4th Of July – A Day For A Veteran Tribute

4th of July

I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a fantastic 4th of July and to thank you, my readers, for continuing to grow the reach we have from this platform.

This year, we have accomplished a great deal ranging from direct talks to the VA Secretary to exposing a massive 25,000 veteran TBI scandal where unqualified doctors blew off TBI assessments.

For every good step forward, VA seems to take two steps back.

Most recently, VA hired a known Agent Orange denier to head up the entire Veterans Benefits Administration as its acting Under Secretary. Thomas Murphy is the man in question.

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While that is very disappointing, let’s take a minute to pause this 4th of July to at least focus on the best thing about VA, the veterans it serves and their amazingly supportive families.

Without all of you, our country would be speaking a different language. It is my belief that the fear of our military and its organized veteran population is what keeps aggressive foreign soldiers away.

No doubt subversive attempts within VA to attack us has resulted in many brothers and sisters being harmed, killed, or at least significantly distracted. We need to blast through those subversives while continuing to focus on our lifelong primary goal of keeping the country a free country.

Happy 4th of July.

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  2. I appreciate you, Ben. You are one of the few remaining elements of the free press, a vital part of our democracy. Your fight for truth and transparency within the VA has resulted in positive changes. Good investigative journalists these days are having their words shaped by corporate interests. I’m glad to know you are not among them. Happy Independence Day!

  3. To my fellow Americans and honored guest of America,

    I would like to use this forum on his day to reaffirm my oaths I took. One upon enlisting for the Marine Corps. One upon enlisting for the Oregon Army National Guard. One I took upon entry to Officer Candidate School.

    Each substantially was a gift to my country of my loyalty to its ideals and also a pledge that forever as long as my heart beats in my chest that I will fulfill my pledge. With this pledge I secure my honor only by action, service, and if necessary sacrifice.

    On this 4th of July, our sacred Nation birthday, I once again Pledge upon my sacred honor to uphold and defend the Constitution of The United States of America against all enemies, domestic and foreign. So help me God.

    America has done so much for me, I will go to my grave to uphold the ideals that she represents and gift a good and clean American to those children drawing breath gor the first time today. In so doing I can do my part to make ensure that the air they breath is free. I may tire. I may fall. I may fail. But I will never forget my vow, and I will not quit. Enemies of the Constitution of the United States are my sworn enemy.

    My hope is to honor the title that I was given from my own first breath. The most coveted title in the world; I am an American. God bless America.

  4. First. Thank you Ben and others. !

    To day we celebrate our independence. As a nation. !

    We. Veterans have not seen our independence and the freedom’s other Americans enjoy. !

    We.still are fighting for our right’s as Americans to live our lives free. Not in fear !

    I like the phrase used in the movie independence day. Today we fight for our right to be free men and we will not go quietly into the night. !

    Veterans will always have the mind set. If our citizens are in danger they will respond. !

    Veterans are in danger and we the veterans. Will not go quietly into the dark. As long as were being attacked. !

    Today we celebrate. For our children to be free and for that I thank you and our active duty members. !

    Tomarrow. Were will continue the battle. For our future veterans. !

  5. Happy 4th of July to everyone. Be safe and enjoy today!

    Here’s a couple articles out today.
    From “WND Radio”
    Posted about 12 hours ago by Greg Corombos


    “Obama’s Transgender Policy ‘Devastating’ Military”

    (With a radio show excerpt) Detailing how a VERY small group can decide how our military will be.


    From, “Personal Liberty”
    Posted on July 4, 2016
    by Bob Livingston


    “A Declaration of Independence for today”

    This one smacks of truth and the injustices we face currently within our “Sovereign Nation”!
    Our citizens are going to be facing hard decisions in the coming months. Let’s hope, and pray, for the right ones!
    240 years ago, a small “band of brothers” committed to “Independence” from the most powerful country in the world. Has this “Science Experiment”, as Ben Franklin called it, gone to the wayside? Are our ‘Liberties’ being extinguished? Are we not a “Free People ” allowed “by our Creator certain inalienable rights”? Has our government become more powerful than the “Founding Fathers” imagined, or designed?
    It will be for ALL the people of this “Constitutional Republic” to decide! I hope and pray those decisions are well thought out!?!?!

    1. Thank you Crazy Elf, I read the 2) Item and it’s amazing.
      Everyone have a safe and productive Independence Day.
      Ask any person under 40 why we Celebrate today and you might be amazed their reaction and answers.

  6. Happy Independence Day!!!!!
    We celebrate because of the sacrifices of veterans…..
    Thank you for your passion about the veteran subject!!!!

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