Sex Change

Veterans Affairs Drops Sex Change Surgeries Plan

Sex Change

Officials at the Department of Veterans Affairs have indicated its budget will no longer afford sex change operations for veterans seeking the procedure.

The agency plans to continue its treatments for veterans who are transgender by offering hormone therapy, mental health care, preoperative evaluation and related services. Key officials say veterans seeking the procedures will need to wait “when appropriated funding is available.”

Given the changes in Congress and the White House, spokespersons within the LGBT community believe such veterans will need to wait.

Last June, VA said it would start performing the surgeries following overturning an existing ban on the procedures. According to Military Times:

“Increased understanding of both gender dysphoria and surgical techniques in this area has improved significantly and is now widely accepted as medically necessary treatment,” the statement said. “VA has been and will continue to explore a regulatory change that would allow VA to perform gender alteration surgery…”

When the issue came up, I questioned anyone who would allow a VA doctor to train residents in various sex change procedures.

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Given the lack of accountability for VA doctors and trainees when malpractice occurs, I have no idea why anyone would allow VA to train residents on gender reassignment.

It’d be a death wish in my estimation.


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  1. Interesting. This clearly shows it was simply a decision made by out of control bureaucrats. Their budget no longer supports it? It never supported it in the first place if they then say they need to wait for appropriated funding.
    This also shows that Little Johnny Isaakson needs to sit down and shut the hell up about any thought of keeping McDonald on as Secretary.
    Another veteran just killed himself in Des Moines after being told he had to wait 5-6 weeks to be seen…yet these raving idiots decide on their own to do this elective surgery?

    Trump can drain the swamp in DC, then he needs to immediately drain the festering boils in the VA.

    1. “Trump can drain the swamp in DC, then he needs to immediately drain the festering boils in the VA.”

      After any VA sex change surgical procedure, there’s sure to be festering boils called MRSA.

  2. To all, I got a real good feeling things are going to take place in our government. Trey Gowdy just accepted the post of Attorneys General of the United States of America yesterday.
    Get ready to hold onto something solid.
    It’s like when President Elect Trump said about politicians a while back. He said, (and I’ll have to paraphrase), about “…career politicians say one thing to your face, then turn around and do the opposite!”
    Well, we’ve seen him at work since last Wednesday.
    I do have a sneaky suspicion he’s going to allow the NEW heads of our highest law enforcement agencies to ‘go after’ those persons who are/have been ripping off the American Taxpayers! Including those who will be trying to stop his major agenda’s he’s proposed during his campaign.

    1. Did y’all see “60 minutes” Sunday evening? He’s going after ISIS AND he’s going to “build that wall”, where appropriate! Hey, in my opinion, a tall fence with “Razor Wire” will work in many areas!

    2. This “Draining The Swamp” has so much potential as far as entertainment for the masses with social media, it will shaddow how the fine folk of France publically took care of Mussolini and Friends or hell, go back to the French Revolution…in any case, heads are going to roll. Pay-Per-View swamp-wrangling? 🙂 (This is Trump, after all)
      However, Obama is really remaining in D.C. to “preserve his legacy”…not hard to figure out because Obama can barely bring himself to utter Pres. Elect Trump’s name, and that’s not by accident…Obama is truly a narcissist that cannot grasp the *notion* not everyone is happy, and fact Obama just yesterday was speaking of VA scandals as resolved…not a clue, more concerned about his legacy. Funny how that legacy does not include cleaning-up mess in Chicago. I have an old neighbor that sold his condo at a considerable loss just to get the hell out…it’s that bad, and he’s a bit of a bearded liberal. 🙂

      1. Namnibor,

        Are you sure Obama is really remaining in D.C. to preserve his legacy? I though for sure it was because he wanted to cut down on expected travel time to answer Congressional subpoenas and the distance traveled for court for his part in the Hillary thing.

  3. I can’t believe my ears. I have had two heart attacks, SVT, Aflutter, malignant hypertension and have been trying to get a cardiologist since 2012.

    I can’t get a cardiologist but I could of gotten a sex change, now you tell me. Crap.

  4. Gender Reassignment lmao.
    Why should they take our money even for the ones that want hormonal therapy.
    This country is getting really stupid.
    If your born with your chromosomes you should have to keep them and freaking use the right bathroom.

    I catch you in the ladies restroom and your a male by birth, I hope they find the tree that you are hanging from.

  5. Are we talking male to female, or female to male? I thank God every day.. This isn’t one of my issues, but, if you need a Dr. who can perform an operation you must have, you can’t trust the VA.

    1. Jo3n,

      They are talking about shes, Hes and its. So all of them combined in general or lets just call them what they are S, H, its in general.

    1. Omg, that is what I told all my friends, that Killary was a male at birth lmao.
      Great job.

  6. I see the State of Wisconsin and the VA are playing a new game of hunt down and get the Whistle Blowers.

    “Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs investigating employee who raised concerns about King home”, KATELYN FERRAL | The Capital Times, Nov 8, 2016


    1. In an updated story.

      “John Scocos to resign as Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs secretary, KATELYN FERRAL | The Capital Times | Nov 10, 2016

      “Scocos is set to leave office Jan. 7, 2017. He “offered his resignation to the governor to pursue other opportunities,” said Walker spokesman Tom Evenson.”

      “The resignation comes in the midst of an audit at the state’s largest nursing home, the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King. The home, along with two others, are run by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Lawmakers approved an audit in September after the Cap Times reported concerns about the quality of care there. Scocos has repeatedly denied concerns raised in the story, citing the nursing home’s consistently high ratings on its care of veterans from the federal government.”


      1. My personal feelings on the Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs is that anyone who works there is totally corrupted and all of them work against Veterans.

      2. A little history on what the Whistle Blower pointed out.

        “State inspectors issue citations to Wisconsin Veterans Home at King, including 38 instances of medical errors”, KATELYN FERRAL | The Capital Times | Oct 17, 2016


        Lets not forget the blind eyes the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs turned on Candyland and the Candyman.

        Of course Candyland is still in the news.

        “Sen. Ron Johnson asks Tomah VA director for information on resident death, homeless program”, KATELYN FERRAL | The Capital Times | Oct 27, 2016


      3. Any one interested in what is happening in Wisconsin right now a great website is at:


        The Websites tag line is “Radio Free Wisconsin — A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country.”

      4. What really makes this story interesting is the fact that there is the 26 worst charity foundations in the United States involved with all of the nursing homes and at Tomah, aka Candyland.

        All the money received by the state of Wisconsin was being routed through the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs who then provided grants and aid to a foundations named “Veterans Assistance Foundation”.

        The foundation operations on average paid out $83 of each $100 raised leaving $17 to go for state funded programs for Veterans. Strait up kickback scheme tide to the Governor Scott Walker.

        Also Bill I do know what you mean about the same story in Grand Rapids MI. The Veterans who are the least able to speak up and be heard are the Veterans who are being abused the most. Everyone needs to look into their states Veterans Nursing homes.

  7. Elf and Namnibor,

    Great Video you have to see it.


  8. I watched a documentary on sex change. First they use Cadavers to get the skin needed, like those from individuals who donate their bodies to science/medical research & second at least for women who want to be male, the doctor came out of the surgery & gave the partner a thumbs up with her small hand stating I was able to make it that big – Good enough to pee with.

  9. Any word yet on the janitorial crew selection for the OIG Washington D.C. VA conference rooms? Did they get the pidgeon problem flushed out?

    1. I think they may have figured that one out. After they found that it wasn’t pigeon poo that was staining the carpet they replaced it and started issuing disposable drop cloths to VA SES personal to use when they feel the need for release of their exhibitionist urge.

      The problem is now that with the added expense of the drop cloths and the SES employees all wanting to try the newly designed Dick Bedazzler for the post surgical addadicktome patients. The VA is running out of rhinestones and will have to start ordering diamonds instead to meet the standards of SES employees.

      1. I urge EXTREME CAUTION when attempting to use a VHA Dick Bedazzler. Like the new hep C treatment concocted by a VA doctor it might have side effects. He used the same batteries as Samsung on their latest phones.

        When a phone catches on fire Samsung will replace it immediately.
        From the article I would expect another wait list for the,replacement needed here.

        You might need the Choice Program to deal with battery fire in the DB.
        In case of fire while wearing a VA DB, the VA will immediately ship you burn cream. Bob’s goal is to get that cream to you in ten days. I would say hold on, but maybe you,shouldnt touch it. Those batteries get smoking hot.

        Just trying here to be a part of the solution.

  10. The truth is that Robbie was having trouble using his hands after his latest push for more pocket pool clearance. So he was unable to sign and file the proper patents for the Penile Bedazzler for the post surgical addadicktome patients and he screwed up the patent for the Gerbil insertion tubes for the loopitoffofme patients. Seems there are several suits filed for copyrights on the Gerbil inserter claiming it is no different from the anal variant of the tube.

    Robbie doesn’t appear to be to happy these days and still feeling like he is being cheated out of the Veterans Choice Dollars. Here he is after a losing game of pocket pool putting in a last ditch effort to obtain that very rare unataineim Choice Dollars for more pocket pool.

    “Changes at the VA”


    1. This just in!

      White House, spokespersons within the LGBT community say the community is up in arms and going to protest. The she, He and its that are waiting for this promised reassignment surgeries are now being placed on a wait list. The LGBT are concerned that the She, He and its will be place on the shit list waiting for care like any other Veteran.

      There is also the fact that at some VA Medical facilities they might get confused. That the she, he and its on the shit list might be confused with the listing for Veterans on the Disruptive Behavior list.

      Speaking of Shit lists I see the big floater from the cesspool is retiring with full benefits.

      “VA executive running ‘shameless’ charity to retire with full benefits”, By Drew Griffin and David Fitzpatrick, CNN


      1. He is only retiring because nobody has the guts to prosecute him.

        Or the NY AG is looking at charging him, and he’s retiring before any conviction to protect those full benefits.

  11. WOW! I didn’t know the VA were giving sex change operations. And I get refused for a Synvisc-one injection for a knee injury.

    1. They don’t. “Officials at the Department of Veterans Affairs have indicated its budget will no longer afford sex change operations for veterans seeking the procedure” is inflammatory and misleading.

      1. How is it misleading? They announced they would do so, then announced their budget would not support it because they were illegally misappropriating funds to carry out their asinine scheme.

        They only came to their senses because they realized a new administration would likely go after them for doing so.

  12. Small correction Ben.

    When a person goes to the VA for anything other than a hang nail is putting their life at risk.

    The va over prescribed me drugs which caused my bp to crash. Resulting in myself passing out. The fall caused spinal cord displasia.

    I spent 45 minutes with a dr last week he spent a large portion of that time convincing me to try a mild narcotic for pain relief. I finally gave up and said ok I will try it. Yesturday I was informed I had to take a piss test to prove I do not abuse drugs.

    So the morale to this story is I was forcibly admitted to in patient mental care. I was over perscribed drugs there where I passed out and had to be rushed to a civilian hospital at 3:00am they broke me and needed real dr’s to fix me. I now have a foreverar painful injury that was caused by VA malpractice from which I am in constant pain and the only way these einsteins will help me with the pain is to PROVE to the VA that I am not a drug abuser.

    End of a long story is I told them to keep their F#####ing drugs. I am not sure what I was thinking about agreeing to take their drugs.

    1. the real tip off there wa when the doc boiled the drug in a spoon and then offered you his own needle man…

    2. I was once told by a VSO, to accept all meds VHA physicians prescribed. Only, his next statement was, quote; “You don’t have to take them!”
      Since then, I’ve taken only the meds for my eyes. They’re eye drops to prevent glaucoma and high pressure!
      Although the ‘optometrist’ said I’m “glaucoma suspect”, he’s refusing to acknowledge this could be connected to an eye injury sustained while in Vietnam.
      I’ve also had “complications” from meds prescribed by VHA physicians. The last one(s) were given to me for my prostate. They caused ‘acid reflux’ and then ‘dangerously high blood pressure’! It should be noted, not one healthcare provider ever checked my prostate, ever?
      I believe the VHA should be completely overhauled with physicians who graduated at the top of their class, not the bottom. Plus, no physicians, physicians assistants, nurses or any other healthcare professionals should be hired from “third world countries”!

      1. Crazy elf- The VA Dr.’s would have only checked your prostate when they found their tongue suppressors and discovered when a patient says “AHHH” there’s a strong chance of rectal splinters from the tongue suppressors.
        (in other words, they do not know which side is up, so sex changes should be approached with much trepidation)

  13. To be honest, I don’t believe it’s due to the “money issue”! I believe, as Ben does, it’s due to the “current wave” of who’s going to be in the next administration, from POTUS on down to Governorships!
    The ‘tide has shifted’. Our time to act on all the incompetence and dereliction of duties committed by VA employees will/should begin 21 Jan 2017! If y’all have the proof VA employees committed crimes, we should take advantage of the situation ASAP!
    That’s my opinion, PERIOD!

    1. Get this…Obama said he is now going to remain living in D.C. for a couple years until his daughter is out of school. I bet you that is more about his future attempts at being a vocal fly in the ointment ex-president…right from the very swamp Trump wants to drain, a crocodile will literally be waiting. Anyone else find it odd Obama’s going to remain in D.C.? (was just on CBS This Morning)
      What I take from this is Obama is going to be ramping-up the Democrat’s Lobbyists, nothing more….well, maybe further fanning the flames of social dissent, he’s good at that as well.

      1. Rumors I’ve read say Mr O. is going to be recommended to fill the justice seat at the supreme court, him being a constitutional expert.

      2. Obama may indeed be staying in DC. A man seeks a place until he finds one he likes. He could seek his friends in Chicago that got him elected but I don’t expect he likes prisons just to hang with buddies.

        D.C. seems a great spot to like. A guy from the Chicago political machine might just like the much higher stakes game played in D.C. Besides can you imagine all the late,night cash drops are involved here??? Picking up just three truckloads of cash can take all night! You can”t fault him if hemneeds a few years to to clean all that money up.

        Think about the children! They might find a stash and play with it if he isn’t getting them all cleaned up in the D.C. and Quantico Virginia area. Some are dug in prettty deep, not counting the casket drops, but ir a childshould get their hands on that stuff my god there is no telling where that money has been. So Obama needs time. Keep your kids inside

        It warms the heart to see the spirit of giving in this most precisous season of giving thanks and Presidential Pardons. Like a pie named America, and the slices named “Pardon” it just takes a little time to cook up a really good one.

        America is not a pie, but between now and Jan. 1 it might seem that way because I forsee slices of it being handed out to even the ones who have already eaten to much of that pie.

        Bye bye Miss American Pie….

      3. You know Dennis, you might be on to something.

        How much do you think Hillary is offering in Foundation cash for a pardon?

    2. What I cannot fathom about this is how they thought they could get away with spending money on something when the funding was not appropriated by Congress. Clearly they were going to do so anyway, and only stepped back, as you said, because of the next administration.

      If Granny would have been installed in the WH, you can bet it would have been business as usual at the VA, and these elective surgeries would have gone ahead no matter where the funding came from.

      It also tells me those in Congress with oversight responsibility have already started this reassignment process. That has to be the case because they are such nutless wonders.

  14. Not to worry: The VA is awaiting funding for the Mr. Potato Toy Training Kits in which all VA Sex Reassignment Surgeons will be proficient first on the plastic Mr. Potatoes and only once a 46% passing rate, and only then, real potatoes will be used with the VA Mr. Potato Kits, and upon 56% passing, with most potatoes surviving such tests, then will Veterans wanting their own salad tossed, and the VA has the funding to do so, will the procedures proceed. **Not to be confused with regular VA surgeons, whom practice on the “Operation” Game, red buzzer, and all*, these are very special potatoes.
    What pisses me off about this is as much as this costs and supposedly the VA and Active Military have over 100,000 men and woman wanting sex reassignment; it begs to question just WHY there’s Vets out there STILL waiting for prosthetics, wheelchairs, and yes, needed healthcare, BUT changing one’s sex is somehow considered *service connected*?
    I am probably more open minded than most but this is liberalism on steroids. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!!!!!

    1. Unfortunately the new Operation Game training kits arrived at VA but they are still stacked in a storage room – nobody knows how to turn them on and at $325,000 paid for each set it is embarrassing. They will probably sell them off for just a few bucks.

    2. To be clear: The VA needs to practice successfully changing Mr. Potatoes into Mrs. Potatoes and reverse and back again before human experiments can proceed.
      Prognosis: A heap of mashed potatoes with lumps.

    3. Great comment Dennis, This really pisses me off. To think that the VA has the bucks for a sex change operation but we get 1960s drugs & equipment. I can’t even get a shoulder replacement, in fact, they won’t even treat my shoulders any longer. C’MON Trump! You can stop these rat bastards because if you won’t…I WILL!

      1. He’s not going to stop anyone. The VA is crap, and will always be crap. No one can drain that swamp. Decades of fecal matter and everyone seems to get sucked in. Once Trump is in office, all talk of the VA being the worst agency will change will change when he learns the policies and that the United States is liable for the VA negligence. Good lord. He will be in the trenches with the DOJ.

  15. Clearly the evidence upon review indicated that VHA was unable to perform this surgery. I think this is a great admission and is frankly unprecedented. At the very least it is a GREAT first step! Now we just need to examine the evidence on the other surguries and medical procedure VHA cannot safely perform for lack of expertise like; gall bladder, heart, lings, kidney, liver, ingrown toenails, hernia, dental, orthopedic, and female reproductive services.

    I think this shows great intellectual homesty on their part, although I do have to wonder if the surgeons here in Roseburg correctly identify gender on the operating table without an open reference book? My own clinic has suggested nuetering and has aggressively persued that option on my behalf (it is a close cousin to transgener reassignement), and the task falls of course to the Disruptive Behavior Committee, but when they took me to surgery it got cancelled – there was Hostess cream filling noticed on the surgical tools.

    Thiw is a great day! VHA has begun the list of surgeries that are too dangerous to perform and it starts with mankinds most precious possesion (no, not life itself man…it is something dangling)! Now that VHA is gonna leave all pf the peckers alone, let us keep up the pressure to stop them reassigning other body functions like breathing and heartbeat. This could really build momentum!

    1. …and NO! I do not think it was a slime ball play to win votes at election time to dangle the option in front of vets. Who could sink so low?

  16. Clearly it doesn’t work. Bob went from a pussy, to a dick, to an ass in a short period of time. Talk about a trifecta! He is almost outta there anyway. A complete douchebag that disgraces the WestPoint mantra needs his ass kicked , “Gangnam Style”

    1. In the Marine Corps we didn’t kick ass of our fellows who screwed the pooch – we had blanket parties.


  17. With nurses, pharmacists and physicians assistants now being considered as primary care physicians. They must have run into problems trying to hire the guy from the mall that does piercings to do the reassignment surgeries.

    After all if you can’t trust the piercer from the mall to do Loopitoffofme or Addadicktome surgery for the VA who are you going to trust at the VA? Robert McDonald?

    1. When I was drafted into the Army in 1970 it was illegal to be gay, trans, etc, ect.

      Then came Don’t ask – Don’t tell.

      Then new laws came out that approved of He, She, It’s; and it was discrimination not to accept them.

      I’m glad I got out before they made it mandatory via UCMJ to be a He, She, It.

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