GAO Wait Time Statistics

Veterans Affairs Still Lacks ‘Accurate’ Wait Time Information

A recent hearing revealed the Department of Veterans Affairs still suffers from inadequate wait time information five years after the wait time scandal first surfaced.

The Government Accounting Office (GAO) provided testimony before the House Committee on Veterans Affairs last week to address concerns about wait times and obfuscation of data. Committee chairman Rep. Mark Takano, D-Ca, opened the hearing expressing concerns about a lack of transparency on wait times both inside VA and in the private sector.

“The lack of accurate information on wait times at VA hospitals, and with community providers, should cause us all to question whether the policy to send more veterans to community care providers is sound or even if it’s working,” he said.

Takano believes if VA can get its practice of tracking wait times perfected, that its health care model could provide an example for the private sector to model.

“If VA can get that right, make it simple for veterans to understand, I believe we will do not only veterans a great service, but we’ll do the American people a great service by setting the standards that the private sector will have to match,” he said.

Imagine VA For All Americas

The push to promote VA as the model of health care for the American public has been ongoing for well over a decade. As you can imagine, once the wait time scandal with secret wait lists surfaced in Phoenix and then nationwide, the polish VA put on its model of public sector health care became tarnished.

The agency has yet to fully recover from that black eye and the consequence of the wait time practice is now the shared community care model rolled out under the Mission Act that was implemented in June 2019.

Veterans now can receive a significant portion of their health care from local providers in their own community so long as certain criteria are met including living at least 30 minutes from the nearest VA facility. Veterans are also able to receive urgent care from a participating facility that’s part of the network so long as certain criteria are met including an adjudication if the appointment is actually urgent.

I personally like the idea of veterans having a right to seek care in the community. Some veterans simply do not want health care from VA. Others do. It makes sense to give an option in select instances where the private sector may be more efficient, better equipped, or timely.

As noted below, some VA facilities are doing very well. Others are still doing a poor job of providing timely access to certain forms of care including mental health care. In those instances where VA is still failing, veterans should have a choice if for no other reason than to foster competition between the local agency and community care partners.

GAO Testimony

GAO’s Debra Draper delivered the watchdog’s testimony for the committee saying that while the agency has taken steps to provide more timely access to care than in the past, that more must be done.

“At this time, we continue to be concerned that VA has not sufficiently addressed the reliability of its wait time data,” Draper said. “For example, we have found that VA’s wait times do not capture the time it takes the department to enroll veterans in VA health care benefits, which we found could be quite lengthy.”

The lack of data on wait times was not limited to only VA facilities. Draper’s testimony also demonstrated a problem in reporting for community care participants, too.

The Real Wait Times

On significant issue within the agency’s reporting lies within its tracking system. The system only captures part of the scheduling process for appointments. For example, the agency could show it’s meeting the wait time goal of 30 days while veterans are actually waiting 70 days when you add up all factors.

Teresa Boyd, Veterans Health Administration assistant deputy secretary for clinical operations acknowledged the need for continued work to address ongoing challenges but she did highlight wait time improvements. Primary care and mental health appointments average less than 5 days. Specialty care wait times are around 7 days.

Valuable Statistics

As I am sure most of you are thinking, the statistics VA puts forward is only as good as the quality of the data or the intention of the analyst selecting which data points to include and which to exclude. While the agency is certainly data-rich, there have been longtime problems in using that data for effective oversight.

We all know the agency has made improvements over the past five years in areas of customer service and veterans are getting access to health care more quickly, generally.

But, there still exist problems within outlier communities like at the Albuquerque VA Medical Center. A recent IG report confirmed some veterans seeking mental health care are waiting as long as 18 months for appointments or therapy.

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  1. Where are you MSM Investigative Reporters? VA wait time issues has always been an issue of hiding, milking time, creating false data impressions.

    Yes that MSM that milks the attention on days of the year, that connects or relates to Veterans.

    You MSM Reporters can publish over an article a day that relates to the VA.

    Most of you MSM are a disservice to Veterans by not exposing the truth. Your industry isn’t trusted like it use to be.

    And pertaining to the safety of Veterans, you’ve frigging failed miserably. To those seeking VA truth, you’re in the shit file.

    And that’s putting it nicely.

  2. If I surely posted my thoughts, . . . shootz I might get locked up. Why yes of course, towards VA.


    The Congress should try a different penalty code for ANY & ALL violations against Veterans. Throw in a tough performance protocol too. A better standard instead of a stinking useless mess which we’ve heard about it before.

    Let me be clear, if you’re reading this, and in any way your actions or non-actions is or are causing unnecessary difficulty, stress, any type of hardship on a Veteran (especially if the Veteran notified you beforehand), or . . .

    you are one that is aware that the Veteran is getting hurt, shafted, raked-over, lied too, schemed on, or if you purposely, but unfoundly cause problems for a Veteran, their dependents, or service dog, or to purposely put Veteran in jeopardy, by way of purposely . . .

    causing more stress on the Veteran, that easily negates VA Policies of Care, . . .


    I feel that Police & Lawmakers need to have at least twice the penalty for committed crimes, with less plea bargaining, and adding plus one day beyound their sentence.

    And if an employee has MANY years of service, and work knowledge surely demonstrates that the VA staph should surely have known better, and not a greenie that are easily corrupted by other VA corruptors, that these so-called and expected to be seasoned VA employees should have stiffer, and more non-negotiable fines, penalties, and incarceration times.

    ‘the law should be changed and added capital punishment for the least of crimes.’

    *Statement Above is for Enertainmant Tonight.

    Oh you don’t like what I just said? Then kesch-me-ou-sai bitch! You VA employees, especially those that are Veterans, and you kiss the VA’s ass, I’d like you yo be the first.

    To put it bluntly, I despise you.

  3. If I surely posted my thoughts, . . . shootz I might get locked up for telling the truth and asking for a harsher penalty phase. Why yes of course, towards VA employees. That’s a given.

    *Statement Above is for Enertainmant Tonight.

    Oh you don’t like it? Kesch-me-ou-sia bitch!

  4. Showing results for vermont va harassment
    Search instead for vermont va harrasment
    Search Results
    The Boston Globe
    At Vermont VA hospital, swirling accusations of
    harassment, retaliation, negligence
    NORWICH, Vt. — Dr. Jennifer Keller’s last performance review at the White River Junction Veterans Affairs Medical Center described a star …
    2 days ago
    Local 22/44 News
    Former Vermont VA doctor claims firing was retaliation for
    harassment complaint
    A former anesthesiologist at Vermont’s Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital said she was fired from her job after filing a complaint that …
    22 hours ago

  5. VA is like the Stock Market = Medical Derivatives = FAKE.

    Especially when that lying VA PR gets going. You fucking assholes.

    1. 100% agreement with that mathematical equation. Sound formula. Einsteinian, in fact.

  6. Just had to return to VA Vantage Point this morning to drop this little gem:

    “Another great idea from the VA that sounds good on paper, yet like so many others – – – most likely will not play out too well in the real world. Particularly when we have VA Mental Health Clinics such as North Central Federal Clinic that cancel appointments after the patient has already checked-in to the clinic.

    By the way, this is my third submission of a reply to your article. Were my first two a bit too critical of the Veterans Administration for the author’s or editors liking?

    Secretary Willkie is way out of his league with this pie in the sky dream. Want to really fix the VA, Mr. Secretary? Just give us the benefits the recruiter promised. And stop delaying decisions and adjudications such as you are doing to the Blue Water Navy Vets, and many other who served honorably, and have earned their benefits.

    Delay, Deny, Hope that we Die is more than a mantra. It is your Modus Operandi.”

  7. So yesterday, I have two appointments at the North Central Federal Clinic. One at 08:30 with a Clinical Phamacologist. One at 09:30 with A Psychologist. This is in relation to my current ongoing situation which involves suicidal ideation, and massive grief over the recent loss of my wife plus the “normal” moderate to severe PTSD/Anxiety I live with.

    Since I cannot legally drive due to being on anti-seizure medication for another few months – – – I walk to the clinic. First time doing this. Four-mile walk, no problem. About 80% of the way there – – – Google Maps Coughs, Hiccups, the S**ts the bed on me. This induces a panic attack. Not sure how many minutes this lasts. When I regain some semblance of function, I see that I have twenty minutes to make it to my appointment.

    Fortunately at this time, I spy someone on a riding lawnmower cutting a commercial properties lawn near a parking lot. I double-time over to him, and ask him if he knows where the clinic is. He does. Two minutes later I am there with a few minutes to spare to check in for my appointment.

    Just complete the kiosk check-in for my first appointment, then my phone rings. My 09:30 appointment (the important one) is cancelled. This sets off the ‘Drill Sergeant Voice’ which can be heard throughout the clinic. Not sure precisely (have some idea) what I said, and would be too much to type here. Let us just say I was ‘DISGRUNTLED VETERAN’ again. This of course, has the effect of bringing a great many people out of their offices, etc. in order for them to see what all the commotion is about.
    Took a long while for them to calm me down.

    Customer Service at the VA? Secretary Wilkie is dreaming . . .

    1. I have walked 2 miles to mental health appointments (also on anti seizure meds) only to have them call me (when I am across the street from the Gainesville VA getting ready to cross the street) and have them tell me my appointment was canceled. I completely understand your frustration. Then I have the long hot walk home in the sun. And I had stage 4 malignant melanoma. Really needed an unnecessary four miles round-trip on foot in the Florida sun during a heatwave. Was a homeless vet at the time and life was difficult enough without any extra stress from this type of BS. Can say now that I am no longer a homeless vet for the past 6 years and life has gotten better. Mainly struggling with continuing cancer, mental health and PTSD issues now. Every day is a struggle and it’s all I can do to keep my head above water this month. @Ben I am still trying to PDF the files but don’t know how and really am working to figure out how… Overwhelmed, depressed.

      1. @Old Gator – – – I have been a homeless vet before in Honolulu. Caught a lucky break nearly a year ago, and managed to escape thanks to my wife. Got to San Antonio, and things were just beginning to really look up for both of us. Now the wife has recently passed.

        Unless a miracle occurs – – – most likely going to be homeless again in the next 90 days or so. We shall see.

  8. Here’s some good news;

  9. Off topic: But any thoughts about the marines that were arrested for human trafficking and drugs?

    1. @”Old Gator”,
      There’s now reporting of a total of 50 military members, US Navy Seals and Marines, involved in the drug and human trafficking scandal.
      Evidently, it was reported, someone confessed to bringing in Isis snipers to take out our President!
      The utuber “The Lions Republic” and others are breaking the story!

      1. Wow the scandal was so much broader than originally reported. Crazy Elf you are a treasure trove of info! Love your articles, I get more “real news” here than on those cable channels…

  10. only way to go is choice with no strings no distances than va will self destruct. Do you really want the government who breaks the law to have all your data they cant even keep it safe.

  11. Here’s a great article:

  12. A few years ago, a commenter put a number of articles on here about Paris France, the Veterans Administration and its “5 star Pershing Hall Hotel”!
    Well, some the “take-aways” on it were:
    The American Legion was the only vet organization NOT willing to negotiate a deal on selling it!
    Why not sell it and use the proceeds on veterans?
    Where does the monies generated from guests go? It was once reported the Secretary of VA received a large sum!

    A fairly new report has the hotel “temporarily closed”! Why? Could it be because Paris is overrun with homeless people literally living in the streets! Kinda like San Francisco and Baltimore.
    If you think I’m joking;
    I’ll be giving another article:

    1. Here’s another article;
      Paris, France is #8 on this list!

  13. I am what looked like a healthy, fit 37 year old. I went to VA ER and I think because I was the youngest in the room for many hours and look healthy they had my wife and I wait for 16hrs before I was seen and rushed into surgery for having an infection that needed to be cut out of me. I have Crohn’s and have on and off health issues due to it. Tried to file a complaint and met many deaf ears. And don’t get me started on waiting for medication…It is still a sad state of affairs and broken.

  14. You’d think all this stuffs would’ve been solved already..But no matter what, some of you that worked in Personnel were, or you’re still a prick.

    Many records has falsely entered information, information to help the Veterans case. DD214 record mistakes, or if someone has a “bad paper” discharge.

    Many Vietnam records were effected by these types of Federal crimes, crimes caused by crooked Navy Personnel Office Staff, that would purposely falsify or enter false information in a Federal Record, and the crime committed by a Federal employee(s).

    There were many grievious and neglective mistakes purposely made in hundreds (100’s) of thousands (1,000’s) of military records.

    1. @ANutterVet What about “missing records”? My congressman over the past two decades has requested my military records 3 times and they simply are gone, According to St. Louis, MO. Yes gone. I have a DD 214 and medical records at the Gainesville VA where I was treated post discharge for my service connected hip and that’s it. Was discharged in 1983 (records not part of the 1970s fire). Didn’t serve in the 70s. So anybody know any recourse for missing records?

      1. @old gator – that time frame for loss of reords is new to me. But others may know of something. And you know the VA, tbey are slimy pieces of muck when they purposely hide something or deny services to ANY Honorable Discharge and there are even those with so-called “Dirty” (I hate that word applied in this manner) “Papers.”

        Many Veterans have had a FALSE Military Seperation Code on their DD214. An error was on my DD214 since 1975, and was found a few years back.

        Best way to scan each field on your DD214, is to first find the definition of the field and then compare then match up to make sure information is correct.

        Good luck bro. And pass this on. First I heard of loss records during the time period you referred.

        It could be that many VAMC’s are missing total or parts of medical record jackacts.

        Old Gator, hey, its the VA, and things are far from being OK.

        Anyone aware of a database that list VA’s missing records from Medical Centers?

      2. Gator you’re not alone in this and those time periods or loss of records. Had some vets tell me there was more than one fire or incident destroying files other than the St. Louis episode. One was in Colorado too I think, not sure about that. Seems there are plenty of screw-ups across all the time lines and over various coding issues, loss records, active time files not matching up with other records or reports, lost medical reports, records missing from foreign places like Africa to San Salvador or wherever the theaters of action were, and on it goes. And those I’ve talked to found no recourse in the matter but to … wait and play all the contact games…to play the grand VA game, wait more and play the waiting game they all know damn well ‘waiting games ruins lives and kills others.

        With most out there thinking the ‘hurry up and wait” motto is a joke or comical. It’s far from being comical. Suffering vets and others sure don’t think it’s any form or joke to to be taken lightly or in jest.

        There is no excuse for ‘wait lists of any kind, period. No excuse to show up for appoints, to wait, then told they don’t need to see you, testing ended.

        Go in for surgeries or tests and the MD doesn’t show for hours… like scheduled for surgery at 6 am, college kiddies, surgeon, no show until 3 pm. Prepped and ready to go but oh no not with the VA and associates with those ‘wait excuses. Much more goes un-reported while many fear to dare speak out about any of it. Never noticed any of those events in my med files I’m allowed to have. But wasn’t going through 45 pounds of papers for that issue.

        Then the wait lists for the old vets home, nursing homes, plus getting care or getting in. Then the excuses fly out… not enough tax dollars, not enough staff, too little pay, the need for more foreign visa MDs and such. Medical schools too expensive and need it all to be free, need to allow those with IQs of forty to become brain surgeons, medical code specialist, and to lower test grades so equal rights can apply to a all. Leave no one behind. Let them run hospitals and VA centers, yeah right. Too FUBAR for any change for the good.

  15. 07/29/2019

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    This is moot. The came out June 3rd Washington Post that the Wait times are back in the same place as they were in May of 2014—-The VA rolled back everything that was worked for over 5 Years.

    ‘Two members of Congress are demanding that the Veterans Administration release “secret waitlists” of veterans seeking health care.”
    “House Veterans Affairs Committee chairman Rep. Mark Takano, D-Calif., and Senate Veterans Affairs Committee ranking member Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., issued a letter to VA Secretary Robert Wilkie Wednesday demanding the alleged lists, after a whistleblower claim first reported by The Washington Post. The congressman and senator demanded that the VA provide an explanation about the allegations by the end of the week,” Washington Post, June 5, 2019.
    Now, the VA Secretary is taking the LAW and modifying it.

    Which Charity or Veteran’s Organization has pointed this [Wilkie’s Behavior] out to the President?

    If no one writes the President—Nothing gets done!


    Don Karg
    obfuscation of data

    Obfuscate | Definition of Obfuscate by Merriam-Webster

    confuse obfuscate the reader. intransitive verb. : to be evasive, unclear, or confusing The suspect often obfuscated during the interrogation. Other Words from obfuscate Synonyms & Antonyms Try to Understand the Roots of Obfuscate More Example Sentences Learn More about obfuscate.

    Or in “plain English” the even a Former U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer
    could understand, “Sabotage the Veteran.”

    U.S. Senator McSally and U.S. Senator Sinema should read the 1998 Cox Report.

  16. (O F F – T O P I C) – Just posted a comment about customer service and veteran suicide on that “VA Customer Service” link that Nexdeceptus put on here the other day. Bet they edit it before they post it – – – if they post it at all.

    Thanks to Ben’s Board members who let me know about it via phone. Quite busy these days. Lawyers and Social Security appointments next, then final decision on memorial jewelry. Glad they took Erika’s fingerprints. Maybe a nice Dog Tag with her birthstone, fingerprint on one side – Name, DOB – DOD on other. Will never stop missing her. Then on to planning the funeral in a bit more detail.

    If they do not post my comment on the VA site within 48 hours – – – I’ll copy from my word file and paste here. I gave them an earful . . .

  17. You are lucky to get anyone on the phone in Shreveport La or Texarkana Tx.

  18. Veterans the only why Veterans Health Care wil change if Veterans and People from all over Country jam their Senators or Representative contract Veterans Affairs Committee their belief how to improve Veterans Health Care and one you tell me how they want to change Veterans Health Care keeps it simple Don’t Surrender Semper Fi keep in touch.

  19. Many of us apply for these jobs but are never selected. About eight of us (FNPs) had to go outside of the VA for provider jobs (after graduating and passing our national board certification) because we were never selected after applying multiple times. So, some of us genuinely want to help our veterans as providers but personal vendettas prevents this from happening. So, I am glad you have an option of seeing providers in the private sector. Because, we still are able to care for you wholeheartedly. Thanks in advance for letting me comment on this post.

  20. At my primary care clinic, eugene oregon I have had 13 primary care providers in 36 months. 5 in the last six months. None of them doctors.
    A v.a. investigation regarding my specific case, Headed by, Dr. Madsen. Nothing happened for six weeks until the roseberg ore. v.a. realized they were now under criminal investigation by the OIG regarding my case. The same OIG investigative team that investigated them 12 months ago and found the roseberg v.a. medical center to be the worst hospital in the United States.
    I now have referrals for cardiology after waiting 10 months and nuetfology (waited 6 months).
    The point: the veterans administration is incompetent, apathetic, negligent, and corrupt. They have no chance if survival.
    Between now and when the v.a. is out of business, veterans will suffer and die unless veterans choice/community care is available.

  21. VA is in a desparate need for a Forensic Audit. Accounted for and specific tracking of VA’s operations, correlated by the features and functions of the VA, to care for its Veterans are lacking in structure, accuracy, and urgency in achieving clear finalities and objectives.

    We can talk VA all year long.

  22. The entire “system” of waiting for appointments, then, referrals within the VA network to see specialists has taken me 5 months. Then, waiting for Triwest to authorize a consultation with an outside provider, all, while encountering level 9 back pain. And opioids don’t help. At all.
    During this entire wait time, the VA has been “involved”, 5 months and the “civilian” entities, a matter of weeks, to diagnose, take imaging and provide options to address the issues.
    And messages left on the phone don’t get returned (VA), requiring a trip into the VA hospital to speak to someone, face to face.
    I can only imagine what a Veteran with mental health requirements would have done. As it was, an overdose was waiting for me. But I wouldn’t let the bastards win.
    Inexcusable. The entire process.

  23. “….Veterans are also able to receive urgent care from a participating facility that’s part of the network so long as certain criteria are met ….” So long as certain criteria are met, which are ill-defined and the vet ends up paying out the nose for urgent care when the VA denies his claim. Another key is “participating facility” – the VA is struggling to get private care facilities to cooperate because they DON’T HAVE TO lower their costs and DON’T need any more patient volume. There is no requirement for private sector care providers to work with the VA. There’s an easy fix – deny all tax allowances for those entities that do not support the VA’s mission. But, we know that will never happen because those red and blue bitches in Congress are all in Pig Meds’ pockets.

  24. Why is this such the issue?

    The VA has never and will never be veteran friendly nor will it stop its illegal actions against the veterans and their family. However, when websites such as this keep pretending that Veterans Affairs will change whether it be a change in its leadership, leadership style, or a change in its acountability detail, it then becomes more about appeasement, not actual action to literally and responsibly tend to the affairs of veterans.
    America thrives on gullibility. The VA overtly and covertly belittles the veteran, ignores the LAWS imposed to serve veterans, and openly takes bribes, pockets bonuses, lies, cheats, manipulates, humiliates, and yet NOBODY takes action.
    Veterans sit around posting to websites repeating what we all know: the VA is a criminal organization and nothing, SHORT OF LITERALLY TAKING OVER THE DEPARTMENT IF VETERANS AFFAIRS FACILITY BY FACILITY, is going to change that.
    As veterans, we are thought to be thee most intellectually proficient, mature, professional, and most innovative characters alive and abound, yet sitting around bitching and moaning and professing expertise as to how the VA will change, should change, or must change..
    What is the purpose?????

    1. Really! oifmack? Why don’t you loose your defeatist attitude, step off your stump and you go first. Teach us oh great leader how all this should play out? Don’t open your mouth and spew mindless shit unless you got the intelligence to back it up. Which I don’t see. GUIDE US OOOHHH WISE ONE. You are missing our purpose here dickhead. If you don’t GET IT, STFU! Go some place else and throw your shit.

    2. oifmack, the purpose is not to allow those who were, are, will be, forced to suffer and commit suicide to draw attention of the many evils in the VA and all it satellites out to including civy care, a totally corrupt government, to the establishments predatory medical care systems and more to die in vain. To “not go gentle into that good night.” Rage rage rage. If some of us who will face the flak, not bow to the fear tactics and attacks on us, who will? The sheep, unions, corrupted, scum bucket two faces politicians, two-faced VSOs, cheerleaders or activist?? We supposed to just bow to the wanted blacking out of all info and news or reports about vast corruption and abuses? Indiana is sewn up tight due to the censoring of vets and has been for over twenty five years due to politics and anti-American media and activist. Too many fear speaking truth or sharing what the VA and others have done to them or is doing. When they, they all, feel threatened enough or want to try to burn you out of a community or state then we are flying directly over the target and pissing the corrupt and connected ones off extremely. And is supported and protected by all those in power positions, in the media, et al.

      Personally, I am not forgiving or forgetting in the least. Especially the intentional threats and abuse that started in the VA and town’s politics and scum activist of all stripes. Been going on for generation now. I am not forgetting the many who chose to off themselves because of the silent sheep, the rampant corruption or the sick society we are forced to live in and deal with and that don’t give a shit about veterans in truth. I chose to go through what I am because I refuse to fall silent or bow down to all the scum out there who demand we stop “the whine.” The PC police, college kiddies, politicians, the Marxist, the fascist, etc., can all kiss by big broad butt.

      1. Well said “T”. Me on the other hand can’t stand the stupidity and ignorance of people who put their mouth before their brain. It’s that ptsd bullshit I have to put up with. My wife told me the other day that she GETS me now after 45years. Regardless, If you stick your hand through this dog kennel fence your going to get bit if you don’t have a treat in it cause all of us have been physically and mentally abused by the VA for most of our lives.

      2. Nex, believe me I have my limitations and a good reason why I don’t drink, at all. I’ve got those boundary lines and the VA and staff crossed far over them all. So has local politics and scum. So then I just cut off all communications with them especially when they kept trying to piss me off more with their laughter and gas-lighting trying to get me on their turf again, un-recorded, behind closed doors, no way. We can’t argue, expect ethics/logic/truth, debate, questions, straight answers, rationally discuss issues with psychopaths, the corrupt, pathological liars, those with major mental health issues or sick egos in power positions. The same with all kinds of activist, the mob or union thuggery rule out there today just out to create chaos, to protect their own regardless who they harm and kill, to spread their hate on us, or us “baby boomers” who “got it all easy” and left nothing for those gens after. They claim.

        And I don’t put others down or belittle them for not being able to do what I do or have done or go stand out with signs in public about all the corruption going on. I hit my limits I go recuperate, do a sabbatical, short periods playing recluse, unplug from high tech, then go play again. Also glad to hear your wife ‘gets it.’ That too can be a rare thing.

  25. In my experience with any new doctor with any insurance the Patient fills out all the info. Wheather it be Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Cobra. Yes I have had them all. We have an insurance card that lets them know how to bill the insurance. VA doesn’t have such numbers so the Privite sector cannot bill them. The privite sector needs the account numbers and group numbers.
    To me and 98% of other Spouses know how 98% of VA just want the Veterans to die.
    VA also changes info on personal and military. My husband was boots on ground 3 tours in Vietnam in the Army 1966-1969. He reenlisted into the Navy. VA kept referring to his Navy records and saying he must be crazy because while in the Navy 06/1975 and on there was no Vietnam war.
    When he got that taken care of twice, we noticed on his progress report that they had him now as a Vietnam Era Vet, no boots on ground. While fixing that error we found they had him as being Single. We got married a few years prior.
    We got that straightened out then 6 months later they had him listed as divorced. A month later they moved me to our previous address. 7 months later they moved him there. A year later they moved him to a different address all together. Don’t tell me its a Clericle error or the computer messed up. Anyone who has ever typed in anything when you are looking at or changing data you have to manually save it and usually you have to do it twice. Also with deletions.
    Why did they move me or my husband you may ask. I googled it. Yes they can say it was found to be the spouses fault for the separations and deny payments for spousal support.
    Everyone needs to check on your status on everything, you never know what they might try to pull.

    1. My mother who is a gold star widow from the Vietnam war era had similar such experience when she went to collect Social Security on my father‘s military time. It ended up with all the hocus-pocus such as you are describing that they “lost seven of his military time” and that reduced her Social Security. Shameful. She did not know how to produce paystub’s and any other “evidence” from the 50s of his military time and was not able to get credit for that time. I wonder how many other elderly gold star widows have been similarly screwed by the government. She didn’t know who to turn to for help (and as her daughter) I still don’t know who to tell her to turn to for help and it’s been 16 years since she retired. Of course it’s too late now but that’s not the point. What kind of government screws OLD WAR WIDOWS???

      1. 7years of his military time….

        Sorry I’m a little incoherent: a tree fell on my house two days ago and I’m not quite myself …

  26. President Donald Trump should raise the Budget of Veterans Health Care so Disabled Veterans can get a Dentist know how to put in G4 implants for free because their absolutely not one works at a Veterans Medical Centers and their is no Mission Act don’t either and if a Disabled Veterans who is 100 service connected don’t get the G4 implants it would cause bad Health Care plus it cause bad gums disease also it could Cancer.

  27. secret mental health list army ranger dead yea they play with your life likes its a game with infinite lives to destroy fuck VA!Fuck this goverment

  28. The biggest problem I see with the VA is communication with the vet and each department under their roof. Everything in the VA takes a “Consult” which takes time and when finally forwarded from you’re primary to the respective department takes weeks after which you will have to wait for an opening. Specialist within the VA leave in droves not because of the pay but the micro management by second level managers. Most vets should be used to this if they had spend any time in theater. That is also how our military functions on the battle field. Being micro managed gives everyone a chance to get the fingers into the pie

    1. Very well said, Peter!
      I’m the perfect example of how your comment works – OR doesn’t work!
      If there was better communication and better ways of treating patients with a specific illness – then maybe the wait time scandals would cease!
      Until then, expect long wait times!

  29. Here’s another take on this subject:

    It goes into much greater detail.

  30. The private sector wait times in the private sector can be just as long or longer than the VA. I cannot call my gastrointestinal doc and expect to get in to see him tomorrow. I may have to wait three weeks or more. I made an eye doctor appointment and the earliest available appointment was six weeks from the time of the call. A dermatologist appointment was eight weeks. All of these doctors are highly respected and skilled in their fields. They are Cadillac care givers and I pay $600 to $1000 for and appointment and care. The public needs to get past this idea of seeing a doctor immediately- it does not happen in the civilian world unless it is an emergency. The VA cannot provide immediate care because it just doesn’t have the medical staff to accomplish this tasking. Moreover, in some specialties there will always be a wait. Additionally, private care will not solve all of the problems because you will still have to find a doctor who is willing to see you and willing to accept lower monies / fees for that care. Doctors opt out of seeing Medicare and va patients because they don’t want to fill out all of the paperwork, they don’t want to justify the care they prescribe, and they don’t want to get paid at a rate that is much lower than what they charge their other patients.

    1. There are many of us Veterans that don’t trust the VA. Not only for wait time to get appointments. But for the unethical practices of the staff and physicians.
      It took me 3+ months to get a appt for a female infection. Labs that came back with positive tests, no one called nor a notice mailed. Ive had to every 3 months renew a prescription for a service connected injury. Which isn’t a problem but it would take 2 or more weeks to get it renewed. So every time I’d hsve to build it back up in my system for it to help again. I had to call patient advocate because the nurse manager wasn’t going to help me get it even thou Id followed their procedures. And there was a Hurricane directed our way. And another time because the PA I seen changed clinic’s and no one followed through. I msg’d 4 times in a week.I now dont get tbe meds told VA shove them. The VA staff has beaten me down and I can’t stand the stress they put me through so I live in constant pain again and my health deteriorating. I was denied a increase in my disibility because I didnt see a doctor enough!! REALLY! I relocated and it took 3months for enrollment to call me back. And another 2 months for appt. Then the new Dr.refuse to renew my one med because she wanted to make sure I needed it.
      C&P Doctors with inappropriate behavior during exams and is pushed under the rug by the Director.
      Doctors that write what their perception of what you said to them during appointments.
      I thought Doctor’s are the one person you could trust and would treat you without judgement!!!!
      NOT THE VA!
      And for the person that comment about here having to wait 3 weeks for a specialist. But in the private sector you csn get into a non specialist if you are sick, fekl and hurt yourself but not emergency. WE DON’T GET THAT LUXURY. WE HAVE TO DRIVE OVER 2 HOURS. FOR ME TO GO TO THE VA ER ROOM.

  31. I think the VA needs to bring their standards upto the Privite sector. Privite sector has to keep upto date equipment and have the equipment Calibrated on or before time.
    I’ve seen what they do to our Vets. They push them through like cattle. There isn’t a lot of Vets waiting in the waiting rooms like before. So why does it take so long to get an appointment?
    Privite sector when you are sick they get you in that day or the next day. VA says you need to wait in the lobby and if we can get you in we will. But you may have to come back tomorrow. They tell you to drive an hour or more to their VA hospital if its an emergency. If their nearest VA hospital isn’t close by and it’s an emergency shouldn’t you be able to go to the nearest Civilian Hospital?
    VA don’t want our Vets to get well.
    This is my evaluation because it happened to my husband.

  32. Y’all want a laugh? “Nex” put this article on a few days ago. I think it needs repeating!


    See if y’all can see the bullshit being spouted by Wilkie!

    1. I have to call BS on all of it. If it goes out for public consumption it’s propaganda, for PR purposes, and full of lies or misconceptions. They omit much.

      We were told in a final meeting at the VA to never use civilian care for anything ie., heart attack, vehicle crashes, broken legs. But publically it was a different story or concerning the phony “Choice cards.” Hence the need for total transparency, real investigations, the end of censoring or the total blacking out of real news or issues going on within the VA or all their AMA associates out to protect their own.

      Two. Locally there is little difference between VA care and civilian care. Here they are joined at the hip including their med schools and evil networks or retaliation. Getting lost in their systems, wait times, to some allowed Medicare fraud too, etc. The only way to get pain meds here is to follow all the new laws that put more money and forced visits including wait times of SIX hours or more to see the only clinic passing them out. Personally I can’t do long wait periods or sit in their lousy chairs or play their games. Especially after the waiting games for all the background checks and investigations to go through per state/LEO/Medical board requirements.

      Then deal with trying to find better health care which is near impossible. Out dated physician referral lists, wait on any possible call-backs, wait wait wait, MD’s offices that are always out on vacation, only open a few days a week when back in country, or the many that will not accept Medicare or those that before would not see “customers” from the VA expecting lower costs or charges. Those who don’t accept new patients, chronic pain patients, don’t accept Medicare, don’t accept geriatric patients with multiple issues, etc. Then dealing with ID politics, the activist, the scorned and their associations that is never ending.

      C’mon. How many have ever heard of a major hospital withholding a persons medical records or recent files? Really?! And it’s supposed to be legal and totally ignored? Talk about some BS. Plus all the daily phone calls and harassment or threats? Why? Then deal with their other associates, family members to their unions? Scorned females from forty years ago, VA threats, ID politics, being white, whatever. No excuses. VA staff telling us we’d never find care again in Indiana again because they along with med colleges and others control it all??? As the buck is passed, excuses given, totally ignored, get more retaliations, black-balled by many? Let’s get real. While the media is our enemy and stifles truth about suicides, the reasons why or of the many evils going on? And is supported and protected by many agencies and VSOs out there. No legal aid to be found but plenty of BS and flak. The writing is on the wall about this country and what it’s turned into.

  33. I don’t know if anyone is listening or not but just to contact a primary care is impossible you can not get thru phone and they don’t respond to secure messing. I have been trying to see a eye doctor since April haven’t been able to talk to anyone at the VA . I am just able to fund it myself I am having a long needed eye surgery Aug one outside if the VA at my own expense not sure how long it will take me to pay for it.
    If the lawmakers could remove some anger hate and racest from the VA it may work b let’s get real save the tax payer and close the big job bank I don’t know anyone that they help surly not me

  34. Rep. Takano said: “The lack of accurate information on wait times at VA hospitals, and with community providers, should cause us all to question whether the policy to send more veterans to community care providers is sound or even if it’s working,” he said.
    As far as my “private sector wait time” scheduling to be seen in a “specialty clinic” (urology), it’s definitely way faster than anything the VA has/had to offer!

    Maybe the VA should learn how to schedule appointments from the private sector!
    Maybe the VA should learn how to attract ~REAL~ healthcare providers from the private sector!
    Maybe the VA should be audited yearly to find out where ALL the taxpayers monies disappears!
    There’s a lot of “maybe’s” the VA should be doing – but aren’t! Why?

    1. Then Ben wrote: quote: “I personally like the idea of veterans having a right to seek care in the community. Some veterans simply do not want health care from VA. Others do. It makes sense to give an option in select instances where the private sector may be more efficient, better equipped, or timely.” unquote!

      I’m one of those who wants to go outside in the private sector. Especially after the massive “fubar” the ALLEGED healthcare providers pulled on me for years! In my opinion, so far my private sector healthcare far surpasses anything the VA has had to offer! I wish ALL my healthcare was in the private sector. Because I do NOT trust the VA whatsoever any longer!

      1. Ben wrote: quote; “But, there still exist problems within outlier communities like at the Albuquerque VA Medical Center. A recent IG report confirmed some veterans seeking mental health care are waiting as long as 18 months for appointments or therapy.” unquote!
        Maybe that’s because these healthcare providers are only seeing 5 or 6 patients a day. That would make them look like they’re actually doing something! Could that be a subterfuge so they can receive a bonus this year! Did they receive a bonus last year. Or the year before.

        Why give anyone a bonus for just doing their job?

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