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Remember Candyland? DAV Gives Tammy Baldwin Award ‘Combatting The Opioid Epidemic’ After Allowing It To Fester In Her Own Backyard At Tomah VA

DAV is helping Tammy Baldwin rewrite history by awarding her for cleaning up the opioid crisis after her team sat on reports of massive opioid abuse at Tomah VA.

They apparently forgot she sat on an IG investigation of Tomah VA that verified dangerous acts by clinicians leading up to the opioid crisis where veterans died.

Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-Wi) received the “Outstanding Senate Legislator of the Year” from Disabled American Veterans (DAV) on Sunday for her work “combatting the opioid epidemic with a commitment to ensuring ill and injured veterans have personalized care and safe alternatives for pain management.”

That all sounds great so long as you forget recent history leading up to the opioid crisis that developed in her backyard.

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Remember Tammy Baldwin Role At Candyland (Tomah VA)

In 2014, Sen. Baldwin was accused of sitting on an OIG report exposing massive opioid problems at Tomah VA, which then became the center of all things wrong with VA and its overuse of heavy narcotic cocktails to pacify veterans with PTSD. The crisis resulted in a DEA scandal and blowback against Sen. Baldwin for failing to take reasonable action in time to protect veterans from addiction and death.

DAV is now helping Sen. Baldwin rebrand for her upcoming campaign in the midterm elections as being an “outstanding veterans’ advocate”, at least in the eyes of the irrelevant dinosaur VSO organization called DAV.

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Now, in case you have forgotten what happened back then, here is a refresher:

Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s office received an inspection report last summer detailing high amounts of opiates prescribed at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Tomah, but there is no indication her office took action on the findings until last week, when she called for an investigation after a news report revealed a veteran died from an overdose at the facility.

The report by the VA inspector general, a copy of which was obtained by USA TODAY, noted that two practitioners at the center were among the highest prescribers of opiates in a multistate region — at “considerable variance” compared with most opioid prescribers. That, the report said, raised “potentially serious concerns.”

A whistleblower who learned in November that Baldwin had had a copy for months and hadn’t acted, repeatedly emailed her office asking that she do something to help the veterans at the center, according to copies of the emails obtained by USA TODAY.

In them the whistleblower — former Tomah VA employee Ryan Honl — asked that Baldwin call for an investigation, that she push colleagues on the Veterans Affairs committee to take action, and that she help bring the issues in the report to public attention. The report had not been made public, but Baldwin’s office received a copy in August…

Honl, a Gulf War vet and West Point graduate who left the Tomah facility in October, said in an interview Monday he believes Baldwin’s inaction after receiving the report is a “travesty.”

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That seems pretty bad, right? How about this:

Baldwin’s office declined to explain what she did between receiving the report in August and last week, when she called for an investigation after the Center for Investigative Reporting published details of the inspection report outlining opiate prescription amounts at the center and recounting the overdose death in August of a 35-year-old Marine Corps veteran while he was an inpatient.

The answer is probably “Nothing. She did absolutely nothing.”

As a result of the illegal prescriptive practices at Tomah VA, that ultimately became known as Candyland, individuals died. Others became addicted.

VA swiftly responded to the crisis once the cover-up was obviously uncoverable by removing veterans from their opioid prescriptions without following appropriate prescriptive guidelines. The act resulted in many veterans seeking out street drugs like heroin to combat their pain.

Now, before you send another check to Disabled American Veterans, you need to ask whether you agree without the organization is endorsing lawmakers for “outstanding veterans’ advocacy” despite failing to act on clear evidence of wrongdoing that endangered the lives of the same disabled veterans who are members of DAV.

Source: https://urbanmilwaukee.com/pressrelease/u-s-senator-tammy-baldwin-honored-by-disabled-american-veterans-organization-with-senate-legislator-of-the-year-award/

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  1. 03/06/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    As we can see clearly, these “organizations” that backed up the VA Secretary on his $122,000 vacation with his wife in Europe, is also backing up one of the Biggest Dope Dealing enterprise in American called CANDYLAND.

    The outrage should come from the Wisconsin Citizens and all the family of the dead effected by the mass distribution of opiates by the now unlicensed Doctor on 01/20/2017 [the day Trump got into office].

    Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, is from Wisconsin and there is no pressure on him.

    McKesson will not disclose the amount of Opiates shipped to Tomah, WI [2003-2018].

    More information must be released on this huge crime.

    But most do not want to see the real reality; you gotta love it when Tammy smiles at you when she is accepting her award.


    Don Karg

  2. “Chaos at Veterans Affairs has Shulkin on the edge”
    Jonathan Swan
    38 mins ago

    “The short version: After the VA’s inspector general reported that VA Secretary David Shulkin used taxpayer dollars to pay for his wife to go to Europe, the VA secretary has been telling anyone who will listen that Trump appointees in his agency are conspiring to undermine him.
    •He started handling his own media relations because he doesn’t trust the agency’s communications staff. And he told Politico the White House gave him the green light to “purge” his agency (a senior White House official told me they did no such thing, and aren’t letting Shulkin fire Trump appointees).

    Show less

    Senior White House officials are losing confidence in Shulkin. One told me it would be “an understatement” to describe Shulkin’s position as precarious. “A small, little, tiny breeze would push him over the edge,” the official said. “If there’s any hint of anything wrong” in the next inspector general’s report, “I don’t imagine he hangs on.”
    •The White House has been befuddled by Shulkin’s media appearances. Senior officials were especially furious when he told Politico that he had their blessing to clean house.
    •A senior White House official told me it was nonsense that Kelly authorized a purge, and that the White House made that clear to Shulkin when it blocked him from firing Trump appointees John Ullyot and Curt Cashour.

    The Daily Beast reported last week that another IG report may come out in the next few weeks that could also damage Shulkin. The White House will have little tolerance for even a whiff of further evidence that Shulkin has been improperly using taxpayer funds for personal activities.

    Behind the scenes: Last Monday morning, some of Shulkin’s allies who lead veteran service organizations visited the White House armed with arguments to defend the secretary. They met with Kelly in the Roosevelt Room.
    •About halfway through the meeting, Rick Weidman, the co-founder of the Vietnam Veterans of America, told Kelly he thought political appointees at the VA were undermining Shulkin.
    •According to a source familiar with the meeting, Weidman tried to appeal to Kelly as a fellow military man. He compared Shulkin’s situation to that of a military unit and said you need cohesion and proper chain of command, and that you can’t have subordinates undermining the leader of the unit.
    •After listening to Weidman, Kelly didn’t give him the response he was clearly looking for. “From my standpoint,” Kelly replied, “you just made an argument to fire Shulkin.”
    •Kelly told Weidman that every time he was in command of a unit or leading a group, he was always able to get people on board with what he was trying to do and get them to accomplish the mission together. He wasn’t impressed by the notion that Trump’s political appointees were to blame for Shulkin’s fate.

    Bottom line: The meeting ended with Kelly telling the veterans group leaders that the president still has confidence in Shulkin.
    •White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley gave this response to details in this story: “The President has confidence in Secretary Shulkin. Under the President’s leadership, the Secretary has worked to reform the VA so it can better provide our nation’s heroes with the care they rightfully deserve.”
    •VA press secretary Curt Cashour told me that “nothing will distract the President, the Secretary and the Department from finding the best ways to provide care and benefits to our country’s heroes.”

    Why this matters: Of the federal agencies, only the Department of Defense is larger than Veterans Affairs.

    What’s next: Shulkin, his deputy and his new chief of staff are meeting Monday with Kelly. They will have plenty to talk about. I’ve yet to meet a senior White House official who genuinely believes Shulkin is long for this world.”

    Full Article at: “https://www.axios.com/shulkin-on-the-edge-1520204838-35ebc2db-e57b-4908-8342-1559e9c22086.html”

    1. Interesting news. Seems Shulkin’s mouth was writing non-sufficient funds checks.

      Good to see Kelly not willing to accept bullshit from VSO’s.

      1. To be honest I am hoping that by Monday afternoon we are hearing that Sec Shulkin has been removed from his position and Thomas Bowman the Deputy Sec has also been removed.

        With Peter O’Rourke stepping up to acting Sec of Veterans Affairs.

        There is no way possible that Shulkin can recover from the BS he has brought on himself and Bowman is nothing but the worst of the swamp creatures with his prior baggage and connections.

      2. Hey 91Veteran,

        Did you happen to check out the article I posted further up in the comment section. The one where DAV is showing how out of touch they are with Veterans issues.
        I find it pretty sickening my self

        Beyond the trip of a lifetime: Disabled veterans group sends Minnesota man on African safari
        By Nathan Bowe Today at 6:00 a.m.


      3. Seymore, I read that. It would be interesting to here the final cost of that.

        Of course, the DAV can piss away money like some VA building manager, it is their choice, but it doesn’t make it right. I can’t believe that veteran was the only veteran in their area that could have used the help. I can imagine there are all kinds of veterans in his area that could have used a new roof, a new furnace, a new water heater or have their car repaired. Imagine how many veterans could have benefited from the massive cost of this trip alone?

        The story mentions the benefits to an African community brought in by these hunts in an attempt to justify it. The safari is on a 60000 acre game preserve. I doubt that place is hurting economically. They could have easily looked at their own community to see what help us needed.

        This article reminded me of that WWII vet in FL being kicked out of his trailer by the HOA because he couldn’t fix his roof.

        I suppose the DAV had money allocated from gambling that had to be spent. Perhaps it had to be spent in a certain district or county. I don’t know. I can see it is piss poor money management at best.

        I’m thinking someone’s brother is a travel agent or taxidermist.

  3. Since being on Ben’s blog chatting with others, I’ve read many a new stories of other Vets VA healthcare crisis, I was let down from an offer of help over a simple misunderstanding that I thought I was easy to clear up, and some premature negative remarks about some of my posts, without the commenter seeking more information for clarification, and reading others assumptions and their perspectives on issues pertaining to the VA.

    All the above has changed me for the better, it gave me insight for a different but positive outlook, revealed to me just how much this Vet can REALLY handle (beyond experiences while in active duty), showed me just how cruel, evil, and wicked a healthcare Medical Professional and / or Agency can be with someone’s healthcare (VA to Veterans), showed me how deep and wide the corruption can be in an organization that needs lacks good accountability practices, has exposed me to much light, medium, and dark humor about the workers in the VA, and in all the time reading the posts of others, I finally grasped a lot more knowledge, and I know that I don’t know it all, of how an Agency spends so much Taxpayers monies, supposedly for helping a segment of society (Veterans, love ones, caretakers, and service animals), but yet, there’s not hardly anyone cheering about the VA, or yelling out that the VA is finally a lot better, nor has anyone proved such.

    I’ve also personally gained about things associated or related to the commenters while participating on this blog. That many Veterans have valid reasons to gripe, complain, to profusely curse at the VA, and to knock the VA’s corrupt AFGE employees down, to learn a little about the interpretation of the Bad Art, and to kind of gauge others personalities and temperaments.

    Now with all this being said, besides getting to digitally know others, the VA has stayed the same. Many of the comments from different commenters are mirror images of each other. Then this brings me to this deduction, why then do we as Veterans continue to do the same thing, over and over, and then hasn’t the VA noticeably changed for the betterment and being beneficial to us Veterans? It’s because were stuck, and doing the same thing, weekday in, and weekday out.

    I keep saying this, and I won’t stop, because we’re almost 21 million strong, but yet, when it comes as a group in taking action, we run flat, and almost stagnant with hardly deep penetrating impact, except getting each other all fired up emotionally and to run on our feelings. Trying to get us to see that we have THE STRENGTH, THE TALENT, and THE ENDURANCE to change things up, so the not only the Public knows that were not being trampled on like a pesky insect, but that the VA knows that we mean business too.

    Sorry for the Sunday logical and knowledgeable Righteous Rant. So continue on with the same, and how far has that gotten us? – Nutter.

    1. Nutter, I understand where you are coming from. That and much more pondering goes through my brain multiple times daily, and nightly.

      If I don’t do something, step out, be known, show no fear to all these scum, perverts, corrupt, bullies, lying academic trash, unethical professionals, commies, filth, who will? This kind of stuff and the deep levels of corruption…. or the threats etc., is not my first rodeo when dealing with corruption in Indiana or my town. Which is very corrupt top to bottom and every which way you can think of.

      “Herding cats” has been mentioned out here and is true. I don’t care if it’s over corrupt unions, veteran’s affairs, any corruption or professional’s misconduct it’s all the same. People have their own agendas, concerns, agendas, self-serving thinking, or fears. Or don’t want to be known or get involved at all, even if it means watching some of us, or me, get shot down in the streets or “Swatted” by political motivations or to protect the wealthy and power people or groups. While I was going to town meetings or out of town meetings for info and to here what my locally corrupt were doing others would not sit with me. Too afraid of what I might ask or who may see them with me, which is sad shit. Just like company people would tell my so-called union brothers not to listen to me in meetings, to not get seen around me or at local bars, it could mean their jobs or they’d figure they may be a friend of mine which is a bad thing to them. As well as telling union people usual crap like I was out to close the plant down over safety issues and be the cause of them losing their livelihood, getting their families starving, broke, labeled, black balled, and homeless, possibly. So stay away from the likes of me and supporters. Sure makes herding cats fun and shows how difficult it can be uniting people.

      Like you and a very few others… I won’t stop either. We should have the numbers to do something just like every other group out there does and does in numbers, or ALLOWED, to do without insults, media silence, or whatever. Others can group up in mass to enter the country illegal, burn the flag, threaten to kills us Gringos or Americans off and get plenty of support. Not us amazingly. Doesn’t make sense to me at all. Local Marx-feminist, Antifa, etc., can get the same support and numbers. Not me, not us, no “us” around here. The far left and communist win, veterans…. zero and just lay silent due to politics and fear. For good reason I might add due to all the corruption and retaliation which is done with plenty of support by those in the community to the colleges and Demoncrats who run the joint.

      I hope people will learn enough, study enough on their own, research, then start to group up in the numbers needed. Maybe out of desperation or at the end of their lives they will be fed up enough with nothing more to lose to actually go public and call for action or to be heard. If, if their family will allow them to do so, many don’t want involved for various reasons.

      The controls, censoring, retaliation is so bad here we couldn’t even get a non 501 C 3 church started here that did not support Israel or the traditional teaching or traditions accepted by the rest. We had to meet in the woods and then threatened off due to threats for not being conformist and discussing historical events to propaganda the rest teaches or falls for, and not allowed to be discussed or taught in bible or liberal colleges in Indiana or elsewhere. That is how bad it is. How we don’t even have true freedom of religion or free speech and this was twenty five years ago people got scared off from home churches or not assimilating with the herds out there. We are not free to do too much out there in reality and that includes exposing or discussing corruption and what the VA gets by with and passes on to civilian care workers and unions.

      Good rant Nutter. Maybe with our last breath we will either see some change, a small worm will turn, real veteran groups formed to stand together minus the other shit, or be the lucky ones to see the final collapse and destruction of this corrupt country and western culture, to start something else brave and new. Something like we had generations ago then swiftly turned totally corrupted.

  4. Hey Elf,

    Here is an article you have got to read. As we both know that between the conventions in Vegas and their fight against Veterans having their right to choose health Care Options. The DAV does do some very note worthy lame ass shit.

    As you know DAV has a major gambling problem in that they sponsor the distribution of Gambling machines in all 50 states whether it is legal or not to gamble in those states. In Minnesota they have to spend a percentage of their gambling profits on charity.

    In an article published today they cover one of those acts of charity sponsored by the DAV in Minnesota. It was an all expense paid 10 day hunting trip to South Africa paid for by the DAV for one not to disabled Veteran. In addition it included converting all of the game he bagged into trophy mounts.

    The trip was from Feb. 12 and he returned from the African Safari on Feb. 22. Reportedly he did quite well on the Safari bagging a black wildebeest, a red hartebeest, a blesbok, a zebra, an impala, a gemsbok and a white springbok. He was also able to take part in tracking down a white rhino and bring it down during DAV paid African Safari.



    Beyond the trip of a lifetime: Disabled veterans group sends Minnesota man on African safari
    By Nathan Bowe Today at 6:00 a.m.


    1. Incase the above link stops working here is a link to the Internet Archives WayBackMachines record of the page.

      Beyond the trip of a lifetime: Disabled veterans group sends Minnesota man on African safari
      By Nathan Bowe Today at 6:00 a.m.


  5. Worth mentioning, while the paranoid, erratic behaving, secrecy seeking Sec of Veterans Affairs is off in Las Vegas for the week to get paid for giving a speech at a convention. It is important to note several things. first he will be sharing his platform at the convention with none other than the former Los Angeles Lakers point guard and hall of famer Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

    Oh and it was guaranteed that Magic Johnson will offer insights based on his legendary exploits on the courts.

    Given Magic Johnson is already a billionaire I wonder who will be paid more for their performances Shulkin or Magic Johnson. Given Shulkin appears to be little more than the opening act and Magic Johnson is the star of the show. I assume it will be Magic Johnson who is paid more.

    I did say several thing people should know so here is the second thing worth noticing. Shulkin’s arrangement for this upcoming appearance has been in the works for a while. So Shulkin’s, Booking Agent, (a.k.a. former Chief of Staff), had set this up this paid performance at least 6 months ago. Long before Shulkin started worrying about VAOIG reports.

    Here is a link to a prior notice of Shulkin and Magic Johnson’s upcoming performances from several months ago.

    “VA Secretary David Shulkin to keynote HIMSS18”
    By Bill Siwicki
    January 10, 2018


    Unless? Maybe? Shulkin might see the problem with his heading to Vegas, after canceling on the Pope and his ten day trip to Rome and the Vatican next month. It might look bad turning down a VA all expenses paid trip to hook-up with the Pope in the Vatican City while still taking the time out to head off to sin-city Vega.

    A Twit from Luke Rosiak a most excellent reporter at the Daily Caller News Foundation concerning Shulkin’s planned trip next month to the Vatican being paid for by the VA for Shulkin and Wiffey. Oh and of course his security detail, and other members of his entourage at both locales.


    1. Oh, it would not be fair not to listen to the paranoid, erratic behaving, secrecy seeking Sec of Veterans Affairs statement on his up coming plan trip to hang with the Pope at the Vatican. Don’t worry with all of his head bobbling and those totally dilated eyes. His head does not fall off in the report.


      But as Luke Rosiak verifies the trip is still on the books!

  6. I wouldn’t join DAV because of the way they advertise. I’ve seen two ads for DAV and both have a Veteran with missing legs in a wheel chair on the ad. First of all, that perpetuates the myth that disabled Vets are those with disabilities you can see. Second it’s a cheap sales tactic to get money from people who feel bad for a Veteran with no legs.

    Also, in regards to the PTSD issue in the article, I’m not surprised the VA is giving dangerous drugs out like candy. When I was at the VA the last time I asked for Antivan just in case of an emergency and the doctor gave me a lot more than I needed. I haven’t taken them because I haven’t needed it, but if I did I’d stay as low of a dosage as possible. That stuff is very dangerous and addictive.

    I saw this article on psychology today by a psychologist from the Menninger Clinic in Houston, Texas. He was claiming that a lot of veterans with PTSD are malingering. I thought it was interesting because I recently dropped a bad therapist at my local Vet Center. When I looked into the therapist background he did his internship at the Menninger Clinic in Houstong, Texas. What a coincidence that the therapist I thought wasn’t taking my PTSD seriously happened to come from the same clinic as the psychologist who wrote that article on Vets with PTSD malingering.

    1. I believe that same VAMC in TX is where I only caught tail end of a special on TV a week or two ago where the VA Dr. Hack was claiming to have and end-all cure for all forms of PTSD…EXPOSURE THERAPY.

      Been there, tried and done that and further fucked-up my brain.

      Exposure Therapy utilizes the technics of waterboarding but usually without the water but with all the cerebral salad tossed and it uses the principle of throwing a person right back into the exact situation they are fucked mentally from in first place.
      Not always practical and certainly safe as a chemical lobotomy or psyops Manchurian Candidate Training Films…same difference.
      PTSD from being exposed to the VA only gets you more exposure therapy…this is quack science at best but the VA would love to condition all us PTSD Veterans so instead of panic attacks we fart rainbows out our asses and gobble up all our old school formulary meds.
      Tired of all the shitheads in this life and just want to be left alone and not bother a fly? Nope. The VA would rather re-expose a Vet to even more shitheads in the form of Exposure Therapy…

      I wonder if the new Hyperbaric Therapy Chambers come with Exposure Therapy Options in forms of different gasses pumped-in?
      I choose cannabis, please. Re-Expose. Repeat…

      1. @Namnibor – Nam, I forget the name of the procedure, but its a nerve block in the C-lumbar area of the neck. Some people report that they have received relief while recovering from the procedure.

        As a researcher myself, one could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of searching for a cure. But hey, since we don’t trust the VA, due to its incompetency, and like in my situation, my health has become worse, I think it’d be one hell of solid argument to see if one can get a non-FDA approved procedure done (breakthrough medical technology, or could we call it Precision Medicine), and then to have the VA billed for it. Especially if you could prove that the VA has been intentionally neglect of one’s healthcare.

      2. C-lumbar confusing, I should have stated the lower section of the C, like 4-7th vertebrae.

      3. I would only trust a VA Hack wishing to place a nerve block injection procedure into my spine or anywhere as long as the entire ortho surgical team doesn’t mind having loaded roofing nail guns pointed at the base of their spines by angry Vets….you know, to encourage the VA hacks to do the right thing?!

  7. It occurs to me now something I heard one of the announcers say at that tennis match. I recall it because at the time I recall feeling disgusted and upset. I thought I heard the announcer say something like sponsored by the VA. It pissed me off to the point I had to leave the room. If it’s true that the VA is sponsoring foreign sporting events I don’t see how that can’t be considered a misuse of funds. Especially when Choice doctors go unpaid to the point where they stop accepting veteran patients. I wouldn’t begin to know how to go about investigating something like that.

  8. To all,
    I believe someone on here either said this, or eluded to it, over his paranoia;
    How does it feel?
    Does it feel good to be screwed by VA employees, like we’re screwed every time we go there?

    Do you understand, in my opinion, President Trump doesn’t give a shit about you! If he, or his people in the White House did, – don’t you think they’d be coming to your aid? But, alas, your on your own!

    Did you really believe you could “run with the big dogs”? Your “cannon fodder”, ASSHOLE! How’s it feel? Your no better than the vets who are forced to use VA for anything!

    What did you do with “Shinazi”? Are you part of his scams against vets and taxpayers?

    You better be glad you “lawyered up”! I gotta sneaky suspicion your gonna need them. Hopefully the FBI and DOJ, along with a Special Council, will ruin your life, like they have so many others! (Gen. Flynn comes to mind!)

    Hey, brothers and sisters, can y’all come up with more #shitheadshulkin needs to be afraid of?

    1. Yeah, “Your fired. I though that I could trust you, but obviously after all these negative news reports, that then makes my administration and myself to look bad in front of Veterans, and the American people. Now come out of your office, gather your personal stuff, and get the hell out. And if you don’t, I’ll personally do it myself, and call a Press Meeting at the same time. And, if I’m forced to do this in this manner, I’m most likely sure, that you’ll NEVER get another administrative position. Am I clear?”

    2. You might find this interesting elf

      1. And here is another one mentioning a VA in California doing mind control research

      2. Good videos. Many who may think this is all poo-poo or “conspiracy’ hasn’t tried to fight against much corruption or care to get involved to see what real life is all about behind closed doors and attacks on us who have actually done and are trying to expose a ton of shit going on.

        I still haven’t been able to find out why a local hospital asked my about a screen popping up on their pc when registering for surgery if I am “part of any experimental programs at the VA past or present.” Later being told no such thing happens to them or to the admitting personnel.

        That is like going back down after some civilian health care testing being done after forgetting about it before-hand, to to be told the testing info and email programs were, are, self or auto deleted, which I was shown, after twelve to 24 hours after their processes were completed and results or communications transferred. Then to be told by about everyone else they don’t know of such things or programs, or only the VA can release the information about this stuff and is set only by the
        VA. I asked out here if anyone knew of this disappearing or auto-deleted email or test result programs stuff but got no replies. So maybe that is all top secret, need to know I Spy crap and ‘for their eyes or knowledge only.’

        Still been dealing with Union hospital’s administration here and their UAP clinic over threatening and daily harassing phone calls. Like, (exactly like) the VA their secretaries or phone call centers excuse it all, deny it, and probably may not be reporting it to their superiors. Like other info doesn’t get passed along until hundreds of people showing up dead or killed may spark some interest. Exampled with the info I posted here before about killer nurses.

        WE are not dealing with sane, normal, small time, local communist college village corruption when it seems to go state wide, to the top, and on to DC and various agencies who are supposed to be there for us all, but simply are NOT and don’t care one bit about our health care, identity politics, or all the corruption. Especially when it comes to judges, lawyers, hospital corporations, politicians, med boards, freemason crap, cat and gown clubs, the Greek societies, media and all the rest. Seems the more you reach out to, the more your being a non-conformist or patriot is gossiped about, the higher to the top you try to contact, the more media you try to get to listen, the more vet groups you go to, the whole sheebang, the worse it seems to get.

        Isn’t life fun in the new Amerika? And it’s all to the point you don’t know who to trust or who the many rats and agents are. Or who our shadow governments are and who really runs this flushed country.

  9. David “The Shulk” Shulkin. He is writing himself prescriptions for opioids now, as todays articles in the news claim he is acting erratically and paranoid that quite serious charges will be brought about to him in yet another scandal of him getting his security people who accompanied him on his trip to Denmark and UK to “do personnel errands” for him (on the taxpayer’s dime of course) which is beyond what his accompanying security detail was for on that trip. How about saving some of those for veterans that really and truly need them and are in pain, ass master??
    In addition, another tidbit to add to the expenses of that trip, is that the cost of parking at the airport for his “entourage” came to almost $4,000 (for ten days, and at the taxpayer’s dime of course).
    Yes, he is acting like a blithering fucking idiot because of all this pressure now. The clown may go to jail. He can go to hell, though. It’s all coming out piece by piece for this clown master…isn’t it??

    1. Sorry yesIcomplainloudly,

      While you do have some of the facts about Shulkin, and his wife’s, VA paid European adventure. The newest in the series of VAOIG reports dealing with Shulkin’s misuse of Government resources by using his security detail for personal errands. No one publishing articles on the subject are limiting it to the misuse only in Europe. Although that to was a clearly a misuse.

      Another example of the misuse is going to happen next weekend in Vegas. When Shulkin will be paid to speak at a convention. Of course he will have his security detail there and no doubt the VA will be footing the bill. Also, the VA will be picking up the plane fare and accommodations not only for him but also his security detail while he is off on his little jaunt to Vega to collect personal money for giving a speech at a convention.

      Of course there have been numerous other times that he has done the same thing during his time at the VA.

      All of the paid speaking adventures have been approved by the same ethics department at the VA that has been working with his former Chief of Staff, (a.k.a. booking agent), right up until her recent retirement.

      1. As far as how much he is making for each of his speaking engagements. Not really sure but given he is in control of spending a nearly $200 billion budget. I am sure some of them may even rival some of Bill Clinton’s fees for his speaking engagements.

      2. Seymore,
        You do know DAV National, along with lots of the State Reps, goes to Vegas quite often!

    2. yesicomplain,
      Don’t forget about Shulkin and his wife traipsing off to Switzerland for dinner!
      And, of course, his security detail and other peeps had to go along with them!

  10. This shit is starting to hurt. Every day we get a dose of VA incompetence and/or corruption. It’s like a daily prostate exam. This goes waaaay beyond the “once its fun, twice it’s queer” rule of thumb … or finger, fist? Ben should lead each article with “Bend over boys!”, or “INCOMING”

    1. I’d say buy stock in Vasoline but, or is that butt, most of the time they don’t even bother with lube…

  11. So, What Next for Shulkin?

    On the heels of the VAOIG report on Shulkin, and wife’s, criminally funded European Adventure forcing them to cancel their next ten-day criminally funded adventure to the Vatican that had been planned for April this year. What now for Shulkin’s to full fill his needs for self-enrichment and criminally funded adventures?

    With mounting pressure building up around the next in a series of up coming VAIG reports on Shulkin. The new report detailing his misuse of Government resources by using his security detail for personal errands.

    Raises the question of what kind of personal errands does somebody send an armed security force on?

    Guess we will find out sometime this week.

    With all this happening now just before he was to become a Billionaire off the Cerner deal. No wonder he has locked himself in his office and posted armed guards outside the door. Locked down the floor that he is on at the VA office building in Washington. His bizarre erratic paranoiac behavior now being shared in the press. He certainly does not want anyone knowing who he is seeing in his office at this time. With his backroom wheeling and dealing for that every increasing golden parachute.

    What is Shulkin going to do?


    He is going to double down, go for broke, take a gamble and take that security detail to Vegas. Where he is going to make some quandullies for making a speech while surrounding himself with possible VA vendors, (a.k.a. co-conspirators), that all want a big chunk of the VA Budget. Before Shulkin is shown the door at the VA.



    Week ahead: AI, healthcare disruption likely to top HIMSS18 agenda

    By Rachel Z. Arndt
    Modern Healthcare
    March 3, 2018


    “The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s annual convention and trade show, which runs March 5-9, is expected to draw 45,000 people this year. About 42,287 attended in 2017.

    Shulkin is slated to speak Friday morning with Vice Adm. Raquel Bono of the Defense Health Agency and address coordinated care. Former executive chairman of Alphabet (née Google) Eric Schmidt, who spoke at HIMSS in 2008 when Google launched its now defunct personal health record, will talk about how to implement technology effectively in healthcare and how to more quickly transform the industry.”

  12. From “Svengoolie’s” “joke of the week” –

    “How do you sink a submarine full of idiots?”

    Answer: “You knock on the door!”

    I know, I know. It’s from a kid out in California. Yet, it is funny!

  13. A man walks into a bar, dressed to the nines. He saunters up to the bar whips out a wad of cash from his pocket and tells the bartender to line up shots for everybody in the room to enthusiastic cheers and wild applause.

    The bartender takes the cash, lines up all the shot glasses and starts pouring.
    As the bartender gets to the end of the line the door to the bar crashes open and in runs a midget. He climbs up on a stool, hops up on the bar, and proceeds to kick over all the shot glasses. When he reaches the end, he chucks everybody the finger, hops off the bar and runs out the door.

    The guy shakes his head and sighs before reaching into his pocket and producing another wad of cash and telling the bartender to go ahead and line them up again.

    The bartender takes the money again and proceeds to line up the shot glasses once more.
    Again, as the bartender is nearing the end of the line the door crashes open and in runs the midget. He clambers once more up the barstool, hops on the bar and proceeds to kick over the line of shot glasses. As he gets to the end he once again flips everybody the finger, hops off the door and runs out the door.

    The bartender turns to the man and says “Ok dude, I gotta ask. What the fuck is going on???”

    The man sighs and replies “Well Sir, if you must know, today I found a lamp and when I rubbed it a Genie popped out and said he’d grant me three wishes.”

    The bartender replies “Well surely that’s wonderful news right?”
    The man shakes his head once more before responding “Well you’d think so and I certainly did but it turns out that Genies have a sense of humor and I found this out the hard way.”

    The bartender who by now just has to know just what this guy wished for that could possibly be so bad asked his question.

    The man sat down at the bar and leaned forward with his elbows on the bar and said “I told the Genie for my first wish that no matter where I go no matter where I am I would like it so that I was always the best dressed person in the room.”

    The Genie responded by snapping his fingers and stating “Done good Sir. What is your Second wish?”

    The man though for a moment before replying “I know, no matter where I go no matter what I’m doing. If I see something that requires money I wish to be able to reach in my pocket and pull out the exact amount of cash I need to cover my expenses.”

    The Genie folded his arms and puffed out his chest before sharply nodding his head and exclaimed “DONE!! What is your third, and final wish Sir.

    The man thought a bit harder about this one as it was his last wish. But then the obvious occured to him “AHA!” he exclaimed “I have it. For my last wish I’d like a 12 inch prick!!!”

    The Genie looked at the gentleman and offered a sly wink and a big smirk before fading away “Done.” he chuckled.

  14. An Amish farmer was walking out in his field one day when he came across a bearded gentleman drinking from his pond with his hands. Thinking the man was Amish because of his beard he called out to the man.

    “Trink das wasser nicht. Die kuhen haben dahin gesheissen.”

    Which roughly translates to “Hey, don’t drink the water. My cows have pissed in it.”

    The bearded man called back and said. “Sir, I can’t understand you for I am muslim. Do you perhaps speak English?”

    The Amish farmer replied. “I said here, use my cup.”

  15. A DHS agent walks up to a farmer who’s tending one of his fields and shoves his bad in his face and tells the farmer that he’s suspected of illegal activities and that the agent is going to have a look around. The farmer looks at the badge and then looks at the agent and says “Ok but don’t go in the back 40”

    The agent turns beet red and screams at the farmer “SIR I am a FEDERAL AGENT This badge gives me the authority to go wherever I want if I suspect illegal activity!!!”

    The farmer replies “Well, ok Sir”

    Satisfied the agent walks off to begin his search.

    About 20 minutes goes by and the farmer hears a blood curdling scream coming from the back 40.

    The farmer runs over to the fence just in time to see the DHS agent running for the fence with knees and elbows pumping 2 steps behind him is the farmers prize bull.

    The farmer, seeing that the agent clearly wasn’t going to make it, hops up on the fence and cups his hands to his mouth and screams to the agent “YOUR BADGE!!!! SHOW HIM YOUR BADGE!!!!!”

  16. Seymore,
    Wouldn’t it be good If Shithead Shyster Shulkin couldn’t find anyone to bring him some food (bread and water) while he’s locked up in his office!
    He’s not far from being a raving lunatic if these reports are true!

    1. Crazy Elf, watch the YouTube video.


      Shulkins looking for strawberries.

    2. That would be a great start.

      Hopefully what might be better is to allow him to telecommute with a broken video screen while he is sharing a cell with one of those employees the VA tried to protect. Because they couldn’t fire their way to excellence. Ya, I could see having him share a cell with that ass bandit nurse practitioner from Leavenworth.

      Given Shulkin’s always drugged out appearance with his eyes clearly giving him away. I am sure the ass bandit could really give him the respect he has earned and deserves. Also he would have all the armed Guards he really needs.

  17. I keep screaming about these scammers and all I’ve been doing is making myself horse. Half of everything they say is bull shit, I just can’t figure which half most of the time.

  18. Dog and pony or phoney show. Btw, dav, American legion on VA payroll, scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours situation.

    How many veteran’s are not or don’t want to belong to any of those group’s and yet they speak for all veteran’s, why ?

    Veterans service group’s are screwing veteran’s, each and every time they tell the veteran’s they have to start a new claim.

    You have service officer’s doing this is making veteran’s loose hundreds of thousands of dollars, when they do this.

    Why don’t we veteran’s start sending out awards to VA employees, put on it for failure to care for veteran’s and letting them die. Your fired !

    Sincerely, American veteran’s of the United States.

    VA one big scam, VA employees, VA employees, always about VA employees and not veteran’s.

    Secretary Shulkin now knows what veteran’s go through and employees who actually care.

    Good grief !

    1. Oh come on and help me out here. Lets see. Well, there could be the Oink Oink Award, the Tuna Beast Award, the Stanky Skunk Award, The Cash Cow Award, The Incompetent Dumb Fuck Award.

      Would anyone else like to chime in and put down a few names. Actually, James has a good point he.re. We should do this and have Vets to submit what VA employee deserves an Award. No really, this would be fun, and we’d be able to send our own messages to them. Kind of a psychology on the bass-turds.

    2. @Benjamin Krause – this is a good idea that James suggested. Ben, you’ve got most people’s trust (Vets, love ones, caretakers, public, many authoritative heads [because we give it to them], and mostly because you’re a successful advocate and publisher of Veterans rights, and keeping the VA into check.

      And like Harvey of TZM, “hey, you’re a lawyer.” And I tell ya, even though this isn’t a new idea, but if I were in your position Ben, and knew what you know, and remembering the contents inside all of the past articles that you wrote, I do it faster than a heart beat or a NY second. At least we could in our own way, bring those damn naughty VA AFGE Unionized employees some negative, and laughing stock exposure by doing this.

      What do you say Ben, you game? I’m sure others on the blog would be onboard by saying, “fucking aye, that’s a good idea.”

      And Ben, we’d be able to change it up to our benefit. And do you know why? Because we’d have control, and it would be sent to the awarded VA employees by you. And you know what Ben, this is a no brainer in my book, because we could even connect Press Releases to the Naughty Award. And in the PR “www.DisabledVeterans.org”, could be listed in the media piece, as well as your Fb page, and other Social Media contacts.

      And Ben, who knows, its about time that we do something different, meaningful, or nerve racking to the VA. So what do you say Ben, is it a good idea to make something like this happen or what? And, if you man power is an issue, all you gotta do is to give a holla. —– Nutter

      Can we stir them up with your approval, support, or endorsement. If this is OK with you, I’ll buy the first Package of Award Certificates. Of course for the legal side, you’d have to writer on up. Let me know.

  19. A Daily Beast Exclusive

    “V.A. Boss ‘Extremely Paranoid’ About New Scandal”

    “The head of the Department of Veterans Affairs is running out of allies and lifelines after he was criticized for vacationing on the taxpayer’s dime. The worst may be yet to come.”

    by Lachlan Markay, Asawin Suebsaeng, Sam Stein
    The Daily Beast
    03.02.18 4:36 PM ET

    “Embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin is likely to be the subject of another damaging investigation as early as next week, one that could prove politically fatal.

    The top watchdog for the Department of Veterans Affairs is preparing a report that is expected to criticize Shulkin over his use of his security detail to run personal errands, The Daily Beast has learned. Three sources familiar with the situation say the forthcoming Inspector General report will likely fuel criticism of Shulkin’s use of official department resources and could further erode his standing in the administration.

    Sources spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss sensitive internal matters.

    Reports of the latest IG’s findings have been swirling internally, but its specific allegations are not yet clear. Sources stressed that the IG has been known to qualify language in prior reports and make substantive changes late in the process. These sources expect the watchdog to release its findings in the next two weeks.

    VA spokesperson Curt Cashour referred questions about the report to the IG’s office. That office declined to comment, telling The Daily Beast on Friday that it does not confirm or deny the existence of ongoing investigations.”

    Full Article at: “https://www.thedailybeast.com/veteran-affairs-secretary-david-shulkin-extremely-paranoid-ahead-of-damning-new-investigation-sources-say?ref=home?ref=home”


    Bye Bye Shulkin!!!

    Oh and so glad the VSOs are so strongly behind him. What putzs.

    1. More from the Daily Beast exclusive on Shulkin.


      “Behind the scenes, however, dissatisfaction with Shulkin is high and there is a sense that his tenure could be coming to a close, with the president and his adviser using the opportunity of damaging reports to find a more ideologically like-minded replacement.

      “I wouldn’t call him a dead man walking,” said one source familiar with the situation, “but it’s close to that.”

      Multiple sources in and outside of the administration independently noted a significant uptick in Shulkin’s suspiciousness and anxiety of late and have described to him as acting “extremely paranoid.” Two people familiar with the situation said that Shulkin this week had even ordered an armed guard to stand outside his office on the 10th floor of the VA. According to these sources, the VA secretary also cut off 10th floor access earlier this week to multiple VA appointees who he apparently suspected of disloyalty.”


      “Cashour declined to address those measures, saying the department “does not comment generally on the secretary’s security arrangements.”

      There is additional frustration with Shulkin for undertaking, what appears to be, a unilateral media outreach operation, partially through the help of a public relations firm that was hired to deal with the mounting scrutiny of his conduct. Few internally even know which firm has been hired, and two sources told The Daily Beast that VA employees simply refer to it as “the firm.”

      The secretary seems determined to purge people from the agency whom he regards as enemies and has claimed he has the White House’s support in doing so. The White House has had to intervene to prevent Shulkin from firing a number of senior political appointees, according to one source familiar with the situation.

      Among those in Shulkin’s crosshairs is John Ullyot, the VA’s assistant secretary for public affairs, who has been trying to convince lawmakers on Capitol Hill to call the White House and explicitly recommend sacking the secretary, according to a USA Today report that also mentioned Cashour by name. (Both denied the report, saying they had never recommended that their boss be removed.) Others who Shulkin views as prominent adversaries are Darin Selnick, a White House veterans affairs adviser, and Jake Leinenkugel, a White House senior adviser on veterans affairs, both of whom Shulkin has reportedly blamed for attempting to subvert or undermine his authority.

      Outside of the building, Shulkin’s standing is precarious. Rep. Mike Coffman, a Colorado Republican on the House Veterans Affairs Committee, officially called for the secretary’s replacement this week in a letter to President Donald Trump.”


      1. From AXIOS one hour ago!

        “Report: Shulkin to face another damning investigation”

        by Stef W. Kight
        One hour ago

        “Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin is likely going to face another investigation next week following reports that the Inspector General is expected to release a report on the secretary’s use of security detail for “personal errands,” the Daily Beast reports. The VA office has not yet responded to Axios’ request for comment.”

        Full Article at: “https://www.axios.com/va-secretary-to-face-investigation-in-se-of-security-for-personal-errands-1520026879-2d5f0488-4ab8-42a7-9716-4f29373fb0aa.html”


        So Shulkin is so paranoid he needs an armed guard.

        Does he have a panic button as well?

        I find it fitting for an agency that uses Disruptive Behavior Kangaroo Kourts.

      3. From Political Wire

        Shulkin Used Security Detail to Run Errands

        By Taegan Goddard
        March 2, 2018 at 5:59 pm

        “Embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin “is likely to be the subject of another damaging investigation as early as next week, one that could prove politically fatal,” the Daily Beast reports.

        “The top watchdog for the Department of Veterans Affairs is preparing a report that is expected to criticize Shulkin over his use of his security detail to run personal errands… Three sources familiar with the situation say the forthcoming Inspector General report will likely fuel criticism of Shulkin’s use of official department resources and could further erode his standing in the administration.””

      4. HA 😀 HA 😀 HA 😀

        I wonder if he had his “security detail” run and fetch him Cheeseburgers from McD’s, you know, so he can mimic big daddy in the White House? 😀 😀

        Did the Disruptive Behavior Committee just get a level higher access to the big chair for total control, FEMA and the whole shebang?!! 😀

        Wait for it… (another distraction)

      5. “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up, my security detail hacked me!”–The golden parachute info commercials Dr. Shulkin has to look forward to in his career progression, as it were…but then again, the VA has proven time and again to be like a stubborn stain on a white car from parking under a mulberry tree with lots of laughing birds in it….(likely, crows)..the stains at the VA tree are just as resistant to accountability.

    2. Very interesting. If the IG is due to release a report on this, that means it has been under investigation for a while.

      I wonder if Shulkin said anything about this to any official he met with at the WH.

      Or will he claim this is also a move to force him out?

      1. No doubt Shulkin is being instructed to claim this is also just political.

        Trump has not come out and said anything in public about Shulkin and I think that he has already been asked to resign.

        No doubt the next VAIGs report will be damming but not as damming as the third one where the IG is referring Shulkin for Charges. Of course we haven’t heard anything about that report yet.

        But the truth is that Shulkin hired three high dollar well connected Criminal Defense attorneys specializing in white collar public corruption defenses for a reason. The cost of those attorneys is at the very least 20 time more than the $4,000 plane fare and the price of the Wimbledon tickets Shulkin had to repay.

        No they truly have some significant dirt on Shulkin no doubt from his time under McDonald and Obama.

      2. Good point about the attorneys he hired. It makes sense now that you mention other boots to drop.

      3. If you think about the wrongs that have gone on under Shulkin there is a lot he could be charged with. From the BS deal, while Shulkin was Deputy of Health at the VA, connected to former VA employee Raymond F. Schinazi and the Hep-C drug.

        To the use of VA resources and VA money from the Budget for researching the Luke Arm. A product that now costs the VA more than $150,000 a pop and will never be given to any Veteran who does not have other health insurance to pay for it.

      4. Since you mention Shinazi, that makes me wonder if Shulkin is trying some pre-emptive press relations.

        Forbes and others were quoting Shulkin as saying the VA will eliminate Hep C in veterans by year end.

    3. VA secretary David Shulkin is said to be acting erratically amid reports of a new internal investigation

      by David Choi
      Business Insider
      18 Minutes Ago

      Secretary of Veterans Affairs David J. Shulkin.AP Photo/Charles Krupa

      •Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin has reportedly been acting erratically amid a new internal report.
      •Although the specific allegations of the report are unclear, sources told The Daily Beast it scrutinizes his use of his security detail.
      •Shulkin reportedly ordered an armed guard to stand outside of his office, and cut off access to employees he suspected were disloyal.

      Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin has reportedly been acting erratically amid a new internal report from the Inspector General expected to be released in two weeks, The Daily Beast reported on Friday.

      The news outlet’s sources claim Shulkin’s suspicions and anxiety have him acting “extremely paranoid,” and he is believed to have ordered an armed guard to stand outside of his office. Shulkin is also shutting out employees he suspects are disloyal, The Daily Beast’s Lachlan Markay, Asawin Suebsaeng, and Sam Stein wrote.

      Reports surround Shulkin’s behavior come amid renewed scrutiny over his use of the department’s resources, which may involved his alleged use of a security detail to run personal errands.”


      Likely he was using his security detail to act as bagmen picking up his cut of the VSOs gambling operations.

      1. Watch this video and tell me this is not Shulkin.


  20. Off-Topic but Veterans take notice because the VA will just gobble this up:

    Listening to public radio at the moment and rather than addressing shitty parenting and perhaps desensitization to violence through perhaps way too violently graphic video games, the same games used today by DoD to…desensitize or make a soldier frosty to death and mayhem…they are talking about what they do in Indiana now, regardless if a gun owner or not…if a given patient with mental problems is found to not be taking their meds as prescribed, with or without a court order, police can “intervene”…

    Then they started talking about and vilifying any of us citizens that may even have mild to extreme PTSD and how we need to all be better…”tracked”…

    So gun owner Vets or non-gun-owners, with any mental medical diagnosis…a storm seems to be a’brewing and the VA will bastardize this….but wait, I only caught part of the interview and I heard Dr. Shulkin’s name mentioned when the stereo powered-up to speakers…the rats are already salivating and am sure those contracted “free gunlocks” mutual fund investors are also salivating at the bits…so somehow the VA Sec. already is making recommendations to POTUS on what the VA does with Vets and guns…for the nation….WTF…(~~~*shiver*~~~ pre-Nazi Germany History repeating itself and now Russia has new improved nukes…don’t think that border wall included a ballistic dome shield…?)
    Rant Out…

    Now, take your meds….”If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding…”- “The Wall”, Pink Floyd

    1. namnibor,
      I understand Ohio is already taking the lead on gun control laws. By, I believe, making it illegal to purchase a semi auto weapon. Of course, over half of our country has no idea what “AR-15” stands for. The only thing I can see occurring is an ALL out ban and confiscation of ALL weapons! Starting with semi autos!
      Yep, 1930’s Nazi Germany is upon us!
      Or, how about in 1776!
      Or, how about in 1836!
      In 1776, the English Crown wanted all the weapons, cannon and gunpowder from the “colonial militia” up in Massachusetts.
      In 1836, Santa Ana wanted all those who were “bottled up in the Alamo” to turn over all their weapons, cannon and gunpowder!
      Remember how those incidents turned out?
      As I’ve been “commenting” on utube to our elected and appointed officials; “History ALWAYS Repeats itself!”

      I do believe there’s one hell-of-a-storm getting ready to blow!

      Can you tell me if I’m right over what’s going on in Ohio?

      1. yep…My Gov. is some form of insane that’s yet to be identifiable…while the Ohio MMJ Program is a mess, medical field/boards/big pharma are so involved, making the later this year to be active, if they are at all ready, the most restrictive in the nation.

        No -1- Dr. is permitted to have more than -2- patient per entire year, and never year to year…so I’m mentally/physically readying to relocate in Summer of 2019 to PNW or maybe a cheaper area of Colorado…Denver is insanely expensive.

        Anyway, yeah, I think my Gov. is trying to also make a loud MSM splash in perceived leadership because of the opioid crisis under his watch…but pretty sure you will see his insane face a lot next POTUS election cycle as he’s not been shy about his disdain for Pres. Trump…if you recall he even refused to go to the Rep. Inauguration and other Trump events in Ohio…

        Wait for it… I truly believe only the truly moronic insane go to D.C. Swamp.

    2. And this is all the more reason to have our med records completely made private. And the means that you’re describing Nam, this won’t make a difference.

      Now with that being said, here’s something to ponder. How many people commit crimes when they’ve been drinking and under the influence. In my opinion, I don’t think that (now no offense Ben), that the attorneys have covered and brought up arguments pertaining to Alcohol and violence. I’ll bet you that the stats for with Alcohol are more negative than the stats with PTSD and associated crimes.

      So, with that being said, Ben what’s happening in this are of law? What are your colleagues doing about what I mentioned above? Since I’m a Investigative Research Biologist, it just boggles my mind why our legal experts aren’t stepping it up, and bringing other matters to light.

      Because I’m purdy sure, that more monies, more property damage, more court expenses, more divorces, more abuse, etc. is connected, related, associated to the use of Alcohol, compared to the combined use of ANY illicit drugs or Cannabis. Notice how I separated Cannabis from a drug? This is going to be brought to light soon, IMO.

      So where are out righteous attorneys at? Why aren’t they speaking out about what I mentioned above? Is it that they know that the Courts will be involved with these issues, and they see $$$ signs, and not what is just, or good for mankind? This is all hogwash to me, and I bet that the rest of you see it as well.

      Where’s all the lawyers? Maybe the kitty is so full, that there’s room for every attorney to get a cut, kickback, or a piece of the Capitalistic legal pie when Vets and Civilians are forced to go to Court because their Constitutional Rights are being trampled on. And then then their will be those that run on nothing than their emotions and feelings because the Militia (3) is substantially growing at a fast clip.

      I can feel it in my gut, after reviewing many legal briefs, and verdicts from across the Country. Yep, many attorneys are selling us out, where they should be stepping up to the plate, but they don’t want to go against the new movement of the future status quo. That is until the rights that they care for the most gets violated, and then they’ll join in with the protectors of the Constitution. Wake up!!!

      1. Nutter,
        There’s a website, utube, by Josh Bernstein (I think that’s his last name) who came out a few days ago with the “list of psychotropic drugs”, which have “suicidal and homicidal ideations as side effects”, of many of the school and other mass murder shooters were taking!
        Hope you can find the video. It’s really eye opening.
        That said,
        How come no one is talking about this issue? Is it because Big Pharma’s lobbyists “OWN” many of the law makers in Washington and across the country?

  21. What would anyone expect? It’s nice patients are getting better treatment without medications, but is it? They practice in lowering percentages and not prescribing, I am not a number! It is impossible to treat everyone under the same umbrella! Making things difficult for veterans that truly need it.

    Plus what they are doing is pathetic! So the VA is making the drug of choice to treat chronic pain, Methadone. Just switched shit replacing one drug with another that isn’t on their list then! It’s ridiculous how can treat people like shit only to get the percentages down to receive awards from knuckleheads like these.

    Replacing any drug with another and ridiculous! They will give enough Methadone so it works, as good as medication taken for years that worked. Covering up the real reasons medication was given. To put off treating veterans correctly and handing out those bonus checks and hoping everyone forgets the roll played by VA administration, putting our lives at risk by not treating correctly.

    What they have done is criminal and not the first time or the first time this week. Shuffling around medications and receiving those ridiculous citations are just as criminal. They have taken away or didn’t correctly step down medications has made veterans to hit the street. This eventually leads to suicide or overdosing. Sickening how people can have a meeting, shake hands and applauding themselves for suicide rate deduction. Overdosing means you were a loser taking drugs and buying of the streets trying to relieve pain with no idea how to do. Of course these poor people in pain and leave us? Don’t count in their shitty suicide rates, and? Get a medal! The VA needs to be evaluated privately and not choosing buddies with a fat paycheck diluting numbers while not one person was counted correctly because the entire report was written in pencil and when given that faulty report? Came with a jumbo pack of erasers.

    Nothing will change in my lifetime and soon my history will be erased too. It’s an awful life waiting for that time to come and praying everything ends soon, lost will a long time ago. I don’t think think correctly and have some cognitive problems from pain and medications. Instead of reading symptoms correctly? They have penned me as trouble and if were truth to this? Should have carried me to mental health, too hard.

    Seriously hope everyone else is getting treatment and having no trouble with the VA, then will make right. I’m the only person having trouble, oh and the vet who died in their care, on suicide watch, who is now dead. Thinking they made amends sending millions.

    Sorry for all the garbage written here, I have lost everything dear to my heart. How the VA ignores my desperate cry from me? No idea, but I do know have been pushed over that line with no chance of correcting.

    Try to live when no one cares, it’s impossible and the ride to hell just keeps getting longer. People would be amazed how many people don’t care at all and greed is always in front of the line.

    God Bless

    1. Mike, buddy, you are not alone. Far from it really. Just depends on your geographic area, available aid, to what kind of neighbors we may have, to what some church may demand, etc. I know countless people who just stayed holed up in their homes or apartments the social structure and disconcern is so bad here. Yet they claim to be a loving tolerant, all giving, utopian, liberal, progressive, globalist college town. And is why I tried hard for years to do all the volunteer work I could, but didn’t seem to put a full drop into the bucket of showing signs of improving anything much. IMHO. Then you have idiot groups like the United Way and others come in and try to tell people, clubs, recovery resources, what to do, who to help, how to do it, to who to concentrate on and it ain’t Americans today, vets, or the elderly – mainly old white men who are expendable and have zero voice in politics or media. No support groups or special interest groups for them, or me, period.

      There are people veterans and civilians here locally that flat out choose to suffer, deal with pain, curl up and let their homes fall apart, lose jobs, divorce, intentionally drink themselves to death, suicide, rather than seek help or medical care locally due to all the BS, red tape, bureaucracy, greed, lying crap about ‘free clinics’ among many other issues. People on the edge don’t last long sucking down quarts of 100 proof vodka per day. End up with liver damage only for them to report ‘hell with it all’ increasing their drinking habits.

      I took a guy up to the local ‘free clinic’ here that is supposed to be for poor people without incomes. A Cath-o-lick joint. They turned him down due to not having any source of income and losing his home so he won’t have an address to use. Really lying, hypocritical, two faced, uncaring attitudes out there indeed. Who seem to pick and choose who they will help or not. If an illegal they will go out of their way to get them help and whatever else they need. That is some reality in the new Amerika. Or “merka.”

      Visited yesterday with a gent who took a bad fall a few months back. A total mess from falling on his head off of steps. He’s bent over humped, bent neck, one shoulder four inches lower than the other, can’t stand up straight, and refuses to get medical help because of the games. Surviving on 4 hundred bucks a month. Said he’d rather suffer and die than go through the BS others he has seen endure, or give up over. Veterans like this can’t get their foot in the door for some odd reasons.

      All the above is what really pisses me off about this states so-called support groups when dealing with the lying VA or any corruption. It all seems nice and well intentioned until the demands and expectations come out. Like, to play in their sand-box we have to support certain corrupt family mafias, support some sport, agree with tearing down civil war statues to agreeing with Antifa and erasing our history, to spitting on the sailors over the USS Liberty fiasco that has been covered up and kicked aside by every VSO and MSM out there. And on and on that BS goes too. So I won’t play that game either and I don’t bow to kiss every ass out there and every demand somebody with a little power or website that must make them feel like god tells me to do. Veteran associated or not. If idiots like that or groups want to start that stuff, distractions, controls, idiotic expectations, they are total jerks, self-centered, agent provocateurs, lefty activist, or some other evil being.

      Just hang in there. The worm may turn. Hopefully. If not for us maybe for the next generation of cannon fodder and pawns.

      God bless you too!

  22. VA DC HQ ONE BIG BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET VA DC HQ COME TU MISMA MERDIA PENDEJOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Want to know where more of the taxpayers monies are going in the VA?
    I just received this email from “Judicial Watch Corruption Chronicles”, posted @10:12 AM;


    “VA Pays Bug Bucks to Reimburse Business for Ending Illegal Contracts at L.A. Facility!”


    You ain’t gonna believe what “Shyster Shithead Shulkin” had to do! Oh, Hell, you probably will believe it!
    When y’all read what that 388 acres used to have on it, for disabled veterans, you’ll never ever trust VA again?

  24. Is this some kind of PSYOPS counter to all the negative press from whistleblowing or does DAV pander on the regular?

    To praise people who sit/sat by and watch the VA crumble is either the DAV so money hungry that it will bend over, get on knees or do whatever to become the VA’s “teacher’s pet”…OR, the DAV thinks the public is seriously misinformed, ignorant, or stupid?

    Gotta hand it to them. You drive around my town and they have a billboard with a crying and/or amputated veteran to tug on your purse/heart strings.

    Will all the brown-nosing and pukker up the DAV does, can we use the federal financial assistance they get from the VA to include ordering ten tons of disinfectant so they can cleanse all the poop on their noses?

    Garbage, the DAV and NSOs. I would love to be a fly on the wall on the day they are at the pearly gates and think they’ll use all the money they got on the backs of donors, taxpayers and brown-nosing to buy their way in to heaven.

    1. I wouldn’t accept an award from the DAV. It would make me look worse accepting something from an organization whos CEO makes 600k annually. But then it seems like Baldwin isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Would love to see a solid primary challenger in her immediate future.

  25. Trust only one VSO if this column is considered that. Ben Krause strikes fear into the mainstream VSO’s by featuring their bullshit awards and other shenanigans they pull all in the name of disabled veterans.
    Mainstream VSO’s go fuck yourselves. VA healthcare sucks, VA claims process sucks, VA appeal process sucks. DAV is so far in bed with the Fed and AFGE that their only course of action is to reward each other to keep the 3-way alive and well.
    Fuck VA, Fuck AFGE and Fuck you DAV.

    1. I don’t consider Ben a VSO he’s an attorney and there is a HUGE difference. Let’s look at them.

      One has to put in a lot of time at school learning what the law is and says. One does not.

      One has to study rigorously and extensively in order to pass the Bar. One just pulls their “license” out of a cracker jack box and says “Cool!!! I’mma VSO!!”

      One has to have ethics and morals and is held to a higher standard of accountability under the law. One just pulls out their best Alfred E. Neuman expression and exclaim “What?!?! Me worry?!?!” and they are absolved of all responsibility.

  26. I believed the DAV were an outstanding out reach group there to help VETERANS at every turn so in 2002 I signed up for a lifetime membership and then I found out that year after year my disability rating never improved and 7 years I made a statement to my representative from the DAV that I would reach out to my congressman and shortly after that I got received my rating of 50% but the rating had a twist to it I was downgraded from 20% for my left leg to 10%, that then moved the 10% from my leg to my back to Max it at 40%, so this way they could justify the new rating, it should have been 60% or more but the DAV failed to mention my head injuries as well I suffered, I lost my confidence in the DAV I’m still a lifetime member but I get help another agency in the same building, but I haven’t heard anything back in a while I might need to get an attorney to help out

  27. Futile, and no solid game plan. All the while as we Vets are hurting and suffering needlessly. This issue directly effects me, and I’m totally disgusted with the cover-ups, and the parading of those that should be scorned. DVA, jus like the VA, you’re a National disgrace.

    And the corruption has spread its webbed wings through all the networks, associated or related to the VA. Ain’t this just sweet?

    So let me ask, what VSO do we trust? If there’s not any, then how do we go about finding one? Trial and error?

    1. well honestly to answer your question. You say fuck you to anybody who says their a VSO and they know what their talking about. Secondly instead of spending your time searching for a trustworthy VSO put that time to use searching for a good attorney that works either cheap or free, they are out there.

      I started my case in 2014 with the DAV. A shit stain by the name of Moe Collins, FUCK YOU MOE YOU SHITTTER, assured me that he knew what he was talking about and if I signed over power of attorney he could get me squared away. So, not knowing any better, that’s what I did. I never did speak to or see Moe Collins the SHITTER ever again. After a few months of radio silence, I have PTSD I don’t do radio silence, I contacted the DAV. The DAV has never heard of me. Apparently my claim wasn’t filed and I lost about 4 or so months of effective date. The lady I had on the phone who seems to think that conversations mean she gets to talk over the other party at all times. She managed to get my address switched back to an old address from 8 years earlier and transferred my case back to MA. I had to contact the DAV in MA and read them the fucking riot act. After that I started looking for an attorney and I managed to find a vet legal help group that has free and cheap attorneys. If I didn’t do that my case would not have moved one inch beyond initial filing. Because I retained an attorney as of Nov 2 my case has successfully completed the character of discharge determination and I’m currently awaiting a C&P date.

      What VSO do you trust? The answer is simple. None of them.

  28. This award shows just how completely out of touch the DAV has become.

    Safe pain management? Clearly the nitwits at DAV do not get care at the VA involving pain management, or they get special treatment unavailable to the members they are lying to.

    What does cutting off narcotic pain medicine cold turkey have to do with safe pain management?
    What does cutting off pain medication cold turkey have to do with sound medical practice?
    What is safe pain management when a veterans care is abandoned after their pain meds are cut off arbitrarily?

    As noted, Baldwin’s office had been contacted multiple times about what happened at Tomah. She did nothing until vets ended up dead and it became public.

    Even then, it took months to get rid of Houlihan. Even then, staff at Tomah were playing their little Hungry Hippo games. Even then, Tomah was planning on throwing homeless vets out in the street in the middle of winter.

    DAV was nowhere to be found.

    This award is a giant fuck you to any disabled veteran that has to deal with the VA that doesn’t get special treatment because of the hat they wear.

    …and their families.

    1. maybe we should all get together and chip in for another award for Baldwin. A big golden fist extending the one finger salute on top of a pedestal. We can call it the Golden Veteran Award. Should probably throw in a couple of angelic figures at the base, you know the ones with the wings all out and shit, gives it more of an “official” feel to it.

      1. You know WC, that ain’t a bad idea.

        I would chip in a few bucks each quarter to pay for a quarterly award given to that VSO, politician or VA doctor who most harmed veterans in that quarter as voted on here at Bens web site.

        I prefer a tombstone though. A simple trophy base with a white tombstone that so many veterans are buried under.

        The award could be voted on, Ben could post a picture of it and send out a press release when it is announced who will receive it.

        Imagine the tombstones piling up on Little Cox’s desk.

        Or on some politicians desk?

        VA staffers or doctors awards would be sent to Shulkins office so he can get a clear idea of what his policies produce.

      2. as a side note I just looked up the prices of trophies for a couple hundred bucks we could probably get more than a few Golden Veteran Awards to hand out to folks in government 😀 😀 😀 Hell we could try and do an awards ceremony I mean we have the Globes, the Emmies, the Oscars, the CMA’s the MTV awards etc etc. Shouldn’t be too hard to do. If we can get some big screen TV’s on the walls we can list the accomplishments of the selected official while they give speeches. Accomplishments like record number of vets killed due to inaction. Best denial letter. Oldest file shredded. Least competent. I would expect the field in each category to be extremely crowded as the hippopotamii contest vigorously for excellence in incompetence. Should be a wild and crazy night.

      3. @91 I don’t think tombstones bother Cox one bit. In fact, I bet he sleeps on a stack of them every night and sleeps very soundly at that.
        But I like your thinking. We should talk 😀 😀 😀

      4. I kind of prefer the “Golden Turd Award” to be utilized for the Golden Veteran Award for VSO and politician so deserving.
        No need for the added expense of a trophy shop when you can use found objects and even make one yourself. Here’s how:

        The Base: Spared no expense, can be hung on wall or laid flat for viewing or deep thinking about their awarded sins; a white toilet seat, American Standard, of course.
        The toilet seat lends itself to engraving with warm end of a torch or cigar. For a few extra $ it can be made to be hung on the North end of a congress critter’s stairmaster.

        The Award: (the somewhat fun part because you get to be an artistic sculptor) Will be produced BY Veterans in brown no.2 form-factor, real Veterans, not stunt Veterans, and before affixing the appropriate form-factored “award” to the white toilet seat, get creative with your “Mr. Hanky” with personal expression. Maybe even dig into your kids “Mr. Potato” game set for even more humanistic qualities!!

        For those not so pragmatic and want it all we also have wall-mounted aquarium portals(spared no expense), made from very same American Standard toilet seat but this time your sculpted “award” will be hermetically sealed in epoxy to float forever in the tank that dreams are made of. (same engraving technic as above)

  29. Sorry, the statement ” then ships them to their U.S. that presses them into pill form for distribution throughout the VA.”, should read “then ships them to their U.S. firm that presses them into pill form for distribution throughout the VA.

  30. It’s really really simple. Sen. Baldwin has blood on her hands more than likely a river of it. I’m glad we got to see her standing amongst the funny hat brigade, clutching her plaque. There where other plaques awarded unfortunately you’ll have to go to the cemetery and view them on the graves of the people she helped put in the ground with her inaction. Who’s running against her. Perhaps they would like to use this to put Sen Baldwin on blast during the campaign, since she won’t answer questions from us peasants. As for the DAV…Well today we have this blustery Nor’ Easter rolling through my state. Lots of wind flying around, almost makes me think the DAV is already here…

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  32. How many Veterans who reads this is Opiates Crisis is the people and Veterans fault or the Doctors Fault.

    1. VA overprescribing and then abruptly ripping those meds away, leaving many Vets in pain and often, desperation because the VA may have got them hooked for that thing called dependence and control…so NO, it’s not Veteran’s fault…Benjamin did an article last year talking about how the VA actually FUELED this opiate crisis…the VA is culpable.

      1. namnibor Curious I wonder which was the Veteran Medical Center they found out their was a Opiates Crisis going on.

      2. This article clearly references one that comes to mind in today’s article here…TOMAH VAMC…that’s where “The CANDYMAN”, a VA SHRINK, was mixing his own off-label drug cocktails, even causing death of Vet.

        “”https://www.disabledveterans.org/2017/10/30/tomah-va-family-dead-marine-settlement/”” -(the VA would not have paid $2.4 MILLION if they were not culpable)

        Then THIS…(just scour/search Ben’s blog, it’s all there and more…)

  33. This is but nothing than loud relevancy oinks from the bacon brigade, aka the DAV, riding the shirttails of the opioid crisis, AS IF, the DAV gave a chinny-chin-chin while Veterans were being experimented on and killed by candyman concoctions.

    Again, nothing but oinks! Notice you can rarely fit more than 9 oinks in one photo-op? They are NOT missing any meals while homeless vets scramble for the scraps these so-called advocacy groups toss at them…JUST ENOUGH (scraps) to keep that gravy train flowing into the piggy troughs.

    Kindly fuck off, DAV. You do not speak for me or my fellow Vets and you’re only out for YOUR self-preservation! IF the VA were safe and great place for Veterans, your VSO Groups would NOT BE necessary, right?
    So instead of fixing your leaky piggy trough you invent LIES *as if* the DAV did all the work that…Benjamin Krause, Esq. and Team has done…exposed YOUR MASSIVE FAILS.

    DAV- Thanks for provoking me to squeeze another loaf out this morning and it should be floating your way in the swamp anytime now next to an assortment of funny hats…~~FLUSH~~!

    O—I—N——-K~~~~~~~~~~~ (swirling water slushing sounds)~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    1. I feel the same way about this conservative site called “thisainthell”. They act like all “real” veterans are George W. Bush lovers like them and if you’re not then somehow you’re a “phony” and they’ll try to shame you. It’s a sick, sick mentality to believe all veterans are exactly the same politically.

  34. The DAV IS, in my opinion, the worst of the bunch!
    The website *”davreform”* speaks volumes of their corruption throughout the nation.
    I believe this is WHY, when President Trump was “forced by the news medias to dole out the monies to the VSO’s he’d raised to the DAV, he gave them very little!
    Remember the news briefing he gave? He wasn’t to happy. He stated, and I quote: “I wanted to ‘vet’ them!”

    Lastly, on “Shulkin’s European Vacation”!
    I’ve read recently where there’s an “internal investigation by the White House” over that issue.
    We, on here, have been receiving more information about that little scam Shulkin pulled. I do have a feeling Shulkin is NOT long for being head of anything.

    1. Got to take down one DAV piggie hard, hard, and the rest will carefully get in line.

      1. Flotmorton,
        I’ve met ASSHOLES in the DAV who NEVER made it out of CONUS and were NOT disabled in any way shape or form!
        They’re just scamming the system!
        But, the ass-wipes were high up the DAV food chain. That’s why no one in the VA would go after them!

      2. I heard of a guy who got injured playing football during ROTC, I think it was at westpoint, and he’s got a disability check from the VA the rest of his life without ever having gone through basic training.

  35. There are generally two sides to any given piece of toast. DAV has learned which side the butter is on.

      1. Same can be said of Baldwin. But in her case the rancid DAV butter trick is not going to help her with Veterans.

        Almost all Veterans in Wisconsin know just how corrupted the DAV is and they don’t support the phony photo op boys in funny hats.

    1. If you somehow attach a buttered piece of toast to a cat’s back, buttered side up, it will prevent the cat from landing on its feet due to the buttered side of toast defies all laws of physics and always lands buttered-side-down, but at RAND, and tons of taxpayer research $, we have take the common cat that always lands on it’s feet and altered that with lots of toasts.
      RAND has found the buttered rum works best with lots of festive toasts among merry men with funny hats.

    2. What I want to know is WHO in DAV suggested and pushed for the award, so we can start a well publicized lawsuit against this/THESE BOZO(S) and pester for a prosecutor to investigate and prosecute ole’ favorite dem, Tammy does Dallas , (( and every other city and town where veterans abide) Can’t defeat ole Tammy Pants without well supported allegations. (unless you are a Dem,. and then you can say anything whether is is true or not). Great issue for whoever is running against Tammy Pants as well as destroy that predator of Veterans. Who is running against her? This will lead to the exposure of the DAV pigs/officials who are using us to promote their own best interests, but not ours. That is, WHO, WHO, WHO let the dogs out???

      1. Doctos fault, but until these “Doctors” are flooded with mapractice suits and the VA implicated via “Respondent Superior” and held liable for Billions of Dollars in punitve damages, qll we can do is sit around and burp and fart and complain. By the way where does the predator DAV official(s) live, on what street in what city?? Where does he belong to his favorite Am Legion, DVA, VFW post(s) got to attack where the enemy lives, by sending out Force Recon or a four party Seal team, or a Green Beret foursome. Destroy that MF and the horse he rode in on, Just one example will encourage many other believers in “Don’t F – – k with the Lone Ranger. No good to sit around and bitch and play defense, got to launch an offense, well financed, and pick off the biggest DAV piggie and perhaps in the process pick off a corrupt legislator in the process.

      2. I like your thinking but even hinting at any kind of violence is NOT a good thing. We all are already on terrorist list even with Trumpsters being in high office with his list for 2018 that came out. I would love to have their information just like they all have my info in both worlds ie, the VA, civilian sectors, VSOs, all those who are sitting on their hands or have the skills to file suits or protection orders are doing little to nothing. Shit, we can’t even get by asking MDs or any little gods about their training or anything else that dear old Oprah tells people to ask for, and others claim to do. Not us.

        Let’s be real. Aren’t you a lawyer? I know Ben is. Why is it that those in your profession is/are/has been since 1700s, or hailing from Scotland/England, some of the worse to deal with and most corrupt in towns like mine that refuse to step in and do a quid pro quo for some old white dude fighting a fucking state like Indiana that is corrupt to core and much of it because of dirty politics, American Bar, Freemasons, family mafias, and other power people in professions? Include the scum at the top in health care and hospitals too. Is it because you yourselves run into brink walls and vast corruption so deep YOU can’t fight it? Or find that others in the professions don’t want to see any changes or to being afraid to take on the system? To make legal actions so pricey us low lifes can’t begin to think about such things as “justice?”

        What are those doing in your professions doing for our loss of freedoms of speech and censoring let alone help a “lone wolf” like me dealing with a hundred thousand cowards and commies in my own town with three major universities spouting nothing but shit for DACA, the illegals, hate whitey, love communism and all the rest of the shit.

        Shit man. After the threats and shit from the local CBOC and Indy, it didn’t take long for the “shit” to spread to the new civvy clinic at the UAP or their hospital to take up where the VA left off and threatened a group of us with. Ie not finding health care in Indiana again if we left the VA and didn’t sign their special life ruining and totalitarian control over our lives. So WTF. I live in a state where people are either so goddamn afraid of everything, don’t want to get involved, care more about illegals and puppies than they do Americans or vets or would stand by and not question if we were assassinated or not, or fucked with by dirty cops or allowed to be killed off in a hospital. Media here sure wouldn’t report such a death by a local clique and I can prove that too.

        So ya got any connections in my locale or state??? Know any of those “Seal Teams”hip on security or can help a old gimped up dude secure his home better or how to play I Spy better, or teach me how to fly my fooking Drone I can’t figure out either, or set up security cams around my “compound?” How to fight against an entire fooking communist, lefty, community? Let’s see some interest and so-called “expertise.’ Or how to deal with threats, harassment, etc., even from local hospital admins and all the “cunts” Marx feminist that are really getting off playing these games because one of them at the VA or locally may have their feeling hurt just by asking mere questions or caught in felonious actions concerning our med files, care, etc.

        “https://www.patient-safety.com/majors.htm” ONE DAMN GOOD READ

        Sound pops up so don’t jump through the roof.

        See just a molecule of what some of us deal with out here on top of the VA and corrupt world’s shit? Send in a hot dogging team to do just what? When all I see them do is join the opposite side, lip service on TV, get jobs on Faux News, or make stupid videos and sell their wares to showing their girlfriends or wives tits and cleavage for entertainment. Not a good pain free or hassle free day here. Oh and by the way. I can deal with whatever any of the commie corrupt scum throw at me. But there isn’t any way to fight off corrupt cops or judges or SWAT called in to kill some old vet trying to expose their world of “shit.”

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