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Home Sweet Home: Colorado Springs Voted Best Residential Area For Veterans

Once again, Colorado Springs pulls to the front of the pack in quality-of-life assessments. This time, the focus is on veterans and citizens’ pride in those who serve.

Veterans in this town have a median income of about $51,500 a year. That is about $20,000 more per year than their civilian counterparts make. More than 40,000 service members and 80,000 veterans live in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado, and from the looks of things, they are pretty happy about it.

This part of the country is also very convenient for VA healthcare, since four different VA Medical Centers are within 50 miles of Colorado Springs. That is a lot of selection and great potential for specialized care, well within an hour’s drive.

Colorado Springs has general amenities for good quality of life as well, whether you served in the military or not: consistently nice temperate weather, good employment opportunities, and scenic access to nature. Residents get to live on the windward side of the Rocky Mountains.

“Not only is the city ranked the most desirable place to live in America, it is especially hospitable to our veterans with an overwhelming number of veteran service organizations, incredible national pride and a true appreciation for those who serve,” Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said.

Last year, the city even established a trademark for themselves: “Military City USA.” They have their fair share of organizations, goods and services catered to the veteran’s life.

So to sum up this report, it sounds like this. If you are looking for a change of scenery without sacrificing your access to VA healthcare, friends who get what you went through, or a culture of people who teach their kids to say “thank you for your service,” Colorado Springs is a pretty sweet deal.


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  1. I’ll try and make this short and sweet.
    I live just west of Colorado Springs, chose this area because I fell in love with it in the 70’s while being stationed here. I moved here in 1992, when prices were still affordable, however shortly after that, in just a matter of a couple years, prices soared and they keep on soaring.
    In 2014 after Obama care sent my insurance deductible soaring over $ 5,000.00 and my premiums to over
    $ 300.00 a month, I had little choice, so I turned to the VA for healthcare.
    I served from 1978-1984, US Army, 4th Infantry and 8th Infantry. I’m currently rated at 70% with 8 service connected disabilities, 2 of my 8 are directly rated to being stationed at Rocky Mountain Arsenal, with documented exposure in my health records.( Mustard Gas ) I’ve had numerous health problems since being stationed there in the early 80’s.
    I suffer from disabling and chronic headaches 3-4 a week. I’ve had every kind of treatment, tried every medication, nerve ablations, injections, with little to no help.
    For the prior 4 decades, I have all the treatments documented, and explained this to my PA at the clinic.
    Every time I tried to ask for any treatments outside of pills, I would be interrupted repeatedly.
    After so many cancellations, due to over bookings, I was placed into the choice care program. After waiting nearly a year, I got to see a specialist and started to receive treatments.
    However, after only 1 treatment, due to lack of payment by health net, the specialist would no longer treat or see me. This doctor was in my hometown, a 5 minute drive away. So, reluctantly I went back to the clinic. During that time my PA became a DR, and nearly 4 years had past. He no longer asked me anymore if I was able to work, and actually listened when I asked him about specialized care, for the very 1st time.
    I travel to Denver now every 2 months for treatments, it’s 2 hrs each way.
    The Springs clinic is good if you need an MRI or to draw blood, but beyond that they send you to Denver.
    My biggest complaint with the VA is how they have trained the people who review your claims and appeals.
    They train them to delay and deny, even when you have overwhelming evidence.
    It’s a nice and beautiful area, but you better have a big wallet or have been here for 30 yrs, because its
    not affordable.

  2. Ben you are way off on this one! What a bunch of BS this article is, just shows how much the Politicians own the media sources. Colorado is a shitty place for Veterans with lack of Integrative Care, extremely long wait times, lack of coordination of care between docs, crap community choice options. The reason it looks good on paper is because you have a small but wealthy percentage of veterans who bump the numbers. The Colorado VA prioritizes money for high tech gadgetry over more person to person connections. You really should have done your research before writing this crap…

  3. As Mentioned earlier in a post that the name of one of the producers of the bogus info on Veterans in Colorado is named the United Health Foundation. I took a little time and checked them out on the ProPublica Nonprofit Explorer website for researching Tax-Exempt Organizations.

    According to the 2015 filings of the foundations IRS form 990 they share the same offices as the United Health Group which owns a large stake of Health Net.

    Health Net is one of the two companies that have been the administrators of the Veterans Choice Program. It is also the administrator that has stolen the most money out of the Veterans Choice Program. As per the VAOIG report recently published in an article here on Disabled Veterans dot Org.

    Oddly the Vice President for media relations at United Health Group, Chris Stidman, is also the president and Executive Director of the United Health Foundation.

    From the United Health Foundations IRS 990 Part VIII, Section 3, Par (a, b & c) list the highest paid independent contractors of professional services Name, Type of Service and Compensation. Out of the 4 contractors they list there are three that are listed as type of service being; “Consulting for America’s Health Rankings and the fourth is listed as Consulting for key programs.

    Together all four were paid a total of $1,511,698 in connection with the Health ranking system that was used by United Health Foundation contribution to todays propaganda in the article today.

    What is truly amazing is that of the four vendors listed Consulting firms used consulted for the creation of the American’s Health Rankings. Two are Lobbying Firms in Washington D.C. and the other two are media and public relations consulting firms.

    Another fact that is truly amazing is that United Health Foundation then claims to list the creation of the Health ranking system at an expense of $3,635,000. That is in part IX-A of the IRS Form 990.


    In essence, today’s ever so fluffy happy propaganda filled article was supported by nothing but high dollar bullshit. Created by a company that has been stealing from the Veterans Choice Program and now dodging taxes through a bogus Non-Profit to not only produce and market propaganda but also to illegally lobby legislators in Washington D.C.


    ProPublica Nonprofit Explorer at: “”

    United Health Foundation’s IRS Form 990 Filing at: “”

  4. Yea the Springs was getting Bad back in the 80s when I was Stationed at Fort Carson as a new recruit, some of my buddies getting guns drawn on them just because they were military on the post that is, it may have changed somewhat but can’t be a lot on the Ground level.

  5. 4 va centers? The fuck would I want to live near that shit?

    Last thing I need is to be surrounded by the va and a bunch of tattletaling yes men willing to dime you out over anything to get ahead in the bennies game.

    1. I’m sure my experience is myopic, but of the couple of Veterans I have known through association only, that lived/retired in Colorado Springs were ALL ringknockers/retired Officers and maybe E-10 and up and am betting there’s more engorged purple team members that don’t work for nonperformance bonuses at these -4- centers, not withstanding the Aurora VAMC Black Hole that’s oh-so-still hungry and so all the OTHER OLD VA Hospitals have to remain OPEN…costing even more $$$$….but they have nice homes in gated neighborhoods in da’ Springs!
      Everybody’s cookie jar has to live someplace. 😀

  6. My son, a Navy veteran, moved from Colorado Springs because he couldn’t get a fairly decent paying job.
    He, and his family of four, were “living day to day” on little to no money.
    So, he said goodbye to Colorado Springs.
    He’s still in Colorado, just more out into the county!
    He says it’s insane to pay such high rent in town. If he’s got to pay for it, why not be happy!

  7. Very nice Story about what is being “advertised” about Veterans resources in Colorado.

    “But”, and it is a very big But, the story stinks to high heaven, given the Veterans Suicide Rate in Colorado is nearly double the National Average.


    1. From the Article cited for today’s tall tale:

      “Four Veteran Affairs health facilities are located within 50 miles of the city, giving the area’s health rating three out of four stars based on data from United Health Foundation’s 2017 America’s Health Rankings Annual Report and the 2018 County Health Rankings collected by the Military Times Reboot Camp.”

      “Summit Economics LLC produced a report showing a $36.6 billion economic impact on the state by the Department of Defense. The third largest economic sector in Colorado is the defense sector, which produces 7.5 percent of the total jobs in the state. Nearly 250,000 jobs were created statewide by the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs, the report said.”


      Who the Fuck are these bogus stat making for profits? “United Health Foundation”, “the Military Times Reboot Camp” and “Summit Economics LLC”

      All total bullshit trying to make the Aurora thieving black-hole look acceptable. And totally hiding the major problem with the very high rate of Veterans suicides in Colorado.

      What stinking Bullshit.

      1. The VA’s ‘As A Crow Flies’ were locked into a tight 50 miles holding pattern circling those gated communities, but pooping just outside the 40 mile rule…, establishing -4- piles of VA Crow Poo, which then became the foundation, poo, for building the VAMC’s then the crows move-on.
        (note: the VA Crows have their own close parking spaces right atop Veteran open-air parking garages to further shit on Vets)

  8. Still way too expensive for the “average Veteran” let alone average citizen to live afford rent. Colorado in general has not been building new affordable low-income housing and reason I chose not to move out to CO., is the rent has become so insanely expensive, take Denver for instance, where 1000’s of homeless sleep on ground/streets at night…same is happening in other surrounding once lessor expensive cities/towns…why? Easy…recreational cannabis.
    Did my research.
    The locals in CO are not exactly all that welcoming to the influx of people relocating in CO thinking for a better life…well, those Vets HAPPY in Colorado Springs will in no time sell properties high for those relocating for that rocky mt. high…

    Not impressed, Veteran-friendly or not…not wallet friendly to this pedestrian *average Vet* AT ALL…

    1. True Nam.
      Even with all those ‘protections’ out there for ‘whistle-blowers’ seems mouths and insider news have tightened up as censoring is mightily increased.

      Every place in ‘murika” brags about being numba 1 while being a cesspool of lies and corruption, total facade. Oh forget about all the murder rates or high crimes lets move to New York, Brooklyn, New Orleans, Cali, Chicago, St Louis area, Mexico, Colorado, etc. Funny stuff. We shouldn’t have to move anywhere like fleeing illegals or Californians/from Western states that bring all their shit and ways with them to change others living climates or ways.

      My town and state brags about being “number 1” in living and “a level above.” Big lies as corruption is rampant and deep-seated, kiddies are thoroughly brain washed as the sheep are. A level above whale shit at the deepest points in the ocean maybe (one inch), or just above hell. Think I’ve shown that. Like Colorado and other joints lets not look at the crime rates, hundreds of thousands of dollars to move or purchase anything. Police corruption and brutality reports. The real hate for new-comers of any kind but illegals and immigrants are fine. Insane laws in some areas that even forbid having gardens or things like water shortages, etc.

      Those on welfare, lovers of street living, sorts like “Rainbow Children” love the area out there and the MJ laws. A few (more) people from here have tried the move out there and around then came back with their tails between their legs reporting how bad such places really are or how their businesses failed due to car jacking, crime, from Florida to areas out West. Do they report how safe it is to stop at red lights or walking the streets at night? Nope. At least we know what we are dealing with in our own well known areas of living.

      Plus. If my secretive notes or something in my files are so bad I am retaliated against and harassed by civilian care, treated the same way, refused copies of my files from a civy hospital I can’t be assured my care would be any better unless I move to the Amazon or in the rain forest somewhere away from modern humans. The VA and all other connected networks of evil, covering-up, scum, have long tentacles apparently. Oh and I wouldn’t think of the likes of Canada or Mexico either.

      To hell with our needs for common sense basic human rights for all. The SJWs and idiots must come first.


      1. Well, Lynn, depends on what you call, define, or describe as “clean.” Must be one of those relative or subjective things. Must be another troll too. Colorado is becoming another California and is another sanctuary state. Have fun. Hence things aren’t going to be much better for the hip-slick-cool kiddies in Colo, Aspen, Telluride, etc. My God living down wind of the likes of the super rich, Oprah, Rosanne Bar, head up their asses heiresses (can also get by with murder), trophy hags, ski bums, high society, way over priced shops/tourist traps, etc. Gag me!!!! Commie Georgi Clooney and wifey, etc. Oh yeah. People are fleeing from there too and landed with their mile high libtard, greeny, vegetarian, open border crap here as well. No escaping it all. Clean when illegals can shit in the streets, and other reports from there to be told or known of? Corruption and evil comparable to even my state and locale? Get real, “clean?”

        A family up the street came from CENTENNIAL, Colo. According to them the state done turned far left and blue if you want to color it up some. Not the state they grew up in and could travel more safely. Guess rape is the happening event out there just like it is in other sanctuary, high social status living areas. Yep, “Clean” living.

    2. Thank you for your awareness of this entire situation, for sharing with other vets, which may help some not having the income level needed to relocating to this beautiful city, within the range of 4 different V.A., Hospitals within that 50 mile range. Colorado, is an oasis, a rare gem, in my opinion,again thank you.

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