Blue Water Navy Veterans Lawsuit

Advocates Sue VA Secretary Over Delaying Blue Water Claims

VA Secretary Robert Wilkie is being sued over his decision to delay adjudication of long-awaited Blue Water claims for Navy veterans until 2020.

The lawsuit, filed Monday at the Federal Circuit, argues Wilkie lacks the authority to delay claims until 2020, which is the timeline he set in a memorandum decision letter earlier this month.

“We are working to ensure that we have the proper resources in place to meet the needs of our Blue Water veteran community and minimize the impact on all veterans filing for disability compensation,” Wilkie said in the statement on July 5.

The decision to delay came after a major win for Blue Water veterans at the Federal Circuit in a case known as Principio v Wilkie after Congress passed the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019. The language of the Act narrowed the applicability of Principio.

Wilkie then cited the new Act as the basis for him to further delay adjudicating the benefits adjudications for the elderly veterans long-waiting for benefits.

Military Veterans Advocacy

Head of Military Veterans Advocacy, John Wells, was one of the advocates who led the charge for Principio after Congress failed to pass the supporting legislation.

Only after Principio became law through a win at the Federal Circuit did the Big Six VSOs really step forward to pass legislation with the House Committee on Veterans Affairs.

The VSOs were involved in the past, but the political will to pass legislation only magically appeared after the agency’s position was overturned. Now, the agency’s position to deny was repeatedly deemed as lacking “merit” by the Court calling into question why the political will did not manifest until after litigation was required.

Is the new legislation merely a device to further delay, deny, defend?

Wells revoked his support for the new legislation smartly noting how the language of the Act would needlessly narrow entitlement away from the language in the Federal Circuit opinion. Congress is now paying attention after VA grabbed onto language in the Act to support further adjudication delays.

But this seems to be an instance of too little too late. Why did the Big Six use legislation after the Court decided the matter?

Wells now argues VA lacks the authority to delay adjudication further.

“We are asking the court to intercede and allow these claims to proceed in accordance with federal law,” Wells said. “It is unconscionable to create more delays and stumbling blocks for veterans whose health and longevity are at stake.”

Senators Rally

Senators are now calling on VA to treat the adjudications more urgently since the average age of impacted veterans is 73 years old.

According to Stars and Stripes:

Sens. Kristen Gillibrand, D-N.Y., and Steve Daines, R-Mont., sent a letter to Wilkie, decrying his decision as “disheartening and unnecessary.” Eleven other senators signed another letter that requested the VA make decisions on claims for Blue Water Navy veterans “with as much urgency as possible.”

“Issuing a stay on the resolution of all benefits decisions will only needlessly delay the delivery of critical health care and contribute to an influx of claims that could be more appropriately managed if processors could begin their work now,” the senators wrote.

The letter was signed by Sens. Jon Tester, D-Mont.; Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio; Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn.; Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii; Patty Murray, D-Wash.; Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.; Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii; Bob Casey Jr., D-Penn.; Gary Peters, D-Mich.; Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.; and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.

Military Veterans Advocacy Press Release

What follows in italics is the press release from Wells’ organization:

Military Veterans Advocacy (MVA) this morning filed suit in the Federal Court of Appeals asking the judges to eliminate a stay of benefits order issued by Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie earlier this month.

At issue is the processing of benefits claims from U.S. Navy veterans who served in the territorial seas and harbors of Vietnam and were thus exposed to Agent Orange, a toxic herbicide linked to numerous long-term health issues. Despite both court victories and new legislation signed by President Donald Trump in June that authorizes the restoration of these benefits, Wilkie on July 8 issued a stay order, prohibiting the processing of these veterans’ claims.

Last week, MVA and other advocacy groups wrote to Wilkie asking him to rescind the stay order. He has yet to respond.

“There are myriad legal reasons why this stay is unlawful,” said Cdr. John Wells (USN, Ret.), executive director of MVA. “We are asking the Court to intercede and allow these claims to proceed in accordance with federal law and with the Procopio v. Wilkie decision handed down by the Court earlier this year. It is unconscionable to create more delays and stumbling blocks for veterans whose health and longevity are at stake.”

Next Steps

So, did the Big Six muck it up? Should they have let well enough alone since the Court decision provided a relatively clear path for veterans to get the benefits they need?

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  1. @Nexdeceptus,
    Aren’t we special now?
    We haven’t been referred to as PATIENTS in our VHA medical records for many years now, and where it was written as “pt”, has been changed to the now standard “vet”. Given that. are we now just ‘customers’? Will our VHA medical records now state i.e. “ct” presents with …?
    IMO, and given the way many veterans are “treated”, “handled”, and “fleeced” financially when seeking EARNED medical care from VHA, I think this definition fits perfectly the new scheme to befall us.
    cus·tom·er (kŭs′tə-mər)
    1. One that buys goods or services, as from a store or business.
    2. Informal An individual with whom one must deal: That teacher is a tough customer.

  2. VA do all your research on Blue Water and other clear-cut matters. We Veterans have allowed you and other Offices & Departments to take their good ole time.

    Having full assurance that you’re surely putting Veterans first. A change in heart and urgency is needed.

    A Forensic Audit would reveal what the VA really is, showing areas of possibly needing reviewed & reformed.

    By performing such a thorough audit, will clearly draw a picture or image of why a certain area in VA needs to bechanged. Unknown numbers will reveal much.

    You’d think the smart ones would be thinking & talking on this same level. Eye opening isn’t it?

    VA; the carer of Veterans.

    Right after VA takes care of VA employees first.

    I personally want to thank the VA for all its documented scheming behaviors & actions.

    They some cold mf’ers.

    1. Hey Nutter! Wanna laugh so hard you’ll Puke? *””*

      1. Hey, “Nex”,
        Just got done reading that article. I left a comment on it as well. Basically, calling Wilkie a freaking LIAR!
        Yep, got one hell of a laugh this sunday morning.

      2. Haven’t read it yet.

        Conclusion; VA provides derivatives of benefit and healthcare. Fake; because their terrible at structured and monitoring of services of care. Reminds me of something else on how it is built.

  3. Personal Off Topic Comment

    My Veteran Ladies and Gentlemen, I find a lot of lacking, in the making of any sense within the matters of the VA.

    Like the common sense has been removed out or something. Which can truly take a negative mental toll in trying to fully understanding the VA.

    With the current VA leadership, and the VA Committee Overseers, the Senators, and the CongressCritters, plus the sum of the past 10 to 20 year increase in VA alloted monies, . . .

    you’ll most likely find that there are huge far away spreading gaps in the VA system, which hinders the needs of many 21st Century Veteran’s, their caretakers, service animals, and the special needs of Veterans.

    The VA is an imploding clusterfuck, and still built on the premise of lets try this or that by adding more of the . . .


    A lot of transparency could be exposed, by performing a VA THOROUGH FORENSIC AUDIT.

    An audit would be revealing. But comolex too.

  4. Now at 5% of a $200 Billion that’d = $10 Billion a year.

    An thorough Forensic Audit isn’t out of the question and should be brought to the table.

    One area of the VA that is neglected are for homebound and in-home Patient Veterans. These Veterans have special.needs.

    And the VA falls short in being a disservice for Veterans that require services at their residence. This is for the homebound or in-home services that homebound Veterans need.

    Hey VA leadership and Federal.Agency as a whole, the DoD, the DoJ, the FBI, the Congress, the Senate, and you Sir in the Oval Office . . .


  5. Off Topic – I’ve been on “” for a couple years or so now. And I wish someone of VA leadership and influence would take this righteously serious.

    And from my experience, since the allotment of VA monies aren’t tracked for the purpose of micro or even sub-micro managing, I suspect that the yearly VA allotted budget, that there may be or at least a 3%-9% waste, and let me tell ya . . .


    So number wise, and from an extrmemely conservative lean on the number, there could be a calculate 3% of the VA’s annual allotted budget that maybe of in waste.


    If the VA’s yearly budget is $200 Billion/year . . .

    the 3% of the yearly budget wasted could be as much as $6 Billion/year.

    VA needs an Auditing platform that completely monitors and manages its operations and related expenditures.

    QUESTION; Didn’t ex-VA Secretary David Shulkin or a previous Secretary, state in the past that the VA has areas of operations, that would be considered a concern, but the VA didn’t know where to start for the purpose of identifying these areas?

    This tells me that when any organization is funded, and those monies are moved or transacted for a certain reason, that these expenditures can be not only monitored but also plotted, so as to expose areas that need to be reviewed, than monitored, so as to better manage alloted monies.

    So as I see it, there’s at least a possible $6 Billion of wasted taxpayers monies, monies to help Veterans, family, and caregivers, or other special services the Veteran required.

    Not looking for a mere conservative $6 Billion, that could be of wasted monies a year, . . .

    tells me that the VA leadership and Federal Agency as a whole, the DoD, and the overseeing Veteran Committee are lacking in accountability, and in doing so being fully transparent on . . .

    how the VA is monitored and managed, and . . .

    what those monies were exactly use for.

    The tighter and more focal the budget transparency of the VA, there’s multi-billion $$$ being wasted every year inside the VA.

    And then there’s this matter, and then that matter which primarily deals in alloted monies, and these monies are loosly manageed, whch then clouds the accuracy of the VA being monitored.

    Just where in the hell are the leadership that oversees the VA, and why aren’t they yelling foul?

    Micro-managing is what the VA needs. There’s billions of $$$’s being thrown away. Poof, gone.

  6. Check out this article:

  7. Pertains to Most Posts – like Blue Water, why do Veterans always have to fight for a mere bite of a slice from a loaf of bread. Why do Veterans always receiving crumbs, while the leaders & VA overseers are eating a thick Weber grilled juicy steak.

    Can we at least have some mixed greens, coleslaw, potatoe, macaroni or 3-bean salads?

    Have a good weekend folks. Damn I put those stool softeners somewhere.

  8. Pertains to Most Posts – like Blue Water, why do Veterans always have to fight for a mere bite of a slice from a loaf of bread. Why do Veterans always receiving crumbs, while the leaders & VA overseers are eating a thick Weber grilled juicy steak.

    Can we at least have some mixed greens, coleslaw, potatoe, macaroni or 3-bean salads?

  9. @Jim Clement – hoping all is going well with you & the laying to rest of your precious Erica. Just had you on my mind Jim bro. Prayers of comfort and strength.

  10. State Department Of Veterans Affairs Wants Vets To Use Registry
    Wednesday, July 24th 2019, 4:11 PM CDT
    By: Aaron Brilbeck

    Yes and the Nazis wanted the Jews registered too

  11. IQ have been abused by staff members at Philadelphia VA Hospital the ordeal was unreal I had to have surgery. Those responsible I still working at the hospital on 5 West . No one wanted to believe that this could happen there but it did I had to have surgery after being abused. It’s impossible I have placed a claim to be compensated for all the pain the misery that I have been doing the lack of trust the Lost of trust they even be at VA hospital now something else so until we get them in office that will look out for the veterans. Veterans are in danger especially them of age.

  12. The “American Legion” is needing new members. Check this article out;
    Even the VFW is getting in on recruiting 25,000 new members.
    Could this mean more poor representation in Washington D.C.?
    Just because their ranks swell, doesn’t mean our representation gets better!

    1. True Elf, none of them give a real hoot about serious issues and fear the machines locally, state or federally. Doesn’t matter the issue. BW vets, USS Liberty crew, suicides over the years, to the spread of contaminants by weather all over the place/world the US wants contained in small areas for gaming and denying.

      “New accountability office hasn’t made a dent in VA’s ‘culture of retaliation,’ whistleblowers say”


      Delay, deny, delay more, wait, oh things are changing… oops wrong… deny deny and delay more… ignore all those terrorist veteran whiners. Body count of suicides… secret or manipulated and lied about.

      Indiana needs nuked, the only saving grace from it all.

    2. I went to an American Legion a couple times, thinking I’d join. I thought I was at KKK rally. I didn’t join.

  13. Sick Indiana vet having mental health crisis walking down the highway the va denied to see him with the police needed a court order they care my ass!!!

    google 5 years after the VA waitlist scandal, Congress grills VA leaders on progress

  14. At least the Blue Water vets have a start date. Caregivers on the other hand have to wait until VA fixes their IT problem because theisystem cant handle more than a few thousand people. I say NUTS. It’s just a stall tactic for both groups of DISABLED veterans. I scream disabled because it is significantly less than the number of overall veterans. The VA has an IT system for 20 plus million veterans. They also have an IT system for almost 4 million DISABLED veterans. But they can’t handle less than 100,000 CAREGIVERS on the IT system? They can’t get Blue Water vets the disability benefits they have been fighting for for over 40 years???
    It took our government mere months to pass and implement tax cuts for people and corporations worth billions. Our government is showing that the people who serve, get injured, and die mean nothing to our country.

    1. Jerry M:With my research I found the VA has 15 to 18 different computer systems. Some are connected by netwks. Most are not compatible with each other. I would suspect VA is trying to connect but at last chk, I only found, “. . . they are(were) attempting to connect . . . VA has some issue with employing Vets that have computer experience from their military service.”
      Trust me, I’m a Vet with too much education that VA paid for and now I too old and retired, plus they can’t afford my services.

    2. JM;
      An additional item: I suffer from AO exposure as a BWS, Two tours to Vietnam and especially Da Nang Harbor.
      Oh, one other thing to keep in mind: One of the largest exports Vietnam sends to the USA is land
      based farmed Shrimp. Think about the amount of AO residue still in the ground and water system used to raise shrimp or any other agricultural products. Just a bit of info to take into account when you order shrimp at your local eattery . . .! You can ask the establishment where they source their food from as a way of not eating contaminated foods.

  15. What is taking so long to help the Blue Water Vets. Is they have to come up with a way to take whatever they give to them back.while its in the news they will do something but as soon as all the hype dies down they will take as much as possible back.I know,thats what they did to me,gave me 100% disability for recurring (thats RECURRING as I have had it several times RECURRING)bladder cancer from the Lejeune contaminated they say I have shown improvement with the RECURRING bladder cancer so they want to drop me to 60% disability. I have an appeal in but figure its not going to get approved.How do you show improvement with something that keeps coming back over and over.No one I have talked to can answer that question,and I’ve called any and every number I can find,and as per the V.A. no one can answer any questions.

  16. Wilkie is responsible for the delays and the sequela.

    Plain and simple, the court said to get off your butt so he drags his ass? If Google is evil, Wilkie is EVIL.

    Just saying it out loud, there no time for whispering the truth.

    Wilkie is hurting us. How many will continue to suffer?

  17. Frustrated by what appears to me to be mindless confusion regarding BW claim issues (or any VA claim for that matter) that have been proven to be valid and then this delay in processing these claims.
    For the BW claims, granted the DOD needs to participate and make the location of these ships available in order to submit a valid claim, but then once this has occurred, the VA needs to do its job. What is so difficult and confusing about this simple process “Submit claim, substantiate validity, provide compensation”. Quelle salade!

    I find reading the “Dilbert” comedy strip everyday helps to put this type of ridiculous mismanagement into prospective. Just saying – you have to laugh at the insanity.

    Peace Out

  18. This is occurring right now on Capitol Hill:

  19. Veterans you say that Secretary of Veterans Affairs Wilke can do what the President Donald Trump won’t be able to find out in long run.

  20. There is an additional problem with the blue water veterans claims which you are your readers are not addressing. In order to obtain the benefits, there has to be proof that a ship was actually off the coast of Vietnam. Veterans’ records normally does not have that information. Locations/nautical grids can only come from DoD. Until DoD releases a listing of ships in the affected area, the VA cannot proceed on the claim. After all, you would not want to give benefits to a veteran if his ship was in dry dock or if the ship was in the Atlantic or the Med. that would not be fair to the affected veterans.

    1. No all they would have to do is show that they transported Agent orange or had hands on with the canisters of same. Thats an open and closed item.

  21. Veterans should we President Donald Trump Staff not checking not checking on Secretary of Veterans Affairs Wilkie.

  22. One Dem and one Rep sent a letter to Wilkie “decrying” the delay. Then eleven senators sent a letter to Wilkie demanding he overturn the delay, all Dems. Thirteen out of 100. Where are the rest of them? Where is the GOP Senate majority? Where is the Dem majority House?

  23. Veterans listen up our Secretary of Veterans Affairs nobody has his telephone number or email so hear Veterans how to improve Veterans Health Care.

  24. the vet in the lawsuit will be dead by next year ! shame shame shame! Delay denie and medicate till they die!

    There needs to be a class action over this opiod crisis emails came out the pharma admitting the pills are addicting get them out there.

    VA fortwayne found guilty of making veterans opiod dependant the va dr are ruing lives breaking the law and noone held accountable as there fuck ups are buried 6 ft under while they get millions in bonuses.

    Frustrated with a broken system and its broken promises

    1. I realize your frustration, but because a system that is corrupt in allowing hundreds of millions of dollars with Fentanyl to be shipped through the U.S. mail from China. Not to mention a boarder that is a conduit for heroin and cocaine, along with other pharmaceuticals from across the world. As far as the V.A. being the scapegoat for big pharma several years ago maybe. Because of the abuse by those who choose to take illegal drugs ( those not prescribed to them) We now have created a Healthcare system that is fearful of administering a aspirin for chronic pain, disease, or medical complications. This happened in the 80’s and many Vietnam Veterans committed suicide because of public outcry, oh you do remember those men and women. Wait long enough they will be all gone, after all there is no more money to be made off of there suffering.
      My point being it sucks both ways your damned if you do and if you don’t. But what about those who have Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, or have had so many surgeries that no more will do. Maybe scar tissue from wounds, combined with mess destroying them from within, did I mention the 31 Flavors of Cancer, Agent Orange is not a favorite.
      We can not throw the Baby out with the bath water because we don’t like the whole. Until we come up with another synthetic form of pain medication or some modality that actually works. Let those that suffer in silence out of fear of being labeled, it’s far better than the alternative. Being able to function as a human being is a right given to us under God, If man destroys something that was once perfect, by War or any other means do they not have a obligation to do everything humanly possible to make that persons life bearable. Truly I do not know the answer, but taking medication always from persons with Chronic pain is unexplainable. Is Suicide better, depends who’s listening. I just know nobody in there right mind would condemn themselves to a life of surgeries, doctors visits, missed family events, and life long cloud of uncertainty, the writings on the wall. Insurance companies wager on our life expectancy why not the V.A.

  25. Definately Off Topic – I surely can see why Special Council Robert Mueller didn’t want to testify in the Congressional Hearing.

    Actually he seemed extremely nervous or not focused or out of touch.

    Therefore making it look like many are pulling at strings that aren’t there.

    Investigation was a waste of time and leaning extremely to be of Political nature. (time posted Wednesday @ 9:22am on July 24, 2019).

    1. seems that the GOP member of the committee just got Mueller to admit that he could find no Obstruction. Add in No collusion and this thing is deader then a doornail

    2. The main reason why people are claiming Mueller didn’t really know what was in “his report” was because Wiesman wrote it! And that Mueller really didn’t attend many of the meetings.
      This could be why Mueller didn’t know about “fusion GPS” or other important facts. It could also explain WHY Mueller was hesitant in answering questions over why there were over 175 quotes entered in the report from the New York Times and Washington Post, to name just two fake news outlets.
      This could also be why Mueller was torn apart by Rep. Nunes, Jim Jordan, Mr. Gohmert and others on the two committees!
      As far as America should be – this “Russian Collusion false narrative/conspiracy theory” should be laid to rest.

      1. Crazy Elf, I would like to hear your input. Do you ever notice this? And of course, this happens in the VA but in the private sector among people who are in professional employment, do you or anyone else on this blog perceive demeaning attitudes from some in private sector? My point is with employment comes social status. Attitudes among many with their noses stuck in the clouds towards veterans. I am just curious to hear.

      2. American govt has been and is a joke. VA is still a joke. Congress has always lack accountability but has become gridlocked under Trump because they reject him so and reject the Trump American policies. VA exists to serve themselves. VA Secretary Wilkie is a fraud like most of power and greed mongers. Me me me…..all about what me…who can I rob, cheat, and defraud next???? Plus take out??? due to Democrat policies….. Look at Speaker Pelosi’s California districts-a disgrace. VA is just like this…..

      3. @Angela,
        I’m finding BETTER healthcare in the private sector. I’m also finding BETTER attitudes towards veterans from the employees and medical professionals in the private sector.
        The one thing I’ve been doing is informing the public as to the main problems between the private sector vs the VA!
        What I mean by that is: The VA’s “single payer socialist healthcare” vs “real healthcare”! For example: My bladder is not emptying all the way. Due to my prostate being so enlarged. Which caused me to have multiple UTI’s. My private sector healthcare is addressing this issue. Where the VA’s alleged healthcare professionals NEVER did! Oh, and thank God the UTI didn’t affect my kidneys.
        That said:
        The VA’s I’ve gone to have a mixture of good and bad employees and healthcare professionals. Yet, they still are restricted to what they are allowed to do medically.
        For example: I was sent to Daytona for an “Ultrasound” of my kidneys and bladder – but not the prostate! The prostate being enlarged is the reason behind my having UTI’s.
        I also need to explain, that for the past 9+ years I’ve been asking multiple PCP’s to check my prostate. Not on doctor or nurse ever checked it!
        That’s because no one ever put in a “work order” for it.
        Here’s another bit of information. One’s blood pressure, if high, can cause kidney failure. The VA’s alleged healthcare providers never checked that out either!

        I hope this helps you understand the difference between the private sector healthcare providers and VA’s “single payer socialist healthcare system”!

      4. ngela, you’ve read my story and the evils of health care here in Indiana after leaving the VA and encountering the same crap in civy hospitals to one refusing to give me or forward my med files to another clinic and MD. I wonder why there is so much hate and ID politics.

        Elf, you must have lucked out and not living in Indiana or a state that seems to be ruled by the VA, med schools and associates we were threatened with and told we’d never find health care in Indiana again if we left the VA or openly complained about about the VA, staff or all the evils going on. Here it has been nothing but games, mis-conduct, Medicare scamming, also getting lost in systems, plenty of harassing to no-one caring about anything.

        I’ve also contacted more people about the state of Indiana and all it’s deep-seated corruption to the retaliation crap going on and will for the rest of my life. That is getting it all and giving it and passing it along to let all the scum in offices know what they support and allow.
        “Rep. Walorski ask questions of senior VA officials during House Veterans’ Affairs Committee”
        No return questions, concerns, or communication from her either. Of course she is just another phony mouth piece showing a good side on camera and like others will not “rock the corruption boat of the VA here or Indiana.” And there is huge corruption in her area too.

        Indiana is beyond repair, fixing or exposing the VA, the lousy lying media, or any of it.

        I’ve also got no responses back from any recent communications like to “Associations of Hospitals” to other online vet groups who claim to be for others.

        YT. I got a throw away email address in case you want to get ahold of me about upcoming speeches or things you are doing. We don’t get news or much info in my four major college college town ran by them and the censoring fascist pigs found in every position. And not having any luck with phone booking or searches for your info. Like phone books are worth a hoot today.
        Here it is, dotell81 at aol dot com

      5. Meant, JY in Indiana really or anyone else really. Any email or info will be kept in strict confidence/private/real secure messaging on my part unlike the VA. Sorry.

  26. While I hate with a passion to have to say this as I think the BWV need to be taken care of as soon as possible or else we wont have any BWV to speak of and maybe this is what the VA is trying to get to……but in saying this I must also say the other part. While this is disgusting and should be overturned yesterday, the VA is technically not refusing the decision, they are just taking their own sweet time in enacting it. And that is the sad part. I just met a Vietnam Vet yesterday at the local AmVets and he has lung problems from Agent Orange and he was telling me that it took over 4 years to get him his 100% rating because the VA fought him every step of the way. Seems like they are going to do the same to the BWV.”

    1. Seems to be the norm. The Philadelphia VBO has denied my benefits for my 3 children for 14 years claiming 1st i never sent in my paperwork, tho i filed 2005, 06, 07 and 09. Then to make matters worse, in 2017 after s lengthy audit, they put my 3 children on my benefits. But took their mother off claiming i was illegally married, while attaching a 27k debt on me by backdating to 2007, when they put my wife on. Nearly 4 months after stealing my pension and denying the faxes and mail of the 2 divorce decrees and marriage. & 3 birth certs. I lost my apartment, truck everything. So here i am awaiting my appeal NOD to get put on the docket for a judges review. I even put in the 2014 cbs investigation where Philadelphia and a few other VBO executives had us vets paperwork shredded and they hack our accounts so n9 one can check things out. They simply lie, deny and wait for us vets to die.

      I wonder whos really in charge of the VA.

      Pray your case gets done family. For me? Its been a 14 year fight and counting.

      1. VAMC Philadelphia has a history too, and so does VAMC Wilmington, Delaware located in the small town called Els-mere. But the locals here refer to as El-smear.

  27. Such wanton acts.

    And only one Republican signed a letter of urgency. Shameful & disrespectful no matter the party.

    Momma’s don’t let your kids grow up to mean nothing, and to be used by a heartless, uncompassionate Federal Agency (VA), it’s leadership, and overseers.

    Gaseous anal burning beer and egg farts.

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