Corrine Brown Guilty

Corrine Brown Convicted Of 18 Charges Including Fraud And Lying On Tax Forms

Corrine Brown Guilty

Corrine Brown, the former ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, was found guilty of fraud 18 charges including fraud and lying to the IRS.

Allegations against Brown included using hundreds of thousands of dollars in from the One Door for Education Foundation, not for education, but for lavish parties, trips and shopping excursions. From 2012 to 2016, Brown used the foundation to bring in over $800,000 in donations but records show she gave only 1 scholarship for $1,200 to an unidentified person.

“Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown violated the public trust, the honor of her position, and the integrity of the American system of government when she abused one of the most powerful positions in the nation for her own personal gain,” Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Blanco, said in a statement after the verdict.

When the indictment first surfaced, Brown was defiant and said made statements asserting the prosecution had more to do with being black than being bad.

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The prosecution’s key witnesses were Elias Simmons, Brown’s former chief of staff, and Carla Wiley, the foundation’s president. The two testified against Brown after pleading guilty for misusing the funds.

Corrine Brown Memories

I remember watching Brown repeatedly defend the Department of Veterans Affairs and American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) using the most unusually incoherent arguments I have ever witnessed of a lawmaker.

Brown was truly exceptional for her bizarre and left field commentary regardless of what issue may have been before the committee at the time.

What do you remember most about the Congresswoman?


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  1. I read about Brown and I hope felony convictions are equal for all the VA criminal especially the ones in Atlanta regional office who openly refused to pay my disability because of their bigotry and racism are they to be punished also

  2. My heart and soul goes out to you guys. This thing on pain is insane. At the pain clinic here in Vegas. All they care about is numbers: how many Vets did we get off Opioids today. Numbers,numbers, numbers. HOW about conditions of these numbers? They just use a broad stoke of the brush. It takes too much of there time see who really needs and who doesn’t!!
    The last time I heard of numbers was in Nam, then all that mattered was what side had the most ?
    I’m sure Belzabab will meet them with open arms. ?

    1. @Ex va: Good to hear. Doing okay as well, these damn attacks or whatever it is, is lasting most of the day. I have an appointment with my private pcp on Monday. I have everything planted, Just need to till up some farmland and plant my tomatoes and mellons. So far I have planted brussels sprouts, romanesc broccoli, beets, lettuce, snap peas, green beans, wax beans, sweet corn, pop corn, and orange sweet peppers. Brought a couple of under armour kids jackets over to the veterans closet. Can’t wait to see doc. How was your day?

      1. @cj, sounds like you have been busy, good for you. Sorry, to hear about these damn attacks. Now they are lasting most of the day. Do they make you tired? I hope you get it straightened out fast. You need to get that looked at good you have a doctors appointment.

        That is going to be some garden with all those veggies. You will have to post some pics of your harvest. I am doing better since the weather is not raining every day. I have two doctors appointments next week. Same issues.

      2. @Ex va: yes we both need to get our issues under control. I use my private doctors, because they get shit done. The dam VA, takes months to get seen for a single damn issue, if they want you to see another specialist, add on another month. I will have all the answers in a matter of a week or two.

      3. @cj, i have only private doctors now. I can’t go to the va for anything. There are people who want to really harm me somehow.

        Yes, my private doctors are good and they have kept me alive more than once. They get the tests done and will send me to the e.r. If i need to go. The va just makes you wait because to give you timely care is work for them.

        We need to get better. I really want to feel better this year i hope i can get there.

      4. @Ex va: As long as you set a goal for yourself, you will reach it. The problem is if you stop, you stop you die. Gotta keep moving as much as you can.

      5. @cj, you are right i have seen that so many times. People just give up. It is no good. I blame pain for a lot of it. And people don’t understand chronic pain and how it affects people’s lives.

      6. @Ex va: Chronic pain is bad enough, if you have nothing all day to do except suffer in pain, then the pain will be worse because not only are you feeling it, but it is now taking over your thoughts. Keep yourself busy, and it won’t take over your thoughts, that is half the battle. Most times you won’t pay attention to the pain if your busy doing something with your hands. Keeping busy by reading etc, won’t help. You gotta do stuff with your hands, like gardening, cooking, cleaning out the yard or garage. Keep your body busy and your day will be better, than if you just sat around with your own thoughts.

      7. @cj, that is good advice and i have been doing things like you recommend and you are right. Life is too short and i need to get somethings around here done before summer ends. It helps me physically and mentally i feel better.
        You are right trying to do things with your hands helps makes you feel more productive. I have been trying to get out in the yard more it helps. Yes, the brain can be destructive i think. People get bored and stuck in wrong thinking. This time of year is better i think it helps me feel better. The weather is getting more stable. I have been working on cleaning out my office area. It is a mess.

      8. @Ex va: You have the right attitude. Hell it’s time to get out and enjoy your surroundings. I know damn well you don’t think about your pain andywhere near as much when your locked inside due to weather. We have to engage in our own mind control lol.

        Ex, I am going to call it a nite. I hve to get up early and prep everything to go till up that farm land. Sunday is out because of mothers day. Then during the week sometime, maybe around thursday, I will plant tomatoes.

        Okay my friend, Goodnite and God Bless. Hope you sleep well. Talk with you on Monday. Have a great weekend and mothers day.

      9. @cj, if you have to go quick i understand. This stuff your going thru is tough. I use to get panic attacks, sorta had blackouts. I take meds for that and it helps. I hope yours is an easy fix. My doctor says if you don’t use it you will loose it.

        It hurts to type some and i do have the voice activation and i use that too. It messes up a lot. My hands are swollen up so i am slow tonight.

      10. @cj, Goodnight and God bless you and yours. I hope you get to rent that farm land. Have a great weekend. Take care.

  3. or I will shove my bitchin’ eyeglasses up you asses ! I’ll give you disabled !

    1. @shut chour mouth – – – What does your statement mean or refer to? – – – Nutter

  4. Corrine Brown sandbagging and abusing power.


  5. Corrine Brown. “Don’t confuse people with facts!”


  6. Corrine Brown on VA Health Care, Video posted by

    She was fighting against the VA having accountability and fighting the Governor of Florida who was trying to require that VA facilities in Florida be inspected by the state.

    “At last night’s VA hearing, Corrine Brown introduced a letter that show Rick Scot, the governor of Fl, is trying to inspect VAs around the state. Brown called it grandstanding by Scott and she then claimed that that 4 million people will die in Florida because Scott is not expanding Medicaid.”


  7. Wait a MINUTE!! Corrine Brown’s dead critter laying on her head is actually trying to disguise her horns. Look in that critter to top left and right in Ben’s “Bad VA Art” photo and you can easily see the critter hiding horns.

  8. “[What do you remember most about the Congresswoman?]”

    1) I remember she enunciated garbled Englishso poorly that for a while I just assumed she must still be chewing her lunch like most cows.

    2) Corrine Brown obviously was a *perfect fit* for her defending the AFGE and sitting on the Veteran’s Committee….fraud and corruption begets fraud and corruption and always absolutely corrupts.

    3) Did I mention she spoke as if she had a mouthful of mashed potatoes and gravy?

    4) Corrine Brown looks like a parody of a congresswoman.

    5) Corrine Brown looks like a really badly put together dumpster drag queen. Is she really a man?

    6) Revving Reverend Sharpton and NAACP and Fat Albert & The Gang, are already poised to let the entire deck of race cards to come flying for a game of 52 pick-up.

    7) Peas Flies Pres. Obama had FULL FAITH and CONFEDENCE in this ugly bitch.

    8) Any questions lingering how I feel about this mush-mouth bitch?

    1. 9) I often get Maxine Waters confused with Corrine Brown, whom also looks like a dumpster drag queen. They swap mouthfuls of mashed potatoes and gravy for exact same indiscernible garbled mush mouth English.

      10) When you add Nancy Pelosi to Corrine Brown and Maxine Waters, you get the Three Stoogettes.

  9. I believe there are two kinds of people that go to D.C. ; those who are corrupt, and those that soon will be.

    The free money flowing in that place is legendary. The FBi wants to investigate whether Putin cast his vote for Trump? Shit all mighty! The have two full chambers of bought off turds and they are wondering if Putin likes Trump bettet than that nasty woman! It is a game of smoke and mirrors, and I do not see the color of skin involved – just the scales.

    1. Dennis,
      Do you remember the movie “The Alamo” with John Wayne and Richard Widmark!
      There’s a scene in it that expresses the sentiment in most of the comments of today.
      It goes like this:
      “Going to Washington sure does ruin many a good men!”
      This is exactly the sentiment of many people!

      1. Yea but you have to be good before you become bad, and I am not so sure this is true in this case….

  10. Another wig from the James Brown collection that is utterly worthless! Always talking shit in those meetings and not making any sense to the subject matter.
    Then there is our dumbass Delaware representatives, Carper namely who needs to go !
    That jerk always talks about the VA in Wilmington from the 1970s , and tries to compare the difference from that time frame. Great cover up artist and a Gets the Navy Jackass award from this Corpsman!

    1. @CorpsmanUp! – What county do you reside in? I know a little about politics in the First State, and they know how to talk the talk. I don’t listen to them. Thanks. – – – Nutter

    2. Jive ass Corpsman whatever. Whatch-chew or you say bout my hair? Whach chew say? You says all kiins things about eveyboddy that good. Callin em names whatever you James hater

  11. What I remember about congresswoman Corrine Brown is that she was loud and acted angry about serious issues being discussed in meetings about the treatment of Veterans in the va system and that she did nothing to correct the serious issues. To find that she is guilty of fraud and trouble with the irs doesn’t surprise me. She thought only of herself and her self interests. Greed! She embodies what is seriously wrong with the dept. of va. I hope many more like her become charged and convicted for the wrongdoing, fraud and other crimes against the public trust.

  12. @Rick B., too often the words… It’s seems that has become a way of life for Veterans. What do we tell our sons, daughters, …. The VA is hazardous to our lives. How many Whitehouse relatives ever went? Afghanistan? How many out there have been to Afghanistan?

  13. hay my friends you see how money works goes in one hand to the other and spent by both to the best of that slim bag person use as far as they can. Any one with a soul who takes money for one reason to use it for their own use should be placed into a VA med center work on by a doctor who can’t speak english and gets more money than they do because their system gave them the job. I said many years ago now been in system from 1980 this is a joke and will never be better only get worst and more costly. We have to die twice maybe in a war and at home with the VA killing us for more money in their killing hands. If they gave us the money to take care of us and our familes we could see the goverment make money and still give all of us who did what they asked us to do a million a year to do so and still have over many Billions left to help others. Just do the math ( We are over 40 million souls they spend over $163,000,000,000.00 Billion a year on the VA where does it all go not to us but to others ) THINK WILL YOU PLEASE!!!!!!! JAMES M. HANRAHAN 100 % DAV

    1. You know what is a real kick in the nuts being a veteran is that if she does go to prison, she might get better health care than what we get from the VA she defended.

  14. This more than anything should be demoralizing to veterans to realize this is the type of politician that her colleagues in both parties thought deserved to represent veterans in committee.

    If someone in her party had not thought she was worthy to win in her district, she would likely be working as a clerk at the VA. That she served in Congress for 24 years before being thrown out is a testament to that esteemed body.

    But, she was convicted! Yeah, only because her corruption was so incredible blatant that Helen Keller could see it.

    Speaking of incoherent, GO GATA!


    1. 91Veteran,
      One has to remember, President Kennedy was going to do two major things when he returned from that fateful trip in November 1963!
      During a live tv airing, he said he was, quote: “…going to tear the CIA into a thousand pieces!” and he was going to bring out into the open who actually ran the United States of America! (paraphrasing this last part)
      One week later, he was assassinated!
      That’s why many people believe there was a “cover-up”!
      Evidently, President Kennedy was well aware of the corruption within our government! And, he made it be known he was going to do something about the corruption!
      I believe his “experiences” during WWII, bobbing up and down in the Pacific Ocean for days, brought him closer to GOD! I think he wanted our Republic to become what it was intended – A true nation under that “piece of parchment” known as the “Constitution and Bill of Rights!”
      Lastly, I believe he saw the direction our country was taking. Under certain people’s directives, our Republic would end up being run by Globalists. I don’t believe he wanted that.
      And, that’s why I’m in agreement with many others, “President Kennedy was assassinated for those reasons!”

  15. My question is what’s the deal with her wigs? She looks crazy.

    But, sarcasm aside. Anyone in bed with the AFGE is slime. Anyone in bed with the VA is slime.

    Any more questions?

      1. Reminds me of many of those who wear wigs, and always changing them. Especially those white people. LOL

      2. That’s not a wig at all, it’s some form of swamp critter sitting up there. Also, it would not surprise me one bit if and when she does go to prison and it is then discovered and revealed that Corrine Brown is actually a man, Cory Brown. 🙂

        That, or she looks like a Dumpster Drag Queen the morning after a Mardi Gras Halloween parade. 🙂

  16. Her defense was “I’m black and being prosecuted by racist”? Seems a bit cliche.

  17. This is a disgrace. There’s no more integrity and trust. $1,200 of $800,000 = 0.0015%. When was this embarrassing peanut sized scholarship given out to the lucky student? This student might be related to Brown, or Brown was the student.

    Shame on this greedy, flip minded Congresswoman. Brown never impressed me, even Pelosi and the crew spoke more eloquently. Why was Brown put on to oversee any Government Agency? Brown couldn’t put together an argument that made sense. Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Blanco, will have a fantastic opportunity to ask for the maximum during sentencing of Brown.

    I got news for y’all, Brown wasn’t the left or right field when she would give her commentaries. Brown wasn’t even on the field; she was out there, gone, her mind would always be traveling as the world turns. When watching her on television, she’d speak, I’d shake my head. And then the other two shysters that were in on the scam . . .

    The prosecution’s key witnesses, Elias Simmons and Carla Wiley. Brown’s former chief of staff, and the foundation’s president respectively. They testified against Brown pertaining to missing funds. Question; Since it is obvious that this was an inside job, I wonder how often that these types of situations are going on with other Elected Officials being involved? I don’t know about you folks, but I expect our Politicians to more on the up-and-up compared to citizen’s holding Executive Positions.

    What a disgrace. There’s no more integrity, no more trust, while our Veteran Brothers and Sisters; [1] are committing suicide at a reported rate of about 22 lives a day [personally, I think this is low], [2] Veteran’s claims are held up for double-digit years due to no streamlining during processing, [3] the granting of compensation and pension have been reneged, [4] unnecessary stress has been put on Veterans to repay monies that were previously granted to Veterans, [5] Veterans are shortchanged due to VA using Evidence/Experienced-Based Medicine (EBM) to diagnose and treat medical conditions, [6] VA Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Clinical Pharmacologists are prescribing Generic Medications that have less efficacy compared to Brand Name Medications (this frequently occurs, VA does nothing about it, I know because I informed my PCP and Pharmacy), [7] Veterans are given poor quality medical supplies (band aids slide on you skin, lidocaine patch falls off your back, containers break during shipment), [8] when VA does prescribe Vitamins, Minerals, or other Supplements, they are of low quality, and they’re inadequately assimilated in the body, and [9] – – -> If I missed some areas where the VA is lacking, please list them below, under my post. <- – –

    VA basically does what the VA wants to. And, so far, no one, be it POTUS, Senator(s), Members of the House, Governing Bodies, or anyone else for the matter, has issued any measure that requires the VA to change it current course of operation. That's a bigger disgrace. Shame on the Government Leaders.

    1. @ANutterVet – – – (Off-Topic) Tell that Wahine CONGRATULATIONS on passing her 2 C’s (Classes and Clinicals). FANTASTIC!!!

      Malama Pono, A Hui Ho.

  18. “Corrine Brown- 20 years of Corruption”
    You Tube Vid posted December 13, 2011



    “Rep Corrine Brown: No VA Problems In FL But VA Facility In Her District Is Under Investigation”
    Published on May 29, 2014
    “During a House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing yesterday, Rep. Corrine Brown (D- Florida) said there are no reported VA problems in Florida — despite a facility currently under investigation within her very own district.”



  19. When she begins serving her first days in prison – – – then I will rejoice. All the articles I have read thus far only mention that she was convicted. They say nothing regarding sentencing.

    I suspect that the “race card” will come into this somewhere along the line. I do not give a Rat’s Ass for that argument. I grew up in a multi-racial, multi-cultural environment family that was under-privileged. Seen too much of the world to believe in that nonsense among decent people.

    Racists are simply stupid thugs. No matter their color. They should be treated as such.

    As for this criminal – – – I hope she receives the maximum penalty possible. Telling VA employees to “take the fifth”, all the while choosing to be absolutely blind to what was happening to our nations veterans around her.

    What I remember most about her is the absolutely bizarre statements that would come out of her mouth.

    (Off-Topic) I hope James Comey “hooks up” with Julian Assange in order to conduct the independent investigation required in order to get to the bottom of the Russian Connection. WikiLeaks will make sure the truth gets put out there.

    1. Disgruntled Veteran,
      Sorry to inform you,
      It’s been out for a short while now – “There is NO evidence whatsoever on “COLLUSION between the Russians and President Trump!”
      Even Maxine Waters (D-Ca) came out last Thursday or Friday afternoon and admitted it!

      1. @Elf – – – Yesterday’s photo’s of POTUS Chump with the Russians in the Oval Office, makes me wonder. Why was TASS the credited photo agency? Where were the American media at this event? What a YUUUGGE propaganda victory for Putin that was.

        Someone once told me that Watergate never happened as well . . .

        Think I will adopt a wait and see on this one.

  20. Off topic–

    Received my decision letter today, the VA denied service connection for my left knee injury. In fact, they did not even review my IMO, nor did they consider the Benefit of the Doubt.. I wish for once the va could get a rating decision correct the first time.. Here we go again, another appeal and congress wonders why there is a back log on claims.

      1. Yes first denial, I think I will get it in the end, but see that is the problem we should not have to fight for our benefits….

      2. @Rich B: Oh, you’ll get it in the end alright…… Sorry, just couldn’t help myself.

      3. Rich B, if you did not do this during your C&P exam and you happen to have another, or in whatever way you can refute your denial, it helps to point out as many ways as you can how that injury affects your daily life, both in pain and in ways it limits your ability to do things.

        I had a very good C&P examiner years ago. It was I think my 3rd or 4th C&P exam for that knee because it had been denied so much, even though I had clear, military treatment records, including two surgeries.

        She asked specific questions that were designed to get answers in how it affected my daily life, in what I could and could not do, and how much pain there was with certain activities.

        If you can’t point that out during an exam, try point to treatment records that show the same thing.

  21. “Corrine Brown’s defense attorney plans to file motion for new trial”
    By: Sarah Thompson @WOKV_Sarah
    May 11, 2017

    “Jacksonville, FL – He describes it as the 1st quarter in a legal football game.

    Just about an hour after former Congresswoman Corrine Brown was found guilty on 18 of 22 charges in her federal fraud trial, her defense attorney, James Smith, was already vowing this would not be the end of the legal fight.

    Speaking outside of the federal courthouse Thursday afternoon, Smith says he will file a motion for a new trial, though he didn’t release any specifics of his plan.

    Smith says his client maintains her innocence and that she is ‘strong’ and will keep fighting.

    On the topic of sentencing, Smith says Brown will not get ‘anything remotely close’ to 357 years in federal prison. He also says that he hopes any sentences she gets will factor in the ‘good’ she has done.

    Smith says he’s sad about the result, but the sun will rise tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, Brown has released a statement of her own, following the 18 convictions:

    “While I respect the jury’s decision I disagree with it and I want to make it clear that I maintain my innocence. I did not commit these crimes and I intend to file a motion for a new trial. I will continue to stand on my record of decades of faithful service to this community and the nation. I have a long record of charitable service to the community and that will continue even during this process. I want to thank my family and friends for their prayers and support during this difficult time. I ask that you continue to pray for and support me. This fight is not over and as I’m sure you know I will continue to fight to clear my name and restore my reputation.””


    The real problem is that she has the money to buy a new trial and will get it. After all this is in Florida were murders with life sentences can buy their way out of prison and buy a clean record.

    1. Link to the article.


    2. Hey Elf,

      Found a replacement for Corrine Brown right in her own backyard very near her office in Orlando.

      Although she is not a Veteran, she was a former VA nurse, and just prior to her winning her seat on the Orlando City council. She was the 2nd vice commander of Amvets Post 30 in west Orlando. She also hold the highest regards for law enforcement with her prior 21 arrests for possession of cocaine with intent to sell, passing bad checks, 6 charges of driving under the influence, felony fraud, and using a false name to obtain a driver’s license.

      She is “Highly” qualified to talk the same rabbling smack as Corrine Brown as can be seen while she is just hit the smack on You Tube in the link below. Also another link shows that her staff are properly trained in “Race Carding” politics at the second link below. Got to watch them they are hilarious. We won’t link the Videos of Her sons multiple arrests at a drug house she owns or the articles about her tax evasion problems. Just another Florida Politician.

      Smack talking on You Tube: “”

      Staff Race Carding on You Tube: “”

      “City Council candidate: 21 arrests do not disqualify me from holding office”, by Mark Schlueb, Orlando Sentinel

      You Tube offer: “”

      1. To: Seymore and 91Veteran,
        I believe, but not sure, That city council representative from Orlando can’t hold a federal Congressional position having felonies on her record.
        Plus, the head woman, of “One Door”, testified against Brown. Even if she gets a new trial, up in Jacksonville, there will be too much outcry to put that bitch in prison.
        I know a few of the “regular people” from Brown’s district. They’re all in agreement, Brown has screwed over them as long as she’s held that seat. Only those in high places everyone benefited from her position as a Congresswoman!
        It was two years ago, I believe, the district lines were being redrawn here in Florida. Most of it had to do with her district!
        Of course, she “played the race card”, like all good democrats do, when they don’t get there way!
        There’s going to be more fallout about this!
        I’ll keep y’all posted!

      2. Veterans dying daily because of her and the likes of her. Enough said. FMF Corpsman 8404 Vietnam Era. 1st MAW Satan is alive and well in The VA?

    3. Seymore, she can stand on anything she wants, but her record won’t be one of them…not with two of her staffers testifying against her to save their own skins.

      I thought I read somewhere that her “charitable” organization had not even filed paperwork with the IRS to set themselves up as a charity.

      Must be Tom Burch’s sister.

  22. The same thing u did. I always thought something was strange about her and was just a token to the committee.

    I did not trust her to do anything about the VA and I’m sorry not to be wrong.

    Age was pretty clever to get as far as she did.

    Oh well blind people have a problem seeing. Even when they can see many people are blind to things going on around them.

    345 thousand to go. If one would keep their eye’s and ears open they would have figured out a long time ago.

    What’s her punishment head of the VBA. I’m sure she would not try and do it again, by using disabled veterans ? !

    Would she. ? Maybe Diana Rubins and graves will school her to the proper way not to get caught. Or teach her how to say, I plead the 5th.

    Greed will get you sooner or later !
    How many manager’s gave her kick backs to look the other way. No wonder the committee could not get the answers to their questions.

    Do you remember when she told VA employees to use all their rights, including pleading the 5th.

    I guess she figured if it worked for Rubins and graves, it would work for her. I guess she forgot there are people out there that are on the up and up and will hold government employees accountable.

    She can visit Mrs Bubba !

    1. In the news she will spend the rest of her life in prison !
      Now of the citizens start seeing names of VA employees being held accountable and fired or placed in jail.

      VA employees may get the message it’s not ok to harm other’s and you will pay the price.

      When they find these employees and they try to use their friend’s to back them up !

      The employees must be advised if they lie to a federal investigators in trying to cover up something they will also be charged with the same crime.

      What I have seen is VA employees who break the law and higher ups are also involved in the cover ups and only the employees are charged.

      They use the fact that they did not charge the higher ups and the employees are allowed to continue to harm veterans, because they other’s were not charged.

      Its like excuses you hear from children, well Bobby did it and you let him, so I should be able to do the same thing and not get into trouble.

      1. We’re in the News Sr. I’m all eyes. If this is correct it USA BIG FU DEAL!!!

  23. I believe Rep. Brown is a fine example of what is leading the VA today. A corrupt political machine that is using veterans as nothing more than a meal ticket. We Agent Orange Veterans of Guam view ourselves as the new Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments from the 30’s! My grandfather was a WWI Bonus Marcher and if we march on Mar-A-Lago this coming winter I will be there. That is a promise.

  24. Not until the VA Hospital Administration and the VA administrative side of the house are eliminated will there ever be hope for Veterans.

    The Hospital side is plain as day. The Administrative side tries to disprove every claim rather than hide it. You have multiple military disabilities and they discriminate against you by considering you less of a person because you have existing disabilities.

  25. Sounds like ladies week. My friend, who follows this site, suggested yesterday’s lady, reminded her of a story; she says Bible Story, of the whore of Babylon. Corrine feels a bit guilty. The whore never will. Lady Babylon didn’t blink while Veterans died. May she get what is coming to her. Corrine will. All this matters not. There are many travestries in the VA. Let’s see some real change. So far, smoke screen.

  26. I remember watching her on a veteran bringing a weapon into a VHA, (up in one of the north central plains states.)
    She was more interested about the safety of the VHA employees, rather than the “WHY” a veteran had to resort to bringing in the weapon!
    Her dialogue was all over the place! As if she couldn’t come up with a rational explanation over “WHY” a veteran was so upset!

    Y’all remember that veteran who brought a weapon into a VHA down here in Florida last year. All because the physician wouldn’t do his job! Saying, “Can you hear me now?”
    Maybe that’s why that veteran brought the weapon into a VHA up north.

    The VHA’s are criminally run. What’s it going to take to clean house?

  27. The link you posted to the story Ben says the story has been deleted or moved.

    1. Dennis,
      I’ve been hearing Google, Facebook and other sites are being censored!

    2. Stripes either updated the original article, or replaced it with something with fewer embarrassing comments. It’s back up here:


  28. There is simply nobody involved with VA at a high level that is clean. She violated the public trust? Just what faeiry tales have they been reading to believe the public had any trust to begin with for Christ sake!

    If your mission in life was to hunt down and capture all the corruption tied to the VA, would you go to Washington DC and look for individuals who are corrupt or would you simply erect a giant land drift net and drift it across the landscape at D.C.? One of those tactics will net you all of the corruption in a dolphin-safe way.

    I could give a rats ass about the color of her hide and I honestly could care less if she does. Napalm sticks to people of all color, does it not? The question is just how many vets has she herself burned by being a bought creep? How many souls have been tossed out of life on her watch in return for the emerald covered feed bag she got to strap on? How many vets died waiting for help and she got bought off not to?

    My suggestion so that we can be absolutely CERTAIN that she won’t be judged by skin color is to have it removed. Do you know what they do with folks like her in China when they catch them? Skin removal would be a pleasant alternative. For starters they would wipe the smirk off her face, and then they get really busy making an example for others (pretty much in the same moment).

    I feel suddenly hungry for a fortune cookie…

    1. I’d go with the giant land drift net option because I (myself personally)don’t think there’s an uncorrupted politician to be had in D.C. that hasn’t said that they will represent us over their pocketbook.

  29. Charity reform is something I do not hear enough people demanding along with Tax Reform.

    Corrine Brown is just upset that the Clinton Foundation got away with it and she didn’t.

    I too remember seeing her speak and “testify”. Of course, I opined internally, out of fear of the dreaded “racist” label, if she could actually read and understand the English language.

    1. Want to get even more pissed at McCain?

      Google this little tidbit on “Songbird John McCain” for information over what he was “personally responsible for” THREE MONTHS BEFORE he was (allegedly) shot down In North Vietnam in 1967!

      “Navy Releases McCain’s Records!”

      In my opinion, McCain was NOT shot down over North Vietnam! Accriding to his Naval Records, he’s responsible for crashing 5 planes, all due to “pilot error!” He had a ‘reputation’ of being a “got dog” pilot. Or whatever it’s called when a pilot doesn’t follow rules and regulations!
      There’s plenty of evidence which could verify my, and others, theory over this issue!

  30. I need to take tranquilizers when dealing and hearing anything about the VA. What is needed to stop there gestapo methods ?!!??

    1st Marine Air Wing FMF Corpsman Vietnam era…….God please save us?

    1. Semper Fi, Doc! Thanks for patching up our feathers . . . From one of the Bird Men of VMGR-152.

  31. Brown is not worthy of anything more than a brief response to this.

    Initially, seeing that she was black invoked two thoughts. First, no doubt she’ll bring up racism. As if!!!!! Second, knew she was both deviant and criminal because she thought she could use the “race card” to get away with this.

    But then, there was the thought of thoughts.
    VA, which equals criminal, distortion of facts, deviancy, lies, manipulation, and a felon.

    This Brown broad is the perfect of many poster children and why the VA is a criminal group of thugs, thugettes, and folks who need to be lined up at the gallows

    1. Well said and yes I’m black. How what about the rest of the jacks still in there or care we still waiting for that magical admin ( not trumps) that going come in and clean house. During here holdi,g my breath. Wink, wink.

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