Check Out The Updated VA M21-1MR Disability Manual

M21-1MR Disability Manual Benjamin KrauseDepartment of Veterans Affairs has hundreds of guides, handbooks and manuals including download PDF of this entire M21-1MR Part I VA Disability Compensation Manual. The M21-1MR Disability Manual manual details VA requirements for processing disability compensation claims of all sorts.

The topics range from veteran rights to appeals. The chapters in Part I are:

  1. VA Duty to Assist
  2. Due Process
  3. Power of Attorney
  4. Hearings
  5. Appeals

Normally, manuals like the M21-1MR Disability Manual are impossible to search because the agency posts each subpart in a separate file. It would take hours for most veterans to download the more than twenty subparts, search and then read each page.

That is why I took the time to create a combined PDF to make the process easier. You can download this current version of the guide, press Control + F and then enter in the search term you are looking for. Shazam, you will find your answers pretty quick.

Just note that this version was downloaded on 8/12/2014. It will be up to you to check VA WARMS to be sure you have the most current version of the manual. VA updates in periodically in subparts from time to time:

The PDF document is 395 pages total when you combine all the downloads into a single document. I also created a PDF of most of the changes I would find that explain why VA updated each section.

[Download M21-1MR Part I Disability Compensation Manual]

[Download M21-1MR Part I Change Log]

Again, we make no guarantees that this is the most current version. It is up to you to check to stay current.

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