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I think it’s time to let y’all know what the best damn Facebook group is for veterans about benefits. Here is why it’s good.

The group gives feedback and advice about both Disability Compensation and Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation. If nothing else, it is a good veteran friendly spot to just vent.

We have a good group of former VA employees, veteran lawyers, and School of Hard Knocks veterans giving great feedback, and we do our best to keep the spammers off the group.

It’s called Disabled Veterans – Chapter 31 Voc Rehab.

I started the group back in 2009 after getting sick of traditional VSO’s and their inability to provide real-time feedback to veterans online. They instead preferred to force veterans, regardless of circumstance, to come into the local Regional Office for help.

The drill usually goes something like this.

Veterans come into a veteran service officer’s office. They get told something to the effect that it is important that they get involved and that the best way to get involved is to join the group and that joining group X can be achieved with the stroke of a pen on some paper in your checkbook.

That was the gist of my experience. I wrote a check or two for a bit of cash, and I am now a proud life member of Disabled American Veterans since 2002, whatever that means.

What I mean by mentioning this is that while I did pay my check, I still got caught up in a disability claim lasted over a decade. The best lessons I learned, I learned from the experiences of other veterans. I did not learn a damn thing from my veteran service officers over the years, and that is what Facebook allows to some degree.

So I set up that Facebook group, which led to this website, and veterans have been helped for years and years.

Regardless, I just thought I would take this Thursday to brag it up a little.

If you have any others you think are worth passing on to other veterans, please comment on the below.

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  1. The VA does not care what ever we say on this sight. We do not need to be tormented to death because of selfish reasons of those who get awards for helping veteran’s when in reality they do nothing but wish we would go away and die!

  2. Amen Brother. Spot on.Been fighting the VA over Comp Rating since 95,Coming to fruition soon. Thanks. Also Chap 31 Have to fight them every step of the way,But now I know the ins and outs and they can’t fool me anymore. Thanks for setting up this great site.God Bless.

  3. VERY FEW of the other so-called “pro-veteran” websites really offer up-to-date, real time, critical information to veterans needing help with fighting a corrupt, incompetence, dishonest VA bureaucracy. Seems to me that with the traditional Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs), there is a whole lot of “show & tell” games. They tell you all kinds of things, but when the show-me part comes up, they fall on their face. Lots of people out there in VSOs want to pretend or claim they are experts on veterans laws & rights..

    But to those of us that have spent over 10 years of our lives immersed in veterans laws under 38 USC & 39 CFR, and the M21-1MR & M28 manuals, and the tons of VHA-VBA directives, and the other floodtide of VA documents, we know that these people are largely phony and don’t know half of what they try to speak on as “experts.”

    The real experts in many fields of endeavor are largely overlooked and unappreciated.
    But I can say that finding and meeting Ben Krause and his efforts is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Keep on truckin, Ben.

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