‘No Pot For You!’ Veterans Stuck Using Pharmacologic Treatments Only

Republicans in Congress blocked a vote on legislation that many ill veterans want – – that bill would have allowed VA doctors to prescribe medical marijuana.

The bill, known as “Veterans Equal Access” amendment, would have moved to debate on the House floor. Instead, the House Rules Committee stopped the bill by excluding it from the House’s proposed VA funding bill for next year.

The sponsor of the House provision, Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore, said he was “bitterly disappointed” about the move by Republicans that seems solely inspired by profiteers in Big Pharma.

“This is a subject that has gained a great deal more attention and momentum,” Blumenauer told McClatchy. “More people recognize that the VA has really failed our veterans when it has come to pain management, opioids, and opioid dependency.”

Before the vote, the bill had bipartisan support. Nine Republicans and nine Democrats supported the bill but somehow Congress chose to exclude the move.

Apparently, Congress would rather veterans stay hooked on opioids and related drugs vets use to treat their chronic pain or anxiety.

The vote failure did not fully kill the measure, but it certainly impedes progress on this kind of issue. A Senate vote supporting the same measure in the fiscal 2018 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations bill could push it through to the final bill when the two chambers meet later this year to negotiate a compromise.

So, to all the disabled veterans sick of using pharmacologic solutions when mere medical marijuana would work better, “No pot for you!”

Source: https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nationworld/national/article163817953.html

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  1. War on weed: Veterans’ access to medical marijuana blocked by Republicans | Conquer Fear and Live Free!

    “We were hearing these compelling stories from veterans about how cannabis has made their lives better,” spokesman Joseph Plenzler said.

    “They were able to use it to get off a whole cocktail of drugs prescribed by VA doctors, that it is helping with night terrors, or giving them relief from chronic pain.”

    The VA has come under fire for its failure to adequately treat returning soldiers. Prescription drug abuse rates are higher among vets than the general public, with opioid pain medications proving to be the most problematic.

    According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), pain relief prescriptions by doctors in the military increased four-fold from 2001 and 2009.

    “Those with multiple deployments and combat exposure are at greatest risk of developing substance use problems,” the NIDA found, citing “the stresses of deployment during wartime and the unique culture of the military.”
    OOOOO no, no, no we want you zombiefied

    1. OldMarine, Its been confirmed it takes 2wks of circulating any message to the public over & over to make people believe the message is true. Every article, every statement from ‘officials in the know’ keep saying & I quote from the link: “Prescription drug abuse rates are higher among vets than the general public, with opioid pain medications proving to be the most problematic.” I just can’t believe that. If I take my own house before the prescription was cut off: 4 veterans w/1 on an opioid, this is not a ‘high’ rate. 1 in 4 is not a majority. Its BS.

      1. Well, Health treatment through statistics has always been bullshit anyway.

        Why not just use leeches?

        Statistics in health care can and should be used as a guide, but to use them for decisions is little more that laziness or malpractice.

      2. To add, using statistics in health care, particularly government run like the VA has the sole purpose of benefiting the user of said statistics.

        If that were not the case, we would see a huge number of veterans benefiting from proper health care using statistics as decision points.

        Percentage of veterans affected by brain injury after an explosion.
        Percentage of veterans affected by PTSD when in combat.
        Percentage of veterans suffering health effects from Burn Pits.
        Percentage of deaths in relation to closeness to known chemical weapons exposures.

        Percentage of funny hat wearing VSOs and hemmorhoids.

        Stats used by government are used to benefit the user, nothing more.

  2. Ben, do you think it died in Committee because it would have conflicted with the Federal Law that says it’s illegal in the first place? Would they not first be required to legalize a controlled substance?

    It should be legal, but I just find your article might be kind of jumping ahead of reality is all. Now, if I’m wrong (and I’m no Legal Scholar) then maybe end your articles with advice on how we can better engage these political hacks…

  3. clinical trial happening now: Smoked Marijuana Trial for Chronic PTSD in Veterans [July 2017]

  4. I came up pos for MMJ to make sure I couldn’t get more Oxy. I told my PC that because she told me I violated the drug agreement. After taking all kinds of shit drugs for 6+ years, I took myself off. F’ing VA drugs made matters worse. The VA wants vets on these drugs for control. Are you hearing voices? Yea, the voice in my head after I take a big toke and relax, that says FUCK THE VA! And the F’ng gov!!! Nothing but POCs’, all of the gov!!!

  5. VA in Ann Arbor Michigan will write MJ scripts for veterans…I don’t understand why all of them can’t….

  6. A Texas Veteran Reportedly Shot Himself At A VA Medical Center. He Wasn’t The First
    By Sarah Sicard
    on July 27, 2017

    “On the morning of July 26, police were dispatched to the Thomas E. Creek Medical Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Amarillo, Texas. When they arrived, they found a 75-year-old veteran had shot himself in the parking lot.

    “This morning, a veteran took his life in the front of the main hospital of the Thomas E. Creek VA Medical Center,” Barbara Moore, Chief of Community and Patient Services for the hospital, said in a press statement shortly after. “Our deepest condolences are extended to friends and family of the veteran. We are cooperating with local authorities on the investigation.”

    The veteran’s name has not yet been released.”

    Full article at: “https://taskandpurpose.com/texas-veteran-suicide-va-medical-center-wasnt-first/”

    1. More From the article:

      “This tragedy is just the latest in a string of veteran suicides in VA parking lots in recent years. In March, a 63-year-old veteran was found dead of apparent suicide in the Durham Veteran Affairs Medical Center parking lot by VA police. Another veteran, 53, took his own life in the parking lot of the Department of Veterans Affairs Phoenix Regional Office in December 2016. And in August 2016, a 76-year-old veteran was found dead of an apparent suicide in the parking lot of the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center on Long Island.

      “They spend millions and millions of dollars on suicide prevention but it doesn’t reach down to boots on the ground,” James Alston, who runs the Triangle Veterans Outreach Center in Durham, told WNCN in the wake of the March suicide.

      As for why these veterans chose VA parking lots, little is known.”

      1. “Little is Know” is that a flat out lie more like lack of listening.
        If anyone wants to send an email to James Alston the Founder/Executive Director or the Board Members of Triangle Veterans Wellness Outreach Center Inc. & explain why veterans are still killing themselves here is the link from their website. “https://www.tvwocinc.org/page/board_members”

      2. They are obviously choosing VA parking lots specifically to send a message that was long ignored with shit treatment, is my guess. Sad state of affairs. But is THIS or other Veteran Suicides in the forefront and news? NO!

        But the news sure has been covering what used to be called Bruce Jenner in his/her protest over transgender veterans not being able to serve now…but no talk about those 22+ each and every day that kill themselves from SHIT CARE or NO CARE, indifferent VA in USA each and every day!

        American’s are more concerned with what a walking genetic train wreck of a family like the Kardashians or Jenner’s are doing or what new pimple arose overnight on one of their asses.
        VA Suicide Prevention? Hard to fathom but the VA is the cause and symptom.

    2. Whatever makes someone feel hopeless. Stay the fuck away from that veterans. It seems the older vets are taking their lives at higher rate. VA needs to look into how they r being treated. If like less than human get help from friend

  7. Jury Nullification – – – One legal term and process, that our beloved Politicians, and especially those in the prosecution section of the legal community don’t want you to know about, or to even think about using even if it is applicable, “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jury_nullification”

  8. Important – – – We all have many different beliefs on many issues, but this shouldn’t stop us from trusting one another if would hold firmly to the belief, that we stand by each other as Veterans. I say this, because I’m concerned about a fellow commenter; Ex va. And, I’m not the only one that is concerned. A missing person is not something that anyone wants to experience, especially a love one or a friend.

    So, what I want to suggest, is that whomever you choose, make a Veteran friend. Ex va has posted anything for a while. Neither has he been in contact with cj on another communication platform. I only want to encourage everyone to make and trust another Veteran and make a buddy, or more. I did. Just a thought. God Bless everyone on Ben’s site, and those who are still reaching out and searching. Thanks for reading, and hopefully considering my comment. – – – Nutter.

    1. Damn, at this rate, Veterans will NOT band together no matter what. Everyone stays a mystery. Maybe if each buddy persuaded another buddy say, to pay off their car note or mortgage. Then the response maybe, I’ll be your friend, buddy? So help me out here, “what cause or event will band Veterans together? Ideas? Sorry, if I caused anyone additional stress.

  9. Wyldechylde – – – For clarity, theory (@James Clement presented not opinions but facts that withholds testing, which is above a hypothesis), and for a healthy and rebutting discussion, is there anything that you’d like to add to comment on JC’s article? Now, I don’t want you to think that I’m stirring things up, but as a investigative research biologist and a K9 PTSD-Alerting Service Dog trainer, this is how issues are laid on the table, and discussed until the arrow settles, and then points to the left or right side. I detected no feelings in James Clement’s comment on not accepting transgender personnel into the military.

    And, Wyldechylde, I don’t want you to lean towards a conclusion of you thinking that I believe that all current transgender units should be released from all branches. Our Government made an agreement with those fine souls, so we should stick by them until this is resolved. But until then, and you may not agree, if POTUS decides to not accept transgender into the military, then the definition of what a President can do needs to be changed. And remember, there are those that believe transgender personnel should be dismissed from serving ASAP.

    Plus, if transgenders are dismissed, and have a good military record without pending hearings, they should be given an Honorable Discharge with FULL benefits. Even though to some, things are at a negative, all is well and good because we NEVER do no wrong (VA taught me this while supplying me with incompetent medical care). Bring it on down, 1, 2, 3, 4. Aloha !!! – – – Nutter.

  10. I had a dream last night that the VA therapist started using a computer program to recommend therapy. The program messed up and sent a Veteran to a anti-American neo-NAZI flag burning rally for “therapy”. All the neo-NAZI were jokingly saying to each other “you’re racist”. The vet offed himself. I think that dream might be prophetic.

    1. It sounds like an even more twisted and evil plot than “A Clockwork Orange”…but the ending of that movie with the Dr.’s forcing him to watch violence until it made him puke with his eyes forced open to attempt to condition him, when all along, all he wanted was the serenity of Beethoven’s music to relax his pensive nerves and product of environment. (cannot watch that movie without fast-forwarding past a terrible, just terrible rape scene, but also serves as part of eventual plot of movie…just a warning, that movie is rather violent in many ways but also a very deep movie loaded with metaphors relevant today past our own Industrial Revolution. Deep, I know. Way I roll…
      Your dream went right directly to hell and knocked! LOL

    1. White behind you @cj, I’m skerrd. folwin too.

      @James Clement – – – I heard that there were double standards for women to be qualified for battle. I don’t doubt their desire to serve or commitment. Don’t need more casualties because someone wants to be in the heat of the battle. Excellent post along with other’s points of view. Incoming James, take cover. – – – Nutter.

  11. (OFF-TOPIC) – – – It’s a reflection of exactly how distorted our thinking is about the military that this transgender issue is an issue at all. The military is not a jobs program. It’s not a charity organization. The objective of its members is to kill and die in defense of the United States.

    If we are SERIOUS about supporting them, and keeping their deaths to an absolute minimum, then our first and ONLY relevant question for any proposed change will be, “will this make the military stronger or weaker?” If the answer is weaker, then it doesn’t happen. Period.

    Every single person saying, “if they want to lay down their lives for their country let them serve” is making an inaccurate statement. The transgender person is willing to lay down SOMEONE ELSE’S life.

    War is not an individual sport. A weak individual isn’t necessarily the one that gets shot. The military isn’t protesting women in combat because the woman is going to get killed. They’re protesting it because she will get someone ELSE killed.

    It sickens me, as a combat veteran, to hear civilians and pundits and lawmakers who don’t know the first thing about the military talk about “well they want to serve” as if that’s in any way relevant.

    If you want to live to fulfill your own desires, the last frigging place you should go is war. The military does not exist for GI Jane wish fulfillment. That 120 pound woman can’t haul out a 6’4 man with 100 pounds of gear on his back. AT ALL. It boggles my mind that any woman would put her fantasies above the mission and the welfare of her brothers in arms. And the transgender issue is the same thing all over again.

    First, you’re going to get 99.99999% of female to male transitions washing out because they can’t meet male fitness standards. Are we going to change those standards to let the weak ones stay in? Don’t tell me it won’t happen, it happened when women were let into the military and it’s under discussion again as they try to push women into combat units because, shock of shocks, women can’t meet combat standards.

    Every single woman you’ve seen so far being the “first female Army Ranger” and “first Navy Seal” has had opportunities and help that no man got, it just doesn’t get reported.

    The Marines had to provide alternate tests for women because they couldn’t do pull-ups. Second, under the Obama guidelines, designating yourself transgender requires no hormones and no surgery, you just go to personnel and change the “gender designation” in your file.

    Can’t hack the male physical fitness standards? Go down to personnel, say you’re a woman, and now you only have to meet the female standards, and you get to live in the female barracks and shower in the female showers with the other “girls,” with your twig and berries fully intact.

    The net result being that what would get a heterosexual male arrested for indecent exposure is perfectly legal for any pervert who submits the paperwork, and degrading the general fitness levels of the service because anyone who can’t meet the male standards just has to say they’re a girl. Weaker physical standards mean teams can’t carry as much weight, can’t haul themselves out of the fire when they need to, and can’t haul their squad mates out of the fire.

    In other words, a man somewhere WILL die because someone who had no business being on the battlefield was there. And it’s because of idiot civilians going, “aw, but he’s willing to lay down his life” that those OTHER men and women will die.

    Asthmatics are willing to lay down their lives too, and we still don’t let them in the service. Allowing asthmatics in would be a lot less disruptive than a demographic with a 40% suicide rate that requires costly counseling, hormones, and surgeries that pose a bureaucratic nightmare in terms of living and PFT standards that will also unquestionably degrade the overall physical fitness of the service.

    The Rand study doesn’t even consider that guaranteeing any transgender who gets through boot camp “free” gender reassignment surgery is going to make the number of transgender people in the military sky rocket. All you have to do is serve four years and you get medical care that would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the civilian world.

    Again, don’t try to tell me it won’t happen. I served with plenty of women who told me to my face they enlisted for childcare or to find a husband.

    Does ANY of that make the military stronger, better, and more capable of completing their mission? No? Then it shouldn’t happen. End of discussion.

    You say anything else, you are arguing that your social justice goals are more important than the lives of the people fighting for this country.

    Disgruntled Veteran
    1973 – 1976 USMC
    1978 – 1993 USN
    Wounded Warrior
    Honolulu, Hawaii

    1. James, You have valid points. At one time I thought I wanted to be a SeaBee, being female the guys brought me the biggest heaviest sledgehammer I never knew existed. If you can swing that 3 times you can get in. I couldn’t even lift it. It was an education. I understood my place but I still had value & a job I could do.

      1. NiteWish – – – During my Active Duty tenure, I met quite a few women who knew how to “keep it real” regarding their service. Without those women having my back in their respective jobs – – – MY ability to perform my job on the front lines would have been severely degraded, if not impossible.

        I have zero problem with women in the military. Particularly those who serve with honor and are wise enough to understand that not every job is practical, or able to be done by a woman. I have the utmost respect for them. Not all males can be Navy Seals – – – as demonstrated by the 80% washout rate during training.

        It is simply a matter of physical differences in our physicality as human beings. And I, for one, am completely clueless as to how to overcome those differences without seriously degrading unit performance . . .

    2. @Disgruntled Veteran,
      It came out today, from a “Combat Soldier” who lost an arm, “transgenders” should not be allowed to serve!
      He was extremely pissed that Congressional asswipes would even consider it!
      His “deployment” was at a VERY small outpost. The size of a squad! The conditions they faced were deplorable (IF I remember correctly)!
      He thought, reasonably & correctly, transgenders would not be able to handle it!

      In the same article, it’s now reported, by a high ranking recruiter in Washington, that ONLY 20% of ALL applicants are taken into the military.

      My suggestion is: If the recruiter knows the person, and feels he/she couldn’t pass basic, don’t allow him/her to enlist!

      That’s my opinion on the subject!

      1. @Crazy elf – – – I hear ya’. I for one, am quite tired of these asswipes in Congress playing “social experimentation” with our combat forces.

      2. Right, they could at least give free weed out so we can be pacified while they screw with our brains.

    3. Wow, we can’t go to war without women in case you haven’t heard. And I wouldn’t sign up to go to front lines with men. If they are persistent on front line combat for females, smart would be make it all female squads. Kurds female squads kicked Lots of ISIS ass and continue to. As far as looking for husband bullshit. At war and peace time every military member life is on the line, always conflicts not declaring war every time i have seen lots of men looking for wives in military after couple of dates. So stupidity isn’t gender specific in military. But bashing shows no leadership or team skills. Are we problem or solution to stupidity.

  12. Pot is illegal? No way?

    So why does the VA continue to employ people who use it and other drugs???

    At the Atlanta Benefits Administration (VBA), I reported the suspected drug use of a new hire and they opted to fire me.

    1. Figures, but I rather them smoke weed preferably not at work than steal the fucken opioids contributing to public epidemic which to cover actions constitutes even more corruption in VA. Also whoever threatened to fire you belongs to the special thugs group obviously. Motto KMVAC. Keep my VA corrupt.

    1. That’s not an absolute. For all I have going on, including PTSD and extreme nausea from medication side effects, I tried the CBD oil and persisted with absolutely NO relief. It’s the real MMJ with all medicinal values intact that absolutely works for me. I also am one of those that just like my father was, possess a natural high tolerance for meds to put you under for any medical procedure, dental, you name it and perhaps that plays a part but the CBD Oil is NOT the panacea for all.

    2. Plus, I never have been a drinker of any kind, so I think being “stoned” is just fine. Heavy drinkers have usually been liabilities to my nerves and tolerances and reason I totally gave-up being a designated driver on-call fro friends long ago.
      A pot head does not projectile vomit out your Jeep Wranger’s door while moving in the sub zero of Cleveland in Winter…drunks do. That Jeep was white but because that drunken asshole was drinking Sangria and whatever else that had high tannins and red/purple pigmentation, left a never to be able to be buffed-out vomit streak on an otherwise nice older Wrangler.
      Potheads, stoned as all get out are still mellow and usually sensible.

      1. The average pothead will be too busy laughing his ass off at the drunk dumping his purse out the window.

      2. Thank You Wyldechylde, you’ve made me laugh w/your postings. I needed that. karma right.

      3. @Wylechylde- Well, I WAS laughing at the moment and thinking, THANK GOD it’s at least OUTSIDE, not realizing it was simply freezing solid to an ice cold metal jeep’s white paint exterior…I still can laugh though… 🙂

        My point is a pothead is not even your person likely of even trying to rob a Hostess Twinkie Outlet Store with mad case of munchies…potheads usually prepare and have fruit and other preferred items around for when the munchies from hell may visit.

        The strangest thing that happened to me after a Nine Inch Nails after party and I was really stoned only, was apparently on way home we stopped someplace where I purchased or someone did, a large feedbag size of M&M’s candies…I awoke the next morning with melted M&M’s sticking all over to body and funny thing was even after showering, they left colored dye stains on skin for day or so. 🙂

  13. I’m new with FaceBook. Trying to set my page up so that it is secure as possible. Due to sleep deprivation, PTSD (roller coasting with anxiety, depression, interlaced with hypervigilance) causes my mind not to be able to follow along well, and to not make mistakes by not knowing why until after the fact. I need help with FaceBook.

    If I post my phone number, is there anyone who feels comfortable with FB that is willing to help me set my FB page up securely? I already started the process, but can’t proceed without some help to eliminate mistakes, and to have POSSIBLY clean up any aftermath. Please post to let me know. – – – Nutter.

    1. I do not use FB for two main reasons: 1) I do not entirely trust my own use of boundaries and getting myself in unneeded trouble, and 2) I value my privacy and security as such, I do not like FB’s Privacy Agreement/Policies…so, unfortunately, I cannot help you out because I do not know about the various settings, which do not guarantee your right to real privacy…so you *may* think about waiting until your body totally adjusts to what you know as your “new normal” so you will then know what proper boundaries are required as to not have the VA Stormtroopers DBC knocking down your door from perhaps an off-comment interpreted by some VA hack as “concerning or threatening” and next thing you know, suicide by cop is ordered.
      Do as you may, but because I too question my own boundaries or maintaining them, I simply refrain…it’s like unsafe sex with a complete stranger….why even bother when the left or right hand is willing, tested, and safe? 🙂

    2. the best setting to use on your FB page is the one that says delete…

      srsly mostly idiots and cat posters on FB.

      1. Yeah…I have enough of my own cat’s photos I took on my own phone, and besides, that’s what I have a laptop for and You Tube is fine by me. Lots of cats there.

      2. LMAO the one that says delete is REALLY hard, are you sure you want to delete. FB won’t let you go without a fight, once they have you

    3. ANutterVet, being relationship & social dysfunctional. I can’t help you with FB either. I hated it for the 2wks I had it.

      1. It’s assuring to know I am not the only Veteran “relationship & socially dysfunctional”…at least my cat understands me.

    4. A NutterVet when you read this if you new to Facebook how did you find this Website if you was in the Military go to Veteran Medical Center tell your problem or call the Crisis Line feel free to give your telephone number you have choices in Country plus look how back this website is….Semper Fi .

      1. Hello Inspire, ANutterVet has been with us a long time & is going through a very hard time right now as are many many more

  14. Breaking News: Sadly, the young man killed in last night’s Ohio State Fair amusement ride tragedy *just* enlisted in the U.S. Marines last Friday after spending 3 years in Junior ROTC in High School. His name was Tyler Jarrell of Columbus, OH.

    I know The Marines will do what’s right but as far as his family, and friends left behind, I think they could use our prayers.

    1. Damn shame. Prayers spoken.
      I’m sure Jarrell’s interest in flying was not perceived like that, his final exit though granted that wish to fly.
      I traveled around with a carnival. I know how these rides are put together & that the games are rigged.

      1. That’s why I have pretty much refrained from ‘Spin You Round Make You Vomit Rides”, and that even includes any rollercoaster that spins/loops. I have ruined too many of other’s rides in past in life through centrifugal velocity vomit expulsion to where it’s: 1) For everyone else’s safety, and 2) I absolutely loathe vomiting, and 3) I too, have had a good friend in past that spent a few Summers traveling with such carnivals, local/state, and he even said by knowing how old some are, stressors, and how their put together and *barely* inspected, more of a pencil-whip.

        But we all have an unknown expiration date and it could even come from some asshole working at Kellogg’s assembly line, pissing in the cornflakes, which really happened just last year…no idea if anyone died, but he was caught on surveillance camera doing this more than once…wtf is wrong with people these days?

        Anyway, this was indeed a freak of an accident and all such named rides “Fire Ball” and derivatives of Dutch company that makes them have been “grounded” everywhere on Earth *except* VSO and VA sponsored community carnivals for area veterans… “Fire Ball”, the VA gets you coming or going, either way.

      2. Namnibor, Thank you for protecting the ground walkers from possible projectile grossness.
        The with deepest sympathy card came today for my main coon. They included 4 inked footprints perhaps to compensate for the $100 they would have charge to be there during the injected or for the not paying $125 for the ashes because they group cremate & whatever the other charges $$ they would have tacked on for the ‘service’. sigh~~~

      3. lol some dude got caught pissing in the cornflakes. I mean it’s terrible but I cant stop snickering.

  15. @01Veteran – – – And why does the public have access to MMJ legally? Like me, what happens when my trust is totally zapped from the VA for taking away a medication that has proved to work, and I didn’t abuse the medication when it was prescribed to me. And, I had additional refills left on my script. That’s my proof that I wasn’t pill popping all the time. Plus, at first this med was prescribed at a max dosage, and the end dosage was half the amount. Someone making money, and at the same time using Veterans to fill their pockets. This absolutely makes no sense.

  16. Given prior votes on this issue, how this amendment was added and how it was removed, this was nothing more than a cowardly, sneaky bastard move by some politician to protect his donations from Pig Pharma.

    Given their financial disclosures, it could have been any one of them.

    It would be nice to figure out who killed this so they could explain why it’s ok for veterans to gobble down fistsful of the VAs toxic crap rather than eliminating them with medical MJ.

    PS. I must say the McClatchy article is interesting about what it says about veterans losing benefits of found to be using medical MJ. Seems to be another policy VA providers can’t seem to follow.

    1. 91Veteran, Bingo… Big Pharma and critter’s money dumps (money stashing) in DC and state governments pockets, especially in Indiana with Lilly, Pfizer, and the other giants located here. They keep throwing money around for studies, far left winger universities and agendas to look good, to some sheep. As the FDA keeps passing bad drugs for them to depopulate the nation with. What a full scale scam our more recent generations and corrupt poly-ticks left us with.

      We could try this but I found ‘they’ all don’t care about petitions or who signed them unless it’s signed by some from the upper crust of society:

      It’s like we were never really free from England with the kings, lords. Easy to see from the “social classes” and special privileges/laws for the well connected, wealthy, Hollyweird, the corrupt, and those in government, etc.

      Wanna puke?
      Indiana going to pass cannabis for epilepsy;

      Little known agendas and info about Obummer the Kenyan care:
      “Today’s headlines with John B. Wells.”

      Congress and scum refuse to even pass a ‘read the bills act’ while Pelosi and her scum with her claim bills must be passed before we know whats in them. Who ever votes such trash like here and “Songbird” back into office for so long should be put in stocks, or exiled. Stinking local communist news fails to report why insurance companies are backing out of Obummer care or mention why it’s a big failure. Oh, they don’t want to hurt his historical records or image with the rest of the RINOs, syndicates, and communist in DC and state gov/med boards/LEOs. They all want to be heroes in the history books since it’s mentioned so much.

      To hell with vets, they all need to bow to the scum in the country. Apparently.
      The free loading mother from Brooklyn that exemplifies Obummer care and Hillary lovers. Socialism and communism, big brother is so fantastic. Indiana is full of them, not the mere 400.000 they claim that need Obummer/Hillary care.

  17. And everybody knows that the chip is coming
    Everybody knows that it’s moving fast
    Everybody knows that the naked man and woman
    Are just a shining artifact of the past
    Everybody knows the scene is dead
    But there’s gonna be a meter on your bed
    That will disclose
    What everybody knows …………..That one hit shit sure did F ME U …….LOL….Nothing like some good factual music

    1. Damn @OLDMARINE, you’re a thinker when you do the MMJ. Your song makes sense, until you took your third hit. LoL – – – Please don’t hurt my feelings, Nutter.

      1. ANutter………”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IfmiKnZi3E”……Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows …LOL

  18. PPI heartburn drugs found to increase death risk by 50 percent…….What a deal, kill to birds with one pill
    And Everybody knoooooooows

    1. OldMarine, Doctors what do they know. Take 1200mg of a calcium tablet every day the doctor wrote so you don’t fracture a bone she’s not informed of the risk for plaque buildup in arteries & heart damage & that in older people it doesn’t make it to the skeleton. -gag-
      Also the Coconut palm sugar is delicious, I love it. I like the casein protein too but need to work on how to mix it up without a blender. Thank you very much.

      1. NiteWish …….casein protein no need to put it in the blender just get a tall glass 5 tea spoons protein or less fill the rest with water and stir I use a long ice tea spoon…I drink about half then I refill it with whole milk ,TRY a little of the Coconut palm sugar in there if you don’t like the taste

      2. Oldmarine, will do it your way, I was going for the milk first, shaking in a jar until almost butter. lol

    2. ROILDMAN: Got a reference? I’ve heard of PPI issues with bone density etc, but I haven’t found anything regarding 50% mortality increase – and, increase of what. I was on PPIs for over decade after my esophagus was fragged from NDSAIDs.

      1. Windguy
        PPI drugs warning: Study finds 50% increased risk of death from long-term use of Proton Pump Inhibitors

        Thursday, July 27, 2017 by: Mike Adams
        Tags: adverse reactions, Big Pharma, Dangerous Medicine, death risk, drug deaths, Fatalities, medications, PPI drugs, Prescription drugs, Proton pump inhibitors, side effects

        I don’t take that shit I just put it out for someone like you that was a test subject…. LOL

    3. “PPI heartburn drugs.” That and others “https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2010/05/26/127132723/fda-warns-about-bone-risks-from-heartburn-drugs”

      Classified as PSRs (if I remember correctly) can cause brittle bone disease, does. Got my butt lectured and jumped by a primary care idiot about doing my own research on medical matters or meds: “How’d you know that!?” “You shouldn’t know about that!” I didn’t go to college for medicine or was trained in. Shared that info and about SSRIs in group at times too, same lecture, same attitude and told I may be causing harm to other vets passing along information I didn’t understand. (?) Needful information kills I guess. The spread of info and negative experiences… the main cause of the end of physical meetings here locally.

      Better go watch some “Reefer Madness” since some local Drones or spy equipment LEO, or the DoD, has here is watching. lol

      1. T,
        VA Rule #1 Severely reprimand any test subject with medical knowledge
        Rule #2 Do not allow any test subject to pass along information to any other test subject – severely reprimand

      2. Nitewish, that’s about the size of it. A tech who quit working at the VA told a few of us that was the main reason for stopping physical meeting groups with various issues like anger, PTSD, chronic pain issues, depression, etc. Then the VA started pushing the teleconferencing crap. It was too difficult to censor, manage, to keep veterans on the issue or topic the VA staff wanted us to stay on when face to face with vets, minus any kind of added info or personal complaints (in hopes of some change), to malpractice or threats. They especially didn’t want to hear complaints over VA staff or SSRIs. Any form of environmental caused illnesses or with depleted uranium use was off limits totally.


        I’ve talked to quite a few vets with a mesh surgery only to have it go bad on them. Then have to live with the results. Seems that would be another huge story but isn’t. More of that info they don’t want discussed or known of.

        Maybe vets could do something with “class actions” since one person or a small group of people can’t get anything done. or noticed in our lying media.

  19. With all this talk about smoking, I think I’m going to fire one up and get my boots blown off….Beats waiting for lightning to fix my eyesight …LOL

    1. yeah about to pack up a bowl and go enjoy my back deck for awhile, got a team in here installing a new boiler so it’s kinda hectic around here.

      1. As long as the cats are watching and making sure the team installing boiler are behaving themselves, you should be okay for a tokay.

      2. Them ears sure do pick up that noise when your buzzed, I can hear my wristwatch ticking in the next room and I never use any hearing protection when using anything loud..I must have bionic ears >>>LOL….FIRE IN THE BOOOOOOWLLLLLLLLL LATTER ALL….

      3. Fire in the bowl? Never heard that one before.

        I’m jealous. I’ve recently discovered I can’t have any – now that I’ve moved to A LEGAL FUCKING STATE. I’m uber sensitive to mold, and I haven’t found any yet that doesn’t mess me up – same for edibles. Although, the thought of jacking an Epi-Pen after a dozen hits of dizzy might be interesting. Alas – nothing will ever match the thrill of waiting until 8,000 ft when the pilots put on their O2 masks, sparking an O-J, exhaling through the piss tube, and then hitting the mask with 100% O2 at around 10,000ft. Find the Rouge on HF bangin dits and dahs, and illuminating the code signals on an O-Scope, dipping to 4,000 ft and and flying tight shots from multiple vectors keep that flashing inverted V signal in the center of the scope. Pull out the maps and plotter and scales and pull each vector shot off the Inertal Nav System, plot the intersect, convert to UTM – good to ten meters. Call it in. Gotcha. Every sensory input totally jacked.

      4. Windguy
        Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
        Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
        Everybody knows that the war is over
        Everybody knows the good guys lost
        Everybody knows the fight was fixed
        The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
        That’s how it goes
        Everybody knows
        Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
        Everybody knows that the captain lied
        Everybody got this broken feeling
        Like their father or their dog just died

        Everybody talking to their pockets
        Everybody wants a box of chocolates
        And a long stem pipe
        Everybody knows

      5. @Windguy

        Normally I’d suggest growing your own but if you’re a beginner it probably won’t go well for your first 2-3 grows and that would just be time wasted. I’m not sure how much mold on average is in the average cannabis crop. I suppose it depends on quite a few variables. I’ve been researching for the past several years keeping my eyes on a few different grow sites and grow journals. You tend to pick up a pretty complete education in a short amount of time.

  20. I know this is controversial, but I have a theory of what *could* have happened behind scenes to make Pres. Trump make such an about face on the Transgender Military Ban blurted yesterday via an insensitive tweet.
    My theory is since there was such outcry from Vets and VSO’s about proposed cuts to Individual Unemployability (IU) in order to both fund Choice further and to also VA to start extending benefits to ‘Bad Paper Discharges’, I think some bean counters (Shulkin…and *maybe* a Pentagon hack but I am guessing VA Sec. Shulkin), showed POTUS how much $$$$$$$ projected in reassignment and follow-up medical and more it was to cost and by simply eliminating Obama’s legacy of that pronoun issue and military, it was perhaps again, my theory, the perfect bean counter puzzle piece to make it all work?
    Don’t know, but wait for it…something does not add-up and wreaks of bean counter and AFGE/Piggies.

    (again, only a theory, hypothesis, at best…)

    “Transgender airman: ‘I would like to see them try to kick me out of my military”


    1. Don’t know about that Namnibor,

      I believe he was clear about that it was unfair to join the military to have the surgery. With the cost, and all, associated with the AddDicktoMe and LopItOffofMe surgeries. The surgery is not only costly but then there is the two year preparatory counseling with hormone therapy and the additional two years of follow up counseling and maintenance medications. With some cases requiring a life time of therapy.

  21. I just remembered something my brother told me a few years ago. (About maybe 5 years ago!)
    He took a friend up to the “Gainesville VHA” and watched the pharmacy employee hand two ounces of pot to the veteran. It had been prescribed by his PCP!
    I don’t know IF he’s still receiving it, but one thing is for sure, I believe my brother witnessed it!

    1. He could have been on the federal pot program although if it was 5ish years ago I doubt it since last I heard they shut down new applicants quite a while ago and to the best of my knowledge there are only 3-5 remaining patients on it. Honestly wouldn’t want any weed from the government anyway it’s less potent (I think on average 3% total THC” and way to stemmy. Any pics I’ve seen of government weed looks basically like lawn clippings.

      1. From personal experience the most severe symptoms are not relieved until the potency is a minimum of 70% thc. At best, leaf based products like joints are 25% and pretty hard to inhale. THC, the active ingredient, relieves severe symptoms in me adequately when the potency is at least 85% or so.

        The relief is remarkable and few would recognize it as a “high” as popularized by Cheech and Chong, but the mistake new patients make is under dosing because unless you have access to medical grade extract (like Oregon) it is nearly impossible to burn through enough plant material to obtain the needed dose. The dose must be high enough via more purified medicine, but without question marijuanna for me has replaced what used to cost (non VA) $750+ per month for prescriptions. It is not a specialized drug and has an all around effect and side effects, but so do those godamn psyciatric drugs the VA wonder kids called shrinks precribe. With marijuanna extract I can dose as needed instead of taking a pill regiment that wires me courtesy of what some VA shrink fresh from the goat farm thinks I should take and when.

        It is good medicine.

      2. it is absolutely good medicine. And you’re correct about strength. So far high end bud tops out around 28-30% THC. Once you start getting into the concentrates, dabs, wax, shatter etc, you start seeing the elevated concentrations around 70-80%. I read recently that somebody in either Washington state or Oregon managed to extract a concentrated purity of 99% using a proprietary process. Needless to say I’d love to get me some of that 😀 😀 :D.

        Every time I smoke a bowl, and I smoke A LOT of bowls, I smile and giggle a little. Mostly because I’m baked as fuck, but also because I know for every toke I take Jeffery Sessions dies a little bit inside. Fuck that jug handle looking prick.

      3. Max THC at most is very low 30’s or very high 20’s. 70% ??? This local Hawaiian influenced local never heard of such. And, I’ve been around the BEST. Don’t believe me, do research on the Puna District on the Big Island. – – – Nutter.

      4. @Wyldechylde – – – That process is a CO2 extraction. Most likely or its a new one to me. If they can isolate over 99% pure CBD, then THC can be isolated as much too. But hell, what do I know, I only broke a 21 year old record of an Organic Chemistry Lab Contest by isolating 7 compounds from one solution. No weed has THC even close to 70%.

      5. @Dennis – – – That Oregon stuff you toke on is laced with Opium. LMAO – – – Nutter.

      6. Let me explain just how potency is increased in what starts as plant material.

        The potency of 70%+ I desribe is not plant material. It is extracted under severe pressures and temperatures that keep the gas(es) in an almost liquid, almost gas state known as supercritical fluid state. Everything from propane to butane to co2 can be made supercritical under extreme pressure and when in supercritical state the “solvent” extracts cannabinoids like thc, terpenes like limonene, and also some chlorophyl(s), but leaves behind much of the solid plant material. A really great extraction nets about 70% thc, and 30% gunk.

        Then to purify it I run it first across an aluminum oxide column packed tight like sand while the extracted oil is disolved in alcohol. This strips free fatty acids and proteins (waxes) as well as any particulate present. Next, after drying the now more purified product, I run it through a second packed column of chromatography gel silica 60. It is also packed tight like sand. I run it through with a solvent comprised of 80% hexane and 20% ethyl acetate, then increase EA 5% at a time (gradient elution). I catch the first part that comes through, substantially purified thc, and then discard the later green part (chlorophyls) that elute from the column much later than thc.

        I dry all this out and purge the product of solvent using a vacuum pump and chamber.

        This procedure very easily elevates the purity into the low 90s% range and it takes longer to type it than to run 50 ml of disolved extract through two “sand” filters (using chromatography sand lolz). I can do it al in less than an hour for a two week supply easy. The technical term generally for what I a, doing is Dry Column Vacuum Chromatography (DCVC).

        The other MUCH more technical method is to distill the extract, however this can ONLY be done via molecular distillation (short path) and this means a vacuum of down to at least 20 microns – and even then it takes 400F to get thc to distill over, but this is the typical big house way to do it.

        I post this as an explanation of precisely how it is possible for me to obtain purities begond what can normally be obtained. Here is a link to my video decribing the chromatography method I use made here in Oregon, perfectly legal to do, that in general shows how this can be done. This Marine ain’t waiting for Uncle Sam to provide good medicine.


        Since the video I have refined the process much further but the idea is identical – I just got better at it.

        I refuse to wait for idiots sent to DC to pull their heads out of their asses and I refuse to wait years for pharmacutical companies to provide the medicine and purity that I need today, so I did it myself.

      7. @Dennis – – – By what analytical equipment (name and model) are you testing the purity of the isolated THC? I ask because when I worked for HP’s Analytical Division (old Avondale HP Facility), I was; the work production leader when redesigning the Gas and Liquid Chromatography Department, the GC Hi-Pak packager and column tester for custom GC columns, lead man and new employee trainer for the department, and designated fill-in supervisor when needed.

        Quite interesting, and your extraction set-up must be extensive to obtain such purity, plus being done in a residence. Or not? Haven’t done GC of anything in past 30 years, but fundamentally about the same.

        So what your doing in obtaining the end isolated product is NOT available to purchase anywhere legally? If so, I’d think that the product would be highly regulated if offered at all being 70% THC.

        To obtain much quantity, I would seem that you’d need a lot of raw product to receive a much smaller quantity of said finished product? What is your rate of return ratio with this process?

        I may have more questions, need to settle down a bit before I review, digest, and think about possible additional questions that usually creep up later (you know like some smoke does). – – – Nutter.

      8. @Dennis – – – Are you planning on redoing this video? – – – Nutter.

  22. As well they should. As long as Pot is a class 1 drug under federal law, Congress cannot allow it on a federal reservation until Congress changes the designation as anyone who has possession of it at a VA facility, since this is federal property, that would up the charge to a federal felony.

    1. @DANIEL

      Pot would not be present in the prescribing physicians office or on property any more than the blood pressure pills are or the morphine that they prescribe are. The doctor simply writes on paper his opinion and calls it a prescription. It is then up to the patient what to do with the prescription but no VA facility that I know of has a legal stash of ANY drugs on campus for dispensing. They have been caught with stashes of drugs, true, but to date never has the stashes of illegal drugs found in VA offices and on VA personel been marijuanna. The VA illegal stashes of drugs are obtained through established and in place federal channels instead and tend to have extremely high market values – orders of magnitude more expensive on an ounce for ounce basis than even premium marijuanna has ever even been close to.

      Your logic used to prop your support of anti marijuanna is therefor flawed and not valid on that basis.

      I am gonna smoke a joint now.

      1. And, VA Executives have admitted that there is a illicit drug theft problem some where in the distribution channel, but they don’t know where the theft is occurring or how to detect it. That’s why I replied that a Cost Control Consulting service could make some HUGE bucks by detecting, verifying, and offering fixes for the VA’s incompetency in managing Controlled Substances.

      2. Yep, the VA hacks fresh from goat farm or termite mound in Sudan, probably cooks meth in their kid’s Barbie Playtime Oven Home Meth Lab…in basement or garages, high at work and hungry, hungry hippo games, while chastising Veterans for either doing weed or same hack is telling Veteran we need to lose a bit of weight, while the engorged purple team leader has a gravitational field around her with donuts floating near purple object orbit. 🙂

        On a funny note, a building maintenance man today made me chuckle. He was talking about how particularly cheap and tight with her money, and how she was trying to only pay for half of an automotive air conditioning recharge since it was only half empty.
        I said to him that in a realistic barter society, it would make a lot of sense, plus you said she was an older widow, right?
        He laughed and said no, this lad was so tight, when she farted, Alaskan Huskies in Alaska come running to wherever her tight ass is on the planet! 🙂

        Made me chuckle. Thought I’d share the love. 🙂

      3. You can do whatever you wish, but the law is clear. If you go onto a VA reservation and they find pot on you, you will be arrested and charged with a federal felony.

        The simple thing to do is to get Congress to change the law and allow it.

      4. @Dan- Not your average dumb as box of rocks Veteran is going to even think about walking onto VA property with pot on them…in the system, blood, urine, another thing, but no actual pot.
        Chill. We’re not as dumb or misguided as you may assume.

        Hell, even Mr. Rogers got his occasional parcel delivered from Columbia by Choo Choo.

  23. In Oregon if you have a diagnosis of PTSD then the fee for obtaining both a medical card and (therefor) a waiver on the sales tax on marijuanna purchased legally in Oregon is representative of a “discount” that my home state offers to veterans for relief of severe and chronic PTSD.

    It seems that what cannot be had at any cost from our Federal government to ease the suffering of veterans is in fact on sale right now in Oregon – “… in recognition of our veteran population.”

    The ONLY possible explanation is that Oregon is about 3000 miles away from our Federal government and the scent of federal wisdom simply does not carry that far on the wind, OR the federal government does not consider vets part of the population…

    1. I may just be moving out to Oregon rather than Colorado in two years max. Plus, I love rain and all the more accessible nature and greens. Water is a bit of an issue in Colorado if things got dicey, not so much in Pacific Northwest.
      I like Oregon’s recognition of Veterans.

      1. Oregons marijuanna law has put the feds in a terrible bind for a very simple reason; ANY person over 21 may grow plants at home. Four if you are not medical and six if you are.

        The problem the feds have is that now every single city block is the home to marijuanna growing operations, albeit small scale but nonetheless in place. The problem with regulations that the feds face get HUGE when the federal government needs to cross your doorstep into your private home and start taking things…they face citizens who believe they have a Constitutuional right to defend yourself and property in a state that allows legally for a citizen to defend both with lethal force. They therefor face a Constitutional crisis in attempting such action and then multiply that by tens of thousands of Oregon households now growing what they want in their own homes and it becomes impossible. This is why we fought for home growing rights in Oregon. We do not legally ontain this stuff through licensed growers – we can grow it ourselves and if you can grow tomatoes then you are aleady an expert at making your own medicine and it costs just about as much when you do it yourself.

    2. In Connecticut the total fees for obtaining your card is 250 USD. 150 for the quack doctor to “certify” you and 100 for the state to “process” your application. Each Dispensary in the state is required to offer a compassionate care program, which I qualify for since I’m exactly 6 bucks below the federal poverty line. This means I get my ounces for 80.00 or 200.00 for my legally allowed 2.5 ounce limit. I’m not allowed to purchase anything on the menu however. There is a small “selection” of strains available for fixed income folk such as myself. Most ounces in my dispensary and the state retail for aprox 300-400 USD.

      1. @Wyldechylde – – – Would be sweet if Veterans with approved medical conditions could grow their own personal medicine. Although legally, it most likely can’t be called medicine. We’d have to remove many from DC and BIG PHARMA’s influence from the mix to make this happen.

      2. I’m actually going to be trying to get legislation introduced to push for that very thing. Currently every single person on the MMJ program is served by 4 growing companies in the entire state. It’s ridiculous and only serves to A. Allow state officials to pick and choose future millionaires out of a “lottery” that you need to have deep pockets in order to even participate. This effectively marginalizes and sidelines 98-99% of the population in my state. It also limits variety. We don’t grow the strain that you find to be really effective? Tough shit take what we give you or go to the black market.

        If a person has the knowledge and experience to take care of themselves by growing a plant it shouldn’t be the governments business how I exercise my right to cultivate my property.

  24. I am so disappointed by this & then I read this statement From Secretary Shulkin on Agreement Reached on Funding “The Committees included measures that will improve VA’s most valuable asset – its employees” “https://www.va.gov/opa/pressrel/pressrelease.cfm?id=2931”
    I’m fed up, I’m going to do a spell.

    1. @NiteWish- If you’re going to go to all the preparations to conjure a spell, just as someone should have enough for the entire class to share, why not conjure-up a chain-reaction spell that works on entire populations of swamp sewer rats, specifically?!

      This was you can ~*~bewitch~*~ the lemming swamp sewer AFGE rats like the Pied Piper and cause them all to follow each other plummeting off edge of a very high cliff. 🙂

      While you’re also at it, brew-up a whopper of a spell to cause every AFGE and VA employee to become deathly ill upon trying to eat any donut or bakery item from Starbucks…that alone might cause the plummeting action right along! 🙂

      If I were a wealthy man in this life, I would buy some land in Colorado and call it The Veteran’s Potluck Ranch. We’d grow both our own food and medicine. 🙂
      Sadly, am not wealthy but willing to relocate within two years. Must accept my cat as well. 🙂

      1. Namnibor, you & others are welcome to join me. You were raised in the church, even the Jesus said, “for where 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them”[Matt 18:20] Choose an anguish & focus on it to be corrected. The limitations of the mind are only limited by what you believe or don’t believe.
        I choose to open their ears that they may hear, to remove the obstructions surrounding their mind, to remind them of WHO they really are.
        This is not witchcraft like the pissants who cast spells against the president. I wipe that shit away with the wave of a hand.
        This is mind forming matter in quantum entanglement tapping into the energies of combined Consciousness.
        To those on the receiving end: this is our mind, our homes, our sanctuary, you are Forbidden to enter. Burning Down the House: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZHCrPE9n_g”

      2. “Burning Down The House” by Talking Heads is such a wonderful song. Big fan.

    2. They are suppose to be most important asset to dept. Problem is and they know it very bad sickass ones blocking success. If good ones get that message it means there is a new way this mess can be handled. Use the office pick up the phone. Report report report. Bad actors don’t have enough thug squads to retaliate on all those who choose honor and courage instead of corruption. Although I can see one dumbass calling saying we like corruption mo Berta.

  25. so on an unrelated topic (Ben you SERIOUSLY NEED to get some damned forums up and running here) Does anybody have any clue as to what the current number of pending claims in the backlog is at? It concerns me because that’s where I’m at and I haven’t had a decision yet on my NOD hearing which was back in early Nov.

    Just curious to know if anybody has or knows where to get the number

    thanks in advance

  26. I’m going to seeing an “Ortho” today at the Daytona Beach VHA to find out if I’ve got:
    1.) “Osteophytosis”
    2.) “Chondrocalcinosis”

    I’ve looked both of these “medical conditions” up on the internet. I wonder what the puke will say? According to “Wikipedia” a “blood sample or exrays can’t diagnose…” either one!
    My PCP said something about a “Baker’s cyst” being in the back of my knee! She said, “…usually they just drain it with a needle!”
    Well, I wonder what’s going to happen. Because, that’s the same VHA clinic that murdered my “brother” with a misdiagnosed pancreatic cancer!
    These pukes are worthless!

    1. A Bakers Cyst is visible when you compare both legs and you can also see it on Xray. Treatment is draining by removing the fluid with a syringe and then injecting a steroid so it won’t come back.

      1. The Baker’s cyst I had around thirty years ago behind a knee was removed surgically when other damage was being found and to be repaired. I was in to get fluid drained from both knees again too. They found the cyst by inflating my knee area with air, then dye, then X ray. That is when they found the cyst. All I could feel is a slight bulge behind the knee, but was told it was a very large cyst. Left me with a nice huge scar behind the knee in the crease with huge varicose veins in that area right after surgery. Back then I was told if not totally removed they, it, would surely return. Mine hasn’t returned, yet. However I’ve got some other types of cyst I’ve had removed and to deal with from time to time.

  27. I have a MMJ card in my state which allows me to treat my PTSD. I don’t use the VA for medical, thank fucking god, and I hope I never will have to. I’ve been on some pretty shitty pills seroquel being the worst of them so far. I tend to find that if I can’t feel the effects of a “medication” almost immediately then I have a hard time believing that it’s “working”. I don’t like being a guinea pig while “doctors” push my dosage levels all over the chart looking for the “magic number”. I’d much rather just go smoke a bowl and feel it working almost immediately.

    Jeff Sessions can have my marijuana when he pulls it from my cold, dead, fingers.

  28. When McCain goes through his chemo treatments, lets hope he has a hard time in having an appetite. And, that all the BIG PHARMA molecular chemical compounds that they manufacturer doesn’t stimulate McCain’s appetite. Then may be he will try Marijuana in some form, due to being persuaded by a close relative or love one. If this works and it gets media attention from the MSM, the tide could change. Just saying. – – – Nutter.

    1. That old goat McCain is so self-centered he would never do such a thing to benefit anyone but his goaty self. Yep, just used the word goat as an adjective and invented a word. Goaty. Not to be confused with Goatee. Completely different. Goat approved.

      1. The good ole boy AG Sessions may and try to pull the rip cord of MMJ. Don’t trust that dude. Too hickey and less akamai (smarts).

      2. namnibor do live in Arizona I used to now in New Hampshire when it comes to Veteran Health Care money talks and bull shit walks McCain is example especially when to Veteran Health care.

  29. You’d think that those hungry hippo States with laws against the use of Marijuana, and have an aggressive Attorney General, that they would go after the affluent celebrities and Politicians that toke nothing but the best kolas (sensimilla = seedless, with a fruity pine smell). Why not? Because the shit would hit the fan. Too much pressure from the better than the rest of us Veterans.

    Veterans = Second Class Citizens (using us for all sorts of experiments). Keep pushing ! Revolution time is just around the corner. One sensitive miscalculated fuck up will start the, Veterans Lives Matter Movement. Wait for it.

    1. LMAO veteran lives matter too. The press would never cover us cuz all the fucks in grammar. North Korea just launched again.

  30. WHAT’S THAT SPELL? (FUCK OFF DC!) I don’t need your OK for shit. I’ve been using it for 50 years now. Never thought I’d be using it for depression and PTSD. My wife and I also been using Kratom for about a year now for my back and her Osteo. The county here in Ca. says NO to any growing but has no LE to monitor or enforce their stupid laws. Don’t give a shit anyway! (Moving to Oregon for what I have left of my years). I think they might leave it up to the VA in states that have legalized it. One can only hope and wait and wait>>>>.

  31. How come no Veteran ever ever tell me their how to improve Disabled Veterans who is collected 100 percent service connected Veterans Benefits..Thanks…..Semper Fi


    1. That’s because the democrats and RINO’s are calling our country a “Democratic Society” instead of its real name – a “Constitutional Republic!”

  33. Since regular citizens are able to get MMJ, who’d like to get together for a civil suit of wrongful medical treatment against the VA? Fuck, may as well go all the way, and bust all the doors wide open. Another example of incompetency. But yet, they put me on a tapering process off of pain medications, knowing that I vehemently despise taking SSRI’s.

    When my VA PCP gave me my last full script, she was confused about the dosage, in which we had a hour long meeting about with 4 people in attending. And still, she got my prescription amount wrong (a 95% straight up reduction of my total monthly allotment). Then when I complained about this life threatening error, boom you slap me with the tapering process with less than 30 days to adjust. Wake up you dumb asses, we want MMJ instead of Big Pharma’s concoctions.

    You keep on pushing us, and one day we’re going to push back, then you won’t know what to do. But the way you think, act, and do things, you might do the foolish thing and legalize everything. Stupid fucks. I can’t stand you people anymore. Your true colors have permanently stained you. Your tagged for the rest of your life. Just like I am for being prescribed Opiate pain medications. ENOUGH ALREADY !!!

    OK trolls, where are you at. You come on Ben’s site every other time something is hot.

  34. Yet, if you took a mass piss testing of all those Congress Critters that let this Bill all but wither away, you more than likely would find much harsher shit in a rainbow of colors in the Dinosaur Congress Critter(DCC).

    Maybe then, Colorado and other recreational use States could establish what I will now call: “Sanctuary Veteran Pot Cities” for America’s Veterans. If there can be illegal sanctuary cities where illegals and thug refugees are granted full protection, why not “Sanctuary Veteran Pot Cities”? (SVPC)

    Also, I wonder how much today’s omission of this pot measure to help Veterans was put off out of anticipation of what AG Sessions will potentially do to individual states that have voted for full recreational legal use?
    I consider AG Sessions a loose canon and perhaps even POTUS Trump as well at this point. Fuck them.

  35. Back in the seventies chiropractors and acupuncture got me walking and working again after a work place accident, on top of other issues. Went to the VA years later on and all they could do is think I was nuts and condemn chiropractors, acupuncture, to herbs like Valerian tea to help sleep, etc. Now more recently they claimed to wait while they are training chiro and accu people. Then say to find our own, but then Choice would not pay the price those professionals desired. And those being trained by the VA would quit and go into business outside the VA, and not accept the C card. How odd.

    Everything that may help a ill person is illegal including getting our own acupuncture needles. A doctor trained me and gave me a fancy costly pen like Accu pointer to find the right areas with. Then I am told in so many words… we vets, including me are too stupid, incompetent, confused, or inefficient to use such things or do them on our own without VA supervision and allowances.

    Just before leaving the VA I talked to others and learned of Kratom. Tried to order some and by then laws were passed making that illegal to purchase and use too. Then told by pain clinic to go the VA way totally and minus any rights of our own, or hit the street corners to get some heroin, etc., or go back to drinking after over 25 yrs of sobriety. Real nice people we have in DC, local politics, medical boards, and filling the VA. Trump has been a bad let down to me, IMHO. How nice of them all wanting to then make criminals of us so they can do their illegal forfeiture thing taking all we own for the tyrants use and games, and send us off to prison and taking disability payments from us too. So we don’t stand much of a chance in good ol’ “free America.” What a pathetic joke, freedom. We have too many enemies and brain dead that don’t know what freedom is, or afraid of it. Too many out there want to micro-manage every aspect of our lives, and they are doing it.

    Migraines: then the idiots just offer us Gabapentin and Botox for them. Stopping what worked for me. Then we have to find another patient to do it with so the entire vial of it can be used at once. But then it’s illegal for them to tell us about other patients dealing with the same problems and to find them/a partner for injections on our own. Oh, and after them in the beginning telling us how horrible Botox is being used in civilian life, and about all the horrible side effects. Doing the old flip-flopping thing and speaking with forked tongues, and out both sides of their face. The scum. Then all those so-called professionals want today is all those release forms, access to our files that won’t show or prove shit since the corrupt have covered their butts in them, and deleted, or falsely reported in many other areas of our claimed ‘good and best care ever.”

    Oh hell. “Press one for Spanish or two for English.” IF I was a foreigner, connected, Congress critter, or illegal I/we wouldn’t be treated this way. America is beyond fixing like the VA, modern “professionals” is.


  36. It’s my party and I’ll smoke if I want tooooooo….FUCK YOU politicians , …Sold out to the pig PHARM/FARM……..

      1. AstraZeneca shares drop most on record after big drug trial setback…………..BOOOOO…..HOOOOO……HOOOOO
        Hope it goes to 50 cents a share…LOL

      2. AstraZeneca’s All-You-Can-Eat PILL Plans Win Users, Lift Profit.. so join the buffet crowd and just eat it, or as Michel Jackson would say just beat it..its your preference at the pill buffet, you might even get to meet warren buffet there for some stock tips……
        I made that one up…LOL

      3. NUTTER

        Help is just a phone call away—1-855-260-3274. VA’s Caregiver Support Line is a great resource for a caregiver of any Veteran. The Support Line is staffed by caring, licensed professionals who can help you to learn about available care and support programs, access services through VA, and connect you with a Caregiver Support Coordinator at your local VA medical center.

        The Caregiver Support Line also offers monthly telephone discussions on a variety of self-care and other topics such as relaxation, anger management, and long-term care planning. To learn more about these monthly calls, listen to a recording or view the related handout. Join at any time; call the Caregiver Support Line for full details.

  37. It’s available to all those in Wash DC– but not for those of us in the heartland.

    1. Sandy,
      That’s because D.C. isn’t a state! They make up their own rules to fit their agenda!

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