Rep Warren Davidson

Rep. Warren Davidson Says Some Veterans Are ‘Moochers’ And ‘Pretenders’

Rep. Warren Davidson

One Ohio Republican, Rep. Warren Davidson, called veterans clogging up the disability compensation system “moochers” and “pretenders” faking symptoms.

In a town hall event, Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) made some shocking claims comparing veterans to workers comp moochers:

“Just like workers comp out here’s got moochers, I wish that there were no vets that were the same sort of problem on our society. But part of the problem is there are some vets that are moochers and they’re clogging up the system, and we do as taxpayers want to make sure the VA filters out these folks that are pretenders. Just like we wish there were no people out there with stolen valor, but that’s a problem in the vet community, too.”

His comments drew heavy criticism from Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL), “I can only hope that Rep. Warren Davidson misspoke, and I look forward to him clarifying his remarks.”

Marching into this election cycle, I think it’s important for Americans and veterans to consider statements like these when voting.

It is noteworthy to highlight that Rep. Davidson’s military experience was solely through the lens of a West Point graduate. His perspective of veterans was no doubt shaped by that military experiences.

After service Rep. Davidson when on to earn an MBA from Notre Dame to run the family business from 20 employees to over 200.


According to the Rep. Warren Davidson congressional website:

“Warren was born and raised in Ohio. After high school, he enlisted in the Army going on to serve for 12 years. While serving in Germany, he witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall. He excelled as a soldier compelling his commanders to recognize his work ethic and leadership potential. This earned Warren an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

“At West Point Warren excelled in the classroom by finishing in the top ten percent of his class. Warren majored in American History and minored in Mechanical Engineering, which led to a healthy obsession with the principles instilled in the Declaration of Independence and the Checks and Balances defined in the Constitution. His stellar reputation as an Army officer earned him positions in distinguishing units: The Old Guard, The 75th Ranger Regiment, and the 101st Airborne Division.

“In 2000, Warren returned to Ohio to help move his father’s manufacturing business forward. As part of reshaping the family business, Warren started another business and earned an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and graduated with honors. Warren has built cultures of excellence, growing the family shop from 20 employees to multiple companies with over 200.

“Warren recently celebrated 21 years of marriage with his lovely wife Lisa. They are proud of their children, Zachary and Rachel. He is active in the community and is the former Chairman of the Dayton Region Manufacturers Association, where the focus is on promoting careers in manufacturing and advancing the industry.

“As a Constitutional Conservative and Military Veteran Congressman Davidson, ‘Swears to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic …’ and to  ‘well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.'”


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  2. The rep. Davidson was a brass buckeye. Hmm. Weird to be calling out warriors on national TV with no rebuke? And to think, he is new to office only 3-4 months, and he is getting right to the heart of the problem in America, soon: Warriors vs Civilians. Silver spoon millennials with hardened warriors taking order from them.

    “Mr entitled, silver spooner, west pointer”. Anyone ever call you these things Rep Davidson?
    Im not that impressed with the fact that he didnt reenter service after leaving in 2000. Hello?! Your country needs you bro? Where are you? We trained you for 12 years, and now youre working a farm?

    He should have came back into the Army unless there was a hardship.

    To above poster. Ratings are what good republican trolls are all about. This guy is much more of a Republican OBVIOUSLY then he is a soldier from 75th, wouldnt you say? I would also say that because someone has early experience in the military een with elite units, they may take nothing with them to better the lives of others after.

    Adding another shit company to an already depressed set of low wage earners is more than likely what they do to make a profit, if any with the “family business”. Or perhaps clever tax arrangements, or deals with their friends in DC.

    There is absolutely nothing an Ohio freshman rep should be talking about that concerns disabled veterans. Youre an empty suit. You are on my list of idiot mouthy freshman reps actually.

    Not badd tho! This Rep, has built daddys farm into a 200 employee business in 15 years! Schew these republicans have that money now dont they?

    I dont give a shit what this guy says ANYMORE… even if he went to Ft Benning. But he is definitely on my Google alerts list now. No more TV time without organized rebuke.

    1. And I wanted to add, that in no way whatsoever, should this leave a bookmark in this guys experience, where he gets to lead the charge of even pick up the briefcase for a warrior that has done their research properly, for which there are FAR more than in these idiots’ offices. But, please, everyone. Remember this guy, put a google alert on him and always give him some taste of defeat. There are more choices in the congress and the white house and even inside VA from post 9/11 vets.. for which Davidson is not… that could be trusted to carry the torch for the issues involving civilians complaining about federal compensation pay to injured and diseased vets. Davidson didnt deploy did he? Did he?

  3. Actually, I am also a veteran and I know both Warren Davidson AND Daniel Gade.

    1) For those who are bad-mouthing Daniel Gade, stop spreading your ignorance and go google his story. You have absolutely NO CLUE what you’re talking about but, for those who do know Daniel Gade, your comments are embarrassing … to you.

    2) I was present at the meeting when Warren Davidson made his original comment about “moochers.” Knowing the press, you should also know (or at least suspect) that his comment was taken totally out of context. What he said was that, like every government program, there is waste, fraud and abuse. The VA is no different. As tax-paying Americans, that fact should infuriate you. His point was simply that there is a tiny minority of veterans who abuse the system, just like there are a tiny minority of veterans who steal valor. Is this really such a wild-eyed concept to accept?!

    It continues to amaze me that veterans, who sometimes wrap their identity around their past service and are quick to promote a “badass” view of themselves as a result, are so vulnerable and get their feelings hurt by such a clearly demonstrable truth as what Warren Davidson ACTUALLY said.

    Good grief …

  4. What looks like a douche-bag, talks like a douche-bag, and thinks like a douche-bag? Rep. Warren Davidson. That’s who.
    Nobody gives a rat’s ass what the turd has to say.

  5. Rep Davidson, I hope you and other members of our congress will continue to root out the dishonest folks that give all service men and women a bad image to the general public. There are many folks out there that truly deserve the help. They answered the call to duty and unknowingly suffered many injuries and should be justly rewarded for their sacrifices.

  6. I know this to be true personally. I am a 40% disabled Marine with disfiguring scars, nerve damage, hearing loss, and a twice repaired knee, all occurring in my 8 years of active service. A civilian coworker of mine was active duty Air force as well as his wife who retired with 20 years of service. His friend was a reviewing physician for the VA and did him a favor by giving his wife 80% disability. She sat behind a desk for 20 years (truth from my coworker’s mouth), and was given 80% because of her aching back. My coworker asked his friend if that was too much of a “hook-up” and wondered if they would get into trouble. His reply, “Don’t worry, noone has noticed yet.” There are VETERANS who are mooching off the system.

    1. Put this story in your pipe and smoke it:

      WASHINGTON — Sen. Claire McCaskill called on the Pentagon to investigate ties that a general on the Joint Chiefs of Staff had to a defense contractor after USA TODAY reported he had been fired last week.

      Brig. Gen. Michael Bobeck was fired for having an extramarital affair, but USA TODAY revealed that he had lived rent free in the home of a defense contractor.

      McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said she had serious questions about Bobeck’s relationship with Joseph Ferreira, an official with Peduzzi Associates, a lobbying and consulting firm that works for Sikorsky, the maker of the helicopters used by the National Guard air units that Bobeck worked for.

      “We’ve seen far too often the effects of the revolving door between the military and contractors to believe that this is simply a coincidence,” McCaskill wrote in her letter to acting Pentagon Inspector General Glenn Fine.

      Bobeck is the third Army general in recent weeks to be fired. On Friday, the Army also announced the abrupt dismissal of one of its rising stars, Maj. Gen. Wayne Grigsby, commander of the 1st Infantry Division at Fort Riley, Kan. Grigsby is subject of an official investigation, and an Army statement Monday said there were concerns about his ability to lead.

      Military officials did not disclose Bobeck’s firing, nor did they announce the sacking this spring of the so-called swinging general, Maj. Gen. David Haight, whose lascivious lifestyle ended his once-promising career. They likely would have retired quietly if their cases had not been discovered.

      1. “”””

      2. Sure looks like at least THREE top tier Generals have been fired recently because they were MOOCHING. The elite should not throw their stars around in a glass conference room.

    2. Replying to Lloyd: Sounds like a fair deal once again. 20 years of service. My back is shit. Give me money. OK! Thanks. Go away. Now we have these cockroach actuaries beginning to surface disguised as concerned citizens that still dont have anything that could save more than 50 million maybe 100 million per year without causing problems to it beyond the savings. I would also even increase the amount of fraud inside compensation to at least 15% of the 65 Billion, or ,9 billion wasted. however, to reform this, requires political action and backbone that will not exist for another 50 years. 🙂

      Therefore, they are spending out the two wars and theyre glad to do it. Its a cheap alternative to house, clothe, nourish, and educate a warrior instead of having him or her rot. If he rots, you have a problem two fold: him and his family.

      As we can all see now, that the 10 billion that is wasted, if we could strip say half of the vets who are doing this of their theived awards.. we would still only save a few hundred million because of the administration of the program would need at least a 5 billion influx from congress or perhaps double, just to bring in those fraudulent checks.

      Theres no money in coming after “greedy” vets.

      Because compensation is different than any other award by any other government, it should be treated as such, with warriors leading the talks, and those with injuries and illnesses at the table.

      Folks, I dont care how old you are, use your Gi Bill, We need a bunch of post 9-11 vets to get all degreed up and keep going so we can keep these idiots out of our kids’ ways.

      I swear there are some smart people out there in Washington, but they dont think for themselves and they cant be trusted.

  7. It’s very easy for Davidson to submit a bill which has virtually no chance of passing. It’s nothing more than BS as he knows congress would never accept the VA as their medical provider.

    He does appear to be one of those republicans that simply does not support veterans. I would hope veterans would not support him or his company.

  8. It seems this douche nozzle wants to tout his peace time military service when it helps his business or political career, while smearing any other veteran, peace or war time, as moochers.

    Earlier news stories reported him as a Ranger but didn’t mention a time period insinuating his service may have been in Iraq or Afghanistan. It doesn’t matter when he served, but the suggestion it was recent does.

    Too bad it wasn’t. He may have gotten a very quick education in addition to whatever he picked up in college.

    What is it about so many West Pointers becoming such arrogant snakes?

    Since he has never used the VA, how the hell would he ever know what kind of veterans do go there?

    He clearly has not associated with many vets who do go to the VA, or he would have heard from plenty to let him know the facts.

    The final question I have is this. How are recent visitors here going to take this post by Ben?

    How can it be that some far right wing web blog using a misleading, phishing kind of luring title that draws in starry eyed daffodils that doesn’t help veterans and should be banned forever from the planetary interests can write such a true, factual treatise that all children should study in school report on a member of the Republican party?

    It MUST be a trick!!

    1. IN this day of tricks people use with social media with full intentions of gaining “likes & followers”, it would seem outrageous no chance of passing Bills are one Veteran despiser is attempting to do…to give his calling card. Would the same Koch Brothers whom back some ‘Veteran Groups’ be one of Davidson’s donors?
      How many contracts with the VA and DoD has his companies gained using that “Veteran Preference”? West Point Preference? How many Disabled Veterans does Davidson give Preferential Hiring to? How many Disabled Veterans in his District are feeling the woes of the madhouse VAMC in Cincinnati? Have only heard really wacky things going on there from other Vets and a few that even moved to my area so they would not be forced to even use the Cincy VAMC.

      Oh silly me, they must all be moochers wanting healthcare that is not deathcare.

  9. He is right. Anyone who knows about entitlement benefits knows there are always a certtain number of people trying to get something to which they are not entitled. Law of 1. Human nature and
    2. Law of averages. Some vets always have a claim going incase there is a change in law or more often hoping a different VA rating specialist will look at the same evidence and come to a different conclusion. Then the appeals that have zero chance of succeeding, but some guys want to continue anyway. To believe that vets are different than all other people in respect to filing for benefits is absurd. Representing veterans of all eras for more than 20 years gave me ample education to identify those who were dishonest or were career claimants. I won’t put a percentage on it, but it’s significant enough to slow down the adjudication process. If you are not one of ‘those’ guys then you won’t take offense. Never fails however some people think I am the enemy because I cast some veterans in an unfavorable light. For some reason the truth doesn’t sit well for some people when it doesn’t match their picture of reality.

      1. I asked because Veterans definitely tend to have a better sense of integrity and quite often a Veteran has to be at or near death’s door for someone to finally make sense that it’s “time” to finally make that VA Service Connection Claim.
        Having gone through the SSA/SSDI meat grinder and the VA meat grinder, I can tell you I saw MANY Americans trying to pull one or many over SSA but in my years with my own personal VA Claim I have YET to even talk to another Veteran that sounded remotely like a malingerer or moocher.
        You Are Wrong with your personal bias.

    1. Given your history, you may very well have knowledge of those who are trying to game the system, but there is no way to convince me that they are clogging the system to the point the VA is in the situation it is in today.

      Particularly when so many adjudicators rubber stamp a denial on many first claims.

      Filing a claim or an appeal does not prevent the VA from scheduling timely appointments as we saw in Phoenix and elsewhere, and continue to see.

      There would not be claims or appeals filed if the VA were not reducing the disability percentage of veterans from 100% to 50% without adequate medical evidence. Many that I read about suggest those decisions are arbitrary and have little basis.

      24,000 TBI veterans would not be clogging up the system now if the VA provided adequate exams to those veterans the first time around.

      It takes many years before VA adjudicators accept changes in the law and adjudicate a claim to be service connected rather than denying the claim. And even then, as we see with Thomas Murphy, years of evidence of health effects from Agent Orange does not mean a service connected ruling. Perhaps VA managers thinking they know more than medical researchers or clinicians are causing clogs in the claims system.

    2. Also, did you know ‘adjudicators’ get paid taxpayers dollars for each claim they deny!
      I know this to be fact! So go on with the VA is overwhelmed with claimants! If they did their job right the first time, they wouldn’t be in the fix their in now!

  10. This is the guy that replaced Boehner in Cincinnati…….. all he was doing was testing the waters to see how PO’d people will get ,,,,,, in the end veterans will be blamed for the high cost of the VA system.
    He will cherry pick, as another commenter posted, the ‘instances’ where ‘mooching’ occurred …after he floats this balloon with the citizenry……. . then he will try to convince non-disabled veterans who use the VA healthcare system that the disabled vets are the ones draining the money from the VA. Then he will try to convince purple heart veterans that the disabled vets who weren’t injured in combat shouldn’t receive cash benefits,…….. then he will convince the citizenry that veterans are ‘freeloaders’ who pay no taxes on veteran disability payments.

    This is the politics of scapegoating….. and dividing people.
    Go on and make your voice heard

  11. Hey, namnibor, after reading all these comments, sounds to me Rep. Warren Davidson is almost like a Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Bobbie McDuck in his resume!

  12. That’s like saying the elderly are clogging up the social security system with their overwhelming number of applications for benefits.
    Well, for a pen-pushing, keyboard commando like WARREN DAVIDSON, it’s beyond his grasp and understanding just how the VA would actually process disability benefits for any or all REAL veterans who come forward to receive what they so rightly deserve. So what’s this clown in a suit’s standard of measure for disability? Double amputee? Missing half a skull from a TBI? Burns over 80% of the body? Heck, according to this graduate with honors from the Ronald McDonald Academy for the gifted: can a “veteran” who is applying for disability benefits walk and talk? If so, HE”S A MOOCHER! So where exactly does this clown perform his acts? I’ll give him something to MOOCH ON!

  13. Although Congressman Warren Davidson served in the US Army, from his bio it appears he has zero combat experience. Sure he served as an enlisted man in Germany during the late 1980’s to 1991, went to Ranger School and West Point, and all that; however, his own biography points to his lack of any war zone experience. He was never in a war zone nor has he ever lead soldiers in such situations. After obtaining his $250,000 West Point education at taxpayer expense in 1995, he quickly resigned from the Army and returned to civilian life prior to 9/11/2001. For all intents and purposes, he is a “poser” at combat related experience and insults combat injured vets who don’t have to back up to the counter to get their benefits. It’s too back he promotes himself as a tough guy veteran officer when he really has no idea what’s its like to really serve your country without whining. The VA’s own published research found no evidence of malingering veterans falsely claiming benefits of any kind… hell … life’s too short, who’s got the time, right?!

    1. Do you know if he’s ever been asked why he didn’t Volunteer days after 9/11, 2001 to actually be a Warrior? Then there was March of 2003 when we went into Iraq, and a highly trained Ranger could have been used.

      1. Gary, I hope youre brass, it would really make that comment stick man. Brass needs to out this guys play on social media blasphemy. Anyways, I know a Marine or two in Boston who happen to be looking to irritate someone from West Point without Combat experience. Who knows, maybe theyve bred him as the next PAtton? To reform the compensation system?

        Certainly not reforming warfare, is he?, Gary?

  14. I have been saying for years to anyone who will listen or een if they don’t: When the wars start calming down and they go to fix the budget and make cuts the first area will be the veterans.

    When I came back home and spent far too many hours watching cspan, I watched generals complain about retirement pay, especially the special pays given to soldiers medically retired due to injury in the war.

    The same generals who found ways to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on their friends businesses in building alternative gas stations in Afghanistan.

    So I wonder if his tool business does either direct business with DOD or with companies with DOD contracts.

    His business also does work in China.

    The VA needs to rid itself of the mindset of the few who take advantage and instead concentrate on taking care of veterans.

    Sure I have a neighbor who told me he lied about an injury and I have heard a few such cases. Nonetheless, most people I know who deal with the Va and a number. of those who refuse to have serious issues related to their time in service. Why can’t the focus, when something is so inefficient be on not making the honest feel like criminals for the small number of those who game the system?

    You think with PTSD and paranoia it is helpful to be treated that way or to deal with that bs? No. I just want to be better. I just want my mind to work as good as it did. I just want to stop feeling anxious; be able to sleep through most nights.

  15. Maybe my brothers and sisters who die everyday are the persons he is talking about! F him hum 7 weeks of recess didn’t do him any good only to come back and vote for a raise for himself and his buddies on both sides

  16. Another item clogging up the system is inadequately trained adjudicators and adjudicators using the circular file to clear their desks. I had a adjudicator schedule a hearing 3 times in 1995 during periods I told him I’d be traveling over seas and then closed the case. I reported it to OIG and there was a rubber stamp close but my appeal was still treated as open for years and is still open because I never received material; films and EEG tracings with differing opinions on different dates; that I wanted to get a third and reconciling opinion on because adjudicators weren’t resolving doubt in my favor.

    There was a change from recognizing temporal lobe sharp waves as being with or without seizures during the 1980s and early 1990s. The “cutting edge theory” promoted by the VA that “sharp waves” were “psychogenic or pseudo” has been overturned by using intracranial electrodes which then show the “epileptiform spiking” in the same area scalp electrodes show only “sharp waves”.

    This means that many veterans with partial and complex partial seizures are being treated as being mental patients as “drifty” or “lazy” or other tags for seizures that are altered states of consciousness which could be treated successfully with seizure medications and not require compensation. But because a significant number do not respond to seizure medications or because side effects make them intolerable to the patients many would be TDIU. And that the VA doesn’t want to recognize. So they end up coping on the street homeless and using ETOH to cope because it makes them not care. Or they commit suicide because their reality check function has been diminished and they don’t even recognize what is wrong, why their former productive selves are no longer productive, etc.

    1. This is a really great post about the “Reality Check Function” diminishing in some minds, and also terrifying to hear is that people that led great lives productive lives get squashed into a small matchbook box without outlets, feelings and people, sure, you got a problem. Unreal post man. Thank you for the personal story.

  17. The distinguished gentlemen from the State of Nomooch may have a point. When the munchkins from the land of Nomooch all decided to send their Representative from the East side of the realm of Oz to help the great wizard change humans into Nomooch Munchkins, they all knew very well the effect of clogging because munchkins only wear clogs.

    Following the goddamn Yellow Brick road in clogs is hella difficult and slows everything down. Getting to the poppies is a bitch, plus the brick maintenance fund is overbudget already.

    So in defence of the legitimately and well thought out comments from the Representative from the State of Nomooch, I must say that we should definately remove the clogs in the system.

    Maybe he will get a heart as a reward for removing clogs from Moochers. Who knows…the Great Oz has PTSD and VA care so he is pretty unstable….

    I ask my brother warriors to give the distinguished Munchkin from Nomooch Land the benefit of the doubt here. Have a heart.

    1. Words of the day are “Clogged” and “Moochkins”. 🙂 Thanks, you made me laugh and needed those endorphins about now!

    2. The Great OZ was exposed to VA Telemedicine!! Now it’s not just the monkeys that he sees flying! Poppies! Beautiful Poppies! Slee-eee-eee-p my pretty, Slee-eee-eep! Muhahaahaaa 🙂

  18. Well I certain do not care for Rep Davidson’s comments on Veterans. There is one bill that he has proposed that I could fully stand behind.

    Last week Davidson introduced the Lead by Example bill that would require members of Congress, the Senate and their staffers to switch their health care to the VA system by January 2019.

    According to an article in the Dayton Daily News.

    his new bill that he campaigned on during his run for election.

    Last week Davidson introduced the Lead by Example bill that would require members of Congress, the Senate and their staffers to switch their health care to the VA system by January 2019.

    “One of the best ways to reform the VA is consistent scrutiny, consistent oversight,” Davidson said.


    1. In the article Davidson also said:

      “that while there is a committee to provide oversight for the VA in Congress, Davidson suggested, “Why not have everyone in Congress — senators, Congressmen, staff members — everywhere across the county dealing wit the VA.”

      While I certainly would support his bill. The only draw back that I can see regarding the bill he has submitted to congress is that if it were to pass and became law. Then the VA would truly be flooded with long time professional Moochers.

      1. And those member of Congress and Staffers would get specialized care, you just know it, this potentially could also further entrench the VA with Politicians making “promises” in order to get Dr.’s to give the care that Vets will not get…great idea and I have proposed this very idea for some years now, but until the rat bastards are kicked off the decks of the V.A. Titanic, the corrosion remains.

      2. Fully agree Namnibor,

        But in checking I have to wonder why the big smear campaign on Davidson. We both know that the bill will never pass. But it does seem to shine a different light on Davidson.

      3. TO ALL READERS: Obamacare exchanges are here to stay, penalties for the businesses that refuse to treat patients and add members. Litigation coming from Hillary. 🙂 Presidential Powers may be necessary to restore efficiency that are rapidly being jeopardized by the scandalous malfeasance of today’s corporations and 35% of practicing or researching, and/or working medical doctors. Scheeweee

        I tell yah, from where I sit, I have a pretty good read on the markets. Little lucky if you’d say. These Health Maintenance Organizations and Provider Organizations and Landgrabbers what have yah, They sure skinned everything and the cat for P&L this past 9 years. Ticker Symbols: UNH, AET, ANTM, CI, CNC, HUM, LH, DGX etc. These folks have a good market so they can irritate a few customers. Shareholders wont be upset about unlucrative deals either. 🙂

        Also, the culture of young scientifics is one where its a utopia for them to design, a “Everyone’s a doctor paradise” if you will.. Its a small culture that will build quickly in the major cities soon if it hasnt already in yours.

        Take a look around town too. They’ve acquired so much land, so much stuff, there are even early retirements after 15-20 years! Especially rare specialists that number in the 1000’s of US graduates per cycle. These are the people that are going to take over the world thru their appeal of never ending life. Im telling you, Ive studied these folks. And it deserves a good book or two to read on everyone’s part that is a disabled veteran and that reads my post. These people will be our greatest contenders. Greatest.

        This will be my last post for a few weeks due to moving, until then everyone!

        Have a great day.


    2. Another article on the Davidson Bill.

      “Davidson wants Congress to get health care from VA
      Bill faces long odds because each member would have to switch their health care plans.”; by Jessica Wehman, Journal News, 09/13/2016.


      Washington Bureau

      Rep. Warren Davidson — the newest member of Ohio’s congressional delegation — wants members of Congress and their staff to receive health care from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

      Davidson, R-Troy, an Army veteran who promised to push the effort during his run for Congress, introduced a bill Tuesday that would create that requirement, saying it would push Congress to improve VA health care.

      “Overhauling the VA is no easy task and will require consistent and intentional Congressional oversight for years to come,” Davidson said in a release announcing the bill. “My bill will ensure members of Congress have stakes in improving the failing program for our veterans.”

      In a brief interview, he said he hoped Congress would be “willing to lead by example” in taking on VA health care.

      Davidson, a former Army Ranger, said though he is a veteran, he has tried to use other health care. He currently receives health care through an exchange created by the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

      But getting the bill passed could be difficult: It would force members of Congress and their staffs to drop their own health care plans.

      Davidson’s bill — the first he’s introduced during his time in Congress — is a response to a lengthy scandal over a broken VA health care system. In the days after that scandal, Congress increased funding for VA health care and created new programs to address the issues. But Davidson said the problems persist.

      He wrote about the idea in a lengthy article for the National Review arguing that the nation is “morally bankrupt” if it doesn’t care for its veterans.

      “Veterans know the struggle of waiting months to receive a routine checkup or common surgical procedure,” he wrote. “Once members of Congress have to wait months for routine checkups or common surgical procedures, I’m guessing it won’t take long for them to see the desperate need to fix the problem.”

      Davidson, a Miami County businessman, was elected in a special election in June to fill House Speaker John Boehner’s vacated eighth district seat, and is on the ballot again in November. Boehner, R-West Chester, retired last fall.

      1. OK, Davidson wants all the Washington politicians and aids to use the VA. In his words, “To lead by example!”
        Yet, Davidson is using the Affordable Care Act right now!
        This doesn’t sound like he’s willing to “lead”, YET!
        Two things.
        1.) I agree with namnibor, in that IF Davidson were to switch to VA for healthcare, he’d definitely receive “special treatment”!
        2.) As you say Seymore, we’d definitely have a WHOLE LOT OF MOOCHERS receiving healthcare at VA!
        The Washington elite will never pass this! It just doesn’t pass their agenda of getting richer off the backs of the taxpayers!!!!

      2. This is the pattern I have taken notice of: The VA tends to leave little selectively released breadcrumbs in the news that almost always lead to a cash grab. Create the problem so you can sell the packaged new problem, and the boxes within boxes warp space/time continuum until they get whatever it is they want.
        Often with Politicians, and so sorry to have to say this, but ex-military turned Politicians, seem to become warped and quickly as if it was communicable or something…so Davidson obviously is MOOCHING valuable Congressional Session time with a dud round from the start…for what point? Would that not be litigiously malingering? Mooching? 🙂
        Is this like the VA, and esp. when you tie a story warm and fuzzy with it being a Veteran turned Politician, but immediately calls us moochers, just to get the idea out there with some SHOCK value to gain that attention, plant the seed of Congress using the VA…Utopia? Not quite.
        The VA Requires an ENEMA! A Massive Cleansing is in order of the plumbing. Top to bottom.
        Audit. $$ Rinse. Repeat.
        Make the VA a transitional platform for exiting career military to bring their experience and treat each other the way we wish to be treated With respect.
        Congressional Session Mooching. Yep, just invented it.
        Rant Out.

      3. When I said the VA requires a massive enema top to bottom, I am inferring that initially, the VA Upper Management needs flushed, and replace with polar opposite of what jumped ship or was tossed overboard with competent Veterans, preferably, and not of the type that come from ivory towers of experience. No, down in trench, regular folk if possible.

        Then that completely replaced Upper Management must rule with an iron fist to make the VA a place to be proud of or those lower management can just wash out the second phase massive enema, which is self-cleaning if you have UCMJ type accountability and tight ship run.


        This is just a start. Require VA OIG to be Military Veterans and report directly to the FBI/CIA.

        Change things around so the VA Secretary is a Disabled Veteran (job requirement), and do something about this POTUS being over the VA Sec., seems there needs to be a different chain of command element there. Something to ensure what Obama and his DOJ have refused to do re: the VA and that is prosecute…

        It sounds all nice and tidy suggesting that accountability will suddenly manifest itself if Congress is required to use the VA but that would mean those bastards would be clogging the pipes in D.C. area VAMC’s or will possibly write themselves a ticket to use “CHOICE” to go to Mayo or Cleveland Clinic type places since they are on the go so much; when REAL Leadership is what’s needed. An that massive enema.

    3. I agree his bill would result in changes, if it ever had a snowballs chance in hell of passing.

      The question someone should have asked is, if the VA is clogged with moochers, why clog it up more with perfumed moochers?

      Or, if the VA is only bad because it is clogged up with moochers, why would Congress have to get health care to see how bad it is?

      Seems a few moochers would be rather easy for such smart Congressmen to fix, particularly one who went to West Point.

      1. Namnibor I love this post about a different chain of command for the VA sec. If he/she is/was at least an E5 and or/ O4 upon entering the White House. then there is an acception.

  19. The article states he was assigned to the 75th Rangers as an ‘outstanding officer’ so when did he go through Ranger School, as well as Airborne School? The 101st is Air Mobile now and does not jump on a regular basis. If he was in fact a Ranger why didn’t he Volunteer for the War of Choice in Iraq? He could have Volunteered for Afghanistan as well. I’ve 4 nephews and one niece who have done multiple tours in both of those countries. Dad was Merrill’s Marauders, MAAG Vietnam, 173rd Airborne Brigade in 1965 Vietnam, and retired out of the 82nd Airborne. I served in the 7th Infantry Korea and the AMERICAL Vietnam. This dude spouting off is typical of those who feel superior to those who are not “Officers” or Ring Knockers.

  20. Here’s two articles out through “”!
    #1.) Was from 26 Sept 2016 “Military Daily News”,
    “Official: One-Third of Calls to VA Suicide Hotline Roll Over”

    AP | by Mathew Daly

    This article gives the reader a “WTF” kinda attitude against VA! Is the number of suicides by veterans really only 20 each day? After reading this, I believe it’s much higher. It just isn’t being properly reported!


    #2.) Is about our friendly “murderer of veterans in Phoenix, Az., Sharon Helman!”

    From “”
    “Veteran Groups Intervene in Fired Phoenix VA Director Lawsuit”
    27 Sept 2016
    “Stars and Stripes | by Travis J. Written

    Only question is, “WHAT THE FUCK TOOK THEM SO LONG TO ‘BACK-UP’ VETERANS?” Instead of ‘backing-up’ the VA?
    Kinda makes one wonder, huh?!?!!??

    1. Election Season…$$$$$$$$. Obvious answer. They must make themselves appear as doing their original “mission” of you know, fighting FOR Veterans….but once the check has cleared it will be back to rooting for the VA and vilifying Veterans. Just a stage dance and horse and pony show,

      1. namnibor, brother, I was being extremely facetious on my “What the Fuck took them so long!” line about the VSO’s!
        It’s self evident these VSO’s don’t give a rats ass about veterans, whether their members or not!

  21. I somehow missed it in this “glamor vitae of Rep. Warren Davidson’s” where he has actually showed empathy and outreach to Disabled or otherwise Veterans. However, an awful lot about his family’s business success…all apparently due to his “whiz kid knowledge”, but nowhere in there am I seeing him talking about those Vets he refers as “MOOCHERS” that are still fighting VA care/VBA for Agent Orange, Burn Pits, Depleted Uranium, shoddy body armor/IED’s…and more…that disconnect is strong with this meathead. I bet his PAC and Backer$ are proud of his lockstep status-quo and AFGE stance to protect the VA Cookie Jar from us MOOCHER Vets!

    Damn! I fully invite Rep. Warren Davidson to spend just one day in any of your shoes for a widening of that view of his called tunnel vision with blinders. You Sir, are arrogant and ignorant to use such a small number, not even a % to try to paint the problems at the VA as we Veterans as “maligners and moochers”….you must have been allowed to have extra cookies and milk for skipping those courses on Logic and Reason at West Point. Silver Spooned Entitled Schmuck!

    Rant Out.

    1. namnibor,
      I wonder how many veterans, disabled or not, does Davidson employ at that “thriving company” he owns?

      1. Would not surprise me if his own company the article said he also started, was manufacturing industrial shredders for the VA.

    2. This guy reminds me of the Major in Heartbreak Ridge. A bean-counting bureaucrat jumping over dollars to save pennies.

  22. No where does this individual say anything about serving in a war zone. Did he forget to mention that little piece of information, or is it just not in his resume?
    Don and namnibor have said just about everything needed to be said!
    Don references the (%) percentage of vets caught defrauding the government vs the total amount of veterans actually receiving disability.
    namnibor, has asked “WHAT” is his underlying agenda? Could he be wanting to “cash in” by being in VA’s upper management?
    There’s definitely an agenda there. What it is, is unclear at this moment!

    1. Carzy elf- Damn, we think alike sometimes. Did not see your post while making coffee and going back to laptop, LOL!

  23. Anyone notice and remember the exact type of thinking of a poster that used to come on here in past couple years, not often, but yet another West Pointer that thinks Veterans are “moochers”, “Dan Gade” was his name, I believe…pretty much in same thought cloud as Rep. Warren Davidson? This must be what they are teaching at West Point these days: projecting Veterans as degenerates and moochers.

    However, if I used Rep. Warren Davidson’s same faulty logic, I could ALSO conclude that ALL West Point Grads are entitled silver spooners, wanting Veterans to suffer and die because we are burdens, thus, clogging-up the system. However, that would not be accurate would it? I made an extreme generalization based upon two prominently strong against Disabled Veterans from West Point Grads and used that thing called sweeping stereotyping to project upon ALL as bad…also known as an extreme generalization….but I am going with stereotyping.

    Meanwhile, these same walking meatheads turn a convenient blind eye to the salvos of fraud/corruption BY VA Upper Management and Lower Management Employees.

    I’d say someone somewhere has an agenda to vilify Disabled Veterans and paint us as moochers to probably support the VA’s desire to only allow any Veteran to file -1- Claim and *maybe* -1- appeal and that’s it, if even that. An agenda definitely must be at hand or they would not be trying to repaint the dialogue about problems at the VA by turning it around and projecting the entire problem onto we Veterans!!!!

    Disconnected Rat Bastard, Rep. Davidson.

    1. McCain wanted to reform the compensation system that would tie the amount of compensation to the rank attained in the military – which is an elitist approach from an Annpolis grad.

      1. Why does this not surprise me.

        As if some officer with hemorrhoids after driving a desk for 20 years should get compensated more for his “disability” than some private who got his legs blown off from an IED.

        PS. I REALLY need to check the misleading title of this web blog site. Bashing Republicans all the time!

    2. Actually, I am also a veteran and I know both Warren Davidson AND Daniel Gade.

      1) For those who are bad-mouthing Daniel Gade, stop spreading your ignorance and go google his story. You have absolutely NO CLUE what you’re talking about but, for those who do know Daniel Gade, your comments are embarrassing … to you.

      2) I was present at the meeting when Warren Davidson made his original comment about “moochers.” Knowing the press, you should also know (or at least suspect) that his comment was taken totally out of context. What he said was that, like every government program, there is waste, fraud and abuse. The VA is no different. As tax-paying Americans, that fact should infuriate you. His point was simply that there is a tiny minority of veterans who abuse the system, just like there are a tiny minority of veterans who steal valor. Is this really such a wild-eyed concept to accept?!

      It continues to amaze me that veterans, who sometimes wrap their identity around their past service and are quick to promote a “badass” view of themselves as a result, are so vulnerable and get their feelings hurt by such a clearly demonstrable truth as what Warren Davidson ACTUALLY said.

      Good grief …

  24. Quote from Raw Story:

    “As a veteran, I know the sub-par care that many of my brothers and sisters in arms have received, and I will not be content until that is changed,” Davidson said. “Any effort to suggest I have anything other than a soldier’s passion for providing our veterans with the care they deserve is dishonest.”

    His spokesman cited four cases of VA benefits fraud uncovered this year, all of which were prosecuted.

    Only one of those four cases involved VA health care services, when a California man falsely claimed to be a decorated Marine Corps veteran to get health care benefits and other assistance.

    The Inspector General’s Office investigated 14 cases between Oct. 1, 2015, and March 31, 2016, which resulted in five arrests.

    Four cases out of hundreds of thousands…I wouldn’t exactly call that “clogging up the system. ” Even the 14 investigated by the IG is a drop in the bucket when compared to the total number of cases…

    What’s clogging up the system is too many patients for a broken antiquated system…AFGE employees sitting on their buts instead of doing their jobs…Aurora Hospital gobbling up billions that could be used for care…unneeded art projects and solar projects gobbling up millions more…Rampant waste and corruption and the VA’s inability to deal with it…congress stonewalling funding and reforms efforts …

    Rep. Warren Davidson should have done some research before rolling out the old anti-veteran drumbeat…Four cases, or even the 14 investigated by IG is not what’s clogging up the system…

    1. Hey Don,

      While I certainly agree with you and know your assessment is correct. I was hoping you could post the title of the article so I could check it out.

      I know I had read an article about Davidson before that cited 4 of the examples like mentioned in the article you read.

      I know it mentioned the California man falsely claimed to be a decorated Marine Corps veteran to get health care benefits and other assistance.

      Also the article I had read mentioned the neighbor of a Veteran who had died and the neighbor had access to the dead Veterans bank checking account. Even though the neighbor was not a Veteran he keep draining the account because the VA kept sending the payments.

      So basically 2 out of the 4 cases cited involved non-Veterans stealing money meant for Veterans. In both of those case there were failures on apart of the VA that made the Crimes Viable.

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