Veterans Affairs Termination

No More Fast-Track Firing At Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs Termination

Veterans Affairs officials just announced they will no longer use the streamlined disciplinary powers because the White House refuses to enforce them.

Weren’t these the same powers signed into law by our president?

In an unusual turnabout, the same accountability powers President Barack Obama signed into law after being passed by Congress are now deemed unconstitutional by the Department of Justice. All the political congratulations in 2014 about the bill was apparently merely political theater at its finest.

That theater in itself helped with some reelections and likely cost taxpayers a pretty penny to write up. But what ever happened to Congress making the laws and the Executive enforcing the laws?

Over the past three decades, we have allowed our three-party government to become more of a tyranny run for the purpose of enriching wealthy election donors and foreign governments.

Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga, claimed he was infuriated by the move, but he was also one of the perpetrators in gutting the presently stalled accountability legislation at the demand of AFGE.

Maybe AFGE is truly a political powerhouse that treats the needs of veterans as an inconvenient option rather than a necessity?

About the questionable move, Senator Isakson belched:

“It is outrageous and unconscionable that the VA is choosing to blatantly ignore all of the accountability reforms set in place by the Veterans Choice Act,” he said. “Two years ago, veterans were forced to wait far too long for care because of incompetent executives. Since then, we’ve seen scandal after scandal emerge at the department.

“While some progress has been made to hold bad actors accountable, there is still a long way to go and choosing to ignore these key reforms is a slap in the face to our veterans.”

Yeah right. Isn’t Isakson the same senator in charge of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee?

I am growing to learn Isakson is little more than political squackery that is all show and no action when it comes to veterans issues. He has gone light on the Department of Veterans Affairs and we have little to nothing to show for it despite his puffery.

Earlier this month, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that the new law was unconstitutional and that the White House would not support it. Supposedly, the law does now allow enough appeals to the senior officials it was intended to hold accountable.

Many of the senior executives terminated under the new law are appealing the decisions. Congress meanwhile claims it will create a new fix for the problem. Do they have the political guts to run against AFGE to make it happen?

I am joining a long line of veterans who are sick of the insiders and special interests running the show in DC where only new blood can possibly fix the problems.

How do I know this is true?

Because we have only had political insiders and special interests run the show for the past few decades, and we are where we are because of it.

We are a broken nation that is supposedly flat broke while spending trillions without accountability of our own, creating unending wars in foreign countries and creating new disabled veterans we will refuse to help when the time comes.

If we do not turn this system around, shame on us for failing our future veterans.


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  2. Its all political theater. All the bills are for political purposes. After all that shouting in all those Veterans Affairs meetings, very little happens. That is a show to garner votes back home. AFGE runs the VA and they are stronger than any politician, even a good politician. I hope to live to see the VA closed or at least made into a non-profit like the red cross.

  3. @Ben:

    >> Congress meanwhile claims it will create a new fix for the problem. Do they have the political guts to run against AFGE to make it happen?

    Congress will NOT fix ANY of these VA problems. We all know it. Past time to hold faith in those that could fix these problems. Like you wrote somewhere else, “sqackery” (sic), is all we will get with added smoke n mirrors.

    NO they don’t have the political guts. did Sanders? nope. McCain? nope., Miller? nope., Clinton? nope., etc., [drum roll]…above all , the WH won’t enforce its own rules/law/protocols or whatever the name of such is these days. the word “law”, doesn’t apply to anyone now except the lowly average tax paying citizen.

    >> I am joining a long line of veterans who are sick of the insiders and special interests running the show in DC where only new blood can possibly fix the problems.

    yep, it is a long line and i’m standing in it myself. the powers that be that own the current WH and much of Congress will be able to lay waste to the new blood too. the average first or second term political office holder isn’t at all prepared for the dirty dealings in DC that would blow most minds. before they know it, they are bought and sold. or to keep their integrity they usually have to drop out of politics as it were. Integrity opens no doors in DC these days, and that makes a new blood crop ineffective. makes for a great photo op, but little to zero, traction for action.

    1. I totally agree.

      Any change will have to start cutting the heads off of all the elite snakes and wanna-be global rulers like the United Nations and their agendas like Agenda 21. Which Indiana has been on a trilaterialist UN open border, oppressive movement.

      I had a better web site about the UN’s drug policies for dealing with pain, and it seems for them to suffer and die in pain is a good thing and the VA is forefront in pushing their agendas on vet first.

      I don’t know about other states but in mine we were being blood and urine screened for booze and dope years before it became the law of the land. Yet many I have discussed this with didn’t notice a page missing on their lab test reports nor were much concerned about it, or why our questions were never answered or were told it was just a blank missing page … until I finally was shown the entire thing. Sad. So ignoance is bliss and too many uncaring attitudes out there, and too many just our for free or cheap health care even if it kills us, Not for me any longer but still suffering the effects and that includes dealing with the state, the UNs, medical boards expectation and tons of paper work and waiting for all those professional involved to get those “fast” records and treatment we hear of. Not happening.

      It seems the socialist styled VA health care system is first to try anything or to deny what’s needed then it runs down to civilian health care just like all the blood testing have done.

      Our lousy politicians like the media get their marching orders and agendas from on high. More like institutions like the United Nations and other trilaterialist or NWO freaks.

      All the focus on corruption to the drug war and other distractions of the day is just that, distractions. Hell, people today care more about animals than they do vets or humans in general.

      “Thank you for sharing your comments. This automatic response confirms I received your message. I will take your thoughts and concerns into consideration.

      Dan Coats

      Please do not reply to this message. If you would like to contact me directly, please go to my website at”

      The above is the typical response if any from our corrupt agenda driven UN bowing representatives. IF we hear from any of them at all. Total BS.

      The VA told us there is no such thing as chronic pain and that “THEY” and schools of medicine here controlled our pain meds and care. Wrong, in part. He should have said.. we bow to the corruption and oppression of the populace from the UN and their agendas, and our rights, freedoms, or personal needs mean nothing. I guess it’s true with all the stupid laws they keep passing to protect us from ourselves like the VA staff claims, and strip us of what rights of individual treatments and needs are left. They must feed the propaganda machine and fight the lost war on dope, Since we are “all too irresponsible and uneducated, not knowing our selves enough to know what we need or how to feel.” Paraphrased but close enough.

      IN my ministry/volunteer work and with dying family and friends I have seen enough suffering and pain. Sitting by bed-sides waiting for some visitin nurse or MD to get badly needed pain meds to ease suffering into death. Nope, had to wait two days for the last guy’s pain meds and by the time he got the okay he was dead, and died a horrific painful death. Did the UN or politicians, Gov. lying Pence care? No. Doctors or nurses care? Nope, just “sorry.” Do the local freaks in our civil service unions and local elected politicians care that have there very own health clinics said to safe us tax payers money, and they can get whatever they need, fast? Nope, no concern. Just about us vet and citizens wanting the same treatment as Congress critters, the elite and local scum leaders can get.

      ti’s all a money game and propaganda. We aren’t allowed to get or do something it means big money for others and less rights or freedoms and pain for us. I can’t even buy a CPAP mask or see other doctors now unless I have a script or sent/referral by some other doctor to spread the money around and create more distractions and pains in the ass. It’s all geared to screw us over, cost us, and keep us running and busy over BS while the professionals laugh all the way to the bank and brag about being so so powerful over the sheepsters and ignorant ones.

      The cure simple. Impeach the punk. Kick the United Nations and others out of this country. Put the wasted money going to them and foreign countries into vet care and stop propagandizing us with globalist and intentional suffrage and loss of Constitutional, common sense rights. Voiding out all laws and Constitutional changes since 1776 would be nice. LOL

      Stop passing stupid laws, allow for personal responsibility, get the government out of our lives and every aspect of it, period. Stop reporting accidental over-doses instead of the facts of them being suicide for insurance money sake.

  4. The AFGE is holding protest in Montana against any changes that are going to be recommended in the Commission on Care Report. They really don’t want any improvements at the VA that might help Veterans receive proper care. Although they do want to make the care at the VA worse with having nurses take over as doctors.

    “Anger over proposal to privatize VA care”
    Phil Drake, 4:22 p.m. MDT June 20, 2016


    HELENA — Protesters on Monday stood along Euclid Avenue in Helena to demonstrate their anger and frustration over a federal proposal to privatize health care within the Veterans Affairs system.

    Standing near the roadway and clutching signs that read “Veterans for a Strong VA” and “Staff the VA,” nearly a dozen protesters in the event organized by the American Federation of Government Employees heard a steady chorus of car horns honking in support.

    Gerry Swanke, AFGE national vice president for District 11, said the protest was in response to the Commission on Care Report, which is looking at altering the current structure of the VA and privatizing.

    Also just to not what happens when you try to change nurses insurance to allow nurses to act as doctors in their care. They will strike to fight against letting it happen.

    “Nearly 5,000 Allina nurses continue strike”

    KARE 11 Staff , KARE 9:03 PM. CDT June 20, 2016


    Oh and patients are suffering and dying do to the strike.

    1. Note that the AFGE Union members were holding signs that read “Veterans for a Strong VA”.

      I would be willing to bet that none of the protesters in Helena Montana were in fact Veterans and that all of them were Union members posing as Veterans.

      1. The AFGE Union is using Veterans as ‘props’ just like career politicians do when it’s time for election circus.
        The AFGE members should be holding signs that state, “VA EMPLOYEES FIRST, FUCK VETERANS and FUCK ACCOUNTABILITY FOR VA”

        ^In a real world….

  5. Isakson will give it all away. I read a few weeks ago (Military Times? Wash Post? or something) that he is negotiating with the white house to executive order that Bob McD CAN’T be let go when a new administration gets in next year. McD is crusading for this himself, saying he believes time is necessary for the Sec. of VA to change the VA He wants that time for however long he wants it backed by law that he can’t be replaced. Isakson is falling in line with this as he further waters down the new Choice Improvement Act in his discussions with presbo. Yes… Bob will be around for a while. He needs TIME and billions more from Congress. You will be hearing this for years, same stuff he told P&G, by the way. Isakson is a flim-flam artist who takes his orders from the global elite —world order.
    We need more “noise” from our veterans and from our dumbed-down non veteran citizens to beat the monster. So far …I don’t see it…not in the 2 years since Shinseki left and McD came in.

  6. By executive order the new President can effectively nueter the AFGE. The AFGE = VA. There is no difference in the mind of the “brotherhood” and the oath they make is “to watch each other back”

    The people they are watching for are The People. The AFGE has assumed defacto government cabinet status and is largely outside the control of The People. The number of civil rights violations, Privacy Act violations and gross individual violations of federal, state, and local statutes runs into the millions. By any definition I am aware of that is a criminal organization and being government funded it is known as “corruption”.

    I wonder if any time in the past in American history if any other incidents of corruption occured at the hands of any union also affiliated with the AFL/CIO? Was Hoffa a vet?

    AFGE must be rendered incapable of,producing more angst and death among veterans. The brotherhood must be nuetered.

    1. Unions, especially today and since I know of and experienced since the seventies are corrupt and self-serving. Far from what historical unions were meant to do and began trying to do and achieve. Not about what they evolved into today.

      Hoffa came from Indiana, born, and not much good comes from Indiana. His move to Indianapolis in his corrupt reign helped promote such groups like the Debb’s Society which is a strong far left wing Cultural Marxist town/state like I live in today. And it’ cannot be defeated or taken to court with expectations to win. The SDS (commies- Students for a Democratic Society), The Debb’s Society is very strong here and along with other fascist groups quite strong in colleges here and strangles our freedoms of speech, media, and creates near total censorship about them or against them.

      Hoffa also got a deferment from military. His position was too important.

      (Indiana; The lefty La Raza judge against Trump is from Indiana. That means to me he is automatically a activist judge and IS biased caring nothing for truth, facts, etc. Just for his and his groups/heritage’s agendas.)

      AFL/CIO (AFGE too) Totally corrupted. Anyone ever listen to Trupka the president when he was on TV defending the SEIU and other unions under their umbrella? He’s a pure left winger, pro-illegal alien invasion, and open border fanatic. Caring nothing about America or “American Made” which is damn near illegal to mention today.

      A corrupt attorney here lost my entire Federal Court brief and all my original evidence years back while I was trying to take on Indiana’s wealthy elite, many state and federal agencies, local health people, NIOSH, IOSHA, OSHA, the NLRB and etc. I had to deal with two unions in my time dealing with the steelworkers and Allied Molders. A union official and officer in both and both corrupt and making deals with companies to bike gangs to achieve their corrupt goals. But people will go to any length to protect themselves, their corrupt bought off positions or to protect the jobs and high pay and perks. Yes, I have had a life time of dealing with corruption, deceit, etc., and the VA and this new health care crap is just more of the same along with their unions and anti-American agendas and wants for totalitarian rule, censoring, and one evil supporting the others in time of need.

      Does the local or state BAR care about anything here including catching MY divorce attorney with my X? Nope. I have been on a local and state hate and hit list for years over the corruption and wanting justice or media over many things through the years but delay and flushing down the memory hole and media corruption serves our enemies well.

      Caution: Many police, fire and civil service unions are under the same umbrella of the AFL/CIO. You fight one you fight them all even though they today will cross each others picket lines and show disconcern for others needs and safety.

      Of course what I just wrote may piss many off but it’s fact and truth. That is why years back some unions broke away from the grand AFL/CIO but still hasn’t changed much. Could I tell some stories but won’t waste my time or deal with the pain typing much.

      Where are the unions over our issues of open borders to migrant worker’s invasion and all the mass immigration taking American jobs? Nada. The EB-5 and other work visas for Asians and others have ruined this nation and allowed foreigners to take control over us.

      Like vet care. Some profit, some don’t, some die because of the self-protectionists and corruption. It’s vet against VA employed vet and the unions and their families. It’s extensive. Unions, the VA staff will come to the needs of sorry ass VA MDs and staff and in turn… the quid pro quo and sick symbiotic interrelationships between the whole of it all. From past experiences the families of union workers are not above or below of doing someone damage if they think a loved one is being harmed or their job or income is in danger of ending. It’s a wicked web this society and it’s sickness weaves.

  7. All I can say is, I am procuring what I need to do what I have to do. The VA is ridden with cancer. Either heal it, which I can’t see that happening, or kill it. Personally, I believe the VA has lost its purpose, and should die. God bless the Veterans.

  8. Here’s two really good videos. Which have come out over the weekend. The first one is from “Judicial Watch” via “Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show” 20 Jun 2016!

    “Judicial Watch Uncovers Muslim Plot to Blow Up American Cities”

    Very interesting article. There’s a lot more to it, besides what the ‘title’ says!
    Our country is at war. Yet, our elected officials can’t seem to grasp this in their “pea brains”! Or maybe they can. Maybe they want us to DIE, just like the VA does! We’ve been at war since 9/11. Only now it’s on our own shores! Wake up sheepies!


    This second article, from “GOP – The Daily Dose”, by way of “Breitbart”, with video, should piss off every Christian out there!

    “[Watch] Veteran Forcibly Dragged from Air Force Ceremony for Mentioning God”

    Jun 20, 2016 by Dylan

    It was at a “Flag Folding Ceremony” the high ranking Air Force Sergeant was forcibly removed!
    He’s not going away soon either. There’s more going to come out about this issue!

    1. I read the article and watched the video of that AF vet being forcibly removed from that ceremony.
      It seemed to me to be a disgraceful display of senior NCOs and officers who could not get over their childish butthurt from some kind of past problem.
      There is no honor or leadership shown in what they did, which was little more than school yard bullies being upset over someone being in their corner of the playground.

    2. crazy elf, you reference two videos, but there was no link to click on. Could you repost with a link them.

      1. @Paulette

        When you google the article there will be the video! The best way to get it, is by googling the article, the video is with each of the articles!

        I don’t put links on here because I’m unsure how to.
        I haven’t had much success in doing that, lol.

  9. Ben, what do you suggest we do? I say it’s time to take this issue to the streets. We need a convergence on WASHDC. Senate holding a hearing on Thursday to find out implications of Supreme Court verdict siding with “VETS FIRST”. We did it once, let’s do it again! DISPLAY your discontent, invite media & show up at HQ VA DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY – teach AFGE a thing or two! Who will come against veterans and commit political suicide publicly! Demand your damn rights! Hold them to the promise!

  10. As a disabled vet and a Viet-Nam vet; I can’t be proud of the way my country has treated those of us who have answered the call to serve and to protect this country of ours. Also, I have to be down right ashamed of the way the news media lied and then denigrated those of us who’ve served. I’m ashamed at the name calling I was subjected to after returning from war. I’m ashamed at the way some of the VA staff have treated me and how other vets have been treated. The VA is never going to change either. There’s just not much left to be proud of anymore, is there?!


  11. We as a nation have been going down a dangerous path for several years now, this is just the latest in a series of actions or inaction that are resulting in the mess we are in. Make no mistake, we are in a mess, and it will only get worse if we stay on the same lazy, gutless path we are on.
    When the first public announcement was made that this administration would not abide by or uphold the law, and Congress did nothing, we started on this path.
    The Defense of Marriage Act was one of the first laws blatantly ignored, violated or stomped on that I can recall. When Congress doesn’t push back, they shouldn’t be surprised when suddenly other laws are just ignored.
    Last I heard, the Attorney General is not Congress or the Judicial branch, so I can’t see where she claims the authority to just declare a law unconstitutional. Not a big deal? How many other laws could she just declare is unconstitutional? Unless Congress pushes back hard on this, there will be many more.
    I understand Obama can direct his agency heads not to enforce a law, but then it is up to Congress to exert themselves as an equal branch of government.
    Force these bureaucrats to go to court to have a law duly passed by Congress overturned.
    Unilaterally declaring a law unconstitutional is a dictatorship.

  12. Okay, so replace the whole damn VA with private care. That is the only way we will ever be able to get accountability. If we can go to a civilian doctor and he screws up – at least we can sue without standing on our head and see how many BB’s we can stack.

    The only answer is privatization.

    Here in Pennsylvania, the State run Liquor Stores have been a battleground against privatization. Last year, the Democrat Governor vetoed a bill for full privatization because it would have thrown out in the street all the useless state employees working in liquor stores. He did just sign a bill to allow wine sales in beer stores convenience stores and groceries. As soon as we get a Republican Governor in here, it will be bye, bye to these useless employees who are for the most part rude, unhelpful – and overpaid.

  13. It’s not like they even USED this “Fast Track Firing” to ANY extent, so that alone makes it even MORE of an OUTCRY!

    You can BET your Veteran Ass that had the VA fraudsters and scammers been VETERANS even receiving $13. more in Travel Pay, the VA would have your ass in collections and ruin your credit in no time….but when it’s the other way around, it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL for some reason….hmmm….I wonder if the Nazi Party had a lot of folk jump to the VA and their offspring post WW2?

    Tis should mean then in a world of logic, that the VA’s Disruptive Committees are ALSO “unconstitutional”….right?!!!

    Time to go for a nice relaxing walk by stream because the VA is incredibly bad for my health on so many levels, and I use Medicare/Private healthcare…what stresses me out is knowing Veterans are going through hell and have resolved to dedicate my remaining years to Activism to make the VA a better place for all Veterans and a place to someday be PROUD to say, “Yeah. I use the VA”…but that day is in another Universe currently and we cannot even go a fraction of light speed when the VA and DOJ/POYUS will not even back us. 🙁

    Rant Out…River Walk.

    1. I really meant, “POTUS”….recall the black helicopters. 🙂

      (The VA’s Disruptive Committee is ALSO “Fast Tracking Punishment”….just saying, what’s good for the goose….)

    2. @namnibor

      Just out on Channel 6 local news, Orlando @ 12 noon!
      The people are furious, and demanding, the FBI, and DOJ, put the “redacted” portions of the transcripts back into the reports!
      They say everyone has the right to see it in its purest form.
      Think they’ll do it? I doubt it very seriously! More cover-up by our government!

    3. Good point on the disruptive committees. If ever there was an unconstitutional kangaroo court depriving veterans due process and other rights, that is it.
      But rather than having an AG making a declaration of that, we have it enshrined in official policy.

  14. Department of Veterans Affairs = Mafia Care , pain and suffering delivered with a smile and a sinister , hysterical belly laugh ! From the Marceyde Desade ! Pain , suffering and lies !

      1. Is that all you can say or are you having a problem with ENGLISH you moron

  15. Well DOJ, Loretta Lynch, is up to her tricks again. This time over the (alleged Radicalized Islamic Muslim), “attack” here in Orlando, Florida!
    Check this out.
    Title to google: from “Breitbart”

    “Loretta Lynch: ‘Islam’, ‘Isis’ To Be Scrubbed From Orlando 911 Tapes”

    by Joel B. Pollak
    19 Jun 2016

    Seems she wants to insure this “attack” would be CLASSIFIED as a “Hate Crime” and NOT as a “Radicalized Fundamentalists’ Extremist Islamic Muslim Terrorist Attack!”
    See, that’s not hard to say, or describe, over what occured last Sunday morning!

    “Censorship at its finest!”

    1. I wonder if they have “reclassified and defined” what it means when means the VA kills Veterans when greed gets in the way between life of Vet or the $$$$????

      This President is letting his wrecking ball completely loose and if people did not already know it, Obama has a LOT of Muslims in his administration as well.

      January, 2017 cannot come soon enough. If this were not so close to the election, I would say IMPEACH HIS ASS!!!!!!!

      What’s really scary? Has anyone wondered how many thugs the POTUS will Pardon at end of term? They have already turned-loose a tremendous amount of so-called “disenfranchised thugs” from prison Nationwide, and at least here in Ohio, the news has been keeping a tally and just in my local area the return to prison rate is about 75% already and it has not even been a year…but they have to do a home invasion or other thuggery or killing before the return to cage….thanks Obama and Lynch. 🙁

      Yeah, the POTUS Pardons will cause much projectile vomiting. Can see it already. it may even have some VA Upper Management sprinkled on top to place an exclamation middle finger to veterans on top garnish. 🙂

      1. @namnibor
        There are a number of videos surfacing over what many are calling a “False Flag Incident” over what happened at the Pulse Nightclub. No one is doubting people were murdered. They believe this is being done to strip American’s of our 2nd Amendment Right’s!
        Look at what’s being said by our elected officials!

        There’s are utube videos showing one young lady’s picture being at Sandy Hook, one other place and now here in Orlando “crying” over this tragic incidents. The three pics of her is compelling evidence this may have been a “staged ‘psy-op’ being carried out by our government”!

        Also, four days, just last Wednesday or Thursday, the “Prince of Saudi Arabia” was seen “hurriedly entering the White House”. There was NO MEDIA ALLOWED! NO “transcripts” of the meeting!
        Sounds like a secret meeting where something was being planned. What is strange is Saudi Arabia has “put to death” many LGBTQ’s!
        Remember what happened to Nixon when he screwed “We the People!” I do believe ALL meetings inside the WH are supposed to be recorded. This way the people will know what the hell is transpiring.

        All I gotta say over this is;
        Our “2nd Amendment” was put in place to protect our “1st Amendment” and ALL the other Amendments. Which protect our FREEDOM!

  16. With the action sending a clear message to McDonald and the rest of the Political appointees who feel implementing accountability would be bad for the VA. They are already looting as fast as they can before they are replaced after the election. After all, having to take time covering up their tracks to prevent accountability is only slowing down the progress they have made in reforming their personal bank accounts.

    The action is also sending a very clear message to Hillary’s donors. She must have been having trouble selling all of those political appointment with this law in place. I wonder how much big pharma will be spending for McDonald’s position, Shulkin’s position or the new IG’s position.

    Now that the administration has shown there will be no accountability at the VA I am sure Hillary will be able to get a hell of a lot more money in donations in exchange for those positions. Not to mention all those other positions she can now sell at the VA like Chief of IT and the position recently vacated by Danny Pummil the Chief of Benefit Administration. Let not forget all those other Chief and administrator positions that are political appointee positions.

    Let the Mega Sale Begin!!! There will be no more low-balling on the donations to Hillary in exchange for these position. Especially now, after the administration has totally dis-proven the myths about changes at the VA were people might be held accountable.


    1. @Seymore Klearly

      Have you read where “…Dr. Carson and Mr. Trump are meeting with 900…”, yep I said 900, “…Christian Leaders tomorrow in New York?”
      The best part, in the article, was about ABSOLUTELY NO (CIRCUS) MEDIA WILL BE ALLOWED! There will be “Strict Security” in place. To keep out the Main Stream Media FOOLS!
      I pray for them to come up with a plan to defeat “The Butcher of Bengazi – Hillary Clinton!

      Wouldn’t it be great for a “Trump – Carson Ticket!”
      Or a “Trump – Gingrich Ticket!”

    2. Hey Elf,

      Don’t know about Carson but won’t like Gingrich. He is a War Hawk.

      Regarding your comment on “The Butcher of Bengazi – Hillary Clinton!”

      I am really looking forward to the upcoming Wiki-Leaks release of some of Hillary’s emails. It will probably next Monday. I am pretty sure I already know the content of the new release. It will be a number of her emails that were deleted that deal with the transfers of arms from Libya to Turkey.

      Some of the emails her team deleted and she claimed they dealt with cake recipes, yoga pants and wedding plans. The emails will show her and her team destroyed evidence, lied to congress during the Bengazi hearings and violated the UN weapons convention when shipping arms from Libya to Turkey. It is very likely they will also show that the weapons were being purchased with money made from oil being stolen from Iraq and Syria at the time.

      Here is a one minute clip from her testimony where she tries to escape and evade answering the question until Senator Rand Paul makes her state she did not know anything about the weapons.

      “The Most Important 1-Minute Clip from Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony with Rand Paul”


      1. Oh and notice “Mr. I didn’t get the memo Fiengold” who chose to ignore what was happening to Veterans at Tomah has an add targeting that video of Hillary.

      2. Hey Elf,

        Just to let you know what type of weapons were being transferred by Hillary out of Libya to Turkey here is a link to an article. You do remember that false flag event where innocent civilians were murdered using sarin gas in Libya.

        “Hillary Clinton Approved Delivering Libya’s Sarin Gas to Syrian Rebels: Seymour Hersh”

        By Eric Zuesse
        Global Research, May 01, 2016

        “HERSH documented that Hillary Clinton authorized the WMDs attack on Children and Innocent Civilians. During an interview with, Hersh said that Hillary @ STATE used Benghazi as the shipping point and port to “collect weapons from Libyan stockpiles and send them through Turkey into Syria for a set-up sarin-gas attack on CHILDREN AND INNOCENT CIVILIANS, to be blamed on Assad to ‘justify’ the US invading Syria, as the US had invaded Libya to eliminate Gaddafi.””

      3. Sorry the sentence “You do remember that false flag event where innocent civilians were murdered using sarin gas in Libya.”

        Should read as:

        “You do remember that false flag event where innocent civilians were murdered using sarin gas in Syria.

  17. I do believe everyone who comes on here today will say;

    “The “Supreme Court” is the only branch of our three part legislative system who can decide, by “opinion only”, whether a “law” is, or is not, “Unconstitutional”!”
    Everyone would be 100% correct in their statement(s)!

    That being said. I believe this is leading up to other “cases” the FBI, DHS, CIA and other government agencies are involved in (and/or investigating)!
    The “main one” I speak of is the Clinton ‘investigation’ over her emails and “Foundation”!

    This will surely cause many voters to “go with the outsider” come this next election cycle! If not, I will be surprised!

    I believe this “decision” by the DOJ will allow all those who have been fired, at VA, since 2014, or before that date, to be rehired. Those who were fired will probably be granted hundreds of thousands of taxpayers monies for “backpay” as well!

    “IF” this is ever brought out in the MSM, Main Stream Media, there should be a great shout of disgust by taxpayers and veterans! Yet, we have all seen the ways of our government agencies of late. The DOJ is run by a “lacky” of the POTUS. She, Loretta Lynch, has only “gone after” specific groups. We all know what she doesn’t do. HER FUCKING JOB!

    1. P.S.
      The “Summer of Discontent” is rapidly approaching, brothers and sisters!

      I believe things will be “coming to a head”. Starting in July or August!

      Just ‘thinking out loud’! Or is this going to be found “Unconstitutional”?

      1. In my town that is “hate speech and hate thoughts.” Of course this that lefty Marxist, censoring fascist college town with multiple lefty colleges.

        I got my emergency will made out, and later today if calmed down can have the other real one and medical living will notarized and a passing power of attorney. Since I am walking around with a May-pop I am going to inform and raise all the hell I can. Of course I can’t let the local commies and idiots know about my position or inform extended family about this on FaceBook since my town councils and activist watch my every word and complaint there and on any other forum they can dig up info or have me censored, location attacked and banned.

        Nothing left to loose at this point in life and the “young age” they say, in this life.

        Here we have no Constitution.

        Caravan to Midnight had a good interview with Paul Craig Roberts about this, and it’s on Youtube too. He stated clearly how and why we are no longer under the big C. But I”ve experienced that loss and known of my loss of rights and freedoms for years now. But few are really watching or caring about this country or us.

        Here, in my town. For a fact if I do have a blow out in public the first thing I’d expect is to have my pockets emptied and bill-fold stolen. Not unusual for the cultural climate in this liberal utopian village of sixty some thousand.

        Oh well, only the rocks will remain in the end. Maybe.

        Try to have a good day out there folks.


  19. 06/20/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Management must be too scared to do their job?

    What could it be?


    Don Karg

  20. Is the U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch now a DICTATOR in Obongo’s Regime? I was under the historical understanding that the Supreme Court is ONLY court of land that could **decide/rule** that if any Executive Branch Signed Into LAW is indeed Unconstitutional….just like Obamacare was held-up by the Supreme Court…NOT by an Attorney General….Lynch is NOT the Law Of The Land. For instance, DOJ Lynch could not overturn a Supreme Court Ruling, as an example, so how is this any different? Was this akin to Lucy in the Peanuts grabbing the football mid-kick for Charlie Brown (Veterans) yet again? Another horse and pony show by a lying POTUS?

    Now all these VA Fraudster are going to Appeal and probably get off, and I am BETTING this has ALL to do with SO MANY upper management more than likely implicated in current corruption and Wait List Deaths.

    Does this now mean Dr. Houlihan Candy Man, Helman and Friends, and the two VA manly women with fraudulent relocation scheme, and others are very possibly getting away scot free as a POTUS going away present?

    WTF??? WTF???? WTF????????????????????!

    1. I’ve given up all hope over this country’s mess and absolute corruption at all levels and with every organized boards, associations, professional groups, *media*, so-called medical pros, ad infinitum, etc. Yeah, so WTF, FUBARed, to ‘up the creek minus the paddles, living in a hurt locker, is all correct. We cannot fight it all. It’s all encompassing for one man to handle alone and there is simply too much corruption, cover-ups, and greed in play from top to bottom. Along with the majority of people simply not giving a damn or caring more about sports, kitty cats or Hollywood instead. And God forbid we dare say any negatives in a society where we are expected to ‘drink the KooL-Aid, be silent, be happy, and never proclaim any negatives about your town or anything else that may be corrupt, evil, and just sick as hell. I guess (know) a phony image and pleasant utopian facade is a tyrannical and demanded, while we seem to have lost rights, freedoms, but expected to bow to all the anti-freedom changes to having freedoms and demands for our own health care or best interest.

      Political correctness, not supposed to offend or cause any kind of emotional upsets, not to call anyone out for their incompetence, stupidity to total disregard for others is wrong today. No personal or ethical responsibilities or expectation included. All ‘establishments’ seem to be against many of us…. till death, which is what they all seem to be waiting for and want. That is from the stinking POTUS, SCOTUS, the AMA, down to the so-called leaders and trash of local government. At least here in Terre Haute, IN.

      I’ve been laying low and waiting to see a new civilian doctor after waiting months to find one that seemed up to my wants and expectations. Nope. Still get the medical establishments BS and with added crap to add to the VA list of failures and malpractice.

      I tell this doctor what has been told me by the VA staff and treatment and I get looked at like I am an alien or have 4 tits, horns and three eyes.

      The VA at last visit last winter reported my heart was fine and “buck strong.” Nope, Been walking around with a Aortic (may-pop) aneurysm. At least one good find from a establishment MD.

      The VA still wanting me to set up appointments to see the same old Purple Team MD, After telling a few of them and the lousy explosive Patient Advocates that I was done with them and will not have a word to say to any VA person without it being recorded and with my own witnesses, period. Never going back.

      I guess the above is why I have taken others down for a EKG and such for them to be told their heart and BP was fine only to walk out and them have a major coronary event just minutes after testing. Duh. And still some family members of the concerned can’t add 2+2 and come out to four. Either disconcern, ignorance or Common Core education.

      The VA Dentist, students, broke my jaw so bad I had over three more oral surgeries to correct all the damage and still can’t wear the dentures I paid for. Still in pain. Since the VA can’t get my disability ratings correct or agreed upon either 80 or 100% So I gave up with any and all of them and all the BS and confusions/contradictions. Oh but hey, they can claim here supposedly they have no wait list. But they seem to be able to run people off or have many with no other recourse but to depend on such a failed organization filled with the self-serving and distractions so nothing gets done, idiots fired and etc.

      Pain subject. I guess the AMA and all MDs feel chronic multiple pain issues is a good thing and it’s just a small thing that many are into suicides because of our government’s and medical peoples passing of stupid laws and corporal punishments for all. Ahem, since we are all one and all the same. More than the reported 22 vets a day is wrong, has to be, and even civilian suicides is up but media refuses to report much on that and why. So more BS to pacify the propagandist and individual destroying United Nations demand and the stupidity of King Obummer and the rest. From nursing homes to us they all want to seem to push anti-depressants and such for pain, broken bones, etc. Nuts! Then the VA having those special contracts we were told we “must” sign, and this new doctor had problems believing the report. Which including us “to never use civilian care or the emergency room for anything, period.” But to drive to the nearest stupid VA hospital which would be over an hour away. And told to drive it even during a heart attack or vehicle crash! It has to be planned to be so insane and stupid that no-one will believe us when we are trying inform others what we are being told off the record, or crap that will not be found in our files. Which the VA is good at such information and their staff running in distraction and protection mode all the time. Especially since they can at will delete info and emails from our so-called “private” Healthy E-vet website. But can’t explain why years or stuff and email exchanges were deleted from my record and can’t be found, but I am to blame for something I have zero control over, It was them and their tech people that wasn’t or claimed allowed to do it’s so private between us and a doctor, nurse, or clinic. Wrong. Hillary’s emails disappeared and so can ours for the benefit of corruption and power.

      So for me the treatment and all that has happened over the past years… there should be a super fast tracking firing investigation going on from top to bottom. Not putting us on some terror list, threaten us or oppress us more.

      Fast track and end the whole shee-bang and profiteering, period.

      End the damned VA sending all vets to outside resources and to get whatever the vet needs, period. Males need male doctors too. To hell with having to see other clinics or doctors for male exams. Why push feminism on us with added expense and trouble to appease the feminist that claim to do it all and all the same? To hell with what some establishment’s MD claims we feel or need. We are suppose to be hiring them for care and care that works, not for them to tell us what they are allowed to do or not do due to the POTUS scum bag or some medical board or shit-heads in Congress or state leaders who get their own styles of special care and plenty of whatever they want or need. Including their perverse wants and soaked cigars like Clinton’s.

      End the PC-ness and all the special interest groups, activist, the easily offended at truth, end the politics, big Pharma policies to force us to stay on their experimental dope and give us what works, what has proven to work, and to hell with all the wars on dope, poverty, to the so-called war on vets living on the street cause it’s all failed costly tyrannical joke.

      Hell, I still dream about the two idiots at Indy that tried taking blood and leaving my arm a mess. Three actually but two stand out. One with metal all over her face with five inch long nails trying to get her gloves to fit and then to take blood to another old one ready for retirement there just to get her time in that couldn’t hit a vein but left my arm a mess. But stayed close by to call me a racist if I dared complained about her. So reported the young guy to take her place instead and had no trouble hitting the vein but he was about thirteen jabs full circle late.

      Oh, and no more dealing with the colleges, their students and using us a test rats. Enough is enough and stupidity has trickled down in civilian care where colleges are located. But don’t dare give that negative image in our local far left wing totally corrupted utopian living centers.

      Yep, upset and need a walk. No-one around to talk to anymore, they are all dead, killed off, suicided or moved away from this hell hole called Indiana.

      The VA, how damned pathetic can one entity be with a society to match.

  21. So, the attorney general says the law is unconstitutional that ain’t her job that is what the (in)justices of the Supreme Court are supposed to do or Am I simply naïve?

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