This £4000 Documentary Hits Back On Britain’s Offshore Banking Secrets

Veterans wondering how our resources are used to bolster certain offshore banking systems should look into Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire.

I watched this a few weeks ago while up late one night. After living in England, I always wondered about the history of the City of London vs London and why there were two different entities within the same city. Watching this, I definitely came away with some perspective about the banking system England created within its island systems.

I realize this is a total deviation from what I normally write about, and I plan to start highlighting the non-VA research I look at that helps inform me about finance and how these various systems operate that implicate financial deals some bureaucrats make use of from time to time.

The Department of Veterans Affairs frequently contracts with former US-based companies that make use of exotic financial or tax incentives by moving their corporate headquarters overseas. Meanwhile, we pay them with taxpayer dollars that they themselves are exempt from paying. VA darling Medtronic is a great example.

Now, imagine if we could get the documentary team who created this documentary to also create one exposing the great fraud that is the Department of Veterans Affairs? For £4000, I bet we can easily raise that kind of money to push forward our agenda.

What do you think?

From YouTube:

Today, up to half of global offshore wealth is hidden in British jurisdictions and Britain and its dependencies are the largest global players in the world of international finance.

The Spider’s Web was written, directed and produced by Michael Oswald, you can sponsor his future films on Patreon:…

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The Spider’s Web was substantially inspired by Nicholas Shaxson’s book Treasure Islands.

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  1. Hmmm, it took a long time for them to weave this web and I don’t know it it will ever all be uncovered. Someone like Glenn Beck could to it, but would he want to? He figured out the liberal agenda and what was happening in the last administration and he laid out a pretty clear idea of what was going on. Thought he would be permanently silenced because of it, but…We need to get a lot of the people who are entrenched in Federal Agencies out and put people in that can do the job. That’s the main problem…need to clean house. If I were Trump, I would personally fire the top 5 people in all his federal agencies unless they were his choices (well some of them need to go as well)…If we don’t expose it now, it will never be exposed, but really who can do it like it needs to be done…:-(

  2. Ben, I would donate to a fund to expose VA but then folks might think that I had a bias when I write my honest and open personal observstions about VA integrity.

  3. Investigate the LGY Loan Guaranty service!!!!!! They are doing a huge fraud and I got the proof.

    They are foreclosing veterans and turning around and selling the houses for 23,30,50% discount to non veteran entities

      1. Mine is about to, but I am not making it easy for them, even if they foreclose I already initiated the appeal process, I will uncover these crooks, Loan Guaranty Officer John Heil is one of them!

        Don’t give up! Fight for your benefits l, if not for you, for the veteran next to you!

  4. Investigating the VA money laundromat isn’t enough. Research from the bottom up is far more difficult than top down. A forensic accountant’s examination of tax, banking/regulatory changes over the last 30 years would be required for a full picture of what mechanisms have been engineered. Then, agencies/entities, including the VA would fit into more identifiable buckets, thus excluding the noise of financial frauds other that VA contracting, of which I am convinced there are many. I am also quite convinced that in analyzing the engineering/lobbying of financial criminality, you’ll find bi-partisan participation. Meanwhile, the rest of us are allowed – nay – encouraged to be distracted by partisan conflict while the money changers go un-noticed, hiding in plain sight.

    1. Dutch banker Ronald Bernard exposes “The Elite”

  5. Great find Ben!
    The saddest part is in even needing such documentarial exposure for VA’s persistent sleights of hand in any/all department areas.

  6. Set up a fund. I would be one of the first to contribute to the $5,260.90 you have estimated would be required in the article.

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