAS could recommend a scientific way forward in research that will help Veterans exposed to Burn Pits. The review would also enable funding for the research needed.

    1. One thing we can be certain of is history will repeat itself without corrective action. The Veterans Administration handling of Burn Pits will be the same as the way they have handled Agent Orange.

    2. A December 2015 article shows that currently research into burn pit exposures has been de-funded for the year 2016.

      “Congress Drops Burn Pit Exposure from Pentagon Research List”, “Military.com” Dec 23, 2015 | by Bryant Jordan


      1. How convenient for them???? See folks, how Plausible Denial works? A bit like an orchestrated chess game and the veteran is ALWAYS the expendable pawn so the DOD/VA Contractors can continue “Nation Building” on our very backs.

      2. I wanted to add the fact that…quite often that ‘little pawn’ is underestimated and aids significantly in a Checkmate…as it goes with we Veterans and Survivors, we ARE shining that ugly light called accountability via widespread electronic means…they cannot hide forever.

        Reminds me of a great late 70’s/early 80’s movie called “Warriors” (great soundtrack as well), where a classic line is, “Warriors….Come Out And PLAY”!
        I really think our plight with VA indeed needs marches en mass on D.C. by Vets and Taxpayers. But NOT while Obama is POTUS and Attorney General Lynch is in place, as I truly believe we would be painted as ‘threats’, while Obama and Team ignore the REAL threats, and even PROTECTS them….we Vets do not stand a chance until post January, 2017 and even that is tenuous.
        The hands in cookie jar need severely burned and driven off into the hills.

        Rant Out. (The VA sure is a good way to discharge one’s bowels from stress)

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