Clearing The Air: Links Between Pollution And Diabetes Solidify Under Scientific Scrutiny

The St. Louis VA Healthcare System recently released a study showing connections between air pollution levels and Type 2 diabetes in the surrounding population. Diabetes affects over 420 million people worldwide, and at least 30 million Americans.

Ziyad Al-Aly, MD, is the study’s senior author and an assistant professor of medicine at Washington University. “Our research shows a significant link between air pollution and diabetes globally,” he says. “We found an increased risk, even at low [air pollution] levels.”

He goes on to report that the findings were statistically significant, even for air pollution levels that major agencies currently consider “safe” or “within normal parameters.” Agencies that deem these levels acceptable include the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and even the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Overall, this study estimated that 14 percent of the new diabetes cases in 2016 were at least partially attributable to air pollution. That’s 3.2 million new cases in that year alone!

The study detected air pollution levels by looking at floating particulate matter. Any kind of particle in the air that is made of dirt, dust, smoke, or non-water liquid droplets might fall under this description.

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The study found that these particles end up in the bloodstream, and that can minimize our own naturally occurring ability to process insulin. We all are dealing with this side effect of pollution in our bodies, and some of us may experience health consequences – specifically, diabetes.

The study covered many countries. Low-income countries with few or no clean air regulations in place showed the highest risk. India, Afghanistan, and Guyana were front-runners. Wealthier countries with more environmental protection showed lower risk. Iceland and France came out on top.

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The U.S. is currently in the middle, classified as “moderate risk.” We have the income to protect people from these health complications, but we need to maintain environmental protections… or reintroduce them where the current administration has had them abolished.

Not only does environmental non-regulation incur a monetary cost, it incurs a health cost as well. Since we have now studied this effect for decades and the findings are clear, it would be in the best interests of the American people to protect against that risk.

We all deserve to breathe easy.

Source: https://www.news-medical.net/news/20180630/New-study-links-air-pollution-to-increased-risk-of-diabetes-globally.aspx

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  1. Why do they have to go to London to get a study that was done in the US VAMC published?

    Professional organizations do this as they shop for easy submissions where they will not be heavily challenged to prove the work they did in these type of studies.

    Not much different from a prosecutor who shops for judges to get a favorable outcome in a high profile case.

    Ask yourself why all of the journals dealing with Diabetes did not publish this study…

  2. I tend to disbelieve the theory of air pollution and diabetes. I’ve lived for over 30 years in a historic house. The house is heated by a coal furnace fitted with a gas burner. The heating and return air get to the furnace through a large floor grating in the downstairs floor between the living and dining rooms. Air circulation is only by convection, there is no blower to force the air or an air filter to filter the air. There is no ducting system in the walls, in essence the room air serves as ducting. A friend came over and said he would not visit again as the dust level was too high.

    1. Rich..I have to agree with you on that, It’s more like vaccines, Food, And pig pharma

  3. Annnd it’s 1,2,3 what are we fighting 4 – don’t ask me I don’t understand- fought for this country now it’s with petro-chemical and industrial corporations, big pharma, banks, scammers, narcissists, egotists, the VA and Uncle Sam – annnd it’s 5,6,7, open up those pearly gates – there aint no reason to wonder why whoopee we’re all going to die


    1. Yep. And there’s around 400 million of you fuckers out there, and your not listening.

  4. Synthetic Gene Altering Foods and Vaccines Going Viral ~ Humans Will Never be the Same

    1. Damn near Satanic. Am I supposed to capitalize Satin because it’s a formal name, or out of respect…? So many rules.

      1. Wg..Whatever you prefer
        Part 2 Carbon Copy-The Return

  5. Great article. It is time to face up to the truth about what for profit air and water pollution is doing to us. I have type II diabetes, and don’t smoke or use alcohol, and I am a health food nut. I haven’t eaten at a McDonald’s in 20 years. But, I do have a white stone 8 gallon home brew jar on my front porch, that is turned black twice a year by the pollution from the 13 coal burning power plants within 100 miles of me. We have met the enemy and it is the uber rich, that are poisoning the rest of us for profit. The billionaires will retreat to safe enclaves, when most of the world becomes uninhabitable. They won’t take us with them, and they will have their armed thugs to repel us.

    1. They poison our food and water, then they get the taxpayers to clean up there mess Right, the uber rich are the enemy in this fight for human survival. The Rich are just despicable anymores.

  6. “The whites, too, shall pass – perhaps sooner than the other tribes. Continue to contaminate your own bed, and you might suffocate in your waste”.
    Chief Seattle


  7. You know they really do not locate many McDonalds and such places in other than high traffic, high population, and high pollution areas… I mean I grew up in VERY clean air but the nearest McDonalds was 90+ miles away. Not much pollution caused anything in the high desert and mostly no diabetes.

    Just saying…. perhaps there are ways of interpreting the data in a broader sense.

    1. McDonald’s Grimace is purple with asphyxia, The Hamburgler’s obsession with stealing everyone’s beef from between their buns must surely also have environmental origins?

      Me, I’m highly suspicious of clowns, especially clowns pushing beef between buns…however, clowns are generally environmentally conscious in that they tend to pile-into a very small car a baker’s dozen all at once, so I’m blaming Grimace and those damn happy meals.

      Meanwhile, Monsanto is being sued for knowingly selling Round-Up with proven carcinogens….and wanna bet the suit will be successful, oodles of $$$$ to gardening grandmas for selling a known poison….but that SAME Co., not so much when it comes to nonhuman test subjects such as the Agent Orange they produced back then that became…Round-Up…

      Not for the Vets….but ALL for the Vets. Make the world a better place and skip McDpnalds and have it your way…but kick a clown.

  8. The Papers – The Poison Papers

    1. OM – good site. Every citation of deceit leads to a trail of money. Always – follow the money.

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