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Benjamin KrauseIn case you did not notice, our website has a new look and there is way more to come to help you become the best self-advocate you can be. No one will care more about your benefits than you, as my old friend Jim Strickland says.

We have created a new user-friendly look for including UX and mobile modifications for all users wherever they are and on whatever computer interface they are using.

I guess our goal here is to stay one step ahead of Veterans Affairs without the multi-hundred billion dollar taxpayer budget. Instead, we use market forces to fund the project. If veterans want solid advice to get their benefits and resources, they will pay for it. So far, most veterans have spoken loudly that they will support truth with their own funds.

That’s right folks, for a fraction of a fraction of the cost is that VA charges American taxpayers, vets can get straight talk about their benefits without the emotional abuse of a VA facility and without the general technological frustration like at eBenefits.

Next stages for the new platform will include a subscriber center with a multitude of free guides and videos to help you access your benefits quickly along with some premium resources that will fund the platform and software. This approach is called Cyber Advocacy.

It is efficient without depending on a useless veteran organizations that rely on total dependence for services without the education and empowerment piece. As a result, is and will continue to be the leading source of self-help resources for veterans on the web.

This next month will see the addition of a VA rating tool that will allow veterans to rate their VA service providers in much the same way private industry does – kind of like an Angie’s List for veterans. This will allow veterans to utilize modern informational economic forces to revolutionize service providers.

We will also include a private, veteran and veteran family-only forum that I will police and manage. Our goal is to get information to veterans without the government trolls breathing down your neck. We will work hard to keep them out.

In all, the goal is to create the first and only comprehensive Online Veterans Resource Center (Online VRC) to educate veterans about their benefits without the hassle or deception. Behind it all is the Jesus motto of teaching a veteran to fish rather than giving her a fish is behind the whole move. It just makes sense in light of the amount of deception in VA right now. We just cannot trust those folks.

Since I like Jesus, this goal makes sense, so wish us luck. On a fraction of a fraction of a budget, we have educated more veterans about their benefits than, which is a completely useless website when it comes to educating veterans about benefits.

Perhaps VA does not want us to learn about our rights as they relate to benefits?

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  1. In some way, I am one of the lucky Vietnam veterans, if it can be called luck. I did not know I could submit a VA claim until my doctor informed me that I could. I being Blue Water Navy,(BWN) I found in my research there is only one disease recognized for BWN by the VA, Lymphoma non-Hodgkin’s cancer. After 150 pages of submitted VA require evidence I was approved VA 100% disabled, plus concurent reciept with my Navy retired pay due to combat related disability. The VA did not make it easy. I can see how other vets might be discouraged with all the paperwork involved. Since September 2011, I have taken up the sword to do battle with ou Congress, writing OpEd’s for publication in hundreds of newspapers nationwide the failure of our government. Likewise I have been on 8 radio talk shows, I have met with members of Congress and Senate in a plea to help our Vietnam vets. Now we have a House Bill HR-543 that just might make it in view of the VA scandal. Now that the Congress is jumping on the band wagon over the scandal.

  2. Hi Ben,
    I have been a long time follower and user of both free and paid services you offer. Like you, I am also a veteran rated at 100% and going to law school (VA Bourne paying for it after they paid for my under grad) . Additionally, I have been fighting the VA since 2006 (after I came back from a tour in Iraq) along with the US Army for my benefits. Therfore I know how hard it is to find the info the VA (and service organizations) don’t tell you about. The funny part about that is the VA is required by LAW to help veterans with gaining their benefits. But, no one holds the VA (or anyone in government) accountable under the law. I am behind you 100%. If you need help just ask.
    SSG US Army Retired
    100%(+) P&T since 2008

  3. My Question is probably alittle early to asked Having said that What information has anyone about what is happening with the Toxic Water Issuse’s with Camp Lejuene and Fort McCellan

  4. I think you’re coin’ a great job, Ben.
    Please keep it up, sir.
    Lotta guys countin’ on you now, I’m guessin’.

  5. A majority of veterans place the blame for the VA scandals where it truly belongs: ON OBAMA.

    Yesterday, patriotic veterans turned their backs on Obama’s motorcade as he decided to fundraise instead on helping us disabled veterans.

    1. The VA scandal began in 2002 when the Bush administration gave the VA a free hand to act as they pleased, therefore denials for VN vets if they did not have boots on ground Vietnam, hence all blue water Navy, most air force and fleet marines lost VA benefits from the Agent Orange Act of 1991, They were allowed to break the law as they wanted.

      1. No argument from me here, about how Bush was part of the problem.

        I regret voting for him and his father. (cue: shower starting to wash away the RINO taint)

        That being said, Obama is the President and thus must be held accountable for the atrocities happening to veterans at the VA.

        Although I’m not a fan of Gingrich, he did put together a great map of VA scandal-plagued hospitals across America. The red pins, when clicked on, provide a list of exposed problems:


  7. What about adding a Wall of Shame to identify the corrupt, anti-veteran VA bureaucrats who hide behind the Agency attorneys that represent them?

      1. What about a WikiVA page that aggregates the VA scandals by issues, such as by hospital, service provider, politician, ect.?

        A WikiVA page on your website would be a great One-Stop Shop resource that would provide access to VA OIG reports, news article links, YTube links, politician press releases, veteran-specific legal theory/cases, government rules and regulations, and exposing specific VA media-spin.

        In addition, in order to truly get the word out, what about a social media referral page that recommends hot-spots where veterans have a heavy comment presence, ie.,, ect.? You link to them and they link to you.

        I truly appreciate your efforts to get more veterans and their supporters to come to your website.

        This will definitely help us disabled veterans make better informed compensation and benefit decisions, and will give us an opportunity to network, discuss our VA experiences, and to plan political strategies to change the anti-veteran VA culture.

        If all this happens, you might need to get more bandwidth to handle all the incoming visitors… 🙂

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