Anthrax Vaccine: Five Things You Need To Know About The Leaked Army Memo

The Army memo about the bad batches of the Anthrax Vaccine circulating the web over the past week caused a great deal of confusion. Myself and another attorney created a video to explain the memo Here are five things you need to know.

DOWNLOAD: Army Anthrax Vaccine Memo

Let’s get a few things straight before we jump into the analysis of the authenticated document and its content. The Anthrax Vaccine program was highly controversial since its inception in 1998. The company manufacturing the non-FDA approved vaccine committed many errors in making the vaccine. Numerous batches of the vaccine were known to be bad.

Numerous veterans believe they were harmed by the vaccine. The majority of the injuries were transitory according to the US Army but some were not.

READ: Army Anthrax Memo Authentic

A History Of Falsehoods That Surface Years Later

First, the US Army has lied to the American public, its soldiers and veterans about a variety of significant issues:

  • Edgewood Arsenal Human Experiments, 1948 to 1975: The US Army Chemical Corps conducted classified experiments on soldiers to test protective clothing, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines. The Army covered this up for many decades and classified the experiments which prevented veterans harmed from the experiments from seeking medical attention and disability benefits for exposure to VX and sarin gas, Mustard agents, LSD and reactions to vaccines, to name just a few. This resulted in a lawsuit. That lawsuit concluded the Army had a duty to notify veterans affected by the experimentation with new information affecting their health.
  • Agent Orange: The US Army and US Air Force sprayed countless US Army soldiers with dioxin during the Vietnam War with a herbicide concoction commonly referred to as Agent Orange. During the war, soldiers were told the chemicals were harmless and not to worry. After returning home, many of the individuals experienced health problems that included birth defects in newborn children. DOD and VA initially denied claims alleging the herbicide was responsible. By 1993, only 486 claims were granted while 39,419 veterans claimed disabilities from exposure. Since then, VA acknowledged a list of presumptive conditions including various cancers, diabetes and spina bifida in children of soldiers sprayed with the toxin.
  • Exposure To Chemical Agents, 1991: During the Gulf War, friendly forces destroyed a cache of the chemical weapons with the wind blowing back over US Army soldiers. In 2015, a Newsweek investigation suggested the Army covered-up the exposure to sarin gas that resulted in many soldiers becoming permanently injured. VA went on to develop a disability compensation scheme that was admonished by IG in 2017 for only granting 1 in 5 claims.
  • Iraq War Yellow Cake, 2002: Retired US Army General Colen Powell warned Congress with a vial of Anthrax that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction as part of a broader public relations campaign to entice the American public into supporting an invasion of Iraq despite the country having no provable connection with the 9/11 plane attack of the World Trade Center towers in New York. It later surfaced that Saddam did not have yellow cake and that the run-up to the Iraq War was a production of numerous public relations firms.
  • Pat Tillman Cover-up, 2004: Pat Tillman was a pro-football athlete who gave up his career to enlist in the US Army and became a Ranger. His enlistment in the US Army was a significant recruiting tool for the DOD. During his service in Afghanistan, Tillman came to the conclusion that the war was an illegal war being fought for the wrong reasons. He discovered US soldiers were guarding poppy fields used to manufacture heroin and planned to speak out against the war once his commitment ended. Tillman was subsequently killed by friendly fire that removed his head from his body. The Army attempted to cover-up the fact that Tillman was killed by friendly fire and used the death for recruiting purposes. It later surfaces the numerous US Army generals were involved in the cover-up. Retired Major General Gina Farrisee was admonished for her role in the cover-up. She went on as a front person related to US Army’s cover-up of its fraudulent discharge scheme investigated by Congress where the military falsely discharged veterans suffering from PTSD by claiming the condition was actually a personality disorder of some kind. At least 160,000 veterans were affected. Farrisee was then selected to run human resources for VA under US Army Retired General Rick Shinseki.
  • Madigan Scandal, 2011: Someone recorded a US Army psychiatrist at Madigan stating it was their unit’s duty to give false diagnosis against PTSD soldiers to protect taxpayers against paying for disability compensation and health care. The problem of misdiagnosing soldiers with PTSD was previously addressed by Congress and reported on by journalist Michael Kors, starting in 2007. US Army, under Gina Farrisee, promised to clean up the mess but apparently did not.

Okay, so that is a brief history of some of the falsities we are aware of coming from the US Army. Of course, with each of the above incidents came a period of absolute denial from US Army similar to what we see today.

Is Use Of Propaganda Lying?

For those of you unsure or doubtful as to whether our government engages in spin related to topics of warfare, you may want to harken back to our battle cry for invading Iraq in 2002-2003. According to the journal Public Relations Review:

Techniques of public relations and propaganda were an essential part of the 2003 war in Iraq. The government framed the issues, story line, and slogans to serve its purposes. Embedding journalists, staging showy briefings, emphasizing visual and electronic media, and making good television out of it were all important to fighting the war.

You may recall many years later, America was told the “yellow cake” issue and related rhetoric was false. We also know the war that was supposed to be quick and cost less than $100 billion, paid for by Iraqi oil money, now costs taxpayers of $4 trillion.

YouTube Video Of Pat Tillman Cover-up

I strongly encourage anyone curious about what happened to Pat Tillman to rent the actual documentary. What I am linking here is an odd replication of it. It’s a great documentary covering what our country did to him and the possible motive.

2. Anthrax Memo Authenticated

Second, the US Army memo addressing bad batches of the Anthrax Vaccine addressed in the news this week is an authentic memo meaning it was digitally signed with a DOD CA and cannot be repudiated. The person signing the memo is essentially indicating his believe the content of the memo was true and accurate at the time he signed the document.

3. Spin Starts With A Bureaucrat

Three, the Massachusetts secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Services, Francisco Urena, immediately chimed in on Facebook that the memo was a scam and fake. His position was echoed by numerous trolls through social media. Calling the memo a scam was not accurate whatsoever.

4. Army Retracts Memo

Four, the US Army retracted the memo two days in the Army Times after we exposed that the memo itself was authenticated. The Army retraction said the memo contained false information but the Army refused to provide additional details about what the memo should have said.

That same Army Times article omitted one sentence from the Army’s statement that was published elsewhere indicating:

“While the risk of serious harm is extremely small, there is a remote chance of a vaccine causing serious injury or death,” Wright said. “In those rare cases, VA disability or death benefits may be granted.” (emphasis added)

The underlined portion was omitted from the Army publication. As I warned on Facebook, a fair amount of spin now surrounds this memo including the title of a Task & Purpose article on the submitted stating, “Army Memo Saying Soldiers Got Bad Anthrax Vaccinations Is Horsesh*t”. What evidence do they have?

The US Army submitted a statement saying the “information is false and completely without merit… Once the brigade discovered the error, the correct information was published to their soldiers.”

What was the “horsesh*t” information in the memo? Not sure because the US Army chose to basically pull the “just trust me” card and Task & Purpose accepted that position.

5. Anthrax Memo Published Without Vetting

Fifth, a follow-up email from US Army indicates the information in the leaked memo was published within being “vetted” by DOD prior to being circulated online. It certainly seems like the main problem US Army has with the memo is that it was leaked to the public.

If you read an earlier text message with a careful eye that also leaked to the press about the leaked memo, it certainly reads like the US Army’s position is that since it was leaked without permission and poorly written that the information is totally false and all of America should disregard any possible harm alleged by veterans concerning the forced US Army inoculation program.

Norris Text Message Anthrax VaccineShould We Believe US Army Now?

If you still believe we should put our full faith and trust in the US Army every time it denies an event or injury, then I wish you great success in your life.

For the rest of us, I plan to continue evaluating this matter because something was underlying this communication and veterans have a right to know what it is.

One thing we do know is the memo is authentic and it addresses serious matters that I intend to dig into.

One Last Thing – An Anthrax Study

I want to leave this topic for the weekend by providing some of the researchers out there with a 2012 study into any connection between the Anthrax Vaccine and long-term disability, Disability among US Army Veterans vaccinated against anthrax.

Would you ever rely on data from an insurance company to make a conclusion about whether an exposure resulted in disability in fact rather than disability only because we say so?

That seems to be what a group of researchers did when telling the public it reached the conclusion “This study provides evidence that vaccination against anthrax is not associated with long term disability.”

You might be wondering how this panel of government researchers and vendors reached such a conclusion?

It is simple.

They asked the Veterans Benefits Administration for the number of disability compensation claims it granted to reach their conclusion, “To investigate the association between Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed (AVA) received while on Active Duty and subsequent disability determined by the Veterans Benefits Administration.”

Would it surprise you to know that whenever a veteran claimed disability from residuals of the anthrax vaccine that their disability rating award would go down?

“Vaccination was negatively associated with receiving VA disability benefits for those with HFP (OR=0.66, CI: 0.65, 0.67), but there was little or no association between vaccine and receipt of VA disability benefits for those without HFP (OR=0.95, CI: 0.93, 0.97).”

So, apparently, all the veterans experiencing complications are malingering or mistaken leading me to wonder if the vaccine even has some magical disability healing powers?

Seriously, though, we know VA frequently denies all claims of veterans whenever a hot-button issue is listed in the claimed conditions. The agency is known for lowballing veterans with Burn Pit exposure and Gulf War Illness. The agency also lowballs veterans who claim PTSD or experience residuals of a traumatic brain injury.

And, we should expect nothing else from the agency previously knowns as the Bureau of War Risk Insurance. Folks, VA is an insurance company.

The renaming function similarly served to skew public perception of the agency in the same way propagandists rebranded the War Department into the Department of Defense.

Videos On Anthrax Vaccine Program


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  1. @ James Bunker – I made an adjustment to reflect your position on the Newsweek report. Whether Gingrich was in charge is not relevant to the overall actions of Army related to exposure addressed in that story.

  2. I know this is about Anthrax vaccines, however….I also see Personality Disorder discharges and human experimentation. I emailed Ron Nesler, trying to reach you Mr. Krause

    I’ve got a FRAUDELENT PD diagnosis from 1971.
    I also believe this Veteran was a test subject at WRAIR.

    Somebody….PLEASE HEAR ME!!!

  3. I read the response and it’s still not correct.

    First Khamisiyah is based upon four events. The March 4th demolitions of Bunker73.

    Next the March 10-13 demolitions. Col Gingrich was not at Khamisiyah during that time. So suggesting he was somehow covering up a chemical exposure event is not correct. The people at Khamisiyah had no idea they even. Blew up chemical weapons at Khamisiyah.

    Col Gingrich never had Troops arrive at Khamisiyah till March 22 1991. That was 2nd ACR who relieved the 82nd Airborne Division. They continued demolitions till April 11 1991.

    To suggest Col Gingrich covered up the event is very disingenuous.

  4. This guy who wrote this is wrong. First Col Gingrich was not in charge of the troops at Khamisiyah. That was MG Johnson who was Division Commander of the 82nd Airborne Division. Khamisiyah was secured by the Division and Demolitions started by the 37th Engineers and 307th Engineers. Khamisiyah was located at Objective Gold which was known as area of operations Bragg.

    As to the memo I reached out to the Under Secretary of Defense Tony Kurta about the memo and he responded back to me the day before the story broke in the military Times.

    1. @Ron – Thanks for the feedback. I did not indicate Gingrich was the “division commander” in the article. According to Newsweek, he was the battalion commander… and he was in charge of soldiers affected. So, it sounds like you disagree with what Newsweek reported on the issue in 2015…

      Here is an excerpt concerning battalion commander Col. John Gingrich misrepresenting what the cause of the side effects were of soldiers under his command after being told to keep a lid on it by Major Gen. Rhame (below is a quote right from Newsweek):

      Bunker said that when troops first became ill, his battalion commander, Col. John Gingrich, radioed headquarters to find out what was happening. He was told: “It’s the heat.”

      “We knew this wasn’t true,” Bunker said. “It was only 85 degrees, and we’d trained in over 100 degrees—without people getting sick like this.” The next day, division commander Maj. General Thomas Rhame and Col. Michael Dodson came to their base. “They told Gingrich to be quiet about the men’s symptoms,” Bunker said.

      Dodson, now head of the Armed Services YMCA, did not respond to calls. Rhame, retired and until recently, vice president of the Association of the U.S. Army, told me, “I don’t deny the troops were ill. But I don’t remember that incident and it’s not in my nature to tell a subordinate not to admit something, because it might embarrass us.” Gingrich told me he remembers the issue about the heat, but not that Rhame and Dodson visited the next day. What does Bunker think? “There’s no way for people to admit to what really happened to us.”

      Ron Brown, a soldier with the 82nd Division, watched the demolitions from a mile away. “Within 15 minutes, I couldn’t breathe and my head was about to split open,” Brown said. “Soldiers were nauseous, dizzy and had diarrhea and muscle spasms. About 30 of us went to the medic, who gave us Motrin and told us to drink water.”

      Later that month, Bunker almost died. As the demolitions continued, his symptoms became more severe. “First, I couldn’t control my muscles,” he said. “But in a couple days, I had convulsions and collapsed. After this, they medevacked me to hospitals in Saudi Arabia and Germany, and then to the U.S.”


      1. Incredible isn’t it? The deafening silence from these once “leaders of men”.

        FUCK VA
        FUCK AFGE

      2. Ben My commander never learned what was making me or the rest of us sick. Col. Gingrich always cared about the men under him, and if you was not taking care of the men you would hear it. You are twisted the article. The article like you only spin things to please this you write for. You are full of more spin than a top.
        I told the reporter that and for you to say he covered anything up is wrong. To this day the DOD does not admit that when the 2 ACR who was a part of the 1st ID blow things up after the 82nd had any chemicals there. One of the largest demo was in April. Days before we started to get sick. Not just our BN, others too. The LTC in 1-5 FA was a bad as me and so was the Ast S-3.
        When some of us officers met last year we all had our own ideas still on what caused us being sick. Most is the pills, mine is the combination of many things. over 30 some days of breathing in oil vapors, PB pills, sand as we moves in our tracks, oil in our food and the shrimp we ate. We destroyed a number of ammo bunkers one of the best for me was close to where the peace talks was at.

  5. I wasn’t a fan of the Anthrax shot series but took them like the many other vaccines administered during my career. Having have served at Campbell, the previous year from what the ‘memo’ said I panicked when it was first shared and reshared with me. My fear was placed at ease when I heard it was fake. Good to know before someone got hurt.

  6. The mandatory 3 shot ANTRAX vaccination you state started in 1998. I was forced to that those same shots in when we were deployed to Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1990. I had several changes in my body and mind (memory problems, breathing issues, sleep apnea, arthritis, fatigue, ringing in my ears and more), all started after deployment to DS/DS and all denied when I applied for compensation. I never knew those symptoms and issues with my body could have been related to those shots that I was ordered (or else) to take. The point I just wanted to bring to your attention though is that it was 1990 not 1998 and if it was not validated and proven as safe in 1998 how could it have been in 1990. Could you please investigate that?

    1. Excellent point. Since the vaccine was not properly licensed when the court ruled in 2003, and then was not actually licensed by the FDA until December 19, 2005, then you are absolutely correct that it was not licensed by FDA in 1990. The law that made it illegal to use on the troops, without a Presidential waiver of informed consent, was 10 USC 1107, which was enacted on October 17, 1998, prior to the mandatory AVIP (anthrax vaccine immunization program).

  7. The lesson started back with the Ionizing radiation trials, atom bomb observers, Project SHAD, and then the more obscure MK Ultra and so on. America found those with security clearances will ride out the issue out of loyalty to America that there executive leaders took advantage of. Knowing that these soldiers would largely remain silent meant ignoring them for 40 years or more.
    The CIA over shadows these events to assure loyalty remains by threatening any would be talkers that violating there security clearance is a contract breach, that these are pinkos turning on there country. All the while full well knowing that they cant file at VA unless this is waived or someone writes a buddy letter to help them out. Of which almost never happens. So scaring folks brings them in line not to talk.
    Lastly, you have the Patriot Act which makes sure anyone talking anything WMD in any context is no longer protected by due process and can vanish into the system. This vile law is little more than a instrument of silencing folks unpopular in executive circles.
    With everyone in the military waiving there constitutional rights upon signing there contracts, they each stand alone becoming 3rd class citizens in there own country. So a well intentioned person in JSOC decides to circulate a health friendly memo, they will be shut down and forced to retract through another internal hidden DOD memo wishing to enforce bad policies as well as keeping the Feres Doctrine alive. All because of political economics that have nothing to do with national security. You have really rotten apples in charge that want to minimize cost after operations and deployments. Betraying soldiers in hostile regions once they come back home, mostly the low ranking enlisted ones that cant afford to fight back.
    Public apathy allows this because until it happens to everyone, they cant relate. To easy to tune out, and focus on there own survival hoping they dont end up like those unfortunate soldiers. Indifference. Which is a cruel thing for a disabled veteran to come home to.
    Then you have the outright 85% general political cowards of the population that oppose nothing, and roll over during elections. Status quo. Never to speak up or buck the system. Nixon leaned on this majority heavily, and hoped to sway through fear. You cant count on these people because they defend no one and allow things to fester all around them.
    So your speaking to the 1% of the population out there that cares, speaks up, and gets involved. Only to find them hiding on facebook, and no longer traveling to events to be filmed by law enforcement cataloging the crowd. Fear now grips them, as making a difference means suffering for it. Whistle blower and advocate are dirty words to the executive branch these days. Attrition reigns supreme. No one is around long enough to make a difference. The mediocre on high make sure of it.
    You need a petition platform recognized nationally with thousands of supporters if you want to impact anything at all. So the topic is right, the method needs help. But, Ive been trying hard to get a VA Anthrax vaccine registry for years – to include last October in public forum. They dont want it. So you need numbers, and you need it in print. The Anthrax Vaccine was a complete falsification of its licensing, and VAERS follow up. It was never proven safe thanks to the 1990 executive war waiver. Unless your going to get a subcommittee to write up a PL, then you need numerical superiority to get attention.
    Talk petition, and rallying folks. Everything else is treacle and meaningless publication.

  8. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

    Sheep test:

  9. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:


  10. I think that BVA Thomas ‘Agent Orange Denier’ Murphy was brought-in, bolted-down on V.A. Titanic deck chair collection to *enforce* that little thing the VA *and* the DOD have ALWAYS been fully able to share…*plausible deniability*…

    Knowing what I know now, I cannot with a straight face recommend anyone to join our Armed Forces in hopes of a promise of a square deal…knowing that square deal was the segmented folds of toilet paper given to a nonhuman test subject… (Hep B and other little infectious *goodies* I have to thank my ‘service’ for, making each and every day a living nightmare and a thorn in my ass until we can take our USA back again from the fat lamprey up Lady Liberty’s ass down at the swamp)…Lady Liberty did not inform me I would be part of a double blind study and she’s not really blind, so….

    1. “plausible deniability” that says a lot about their character. Yeah they’ll lie to you right to the end, and fill a person with so much shit you’ll think their leading you to grandma’s house but in reality it’s the big bad wolf.

  11. well i dont think it was anthrax, i think it was the preservative. how a bacteria preservative works in essentials is keeping the bacteria dormant till it reaches a void area or area of death to give a such protocol vaccine.

    , itstill alive in a sense that it carries the contribute source to get your immunity up towards the bacteria itself it dies in the body because the cells inside the dieases is lower than the thrive point for regenerating , Tcells play a vital role . look up T cells and anthrax on the internet you will find some interesting story how the preserve the cell itself triggering inflammatory responses in the body that can shut down different regulators and hormones in the body. i believe it is not the anthrax itself but the preservative mix with the anthrax that was a bad batch that worked in reverse in a sense allergic reaction. believe it or not people that where effected with anthrax wither have bad genitalia rashing or skin outbreaks, that was never reported to MEPS .

    i believe it triggered a live cell emitter or a cell that attaches to human body inflammation responses shutdown down human body response that normally work or signal the body of such invasion or invasive disease or pathogen response.

    no it was not the anthrax it was the preservative. you got to look in to the research about the preventative measures within the disease control. 5000 pages of anthrax research, you will find T cell relationship mostly . in the medical science field T-cell, receptors, and inflammation findings gives medical research the sponsorship money on how such dead diseases and pathogens are preserved .

    although some preservatives work backwards in a sense it gives the bacteria a second chance to grow because some bacteria are so immune it will only take micro seconds for the diseases to ping thrive respondents to target certain cells in the human body.

  12. Nothing surprises me any more. In 2015 I was awarded connection for mustard gas exposure, after decades of documented illness/disease and unable to work for years. They gave me a 70% disability rating,, which has been under appeal for years. The majority of the records of the operation I took part in have been whited out. Not sure why they chose mustard gas when we handled VX, Agent Orange, Lewsite, Sarin, and every other Blister, Nerve, Blood agent in the US Arsenal. The entire time we were storing the weapons in the bunkers, we had our mop suits, and gas masks on our sides, told that wearing them might impede on the mission safety.
    Last year, I met with one other survivor at a truck stop and had lunch with him and talked for several hrs.
    He has numerous health problems and heart issues. he was kicked off the operation when we all came down with severe illness during the operation. They kicked him off because he was complaining about us not wearing protective gear. His name was es ponged from those records, but afterwards, when we all had recovered, after injections, special cream for the burns and regiments of antibiotics, we were allowed to wear the chemical shirt and pants, but no gas mask , gloves, or boot coverings.
    To this day, the operation claims no incidence, just an entry in my medical records of an illness, rash, sinus, headaches, cysts covering feet and legs, urinary issue, bleeding from nose and urine.
    I’ve had every kind of procedure known, and still suffer from most of those same ailments. The headaches are the worst, and that connection is rate 0%.
    Everyone should listen to Cody Snodgress about what he says about the Anthrax vaccine, and what they did to cover up this entire issue.

    1. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

      Bryce, Those fucking bastards, absolutely horrible, what you’ve had to endure!!!! Same goes for the rest of you posting about your vaccinations and the illnesses it has caused, and the way you have been treated afterwards. Un-Fucking-Real.

  13. Another ground-shaking article Ben. I’d like to note that the Army started anthrax innoculations in 1990, before Desert Storm. This injection was given three times. Also mixed with this shot was the botulism antibody. How these were admistered would make your head spin.


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