va crisis line

Suicidal Veterans Abandoned Waiting For VA Crisis Line Operators

va crisis line

During Suicide Awareness Month, the VA Crisis Line has been called out for repeatedly failing veterans calling in for support during a suicidal crisis. Ironic.

About a month ago, we reported here that one veteran had his call routed out of the continental United States. He speculated the call was routed to India. New reports reveal one-third of the veterans calls are not being answered by front-line staff due to poor work habits and other problems. Back in May, an average of 35-40 percent of the calls rolled over into back-up call centers where works have less training to help veterans.


VA asserts the agency will fix the problem soon by increasing staff numbers in New York and opening a new call center in Atlanta.

Back in February, another report from OIG said 1 in 6 calls were redirected to the backup call centers. Some were routed into voicemail in at some locations where staffers were unaware that a voicemail system was in place and that they needed to check the messages.

How many veterans committed suicide as a result of these problems?

If the wait list scandal is any indicated, I would be surprised if we ever got the bottom of the matter, so do not hold your breath.


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  1. Donna, I believe you. You see the turds told me my pain wasn’t what I said it was. The last 5 days my pain is such that I can’t sleep, I’m not hungry and when I do eat, I often puke it back up. I am totally debilitated by this pain. I struggle every day to keep my 1911 out of my mouth. I spent over a decade on VA Morphine and finally was able to quit Feb 2015. Did the Almighty VA help? Are you fucking high? The very next 6. YEAH, SIX quacks did their very best to get me back on the Opiates. One of them actually tried to trick me back into addiction.
    My only hope is that I’ll be able to get REAL MEDICAL CARE outside the VA. But we’re going to have an election first and policies will have to be changed. If the ENEMY of this country “The Democrats” win we are all fucked. Nothing will change.
    Folks I’m not the type who will call a suicide hot line. My wife will come home and find my brains splatered on the wall. Or maybe I should show up at my local horror house with fire in my eyes and ice on my heart!

  2. Mary and everyone else, I strongly agree about the meds. My vet, agent orange, Type 2 Diabetic, severe upper and lower neuropathy, visited our local VA clinic for an appmt. The doctor asked him what his level of pain was, (from 0-10) when my
    vet replied 7-8, the doctor laughed right in his face and said that is impossible!!! I will put you down for a level 5 at best! How the hell can you be a qualified doctor and not only laugh at your patient but, falsify his records with what you think the Vet is feeling?? The whole system is a joke!!!

  3. This was actually a really great Town Hall…three months before his exit, but the dialogue about all Ben’s article’s and other issues are in the talk of mainstream news, namely Veteran Suicide and the VA’s failure to do right thing. Very incredibly moving testimony stories and questions posed to the POTUS. Interesting. No concrete answers, of course…only “it’s getting better”, and according to POTUS the 22 committing suicide are not getting or enrolled in VA Care…also Obama said over 80% of Veterans are very happy with their healthcare at the VA. CNN has talking heads from different org’s talking about what the POTUS did not address, nitty gritty frustrations with access to VA Care and more….this will in no way sway me towards Granny, because Obama made the sweeping exception the outstanding upper VA management as not the problem…but the influx of more Veterans from the wars. Long wars.

    Great to have this getting air time like this and hope it grows momentum.

    1. It is purely upper echelon that is at fault. WWII, although shorter was much greater in magnitude. Far more served and were coming into the system as Vietnam began also adding to the system.

      Blame your WWII Congressman and Presidents. They were aware of the magnitude of WWII and thought, because they had priority care at the military institutions, the VA didn’t need the level of funding (by that I mean percentage of budget and current dollars) that was needed post WWII as the WWII veterans requiring more care began dying off. They didn’t take into account many factors such as the increase of WWII veterans who had not previously needed the system were coming in because of old age. They were healthy so couldn’t feel the need.

      And they did not take into account the increase in civilians such as the merchant marines and contractors that they added to the system taxing it.

      So, I agree. The buck stops at the top. The very top.

    1. namnibor, I wonder if “gamecock” is “Craig Files”? Sounds a lot like what he’s been saying over a few days ago!
      Yep, sure sounds like “Troll Smell” is being spread around thickly today!

      On that “Town Hall”, you better believe all the questions will, more likely than not, be “scripted”.
      Can you imagine any active duty personnel asking negative questions to his/her Commander in Chief”!

      1. Supposed to be military Veterans there as well. Active. Survivors. Families. Which means the piss boys, VSO’s will not be far behind.

        Yes, that was a very familiar stench of rotten cabbage mixed with Hot Pocket Troll. 🙂

  4. I checked, it’s not my town hall. I agree, what is the meeting for? We’ve heard the stories before. We know what the results will be. Perhaps 3 Veterans will take his or her life during this meeting. Perhaps if they all brought a cell phone, and when a Veteran was making his or her last call, it could be routed to this hidden or fake meeting, and someone at this”town hall” could save a life. I don’t believe anything that POTUS or VA has to say about Veterans. They are way out of touch with Veterans, and I am getting the idea that most civilians haven’t a clue what is happening to Veterans, and This fictitious Dr. Sounded…..fictitious.

    1. This town hall BS is nothing more than theater, everybody knows it, but it will be reported as the greatest ever.

      Unfortunately there is a LOT of history that proves otherwise.

      The most recent slap of veterans is him allowing his DOJ to give the finger to Congress and veterans over the VA accountability law.

      I just wonder if McDonald will be there with his shit rating grin waiting to throw his panties at Obama.

  5. On CNN tonight at 9 p.m. I just saw announced that the POTUS is holding a “Town Hall On Veterans & The Military”…and in the snippets of Obama being interviewed about this Veteran Town Hall, it’s totally hypocritical because Obama talks about holding wrongdoers to Veterans when they ‘come back’ to full accountability and prosecute when it’s found! (paraphrased) WTF????!
    So, you cannot tell me this “Town Hall” has no other purpose than to attempt to garner the Military and Veteran VOTE because the same TV Talking Heads showed the POTUS’s current military and Veteran “Approval Rate” at best of 15%, and they claim it’s only in this past year Obama’s Military/Veteran Approval Rate went from mid-50% down to 15% on a sunny day with no wind.
    So, Obama is claiming all this and a kitchen sink but at the same time he and his DOJ have *consistently refused* to prosecute those caught in the cookie jar? WTF?

    Anyway, you all know this “Veteran Town Hall” is tonight on CNN @ 9 pm…funny, they failed to state WHERE this was being held but am sure other resourceful brothers/sisters on here will add to this as it unfolds. Why? Because the same TV Talking Heads stated that members of the military, Veterans, and survivors and special appearances of decorated former war soldiers had been invited to attend. Who? A handful of VSO’s and Fraudster Charity Fund operators?

    Will they even ask or talk about the past/current problems at the VA?

    Benjamin, why did they not make this public, errr, Veteran population formal “invite” via FB/Twitter and why announce it almost on the sly or have I been under a rock and hard place? I predict much VA Fairy Dust.

    1. “”””

      “CNN to host town hall with President Barack Obama”

      CNN will host the “CNN Presidential Town Hall: America’s Military and the Commander in Chief,” with President Barack Obama on Wednesday September 28 at 9 p.m. ET.

      CNN anchor and chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper will sit down with the President to discuss veterans, national security and foreign policy issues impacting the US military.

      Obama will field questions from the audience made up of active duty service members, veterans and the military community.

      The one-hour primetime event will take place in Fort Lee, Virginia, home of the Combined Arms Support Command.

      The town hall will air on CNN, CNN International and CNN en Español and will be streamed online and across mobile devices via CNNgo.”

      No mention of where this is being held and when the invites were put out there. This will be completely scripted. Wait for it.

  6. LMFAO !!!
    I absolutely LOVE this place, and reading the replies from yoo’s guys!
    All I have to say is this to all my buds here!


    That “Susan Ruiz, PhD” broad was NOT, I say again my last, NOT ME!!!!

    Gunny out! ………………….;)

  7. 09/28/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    What was the intent?

    The VA’s repeated failures, including the VA Hot line, ends with the same conclusion, every time.

    What was the intent of the promises that are not fulfilled?

    Legally speaking —-Hit them hard!

    Hit them with Treason.


    Don Karg

  8. I don’t have no love for any body who gives excusses working at the VA and hoping someone else stops all the corrupt failure in the VA,,, If I would of fought the war hoping someone else would kill my enemy I would not be here,,,,, don’t worry theres plenty of us Disabled Vets to Kill or continue to mistreat or just reck what little life we have,,,, It not going to stop,,,,,, the VA is only good at building new buildings ,, additions,,, hanging pictures,,,, carpeting ,,, putting up expensive chandeliers,,,, and other materialist things not taking on what are called Soldiers,,, who did do something that the other 97% of this country didn’t do,,,, I pray every day GOD give me back my strength to tear this VA appart and rebuild it into what it was meant to be,,,, EVERY DAY I PRAY FOR THE RETURN OF MY STRENGTH,,,,, and all you I call Vets who have your strength and have not been affected,,,, were the hell are you,,,,,, I didn’t leave you in the war I fought,,,,, steven g larson

  9. Interesting. The PBS article came out yesterday, and it quotes some flunky from the VA from Monday saying the VA is opening a new call center in Atlanta.

    How many freaking months does it take to open this place?

    Doing a search using “veterans call center Atlanta” shows Bob announcing the opening of a new call center in Atlanta on August 1, yet the VA is saying in the PBS article on Monday the same thing.

    Why has it taken 2 months to get this place open?

    Also reading the PBS article are the same BS comments from Shulkin about veteran suicide being a “top priority” at the VA.

    Clearly not if you are still announcing the opening of a new call center after 2 months.

    Now, some might say 2 months is a short time for bureaucrats to get their shit together and make something happen, but the PBS article shows the problem with calls going to voice mail was first reported in a VA IG report last February.

    Which means it went on for months before the IG finally got involved.

    Quite a top priority.

    Particularly when PBS reports calls to the hotline are 50 times more than the calls received in 2007 when the line first started.

    Shulkin can cite statistics that look favorable to the VA, while ignoring stats on how many months it takes the VA to act and improve after workload in a specific area increases 50 times.

    Finally, Atlanta seems to be a call center hub for many businesses and entities. Why is it taking so long for the VA to get this done?

    Are they building some new multi-million dollar palace for this function while other call centers already there sit empty?

    Or are they ignoring the problem altogether since try think it’s just Moochers calling anyway?

    1. The VA is still teaching the lab monkeys from Genomic Labs how to answer the phones. Once complete, the VA will subcontract Barnum & Baily to feed and clean cages of these monkeys to be on-schedule to answer VA Suicide Prevention Phone Lines.
      The monkeys are being trained to hit a specially contracted large yellow banana shaped button that once trained, the VA monkeys will push the banana button to call Local Law Enforcement for a suicidal standoff for ANY “concerning language”, and do note that the VA CARES about Veteran Suicide and only the very best genetically modified monkeys will be utilized in our call centers to answer phones. (spared no expense)

      Yes, I just compared the VA to Jurassic Park.

      1. Also note that it’s VA Monkeys training the genetically modified monkeys. These are tasks that no other VA Monkey wishes to perform and became problematic when the first batch of Genomic Lab’s VA Monkeys, years ago, became “self-aware of performance bonuses”, which placed the VA in the extended situation we are in now.

        The Rand Corporation ensures that THESE monkeys will NOT become self-aware, thus not infringe upon any of the other VA Primate’s Performance Bonuses. So easy a monkey can do it, once properly conditioned to the large yellow banana shaped knob called suicide prevention. The VA OIG concur.

      2. Hey Namnibor,

        Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the monkeys have all now joined AFGE while in training. Now that the monkeys are all on the payroll, unionized and having to give AFGE a slice of each of their bananas.

        They are now fighting for more bananas before they complete their training. Cox’s has called for them to start shelving the paper work on their progress until they get more bananas. They are now also fighting for better position within the VA that pay a lot more bananas. Some of the monkeys have volunteered to help out with the VA Doctor shortage by taking on the job.

        Robbie McDonald has been in confess with Bob Dole and a representative from Chiquita and worked out an a kick back scheme Robbie can live with but it comes up short on lobby bananas for Congress.

        So I guess until someone in Congress can find a way to come up with more bucks for bananas they will not be working anytime soon. At least not in this Banana Republic.

    2. 91Veteran,
      McDuck, Shulkin and others are arguing over how to split the money!
      Like an Abbott and Costello ‘skit’, ie: “One for you, two for me, one for you, two for me, etc., etc., etc.!” They just can’t figure out who gets to start the “split”!

      If they actually cared about opening another ‘call center’! It would already be open!

      But right now, Congress is in a tizzy over whether they will shut down on the first of October. That’s the beginning of the new “fiscal year”, correct!?
      I hear there’s a “dispute” over the new funding! It has something to do with the funding of Flint, Michigan’s water supply!
      “bipartisanship” at its finest!
      I read an article this morning from “” on this. Seems the author of the article, was telling the military they might not get paid!!!!!! How wonderful!

      I keep saying, Vote out all these “Career Dinosaur Politicians”! Yet, only a few understand and are willing to make it happen!

      1. It’s the typical BS dance by our supposed elected representatives that we have seen often over the past 8 years.
        All of it shows nothing more than the same lack of courage or leadership.
        The left wants to tack as much garbage on to what they report as a must pass spending bill, and the right claims there is nothing they can do but eat a crap sandwich because they fail miserably at doing their jobs throughout the year.

        I understand a bill has been passed, but it’s the same joke we’ve seen often. It funds government through December 9th. I understand the military is somewhat funded, the VA gets a 4% budget increase, lots of finding for flooding in Louisiana that scammers can grab, likely funding for water in Flint, MI, and funding for Zika.
        The hold-up on funding was on how much day they could sneak in, and whether Planned Parenthood can get their hands on Zika funding.

      2. Meanwhile, at a time of Budget Sequestration, we on SSA/VA Disability see no COLA in repeat years of any significance, congress votes themselves a raise, my Medicare Pt. D. Premium going up $42. per month for 2017….what is wrong with this picture? National Debt must be dealt with and it seems very few of us Americans are making any sacrifices to speak of on any scale of our previous World Wars. I think social media’s side platter purpose is to keep everyone in a sedate mood while the War Machine and Meat Grinder churns on, clogs-up, and start another war. People are oblivious with apathy in an Orwellian ‘1984’ kind of way except the wars are very real in our case.
        People realize we have kids soon to graduate from high school that have absolutely no first hand repetitive showing by the MSM of events of 9/11? I am just asking if we have become jaded with apathy in these United States and that trickles down to the way we treat our Veterans and I believe one of our Founding Fathers warned about that very thing. May have been Benjamin Franklin but crazyelf or another will correct me if wrong. In any case, I would think our Founding Fathers would be very disappointed in what has happened to this Great Country.
        A Navy Reservist in HI yesterday refused to stand nor place her hand across her chest for the National Anthem. Makes me sick.
        Rant Out. Obammy at 9 pm on CNN. Let’s play find McDuck.

  10. THE AFGE UNION CONTRACTS @ THE CFR 38 ARE THE LEGAL LAW @ IF VETS DIE BY VA DEATHCARE TUFF CRAP NOBODY CAN BE HELD ACCOUTABLE NO FIRING YO SILLY VETS THE VA WANT.S TO BE YOUR BUDDY LOOKING OUT FOR YOUR HEALTH THE VA WANTS YO DEAD @ VA RATS KEEEP THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ SO HURRY UP VETS AND DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I just came on here and the first comment is a freaking TROLL! I have a sneaking suspicion there will be more!

    How can VHA employees criticize the very place they work at. Then turn around and say ‘glowing words’?
    We all know these ingrates are only there “for the paycheck!” Because, when someone of ‘stellar reputation” and “great work ethics” starts working at VHA’s nationwide, they quit. Why? Because they don’t want to get caught up in the quagmire of all the illegal acts committed by their peers! Plain and simply put. The great ones have scruples, honor and respect for themselves!

    As far as today’s blog. We all know VHA leadership is to blame. Because no one, and I mean NO ONE, in those in high paid positions, have a clue about business tactics!
    Think about it. No one, no where in VA’s cumulative brain power has come up with a way to stop all waste, fraud and abuse committed by anyone!
    If that were to happen, all the asswipes would actually have to do their job!

    The first place to start would be getting rid of the union! Then get rid of the other entities which allow for VA to rehire when one has been fired!
    I believe the time will come when VA employees are truly held accountable. I just hope and pray it’s within my lifetime!

    And for all you VA employees who come on here today, to say your “…one of the good ones!”
    Prove it! Become a “Whistleblower” and get all the retards out!

    1. Don’t forget that they also need to stop preferentially hiring convicted felons pedophiles and other various sex offenders, and fire anyone that has to request time off for jail sentences, just saying.

      1. Good point. It would be interesting to see if any veterans were rejected for hiring over that pedophile hired in Puerto Rico.

  12. About 1 years ago,,I called the suicide hotline for a veteran who was forced to choose death as his only means of stopping his physical pain from a war injury,,After his medicine WAS lessen’d to ineffective levels for his physical pain,thus taken from him via this opiate phobia now a days,,,I was literaly routed to a automated system,put on hold,after waiting 20 minutes,,,I hung up,,,The veteran,,shot himself under his chin,,,and died,,Humane treatment,suffering in physical pain,,,no longer matters in this society,,what does matter is forced endurement of physical pain from any medical condition,,,as long as we don’t presecribe/deny access to needed MEDICINES,, that lessen physical pain,,,soo the dea can fill up their pockets w/asset forfietitures,,and Klondyne can fill up his pseudo addiction centers,,’Who cares we loose 22 veterans a day from forced endurement of physical pain from medical illness,,we didn’t give him that opiate,,thats what matters,,now a days…..How asss backwards,inhumane our society has become,,,and ,,if your forced to use death to stop your physical pain,,,great,,1 less medical payment we have to pay,,,ie veterans affairs medical insurance!!!!!!… LIKE IT OR NOT,,THAT IS THE SICKENING REALITY ,,,MARY,

    1. Mary,
      In my opinion, the VA has figured out the way to stop their crisis, is a form of

      I believe the VA WANTS us to die! This way there’s more money in their pockets!

      1. u got it,,,its not just our vterens,,elderly couples in p.a.,,,florida,,everywhere,,the medically ill w/painful medical conditions that have had their medicines taken from them our being forced to choose death to stop their physical pain,,,The propaganda is all over the place from the news media,,Did u know,,,when they test all these so-called o.d/s,,,,if u o.d. on heroin,,,it will only come up positive for a morphine or opiate,,,because the reagants use in the test kits themselves are ONLY design’d to work w/the plant material from the poppy flower,,So every single piece of data the government has put out on suppose o.d/’s from our medicine,,is a god dam lie,,,,it was about prohibition,population control,,,and the death of our veterans who dutifully serve this country,,and now when it is time for our government to take care of them,,,forget it,,, u cost too much or,,,we don’t believe your physical pain is enough,,when again factually,,it is literally impossible for anyone to physically feel the physical pain of another from medical illness,,thus no-one has this divine rite to decide who suffers in physical pain and who does not.,A true psychopath does not care about the suffering of another,,,they get off on it,,Sooo anyone who willfully participated in this literal ,”witch hunt,”’ on our veterans who war injuries caused then physical pain,,or willfully went after our doctors,,,those who participated in the ,”witch hunt,” are not worth or worthy, of any position in this life ,,or the next….for u see,,,in the end,,,jmo,,we answer to god,,,and if u willfully caused physical pain and suffering onto another humanbeing with a medically painful condition,,,good luck in death,,,jmo,,mary

    2. I’ve been so close several times. Fortunately my physical pain has resolved. But I echo your words. Physicians do not recognize stoic response to pain that is at that level because of constancy instead of the level of obvious distress. And when you’ve taken all the medicine you’ve been given there is not other way.

      Fortunately, also, I was in Japan during the worst years. They admitted me and took care of the pain. No over use of the shots which were monitored and were there when needed. Usually lasted about 3 weeks and then I was able to tolerate the pain until the next exacerbation.

      If I had been in the states and reliant on U S Medical care either in the private sector or the VA I’d be dead. I wouldn’t have called a second time after the Long Beach VA experience in 1996.

    3. Mary,
      Your rage is justified. For me I have also paid my dues in life, and some of those dues have had a hefty price tag.

      Be careful not to pay the bad guys here a single moment of your inner peace, because most of us have already paid enough and besides, they have not earned it.

      The rage for what is being allowed to continue to United States veterans at the hands of incompetant people with labels like “Doctor”, “Specialist”, and “Nurse” who are allowed to continue practicing incompetance inside VA facilities lives in me too. They already get paid enough though and paid pretty godamn good for what they actually do. The AFGE sees to that. The AFGE has no interest in comforting grief – they exist only to see to it that VA folks do not live in grief. Patients are not invited to that club at VA.

      Just don’t pay them a single day of your own happiness. Hate and rage can be like drinking a poison then expecting the other guy to die. I hope you find peace.

    4. I don’t know why, perhaps it was your comment about removing pain medication, a veteran suicide, and nobody cares, but it makes me think.

      If you recall, the media, the public and others have been VERY concerned the past few years if 1 or 2 or 3 NFL players commit suicide, suggesting its from brain injury. The public and health reasearches are so concerned, within a few short years there are reports of brain injury research, NFL players donating their bodies to research and reports of autopsies showing brain injury likely contributing to that suicide or death of a player.

      If you do a search on “suicides by former NFL players”, you get 112,000 hits on Google, including reports of government research on the suicide rate by former players.

      Must be VERY serious right?

      One of the search results is a Wikipedia entry for suicides by American football players.

      That entry says 31 football players have committed suicide.

      Since 1924.

      There were 16 suicides from 2000-2016.
      There were 8 suicides from 1968-2000.
      There were 2 in the 1940s, 6 in the 1930s, and 1 in 1924.

      Yet government research has been conducted, studies have been made, rules changes made for an entire sporting activity, etc.

      I am not diminishing player suicide.

      A search on suicides by veterans also produced a wiki entry.

      It was estimated in 2012 alone, 6500 veterans committed suicide.

      In 92 years 31 sports players committed suicide and everybody freaks out.

      In one year alone estimates of 6500 veterans commit suicide, and 4 years later VA bureaucrats still can’t open a fucking call center.

  13. Frankly the real problem is that too many suicidal moochers are clogging up the international phone lines that handle legitimate crisis calls from non moochers. Most of the staff at VHA that has not been caught defrauding the government, lying to congress, maiming patients, committing fraud, abuse, neglect, incompetence, or ordering a warehouse of televisions that nobody knows how to turn on are actually damn fine workers.

    The PhD says so. Doctors do not lie.

    1. Moochkins in The Land of Oz have also been known to hold PhD’s, but indeed it must just be the suicidal moochkins not willing to conform in ‘A Clockwork Orange’ kind of way that are clogging the pipes in Oz, the PhD says so. 🙂

  14. Benjamin, nice “Bad VA Art” today. I have been characterizing the VA Suicide Hotline as akin to a cup on a string for years now…classic cans connected with string works just as efficiently as the V.A. Titanic’s com system. RAND Corporation and VA Suicide Hotline: PLEASE HOLD and your call MAY be answered by the next available operator. Please be prepared to speak in any number of Indian Regional Dialects or if you prefer, the VA can immediately send the local Law Enforcement to issue suicide by cop for your “concerning words” used in this dialogue. The V.A. Titanic values the bodies of Veterans as floatation devices for the crew of V.A. Titanic. Rand Corporation concurs that fresh string should be replaced on the rusting cans used for communications but we can do nothing about the tetanus risk in using the salt-weathered metal cans.
    The VA OIG also concurs that new kite string is needed.

    1. Namnibor,

      I think your take on the artwork misses crucial points.

      I have been in many sessions with VHA suicide prevention counsellors, mostly to overcome mooching shame and clog rash, but just the same the artwork lacks authentic detail.

      First of all, there are no bits and pieces of Chex mix on the floor or on the mans chest. Plus, the shirt looks washed. Then, there is the posture – the mans eyes can be seen. No valid VHA psycologist looks you in the eye because they stare at the script on their computer screen; its more humane I guess.

      Also, the man shown has no heroin needle tracks and does not appear grossly hung over. His free hand is also clearly not hanging down onto his crotch. My guess is that the artwork faked VHA employee can see his crotch without a mirror – a clear sign this man is not a VHA employee.

      So forgive my rudeness at critisizing your compliment, but I know what those suicide prevention shrinks really look like so I can spot a forgery pretty well….

      1. Duly noted. However, do note that my rant was only isolated to the can and string. Of course, that’s a stunt VA psychologist and desk and office space. The can and string is the only authentic depiction but only if that can has ample amounts of MRSA, Legionnaires Disease, and Tetanus and perhaps some C-DIFF for good measure.

      2. That’s a string??? Well that explains a lot then. I thought the line in the photo was drainage of some sort…

      3. like a rock star playing air guitar with his brains draining out? excuse me, .i need to take some meds….

      4. No, it would be a ‘string’ for the VA Suicide Hotline Antisocial Worker’s end of can but on the Veteran’s Use Only end of can, a somewhat sketchy live electrical line from VA Contracted Lamps that were the wrong color so they repurposed them into Alternating Current (A/C) and Disruptive Committee, (D/C) Veteran Conditioning Device (A/CD/C-VCD)…while fulfilling the VA’s love for silly acronyms

  15. I find the information from this gentleman, to be relevant to me as a veteran who uses the VA. I have served veterans myself during my employment at the VA that occurred during my undergraduate studies and I have seen the way(s) in which some staff interact with veterans. The facts: Not every staff has a poor work ethic, there are good people working at the VA. However, many are only there for a paycheck. Many times I have wished that someone in authority would step up and begin to change this and tip the scale in favor of the veteran.

    The whole intent of the VA was to serve those who have already served their country. My heart is so grieved in that there are huge issues at the VA and in this very place, there should be not even be one issue. There are many of us who would love to serve our fellow veterans at the VA- as we can best appreciate what that service has entailed. We are trained, compassionate, and respectful. Alas, the harsh reality is that the employment process at the VA is less than stellar, and our precious veterans seem to get the short-end of the stick. This should not be. Susan Ruiz, PhD

    1. Hey Susan,

      Fuck off you fucking troll!

      You work at the VA so you are a totally useless piece of shit period. Fuck you and your just drawing a pay check theory.

      1. Unbelievable, Not all are bad, some work, therefore what is the complaint? By god this is free you paid nothing for this just syrup and feel lucky there is only a 1 year wait list to see a government quack.

        Just another do nothing lazy goverment employee.

        Zzzzzzz, uh what what is it payday yet? No, oh ok dont disturb me again or I will flag you as disruptive! Got it moocher?

    2. @Susan Ruiz, PhD, you wrote: “[The facts: Not every staff has a poor work ethic, there are good people working at the VA. However, many are only there for a paycheck. Many times I have wished that someone in authority would step up and begin to change this and tip the scale in favor of the veteran.]”

      That ‘someone in authority’ would be looking no further than yourself and it’s called being a Whistleblower @ VA for Veterans and their safety and all matters of integrity and ethics. That change you can believe in starts with your esteemed position on the frontline at the VA.
      Why wait for someone else to call-out the bad apples? No, not every VA employee is a bad apple BUT even a good apple such as yourself becomes a rotten apple as well if you standby and say absolutely nothing with your position at the VA….or is it a matter YOU are afraid of losing that paycheck, making you also, just there for a paycheck?
      Just asking and also giving you the benefit of doubt. Now let’s see you put your well-intentioned words to action and report those you KNOW are violating their authority and positions, while giving Vets the raw deal.

      1. Even as a now-moved-on from that VA ‘Post-Graduate Work’, I have to ask why you did not report infractions or was it a matter of “You were just there for the degree and internship”? (Hint: that is the same as just being there for a paycheck and/or experience, and even now not speaking-up)

    3. An interesting take on VA employment indeed. Doctor, I am intrigued by all things on a cosmic scale and am delighted that a woman of science like you can frame the problem in a cosmic fashion.

      I was only educated in public schools so I need some help here with understanding a part of your post. I agree that VA employees are less than a stellar event on a cosmic scale.

      Doctor, as a woman of science you have described what VA employees are not, which is stellar. They are “less than stellar” in your estimation so that data set is excluded. But Doctor, having now excluded VA employees from Cosmic status, precisely what are they then? We know they aren’t stellar now because of you (thanks), but from your post it is unclear precisely what they actually are, or to be more precise how you as an expert would describe the exact nature of VA employment which you have thankfully informed us now is less than stellar.

      My brain is like a sponge and awaits the refreshing drink of knowledge. Thank you in advance.

      Mr. Dennis P., High School Dropout, DBC flagged.

      1. Seymour – what is life like as an asshole donor – tell me when and where dickhead – I know things were tough in finance

    4. Hey Susan,

      There are no pro comments allowed here. If you say anything sensible you are a troll and your status as a veteran is challenged by a few folks who have dominated this forum to the detriment of all others. So your thoughts don’t count unless you simply nod yes that all VA people, suppliers, contractors, etc. suck. Only narrow mnidedness allowed!

      1. namnibor, I probably wasn’t a troll when me and my flight crew pulled you out of a firefight – we didn’t ask if you were really a veteran!

      2. So Seymour – why don’t you choose a place and I’ll bring my Silver Star, Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross and then you can call me a troll and make believe veteran to my face. I don’t mind divergent points of view BUT DON’T YOU DARE question my patriotism or my service

      3. Hey Lamecock,

        What movie did you pick that seen out of?

        By the way how many years did you actually work at the DAV?

        Oh and Lamecock if you are a Veteran the VA will provide you with Viagra to help you out with one of your problems. Although I think if you tried staying off the porn sites that problem will probably go away on its own.

      4. Hey LameDickey,

        You aren’t shit and you are nothing but a troll. We both know that you are full of shit and do not have a Silver Star, Purple Heart or a Distinguished Flying Cross.

        You have been trolling everyone on this site for a while now under different names.

        You stated “BUT DON’T YOU DARE question my patriotism or my service”.

        Well I am questioning it and calling you on it. You useless ass trolling piece of shit. Trolling disabled veterans in the comment section of an article titled “Suicidal Veterans Abandoned Waiting For VA Crisis Line Operators”, show just how full of shit you are.


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