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‘Bad VA Art’ Is Now A Thang

Bob McDonald Mickey Mouse

Benjamin KrauseI created “Bad VA Art” a while ago and in response to popular demand, I decided to create a special Facebook group dedicated only to funny art making fun of VA officials.

Since the founding of America, we have enjoyed making fun of our leaders using parody – especially when it comes to funny cartoons. Historically, few things get under the skin of a high ego government official more than getting made fun of in a cartoon. Modern examples of parody are MAD magazine.

150918 Sample Parody Ad

Personally, I experience extreme cathartic joy making fun of VA leadership using graphic art tools – then posting it online to highlight a ridiculous issue VA leadership screws up.

Many readers seemed to find my bad VA art funny, so we started calling it “Bad VA Art.” Make sense right?

Now, Bad VA Art is officially a thing that all readers and enthusiasts can join in on. The Facebook group is focused only on collected a bunch of really funny, bad VA art making fun of our fearful leaders who don’t take us seriously, anyway. Maybe they will get a bit sensitive when we start firing around funny cartoons of those leaders on Facebook, on postcards and on t-shirts.

Head on over to the new group to post your favorite bad VA art to share with others. This will help us all express our extreme dissatisfaction while also making other vets laugh or at least chuckle.

Seems like a good thing, right? I just set this up last night and a couple buddies posted some recent good – bad VA art. Love that stuff. Add your own cartoon any time.


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  1. Ben, FACEBOOK FOR MYSELF WAS CREATED FOR AN “illusion!” You know, when you have done serious damage to a person who ALL READY WAS DAMN DISABLED! I am not a damn whimp but when I see bad and idiots in the medical arena”THEY HAVE TO GO!” Just for fun and sport-look up who gets the most federal dollars for treating and “testing theoretical approaches,” but here is the deal, not that hard to figure out-WE ALL ARE DIFFERENT AND WILL NOT FIT THE MOLD OF A PETRI-DISH EXPERIMENT. OH IT GETS SO MUCH BETTER, FORGET MINNESOTA! “AS I STATED JAMA DID A HAMMER ON THE VA. NO STATS TO REPORTED QUESTIONABLEY WELL?” THESE ARE VERY SERIOUS STUDIES THAT UNIVERSITIES WELL KNOWN HAVE BEEN DOING THE SAME FOR OVER 30 YEARS. SLAM DUNK!!!
    My own doctor knows how much I suffer after what was such a “you loose?” GAME ON BITCH YOU DID NOT GET ALL YOU WISHED TO BECAUSE AS STATED, 10 STEPS (AND MORE) AHEAD OF YOU THE FOOL!

  2. Sorry, but (Two) Face Book is maybe the biggest snitch site on the web. Google’s sites are far superior, just sol long as you don’t (directly) surf the web on Google. Very few sites are trustworthy and (2) Face book is not one of them. They invade your privacy and hassle you every time you get on your pc. FTS!

    Good luck with your site.

    1. Hey Burples,

      It looks like you are right about Facebook. It seems that is how the I–10 shooter may have been caught. according to an article titled “I-10 shooting suspect’s Facebook: “if you f**** with me or my fam you better watch your back”

      Read more: “”

  3. Can someone make a cartoon of Bob “orbiting another planet, in a UFO”, and figure out a good caption to explain it? Also, there is a major story in the mainstream media today about how VA care is worse instead of better, after the waiting list scandal.

    It hints that Bob needs more time to fix things (sure, how about till hell freezes over). The big story I saw near the top on Yahoo is that private sector medical staff see twice as many patients a day as the VA does, but there are twice as many complaints of bad care at the VA.

    Also, the VA sent me and probably everyone else an email, pure propaganda, about all the wonderful things they are doing for vets on POW/MIA day. I barely skimmed it then had to stop when I suddenly came extremely nauseated.

    How about another cartoon of Bob and his executive staff getting out of a UFO at Dreamland/Area 51? As in, they live in Dreamland, an imaginary world where they are competent, but according only to themselves.

      1. Crazy Elf,

        The Washington Post titled: “After the VA scandal, veterans were told their wait for care would get shorter. But it’s actually getting worse.” September 18 by Emily Wax-Thibodeaux.

        I like how the article also points out that at best McDonald has until Jan. 2017 before he is replaced.

      2. Jade,
        I read the article. Seems McD, Shulkin, Hickey and the rest just got thrown under the bus by MANY VA employees and veterans at those 80+ VAMC’s.
        Their “truths” are a blistering report on an abysmal healthcare and continuing wait time debacle, that IS VA!
        1400 pages of incompetence shown for what veterans is.
        Like I said, McD and the rest can do a hellova lot bad shit in 15-16 months.

      3. Correction:
        It was a “4,000 page report.”
        Not 1,400!
        If you click on “read the full report here”, it tells how many vamc’s and states were visited. Plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico was, I believe, also visited.

      4. Crazy Elf,

        McDonald will be long gone before the Aurora Colorado Cesspool of corruption even opens.

        Maybe they should consider naming it after Robert McDonald and giving it a motto of “Built with money that could have been used to save thousands of Veterans lives, proving we don’t have to actually give a rats ass about Veterans. It’s all about the Benjamins we can play pocket pool with.”

      5. Oops, Sorry, I had a McDonald moment with my math in the Motto. It should read ” Built with the money that could have been used to save “Tens” of thousands of Veterans lives”, not thousands.

        Also I guess the motto should also include some salute to the corrupt SOBs in Congress that helped fleece the American Tax payers to line McDonald’s pockets. After all without that fleecing McDonald almost certainly would have hurt himself playing with all those Benjamins during his private pocket pool accounting sessions.

      6. Jade, I wonder if Ol McD and Hickey are doing the “dirty dance”, to see which one can tell the most lies.
        I believe it could be about tied as of now!!
        That might be a great “caricature” of them. If I knew how to draw, I’d try it. Only I can’t even draw stick people…

      7. Also I see those corrupt SOBs in Congress are about to get another raise from Health Net. One of the two Veteran’s Choice contractor.

        Apparently they are increasing their Lobby Bucks for what Health Net Considers a job well done by Congress by looking the other way while Health Net continues to fail to provide the services required under their contacts to administer their part of the Veterans Choice Program.

        I guess those corrupt SOBs in Congress must have demanded their share of the Veterans Choice Bucks.

        After all in Washington what comes around goes around.

        Unless your a Veteran then your just a pawn and a Lab Rat to be used by the VA. Right Robbie!

      8. Crazy Elf,

        That would be a good drawing But I truly know what you mean about not being able to draw. After the VA got done with me I am can barely hold a pencil to write or print on paper.

        Although I am good with photo shop and illustrator.

    1. In regards to the Health Net Lobby Buck increses everyone should sent an email to their congressman to make sure he gets his fair share before its all gone.

      1. Also should add that If you do contact your Congressman or Congresswoman, to ensure they get there fair share of the Health Net Lobby Bucks.

        You should also tell them to contact the former Deputy Director of Government Affairs for TriWest Healthcare Alliance Jennifer Dionne. TriWest is the other contractor involved with managing the Veterans Choice Program.

        She is one of the lobbyist in charge of lobbing Congress to approve the sale of a $300 million 5 Star Luxury hotel in Paris owned by the Veterans Administration for $30 million.

        Certainly wouldn’t want any of those corrupt SOBs in Congress to miss out on a chance at those Lobby bucks being spread around by Jennifer to approve the sale.

        Her contact information is “[email protected]” or by phone at: “(410) 271-2323”.

        An Alternative contact for more information on lobby bucks available would be Representative Coffman (R) Colorado.
        who also proudly represents the cesspool of corruption and fraud called the Aurora VAMC money pit. His contact page with more info on the sale of the Hotel and his congressional contact information can be found at:


        Of course if they approve the sale of the Pershing Hall Hotel in Paris, Robbie McDonald will lose his $100,000 a year payment into his discretionary fund.

        That’s it for now I am feeling pretty sick thinking about how many Veterans have suffered and died and how many more Veterans are going to suffer and die because of this corruption.

  4. Bad art is an effective way to communicate.
    Fortunately for Ben, Kim Jong Un is not with the VA.
    The VA and its employees can give it out but can’t take it all at the Vets expense.
    VA employees want go about all of their diabolical misadventures but be respected in the community, etc.. Ben’s recent article on the effects on VA employees and their family by billboards, posters, important. The TRUTH about what they are doing should be known by their family, friends and community alike..

  5. “Bad Art” has been around for a long time, that’s for sure. I can’t remember the newspaper during the American Civil War era, but every issue had something to say about our government. Even before, during and after every war America has been involved in, some cartoon(s) berate the government and the individuals involved.
    I believe strongly, these “cartoons” deliver much needed comic relief on the public. It takes, and gives, a proper prospective of what’s truly going on. It even shows the futility of war, sometimes.
    On here, it can show the futility of VA. Only, I don’t believe VA finds them funny. Sorry bout that. They could also, like the billboards, take away the smugness of VA vs. Veterans.
    Keep up the great “Bad Art Work” Ben.

  6. Ben, I hope you have private insurance or really like repeated prostate exams.

    Keep it up! I am sure Baghdad Bob hates seeing himself being made fun of. He is our savior don’t you know. Special Forces Engineer King of the VA. How dare us not bow at his altar.

  7. “KICK THE TRASH TO THE CURB!” Now does that we can play the DSM calling them out game? ( I think we had quite a bit of sport with that one! I WANT TO DO IT AND CAN EVEN WRITE UP A “CHARACTER ASSESSMENT!” ( YUP-ACED IT KNOW IT!) Why shouldn’t we be doing the exact things they have done and the VA IG HICKEY? ( lady after my second child, constantly carded, don’t worry my pain is speeding up time!) I am not being filled with my own EGO-IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN I NEVER SAW ME ANYTHING BUT JUST A YOUNG WOMAN, WHO BECAME A MOM AND NOT BELIEVING WHAT I SEE GOING ON WITH A CHILD AND LABORED LONG ( side by side? Oh hell yes I would be chosen!)
    When your site went down it happens to correlate with an “event on my end.” (Right be fore your last posting-it was bizarre! Oh one knows what I stated and then soon it was “more money!” I wonder, “CAN WE GET RID OF THESE THREE CHIPMUNKS PLEASE?”
    Now I shall ask you in a public format. I imagine fighting for your rights was unbeliable! (So help me GODS AND GODDESSES, I don’t watch the news but shows I like when I feel like it. ) now, if I am in Minnesota, would I have to sit and really wait? Sitting is so damn hard on me. There is some of my family there.
    You know I saw something about “Sons of the Revolutonary War.” OKAY GUYS TIME TO COME BACK TO THIS REALITY! I AM A DAUGHTER OF REVOLUTIONARY FIGHTERS! I shall not say more! :-/ :-Oe

  8. Outstanding!! Now if we can find the right caricature for Clancy , who btw reminds me of either a dewd or a Peter Pan morphed into a pissy drawer Power Ranger bitch. Keep up the good work! OOH fuckin RaH!

  9. I don’t know what we would do without you ben I never miss and articles that you write: I know its got to be a lot of work but what you bring to this form is priceless and I know everybody else feels the same way. you do a great job thank you for being there for us

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