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Veterans Affairs Demands Cerner EHR Contract Focus On Interoperability

The Department of Veterans Affairs is issuing new mandates for interoperability six months after issuing a single source contract to electronic health record (EHR) giant Cerner.

Last June, VA issued the single source contract rather than open up bidding to privatizing the VA electronic health record system from its own open source system after more than 30 years. But VA has yet to sign the actual contract, and yesterday, VA issued its fundamental requirements report for the first time.

Interoperability is the primary concern of the agency, and the level of interoperability and secure information exchange must be better than industry standards.

VA EHR Mandates

“The Contractor is required to collaborate with VA affiliates, community partners, EHR providers, healthcare providers and vendors to advance seamless care throughout the healthcare provider market,” according to the work statement.

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The idea is to create “a design architecture that allows for access to and sharing of common data and an enabling security framework that supports end-to-end healthcare related clinical and business operations.”

Double Take After GAO Exposes EHR Redo Failure

VA’s newly published demands come on the heels of a GAO report last week blasting Cerner and at least a dozen other contractors for wasting $1.1 billion without delivering the desired product only to then award Cerner a sole source contract.

The House Committee on Veterans Affairs said it’s reluctant to approve additional monies to spend on the $10 billion EHR upgrade given the recent history of these contractors failing to deliver.

Other EHR Requirements

To assuage concerns from Congress, VA is also requiring numerous promises including the following three I thought readers might find interesting:

  1. The Cerner EHR platform must allow sharing of interactive care plans and collaborative communication between providers and VA / DOD.
  2. Within two years of contract signing, the EHR system should allow agency sharing for referral management activities, discharge and admission data.
  3. VA requires the new system to facilitate its population research it has been doing on veterans health using the previous system. The new system must provide a “computable dataset” for population health, research analytics, clinical decision support and workflow integration.
  4. It will also create a predictive system to identify and manage veterans at risk of suicide.


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  1. namnibor,
    Your gonna love this.
    Here in America, there’s a “cookie cutter manufacturing company” that “…takes 5 seconds to make a ‘snowflake’ [cookie cutter]…”!
    My wife just informed me, “…it takes a Liberal nine months to make a snowflake…” [cookie cutter]!

  2. Our Government/VA has way too many hidden agendas and ulterior motives. I forgot; What exactly is the, “swamp”, and where is that drain?

    1. DOJ is too busy wasting millions in taxpayer’s dollars to reveal collusion with Russians to mess with an election because for sure this is a higher priority than veterans.

      1. And the congress critters are too busy knitting their golden parachute tax plans. The sound of many furious click/clacky ratty claws can be heard all over New England, all emanating from D.C. Central Swamp HQ.

  3. Wonder if this is the VA trying to weasel out of a contract that they issued with no competition and now is exposed and causing them flack…

    1. You are spot on about it and probably because of Ben’s reporting. Even though Ben thinks that he has a small platform, VA knows that this small platform has no bones about being vocal.

      1. We can only pray Ben’s platform burns their ratty hides with the VA kryptonite called Accountability in the same way sunlight affects vampires.

      2. nammibor,
        Time to “sharpen the stakes” and put “garlic vines” all around the world! Plus, load all weapons with silver bullets which have “crosses” etched onto the front and dipped in Holy Water! Or is that for werewolves?

        “Even a man who’s pure at heart,
        and says his prayers at night.
        May become a wolf, when the wolfbane blooms,
        And the moon is full and bright!”


        Have you seen where “…the Mayor of “Chit-cago is in talks with the United Nations to bring troops…” to his city? He believes it’ll “…stem the massive crime wave…” that has plaqued his city!
        On that note: IF the U.N. sends troops there, it’ll be the first time, since the “War of 1812-15, a foreign military has set foot in our country!

      3. I say place a large bullet-proof glass dome over Chicago and before capping-off the tip-top, parachute enough arms in there to make even Gen. Ollie North proud, set and forget. Repeat as necessary.

  4. Meanwhile, I still have no doctor. I called the VA choice the other day, the doctor who sent his paper work in April 2017, is still not showing up in the system, the specialist who I saw once, they gave me a number saying he was paid, I called the doctors office, no payment received. I called about my NOD which is supposed to take 238 days in Colorado, I’m now 192 days past that date.
    After decades of recorded health problems, and the VA admitting exposure to nerve agents, will this new multi gazillion dollar system link all my illness to it?
    I dare say not.

  5. After further research on this article regarding “interoperability “, it looks as though Cerner and VA need to do a lot more work. But of course they will ask for more $ , which is a racket of course.
    That new system looks as though it needs to be Dicom certified, not only with antiquated VA equipment, but with the outside provider equipment as well.
    This means when you have a visual field, GDX, FDt or any other imaging study, it needs to be able to communicate with the outside providers equipment.
    What that means is potential for a data breach with civilian patients info being transferred erroneously into VA systems , if there are no controls.
    If the VA cannot separate regular employees records that are in CPRS, what makes them think they can separate civilians info from veterans info.
    Most Ct, xray and any other imaging device has its own demographic software when a test is performed.
    Here is a link regard DiCom standards

    1. Only the very best year of ’85 cans of beans connected with a string are utilized at the VA for all forms of communication and data sharing. This keeps the entire VA communication line fully anal…log.

  6. Seymore,
    Have you seen this video yet?
    “Jonathan Schwartz”
    “Trey Gowdy to Investigate Obama!!?| Politico Says “Request was made to Trey Gowdy”
    Published on 19 Dec 2017 11:00 AM
    [02:31 minutes long]

    It concerns Hezbollah and their ability to smuggle cocaine into the United States. And, its connection to the “Iranian Deal” by Obama [and possibly “Hanoi John Kerry”]!
    It came out, due to investigators from “Politico” finding an “operation” called “Operation Cassandra”!

    Very interesting!

  7. It’s getting to the point where I cannot read anymore about the corrupt VA bureaucracy. It is time to take these sleaze bags out,……..Some one has to get the attention of this GIGANTIC MULE. Vets, don’t commit suicide, take out a high level VA bureaucrat, you may get a medal. How far, how long, do we allow these incompetents to take us down the road of no return. How many deaths do we allow them to be responsible for? Nero is drunkenly playing his fiddle while this country is burning to the ground, and we are standing around with glassy eyes just staring at the destruction around us. What is the point of publicizing all of these sleazy acts by these so called VA officials when nothing is ever really done about it.
    Many of us gave our lives in combat, knowing that we were facing sure death.
    Why do we hesitate now?? many vets lie in the gutter under the bridges while these VA goons are carrying their cash away, laughing at us as we stand by in great fear, hypnotized by their brazen acts…………………………………

    1. VA DC HQ ONE BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET THE MAFIA IS MICKY MOUSE TH TO VA DC HQ SEWAGE RATS FROM HELL VA BUDGET FOR 2018 186 BILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ VA DC HQ RATS ARE DOGS IN HEAT FOR THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BUT WAR VETS CAN EAT VA DC HQ SHIT @ DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Right on bro! Douchebag sewer rats in pink tu tus and shit! The only healthcare racket with the fattest nurses in the history of all nursing!

  8. One needn’t look any further than the current tax bill to conclude that Washington is a cesspool of corruption. The VA is just another page in a very thick book political misdeeds. Burn baby, burn.


    I called and he said he would do a story how veterans are being punished through the committee and how all of our rights are taken away to a fair trial or due process. He said only veterans from Florida call get him to do this story.

    Feel free to use my name James Gallegos La Junta co

    Flagging veterans is very dangerous. How many veterans have been reported and then committed suicide.

    1. Why hasn’t some skilled Fla veteran who is an attorney stepped up to take such a case all the way up the pipeline to the U.S. Supreme Court. Some big law firm who can do “pro bono” work?

    2. Who da Flagger, Boss?, I go to have special talk wid him/her…My name is Junior, I so big everyone call me Junior. I likes to talk to edjumicated folks who know all dese facts about how life really is. Right now, I is having a conversation wid da poison who approved da art for Fifty million. (As soon as dis fool wakes back up,)

  10. What a clustetfuck this is!

    So the VA is releasing a requirements report AFTER they were going to award a sole source contract to a crony? How the hell does that work without costing more money? Am I missing something here? This is like telling a building contractor he won the contract to build your house, without a single blueprint being drawn up, then telling him how many bedrooms you want and where the indoor pool will be.

    As for their requirements, number 1 has been a mandate from congress since at least the mid 1990s, and after billions have been wasted, they still can’t do sharing with DOD?
    Number 3 is interesting and shows the VA conducts research with or without your consent on whatever ends up in your medical record. It makes me wonder why the VA consistently gets away with their bullshit lies to veterans that they are the only ones reporting disease X, when the veteran knows hundreds of other veterans are also suffering from disease X.

    Look at Burn Pit veterans as an example. How hard would it be for the VA to track every Burn Pit vet for similarities in health problems, if nothing else other than to improve care to those vets? Then, if they are showing an increase in specific health problems, that could be a flag to watch other Burn Pit vets for the same problem. Instead, we have a multi-billion dollar record tracking system that can’t manage to detect a veterans cancer in time to provide any care for them until they are too far gone to do anything.

    Why is it whistle blowers are needed to leak information on what the VA should already be finding?

    As for number 4, I can’t see how any of that prediction crap can work with predicting anything other than by using keywords. If Nurse Susie Seahag enters certain words in your medical record, some siren goes off in Shulkins million dollar command center and a week later a Swat team shows up at 2am.
    What keywords will be used? Will there be different levels of keywords such as “I feel like hammered dogshit” triggers an increase in your prescription, but “I hate the VA” triggers a siren? Would Nurse Susie Seahag quickly figure out those keywords so if you looked at her wrong at your appointment, she could enter the right word and trigger your ass into a 72 hour hold?

    1. My fellow vets, stay tuned to what these sleazebags like Susie Seahag puts into your records and immediately file an action in the U.S. District Court for defamation and medical malpractice. flood the U.S. district courts all over the country, they will get the message, especially if the court gives you money for damages and especially for huge judgements for their “fraud” Ask for a jury trial.

  11. Veteran drone program dropping leaflets to the taxpayers notifying them of VA waste n BS. n Shit.


  12. Note: key word in VA concerns “workflow”.
    We know what that means.
    Step 1 Employee comes to work, he may not.
    Step 2 Employee may jack off in their office maybe not. But he will jack off somewhere.
    Step 3 Employee goes home.
    That is workflow VA 101

    1. CorpsmanUp.
      Dear White House, VA OIG, and any newspaper that will listen.
      VA Patient Mobbing/ VA Patient Blacklisting
      1. VA: “A Cesspool of Mediorce” in regards to those employed there, and who had social networked to get great paying jobs at the VA and great benefits at the VA, and thus can NOT be fire or released from VA employment.
      “Workfair”is what it was called at the State of Pennsylvania, state Govt jobs: Socialism in employment. Once you get in with the state, Or a community college. Or the VA! You get “A Cesspool of Mediorce”. Bunch of like minded assholes, and mother fuckers that can NOT be fired…

      2. This is what is happening here at the VA Ohio. With these three fucking knuckleheads:
      1. ERIC Canna Akron Ohio VA Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road Non Veteran Catholic, who state and said,
      Eric Canna VA Employee Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio Outpatient clinic stated this. This things.
      2. PAMELA SUE SHERER Employee Akron Ohio VA Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road, Non Veteran Catholic Across the hall from ERIC CANNA. This knucklehead lied to the senator (Out right lied), senator Rob Portman Ohio, and senator Sherrod Brown Ohio the VA Director Susan M. Furher Cleveland Ohio.
      3. PETER M BARACH VA Employee Ohio NPI#1396773610 Ohio License No.3280 Non Veteran Draft Dodger 70-73 (Deferment for mental illness from military service), Jewish C and P Hatchet man, Paid VA “FORENSIC WHORE”. Peter M Barachi the most incredible liar, paid to lie, lie often and a lot. “The monster of shaker heights” Cleveland Ohio. “A forensic fraud”…
      Then these 3 fucking assholes are using, 6 to 7 months worth of private medical notes from a non veteran catholic Draft dodger 1964-1973 in Lancaster Pennsylvania, (who lied and tainted his notes or my medical notes). These three liars (VA Mobbers) are using this psychopaths bull shit, in order to discriminate against me, and patient blacklist me out of my benefits and claims. In the face of two fully developed claims by 3 providers in Ohio. 2 DBQ forms, MMPI 5 page social history of injury, Nexus letter, and an Origins of Disease Report (5 pages based on medical lit, med research, and DSM V as to how my inservice injury occured and what I truely have).
      This is what VA Mobbing is…Or discrimination (mobbing is discrimination)…

      After only a few months. At the VA, State Govt Job Or at a local-yocal community college or university: You get tenure (but it is based on social networks, politics) or your in the Union. Once in union, you are in this “Mafia” like Union. Where you can not be fired! I seen it. It is all about social networking with other like minded individuals. Your in or your out, but veterans and former sodliers are normally out because their “Honest, Trustwrothy, and Hardworking”. And a vet or former soldier will normally blow-the-whistle, if he/she sees anything fucked up (Like Corruption or misconduct).

      4. I worked in all these areas. And these psychopaths target injured veterans, former soldiers, and vulnerable vets. The Targeting would NOT happen if the VA supported us injured vets, and disabled former soldiers.
      Always. Forcing them (Vets) out even before the vet gets his foot in the door. Oh, they know who the vulnerable vets are or injured vets are. Because the VA has let us down! Those of us injured vets and disabled former soldiers from the 80s and 90s, who they withheld military medical records from (cutting us loose injured, and unknowing), and thus denied us VA medical treatment for years. Thus we went about life, injured, unhealthy, taking loses in every aspect of our lives, and eventually WE end up dead, commit suicide, in prison or we end up at a private hospital. All because the VA let us down…

      5. Because the VA let us down.
      WE end up alone and isolated from peolple who once loved us. Loved ones leaving us. Like sand falling through our finger tips at a beach. All of our loved ones leaving us, all of them eventually leaving us along the way (Undiagnosed PTSD will do this.) Until we are alone…

      6. But these like minded employees know who we are, and thus it becomes a race to force us veterans and former soldiers out of employment. Or it becomes a race to deny us injured vets and disabled former soldiers benefits and claims. Is that NOT right VA in Ohio???

      7. Then these employees, it’s like a Pedophila-like-Ring. Just like at the VA now. Where they all protect each other, social networked to get their buddies in (Geographic Nepotism.ex. Peter M Barach), those of the same religion (Religious Nepotism ex. Eric Canna & Pamela Sue Sherer), family members (Nepotism, Ex. Peter M Barach, and his family at VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio).
      Lancaster Pennsylvania (Anti Military for 200+ years), and south central pennsylvania is notorious for this type of sick shit (mobbing of vets). Without the support of the VA, an injured vet, a vulnerable vet, and disabled former soldier is doomed. And the VA has made it a business of denying vets health care for many years (Again: Especially those from the 80’s and 90’s, who were cut loose without their military service records)…

      8. These lunitic mob. These like minded VA monsters, that have obtained salary jobs like at the VA or state govt, or at these community college or Universities, mob outsiders and target vets… Anywhere there is a salary job, where you can be fired, and it something to do with govt funds or state funds coming in…
      Who do these psychopaths target? Or who do they mob? Answer: Veterans (injured vets, or vulnerable vets or disabled former soldiers). I seen them do it. They do do it. They do it before the vet or former soldier gets tenure or gets in to the union. They set the vet up for failure, and harass them before the vets probationary period is over.
      These diseased animals target the vets for group harassment campaigns and bullying campaigns (It discirmination of course). So the veteran can not get permenent status nor in to the employee union at these employers like at the VA, state govt, or a community colleges. It is called, “Empoyment Mobbing” Or “Workplace Mobbing”. Veterans are often targeted!

      9. But I seen this is happening at the VA Hospitals. To injured vets, vulnerable former soldiers and disabled former soldiers also. You’re being mobbed at the VA by these VA employees! At least I think there is an arguement here in ohio
      Like for example,
      1. Eric Canna Non Veteran Catholic VA AKron Ohio Outpatient Clinic
      2. Pamela Sue Sherer Non Veteran Catholic, VA Akron Ohio Outpatient clinic
      3. Peter M Barach Non Veteran Draft dodger Jewish, VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio
      all and only using one non veteran, draft dodger, anti military, Catholic’s private providers 6 to 7 months worth of bull shit lying tainted medical notes, from Lancaster Pennsylvania…That is “medical mobbing”. Patient blacklisting an injured vet and disabled former soldier out of his VA benefits and VA claims..

      10. If you get too many of the same religion at a state employer (at the State Govt), the VA, or at a local yocal community college. These like minded individuals, or members of the same religion, or Non Veterans will target individuals for workplace mobbing, or at the VA, “patient mobbing” Aka: Patient Blacklisting. Mobbing always starts with one or two fucking assholes.
      The VA is doing this now to vets, patient mobbing, and patient blacklisting them out of their benefits and claims. Yes they are. Especially those injured vets and disabled former soldiers from the 80’s and 90’s, who were cut loose from the miitary, injured without their Military Service Records. Unknowing of their injuries, undiagnosed, denied va health care, and unknowing of the severity of those injuries. Going through a lifetime of fucking hell, for more than 20+ years of absolute hell, and losses. And somehow, someway, some of us are still alive. We survived…

      11. Mobbing is a term well known in Europe: Heinze Leymann, studied “Workplace Mobbing” and “Community Mobbing”. In Swedish and German: Mobbing means “to murderer”. Blackbirds and members of the raven family mob cats. So heinze Leymann Swedish social psychologist came up with the term “Mobbing”. People mob also. People select targets (other people) like veterans and former soldiers. This is the problem you now have at the VA, across the nation. Too many of one type (could be liberals, anti military, could be too many catholics or members of the same religion). You know the dudes (Non Veteran, the mother fuckers) that wave those flags and eat those hot dogs on vets day, memorial day cheering for vets, but quietly and seemingly these mother fuckers (non Vets) hate veterans behind their backs. That is who you have working at the VA now. VA Mother fuckers (MF: old U.S. Army term from the end of WWII, European Threater)…

      12. At the VA, there is too many of one religion, too many non veterans. There is just too many of one type, of like minded individuals. Who are then targeting and mobbing VA patients? The VA is targeting and VA patient mobbing: Injured Veterans. Disabled Former Soldiers, Vulnerable vets, Soldiers.

      13. Sadly. I found injured veterans, disabled former soldiers, and vulnerable vets are being “mobbed” in both the workplace, and being mobbed in their communities. Again. This is the entire fault of the VA for NOT supporting the injured veteran and undiagnosed former soldier. This is what is going on at the VAs across america, and across our nation in our communities.
      YES. WE are being mobbed, VA patient mobbed. Those of us with “Veteran status”. I found “Veteran Status” just makes you a target. A target for bullying by those on the left, liberals, Non Veterans, and those of certain religions, that are political against the military (such as draft dodgers), or their parents were not soldiers. And again being denied health care by the VA, and Support by the VA did not help us injured veterans, and undiagnosed former soldiers cut loose by the military in the 80’s and 90’s with out our military service record. And then denied treatment for decades…

      14. So these diseased animals (VA employes) take it out on us. Usually mobbing (group harassing or group bullying us) us. Group fucking out of our benefits and claims. Often “Mobbing” will start out with one or two fucking assholes (like-minded pieces of shit) at an employer or 2 employee doctors at a VA. They just decide they are going to fuck you, and try to fuck you hard as a VA patient. They’re going to fuck you as long and as hard as you let them. And that includes VA Patient Blacklisting! Then it grows from two fucking assholes, to three fucking assholes, and then more VA employes join in.

      15. This is happening at the VA. Too many like-minded individuals, Non Veterans, Possibly too many of the same religion (perhaps, for example too many Non Veteran catholics) social networking to get into the VA. Too many individuals that seemingly and quietly hate veterans and former soldiers. Like at the VA, state govt employers, or at a Community College, where these mother fuckers can NOT be fired. Anywhere indviduals are competeing for salary jobs…

      16. Yes like these three VA Employees in Ohio:
      1. Eric Canna Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA Waterloo Road Outpatient Clinic
      2. Pamela Sue Sherer Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA Waterloo Road Outpatient Clinic
      3. PETER M BARACH Ohio NPI#1396773610 Ohio License No.3280 Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973 Jewish, VA Wade Park Clevelan Ohio. Paid VA LAP DOG engaging in FORENSIC FRAUD 20 page C and P Hatchet Man. In the face of 2 fully developed claims by 3 private providers. Paid over and over again to give the VA favorable opinions. Which this is known as: he is the VAs Paid “Forensiic Whore”. Paid by the VA CASH HOG to lie often and lie a lot, sabotaging injured vets claims and disabled former soldiers benefits. Creating false narratives, by “Cherry Picking” medical notes, and Checkering 20 page c and p exams. Covering up in service injuries that have destroyed the injured vets entire life. By moving backward in time (re-victimizing the injured vet and disabled former soldier), rather than moving from the point of injury at thus discussing the losses. Lying and attempting to mislead a VA DRO Judge, intentionally. Truely a remarkable sneaky beast, who does “the devil work on Sunday”, and fucks injured vets and disabled former soldiers “Six Ways to Sunday”…

      17. Thanx again Disabled Veterans . Org for allowing me to express my opinon about the sickness here at the VA in Ohio…

  13. Good morning everyone never forget how to Improve Veterans Healthcare to someone who cares where it makes a difference….Semper Fi ?

    1. I say we require all hot VA chicks to go topless AC. This is pretty much my solution to most social problems when government fails to otherwise guide.

      Set those girls free and let them flop where they might I always say. It is a small gesture but fully clothed women at VA always seemed so out of character to me anyway and we have to start somewhere wih this whole transparency thing, right?

      We can let VA OIG decide which chicks are hot. They always seem to get things nailed down proper, eh?

      1. @Dennis- Thanks! I will hoard those topless thoughts for the next time I am nauseas and just want the vomit to flow and be done with it. I’m picturing hallways with engorged purple teams baring eggplants but those are not eggplants at all….eek!

      2. Throw in those talking heads on TV too. Like “Naked News TV.” Just for a cheap thrill, very cheap meaningless thrill, there are few out there, or like my last lying dentist I’d like to see nekkid once just for the hoot of it.

        Yep. The want of total freedom, transparency, Marx-feminist like in New York parades want nudity and to “free the nips.” Go for it. That ends my sinful thoughts for the day.

      3. If you want to find out where the naked chicks are at the VA, look in the offices of the Director, or in the Doctors’s lounge over in the corner.

  14. Here’s that ‘word’ again from VA – “PROMISE!”
    Is it just me, or does anyone actually see VA ‘working FOR veterans’?
    It seems all VA ever does is mooch off the taxpayers $$$$$$$$$$ and enters contracts which DOES NOT fulfill their mandates towards veterans!

    1. “PROMISE” is also a brand of shitty fake butter under false premise of margarine. Both help screw Veterans on the VA’s slip & slide.

  15. “[…4. It will also create a predictive system to identify and manage veterans at risk of suicide.]”

    Hey VA: Predict what finger on each hand standing erect thinks of this stupid-assed, doomed to fail and utilized as a weapon against Veterans predictive suicide algorithm!! No VA, Fuck YOU! Redefining what a contract is now, rat bastards?!

    1. Imagine the bullshit excuses the VA will come up with when there is no measurable change in the suicide rate. The millions demanded to “make further enhancements” to a broken system.

      Imagine how fast the VA will hide any predictive indication showing a veteran was suicidal after they kill themselves.

      Imagine the anonymous statistics they will use before congress to demand more money for treatment, that will never actually go to caring for a veteran.

      Gee, our Kill-O-Meter predicts an increase in suicide next year, we need another $100 million.

      …for the veterans…

      1. RAND reports that the term “Kill-O-Meter” for VA predictive suicidal behavior has been redefined as: “Retirement-Assessment-Predictive-Evaluations” (R.A.P.E.). (spared no expense)

  16. “It will also create a predictive system to identify and manage veterans at risk of suicide.”

    This requires an internal letter methinks…

    From: Lead Program Engineer, Coding division
    To: Liason to VA from our company
    Subject: Predictive algorithms for suicide – promise certification


    Management asked me to update you with great news to relay to our trusted VA business partners! I am going to update you on the remarkable progress we have made to fulfill our sales staff’s promises to VA (as mandated by trustworthy VA leadership).

    We think we got the predictive part of identifying vets at risk for suicide nailed down, albeit loosely. The system now accurately predicts that users of VA mental health are at a much higher risk than non-users. Records corraborate and validate this computed data, so this part is a “go” – the system will check if the applicant is using VA for healthcare, and predict they are at risk if they do. Aside from a few minor glitches during animal testing of the code (one of the test dogs deemed healthy by the software bumped himself off after being labelled disruptive) the predictive software is ready to move out of Beta.

    This is the good news. The bad news is that the tuning for the “management” portion of the code is still exhibiting minor glitches. In some cases the code has issued an automated and urgent warning(s) to local law enforcement call centers of an armed delusional vet enraged and barricaded at home when they simply misdialed the crisis line, and in other cases the system has authorized the mailing by USPS of a stuffed Winnie The Pooh Bear(s) to vets who have desperately pleaded sometimes years for help.

    We believe though that with additional funding we can work these glitches out and we promise to be done on time. I suggest therefor that you go ahead and relay that promise to VA. Send it return receipt mail please.

    I also want to let you know that my team stands ready to tool up to the next more urgent lecel and higher standards of pinky swear commitment if your negotiations for that additional honey pan out as we planned.

    Your Friend,

    1. To: Dilbert

      We must inform you that the predictive algorithm could not have predicted that your request for more honey would also bring a new breed of African Killer Bees, which happen to also be working for the VA Disruptive Behavior Committee management. Things are really sticky here now so please continue to produce your own honey and keep the queen of your VISN happy.- The Bobs

    2. Dennis, your comment makes me wonder if the appeal process for a veteran wrongly predicted as suicidal will be as effective as for vets labeled Disruptive by their little kangaroo courts.

      1. @91Veteran
        The appeal process for when VA wrongfully sends the S.W.A.T. team to a veterans house remains unchanged – you may plead with S.W.A.T. not to shoot. Otherwise take heart – they are good shots and nobody important will get hit.

      2. Dennis, how hard do you think it would be to write code to delete any keywords triggering that SWAT team after the vet is dead? Or to write code creating all these mental health appointments that the veteran somehow missed attending?

        But then, that supposes there would be any consequences whatsoever even when the proof of malpractice is blatant.

      3. I be to differ with you as to “nobody important will get hit” because as you know Dennis, the Marine: ” preparation is the word, and surprise is the element.”

      4. I am ready to be labled as “disruptive” so I, (like Bre Rabbit, thrown into the Briar Patch), can be thrown into the U.S. District Court to give these aetheist cock suckers a lesson in the law. Does anyone know how to contact the VA Disruptive Behavior Committe? They tried once to pull that shit on me at the D.C. VAMC. Where in the hell did they find these sleazebags? Sorry fellow vets, I am more civilized than what I reveal above, but am really gunning for a chance to match my lawyer wits with these self anointed Harvard Law dimwits. shit asses.

    3. Dennis
      Great comment. Seems like it will give a lot of non veterans, who social network to get into the VA, some good darn Jobs with some good benefits.

      Dear Senator Sherrod Brown (D) Ohio, Senator Rob Portman (R) Ohio, and Congressman Tim Ryan (D) Ohio
      1. However these three:
      A1. VA Employee Eric Canna Akron Ohio VA Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road Non Veteran Catholic Stated and Said,
      This was Eric Canna Non Veteran Catholic Akron VA Ohio Waterloo Road that stated this and quoted this to me (Injured veteran and disabled former soldier)
      To say this about my brothers and sister in arms. All those in the past, who served and had fallen for our country. To say to me. A third generation U.S. Army soldier. With three honorable discharges (88-90, 90-96 and After 9/11 03-05 All artillery).
      B2. VA Employees PAMELA SUE SHERER AKron Ohio VA Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road. Non Veteran Catholic. Had a big 2 foot caste iron black cross hanging behind her head. Behind her head, Rosemary beads hanging off the cross, and a mother mary statue sitting there with it hands open and blood pouring out of the hands. Now I have a witness to these “Religious Artifacts”, Catholic Artifacts mind you. Ok. She lied about the positions of them to senator Rob Portman Ohio. nobody could even see these religous artifacts behind her desk, if they were there. Said these religious artifacts were behind computer. Nope, they were behind her head 3 to 5 feet where an injured vet and disabled former soldier had to sit and stare at them. This is true. And that these religious artifacts were given to her by veterans. Well. if that is the one true thing she told senator Rob Portman of Ohio. Then those veterans. They had to be “Catholic” veterans then.
      *As for Pamela Sue Sherer Non Veteran Catholic VA employee Akron Ohio VA Waterloo Outpatient Clinic. If she is going to lie about her religion, religious artifacts (Catholic mind you) to a senator and the VA Director Ohio. The position of those religious artifacts (And the catholic part) in her office, and who gave these religious artifact to her. Why wouldnt she lie about my symptoms, mask my symptoms with high amounts of med. Why wouldnt she lie about my injuries in service in order to sabotage my benefits, and claims for benefits. Why wouldnt she hold my religion against me? Why wouldnt she: Give me a bull shit diagnoses, and a bogus disorder that she can manipulate? I am just saying. If she ggoing to lie to a senator and the VA Director Ohio about religious artifacts (Catholic mind you). Then what else will Pamela Sue Sherer lie about??? And why wouldnt ERIC CANNA Non Veteran Catholic VA Employee Akron Ohio Waterloo Outpatient clinic across the hall from Pamela Sue Sherer, back her up with corrupt VA medical notes, and an unethical bull shit story as to how I was injured in service. Just saying…

      C3. Peter M. Barach Ohio NPI #1396773610 Ohio License No.3280 Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973 (Perhaps deferment for mental illness from military), Jewish VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio. Engaging in 20 page C and P Exam hatchet jobs in order to sabotaging injured veteran’s and disabled former soldier’s benefits. This Peter M. Barach is being paid over and over again to act as a VA “FORENSIC WHORE” to be the VA’s “Forensic Prostitute”, and give favorable “Corrupt” medical opinions to his VA Payee. Peter M. Barach Lies often and a lot.
      This klown, Peter M. Barach, paid VA Lap Dog. Now why would NOT this guy, engage in further mal-practice, misconduct by keep the VA gang rape moving forward. By creating something nobody has ever seen before, a 20 page corrupt bull shit C and P report. SO to cover up for the other two knuckleheads lying at the VA Akron Ohio. Hell, even the senators, Senator Rob Portman Ohio, and Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio wrote letters of protest to, Peter M. Barach’s bull shit 20 page hatchet C and P exam, and specifically told me. “To take their letters of protests in, and hand them right to the DRO Judge May 2017. Requesting the bull shit corrupt C and P exam be completely thrown out of the record, and my VA File.
      *Any lawyer here is going to understand what I am saying here.

      2. Peter M. Barach VA Employee Wade Park Cleveland Ohio Non Veteran Draft Dodger Jewish “Cherry Picks” from other corrupt Non Veteran Catholic providers (taking 6 to 7 months worth of tainted, lying medical notes), that a Non Veteran Draft Dodgers 1964-1973 Catholics Lancaster Pennsylvania created. Draft dodger non veterans taking non-sense from another Draft dodger non veteran (Anti Military, presumed. Another obvious bias against a vet) This private provider, who Peter M. Barach “cherry picked” from creating “a false narrative”, or simply a lying, (Fucking lying) 20 page C and P exam designed to mislead a DRO Decision Review Officer in a Face to Face meeting May 2017. Peter M Barach attempt to throw this craziness in front of the this DRO Judge with out any recourse or any objections.
      *If this were done in a federal court, to a federal judge. Or if this bull shit was done in a state court to a state judge. This Peter M. Barach would be put in the brig (Jail) for contempt of court. And attempting to manipulate a judge and mislead a judge! My gosh! Down right corrupt! This shit wouldnt go in a state court, or a federal court. The judge would know right away what this mentally ill nut is doing. SO thus the VA in Ohio should know also! This is what Peter M. Barach attempt to do with the DRO Judge, May 2017. This is true.
      *Peter M Barach “Checkered” my C and P exam (Lied, and created a false report, a false narrative) in order to suit his payee (The institution that breads his butter). This is well known in forensic psychology. If courts find out a man is doing this. His Psych E-vals are immediately thrown out of the court. The longer one is paid by one particular institution (Like the VA). The more and more likely it is that “The Forensic Whore” will lean more and more favorably towards his/her payee. This is what is happening here with me at the VA in OHio. The 20 page C and P exam was skewd. Very, very bias.
      This is NOT giving the injured vet, and disabled former soldier “The Benefit of the Doubt”…

      3. Peter M. Barach Ohio NPI #1396773610 Ohio License No.3280 VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio. State on his 20 page C and P Exam. “I AM OBJECTIVE. I HAVE NO TIES TO THE VA!” Well if you have NO ties to the VA. Then why do you have 2 supervisor “Monkey Brain’?
      1. Diana Johnson VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio
      2. Ellery Smith VA Parma Ohio Phone #216-739-7000 Ex.2509 Was informed in great detail of Peter M Barach. This happened on Oct 3 2017. For 20 to 30 minutes Ellery Smith was explained in great detail what Peter M Barach had done in April 2017. Also, that he (Peter M. Barach) harassed me, badgered me, and out right lied to me in the C and P exam. There were many, many other unethical items, and acts of misconduct explained to Ellery Smith. I believe there is nothing documented about Peter M. Barach conduct. Emails and phone calls are made, more or less warning everybody. Quickly then the sickness is cover up. My complaints, are not documented. Ellery smith was contacted on three occassion for a transcript, and copy of the detail compalint I had made with her.

      4. However. Although Peter M. Barach is misrepresenting the VA, misrepresenting the medical field he holds a license in, in ohio. Although, Peter M. Barach is misrepresenting injured vets and disabled former soldiers in Ohio. No discipline has come to him or any other employee mention above. No accountability. Complaints were submitted to Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio, Senator Rob Portman Ohio and Congressman Tim Ryan Ohio.

      5. VA MEDICAL DIRECTOR SUSAN M. FURHER VA WADE PARK Cleveland Ohio (Asst JEFF McPEAK Phone #216-791-3800 Ex. 4070) offered apologies at to what PETER M. BARACH had done, and the re-victimization of me by Peter M. Barach. VA Director Susan M. Furher did send anpologies to Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio, and Senator Rob Portman Ohio. Addition apologies were sent on behalf of the religion aspect, or possible religious discrmination. However Pamela Sue Sherer Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA did lie to Senator Rob Portman Ohio.

      6. These complaints sat on the desk of Patricia Brown Sales (Phone #330-724-7715 Ex. 1169) Patient Advocate/Employee Rep VA Akron Ohio Waterloo Road. Sat on her desk, until I forwarded all complaints to Senator sherrod Brown Ohio, Senator Rob Portman Ohio and Congressman Tim Ryan Ohio in the early to mid summer 2017. Then apologies of discriminage and misconduct were given by the VA DIRECTOR SUSAN M. FURHER (Asst JEFF McPEAK Phone #216-791-3800). Mr. Jeff McPeaks stated, “THEY REVICTIMIZED YOU IS WHAT THEY HAD DONE!” I said “YES”

      7. In fact, PETER M BARACH instead of moving away from the injury in service (Explaining the damage it had done to me) Peter M. Barach moved backwards in time towards the injury. This was wrong. Peter M. Barach, also NEVER explained. How I was cut loose from the service injured, with out my service medical records. How never knew what the hell was wrong with me. Never diagnosesed. Then being denied treatment over and over again or help by the VA from 1990 to 2007. This was explained to Peter M Barach, and cobborated in my VA file by multiple sources. Then denied again 2007-2008, and only let into the VA in 2014 when I obtained my U.S. Army officers testimonies, and legal evidence as to my injuries sustained, events, stressors. Then this luntic Peter M Barach, disrespected my officers (Supervisor in charge), commanders with multiple honorable discharges. Peter M Barach never explained the loses, the damages done to me, or what I endured. A life lost. peter m. Barach re-victimized and covered it (Everything) all up. As a good paid, C and P hatchet man (Forensic Fraud).

      8. VA DIRECTOR TONY MILIONS VA Cleveland Ohio Stated and Said.
      “Get a private provider! Get me the medical information. We are having problems with the VA in Ohio. We have bad apples and we are trying to weed them out. We do not want to deny any injured vet’s or disabled former soldier’s their benefits. Get private doctors and get me those reports.”
      SO a second fully developed claim was created. Congressman Tim Ryan Ohio, his asst Matt Vadas (Phone#1-800-856-4152) FAXd a complete 2nd private fully developed claims to Tony Milions VA director Ohio. FAXd to TONY MILION VA DIRECTOR CLEVELAND OHIO was A DBQ Form (2nd one), Origin of Diseased Report based on med lit, med research, and the DSM V, number 5 pages, MMPI Numbering 5 page about injury, social history, and A Nexus Letter. All this was FAXd to VA Director TONY MILIONS Cleveland Ohio from Congressman Tim Ryan’s office Ohio Summer 2017.

      9. First, I am NOT of these VA employees religions. Regards, they were raised what they are. I am what I am in regards to my religion. This is a factor.
      Second. I am an injured veteran and a disabled former soldier, something that mostly non of these VA employees are. I am a member of more than several protective class. They are the majority, and I am NOt one of them.
      I am an injured veteran
      I am a disabled former soldier
      I am NOT of their religion. The factor of religion does play into psychology, and forensic psychology. This is a bias, and it is discrimination.

      10. Thanx you again disabled veterans . org for allowing me to express my displeasure with the Ohio VA. And Merry Christmas to all my fellow veterans!

      Still. I do not have my benefits, nor claims approved. And I swear. This is only the half of it.

  17. It doesn’t make sense because VA never addresses the issue with the abuse
    of the use of malformed Disruptive Behavior Committees.
    It puts veterans in jeopardy when the use of predictive tools that veterans are suicidal based on falsifications that veterans are a threat or suicidal , just to flag their record.

    VA and OIG are not affiliated with any norms of healthcare period!

    OIG should not have any jurisdiction over 3rd party records (your civilian doctor ).

    Sharing data , whether it was obtained by a previous systems for research , should not be construed for consent if a veteran refuses to do any business with VA.

    The company that received this contract should have disclosures that entail whether or not they have affiliations with other countries. Like the VA crisis line being exposed for having someone from another country answering the phone. This predicates that the VA is violating the Buy American Act, in the vetting of sole sourcing.
    The VA , it’s Secretary, the OIG are nothing but grade A Douche Tots , and Fag Bags with no morals or standing.
    Fuck VA, Fuck Cerner, Fuck AFGE, Fuck the OIG and all the tunabags they call healthcare providers!
    The Tunabeast Vangard award goes to :

    David Crusty Scrotum Shulkin!

  18. Every major hospital out there has an effective system. Its all on Windows backbone and cost nothing close to what the VA spends.

    Its an insult to pretend that any of that is not true.

    1. Not all clinics or hospitals have effective dependable systems. My second trip to my new, badly picked, civilian MD (pcp) was a joke and just like the VA. Their excuses:
      1. Their PC system was previously down with issues.
      2. Most of what was discussed in my first appointment was not recorded in my file and the new PCP could not remember our plan of attack about all my issues. So many he told me -off the bat- to go back to the VA.
      3. New staff, or staff from another inner clinic office was merely filling in because of staff shortages.
      4. Came in with their clip-board with just the usual crap, weight, BP. etc. Not a clue about the more major issues we had planned to deal with. Just the issues they are allowed to deal with, others to needed to be outsourced to another inner office clinic or hospital affiliated MD.

      In this “information age” I can’t even go downtown and get a true list of my property deeds that could be previously found dating back to 1910. Today, they can’t find my present Quit Claim deeds on their systems for present use. Intentional or total incompetence?

      Yet they can punch my name in a computer to see my non-existent criminal record or doctor shopping, pharmacy history, but all else seems to fail. Reminded me of the Purple Team, new scum sucking PCP, three clinics in total and staff, along with the PAs, failing to arrange appointments between three clinics for care. That I previously had no problems with at all. Two years until the day I quit VA care this went on. Now that was intentional. Complete with harassing phone calls and much laughter over it al. WAs not funny at all to me playing the game.

      Took the civilian MD here over two weeks to get my thick files from the VA. Closer to a month I think, but since a MD asked for them things moved faster. The high tech crap failed. But they have the ability to share and click about us for use by their activist and retaliation databases of evil.

      I thought medical, service, to banking info was confidential. Not so much here. Hell, who else gets harassing and threatening phones calls and actions from health care people and politicians, activist, unions, which should be big national news and spot-lighting a vast network of VA threats and civilian care following up on those threats apparently, along with all the dirty politics and activism against us on the
      side. Hell, just like living in the old USSR, N. Korea, etc. I am awaiting execution/imprisonment any day now.

      1. And this inefficient medical facility works with the VA?

        Wouldn’t that explain the inefficiency?

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