Pee-Pee-Gate VA Bathroom

Alleged Bathroom Bandit Caught In Illicit Voyeurism Plot

Half a mile from the White House, one VA employee was allegedly caught illegally recording women in the bathroom. The employee was charged Wednesday on five counts of misdemeanor voyeurism.

Federal law enforcement officials were called to a VA facility after a female VA employee notice a secret cameral underneath the stall next to hers. A subsequent search revealed a second cameral attached to the underside of a toilet.

According to an NBC report, the employee in question, Alex Greenlee, was allegedly lurking outside the women’s bathroom after the female employee uncovered the first camera. He apparently accessed the bathroom cameras claiming the men’s toilet lacked paper towels.

Greenlee denies knowledge of the cameras. Investigators, however, state they have evidence showing Greenlee placing and manipulating the cameras on the restroom stalls.

In all, five women were recorded using the washroom for bodily functions.

Law enforcement officials arrested Greenlee on Tuesday. He was since released on personal recognizance pending the outcome of his initial hearing next month.

A conviction could result in a $2,500 fine and up to one year in prison for the four misdemeanors.

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  1. This might be the very last “ROLLING THUNDER” to D.C..
    Hope y’all can find the FOX NEWS video of this.

  2. Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me. I think about this whenever I use any public bathroom! I will have to do some research on finding a hidden camera. One would think that the camera would be obvious, but I really don’t know. I need to research this topic. Now instead of being suspicious, I’m really creeped out, Urgh.

    Oh well, we can’t say that life isn’t entertaining here on planet earth. Every day there is something that just makes one shake their head in bewilderment, LOL.

    Peace out

  3. They will just say it was a new satellite program for outsourcing Colonoscopies, no consent needed of course.

    1. And an iPad will be Velcro’d to wall ass level to let the VA Telemedicine Hack get a good look when Veteran says “AHHHH”, then presses bare-ass to VA interface.

  4. Here is today’s latest article:
    Feds probing Veterans Affairs hospital for malpractice, forged records after vet files formal complaint and sues

    1. Par for the course. Yes they do change and alter records to cover up to benefit themselves. A fact. Proof. Example of the before records and after records and even confirmed by private sector physicians.
      This is why I had mentioned that my hats are off to the CDC in regards to the VA Secretary Robert Wilkie agreeing to give veterans health information to the CDC. Good luck combing thru that maze. From the way they change those records I would not want healthcare from whatever the CDC maybe working on from the veterans health records. A big mess.

  5. A Tacoma Washington Veteran dies waiting for Heart Surgery. VA agrees to settle the lawsuit:


    1. The whole system a fucking sham Deny delay till they die. They are the most dishonest crooks the entire federal government

      1. I am happy for the spouse as well. Though, I believe she should be receiving a much larger sum of financial compensation. Yes and yes.

    2. You do realize there are probably lots more tort claims settled against the VA we will never hear about.
      In my opinion, this is exactly why the VA needs more taxpayers monies every year. They can’t keep up with the amount of malpractice their incompetent healthcare (non)professionals cause!
      I’m glad that spouse will receive $500,000!

      1. Yep agree. A good question honestly, where is all the money going? According to some numbers, only 30% of the veterans in this country are enrolled in the VA. And, even with this number, I disagree with. This is why. Because a veteran is enrolled in the VA does not mean he or she is being provided care or even decent care. Having healthcare does not mean the person is receiving medical care. In my opinion, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie had better be thankful that Medicare, Tricare, Medicaid, and Employer private sector Medical care insurance exists for the other 70% of veterans in this country. With VA Secretary Robert Wilkie having made the statement in the past regarding all veterans being placed in the VA, Mr. Wilkie is actually asking for a world of hurt. A situation that would be created worse than third world countries. A Death Epidemic. The amount of money that President Trump has issued to the VA is a hell of a lot of money just to supposedly be helping only 30% of the veteran population. Where is it going? Honestly. Does not make sense particularly when veterans are still getting denied… veterans bills still not being paid…I guess you are right. VA attaches a monetary amount to LIFE; instead of honoring the dignity of LIFE with decent humane and accountable care. Best.

      2. Agree with both commenters statements above. The thing that surprised me about that article was that the widow settled for so little, give what happened and the total time period involved. I would imagine she’ll have to pay legal fees and taxes out of that as well. Those will eat up a fairly hefty chunk of her settlement.

        And yes, I am happy for her too.

      3. I agree with you Crazy Elf.
        Not only with what you are saying; but, I believe most of the medical errors are more due to intentional actions than due to incompetence and negligence. Because the more VA dysfunction that exists, the more bucks that the VA believes that they can wheel and deal from the Congress, the Senate, and the President. Yes, sir. Never in best interest of the veterans. Wolves wearing sheepskin clothing. Democrats are suddenly interested in the veterans. I believe this is all a ploy for votes. Democrats love illegal immigrants more. So there.

  6. The Vietnam War Memorial was vandalized just in time for this holiday according to a post showing “Nazi’ graffiti displayed on the Infowars Web site. Images of a suspect were also shown. I told my wife tonight about how many people have been conditioned to hate us that served in Vietnam. She said she doesn’t understand why there are so many like this.
    Thank you Ben for what you do for us, Happy Memorial Day to you and your family.

  7. The VA Staffer who planted these cameras went to the Klapper-BRENNAN-COMEY & RAT RODENSTEIN School of Spying. Comrade Greenlee should be interrogated to see if Klapper authorized this himself as this looks like a real dickhead kind of move to make a movie that would be played for TS-38’s at Langley.


    1. Crazy elf, review Dr. Dave Janda. He is a truth guy. Prior Orthopedic physician who now has a radio show. He has people listening from countries all over the world. He speaks to what is going on referring back to the documents topic that you just brought up and the healthcare debate.
      Benjamin and all, Wishing everyone a blessed Memorial Day.

  8. They will probably transfer him to Urology or perhaps an OB/GYN clinic with a grade increase and pay raise. Nothing like rewarding the criminals who work for the VA.

  9. More than likely he’ll get probation, get his job back, and maybe transferred to the Leavenworth, Ks. VA.

    1. And then charge the family for the cost of the round. Just like China would. Sounds like a good plan to me.

  10. Dr Doucebag strikes again! This guy is addicted to Camel Toe at the watering hole. VA has electo-convulsive shock treatments available. I suggest one electrode on his head and one on his pecker–fry this Dude until he says “Uncle Sam”

  11. Dr Doucebag strikes again! This guy is addicted to Camel Toe at the watering hole. VA has electo-convulsive shock treatments available. I suggest one electrode on his head and one on his pecker–fry this Dude until he says “Uncle Sam”

  12. Bet he was a vet. DC hires vets. Don’t worry, he’ll get a pardon and moved to your VAMC.

  13. I ever find one of those cameras in a men’s restroom, I’ll ‘water’ and ‘organically fertilize’ it. And damn sure I will alert the proper authorities as to its existence. I’ll never find one in a women’s restroom as I have never been inside one in my entire life. However, if a women came out of one and told me she found a camera in there – – – I would tell her “You stay put. No one in or out until I return. I’m going to get security.”

    F*n perverts!

  14. To ALL you ladies out there, and some men:
    Y’all might want to see IF the restroom is safe before “dropping trow”! That means check for unwanted video recorders! If there’s one pervert in the VA, ya know there’s lots more!
    Don’t y’all remember that “VA Pervert”, who was caught jacking off across the way from a hotel in a “glass conference room”! BTW, the hotel was hosting some type of female convention!

  15. A jerking pervert. Dip his penalic penatrater into 1M Sulfuric Acid. Do you need some? Hmu (hit me up).

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