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  1. Letting the VA get away with screwing the veterans and getting away with unethical behavior is no one’s fault but the Veterans themselves. We as veterans have enormous power and that power needs to be displayed right away. All veterans need to organize in the millions and march mainly on Washington, DC and for those who cannot travel march onto their local VA Medical Centers and VA Affair Departments. In the millions, we can close down DC for weeks. March in front of the White House, Congress, and the Veterans Department. Tell the President, Congress and Secretary McDonald (the green berate who served in Nam and O’Bama’s yes man) to immediately fix the VA to perform its functions in favor of veterans. Fire unethical bureaucrats immediately, fire leave with pay bureaucrats who have been on paid leave for an unexplained extended time, fire bureaucrats who have retaliated against whistleblowers, make good on whistleblowers, no pensions for bureaucrats who have resigned but had unethical issues, fire those bureaucrats who have plead the fifth in front of Congress or at the minimum put them on leave without pay and reduction in benefits and many other actions against the VA to numerous to mention. If the President, Congress and the VA Secretary do not enforce the changes, we should give them 16 hours to get out of town or million of veterans will physically throw them out. If the police or federal agents get in our way, they will also be thrown out. Enough of this B***S***.

  2. I am thankful that Veterans still have a voice.
    My hope is that we can get help to all our brothers and sisters in arms. Many of whom have lost there voice. Some without homes and phones and internet. We must not leave these behind.
    Some are total mentally handicapped often addicted to narcotics. We must not leave them behind. We must insure the services rendered can touch thier lives as well.
    I was thankful to give to those in need.

  3. I am thankful for anyone who has worn a uniform in service to and defense of this country. All have kept my family safe and has allowed them to pursue a way of life not possible without them.

  4. Dear Mr. Krause:

    We must maintain our relentless fight for our cause; you are doing a magnificent job, without you we could not do it, and I am thankful for you and your work, keep up the good work and God bless you in your endeavour, I am sure He will when one fights for a just cause you can be assured of VICTORY.

    Yours for God and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, All! I’m thankful for the internet, because with it the massive amount of info that our vets didn’t have access to in the past can be shared with them now!!! Thank you, Ben, for creating the page that I am proud to be part of. May you and your bride enjoy your first Thanksgiving together!

  6. Thank you Ben for educating veterans about many of the benefits they earned and how do navigate the VA bureaucracy that hinders so many veterans for their service-connected entitlements.God bless you and your many readers!

  7. my list of things i’m thankful is long. i will say i’m very thankful for your work and this website and the veterans that contribute their thoughts and experiences here. i know how much it helps many veterans’ pysche and increases the sense of “we’re not alone”.

    we’ve seen some statewide news orgs and national news orgs get stories from here and present it to the public to digest. that’s incredible & powerful! the mighty pen so to speak for the 21st century.

    keep up the good works @MrBen & fellow veterans!!

  8. Dear Mr. Krause:

    Excuse my absentmindedness I overlooked to wish you and everyone of your readers a very HAPPY AND BLESSED THANKSGIVING for everything we still enjoy particularly our freedom, and fight hard to preserve it.

  9. Dear Mr.Krause:

    I certainly am thankful that up to this moment we have managed, with God’s help, to preserve our freedom for our Country, I hope we never forget God who is the center of our lives without whom we could survive, and keep God in our lives.

    Last but not least I am extremely thankful that although I am 100% disabled to still get around on my own for my family’s sake.

    And although we are faced with tremendous challenges these days we must not forget God, and never repudiate him to make room for human interests and goals.

    He is the one behind our success in everything, and I never forget that, without Him we are lost.

    Yours for God and Country

    Frank P. Calderon

  10. Nice pic! I would only eat the hat in that photo if terribly starved. That ‘turkey’ may have something’s in it that P&G instruct you to normally keep under the sink away from pets and humans.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Thanks for this blog, Ben. Even up against such a behemoth as the VA, this website is cathartic and helpful.

    Now, let’s see a pic soon of VA employees playing Hungry, Hungry Hippo with mashed potatoes, stuffing and lots of gravy on the floor. 🙂 It could happen.

  11. I’m forever thankful for you all. Without readers helping broadcast the message of “FAIL” back to VA executives, my writing would be totally without effect. I could not do it without each and every one of you. Let’s keep the momentum going!

    1. Thanks to you Ben! I am proud to be a part of your Blog! We need to intensify our “Throwing shit on the fan” till we see the SHAMEFULNESS of the VA in ALL aspects (Mainly the C&P dept) Go way!
      Happy Thanksgiving to All vets
      MSG VAM

  12. Fah…..kin Hilarious!!!!!! I am thankful for Ben’s Artwork.My man Bob lopks like he is ready to give birth to a bag of sour cream and onion chips with some dip, a box of 30 day old Capn Crunch, 2 bogus directors, an overeating IG , a parrot and a 2 year old IG report that the IG public affairs persons be holding in their infested drawers for a month. Otherwise than that, Happy Thanksgiving all! That artwork made my day! LOL!!! 🙂

  13. Did you see on another website that President Obummer wants Americans to sit around their Thanksgiving dinner tables and discuss gun control? (Breitbart News).

    1. bizarre, yeah i saw it. and that will be his focus the remaining of his term i read on another site. most illogical potus i’ve ever seen in usa. unless, from his and his crew’s point of view, that’s exactly what they want and intent to push. most of us know the real reasons for this no matter the rhetoric narrative. wow, imagine that fits right in with the VA’s way of doing things too. no surprise there.

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