The DCNF Outs Bad VA Bosses With New Map

Bad VA Bosses Map

Benjamin KrauseThe Daily Caller News Foundation just published its interactive map of bad VA bosses with new map that chronicles the transfers to evade accountability.

The map shows how VA shuffled bad administrators between numerous VA medical facilities worldwide. The moves were often perpetrated to move underperforming or unethical directors to new locations to evade costly termination proceedings.


According to The Daily Caller:

For an illustration of how VA recycles problem managers, consider Shirley Bealer. She was acting director of the Central Alabama VA hospital in 2008 when the department’s ethics watchdog determined that she “interfered with our investigation” into abuses by Robert Ratliff, the hospital’s permanent director. Because he was under investigation for his actions at Central, the VA had made Ratliff “interim director” of a neighboring hospital, leading to Bealer’s promotion.

It’s not surprising that Bealer disappeared from Alabama soon after she was faulted for “grossly inappropriate” obstruction of a misconduct investigation. But she wasn’t gone from VA. A sunny news brief on a local news website in Shreveport, Louisiana, in 2011 noted that the city’s problem-plagued VA hospital was turning over a new leaf with the infusion of some fresh blood at the top: Shirley Bealer.

Like a troubled high schooler who transfers to a different school, the new kids knew nothing of Bealer’s past. “She comes highly recommended by other VA officials,” the news brief assured.

This map is a fantastic tool veterans can use to detail the transitions of VA bosses they come in contact with who have been classified as underperforming VA bosses ie bad VA bosses.

Given VA’s repeated failures and Congressional failures to hold them accountable, what would be a third option? Should veterans boycott VA to force change or instead give in until the agency collapses on itself?


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  1. Here’s two articles out through Military dot com today.
    After I read them, I was so pissed. So, I’m going to leave it up to y’all to respond.

    1.) “Lawmakers: Congress Must Investigate VA Inspector General’s Work”

    2.) “Cincinnati VA Officials Face Disciplinary Actions, Possible Charges”

    by Bryant Jordan

    After y’all read these articles. Tell me this, “Is Miller right?” “Will anything happen to anyone?”
    I will say a resounding,
    “FUCK NO!”

    1. Hey Crazy Elf,

      Those articles really shine the light some of the personnel problems at the VA. Notice how they are now starting to come out during an election year.

      Also note that Robbie McDonald and Gibson are asking congress to change the status of all VAMC directors from SES to the same rating as Doctors. They also want to raise the cap on pay for the position so that they can interest better outside talent.

      That way Robbie has the ultimate say in firing them and they will no longer be able to appeal through the union and the board. He will also be able to then sell directorships for congressional Votes from our congressmen and congresswomen.

      The VA is about to get a lot worse for Veterans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I’ve read both of those articles. Maybe Miller is goading Gibson into finally firing someone.

      1. Hey 91Veteran,

        Knowing that you are looking at Neurosurgery in the near future. I want to make sure that you have seen the post by Firefly on Feb 24 posted under the Ben’s article titled “Scope Of VA TBI Scandal Exposed In TV Special”.

        The poster Firefly just had neurosurgery under the choice program. He cannot get follow up care or physical therapy from the VA or from the Choice Program.

  2. WHY is it whenever you post a link here that it had to await moderation? The link I posted was TO the interactive map that was mentioned in the story and was not linked to

    Yet I have to await moderation for this?

    1. Daniel, if you want to iliminate the “awaiting moderation” thing “put quotation” marks around the “link”! “As I just did!”Then people have to google what you’ve written.

      Or, another way is to give the “title” of the article.
      Either way, we will google what you want us to read.

      Simple huh!

  3. USMC Golf 2/1 “Joe Joe Guns” NAM 69-70
    The Map is a nice touch, but can you make it a link where us Veterans can click on it by city and have it bring up the names of those Directors involved in all those moves?
    I have had dealings with two Directors. One was from my VA in Amarillo, TX: Andrew Welch. He was reassigned to Albuquerque, NM last October or November 2015.
    His personal Secretary refused to let me talk to him about a complaint I had against the Nurse Practitioner that conducted my initial and second C&P.
    She was rude, hateful, belligerent, obnoxious, and yelled at both my wife and I during both C&P’S that were over a year apart. And both were the first C&P’s on both dates at 8:00AM.
    His secretary said I had to talk to her and give her all the information, which I refused. I never told her any of what I wrote in the above paragraph. I told her I was going to report her and the VA to the President and the IG of the VA. She responded with “Go ahead. When the complaint comes back to Amarillo she will see it and Director Welch will never know about it”. She must have an Extra Large set of Nut$.
    Then I had dealings with Director John Limpose in Waco, TX.
    Fist off in a letter he personally signed, he denied my Appeal stating that I had exceeded the time limit before responding to Statement of Case.
    I proved to the fool that I was in fact within the time. Then he denied my disability claim stating that I had never been diagnosed by VA. I again had proof and provided it.
    Director Limpose again denied my claim after having to admit in the letter( a letter I still have) that not only my Appeal was sent in accordance with the time limits, but he also admitted that my disability was diagnosed at the Amarillo VA.
    But he was still denying my Disability Claim.
    My claims were never denied by a Rating Official but by Director John Limpose.
    This is just the Tip of the Iceberg.
    I was awarded 20% for Upper Right and Left Neuropathy and 10% for Lower Right and Left Neuropathy when my symptoms were as severe or more severe severe than my upper Neuropathy. In a phone conversation with a representative in Waco, she told me that VA considers a Veterans arms and hands more important that a Veterans legs and feet and therefore the ratings are lower at 10%.
    Sorry for the long post but I feel it is important to le you know some details and that is why I wish one can find out easily who has been moved where and for what reasons if possible.
    As to contacting my US Senator and US Representative all I get are form letters. Rep. Mac Thornberry is the worlds worst. He plasters his mug on T.V. and states that he represents Veterans, I say BULL$HIT. All he wants is the Vets votes and a Big Retirement Pension from the US CONGRESS. To me Republicans and Democrats are for the most part just looking out for themselves, I’m sure they would and will eat their own YOUNG and FAMILY for personal gain while Screwing any and all VETS.

    1. Joe many directors do not want to speak with veterans.nor anyone else in management !

      They know if they know about something and reply their butts are on the line.

      That’s why they pay a patient rep go as the middleman.they can blame it on them if something should ever come of it.

      Many directors stay in one place only long enough to pass time and when enough complaints come in they transfer out and it starts all over.

      Many directors are not in’s the chief of staff.who runs the show !

      Some director’s were head of the kitchen or janitors.puppets !

      Many are children of former directors or higher management.

      Management is the as I say.not as I do!

      You will see the in bed with management and will go after veterans.if they have proof of wrongdoings.they and the VA will punish veterans and employees are not required to provide proof of Veterans being disruptive.

      All employees have to say the veterans are disruptive and your guilty and they are punished without anyway of defending themselves.

      Veterans are being mistreated regularly and have no one to go to !

      Guess you can call it a BIG scam and veterans are paying the price!

      Welcome to this site. Ben has worked very hard for the veterans and we need to back him up.if he ever needs it.

      Never give up fighting with day they will pay the price for mistreating veterans and I hope sooner than later.

      1. I agree a vast majority of Directors refuse to talk to vets. The one time I did meet with a director was at Madison WI. That also happened to be the best VA I have ever been to, likely because of his management. He either was at the time an Army Reserve Colonel and surgeon, or had recently retired. A friend called me one day and said he was getting care in a clinic, and while in their clinic, noticed hospital records with my name on it in their trash can. I called the Chief of Staff and told her about it, and she seemed flippant about it. Ultimately, a meeting with the Director and the Chief of Staff was scheduled, and both my friend and I went so she couldn’t deny what was found. I was shocked that she admitted everything, including how she went to the clinic and found the records as I described. The director apologized, said the doctor would be disciplined, he couldn’t say how, and said they were buying shredders for their clinics. I asked why the record was not with my other medical records, and she said it was notes on preparation for an appointment I had but had to reschedule. She said they weren’t complete records, but they shouldn’t have just been thrown in the trash can. I accepted all of that because I respected the director and his honesty, and my meeting with him was the end of it as far as I was concerned.

        I had another problem some months later with getting a prescription, called that same Chief of Staff and told her what the problem was. She fedexed the prescription overnight because she knew I wasn’t going to screw around with excuses or delays.

      2. Good for you for not taking no for an answer. All directors should be happy to assist veterans.

        Its easier to fix a problem.than to ignore it. But to many employees have the God syndrome and all powerful.

        It seems good manager’s are hard to find. If higher management would be on the up and up many of these problems would be addressed and they would not have to cover it.time and time again.

        They have forgotten.they work for veterans and veterans are their pay check.

        So our elected officials must act to insure veterans are listened too and revamp the whole VA system.get rid of employees who have made veterans the enemy.

        Blaming veterans of disruptive behavior.when veterans complain or are having a bad day.because they are not feeling well.

        Hiring practices taken away from the VA and hired from the out side source.where they can’t hire their family and friend’s.

        We need a president who will not except excuses and can tell when they are being lied to. Fire any manager who has falsely accused a veteran of anything.

        That would cut down the number of Veterans suicides. When they tell veterans you don’t matter. Many veterans will feel betrayed.which they are and kill themselves.

        Dirty.dirty shame

        Have a good day.tell your veteran friend’s too join us !

    2. Hey Joe, welcome home brother,

      Here’s a suggestion, fill out a form 9 send it to BVA, site your SOC, VA failure to assist it has to clearly state what you have to do and what you need to support your claim. If your 75 or older ask for an advancement on the docket. There’s no use butting heads with these morons, use their stupidity against them. How do I know these things, I filed a NOD with the BVA on Oct.21, 2015 and had a decision on Feb 2, 2016.

      Read Read Read, the duty to assist spells out exactly what VA has to do to help the vet. Use that to your advantage. Stop trying to bust their 6 most of them aren’t worth the effort. Go on the offensive Marine, make them come to you.

      USN NAM 62, 64-65, 69,70.

  4. No man left behind ? That’s not the VA moto !

    VA moto.why did you bring him/she we have to figure out a way to get rid of them !

    Do you know how much we have to take from our bonous fund !

    Oh well.well just take it from their disability fund !

    Maybe.just maybe if we report them as being disruptive.they will kill themselves and good ridence !
    We don’t need them.their just in the way !

    We can save a lot of money.if you will just leave them ! Burial expenses are a lot cheaper.if you will do this for us. We will be sure to give you a bonus.there’s plenty to go around !

  5. Hey Folks! My local ABC Affiliate just ran the full story on the VA Nurse in PA that arrived drunk to assist in a surgery when on active call duty, at a casino, et al. Was pleasantly surprised to hear it make the news. They stated a hearing is forthcoming in March. Just wanted to show that the “word” is getting out, even through all the gunk of ugly election crap…the VA corruption showing it’s face. Let’s keep-up the pressure on those kidney pressure points!
    Like evil, the VA hates the light of day on their corruption as much as a vampire enjoys sunny Florida at noon on a beach without his coffin.

  6. Terence and Disabled GW,

    Send an email to your PCP and the department you are requesting the test from, MRI,Surgery etc. CC the email to your Congressman and request that they put a copy of the email in your active file noting the date and time, CC your local news outlet and CC secretary Bob. The morons at VA don’t know if the congressperson is keeping an open file, or if you know a reporter. If nothing else it will get their attention and maybe some results. At the end of 30 days if nothing has happened do the same thing only this time refer to your earlier email and state that you haven’t had any response from your previous email requesting………..
    and would like to request it again. You have to keep accurate records of dates times and persons notified…..

    The more people you make aware of the problems you encounter from lack of individuals doing their job the closer you may get to changing the problem.

    Unfortunately, the people from my era are getting to old and sick to keep up the good fight. It’s up to your generations, who understand the new electronic form of communication to use it to OUR advantage. We relied on snail mail, weeks to communicate, today you do the same thing in seconds. Make it work for all of us….

    1. That’s what I started doing from when I first contacted Choice. I kept an email log of the details and emailed to myself. I figured it would come in handy if I had to contact Congress, and it certainly did. At a certain number of calls, I had to contact them, and I forwarded the entire email thread to them. To say they were shocked would be an understatement. They really do not understand how bad Choice or the VA is until they see all the names, dates and times I called and the repeated excuses I was given.
      I also think they are a little shocked at how many veterans have flooded their offices with complaints.

  7. I can’t believe Hawaii’s own Wayne Pfeffer, a name to be remembered because he is leaving us and may be in charge of a VAMROC near YOU very soon, is NOT on the list. Three years ago he came here because a doctor sued him in Kentucky – and now he leaves here with US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard asking him to go [he lied to her], with the approval of all the rest of Hawaii’s ill-served Vets and their families. God bless him and good riddance.

    1. @Sandy-

      Could you elaborate on a visit last year to your HI VAMC by VA Secretary Bob McDonald that was supposedly a “Mission to end Veteran Homelessness in HI”….what ever happened with that because there really was nothing in the mainstream news after that, other than when he left HI he flew to Alaska where he was booed and not exactly welcomed by some reports? So am wondering what exactly happened, if anything, for the betterment of Homeless Vets there in your tropical paradise?
      Thanks, Sandy.

  8. OK, in my opinion, these “NO ACTION, ALL TALK” & ALL B/S Committees & Congress + the Senate have NEVER accomplished anything for veterans or the taxpayers, PERIOD!
    Our calling, writing and faxing them have only bolstered my thoughts of; 1.) They either refuse to do what they were elected to do! That is: use whatever existing laws to forcibly deal with the corruption which is VA!
    Or, 2.) They just don’t give a crap enough to really hold VA employees, from McDonald all the way down to janitor, “accountable”!

    In my opinion, it’s #2! Why? Because, they want this “SHAM” to continue for as long as possible! Why? Well, could it be these “career politicians” are somehow receiving “illgotten gains” (taxpayers $$$$) from all the b/s their pulling?
    I wonder how many of them have “off shore accounts”?
    I wonder how many of the spouses have “reeped a tremendous financial gain” from some of the deals VA has brokered?
    It’s been out now for some time Obama’s wife reeped benefits from Obamacare!
    So why not some of these career politicians having their spouses get in on ripping off the taxpayers as well?
    Yea, lets just continue to play “musical chairs” with poor rated and corrupt employees. These stupid and ignorant vets will never catch on! Every so often we will get rid of one, maybe two, who are really bad. But don’t worry. We’ll just let them go in front of the MSPB so it can reverse our decision and we’ll have to go back on our decision! Or the Union will step in and “force” us to rehire them!
    Sound familiar!?

    Just a thought folks!

    1. @crazyelf-

      I also lean heavily toward “#2” but I think it’s a good helping of “#1” as well. It takes a politician to either have a son/daughter, or a close political aid that happens to have troubles navigating the VA maze before something is done, as we see happening now in Massachusetts with that story I posted link to earlier in week or last week.

      These are unfortunately self-absorbed a$$e$ we have representing us…NOT WE, THE PEOPLE. They have to be “personally affected” as aforementioned, before they give a rats a$$…and that a$$ is their OWN!!

      Vote the lot out. Send farmers to D.C. to represent us….the legal eagles have shat in the waters of D.C., polluting the entire USA with their greed. (I am not saying all attorneys are ‘bad’, am just saying they, like the VA, have lost their original mission, We The People….and Vets)

  9. I know that the Fayetteville Arkansas VA has a high pcp and administrative turn over. Why is it not on the Radar. Took me 8 months to get an one MRI done, and there is no plan for a follow on a double rotator cuff tear. And waiting over a year for spinal surgery consult. I know of much worse cases at this facility.

    1. Same thing at the Tuskegee and Montgomery facilities here in Alabama. Case in point, within the last 11 months, I have had three PCPs “retire” leaving myself and hundreds of fellow vets flapping in the breeze for a replacement. In the near 15 years I’ve been going to VA, I’ve NEVER been to a neurologist nor has a single consult successfully gone through for one. Last full spine MRI I was able to get, by route of my mental health provider, was 5 years ago!!!
      Record entries are mysteriously “amended” to cover up the fact that I was blown off and/or I am stonewalled by the Patient Advocates and my Health eVet emails “magically” disappearing.
      We’re either flat out lied to and lied on without prejudice!
      As a fellow 100% Disabled GW vet I empathize with you and literally feel your pain and frustration.
      I am thankful for Ben and his ability to have set up a watchdog forum like this to assure us that we are not alone in this fight. Thought I was done fighting in a war…..guess I was wrong!
      Stay vigilant and stay frosty my brother in arms!

      1. Keep trying to get that scan. Don’t know why they Do this. I had an brain scan.which showed a TBI and something else they don’t know what it is.

        Anyway.I was not told anything about the results. Until I requested a copy of my records.

        That was six years after the test. I was treated at the Topeka Kansas vamc for ptsd.they had someone talk to us about TBI.

        I told that person about me having a brain scan which showed abnormality In the brain and needed follow-up.

        That’s when I was tested again and a neurologist told me I had a TBI and something else. That it maybe cancer.but they didn’t want to do surgery.

        So I now have brain scans yearly and I remind far no changes.which us a good thing.

        But even after a VA neurologist noted in the chart.veteran has a TBI.from his ? shot to the head.

        The VA regional office.refused to make it part of my disability.nor would they make migraines part of the disability. Both dx are in my records by a VA doctor.

        Stating denied.furnish more evidence? Duuh. Ok from who !

    2. Part of the problem with this kind of story is that it could give a reader the impression that if a facility is not listed, the hospital and management must be doing well and veterans are getting care.

      You and I and anyone else getting care at a hospital not listed knows full well that is not the case.

      I see these manager moves as something that had to be done because employees or veterans raised so much hell over problems in their hospitals that VA management had to take action.

      Given how often the moves were, these directors were certainly on someone’s radar.

      As for hospitals not listed, I figure they just haven’t been caught yet, or veterans have not raised enough hell yet.

      1. I posted on here about a guy was hired at the Phoenix vamc. His father had just retired from the Phoenix vamc.

        His father was the associate director. As you say employees raised a fuss when he was hired as the file room supervisor.

        Managements response was ok.we will remove him and they did removed him and promoted him to administrative assistant. Employees again told management it’s not fair.he should be removed.

        Management agreed and promoted him to manager of the outpatient department.

        Employees again made a fuss and he was then transferred to another VA facility as assistant chief of medical administration service.

        Next stop Bob McDonald’s office or job.

        They can’t pull the wool over everyone.but it happens more often than one thinks. How many friends or relative’s do you think he hired and will do hid hopes of becoming part of the click.

        They don’t care how many veterans are long as they get what they want !


        To these type of people veterans don’t matter.they are a dime a dozen and the great part.there will always be veterans.for job security.

        We are nothing but ? to them and if a veteran disrupts or threatens the money flow.they will be delt with. can use your imagination in that one.

  10. As I have said before, this is a clear example of VA management using a directed reassignment of other management personnel that the employee cannot dispute or contest, and the union has no say in the matter. The problem is, VA management is using this process to cover up bad or poor management rather than using it to reassign a pathetic manager to remove them from managing duties, or firing them.
    Should all of these managers be fired? Probably not, but reassigning them to the same position elsewhere just perpetuates the problem and shows zero accountability for managers. Should some of these managers be fired? Absolutely, and VA management should stop being lazy and do it. If they have evidence of poor management that will support a directed reassignment, they have enough evidence to fire them.
    If they insist on reassigning poor managers, then it should be to a position where they are no longer managing employees. Sending them elsewhere just sends the problem elsewhere, and if you can go by the number of moves of these managers in such a short time, it proves the problem was just sent elsewhere.

    Also, keep in mind, these moves are all upper management moves. How many VA employees GS13 to GS15 were also moved because they can’t do their job?

    1. This is the old shell game. Which shell is your bad VA employee under? You don’t know because we shipped em off somewhere else and hid him under another shell. THAT’S HOW YOU HIDE SOMETHING IN PLAIN SIGHT- (out of sight – out of mind). Its all part of the ILLUSION that the problems are being fixed when they’re not. A few bad VA employees will have to get fired or go to jail. This is just TAKING ONE FOR THE TEAM and they can be easily replaced with one even worse than that, but you can bet your VA pension that the problems and bad VA employees will not- I say again- will NOT go away because they are there for a purpose and the purpose is that they are doing the VA’s dirty work of getting rid of us veterans that the VA can’t just openly do themselves. And, that remains to be seen because evil is out in the open now and they refuse to hide it. Its in your face like the pillow over Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s face. They’re sending everyone a message. “This is what can do and get away with” Your next.

  11. It is like a cancer and this tactic us hurting and killing veterans.

    These are higher management. So the tumor was removed and the cancer (other bad employees) left growing and lower non management are getting the cemo and it’s side effects.

    You know these higher employees taught lower management how to manipulate people.

    If this map showed lower and middle management that were promoted and transferred to other facilities. You would not be able to see the map.

    Many of these higher management.will and does find employees.that would do anything for them and higher management will transfer them into positions at the new facilities.

    It’s the same tactic small town VA clinic manager’s do.hire friends or relative’s and give them superior performance insure their loyalty.

    They will and do attack veterans they don’t like ! In rural communities many veterans were raised with these employees and these employees can and do hold grudges.

    They never served one day of military service connected but will do whatever they can to veterans they didn’t like as kids or if they complain about their treatment.

    At my local clinic. They picked a very Venditive person. Everone of the employees have know her for years and a click has transpired and veterans are in real danger of retaliation.

    In rural communities were most people know someone.such as relative’s and friends and you complain about the VA employees.

    It gets back to those employees and those veterans will be hassled or reported disruptive. Just to get back at them for saying something about an employee or their treatment.

    In rural communities veterans are not free to express their first ammemdement right to free speach.their punished by vindictive employees.

  12. @namnibor, have you noticed more “bad” VA upper management end up in Florida?
    Yet, very little is reported here!
    We’ve had our share of “scandal”, but the news media is slow to divulging information!
    We are still waiting, after months and months of a report on the “phone scam which targeted veterans” to end with “the FBI arresting” someone!?
    Also, recently, the VA director was physically taken to South Georgia. He was shown pallets of veterans paperwork rotting in a warehouse. He was asked, “Do you know how these files got here!” His answer was like a second grader getting caught over something – “I don’t know!” He didn’t say another word.
    The upper management of VA doesn’t give a rats ass about veterans.
    Like you said namnibor, when – NOT IF – VA implodes, I also hope the FEW good employees don’t get sucked down into the black hole abyss!

    I sure would like it to happen SOONER THAN LATER! The sooner the better!

    1. P.S.
      I forgot to mention – this is Rep. Miller’s backyard! The pu$$y who wants McDonald, Gibson and the rest of VA employees, no matter how high or low, to be “transparent and accountable” over all the crap VA pulls!
      Ain’t happened yet.

    2. Probably the draw to Florida is all the nice beaches in which VA Employees can totally forget about Veterans on long liquid beachfront lunches before scheduled Veteran Surgical Procedures!!
      As 91veteran pointed out, this map is ONLY showing VA Hospital Director’s playing ‘Whack A Mole’, not even including all the upper management GS-13 and above that partake in the VA Shuffle Board Game.
      Notice that there’s only like -3- States in which none of these VA Employees were moved around to: Wyoming, Montana, and Hawaii. The Eastern USA, esp. the Midwest relocation map, looks busier than flight patterns for any given Holiday Airline Travel.
      This is how the VA “spreads their poison” to ensure a fully systemic problematic dysfunctional VA remains as such. Like a bad employee cancer of sorts.

      1. add Nebraska to that to make four but look how far of a distance the majority employees relocated to Alaska, and quite a few, would like to see a map like this of all the GS-13 and above bad VA employees moved like the Red Queen’s chess pieces.

    3. What I have never figured out is why Congress or another investigative body does not demand records from some of VAs internal reporting systems. They have an internal reporting system that employees use to report issues that go directly to that hospitals management. I witnessed this used yesterday when I made clear what the Choice coordinator said, and that my Senator would be inquiring and my Congressman was involved. I guess that Congressman have a scheduled meeting with the director means the director wants his excuses all lined up. She wanted me to repeat things word for word so it would be clear in her report, which I did, but she said she could not provide a copy of it because it was internal only.
      The VA also has internal systems for reporting privacy or HIPAA violations, as well as internal systems for logging and responding to FOIA requests.
      The information is there if Congress wants to dig for that.

      On a side note, the Daily Caller has an article about the VA outsourcing claims work to their facility in the Philippines. They pay their claims workers in pesos of roughly $2500 annually. Surprised that union thug is not screaming about that outsourcing.

      And a director reassigned there because she was bad makes $160,000, while living in a government provided condo.

  13. The way things seemingly are accelerating with light being shed on the VA’s corruption day after day, week after week, that it would seem the VA would be on precipice of imploding upon itself anytime soon. I just hope no Veterans or good VA employees are harmed in it’s devolution of being consumed by its own corruption and stench….will be one large fart coming from the VA’s Black Hole as it swallows itself up like the closing scene of the first Poltergeist Movie where the home consumes itself and disappears.

    However, these crooks are not going to allow their ca$h cookie jar to go down without a massive fight…a fight for their survival, not so much about Veterans…just their jobs. I think entirely decoupling the VA Employee Union from the VA is the avenue to make the rats jump ship in a massive self-cleaning and VA Enema that the smell will make the leaks from the forthcoming Keystone Pipeline seem like perfume compared to the massive VA Employee Exodus that will ensue.

    That map is the official “VA Whack-A-Mole Map”….board game coming soon with your very own not properly sterilized VA surgical hammer to properly play the VA Game. Other VA non-sanitized surgical game pieces are available for an extra upgrade. Play for performance bonuses and collect all the other Bad VA Employee’s game pieces to ensure your survival in the Veteran’s Uprising against these sociopathic bonus zombies!!! Brought to you by HealthNet and Disney Gaming. Learn to “Game The System” and more!!!!!

    1. Funny but rings of truth.

      VA contractors like Humana also play the ‘shell game’ and guess who is going to be your new doctor today or moved to a lower position, like from PCP to a ‘head pill pushing nut nurse’ that can’t discuss medial issues with veterans anymore. Just push the pills period.

      Boycotting would be nice but too many just don’t care enough, not able to, fearful, or think they are getting top notch care so all must be. Besides that would be taking on all the unions and others that would be offended at such a thing. That would be like the usual company rhetoric coming out against a boycott saying ‘you’ll cost some jobs or create possible job loss or friction.’ “It would be taking on the federal government!

      In my area we can’t post non PC political yard signs let alone some sign against the present regime or government admin, or else the city or special interest groups, the challenging sides, will come out and by laws take them down and run us through a Kangaroo court controlled by crooks and the corrupt. Yeah, it’s that serious but we aren’t supposed to mention such things according to some activist or government cronies.

      Media would have to play a huge part to change the VA but local media as well as politicians to all others in some health care field would not enjoy such attention for others in their professions. “Professional Courtesy’ it is called. Yes, the money and prestige is a huge issue and runs too deep. So the locals on all levels don’t care to hear about any negatives in their state or town, especially where censorship and controlled media, new, is key to their controls and keeping the public stupid on some issues. No negativity allowed, period. Or so I have always had to deal with. “We don’t want our state (town) to be known to have any blemishes or corruption, bad for business.”

      Here the chain of command keeps leading back to the Advocates which is a lost cause. The directors can only be contacted by mail, which seem to get lost somehow. So all the next ones must be sent certified. Politicians are worthless like local or national media. They may report a bit but should stay on it until something really changes but that won’t happen either.
      If your state is corrupt top to bottom with a complicit media any change to some federal program like the VA, as with other serious issues, and has been for generations, will never happen. The only changes happening are those dying off waiting for changes, Those attacked and ignored for speaking out and being targeted by all the thugs involved or with some interest in stopping any sort of change, or in the attempts to totally silence some issues and problems being discussed. Unless we claim total “Excellence and give five star reviews” concerning anything in Indiana, then it’s dismissed and totally unwanted, and will be suppressed. It’s all been the run-around. cover-up/protect the guilty and pass the buck game for years Always has been that way, always will be until something, some-people take some actions for some real change. Like one has stated here, some of us are getting too old to play the activist game or go stand out in front of our government rep’s building for hours just to be ignored or labeled or attacked by nutcases. That is why few younger ones care to get involved and won’t in my area. Unless it has something to do with kitty cats and puppies.

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