Benjamin Krause is LIVE With Brian Tally


Brian Tally is interviewing me today on YouTube discussing current scandals hammering veterans. Be sure to tune in to this hard hitting podcast.

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A bit about Brian’s amazing story…

Brian is a champion for veterans rights addressing medical malpractice at the Department of Veterans Affairs and all the screw jobs the agency attempts to pull off.

SEE WEBSITE: Brian Tally

Brian Tally, a former SGT in the United States Marine Corps was severely injured due to VA medical malpractice in 2016.

A bone eating staph infection would destroy Brian’s spine and severely damage his bladder and a kidney. This permanent and life changing injury would multiply into a whirlwind of nightmares while Brian and his family did all they could do to stave off financial ruin.

Brian’s VA claim was denied due to a 74 year legal loophole. This unprecedented journey would end up sending Brian to Congress to fight for the estimated 20.2 Million American Veterans and for the ‘Good of the Country’.

Brian authored 4 bill’s in Congress and stayed engaged and in the fight for 3 years until the Tally-Bill was passed and signed into law by President Trump in January of 2021.

Brian stood up honorably and courageously in the face of adversity and publicly displayed resilience, perseverance and the will to never quit despite the hand you have been dealt…


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  1. Just issue veterans insurance cards for Christ sakes. Pay every veteran $300 a month so they can purchase health insurance, and just wrap it all up. Send the flim flam VHA employees home for good. This would even be more cost effective. Paying someone to verbally deny services is all they do. It’s a scam. Biggest scam in the history of humanity. So many already dead.

  2. There’s way worse cases out there than what you go on about. Denial of care leading to suicide and pandemonium. Character assasination and lies to try and undermine benefits. Provocation leading to arrest. Retaliation on vets. You gotta reach out in real time to get these stories. Got some sick puppies at VHA. Some real assholes.

  3. The carnival barkers in Washington should be down at the VHA facilities throwing these employees out of windows, smacking them around, cursing at them, threatening them, flipping over desks.. but no.. these yoyos are doing whatever in the hell they want. When the cat is away, the mice will play at VHA. These clowns need to be manhandled.

  4. Yeah these CBOC’s…in some areas they have so many vets that you can only see primary care once a year. In other areas, you can go every few months or so if you need. The locations where you can only go once a year, you’ll get fed up with and leave if you need frequent care. That or they’ll bump you off some other way, deny care etc. After enough vets have died or left, THEN all of a sudden you can see primary care more often. It goes full circle. Same thing with mental health. 2007 time period you could see someone all the time damn near. Then 10 years later, same location, maybe you could see someone for 45 minutes once a month. Just went to hell. They take 15 minutes out of your appointment time just to make their notes, and will not hire extra people. If you don’t like your doctor then tough sht. Not to mention the “outside doctor” is a VA puppet. You can’t trust not a single one of them.

  5. What would also help “the VA mission” would be for the DOJ to get involved and actually put people in handcuffs who don’t do their jobs at VA or attack veterans in any way. I’m serious! That’s fraud dude! Violation of the ADA when abuse and denial of care is involved. These agencies covering for one another by sitting back while all these things take place. The yoyos at VHA should feel threatened if they behave a certain way. Not the veterans for Christ sakes. The yoyos who run the damn place and act stupid.

  6. If you get benefits, go in there and tell your doctor that companies don’t pay people shit to work anymore so the benefits are necessary not just because of disability. Tell them that you think every veteran should get benefits to make up for the mass theft and hoarding by big businesses and the rich in America. If the doctor agrees with you, then you know you have a good doctor and you MIGHT be able to trust them. If they fall backwards out of their chair then leave. Don’t ever come back. Another more risky way to tell if you can trust your doctor is to figure out what they would do if you pulled your pecker out on them. Would they laugh it off and tell you not to do it again? Good doctor. Will they put it in your notes, call a manager, or call the cops? Bad doctor. Don’t go see them.

    1. Interesting feedback. I would avoid exposing yourself unless it’s for your annual physical.

  7. VBA is good compared to VHA. VHA, if someone doesn’t like you for some reason, your ass is done. This applies especially to mental health. They will drop a dime of some kind in your records, and no matter where you go, you’ll get the same mistreatment. That and you’ve got to figure that these people all have their own biases, political orientations, and philosophies. The number one thing they have in common though is that they stand up for their coworkers and the organization. If they see you as a threat to either of those, your ass is done. You can’t get care there. They will lie, assassinate your character, and detail every negative comment that you make and try to use it against you in some way. The top brass doesn’t have a handle on these people at all. That’s the biggest problem and you can tell. You’d think someone from DC would be calling these people down at the hospitals and clinics with real information and instructions flowing? That’s obviously not happening. These clowns in charge of these facilities do whatever in the hell they please and no accountability until people have fled or die. The people at the top are just there to tell the regional facilities to think about the budget and also so shrug their shoulders and apologize when bad things happen as a result. On the bottom, it’s a free for all.

  8. The dirty rotten mongers have a million tricks up their sleeves. This just doesn’t apply to benefits but to DENIAL OF CARE. The doctors at the VA can do or not do whatever in the hell they please. There is no supervision. There are no consequences, and all they have to do when all is said and done is pull the “condition is not serious enough” card. Translation is, “I’m here to represent the tax payer and not you.” Also, “I’m being paid to tell you to go get a job and your own insurance.” They should be getting paid to issue insurance cards at this point. If they are treating people like garbage who really have serious, life threatening conditions, then imagine how they treat everyone else.

  9. Many more veterans, and others would have been able to view this had more advance notice been given. The 15 minutes of the live stream that I saw was worthwhile. However the fact that I received the e-mail AFTER the live stream had begun was counter-productive.

    A shame that I could not view it all . . .

    1. Hi Jim, the podcast video is embedded above. You can watch the whole show right now, so I am not sure what you mean about not being able to watch the whole show. Thanks!

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