Deceptive Colleges Take A Hit From Veterans Groups

Deceptive CollegesVeterans groups are calling on VA to step up its nonexistent policing of for-profit deceptive colleges accused of preying on veterans for their GI Bill benefits.

American Legion, the National Military Family Association, the Military Officers Association of America and 20 other organizations believe VA is failing to protect veterans. For years, for-profit colleges used psychological pressure points to push veterans into wasting their benefits on useless degrees.

One example is Corinthian Colleges. A couple years ago, the Education Department suspended Corinthian’s ability to access student aid because of a false advertising. Deceptive college recruiters exaggerated its career placement possibilities.

In 2012-2013, for-profit colleges received $1.7 billion per year.

VA claims it properly delegates the responsibility of policing for-profit colleges to the states where the colleges reside. But a Yale law investigation found that VA is statutorily required to enforce federal education guidelines prohibiting fraudulent practices currently complained of by the veterans groups.


In response, Michael Dakduk stuck up for the for-profit industry. Dakduk is the former CEO of Student Veterans of America turned shill for the for-profit college industry. He now works for the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities.

Concerning Michael Dakduk’s career path change from advocate to shill, on official commented, “I don’t know what they’re paying him. It’s not enough to sell his soul.” (The Nation, 2013)

According to Dakduk, for-profit colleges are a great fit for nontraditional students and arguments against the fraudulent practices is an attempt to demonize the industry. “Those that demonize our sector do so because of ideological reasons, not rational arguments.”

The problem with Dakduk’s comment is that he apparently condones fraudulent and misleading recruiting practices since that is the issue being argued against.

How can any red-blooded veteran ever support such a position against veterans groups pushing to encourage greater accountability in light of proven fraud?

Personally, I have used both brick and mortar and online education tools. I believe brick and mortar colleges and universities offer the best education a person can get because of the physical interaction between students and between students and educators.

In some instances, brick and mortar may not work and online educational classes serve a solid alternative but not a superior alternative.

But this is not what the veteran groups are concerned about making Dakduk guilty of the logical fallacy called straw man. This is where the offending person summarizes the point of the opponent through mischaracterization and then argues against the false statement.


Instead, the veterans groups want greater oversight from the agency legally required to provide it to prevent for-profit colleges from using fraudulent and deceptive marketing practices. Such practices are illegal, so I am unclear why VA is soft-shoeing this issue.

Most education advocates are baffled as to why VA is unwilling to police a program that costs taxpayers billions. And I tend to agree.

Why does VA refuse to protect veterans against fraudulent practices of a billion dollar for-profit industry?

Further, the cost does not just end with money going to companies willing to commit fraud.

The big con here is that veterans benefits are wasted and veterans fail to receive the educational services and career advancement they think they are getting. They end up missing out on careers that would arguably create more tax revenue.

As for Michael Dakduk, how much did they pay you to sell your soul to defend for-profit colleges linked to fraudulent and deceptive marketing practices?

I hope you enjoy those golden handcuffs of yours despite losing your soul.


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  1. Ben it would be nice to attend a brick amd mortar school. But I have PTSD. After a few months if no altercations happen I would begin to feel comfortable. There is an art school bearby but I do not want to study art. There is a science and technology school I would love to attend, but I am not sure I could qualify, besides the number of Middle aeastern students kind of scares me. I have particular dislike for Sauds.

    So where can I go to school? I go to Ashford and the only negative to me is the short calss periods. I have had good instructors, done a lot of research. I wish the on line libraries were a bit better but otherwise it has not been terrible.

    I have no issues with Americans trying to make profits. I only take issue when people try to rip people off. Non-profit schools are not immune to this bull shit either. Before I joined the Army I attended a lberal arts school that was looking back on it full of shit. My degree would be worthless other than it was a degree and that is good enough for many jobs. To give you an example of the bull shit: at the start of one class a teacher starts lecturing us on how Bush is president and is cutting funding for the poor and especially African-Americans, and we will take the first twenty minutes of class to write protest letters.

    This was a fiction writing class. I signed my name away for good money for the teacher to be full of shit.

    Anyway I just wanted to share my two cents. I have attended a number of schools and the education level for undergrads just tends to be shit period. Betterbto dontwo years of junior college before going to any other college.

  2. I find it very interesting that the VA claims jurisdiction when it helps them, and denies it when they want to avoid responsibility.

    Why claim the states have to oversee federal educational benefits administered through the VA, while at the same time claiming states don’t have jurisdiction in overseeing VA quacks practicing in their state? Of the states are good enough to oversee educational benefits, why not malpractice? What not the fiduciary program? Why not elder abuse? The bastards want it any way in which the veteran gets screwed.

    As for Daduk selling his soul to screw veterans, how many other veterans working for the VA willingly screw veterans…like McDonald who thinks waiting for medical care at the VA is no different than waiting for a ride at Disney?

    1. @91Veteran

      Your first paragraph explains all your questions.

      The VA wants to be “in charge and in control” of EVERYONE and everything!

      Most of the people who work at VA, are COWARDLY little twerps. Who only care about themselves. If they truely cared about their ‘patients’, as many say, we would have great healthcare!
      As it stands, we have to keep fighting and calling out all those responsible for the “MURDERS”, past, present and future, of our ‘brothers and sisters’!
      If we stop – WE LOSE!!!

      1. Back in the days of growing up in the 50’s & 60’s we had real medical care and not until the 80’s, were there so many complaints of horrid medical care. SO, SOMEONE SOMEWHERE decided that medical care was a manufacturing component to make money, sacrificing human beings for profit. Yes , punishment is all any one crook or criminal needs to be answered to. Time to use those for profit prisons for the criminal government & private profiteers. The day of reckoning should be soon.

    2. I hope not many. That won’t be good. For them or us !

      Hurts to think about it. I’m hoping most have morals. I would really feel betrayed.if it came to light. You are right.

      I hope not !

  3. Bob McDonald knows about all the problems. After 2 two years. Has kept quiet and it’s getting worse.

    He is the leader and with his in actions should be held accountable and should be held accountable.

    Start at the head and charges. His whole staff removed.

    All head administration down to service chief’s should be removed.

    BOB is making light of veterans deaths.

    I called choice today. As someone from a doctor’s office.telling me about my appointment.

    I called choise awhile back telling them. That the M.D. they sent me was his last day.

    And the treating team now are all nurse’s. I told Choise that I have many medical problems and need an M.D. to care for me.

    Choise.ok James.we will get you with an your area. Guess what! Choise made an appointment with the very same nurse’s. Telling me it was an M.D.. That I was going to see.

    Called choise. Sorry were having problems with the system. Please call back in 30 minutes.

    Called back on hold 15 minutes. To hear please call back. Your phone call is very important to us.

    Way to go BOB McDonald. Bet you were wishing I had died. Who knows by the time I get to see an M.D.. Will be in the morgue !

  4. Sad thing is those BS Degrees that most of us Americans have are Worthless, the Educational System is a farce in to itself from Grade School foward, and these vets who take advantage of any Voc Rehab or GI bill are being sold the Good Ole Pipe Dream alot of vets dont even attempt to graduate or arent mentally prepared to complete school

    1. So your a VA employee. Saying veterans are lazy and don’t want to get a good job and work.

      You must be In charge of the janitors.

      Just look at Ben. Doing a would fail at !

      Thanks for you cent. Two cents is to much.

    2. Yet, here we are with a Blog that Benjamin beat all those aforementioned ‘odds’ and obtained his law degree. The problem lies in the lackadaisical oversight and tight purse strings of VA and VA Voc Rehab.
      I am a firm believer that any student gets exactly what THEY put into it providing they are indeed PREPARED for it.
      Benjamin’s own battle with VA Voc. Rehab shows the problem is NOT with the Veterans, but rather the infection of lack of oversight that’s seeped into everything at the VA cesspool and lack of Standardization across the Board as it should be.
      I have worked as a Student College Adviser for 4 years and know when any student would have proper GUIDANCE, while still allowing freedoms of choice germane to career path, any student can THRIVE.
      I had many students come to me via word of mouth because they were getting lazy student advising or not given all the resources, i.e. information available to them.

      The VA is an oppressive machine and that oppression is a thick fog on all they touch.
      I have full faith that an Honorably Discharged Veteran in any Branch is way more capable than the VA Voc. Rehab allows.

  5. Too many of our Government student aid dollars are spent on giving teachers a job instead of preparing the student for a job. Too much is invested in areas of no growth or students not meeting the qualification for their chosen field of study.

    Just because you pay the teacher $ doesn’t mean you’ll absorb the content and too much of the content is directed at getting your educational $ instead of educating you.

  6. The other problem is the issue of veterans themselves that believe the advertising.

    An education seminar on schools and their value, Disabusing veterans of the idea that Film School will help them to get famous would be a good start, as well as recording schools. Then there’s the whole University of Phoenix diatribe.

    The bottom line is this, yes, you need a 4 year college degree and nowadays a masters to get a job. You also need to go to a school that opens doors to being hired. Being a veteran isn’t going to get you automatically hired unless you were an officer and I’m still working that one out, as officers are only officers because they went to college or won an appointment to an academy before joining.

    We need to stop celebrating when a Fortune 500 company announces it will hire veterans, because just like the VA when it hires veterans, regardless of qualifications they want security guards, janitors or warehouse monkeys. Unless the veteran is an officer. It is absolutely ridiculous that highly educated and experienced veterans are being overlooked for key positions in companies and schools simply because of their enlistment status.

  7. All things being equal – after having paid tuition for four children at various universities, with one to go, I am beyond certain that non-profit colleges can be just as egregious. $ 50-$60 k a year for a college education that comes with no job guaranty is pretty expensive. And if the kids have to take out loans, it is a long time before they can hope to own a home. Especially if they are unable to procure professional work. They all suck – just varying degrees.

    1. Universities are run by many that are from other countries too. The goal is to get millions in federal funding & bring in many from other countries so they can charge more.It is not about learning & teaching because it all about some making gads of money. Chancellor Katehi from UCD who is from Greece is under investigation for her part in nepotism, her family getting top paying jobs, charging almost 200,000 to clean up the UCD’s internet site about the huge pepper spray incident by UCD cops. while our kids have the hardest time with paying for college(they’re always upping the tuition) on what the middle class can barely afford to pay with their meager wages. SHE too accepted a yearly board membership with hundreds of thousands of dollars from a book company, that’s a conflict of interest. It greatly appears that the top have forgotten ethics, morality, principles & common decency. The students did finally get their wishes though because of their tenacity with the newspapers expose. This happens in many state universities. that money is always & only goal. One scientist in Chicago was deliberately poisoned with a virus because he wasn’t working hard enough to secure 150,000 mil from the federal govt.He died 2 weeks after the viral exposure. Yes, we need a whole more accountability & responsibility by those in govt, legislation & quit letting outsiders make decisions that will benefit more outsiders. or other countries. I want to know exactly where all of that money goes. OFFSHORE ACC’TS for sinister reasons like supporting more wars???? There are just too many reasons on how to steal from our federal & state govt’s, while many vets & civilians suffer needlessly! We’ve been robbed blind, all during the great harm & death.

  8. Some of these schools are run by military for profit while employing citizens that are not from this country, holding them as indentured employees to teach nothingness.. Many of the areas of this type school taught can be taught by on the job training, especially since these jobs don’t pay well anyway.Most of these schools are scams. Some are also training ex-military to be PI’s that get paid to gang stalk anyone who isn’t a troll. Law schools are training ex-military to be defense attorneys in workers comp. Me thinks that our country was under minded & that we’re being run by legislators who profit by selling us off to countries like Viet Nam for more cheap labor in our country after harming & firing the higher paid & trained…THIS IS what our vets fought for. so that corporations form all backgrounds including the military can save money on cheap labor with less training , especially in the healthcare industry. AND the unions don’t mind because they can charge more for union dues & initiation fees. This all started with kaiser(insurance company first) HMO to make the most with the least. Now it’s the way of business for all business AND the media wonders why the working class & vets are pissed off?????.

  9. I just read a piece that stated that Boob McDonald Duck just compared wait times at the VA to the wait times at Disney Land. This man has to be removed! His FANTASY world does not and will not ever put veterans first.!

    1. Yes. He stepped in it again. Saying wait time should not matter. Its like going to Disney land and it’s the way your satified by the experience !

      It does not matter thousands of Veterans have died waiting. It’s just a game and Bob McDonald is acting like a little boy !

      Anyone going to tell him the Easter bunny is not real. No don’t it may mame him for the rest of his life.

      Reporter. Veteran’s are dying waiting for an appointment. Not waiting for a Dumbo Ride.

      Stating. VA is still in denial and VA management is out of touch and don’t know what their doing.

    2. At least a Disney Land they do not use the patrons as lab rats. However, the one distinction between Disneyland and the VA is at least at Disneyland the ride eventually ends whereas at the VA it’s a complete Fun House with non-English-speaking tour guide to make things authentic. What planet and dimension is VA Sec. McDonald living in?
      Obviously, Planet Denial.

      1. This was just on my National News about Sec. McDonald’s claim the wait times are no different than at Disneyland in FL. but failed to state that the patrons at Disney are not dying while waiting in line or setting themselves on fire…or being poisoned by any of the minion of food offerings or a crowd of Legionella-Infected from Disney’s It’s A Small, Small World water ride?
        VA, all the above and more with admission ticket of Serving Our USA.

        McDonald is not even trying to lie now, nor does he obviously think before he speaks. Perhaps he should have gotten more on the job training???? 🙂

    3. Here’s a good article about this;

      “Top Republicans bash VA Secretary for ‘ludicrous’ comment”

      by Andrew Bahl,
      23 May 2016
      From “Yahoo News” (it’s getting out there on Social Media!)

      In the article a claim of “…307,000 veterans have died…” waiting for care!

      I guess it’s true, Disney is looking for the next idiot to play “Goofy” in an upcoming movie! Old Bagdad Bobby McDonald would be perfect!

  10. @namnibor
    Not only should people make sure “credits are transferable”! Make sure the college or university is “accredited”!
    We had some here in Florida that weren’t either. That made for some angry and confused students.


    David Cox should be “playing a ‘tubular juice harp’ in some prison! And so should all the pussies who let’s him get away with criminal activities!
    Every person I see in the VA, (or outside), I will be telling them what I think of them!
    I don’t give a damn how “non-politically correct” I’m supposed to be – screw those pussies! If the aren’t standing tall, then their the enemy!

    1. Thanks, crazyelf. When I mentioned to make sure any college’s credits transfer, I was kind of grouping the accreditation as a given with that but thanks for making it even more clear.
      So….now we are supplying weapons to Vietnam. The War Machine just keeps pushing the grayed-lines back….because War is BIG bu$ine$$ to the War Profiteering Elite.

      1. @namnibor
        Yep, weapons, lots of weapons!

        (and I can’t remember how many planes that was said on a World News Report tonight)!

        Looks like POTUS is getting ready for something! Don’t know what. But it’s going to be big!

      2. Boeing just got a FAT contract for the 100 planes going to Vietnam, and then there’s related armament and defense contractors, et al, kind of reminds me of what we saw in military well in advance, “mobility exercises”, and massive gear transported in Middle East…that ‘Line in the sand’ was firmly drawn already, and I wonder if the Chinese’s MASSIVE building of various manmade “islands” which in fact look like Battleships encroaching our friends in Japan and elsewhere in region??
        In any case, it pisses me off there’s many Veterans from that Vietnam War that are still fighting the VA and DOD, yet they can turn the tables now and play all nice with a regime that’s still committing Human Right’s Violations?

        Yep, something has to be up. I just wish end of January, 2017 were here already!! 🙂

        Oh…I hope Bobby McDonald gets the full grilling of the media because it makes me wonder if this “comment” was part of the whole AFGE President Little Cox shaking his little fist at him to reign the leash-in?

        That analogy to Disney and Veterans was insulting and demeaning and disrespectful of those that indeed have died waiting on VA. 🙁

  11. I agree with you Ben.Through Voc Rehab I received the money to attend a brick and mortar school. The face to face interaction with faculty and fellow students cannot be replicated though an online school. I do believe however, that whatever mode of education a veteran may choose. You will only get out of it what you put into it.

  12. Here’s two new articles y’all might want to google.
    From “”watchdog. org””
    May 22, 2016 by M.D. Kittle
    “Sources: Ron Kind received call from Jason Simcakoski not long before Marine’s tragic death”

    In my opinion, (Democrat), Ron Kind ain’t out of trouble himself. After y’all have read this article, you’ll understand exactly what I mean!

    “CBS This Morning” just ran a story where Obama is “…selling American Made weapons to Vietnam…!” Reason given, To help this communistic totalitarian regime defend itself against Chinese aggression in the western pacific.
    He’s also dropping the embargos against Vietnam. In exchange for our “…use of their (shipping) ports!”

    Question: I wonder how much of our taxdollars are now freely flowing into this communistic regime?
    He’s also doing this at the same time he is decimating our own military resources, ie; personnel and equipment!

    1. @crazyelf and all:

      Do not forget that in Vietnam, the Veteran Adm. has either broken ground, being or is already built, a brand new VAMC in Vietnam, as I recall just recently VA Sec. McDonald was over there (I believe) for it’s hu—ruuumph announcement or something like that.
      Not the only place being beefed-up. One of my formerly stationed USAF Bases, largest SAC Base up in Northern Maine has been closed since the 90’s when it was flung to the top list of EPA Super Fund Clean-Up Sites…the base is now being actively “restocked”, and this is going on at MANY formerly “decommissioned” military bases and outposts from Cold War Era…something is going on, as I have been told this by Veterans in various Branches, and localities, and I suspect that money is funneled through the VA funding (just my theory) for further DOD stuff…again, just a theory, in any case, we Vet’s are at the bottom of the VA Meat Grinder Cesspool.

      @crazyelf- almost suspect ‘Little Cox’ could be one of our ‘VA Trolls’ on here by the temperament 🙂

      1. Yep, and I’ve heard from ‘prior’ military (S/F) personnel, (retired), living in the ‘Far East’, (as some call Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, etc.). We have had “advisors” in that area since around 2005-6- or 7!”
        “Why”, in my opinion, is this new ideology, (“selling weapons and lifting restrictions”), now coming to light.
        This administration is definitely planning something. I got a feeling the American population ain’t going to like what’s happening!
        Think about what Obama’s been up to. He’s basically making friends with all our old enemies. And foresaken our friends!

        As far as “Troll Alert” today. I guess we’ll just have to set them straight! Ain’t gonna fool me again……

  13. We had a TV article concerning this issue here in Florida, sometime late last year. Nothing ever came of it. The colleges and universities are still committing these “alleged frauds.”
    There’s a great “passage” in this Blog about “selling (ones) soul!” That’s exactly what many have done today. “Leaders” should be ashamed. Yet, “GREED” gets the better of many individuals.
    Do I really believe anyone committing these frauds will be prosecuted? Maybe! But, I doubt it.
    There’s many examples showing where scumbags get caught, then are allowed to retire many times on the “taxpayers dime!” Our lawmakers allows it to continue. Their “excuse” is; Once one is allowed to retire, we can’t prosecute them! (paraphrasing, yet so damn true)!
    Since when is a crime NOT prosecutable? We, who are financially at the bottom, are prosecuted daily. Only those who are wealthy, top 10%, excape prosecution! Isn’t this “double-standard” illegal?
    I don’t know the answer. Maybe, one day, we will see justice be served equally amoung all.

  14. Great article, Benjamin!

    I know when I did Student Advising while attending more college post-service, we were warned about such colleges scamming *anyone* but the clincher was that Veterans could NOT use we regular Student Advisors/Registration, the Veterans HAD to use the VA’s Liaison and guess what this hardly available to do his job for Veterans was pushing? You got it, even though he was supposed to be helping Veterans there at Cleveland State U., this VA Liaison was trying to push MANY Veterans the way of likes of U. of Phoenix, those mentioned in article, et al.
    The problem is once a Veteran USES their version of the G.I. Bill, that’s it, better count on tons of Student Loans, Grants, and apply for Scholarships.

    I almost think that the VA and Veteran Groups get some kind of kick-back and the fact that some VSO’s are now crying FOWL just makes me laugh because they have been the PUSH at ALL Veteran Stand Downs where tables upon tables of these predatory colleges with all kinds of free crap, to entice Veterans to utilize their benefits…and since they are all always at these VA Stand Downs, at least here in Columbus, OH they are, then this simply tells me that the VA ENDORSES such colleges (no matter what the VA may state), because VSO’s standing around are there to lead Veterans to any predator table.

    The AFGE Little Cox has quite a lot to worry about. We Veterans will not be fooled nor pulled-down by Little Cox’s VA Trolls coming on here. “Won’t Get Fooled Again”-The Who.

    1. @namnibor
      I think “Little Cox” might want to “Stand Down” on talking about anything. His stupidity has been shown. Especially over the past week or so.

    2. Hey Namnibor and Elf,

      What do you guys think? Maybe it is time that Jeffrey David Cox the National President of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), is recognized National. Not for achievements, or accomplishments, but his well let’s just call them Deeds for now. Deeds like his long drawn out float to the surface of the bowl through not only the VA Health Care System but the AFGE to be on top of the pile.

      David’s Deeds and work that have helped to make the VA what it is today. Where each and every VA employee can stand up and hang their heads and say: “I work at the most corrupt government agency in the US Government.”

      Also maybe David Cox should be for his leadership that has led to making the AFGE what it is today. Where many of those same VA employees who are also members of the AFGE can also now stand up hang their heads and say: “Not only do I work for the most corrupt agency in the US Government. I am also a member of the AFGE which leads all American unions in criminal misconduct by its officials since 014. I financially support that corruption and criminal Misconduct.”

      David Cox Float to the surface through the VA to the top of the pile at the AFGE according to Wikipedia.

      “In 1983, Cox became a registered nurse and started a public-sector career with the Department of Veterans Affairs that lasted until September 2006 when he became AFGE secretary-treasurer Cox served two consecutive terms as AFGE’s National Secretary-Treasurer (elected first in August 2006 and reelected by acclamation in August 2009).”

      “Jeffrey David Cox Sr. was elected National President at American Federation of Government Employees’ 39th National Convention in Las Vegas in 2012. He was elected to a second term at the 40th National AFGE Convention in 2015.”

      The AFGE downhill slide under David Cox’s leadership According to the Office of Labor-Management Standards of the Department of Labor.

      The information is documented in a report titled “AFGE Leads All American Unions in Criminal Misconduct by its Officials Since 2014”

      See more at: “”

      What do you guys think should people be told, or would it not be politically correct to talk about his disability of being ethically and morally challenged?

      1. “What do you guys think should people be told, or would it not be politically correct to talk about his disability of being ethically and morally challenged?”

        I am thinking that it must be a prerequisite to work for either the VA or AFGE to be ethically and morally challenged. Not a disability for their ilk, but an a$$et to future elevation amongst the ranks at the VA Meat Grinder.

        Back On Topic: I thought not too long ago Congress passed something that not only protected Veterans and G.I. Bill from “Predatory Colleges”, but also thought the VA was mandated to provide better oversight? I could be wrong and it is something in Bill form, not yet a Law, but I know I have viewed/heard this topic being churned around.

        On a side not, some of those online colleges are great for “ancillary training” and “tutorials”, but without needed hands-on applications and the dynamic of Critical Thinking amongst other students, that online degree may leave one wanting in end.
        For instance, I am taking an electronic music recording software via formal tutorials for the synth-based ambient experimental music I do that is replacing Alprazolam completely for my PTSD (I am paying for it out of pocket), but we are only talking within $100. here, not the thousands involved in formal college degree.
        Almost Lastly, **ensure** any online university’s college credits are ***transferable*** to a brink and mortar University. If answer is no, move-on unless it’s a specific Trade School where you get that hands-on AND job placement.
        Finally, many of these online universities may make rather vague statements such as the *BIGGIE* to watch and ask them to further qualify is; “Job Place Assistance”…the key word they usually will legally pay on is **assistance** and that could just mean if they get a call from a potential employer they may just say, “Yeah, they attended that course”, or they may only ‘refer you’…in any case, be careful and do a LOT of research before committing…to anything.
        Peace and rant out.

      2. My VA had a union president abuse funds. Well a few member’s too.

        Punishment. Pay it back !

        End of story.

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