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Are The Big Six In Trouble? Dr. Ronny Jackson Is Out, Jeff Miller May Be In

The same day Dr. Ronny Jackson withdrew his nomination for Veterans Affairs secretary President Donald Trump floated retired Congressman Jeff Miller, again. Trump is clearly revisiting his Rolodex of names from 2016 before he picked David Shulkin.

Miller was reportedly the leading candidate at that time but he supposedly turned down the top slot in favor of a retirement / lobbying gig. Now that no one seems capable of running the agency, perhaps throwing Miller at the problem might budge it forward?

If not Miller, who do you believe capable of running the agency.

Former secretary Eric Shinseki resigned once the wait list scandal hit in 2014. He likely should’ve just weathered the storm to help finalize the massive reforms being ushered in under his watch.

Then Bob McDonald gave it whirl for two years but a squabble between President Trump and McDonald resulted in Shulkin winning the top slot.

Shulkin resigned due to using taxpayer dollars to fund his wife’s trip to Europe. But for that one moment of stupidity, he would still run the show at the agency.

Now what?

What is the best credential for a leader at the agency? Is it being a veteran? A doctor? A lawyer? A businessman? What about being a former general? What is the best credential?

Given the history and negative press, I cannot imagine who might be willing to toss their hat in the ring now.

The Washington Examiner had this to say:

Trump told Fox News during an interview Thursday that he was already looking at someone with “political capabilities” for the top VA position, though he declined to identify a specific person.

“He may have somebody in mind, but I know that an official nominee is not imminent,” said the senior White House official. “It’s not going to be this week, maybe not even next week.”

The same official said the names of some individuals whom Trump had considered prior to selecting Jackson “are being refreshed.”

Perhaps we will see Toby Cosgrove give it a try? What about the newly nominated Paul Lawrence who is slated to assume charge of Veterans Benefits Administration?

Given how President Trump treats his Cabinet, at least as of late, I suspect any self-respecting professional with the clout to qualify for the role would think twice about risking his or her reputation to save a sinking agency.

That aside, with Miller at the helm, do The Big Six and union win? Or, does Miller have the clout necessary to privatize what Jackson may not have accomplished?

President Trump turned his sights on Sen. John Tester (D-Mt) for the failure of Jackson to even have a hearing. But Tester likely held water for many of The Big Six VSOs and the union, all of which were hopping mad about the Jackson nomination.

If Miller were selected, would the dinosaur VSOs be better off, or worse?


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  1. I would only be mildly surprised at this point to find out that the recently-announced-to-be-soon-retiring Paul Ryan has decided to try getting a seat in the nomination musical chairs game.

  2. Trump calling on Tester to resign.


  3. Never heard of any ‘squabble’ between Trump and McDonald. They never worked together. What is the deal there?

  4. Wait a minute…more swamp gurgling and wrestling with Admn. Jackson & White House:

    “White House: Records dispute allegations against Jackson”


    1. I read some of those articles last night Nam.

      Now, after he has been thoroughly smeared and no longer nominated, the media will do its job and report on the facts that there is no evidence for many of those charges.

      What’s laughable is Testers office saying they will wait to comment on some allegations until they see the White House documents. That never stopped the fuckers from smearing him!

      The Secret Service said no evidence he was drunkenly banging on doors.
      No evidence of him wrecking a car. In fact, he was involved in 3 minor car incidents, and none of them were determined as his fault.
      No evidence of misusing prescriptions. The WH medical unit passed controlled substance audits for the past 3 years.

      This was nothing more than a political hit on a veteran to protect the swamp.

  5. Ben, request you ask a news outlet to host you and a CVA? rep or whomever else you prefer, to have a Q&A with Sen Jon Tester of the Veterans Affairs Committee, and drill him and his Committee why they have NEVER held ANYONE at VA & VBA accountable for ANY wrongdoings!!! why stop with just Jon Tester, ask all the members on a nationally presented forum, get a few veterans & their families from the past 40-50 years to represent the DECADES of zero accountability.

    seriously, this so called current “Veterans Committee” wants to dance their cheap classless accountability parade on R.Adm. Jackson, yet none of them have ever done so before with VA and VBA.

    do it with intellect, proven facts, and with class, and expose these committee fraudsters.

    have no idea who to nominate that could actually be confirmed and who could actually start to clean up VA & VBA. as most have pointed out, just look at the qualifications & skills one would have to have to do just that. just to be able to fight & play on the same playing field with the AFGE is one skill set i don’t actually see anyone having much of. and that’s just one skill set they would need. AFGE & politicians over the years have seen to that, just like VBA/VA has seen to the difficulty it is to get adequately diagnosed at VA to file an adequate VA claim to receive the adequate VA disability in an adequate reasonable amount of time. so much for Title 38 that was supposed to help veterans!!!

  6. To all,
    I received an email late today from a “Tea Party” group. It confused me. One, because there was no date. And, secondly, In the article, it said Admiral Jackson “…met with [people] in the White House yesterday afternoon…”, and that he “…was willing to fight…” to be confirmed as Secretary of VA!

    I’ve sent an “email” to the “group” to find out what was going on!
    I’ve yet to receive a response! As soon as I do, I’ll “copy and paste” on here!

  7. the vso’s are a bunch of remf’s that do nothing for veterans. make it a requirement the new secretary have combat experience as a grunt and a purple heart. let us vote on who gets the job…

    1. Not a bad idea, junior. REMF’s is exactly what they are! Past time for them to Di Di Mau and let some fresh blood in there . . .

  8. Why doesn’t Trump nominate a retired service member that has a rated disability? Yep, someone with experience of the system first hand! Someone who has used the VA for education benefits, disability benefits, loans, etc. This someone understands sacrifices and has seen the inside of multiple VA Clinics and Hospitals. Someone who could care less about politics and more about doing the right thing.

    The VA Healthcare issue will not be resolved by privatization. It will be resolved by someone who will roll up their sleeves and get the job done, clean house, etc.!

    1. I think the Jackson nomination and how the swamp rats on the Senate VA committee attacked him show clearly that Trump needs someone more than just a person to work on VA problems.

      He needs someone who can handle the House, Senate, VSOs and AFGE union, or there will never be lasting change at the VA. If the next SecVA can’t get a handle on the swamp rats, the VA will revert back to the cesspool it is now within a year.

      1. True 91 but it all goes far far above or beyond the usual front scum or so-called organizations we see all the time. Or who are supposed to represent us or the public. Since the DoD, Pentagon, *United Nations, *DHS, WHO, AMA, and others seem to be the main controllers as well, masters, over-lords, agenda pushers, law makers/pushers, or overseers of the entire works in some way we also have to deal with those at the very top of the pyramid schemes or pecking order. They have all been mentioned continually over the years for having their opinions to wanting their voice thrown into the mix. NWO comrades n’ all? The whole sheebang seem to get their say, suggestions applied, or parts of the pie, plus the controlling aspect of it all. Not to forget the usual like lobbyist, big Pharma, big money investors/stock players – with trillions and billions played with, high levels of academia, the lying intrusive, freedom stealing “professionals and experts,’ CIA, black ops crapsters with secret agendas to secret budgets, to censoring Googly trash and into the next solar systems far far far away. Cough. Okay maybe I exaggerated a tiny bit. Maybe.

        Trumpster failed but would have to make a pick that could also handle the handlers of all out handlers, and squash the shadow government and deep state in one big blow. Not going to change things by some up there stating they are out to drain the swamp and to hire on more fitly swamp monsters like a Huckabee, Haley, Pence, Bolton, and many more. And having some spoiled piece of trash like Ivana or listening to Kissinger would not pass muster either. No POTUS or Congress has seen to it that the laws, agencies, institutions are there to help us much or act in our favor or best interest at heart. It’s not all conspiracy theory either.

      2. I agree with you, 91. Seems we have a bit in common. I rode bulls, and bare-backed as a young lad from ’75 to ’82. Remember well when Buddy and Katie Wilson began their breeding program at Amy Rich’s New Town and Country Stables in Waimanalo, Hawaii. Some of their Charbrays could be mighty mean . . .

        Damn shame with regards to the political hit on Admiral Jackson. What’s even worse is that now because of the bullshit smear campaign against him, the Admiral will suffer twice. The Navy has its own peculiar brand of politics, and all that false information that is out there will make it EXTREMELY difficult, if not IMPOSSIBLE for him to be promoted.

        Again, Damn Shame! Next to Commander John Wells, Jackson was probably the best chance veterans had at seeing any real reform at the VA.

        Damn sure the citizenry of this nation are not going to get off their asses and do anything. Most of them cannot even pay attention to anything if it takes longer than a thirty second soundbite, or a minute or two of video – – – to explain things to them.

        My observation us that the Big 6 do very much quite next to nothing for the average veteran in the street. Haven’t for the last 25 years.

        An old Curley Fletcher song for you:

        I was snappin’ out broncs at the Old Flyin’ U
        At forty a month a plum good buckaroo
        Well, the boss comes around and he says, hey my lad
        Well, you look pretty good ridin’ horses that’s bad

        You see, I ain’t got no more outlaws to break
        But I’ll buy you a ticket and I’ll give you a stake
        At ridin’ them bad ones, well, you ain’t slow
        And you might do some good at the big rodeo

        While they’re puttin’ the bull in the chute
        I’m strappin’ my spurs to the heels of my boots
        I looks that bull over and to my surprise
        Well, he’s a foot and a half in between his two eyes

        On top of his shoulders, he’s got a big hump
        I cinched up my rigging just back of that lump
        I lands in his middle and I lets out a scream
        He comes out with a beller and the rest is a dream

        Well, he jumps to the left and he lands towards the right
        But I ain’t no green horn, I’m still sittin’ tight
        The dust starts to foggin’ right out of his skin
        He’s a wavin’ them horns right under my chin

        At sunnin’ his belly, he couldn’t be beat
        He’s a showin’ the buzzards the soles of his feet
        He’s a dippin’ so low that my boots filled with dirt
        He’s a makin’ a whip of the tail of my shirt
        He’s a snappin’ the buttons right off of my clothes
        He’s a buckin’ and a bawlin’ and a blowin’ his nose

        The crowd starts to cheerin’ both me and that bull
        Well, he needed no help but I had my hands full

        Then he goes to fence rowin’ and weavin’ behind
        My head went poppin’, I sorta went blind
        He starts in high divin’, I lets out a groan
        We went up together but he come back alone

        Up high I turns over and below I can see
        He’s a pawin’ up dirt just a waitin’ for me
        I can picture a grave and a big slab of wood
        Sayin’ here lies a twister who thought he was good

        I notices somethin’ don’t seem can be true
        But the brand on his hip was a Big Flyin’ U
        When I landed, he charged but I got enough sense
        So I ran that old bull to the hole in the fence

        I dives through that hole and I want you to know
        I ain’t goin’ back to no big rodeo
        At a straddlin’ them Brahmas, you can bet I’m all through
        I’m sore footin’ it back to the Old Flyin’ U

        Ahui Hou! Have a good weekend.

  9. I thought when Miller retired that he was abandoning veterans and that he could have done more as the House VA chair on oversight. I also thought he was retiring simply to position himself as the next swamp rat in charge of the piggy bank.

    I now think he retired because of disgust with his fellow rats on the committee and in the Senate.

    Would he be a good SecVA? Possibly. He would certainly know where millions of dollars are being shoveled into unneeded contracts that the swamp rats wanted. He would know each of the House and Senate VA committee members, who their staff are and where their loyalties lie. He would know each of the VSO crowd and where their loyalties lie.

    I know Miller seemed pretty damn disgusted with the inability of some in the VA to fire dead weight.

    Could he be a good choice knowing where the dead weight still is in VA leadership? More than likely.
    Would he implement reform as Trump wants? Or would he be a two-faced bastard like Shulkin?

    Who knows. I don’t know that he has spent enough time as a Congress critter to be thoroughly corrupted.

    Being two-faced is less likely given he could have easily done that in congress without the additional headache.

    Either way, those on the left will attack him as evil simply because he’s a Trump pick. Those rats on the right will silently watch if they think their gravy train is threatened.

    It will be interesting to see them attack one of their own if he is nominated.

    As for any others, I don’t know there are others capable of playing the political hardball Trump will want them to play. I think Trump is pissed off with the games being played in DC, and he wants someone now who will fight back.

    Maybe he offered Jackson as a rope-a-dope delaying tactic until Miller could separate himself from what he’s been doing.

    1. I agree. Still, it seems Miller could have been more assertive when on swamp rat committee.

      Seems the true litmus test for VA Sec. is whether it raises the temperaments of Big Pig Six…when and HOW did they become spokeshacks for ALL OF US????

      1. I agree Nam, but I am remembering one of the spending bills being considered when Miller was chairman. There seemed to be a massive difference between the House bill, and what the Senate wanted, which was all gravy for cronies.

        As for the irrelevant 6, I think Trump knows where they stand, and exactly what they think of their membership. I think they are part of the reason why he wants an effective SecVA who listens to him rather than those masquerading as veteran service organizations.

        One only needed to see how many of them used their membership dues to pay for a billboard in support of the VA. Or when they appear in support of an AFGE rally at VA HQ.

        Or at some bullshit Save Our System town hall put on by the Legion-dary asshats.

        What should be a wake-up call for the irrelevant 6 was the event hosted by Trump at the White House yesterday for wounded veterans. Although I disagree with how the Wounded Warrior Project has run things in the past, the event was to kick off their wounded warrior ride.

        I don’t think any of the irrelevant 6 were in attendance.

    2. 91Veteran,
      Remember when Miller told McDonald to “…sell Pershing Hall Hotel” over in Paris France? They still own it!
      You might be on the right track about him knowing where LOTS of the taxpayers monies are disappearing!
      Only, in my opinion, The field is really slim over anyone with integrity and honesty to take on the corruption within the VA!
      Anyone who does try to dismantle the corruption is gonna need solid people backing him/her up!
      Look at the way the “demshits” attacked Admiral Jackson. I’ll guarantee y’all the “Big 6 VSO’s” were also involved in that hit job!
      Let’s hope something gets done to benefit veterans in a relatively short time span! Too many veterans are dying every day!

      1. I hear ya Crazy Elf. In my opinion just about anyone on Trumps list for SecVA can be a good one if they have the backing of the White House, and plenty of help to navigate the swamp.

        I said here before that many Presidents forgot who they nominated to SecVA right after they were confirmed, so the Gravy Train ran on autopilot. I have also said Trump will be ripped apart by the media AND veterans if he doesn’t keep his promise, so he has to nominate someone to get a handle on both the VA and the swamp.

        The VSOs are just too stupid to believe it, and will be left at the station.

  10. John WELLS would be an obvious and capable NOMINEE CANDIDATE as well as Daschle.

    1. MSgt Foster,

      In my opinion, Commander John Wells would be the BEST possible person to effect the changes within the VA that most veterans on this board would like to see,

      And I know whereof I speak. During my active-duty tenure, the U.S. Navy was not THAT big a yacht club. The good ones were always preceded by their reputations, and word spread around the fleet like wildfire. Commander Wells is of that ilk.

      Semper Fi.

      Disgruntled Veteran
      1973 – 1976 USMC
      1978 – 1993 USN
      Combat Wounded

  11. The anti Trump faction must be a powerful force. It would appear nobody in position of importance wants to be associated with Trump. I predict some sort of major social upheaval that will divide the political field even more so than it is now. I would go so far as saying that it will brake up the Union.
    At that point the powers of the Chinese and Russia will move in.

    1. Hey Not so Sunny sunvale,

      Do you remember those old commercials where they take an egg and crack it open over a hot frying pan and say this is your brain on drugs? Meaning your frying your mind when you use drugs.

      Your comment is something like that old commercial but with a new twist. Instead of the example of an egg frying in a hot frying pan as an example of some one on drugs. Your comment is an example of a brain on MSM.

  12. Benjamin- NICE “Bad VA Art” today. Remember, Sewer Hat Rats(SHR) are avid swimmers. It takes submergence for several minutes to ensure it’s a neutralized Sewer Hat Rat. Special focus on poop decks.

  13. “[…If Miller were selected, would the dinosaur VSOs be better off, or worse?]”

    Science and physical earth evidence of massive crater in Gulf and Brazil pretty much show that Mother Nature could not kill the dinosaurs so she had to call-in special forces in the form of a massive asteroid hitting earth and fucking-up entire earth in process, just to rid earth of mad hatter dinosaurs (cave drawings depict what some theorists have concluded were indeed funny hats the dinos were wearing at time of impact).

    Our current plight has again Mother Nature tossing her arms up with both middle fingers extended at the AFGE and Big Six Dinosaurs that are again sporting funny hats, so she again needs to call upon the universe but for Six BIG asteroids to rid earth of the poisons emitting from the swamp.

    “If Miller were selected, would the dinosaur VSOs be better off, or worse?”– Natural Selection already answered this long ago and short of the above^ scenario by a bitchy Mother Nature and ensemble of asteroids, maybe 6 low-yield nukes from orbit might do the trick, hats and all?

    This has all happened before and even Mother Nature is hitting her head against the wall with a pitcher of Bloody Mary’s in-hand, repeating the word ‘insanity’, ‘insanity’…BUR—P!

    (If Miller had done such a golden job when he had the influence and power to do so on board, we wouldn’t still be earlobe deep in Big Pig Shit shill now, would we?)

    1. 😀 “shill” MUST have been a Freudian Slip…I clearly meant ‘Big Pig Shit STILL’, not ‘Shill’… 😀

  14. Hey Trump! How bout you shit can this single person running the show bullshit and put in your own Justice League composed of a doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist, social worker, corporate manager, financial advisor, and security manager, just to start things off? Couldn’t be any worse than it is now. At this point your circus tent is falling down, so what in the hell do you have to loose?

  15. “Political capabilities?” Trumpster-eze? More ambiguous BS and long wait times. Again, body count for yet another week of scum-sucking media reports, war mongering, red carpet and steak dinners on gold plated flatware is…? PC-ness and censoring, attacks, is still running rampant, etc.

    Hegseth, his so-called organization along with the VSOs are still doing little and due to politics have their ‘hands tied’ to help vets having issues with the ‘establishment or machinery.’ Per graphic.. the VSOs, lobbyist, Congress, VA, many federal agencies, unions, et al., need DEEP SIXED to the depths below. Hegseth and his crew have already shown me and others what they are about… just show and wanting donations for … something. So IMNSHO he is off the list.

    Meanwhile like others have written… ‘everybody wants to rule the world,’ and us totally. Christ or St. Michael could come down to run the VA and still have to deal with the commie or corporate lying media and all the filth and so-called ‘vetting.’ What fun. In the back-ground of all things unions are standing by seeing to it they aren’t harmed in any way and all “Right To Work” laws or bills are totally squashed. But we aren’t hearing much about that behind the scenes conflict of interest or above the countless topics for distraction are we?

    “” I can understand the Eagle’s squawk better than I can understand the garbage chatter out of DC or the rest of the lying lizard people out there in control or power positions. I am just waiting to watch the bird poop. DC and all in power positions out there should be so transparent. Yeah, I’d watch spoor shows just for the hell of it and to see if the DC scum used gold trimmed butt wipe or have someone else wipe/powder their butts and blow their noses for them. Are they all like Mariah Carey who with one report had high paid personal assistants wake her up every morning, dress, cater to her and tell her how beautiful and perfect she is every freaking morning?

      1. Oldmarine, I knew there was some history with my comment, but doing a Duckduck Go search on the subject is some funny stuff. Not exactly breakfast material but I have a strong stomach. I can eat a corned beef on Rye and run a trot line, clean fish, or dress out a deer at the same time (or could in past years), no worries. No worse, but more humorous than reading about shit from DC and in media every morning they are all trying to force down our necks or in our brains.

        If the DC crowd is like the Indiana pedophile leadership and high society they probably have their own special kinds of “Groomers,” and privy attendees. Yes men and women, boot lickers, ass kissers, blankety blanks, etc. On top of that and many other things we wonder why things can’t get done in DC or at more corrupted local levels. Why we may step on one small toe with a mere question only to have it turn out to bruise or offend so many others. lol Like dealing with the VA, AFGE or SEIU, med school Greek societies, Freemasons, Nile gals, country clubbers, and on it goes.

        Now I get to go eat some oats with cinnamon, raisins, with wet farts and groomers on the brain. lol Now I am really really wanting some total transparency in media and from all our fearless leaders. If “Naked News” (don’t know how that popped up on the search) girls can do total transparency with a smile then so can the leaders and the ugly talking heads on MSM. Be better than watching Eagles at times.

  16. As a 100% sc vet I also applied for and received SSDI. It has been seven years since I was last reviewed medically and they asked me if I got better since the last review. Odd question given that Medicare paid a $102,000 bill since that last review to have folks bolt me back together after my last Harley Davidson ride…. but I told them, no I think the major trauma accident probably has not resulted in “significant medical improvement”… (I got the words from SSA’s site)

    My point is this; I went to the SSA website and in less than a day from receiving my CDR notice and after I stopped hyperventilating understood completely what this review entailed (called a Continuing Disability Review) and what the legal basis would be for a decision. One more day to discover that the new rules at SSA that do apply to vets rated by VBA that took effect in 2017 ONLY apply to new applications for SSDI. Once you are approved for SSDI it seems then the rules that got you approved are the rules that apply for the life of the claim which is your life outside of fraud. New rules = new claims. Old rules = old claims.

    Their site is cleanly written, avoids ANY sense of self promotion for SSA, and makes it possible to understand the details of what is expected. I have spent many hours searching VA websites for information about highly pertinent questions regarding my own benefits and it is the polar opposite of SSA in that regard. Most sites are a big PR spin with a bunch of stunt vet models in photo shoots showing how utterly delightful it is to be at VA. Yet just try to click through to a policy manual… “for internal use only…” is what you get. SSA lays it out in just black and white with neat indexes and ALL the links are accessible to everyone. You can see the exact manuals used more or less by the folks determining your claim. They spell it out for all sides – no secrets. Contrast that to the VA where“truth” is punished by management so routinely that a special office was set up to deal with just that.

    It boggles my mind how two agencies that both provide me the same thing really have grown so disparate and nearly alien to each other. So alien, in fact, that as of 2017 SSA can no longer give weight to ANY veteran rating in deciding SSDI. Not even 100% service connection for a single injury which is considered total disability by VA has weight at SSA anymore. The medical facts have weight but the fact that a 100% rating decision was issued by VBA does not carry any weight anymore at SSA. This won’t impact claims already decided.

    How can two agencies grow so far apart? Pretty easy – one of them is in charge of dispensing drugs directly and one is not. Follow the money.

    (The 2017 rule change at SSA impacts all new vets applying for SSDI benefits at least in the one way I mentioned and will then impact their own CDR reviews. Vocational training might be viewed differently too now for SSA decisions. Heads up.)

    1. “How can two agencies grow so far apart? Pretty easy – one of them is in charge of dispensing drugs directly and one is not. Follow the money.”

      1. ROSIE,
        Don’t forget about ALL of the reprobates: ie; lawmakers and appointed officials, who are on those drugs!

  17. I used to go to rodeos as a kid here in Oregon. Rodeo in Oregon in the 70s was…how shall we say it?… extremely rural in nature. Lots of drunk cowboys, cowgirl cleavage, BBQ, ambulance rides away from the arena, and a mournful crowd bowing heads at the dead cowboys hauled off before cheering at the next bull up in the chute – Barn Devil…

    Washington DC is a whole lot like those old times. Not so much for the bravado, bare cleavage, blood, beer, and bull shit everywhere but rather I am reminded of the two things that once experienced together will forever be etched on your mind; Recyclable brown paper towels and the public trough set up with a garden hose drain out the side in the men’s “bathroom” to serve the excretionary needs of the rodeo population that day. Generally it was just a livestock water tank pressed into service for all the drunk cowboys, patrons, and kids sipping cola all day. Nobody ever said where the other end of the garden hose went and nobody ever went looking generally.

    Inevitably some young man ends up dropping a brown recyclable paper towel into the trough of pee. The towel settles and plugs the drains hole yet cowboys and others keep pouring into the John to piss. After about three hundred folks this two foot deep trough that is seven feet long begins to run over…and the cowboys and patrons keep pouring in… it becomes time to drain the trough. Yeeeeeuuuuucccckkkkkk!!!!

    Washington is like that isn’t it? Once again, it is time to change the recyclable brown paper towel at the bottom of the trough in hopes this will clear everything up. It might work? Go get em POTUS!!! Don’t bother with rubber gloves, just shove your hand in and grab that towel out! Pick a better one next time.

    1. As one who rode bulls in rodeos when I was young and dumb, that’s a very good description of DC Dennis.

      Now I’m just old and dumb.

      Although I think far too many in DC are intentionally throwing brown paper towels into the trough, I am hoping Trump finds a plunger, Roto-rooter and a few hundred pounds of Draino crystals.

      1. Dennis not bright? Dennis is about as dim as a Supernova! If you had read many of his postings, you would know that.

        Next time Rudy, try putting your Brain Housing Group in gear before opening your Outhouse Mouth . . .

        Dennis, besides being bright – – – is our resident professional professorial clown. He may ALWAYS be relied upon to bring a smile or chuckle to vets who need it. Additionally, he has some damn good ideas when it comes to dealing with the notorious DBC’s.

        Just because you can’t fathom his humorous writing style (something I truly admire) is no reason to denigrate the man.


        Semper Fi.

        Disgruntled Veteran
        1973 – 1976 USMC
        1978 – 1993 USN
        Combat Wounded

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