4th of July Independence Day

Happy Independence Day From DisabledVeterans.org – 2018

I want to wish my readers a happy and memorable Independence Day this July 4, 2018. I’m taking the next few days off and wish you all a relaxing time.

I grew up in a town called Winter, Wisconsin. The 4th of July celebration in Winter was the biggest event within an hour from my house. We all looked forward to it in our town of almost 400 people – – the fireworks were about the only thing I can remember.

Except for one year. One year it was so cold it snowed. That year obviously sucked, but I still remember my hands turning blue and watching a few flakes blow.

Have a great 4th!

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  1. Ben and all my sisters and brothers in arms, Happy 4th of July.
    I need help my VRE counselor it is refusing to pay me my BAH. I contacted the VRE Chief from Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC region and he refused to answer my call or my e-mails. Please contact the NBC news about my case.

    Very respectful,


  2. HAVE A HAPPY FOURTH BEN, and ALL OTHER VETS. Well we made another year, I wonder what kind of SHIT we will have, or at least “THEY” will try to pull over our eyes this year. MY BEST WELL WISHES TO ALL, ps. YA’LL HAVE A GOOD DAY !!!!!!!!

  3. Happy and safe 4th of July to everybody. Rain off and on here and looks like more is on the way.

  4. So this is interesting. Note the location. It stood right out for me 😀


    and as an aside it is no longer classified, a fact I wasn’t aware of. If I had that kind of money. This is absolutely one place I would live.

  5. Ben, You’ve come a long way. Thanks for all the info from the inside.
    Keep it up.

  6. It’s time for another act of treason against the crown of these United States.

  7. Happy 4th of July brothers and sisters. 242 years ago, a bunch of patriots committed the ultimate act of treason against the British crown.
    Maybe a day is coming when suffering Vets will take a firm and maybe violent stand against VA, and loudly proclaim, NO MORE, FUCK YOU.


  8. Happy 4th of the July to all Disabled Veterans

    And rest assured, while the vA is off today and relaxing, ‘ll be working extra hard to come up with new and improved ways to communicate vA incompetence in best ways i can.

  9. I need help Ben. I’m just not up to the appeal process. I’m at the CAVC and CAFC. Any recommendations for attorney’s admitted to practice at the CAFC?

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