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VA Policy Changes Dead, Non-Dead Veteran Processing

VA Policy

Benjamin KrauseA new change to VA policy will hopefully prevent the agency from wrongfully declaring a veteran dead when the veteran is actually alive, which results in a wrongful termination of benefits.

Stars and Stripes interviewed one veteran about his experience:

Mike Rieker, a 69-year-old Vietnam War Navy veteran who was among those wrongly declared dead, said his situation turned serious when he realized he might go weeks or more without a benefits check while the situation was ironed out.

“I spent five minutes arguing on the phone with a lady about me being dead,” he said with a wry smile at a news conference Tuesday. Eventually, “I started looking around the house for things to sell,” he added.VA blames the trouble on human error and computer problems. How many millions will Sloan Gibson ask Congress for to fix this problem?

VA blames the trouble on human error and computer problems. How many millions will Sloan Gibson ask Congress for to fix this problem?

Over the past 18 months, 115 veterans who are most certainly alive were wrongfully declared dead by VA. Following the premature death determinations, VA would swiftly discontinue the veteran’s benefits. As a result, many veterans would go without benefits until they successfully argued with VA about their own beating heart.


The new VA policy will include VA sending a letter to the family seeking a confirmation that the veteran is in fact dead if the agency believes the veteran might be dead. Should the VA not hear back from either the family or the veteran, they will cancel the benefits. If there is a mistaken premature cancelation, VA will give the veteran 30 days to appeal the cancelation.

I an think of a thousand ways this could go wrong, but at least the agency is trying to move forward on this small but embarrassing problem.


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  2. Since this article aired and Ben was quick to Blog it. I wondered, IF some of these vets may have pissed off a VA employee. Thereby causing said employee to change the vets status to “deceased”?
    At which time, does anyone know if the computers are set up in such a way, where other gov. agencies (SSI, etc) are notified? Which would then have the vets monies cut off?
    From my understanding, VA employees who enter info into the computers can be traced to “WHO” entered the bogus info? Is this true? If true, then the employee could be reprimanded.
    Of course, this is something we all know doesn’t happen unless outside sources do it!

    1. Good point. Piss someone off and end up declared dead. Is it worth it after that other hack changes a vets records and was prosecuted for it?
      Each VA employee has their VA employee ID. It is likely they have to use that ID to log in to their computers as a passcard instead of a password, but I don’t recall. It’s been awhile since I was last at an appointment, and I don’t recall if they have card readers. Regardless, every time someone logs in, they have to use a password. That username is logged for that computer. I assume anyone making an entry into a vets records also has their username logged. You can bet whoever declared someone dead has their username logged. I can’t believe their systems would be such that any clerk logging in can do that. I would believe they have policies set up so certain employees can only access certain computer resources based on their login, but we all know how well the VA follows their own policies.
      In hearing these stories, I’ve always wondered what the source was for a VA employee to make that declaration. You always have to give your last name and last 4 for them to look you up. It would likely be the same here, last name, last 4, click the dead box. Where did they get the information a veteran was dead? How did they verify it? For as often as this has happened, there is a process breaking down somewhere, or a policy not being followed. That is traceable, and if any media looked at this long enough and requested the policies through FOIA, you might find where it broke down. Again, I cannot believe just any clerk can do this. If that were the case, given some of the crabby employees I’ve run into, they would be speed clicking the dead box all day long for every vet they saw. Bad hair day? Click the dead box. Don’t want to reschedule a vet who can’t make the appointment? Click the dead box.

    2. They do have their ways around password protection at the VA and can easily falsify records at will.

      One of the ways they used to falsify my records at VAMC Minneapolis was to sign in using a doctors name that did not exist. They claimed that I was a diabetic. I then had to prove that I wasn’t a diabetic to get the records corrected. They listed appointments that I had attended and was seen by doctors and other staff as missed or canceled. They then recorded that I was seen by this imaginary doctor that does not exist.

      To this date they refuse to release my computerized medical records.

      Another was to claim they lost my chart so they had to start a new one.

      1. If I found they were falisifying my records using a fake doctor name, I would be submitting a FOIA for my records, and a separate one for any records of that doctors existence. Once it was proven he doesn’t exist, I would ask for a meeting with the Chief of Staff and the Privacy Officer to see what they had to say about it. I would tell them at the end of the meeting that I would then provide those records to the local DA for prosecution, and letting them know I was filing a written complaint with the IG and with any entity governing HIPAA. Would the Chief of Staff or Privacy Officer want to put their necks on the chopping block by taking no action?
        Any investigation of that would show a conspracy among several at that VA, clear violations of federal law, the Privacy Act and VA policies. Some VA IT guy would have to create that account, at the request of someone, and that someone would have to provide that account to others for…what? Committing fraud? Setting up the veteran suggesting they are filing claims using false information? Suggesting the veteran is lying? It would be interesting to hear more on this, and what doctors name they are using. What would the VA say if that fictional doctor did not show up on any state licensing board? Did not show up as a member of their staff? What else are these VA employees using that doctors name and account for? Prescriptions?
        How many other veterans are having their records falsified? Are there records of that doctor providing prescriptions to Private Audie Murphy?

        All of it would be easily traceable in their computer or server logs based on the username assigned to that non existent doctor.

        What have you done about this?

      2. 91Veteran,

        First thank you for not questioning my credibility. I assure you that everything I said in my post is true. Also if you would like to see the proof I am more than willing and able to email copies to Ben if he would agree to forward the copies to you. I know that you didn’t ask but am just putting that option out there if you like.

        I assure you that I saw plenty of VA White Wash trying to hide the problems with my care at VAMC Minneapolis including the records falsification when I saw what was happening.

        When I was unable to get anywhere with VA in correcting the problem I used some clout that I had with a Congressman and the Department of Justice to ensure not only that the clinic responsible was abolished but also make to make sure the doctors involved no longer worked for the VA.

        The VA did offer 100% disability rating if I didn’t say anyone at the VAMC Minneapolis did anything wrong. For me that was unacceptable. I like being able to look myself in the mirror every mourning and know that I did the right thing.

      3. Thanks for taking action so other veterans are not given the same treatment. I don’t need to see any proof, but knowing what fake doctors name they used would be nice. As with the wait lists, bad behavior by VA employees seems to get passed around to other VAs rather quick. If one clinic found out how to create a fake account to “fix” various problems, I would bet others have also done it.
        It reminds me of a scene in the movie Johnny Mnemonic. The guy said they used a fake doctors name, Dr. Allcome over the intercom to alert other medical staff to an emergency somewhere. In this case, the VA uses a fake doctors computer account to “fix” problems because they are too lazy to do it the right way, or for other purposes.

        The question I would have is why would they do this, and how many knew of this fake account being created?
        I’ve been around networked computers long enough to know there would have been several IT people that would have seen this fake account. Why didn’t they verify it? Enterprise accounts like this are often linked with an email address so if there are mandatory things that account holders have to comply with, that compliance can be tracked. IT should have noticed issues with this account much sooner.
        As with cancerous tumors, the obvious is cut out, but did the DOJ get all of it?

      4. James

        I have asked you before to stay off of my post. I am going to ask again that you not post to anything I have posted.

        You are not a Veteran and you are not disabled. You are however a current or former VA Employee. I have a very low opinion of all VA employees and don’t care to hear from them or from you.

        So just show an once of respect and stay off of my posts.

      5. Free country and I will say what I want when I want if you don’t like it to bad. Your ad bad as the employees who tell veterans what to do. Get over yourself. Why are you special. You know nothing about me and your insults just prove you were this way when you were an employee.

        Report me to the disruptive committee LOL.

      6. 91Veteran

        I found that I had gotten an email from Ben Christmas Eve regarding my post. I will be emailing him back with several docs converted to PDF attached latter today. The PDF will contain confirmation of my statements, the fake doctors name, and the method used to get the DOJ involved. The method I used was given to me by retired DOJ Attorney.

        The PDF will also show a more advanced method used by VAMC Minneapolis to falsify additional medical records in my case. A method I have not mentioned here.

        Given the likely hood all records would be purged from the system if I posted the information here I would like Ben to have a chance to see the information before that happens.

        If you like I will ask Ben to forward a copy of the PDF to you to you also.

      7. That would be great. I would like to know the doctors name, and how you managed to get the DOJ to act.
        I have had my own issues with falsifying records, but only to the extent I knew immediately they were false, and forced them to correct them after putting it in writing and meeting with the Chief of Staff and the Privacy Officer.
        I don’t know if other records have been falsified, but I will certainly look. I requested copies of my entire medical record and C file.

  3. Validate the information in the SS database.
    Assign a clerk to monitor the activity, and personally get involved in validating that someone has died. Its not that hard to do. 115 errors in 18 months is not a huge amount to verify compared to the millions this agency spends on hungry hippo type BS and bonus’s for not doing the job.

  4. Yeah it’s a game to VA people trying to hold onto their jobs and running Vet’s in circles, but THIS happens with the Social Security too and they are bigger than the VA I’d think. Statistically, it’s going to happen, but it looks like the News angle is the only quick fix unfortunately (And they didn’t have to hire a lawyer either!)


    1. Well sir, after what I’ve been through and seen countless others go through I believe alot of it is intentional whole heartedly. Or much worse totally excusable by the idiots who play directors over the institutions.

      We can be seen at a local CBOC then have an event or blow-up at the hospital, come back and discuss it at the town’s clinic only for it to be excused and defended. Then it be spread all over town. Like seeing a a doctor or staff have a complete melt-down and wig-out screaming at everybody and pacing around like a nut. Our group was told to not worry bout that stuff since it’s acceptable and common in fast paced health care situations, called burn-out or stressed by all they see and the many vets they have to see and endure. So I did let those incidents slide by but would discuss it here in town, or the town’s CBOC conflicts with the VA hospital people concerned.

      The calls were made by both sides, clinic to clinic and everyone knew about what happened and those involved. We were told the teams, hospital and clinics were like family since they all train together and do their hospital party things and whatever else they do like going on team building trips whatever that is. Then like a network or mafia styled syndicate the whole dang VA system knew of who did what and who complained or merely discussed the situation, or when asked why the VA would allow MDs/staff to blow their stacks on people raving about. But that is fine however any of us discussing it in group or with our local PCP wasn’t accepted well. Then we got to hear the old excuse for them being they are just “burned out” or stressed and have the right as VA staff and humans to cuss and blow up on patients or those merely sitting in the waiting areas getting to watch them go on their rampage, and to the point of telling us all to ‘get the hell out of their clinic and never come back.” Yet to dare question that behavior or some form of abuse/corruption/uncalled for actions is “not acceptable.”

      I got into arguments with a feminist in town and that all spread to the hospital and staff. I simply asked the tech staff what gives them the right to get into my E-vet secure messaging stuff then delete my emails and some nasty ones I got from the VA, staff, and conflicting information, etc. That is, I think, when the “I am a professional educated woman and you have no right to question me about what I am doing or what I am allowed to do” stuff. Telling me “such inquiry is not acceptable to” her, her team mates or other female staff. That, I think, began the I am woman hear me roar feminist crap, and just more that we are not supposed to question, even if they are in the wrong and doing things they are not supposed to do, or be able to do. So the pokes and jabs, comments and questions began and has not stopped over the PC feminist crap. Her being right or wrong, but in the wrong did not matter. The problem was me daring to question why staff, being all female, they were doing stuff they should not. Like erasing my emails and the nasty comments made to me over this issue and more. Doing that left me with no evidence i could print out to prove my points and complaints. And so I brought up gossipy lying females/feminist playing activist instead of merely doing their jobs and treating us with respect and not being so damned corrupt. I had nothing to lose since word was spread widely, known about all over my area and at the hospital. So that one deal alone can show how fast and deep troubles and cover-up spreads. They are all quick to defend and protect each other on a whim regardless who is wrong or in the right. Or to whatever extent or harm done.

      So now I don’t want to be in a situation that is completely ran by females, especially cocky ones who thinks they are God’s gifts to the world, and treat us like we are their husbands or a whipping post. And that is how it is here, and why I am drawing some lines or getting the hell out of this system totally. It is simply not worth the aggravation, stress, gossip, etc. that can lead outside the VA to stupid husbands and boy friends of those with bruised super egos, or control freaks that refuse to tolerate others questions, reports, to trying to end the conflicts none of them want to see ended apparently. I guess the crap about females being scorned rules on and with power at the VA and Government/Insurance company/union positions it will never end, but to them permissible and good to set a man in his place, according to their expectations as activist first, health care last.

      We are hurting and patients. What the hell do I care when a woman freaks and screams then later on apologizes for it being that time of the month and them being grouchy and touchy during those times? I nor others are there for that crap. If I can’t get up out of a chair and tell them I’m leaving the session or appointment and don’t have to stand for being yelled at or seeing some pro go nuts like that on others?, It’s a free country and if I call her nuts or a dumb broad not fit for her position then have it spread over God’s creation..then get retaliation and abuse from all quarters… then excuse me but something is wrong in America and with the VA and their hiring methods, or fast turn-over rates. That includes the insurance contractor and the whole sheebang.

      1. You are dead on. Many many employees have the God syndrome and don’t care who they must also live in a smaller comunity.

        The very same thing is happening in my rural community.where the manager was a former coworker of mine.that did and does not like me and was able to have higher management punish me for disruptive behavior and got away with it and doing so without any proof.

        All of her employees except the p.a. and one other employee are women and guess who puts them in for performance awards.

        Veterans can’t compete with manager’s who can reward their employees with tax payer money.

        So veterans are being mistreated and have no say about anything they do to us.

        You are right they go to places where they are taught how to handle veterans.They don’t like or question them about anything.

        The VA has become a hazard for the veterans and no one cares if they are falsely accuse veterans of disruptive behavior.

        They can say and do what ever they want.when they want. When the veteran complains they do spread the word to make it very difficult for the veteran.

        We will show him if they worked anywhere else and do what they do to patients.they would be fired or put in jail.

        Veterans don’t stand a chance against any manager that holds the purse give them a bonus every year. Year after year.

        They have nothing to worry about as long as they cover up any wrong doing they see.

        Thanks for speaking up for yourself and how it effects so many other veterans.

        The truth will never be listened to.they make veterans their enemy and do punish them at will.

        I guess Americans don’t care about that or their veterans. Or they would do something about it.

      2. Yes, I live in a smaller college town with 3 major universities and corrupt to the core. A fully tolerant of all community, sanctuary town, with no real media, no free speech, no free expression, no anti-Hillary yard signs or no anti-Obama signs either. The city will have them taken down and us in court. That is how bad the town is. They all here demand we bow to the powers that be, be totally PC and live like we are on a college campus. With city ordinances and laws to back their agendas, wants, and demands up. So going to town hall meetings or connected offices is useless as trying to get the VA to do something in a decent real helpful manner minus the crap and lies we go through.

        Like most corrupt evil towns like the Va have to spend tax dollars on those companies to make sure the facade looks good and acceptable to the blind sheep. I forget what they call those companies that are paid to make bad, negatives and corruption to appear good and acceptable. And for those to feel comfy filling up stadiums to watch sports but do nothing nor show up to support veterans or to take some stands against this corrupt ridiculous empire we live in today. Just aggravating to no end.

        I told the Advocate today that I was well accustomed with a lifetime of dealing with lies, cover-ups, attacks and etc., from just living in this town and it’s PC demands and dirty politics. Corrupt to the core so the VA and it’s staff and attitudes is nothing new to me, and I can see radicals, activist, haters, bad attitudes, medical incompetence, deceit to cover-ups a mile away. Yet they treat me like a country know-nothing hick from the sticks to be pushed around, intimidated, and threatened. He just kept up with his attitude and PC crap and attempting to control the conversation, issues, what I know or don’t know or aware of, to how I am supposed to feel about everything. Wrong.

        Sixty plus thousand here and only 20% turn out to vote and Dems-socialist always win, or have to be to get employed or to even run for any office. So it’s locked up and not much different than dealing with the VA since all these things runs so deep, inter connected to other things like politics, activist, special interest groups, countless businesses and types with ties from here to the state on up to the feds. Courts are just as bad. That is why so many vet groups and others steer clear of getting involved in these messes and don’t want to upset local politics or the many cliques. With some of those local and state connected clique people filling positions here in the clinic.

        Our group of about ten met for coffee after the VA stopped having actual physical meetings for us to gather about and discuss issues. We had a para-legal, two X VA employees who quit because of VA antics and cruelty, cover-ups. Had a higher level guy that worked for the Illinois state VA affairs dept. And a couple more that were in the medical fields until retiring. Just one out of the group an old medic had the same heart doctor at the VA for twenty plus years and they didn’t mess with him, and he didn’t have that many issues to deal with, so fewer clinics and staff to endure. He also was very passive and didn’t think much about it when we got to see our meetings professional moderators have a ‘crises’ or yelling fit blamed on burnout and the monthly issue females have. Anymore I can’t tolerate that behavior, and didn’t much care for it back then either. She got a job at a local university as a psych professor and quitting the VA. Always stating how great the VA is and how perfect her team mates were.

        Our groups consensus was the VA like our town is too big, too corrupt, running too deep, connected, too multi-branched, too political, for any worthy honest change. Most agreed the simple and best way for change is to allow vets to go to civilian MDs and dump the entire VA system once every single veteran was cared for, accounted for, being treated and in the system and hopefully off the streets and out of jails because of their meds being messed up. Either their head meds or some jailed or worse for sugar problems and the law not caring about their health issues and what was really going on with the veteran, just straight to jail, and some to darn near die, or might have died I don’t really know about some of them. Now all of them have passed on but one and he doesn’t want involved and quit the VA, quit his job and went on Obama care or that medicaid stuff since he has kids and got nowhere with his disability ratings or his needed treatments. He had it all until he made the mistake of moving back to Indiana. From Louisiana I believe. Lost all his records, disability stuff so after years of fighting that stuff he gave up. So I reckon I’m the lone mad ranger left unafraid to stand up to the VA and their wonderful (sic) staff.

        Really it enrages me to no end watching folks live in severe pain or dealing with issues that should be non-issues. Or watching those stinking smiling faces at the VA while noticing the anger and total despair and hopelessness on the vets and their families faces. Kids are the worse to notice standing by going through this with their parents or parent.

        Another problem is civilian doctors not wanting to drop their salary scale to see vets or use any of those cards the VA sent out or supposed to be used. So all that here is another issue. The entire medical profession and boards as well as the DEA, etc., are all against us for one reason or the other.

        Yet another bad one locally is the tax dollars and VA training people like acupuncturist or chiropractors, therapist, etc., then after graduation and degree they leave the VA and get jobs elsewhere still leaving the VA with empty untrained specialty clinics. It’s all really just one big un-ending mess with huge tentacles that do no good.

        I PROMISED the last two feminist MD man haters and liars, along with the Advocate, (as well as my old meeting buddies now passed on) I spoke to today, another new one, that I will spend my last days (every damned day) telling people about the VA, staff, their incompetence and corrupt strategies. And they didn’t like it one bit. But I am truly fed up with it all. The entire system, the cuts, mean-ness attitudes, ways, make no sense to me at all. I am working on signs for my truck now to put some things in the public face to see and my town and it’s elite and elect won’t like that either and will try to figure a way to get me to change my ways and bow to them and their required silence of the sheep.

        I just really hope and pray that at least some out here, out there, get some decent treatment and find some kind of peace and help through all this corrupt self-serving mess they have us all in. Not much of a Christmas spirit here any longer. Lost that ability years ago.

      3. It’s the land of the free and you served your long as the law is not what you want.some people are not happy unless they can make others unhappy.

        Leader ship is a very big problem.they don’t have any that care.that’s what it seems like.

        Country boys make good soldiers.and many are from the country.

        To many people have made Santa clause the thyme of Christmas and many forgot the first part.


  6. I disagree Ben that this is a small problem. If those declared dead have their disability as their primary source of support, the problems resulting from this asinine bureaucracy could affect that veteran for many months. Imagine not having that disability to pay rent or a house payment, and you are evicted or the bank takes steps to foreclose. Imagine that now homeless vet wondering a million things, like where their next meal comes from, how they can contact someone who answers the phone at the VA and actually gives a shit. Imagine getting letters from collection agencies for unpaid bills and having even bad credit made worse.
    117 being declared dead in a year, and this stupidity essentially being fixed because a vet found someone in the media willing to listen is how this got fixed. The VA can polish this turd for months to make themselves look good, but they had ZERO to do with fixing this until the media embarrassed them, again. The idiots at the VA collecting bonuses didn’t fix it. I would not be surprised if one department received data from a single source before declaring a veteran dead, and never bothered to check any other VA systems or records that may show the veteran was at the VA that morning.
    I am not grumpy with you Ben, but fed up with reading daily news articles about the VA disaster and the nitwits working there.
    I just read a lengthy article on USA Today about the OKC VA. That craphole was a disaster in the early 90s and they are still killing veterans. I spent 6 years of often monthly appointments at that place and know how bad they are. The article mentions about 5 vets and the horrible treatment from that place, and the VA reviewing their cases…because USA Today caused the VA to react. How many other veterans at OKC not covered in the article are also being mistreated, misdiagnosed or killed? It also includes a story about a Doc who moved from Colorado to OKC because she wanted to help vets, tried to get management to recognize how pathetic they are, and management is now retaliating against her.
    At what point will Miller and Isakson wake the hell up and do their damn jobs?

    1. Totally agree. The OK VA is one I mentioned today arguing with a P Advocate. I was told it was not factual and none of our concern or business, just Indiana is, and they are just great. So they say. So national news like a veterans opinion or reports must not be acceptable or real to them being in la la land. I’ll have to try wearing a hat with a red star and sickle on it and then maybe their ears will open.

      One guy here was in a nursing home. Health issue one right after the other. Family problems, lacking in everything, then the family splitting up, moving, etc. He was ambulance d to the hospital from the local nursing home. A hundred miles away. The nursing home was notified he died so they filled his old room up and boxed up all his stuff. He didn’t die and then came back a few days later to nothing, nowhere to go. No beds to be found in town. His TV and etc., all history gone. He required skilled 24 hr care. To make it short it turned out to be one huge mess causing more family spits and issues while he was in a hall way with nothing but a mess on his hands he didn’t need. More hassles, bureaucracy (squawking about money to needed papers etc.), red tape, unneeded BS, etc. Then the gossip and trouble started about the nursing home closing down next. blah blah blah. He left improved, came back not so much, then dies shortly after this stressful fiasco. As far as I know the entire family has left the state.

      So yeah, what many people think is trivial or no big deal, spout trials make you stronger and all that crap IS and can be very very detrimental to ones own health. The ripple effects are tremendous or can be for some. Especially when we keep hearing about keeping stress levels down, blood pressure and all that. Not so easy to do when dealing with people who can’t see past their nose, don’t care, or may have it made compared to others out here. The ones who have it made, on easy street, few hassles can’t seem to see how the other half has to live or deal with.

      The longer information/stories is kept out of the news, the complacency and ignorance of government, medical boards and on and on nothing will change. People and witnesses they all want is dead or will be, so no-more gripe or people to worry about dissing the VA or Gov. The silent majority will still remain silent. I see no end of it or any real depth of change. Media, the MSM, is one huge problem as big an issue as censorship and fascism is in Indiana and college towns that refuse to allow truth or honesty in reporting. It’s all about facade and companies to ensure corruption and abuses remain out of sight and mind of the people.

      I know all of my once usable witnesses are all gone now. so that’s a big help to the VA junk systems here. Many are dying here so fast it’s hard to digest. I guess that’s the plan anyway. Stall, lie, stall more, ignore, head games, red tape, etc., until they get to write the history books and media reports about being so caring and professional.

    2. @91Veteran
      Until someone, or a lot of someones, in government wakes up and addresses thiz issue by;
      1.) pulling an audit to see just where all the taxpayers monies are really going. Then charging whoever with many, many criminal activities. Then putting them in prison.

      2.) Firing as many people as possible to make all VA employees understand they can’t treat veterans this way.

      3.) Employing “Quality” healthcare professionals which graduate at the top of their class. And fire every single healthcare professional who didn’t graduate at the top or from an American University.

      4.) Restructure the hiring codes.

      5.) No more VA employees being put on “administrative paid leave” once caught screwing up.

      6.) Absolutely NO MORE BONUSES EVER!

      Can you, or anyone else, think of more ideas? My brain just gave out.

  7. 12/23/2015

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    According to the News reports the VA stated that they only averaged 12 mistakes a year.

    This new number of people getting short-changed, the 115 victims of fraudulent accounting, pushes the VA—into the 2000 Enron Accounting Scandals.

    This is the Tip of the Iceberg!

    On another note—-Kingdomware and “Pharma Bad Boy Martin Shkreli, Kaye Scholer Partner Arrested”—-should be reviewed.
    Although the GAO upheld decisions for Aldevra, Kingdomware, and Crosstown Courier Service, Inc., the VA flatly refused to abide by the decision impacting veteran owned businesses nationwide. We have taken the issue to the courts and the Supreme Court is going to review our case but we need your support!
    Oklahoma facility reflect national concerns
    Allegations of whistleblower retaliation, restricted care access persist
    December 23, 2015 | By Zack Budryk

    Merry Christmas,

    Don Karg

  8. Sloan will ask for it and he will get it . The VA is in dire straits . Not from a lack of money but a lack of integrity and a give a crap.

  9. This type of not a small error. This incompetence would cause the veterans to go without food.being able to pay the heat and could cause them to loose their house and it may put so much stress on veterans.

    They could take their own lives.trying to keep their heads above water.

    When will these people making these outrageously dumb policies be held accountable for their blunders.

    Donald trump might hate everyone and may destroy this country.but he won’t hide it.he would do it in the least we will see it coming.

    These people do it behind our backs.and seems with no thought on how it effects people’s lives.

    Hold them accountable!

  10. After months of waiting I finally got a call from the Indy VA system. Pure joke. They can call and say you are dying or to again say you need to be in the hospital, get your affairs is order. Okay, affairs are in order and waiting over that two week period to see a MD. When done and still alive NO-ONE at the CBOC knew a thing about any phone calls or reports about my dying and liver shutting down per recent blood tests. Dead, dying, oh my get your affairs in order.. but not one person at the clinic knows a thing about it or who made the phone calls.

    An hour on the phone with a P Advocate this morning and all I got was upset and heard total PC-ness, what words to use , how to speak to people, use proper language and how perfect the VA is and how “their teams and workmates” are great people and no negatives or complaints should be said about them. And don’t use the word “fat bitch” when one worker, team mate, refers to a white vet to his back before looking down calls him a “Polar Bear” for asking them if the PCP is always that clueless about their patients and only concerned to do or discuss what the VA meeting of the day directs them to do.

    It’s our job to keep track of every clinic and person we talk to and when and how. If we mention that I could not understand them when talking to them, or ask them to please speak up…. It’s not PC and prudent. Otherwise what we are told means nothing and not bring any issues up. And oh, by the way, if you can’t understand the fast talkers and weird names…. that is our fault not theirs, and we don’t have the rights to ask them to speak louder, slow down, or spell their goofy names so that we many have info. Such stuff is now offensive to ask for simple clarification or spelling.

    I have had to take a few months off away from anything concerning the VA and it’s total failures and PC-ness crap. The feminist to the non-white staff or grounds workers can get ugly with us or mumble names to our backs, but we can’t feel safe in a hospital to turn around and retaliate like they do, or have the lying witnesses they do since they all stick together, gossip, and from one clinic to the other deal with constant hassles, them not having any info about us, or told events that happened months ago, like appointments made, but not a word about anything until months later, and all is supposed to be well and fine. Shut up veterans we can dis-respect you, use words like them being more educated and knowledgeable than us about our health issues and needs. And for not being “well educated independent expert women who knows their qualifications and positions” should not be questioned or accusations by you.” And on and on. Boiled down to nothing, again, but liberal politics, told to vote Democrat if I wanted changes made in the VA, etc. But with only one veteran hearing this or told this crap it doesn’t matter and their teams are all respectful team mates and professionals so the problem must lay on you the veteran.

    A new female PCP (two actually) said they didn’t have the time to read health records or files but started refusing any needs that I’ve had for years and years. Then told to forget what all others said, etc. Then I get into trouble for asking why they don’t have time to read files but feel the need to change meds, drop meds, change formulas, etc. They will come in and not know one single thing about us but it’s our fault, and after months of attempted contacts, discussions, to get some decent answers instead of playing the phone tag and email tag game, but it’s all our fault for the mass confusion, one clinic not knowing what the others are doing or reporting and on and on. It’s really insane, but then told we have to be PC, if White do not discuss racism or racist comments towards us, or blank stares and dismissal if we want some information from the incompetent “teams.” If we are asked what the offending person looks like we can’t say some fat broad or bitch. They drop the phone and say we are done unless you speak like we demand you speak to us or our team mates. What a joke. I ended saying I want a White, non-foreigner PCP that’s a male. All hell broke loose. I have had a belly full of the lefty liberal feminist ego tripping condescending attitudes we can’t mention or complain over.

    I was told “there are no real problems with the VA system nation wide. If so it’s not our business or mine. The Indiana VA does not have any real problems, it’s just a few of us older vets and attitudes that are the problems. ” “We have to learn to be more PC and adjust our attitudes or we don’t have to listen to you or do anything for you, period.” WE have to prove what we are told one on one, or heard behind our backs, sitting in the cafeteria from those great team mates. Otherwise it’s just hear-say and gossip and they won’t deal with it being so. Nice people at the VA.

    Been prepping to leave the VA junk PC rude, lying, cover-up system this year anyway. I am t totally sick of it and it’s getting worse especially with the back talk and PC crap so as not to offend or make them put out extra efforts for people so we can understand them. Had one surgery so far and woke up to being ignored and dismissed by colored workers and didn’t say anything about that until today. The “Team” was too busy catching up on news about their cousins instead of us White patients lying there awake and need to go instead of listening to that crap for thirty five minutes. Today I just don’t trust them and would never allow them to put me under again, or be treated the ways I have been and seen others endure and be too afraid or passive to say or report anything. We are supposed to just lay around and take it, be PC, and never dare say a negative about all or any of their union workers and team mates who are so grand and perfect.

    Just so sick of it all and they wonder why we get upset with assholes who are supposed to be there for our health. Not politics, not special interest groups, not a stinking union and it’s members, etc. So rather than be told to assimilate and bow to them, quietly, I’d rather do without health care and dealing with that kind of new age PC trash, veterans working there or not. No excuses for the PC crap and constant defensive posturing and attacks or retribution from any of them from top to bottom. And MDs are not gods neither are the damned lying Patient Advocates and directors who refuse to take a stand against this college town agenda driven crap. Christ I’m so sick of it all and nothing, noone out there concerning Indiana cares or willing to do anything.

    1. T,
      I can mirror everything you have stated about the Indy VAMC almost word for word. I know exactly what you are talking about. I am on my fifth PCP in 15 months because all of them refuse to look at my previous VAMC records. I am being treated for Osteoarthritis in my knees even though the Indy VAMC took x-rays and an MRI in which each report clearly states no arthrosis in either knee. I am being treated for a misdiagnosis and I cannot get a single person in the Indy VAMC.
      You are also correct about the patient advocate. I have been dealing with Tina Hewitt-White and she has gotten tired of hearing me and has designated my psychologist to be my patient advocate. He has no authority to do anything but he is who I am to go to with my complaints. How does that work. He tells me many times that he is very limited in what he can do so there is not much he can do. I played their game for a week and then it was back to Tina and she is now getting more “complaints” for passing me off to someone who can do nothing.
      I have repeated many times exactly what you stated about how to act, what to say, do what you are told, do not complaint, ETC… Your post is as if I wrote it. This place is so full of themselves that they think whatever they say is what is to be done, period, no questions asked. They believe that it does not matter what they do, they are above any law and they cannot and will not be held accountable.
      I am being weaned off of my narcotic pain medication (I will be weaned off of it even if I do not get any relief with my pain according to Dr. Bashir) at a predetermined amount of 10 tablets a month. This prescription I just called in is now going to be 40 tablets less. No notice, no discussion, nothing, 40 less and still nothing to help with the pain that is now taking over my life. I have asked, pleaded, and begged for some type of help with this pain. I have been ignored.
      No help from anyone in this VAMC, the Regional office, Senators, Congressman, and all the way up to Ol’ Bob himself. If you go to the Indy VAMC, you are screwed. Do not believe anything they tell you and do not fall for anything they try to get you to do. If you go to the Pain Clinic, which is the only thing your PCP will do if you are taking a narcotic pain medication, they will tell you that they will not take away your narcotics but when you go to see the “pain Specialists” the first thing they tell you is they will be weaning you off of the narcotics unless you do not want to go with their “plan” and then you can go back to your PCP. If you decline to go with their recommendation, they put the recommendation in your notes and as a result, your PCP will go by what they put in your notes because they are the “specialists”. So either way, your narcotics will be weaned and you have no say in their scam. That is what happened to me. I did not get a change to ask anything about it. I was told that my narcotic med would be weaned because the pain specialists recommended it and they know more about what should be done than the PCP. I hate this place, hopefully the place I am working at will hold up their end and hire me as they have claimed they are working on doing.

  11. So the VA has taken the next logical step of “deny deny deny till they die or till the evidence is so strong we cant deny it anymore” to “accept them with a rating and then decide they are dead so we dont have to pay them”

    Must seem perfectly logical to the flatscans at the VA.

    1. Delay, deny, the vet is dead….
      I am listed as: Va File 391 (retired/inactive) as in Dead. Now this has been from 1986. And this is in the Midwest. I do not for a minute believe this is a “local” VA. issue.
      Having to start all over from the beginning, claim date of January,1975.
      Of course being dead, the Va does not have any active duty/VA medical records.
      Went to the paper mills in Georgia….

    1. Yes! Considering that a rather efficiently run huge agency like Social Security could easily be on the same page with the VA or rather, the VA on anyone’s same page, it just makes no sense that they can even get this wrong.
      Some VA Trolls may come on and try to say that “it’s only 112 and it happens everywhere…” or some BS, can hear it now but it should never happen to even -1- Veteran or Survivor. Ever.
      Why is it their top priority is cutting off those benefits? Makes me wonder how many pockets have gotten stuffed with schemes around that one? Anyone else seeing a huge area open for nefarious behavior on the heads of Vets?

      Remember back a few years and on more than incident, it was found that the they had misidentified or not at all, Vets burial sites at National Cemetery? There were even sicker things from that which also connected to the gov’t employee using Vet’s gravestones to pave his damn garage and driveway…please correct me if wrong here.

      The VA is giving Social Security Admn. false info that results in further hell endured by these Vet families when then all their bank accounts are FROZEN!!
      What does the VA do in arrears, credit monitoring (dead social sec #’s are sold on dark net am told), and what if the VA was also very quick in shredding their complete C-File/Medical Files? Hmmmm.

      VA Deathcare at it’s finest. If they do not kill you by a thug medical assistant beating you into a coma, then they will just pencilwhip a Vet dead…amazing. Time for that Xanax blow dart.

      1. I was told today that all the news and negatives about the VA nationally is BS. Well they said not factual and none of my business nor theirs. Every year, month, they seem to stoop to new lows and surrounding their wagons and attacking anyone with complaints or horrible problems of simple contact issues. Defensive posturing and the veteran must be at fault especially if there is no written proof or witnesses willing to write out statements about what was heard, seen, or how affected. Does not matter who is contacted or informed about issues, it’s all the same and the buck passing.

        The VA claims to be broke, then not broke. Then the change to cheaper meds and prosthetic s etc. for many. Some are fine with what they get or may not know better. The gov has plenty of money for illegals, refugees, special interest but nothing or not enough for vets. We get the cheapest and less functional and lesser quality items.

        They have the money for perks and those networking shcemes that must exist or there would not be so much silence or pure hate if we ask questions or why one group protect the others and on it goes, to who knows where.

    2. Crazy Elf

      To tell the truth it is not a new low but one that has been used by the VA for decades. I have seen this problem re-occurring since the early 1980’s.

      As Ben points out in this article during the last 18 months there have been 115 vets wrongfully declared dead and their benefits withheld. That is just the number of vets who had their benefits restored after proving they were not dead.

      If they did an audit of all Vets declared dead by the VA to halt payment on claims or benefits while the Veteran was actually still alive, the number would be in the easily be in the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands.

      Conversely when the VA can profit in requesting increased budgets by claiming that dead Veterans are waiting for something like Health Care the opposite holds true.

      While it would seem that anyone who is alive and entitled to benefits from the VA but has been declared dead by the VA would be screaming for their benefits or to having their benefits restored. That is clearly not the case. One of the reason maybe the fight one has to go through with the VA. A prime example is Ben’s personal history.

      In Ben’s personal history, he has shared on this site, he was low balled with a 10% disability rate by the VA and it was a long hard fight for Ben to receive a proper rating. As we all know Ben’s accomplishment is the exception and not the rule when fighting the VA.

      If Ben was not the exceptional person he is, he would have been left disabled by his service and like many other Vets taking what ever limited positions he may be able to work with his disability if he was able to work at all, or filing for Social Security Disability or SSI. Instead of continuing to fight a corrupt bureaucracy that leave a Veteran physically, mentally and emotionally drained taking an enormous toll on their personal life.

      For most Veterans the VA does not have a current address and when the benefits they are receiving just stop coming they don’t know why. For someone who has dealt with this corrupt bureaucracy
      the thought of going back to fight them again is just not worth it since most Veterans are low balled in the very beginning.

      1. @Jade,
        I understand exactly what you’re saying. Another thing VA is guilty of is using a portion of the “budget” given to them in a form of “slush fund”! What I mean by this is, monies are held by VA in such a way where they receive “interest”! Can y’all imagine how much interest is from hundreds of millions of taxpayer’s dollars. That’s because VA is run by an insurance corp. I believe I read this some time ago on one of Ben’s Blog’s or from VAWatchdog.

      2. Crazy Elf,

        I agree wholly on the slush fund.

        Of course to create the slush fund the VA would have to had gotten Congressional approval. To get Congressional approval the VA had to give the slush fund a name something like:

        “The Pershing Hall Revolving Fund”

        Of course the federal regulations creating and giving the VA great lea way to use this slush fund would have to read exactly like “U.S. Code Title 36 Chapter 22 Section 493 Subsection d”

        Which reads;

        (d) Fund

        (1) There is hereby established the Pershing Hall Revolving Fund to be administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

        (2) There shall be transferred to the Pershing Hall Revolving Fund, at such time or times as the Secretary may determine without limitation as to year, amounts as determined by the Secretary, not to exceed ,000,000 in total, from funds appropriated to the Department of Veterans Affairs for the construction of major projects. The account from which any such amount is transferred shall be reimbursed promptly from other funds as they become part of the Pershing Hall Revolving Fund.

        (3) The Pershing Hall Memorial Fund, established in the Treasury of the United States pursuant to section 491 of this title, is hereby abolished and the corpus of the fund, including accrued interest, is transferred to the Pershing Hall Revolving Fund.

      3. That’s exactly many twists and turns.don’t know which way is up or down.

        They know how to hide things right on the open.but hidden at the same time.

        They make it so confusing NO one can figure it out and no one is going to go through every regulation. Per this per that and then section this and section that.

        What a scam on veterans and the American people.

        If it wasn’t so would be funny.sheep being lead to slaughter.

      4. James

        Show me an once of respect and don’t respond to my post. You are a current or former VA employee that I have no respect for what so ever. Your are not a Veteran and you are not disabled.

      5. Little do you know.they hire my records for fourty years and I am disabled from a gun shot to the head and have a traumatic brain injury.that I had to live with for those forty years.

        And I was an employee.that cared very much.since the VA did not help me.I was going to make sure other veterans were treated with respect and I am being retaliated against by a former employee.

        I have every right to speak my mind.even if it’s been damaged.

        In served 9 years in their military and many employees have not served one day and yet they think their stuff don’t smell and hurt veterans at will.what’s the problem?

    3. I don’t think it’s a new low at all. I heard or read articles here and there about it happening, but never believed it would be more than 10 veterans a year let alone 117. Anything more than 10 should have been a wake up call to these idiots to review their procedures. Instead, these fools just continued to cut off benefits, then collect a paycheck.
      It’s too bad that VA will act with inhuman speed when a vet owes them money or when they want to declare a vet dead and cut off benefits, but then move at a snail’s pace when providing an appointment or ruling on a claim.

  12. Damn!
    If a VA Medical Assistant does not beat a Veteran to death with blunt force trauma while at the VA, then the VA may just declare a Veteran dead prematurely and even STILL screw with them at death’s doorway…or at least give the Vet a swift push toward the threshold on paper at least…I just do not know what to say!!

    What’s the VA mean when they state, “If there is a mistaken premature cancelation, VA will give the veteran 30 days to appeal the cancelation.”????????????

    Shouldn’t the beginning of THAT sentence start with “When”? Also, why the HELL would the Veteran have to argue their head off to the VA and APPEAL THE CANCELATION????????

    If only the VA were THAT QUICK to pay their medical bills outside from the VAMC!!!!!

    Anyone else notice that IF you OWE the VA for *anything* they act like a sprinting gazelle in sending out a bill with a warning that your benefits will be deducted if not paid by XXXX date, but IF the VA OWES YOU or ENTIRELY SCREWS-UP the Vet’s financials, the VA will take FOR-EVER???? See how that works?

    When the VA finally is shown undeniable proof that a given Vet is still alive, HOW LONG did it take for the VA to PAY ARREARS or did they? I notice the VA was not exactly specific on that little detail.

    Do these ASSHOLES actually receive a BONUS for whomever VA Employee gets to sign the death certificate or something?

    May I ask this: How many Vets are undeniably, ACTUALLY DECEASED yet the VA still has them receiving Disability Compensation or Pension?? When asked this way, it makes one wonder how the HELL can anyone make this mistake? (remember that over 1/3 of those on the Claims Backlog were found to be actually deceased? How accurate was that actually?)

    What The Hell DO they get right?

      1. @namnibor
        Yea, it is scary.
        Last night on Channel 9 news (local) WFTV this story was run. I immediately googled it and it looks like Florida had the most (almost) deceased vets.

        The wife and I discussed this issue. We also remember a “spouse” of a dead veteran having her survivors benefits canceled this year. Then VA claimed, erroneously, her husband never served. Thereby wanting her to repay $6,000.
        Of course, it took a few months of arguing with VA. With no final results. Until Channel 6 got involved. Then, and only then, did VA admit failure. And, then VA had to pay the widow a bunch of backpay.

        When we had heard this story. We remembered how the VHA in Orlando had changed our “marriage status” three times in less than a year.
        We believe it’s so VA wouldn’t have to pay “survivors benefits”!
        Not sure. But it sure looked that way.

        So, here we have more FUBAR’s being done to veterans. I’ve always been taught what goes into a computer is done so by human hands. You know, “Garbage in, Garbage out!”
        I, for one, believe this was “human error”. Not a “computer glitch!”

      2. I agree. This is totally “human error”. One cannot exactly ‘blame computers’ because as you stated crazyelf, it’s indeed “garbage in, garbage out”. Any computer system is dependent on proper and true data inputted to it.
        Also, how exactly does the VA get it wrong in even declaring a Veteran’s death? IF these are so-called Medical Professionals, one would think both the LACK of a heartbeat and room temperature body temperature would literally be ‘dead-ringers’, mind the pun.

        What do they do? Look only at a damn clipboard and check a box going from vet to vet, dead, alive, not-quite-dead-yet? How many Vets actually made it to the morgue and coroner before it was discovered that they were still very much alive?!!!

        Holy $hit! These people are more improved idiots than previously thought!

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