VA Bamboozle

Did This Veteran Bamboozle VA Examiners For Over $538,000?

Authorities have once again alleged a severely disabled veteran bamboozled highly educated VA examiners to gain over $538,000 in payments.

For the past few years, the Department of Justice and VA Office of Inspector General have loudly broadcast investigations against disabled veterans while failing to evaluate just how these severely disabled veterans, generally people without advanced degrees, somehow bamboozled highly educated VA examiners.

While any instance of substantial fraud is alarming, even to the tune of $500,000, the mere occurrence of such instances should raise at least a few questions about the disability adjudication system, itself.

Instead, federal allegations tend to solely focus on the lowly disabled veteran who received some amount beyond what he otherwise would have received.

But how can this happen? Is VA not using adequate training measures and adequate adjudication procedures to evaluate the merit of claims and the quality of evidence, already? If so, how can these veterans bamboozle the system like this?

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Fraud Allegations

Just last week, the Department of Justice announced its indictment against one disabled veteran for allegedly stealing $538,000 in VA disability compensation payments from 1997 to 2013.

Keep in mind, in the land of innocent before proven guilty, DOJ and VA OIG have already begun besmirching veteran Jose Calderon-Fuentes in the press prior to any conviction.

The crime?

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Fuentes allegedly exaggerated the severity of his vision disability. According to the DOJ press announcement, he allegedly told a VA examiner that he was unable to see any “better than hand motion or light perception”. DOJ goes on to conclude, “[I]n reality, he knew that statement was false.”

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So what?

Fraud Is Bad, But Not Always Punished Fairly

Personally, I think fraud is bad and those who commit fraud should get penalized.

But it certainly seems like the amount of fraud here, while big to some veterans, is really a drop in the bucket when compared to the massive fraud perpetrated against taxpayers by corporations and politicians on a regular basis.

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Some years ago, a then subsidiary of Halliburton called Kellogg Brown & Root, was exposed for overbilling the Pentagon to build bases in Iraq and Afghanistan costing billions. Another company, Agility, was caught overbilling the Pentagon and penalized $1 billion. And then there are the untold millions siphoned from these same companies by private individuals through various schemes.

Do you recall the enormous banking fraud leading up to 2008 that almost destroyed our entire economy? Why was only one guy prosecuted?

What about the culpability of players like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Merrill Lynch leading up to the collapse? Didn’t Goldman Sachs create bets against its own investors and sell investment vehicles known to be shady?

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In those cases, the perpetrator is rarely held accountable much less named publicly.

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For these kinds of benefits fraud against veterans, DOJ and VA OIG are sure quick to make pronouncements without waiting to see what a jury concludes.

For example, in this DOJ article, it states the veteran new his statement about his vision quality was false. But isn’t that a factual determination to be considered by the jury?

The Untold Story Of VA Bamboozle

The untold story in many of these cases is the implicit reality DOJ never mentions in its press releases.

How did this severely disabled veteran, likely without an advanced degree, bamboozle highly educated VA examiners and its adjudication professionals?

There are multiple layers to any claim adjudication. First, a doctor or nurse usually assess the veteran in person.

The doctor has to evaluate if the veteran appears to be an accurate relayer of fact.

Then, the adjudicator evaluates the evidence including the examination notes.

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Is there any blame on VA for failing to accurately adjudicate or evaluate this veteran? How could these trained professional get duped this way?

I am beginning to grow curious about this pattern and wonder if there is more to the story.


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  1. This vets argument in court should be that he fell and hit his head and regained his vision. I read that a woman who had spinal surgery gained back normal vision from color vision. The doctors didn’t know why it happened.

  2. I clicked on to listen, but, guess I have to sign up for something. I don’t do that. I will listen to all posts. Sorry

    1. Jo3n, it hasn’t started yet the broadcast check the time difference. It starts for me in 30min West Coast

  3. Good to see taxpayers getting involved. Public Contracts are public. The VA keeps breaking laws with no accountability. This behavior must stop. The many years that they have been able to steal whatever, whenever, may be coming to a…… slow down. That would save billions.

  4. With all the new leases approved by Congress attached to the Veterans Choice bill here is one example of how the money will be funneled out. Just another way to thieve at the VA.

    “Inspector General finalizing investigation surrounding Wilmington VA clinic”
    By: Ann McAdams, Investigative Reporter
    Monday, July 31st 2017, 2:46 pm CDT


    The Inspector General for Veterans Affairs is finalizing his investigation into why the federal government is paying well over the going market rate to rent the Wilmington VA Clinic.

    During our coverage of a water contamination problem at the clinic in 2015, WECT uncovered a private landlord is getting nearly $300,000 a month in rent under the terms of a 20-year lease for the VA clinic on the grounds of the Wilmington International Airport. Congressman Walter Jones has been following this issue since our first articles were published, and requested the Inspector General’s investigation.

    Commercial real estate brokers told WECT at the time that the rate the VA is paying for the Wilmington clinic is about twice the going rate for prime medical real estate in the Wilmington area.

    After pressing for answers, Jones learned that six different companies submitted bids to build the 80,000-square-foot clinic for the VA. But Jones was told in a letter from the VA they were “prohibited from releasing the cost proposals submitted by offerors in response to the requirements of a solicitation for a competitive proposal.”

    Jones has expressed concern to us and to the Inspector General for the Department of Veterans Affairs that this information is protected by law.

    “This is unfortunate as the taxpayers have no option to know whether the VA accepted the best offer. I understand there are considerations other than price, but taxpayers should have access to what offers (the specific dollar amounts and details) were submitted to ensure any decision by a federal agency is in their best interest,” Jones wrote in his letter to the Inspector General requesting a review of the bidding process for the Wilmington VA Clinic.”

    1. Here’s two clinics VA is paying rent on:
      1.) Daytona Beach, Florida, VHA used to belong to the VA until they sold it to Kaiser Hospital in Daytona! Can’t find the rental agreement anywhere!
      2.) Orange City, Florida, VHA clinic is in the rear of a pharmacy building. Rent was told to me, by someone who knows the pharmacy owners, at around $1 million/year!
      The owners were considering raising the rental due to VA employees cars destroying the unpaved parking lot!

      That’s all I know about these two VHA properties!

  5. PETITION: 100,000 Signatures to Force Congress to Use Obamacare!

      That’s just one of many utube videos out wanting Congress to use Obamacare!

  6. “Bost seeks investigation of Marion VA after memo cites ‘significant declines’ in patient safety culture, employee morale”
    BARB EIDLIN The Southern

  7. Brothers and Sisters,
    Have y’all seen the article/video where “…over 100,000 people signed a petition…” to have “…Congress be put on Obamacare!”
    It came out yesterday or today on utube!
    People are even commenting to have,
    1.) Congress use the veterans HEALTHCARE system.
    2.) Congress’ pay be revoked while their on their “paid vacation!”

    Americans are getting pissed. There’s even commenters from other countries asking WHY Americans aren’t out protesting Congress’ inability to function as adults!
    McCain’s name is constantly coming up!

    Just thought y’all would like to know what’s going on!

  8. “Widow wants to know how Marine got drugs before fatal overdose in VA lockdown”
    Jack Encarnacao, Chris Villani Monday, July 31, 2017

    “Lee, a Marine lance corporal and mortarman who served in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, died at age 35 of acute fentanyl intoxication March 4 after he was rushed to Good Samaritan Hospital in Brockton, according to his death certificate.

    The day he died, Lee was found unresponsive by a nursing assistant and medication nurse in the day room of the inpatient psych ward. He “appeared to be sleeping sitting up in chair with head tilted to right, color ashen” when found, and didn’t answer when they called him, according to VA records reviewed by the Herald. First responders found him “unresponsive, pulseless,” according to fire department records.

    “Reportedly, he was ‘fine’ per nursing report a few minutes before being found ‘slumped over,’ ” a report from a VA staff physician reads.

    Lee had been on “lockdown” in the VA facility, meaning he was checked by a nurse every 15 minutes and his trips off-site were very limited and closely supervised.

    “This case is one of a kind. I have never heard of anybody die in lockdown,” said Rick Collins of Veterans 360, an advocacy group that is assisting Lee’s widow.

    The VA told the Herald that fentanyl was not prescribed to any patient in the inpatient psychiatry unit when Lee died, and that Lee had no personal visitors during his four-week stay there.

    “All patient belongings are searched twice for contraband upon admission — once in Urgent Care and again on the admission ward,” Pallas Wahl, a spokeswoman for the Greater Boston VA system, told the Herald.”

    1. Seymore,
      One of my questions would be, “HOW did he receive an amount large enough that would cause death?”
      And, IF a nurse had actually seen him within the past 15 minutes, wouldn’t it stand to reason, there was something wrong then.
      Of course, this is contingent on IF a nurse actually did what was written in the notes!?

      ~Another veteran murdered by the Veterans Administration!~
      Will there be justice for this Marine? In my opinion, NOT if it’s left up to the VA!

      1. Oh, and by the way, WHERE did Lee get the drug, Fentanyl, IF it’s not at that VHA lockdown!?????????

      2. Elf there is more in the full article but to me it sounds like a cover-up and the VA killed him with medication. Things are starting out the same way they did with Jason Simcakoski case at Tomah VAMC, WI. They really need to see that this is investigated.

        With the VAMC trying to pull this sorry nothing to see here just another opium related death move along now. To many unanswered questions for the family and other veterans receiving care at that facility.

      1. Remember the employee who pushed an inpatient and told the VA that the patient had pushed him and reported him as being disruptive.

        The employee was caught on camera pushing the veteran. They will lie !

        Maybe if they also record the unit, they maybe see something.

    2. 2 died in the 4 months I was on 2NBC at the West LA VA in 1991. One his wife brought his stuff in. Don’t know how the other got his. Maybe staff.

    3. 4 did a group check out at the VA in Long Beach, CA in 1994. Don’t blame them. The ward psychiatrist was an abusive bitch. Was there in 1996.

      1. @Lem,
        Your response of “shit happens” is really out of touch. I’m sorry, that was a little over the top.
        Can you imagine, IF you had passed like that, and someone said, “Shit Happens!” to your spouse!

      2. Actually I’d expect them to say, “Well, you know, he was never right since…..” And yes ‘ve been on that edge. So it could happen. You know, shit happens. And when it does some decide to take that finale exit. When is enough too much?

  9. Puppet Masters
    US sanctions Venezuelan president Maduro for daring to hold elections to assembly for changing constitution
    The US Treasury Department has announced that it is sanctioning Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, describing the Constituent Assembly elections held in the country on Sunday as “illegitimate.”

    In an update on Monday, the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control said it had added Maduro to its Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list. This means that any US-based assets of his have been frozen, and American citizens are forbidden from conducting any business with him.



  10. I have a friend who was taken to Birmingham VA, because of throat problems. So far, the Dr’s have, after over an hour, messed up his esophagus. After 3more hours, put a tube in for liquid feeling. All he had was trouble swallowing. Now, we just don’t know. Have I mentioned That I dislike the VA? Here goes another friend BECAUSE OF THE VA. Not because they couldn’t see a Dr., but because he did see a VA quack.

  11. Body count from Chiraq over the weekend. The unusually Low shooting tallies for Chicago are likely the result of recent Federal Action to shut down the Drug Supply in Obama’s hometown of Chicago. Or possibly the shooters were all low on bullets and had to wait for their welfare checks on the first to purchase ammo.

    “Weekend Shootings Kill 5 People, Wound 33, Police Say”
    By Kelly Bauer | July 31, 2017 8:10am

    “Smugglers highway: Illicit cargo from Mexico to Chicago”
    An ABC7 I-Team Investigation
    By Chuck Goudie and Ross Weidner
    Thursday, July 27, 2017 06:52PM

    A major drug operation in Chicago and the suburbs has been dismantled according to federal authorities after a two year investigation that offers a glimpse of the long-suspected “smugglers highway” between Mexico and Chicago.

    Using coded language to foil federal agents for years, more than a dozen mid-level drug wholesalers sold millions of dollars in cocaine, heroin and fentanyl according to newly filed court records.

    Among those named in new federal charges is Carlos Fuentes, 40 of west suburban Riverside. Federal investigators say that Fuentes was in the U.S. illegally and told them that he managed to sell large quantities of cocaine and heroin in the Chicago area since 2004….a period of more than 12 years.

    During a free-wheeling interview, federal drug agents say Fuentes described how drugs were shipped in refrigerated semi-trailers from Mexico, through Texas and then to Chicago. He said the drugs were hidden in a false wall near the cooling unit of the truck that did not appear on X-ray machines used by authorities at the border.

    “Feds: Chicago drug dealer had customers lined up around the corner”
    Updated: Jul 27 2017 04:15PM CDT

    SUN-TIMES MEDIA WIRE – James Triplett had his customers lined up around the corner in broad daylight, the feds say.

    Not for concert tickets. Not for iPhones. But for heroin.

    Now 42 people are facing state or federal drug charges for their alleged roles in supplying and distributing heroin around West Grenshaw and Independence in the North Lawndale neighborhood on the West Side. Among them is the 33-year-old Triplett, also known as “Trell,” who authorities said controlled the drug market in the area.

    Investigators even included a photo in a federal criminal complaint spanning more than 200 pages. They said the photo depicts a line of people waiting June 16 to get their hands on heroin supplied by Triplett’s organization in the 3700 block of West Grenshaw.

    The photo was taken just south of the Eisenhower Expressway, which has come to be known as “Heroin Highway.”

    1. They need to do this at each VA. Under cover !

      Make friend’s with employees and collect that information they tell you and then being in about 20 agents to hand cuff and parade them out !

      If they really wanted to root bad employees out, they could do a sting !

  12. I was reading the Veterans post, talking about how making the VA a happy place, is what they are working on. Not Dr.’s, specialists, not better service, not better…anything. How can they figure that if they’re happy, Veterans will be happy? Shulkin’s out of touch with Veterans. I’d like to put Shulkin in a happy place; for me, anyway.

  13. An interesting concept. POTUS put enough military personnel around him. I can’t truly believe that the Generals would actually listen to him. With congress out, I guess I’ll just have to read it. Thanks, @SeymoreKlearly, hang in there. Apparently there can be many motives for the same ends. Perhaps we’re all a bit off.

    1. The story is a piece of fiction. But the Truth is that the Military is behind Trump else Obama and Hillary would have taken actions to try and prevent Trump from ever taking office. Their only Army is nothing but snowflakes and BLM people that made a pathetic showing so far.

      That is why the Lame stream media had to give them so much coverage was to try and make it look like the groups of snowflakes and BLM people were a major threat.

  14. A really great piece of Fiction being written regarding ongoing events in the news today. It is really great so far. to bad the author can’t look past the headlines because this time the truth is even stranger than his fictional story. But anyway a really good read.

    “The Military Coup Against Donald Trump of 2018, Part 1”
    Kurt Schlichter
    Posted: Jul 31, 2017 12:01 AM


  15. A great Lame Brain McCain Cartoon.


    1. Great article on Lame Brain in the Washington times.

      “Drudge nails it: John McCain is face of ‘corruption’”
      By Cheryl K. Chumley – The Washington Times – Monday, July 31, 2017

      “Matt Drudge of Drudge Report fame didn’t take kindly to Sen. John McCain’s recent thumbs-down vote on Obamacare repeal.

      In a tweet that quickly amassed 5,500 or so likes, and near 2,800 retweets, Drudge simply wrote: “Corruption has so many faces …”

      The message was atop a photo of a McCain campaign photo that included the senator’s face and this text: “John McCain: Leading the fight to stop Obamacare.”

      Right. A picture says 1,000 words.

      But in this case, one suffices. And Drudge nailed it: Corruption

      McCain, pure and simple, screwed Republicans, conservatives and President Donald Trump on Obamacare repeal. And he did it simply because he could.

      He did it because, post-brain cancer diagnosis, he has nothing to lose. His political career is nearing its end, he’s made his money, he’s secured his family’s financial future.

      He did it, bluntly, because he hates Trump more than he loves the American people.

      And for a supposed war hero, that’s quite a statement to send.

      Drudge’s tweet drew a photo from McCain’s 2016 re-election campaign. And McCain can say what he wants as his reasons for turning down the repeal bill — and he has indeed come out and said the “skinny repeal fell short of our promise to repeal and replace.”

      But fact is: His legacy now is as a traitor to the conservative cause. Or, as Drudge likes to call it: “Corruption.””

  16. Good idea, VA needs a reset. @y’all, I truly hope you are right about POTUS making new/couldn’t do before, choices. Don’t you think our lying ass Senators and Congressmen may be afraid to leave D.C.? Just hope you right. How much money, in hours, do we think it took VA/OIG to come to the conclusion that this Veteran is guilty? How many laws did the VA OIG break gathering this information? The VA lies too much about everything. How can any of us find this Veteran guilty? Never happen.

  17. Hey Namnibor,

    Need any help with your finances? A Non-Profit there to Help.

    “Who guards the guardians? Ayudando was a family affair”
    By Colleen Heild / Journal Investigative Reporter
    Published: Saturday, July 29th, 2017 at 11:42pm

    *Mission gone awry*
    Ayudando’s web site sets out a lofty mission statement.

    “As a provider for the State of New Mexico,Veterans and private individuals, Ayudando employs an experienced team of licensed social workers and rehabilitation specialists.”

    “This diverse group is able to assist our clients with their everyday needs as well as providing assistance in managing their financial needs.”

    Details emerging from the yearlong federal investigation describe a different kind of operation.”

    “The nonprofit Albuquerque-based guardian and conservator firm – now accused along with its principal owners of looting millions of dollars from client accounts – grew over the years.”

    “Newly unsealed federal search warrant affidavits describe how Ayudando – described in one federal document as “permeated by criminal activity” – began hiring more and more relatives of its two principals, Susan Harris and Sharon Moore.

    Three family members, in addition to Harris and Moore, had their own Ayudando credit cards and over a four-year period racked up more than $1 million in personal purchases, court records allege.”

    “Two of the three family members serve on Ayudando’s board of directors, drawing salaries of at least $56,000 a year, a 2015 IRS tax form shows. Each of the three relatives racked up tens of thousands of dollars in credit card charges from 2013 to March 2017, one affidavit states.

    The purchases “do not appear to be related to Ayudando clients,” said one affidavit stated. “The credit charges appear to be personal expenses such as cruises, hotels, casinos, automobiles, furniture and other personal expenses.”

    The affidavits identify the three relatives as: Harris’ husband, William Harris, Craig Young and Cody Harris. They have not been charged.

    Susan Harris and Moore were arrested after a 28-count federal criminal indictment was unsealed July 19. The company was also indicted.

    Several Ayudando employees who became confidential witnesses in the case told investigators that Ayudando appeared to be putting “more and more family members” on the payroll and “the business owners and their families appear to be living lavish lifestyles with expensive vehicles and expensive vacations,” one affidavit states.

    The organization was tightly run by the family insiders. Affidavits allege that some non-family employees had their access to client accounts cut off – meaning they lost their ability to monitor transactions and balances.”

    1. That sounds an awful like VA Appointed Fiduciaries for Veterans deemed unfit to manage their finances program…operated by Three Pigs Go To Market, underwritten by Huff&Puff, Blow, Ur House Down. 🙂

      1. According to court papers filed the business is still up and running just under new management. The US Marshals Office.

        I am sure the VA is still setting up account with them. We know how they would not want to lose such a value asset in their war on Veterans and support any business trying to make a buck at Veterans expense.


      2. namnibor,
        That was my first impression, “VA fiduciary”, while reading Seymore’s comment!

      3. It definitely is a contractor in the VA fiduciary program and is also in the fiduciary program for SS.

    2. The VA is full of employees related to other employees. I seen one family that had 3 family member’s as head of 3 different services.

      Once the father passed away his son, who worked in the same service, was promoted as the new chief of the service.

      This is not the exception, it’s the rule.

      These people have been doing this for decade’s, family member’s or their friend’s are hired and stacked the deck.

      You go against one, you will have the rest retalate against you. They are just like MS-13 a Gang !

      You will find this in every VA. !
      If the oig or someone else would really check into each VA, at least half will have family member’s or close friend’s working at the VA.

      Major problem, gang’s running the VA. !

  18. “Phoenix VA Whistleblower to staff new watchdog office”
    By Michael Volpe –
    Jul 30, 2017

    “WASHINGTON, July 30, 2017 – The new Veteran Administration office for whistleblower issues will be staffed by at least one whistleblower. Brandon Coleman, a whistleblower at the notorious Phoenix VA Medical Center, announced he was offered and accepted a role in the new office.

    Coleman made the announcement at a panel discussion at the Whistleblower Summit held in Washington D.C. from July 26-29.

    The office was recently criticized by fellow Hines VA whistleblower, Germaine Clarno, who said it had not yet been staffed.

    Clarno was recently featured in a CDN articleWhy is VA whistleblower retaliation continuing despite new protections? in which a fellow Hines VA employee and whistleblower, Heather Camren, is currently facing retaliation after she reported improper drug handling to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); Camren is currently facing a fourteen-day suspension which was determined shortly after her OSHA report.”

    1. Seymore,
      Does this mean there will be “whistleblower office” in many VHA’s, or just one office in each VISN headquarters?
      I’ve been noticing the VA employees are “putting on a happy face” for veterans. Yet, the medical care we receive is still at a minimum. What I mean by that is simply: they still give the minimum amount of healthcare possible! All while smiling at you!
      Is this a continuation of “McDonald’s Disney medical care?” It sure sounds like it!

      1. I worry the VA is only creating -1- Whistleblower Office specifically for Brandon Coleman, not for what we would hope and wish for, accountability. Nope, it’s more like the VA wanting to keep a better EYE on key VA Whistleblowers and attempt to crush them through some VA PsyOps.
        Brandon is definitely smarter than that, and I hope he uses this akin to him hiding within a Trojan Horse within the halls of VA upper SES’er land. (where the wizard is)

        I fully expect the next new VA position to be announced will be VA Whistleblower Parking Lot Suicide Prevention Monitors in VA Parking Lots.

      2. Word for the day from Seymore’s posted article:
        Sinecures =a position requiring little or no work but giving the holder status or financial benefit

      3. Not really sure if there will be offices at other regional offices but I believe from past articles that it will be only one office overseeing a number of investigators.

        Given this is the VA under a corrupt Shulkin. I also believe that it may be just another “McDonald’s Disney medical care”.

  19. Seymore, namnibor and James,
    The problem I see with getting someone who’ll change the corruption within VA is;
    Each varo, visn and each little VHA clinic and hospital is run by “Little Corporals”! You know the type. Hitler was one!
    As what happened up at the Manchester VHA. We ALL strongly believe that water pipe didn’t burst by accident! Especially when “Liar Shithead Shulkin” was sending a team to investigate the corruption there this week!
    There’s so much we could tell about VA, yet no one listens! Or, at least they don’t give a rats ass about what the average veteran has to say.
    Until something horrendous occurs, and VA employees are put in prison, nothing will be different!

    1. For that very reason, a complete flushing of ALL UPPER MANAGEMENT at once time across entire VA/VHA, which means *some good ones* will also be flushed but the entire system requires a RESET and only then will the minions under them follow like good little purple team lemmings.

      If the lower minions still are belligerently resistant or pains in ass still, will then, fire first 1/4 of alphabet of last names and replace with veterans, incl. medical positions, still resistant assholes? Cut another 1/4…can only do this two more times and then all the south end kling-ons are gone. 🙂

      Matter-in-fact, let’s COUNT on them being resistant. Even a newly employed army of prior homeless veterans off streets of America to the VA even as surgeons and primary dr.’s would be an improvement of current ratty hacks.

      The requires a massive enema. A properly operating VA that truly assists Veterans, would absolutely have NO NEED for the Big Piggy VSO’s. None.

    2. @Crazy elf – – – Agreed. That is why we bring in a Gunny, Chief, or above. He’ll know how to take care of Corporals and PO3’s.

  20. Hey Elf,

    How does this sound for Trumps upcoming recess appointments. Sessions is appointed to the now open position of Director of Homeland Security replacing General John Kelly who just became White house Chief of Staff.

    Trey Gowdy appointed to the position of Attorney General.

    Scheming shitty Shulkin shitcanned period. Pete Hegseth appointed to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

    1. it’s actually not a bad idea to have Sessions swapped out so long as the incoming AG doesn’t have a hardon for cannabis.

      1. Here is Gowdy on cannabis.

        “”Why is Marijuana worse than Cocaine?” Trey Gowdy grills clueless national drug policy director ”

    2. Someone else is thinking the same line up as I do.

      “Opinion: Trump could use recess appointments to fill cabinet positions”
      By Darin Damme | July 29, 2017

      1. yeah I saw a similar article yesterday. I watched the vid and Gowdy definitely is not pro legalization so I suppose a neutral AG is better than an anti-cannabis AG. If the government was smart they’d legalize and slap a 10% federal tax on it. But what do I know. Guess they like the Big Pharma tit too much.

    3. I like these ideas. Only, Rep. Gowdy has already stated he’s happy where he’s at!
      I’m not sure IF President Trump can find anyone to fill Secretary of VA!
      Remember how anyone he wanted didn’t want the position? We opined that his “picks” didn’t want it because it would look bad on their resume!
      Like NBC “professional political hacks” has stated yesterday, President Trump “…militarizing…” the White House. They could even go further by saying he’s militarizing his whole cabinet!

      In a way, that might be a good idea! IF we had an “old school crusty general” tell the VA employees they “…are there to serve veterans…” and NOT the other way around. It just might make the employees do their fuckin jobs! “He/She” could say to the employees, “There’s a new law in effect!” “DO YOUR JOB, OR LEAVE THE PREMISES, OR BE FIRED!”

      1. @Crazy elf- I like that idea of a crusty general in there or even better, an old retired E-8 leatherneck drill Sgt. that the VA shat on some of his/her friends in past. Someone with an actual invested stake in the VA rather than tending to beneficiaries like sheep to the slaughter. 🙂

      2. Hey Elf,

        Remember Pete Hegseth helped Trump shape his message that won him the Veteran Vote but if he had appointed him to the job he would have been blocked by the Senate.

      3. @Namnibor – – – Yep. I fully agree with you. You have heard it before:

        “Want to REALLY fix the VA? The next SecVA needs to be a former Enlisted Man with a few serious axes to grind against the VA and the AFGE. Apparently, Former Flag Officers and SES appointed Civilians can’t cut the mustard . . .

        Maybe a SINCERELY MOTIVATED Gunnery Sergeant or Chief Petty Officer CAN.”

        Disgruntled Veteran
        1973 – 1976 USMC
        1978 – 1993 USN
        Wounded Warrior
        Honolulu, Hawaii

  21. I had a moral dilemna in a dream last night. I was walking in the wilds of Alaska with three companions. The three were VA employees sent on the journey to help me find peace in my life – their purpose on the journey was to help me find happiness.

    We rounded a corner and startled three monstrously large grizzly bears! It pissed them off something fierce and they looked HUNGRY! My three VA companions whipped out their Forest Service issued pepper spray bottles and commenced hosing down the angry bears with their 4 oz. pepper spray bottles. The action, although recomended by senior Forest Service personel assigned to train the VA, was in fact contraindicated and the desired outcome seemed in doubt. (Forest Service OIG is investigating)

    Me, the patient, was only given a backpack with cooking gear and utensils for this treatment journey because I had been labelled a Category One Violent and Disruptive patient and was considered a threat after spitting on the sidewalk. I am a Marine of considered action, so grabbed the first two things I could grab out of the pack they gave me (for my service) – I pulled out one can of bacon flavored cooking spray (16 oz), and one plastic knife from the set of eating utensils….

    Now here is where the moral dilemna hit me! How best could I use the tools the government gave me to fix this? My Marine Corps heart saw two paths…

    Option A: Spray the bacon flavored cooking oil on myself and run away from the group, drawing the bears to me and saving them!

    Option B: Start poking the bears with my plastic knife long enough to distract the creatures and to allow my VA companions (who chose this path) to escape!

    I decided the best bet was option (A), because bears just LOVE BACON and it was a sure thing the plan would work. I popped the lid on the spray and held the can up to douse myself in bacon spray, but realized the nozzle was pointed not at me, but I,had mistakenly pointed the nozzle at my VA companions!

    As I began to turn the can around to correct me aim, I realized…. there was an Option C…..

    Then I woke up. I guess I will never know what option I might have chosen…I suppose it would have been the option that helped me find happiness and peace….

    C ya later!

    1. I think I would have doused each VA employee with bacon spray then used the plastic knife to stab them in the legs. At that point you don’t have to be faster than the bears you just have to be faster than the gimps 😀

    2. The only thought I would have is which is greasier and more gamey meat? The bears or the VA employees? I’d save my own skin by teaching the bears how to make bacon oil spray from the 3 VA employees and show the bear where to find more. VAMC Employee Parking Lots can be akin to drive-up windows but for bears.
      An environmentally win/win for all and Veterans.

      The larger question: Would the bears even eat an engorged purple team? Too greasy for bears?

      1. Too greasy? The bears would have to lick each other’s asses for a week to get the taste out of their mouths.

      2. I believe it was the aztecs who believed that consumption of your enemy granted you his strength/power, and we all know what a formidable opponent the VA is 😉

        What would we do if we where suddenly bestowed with the power of the hungry hungry hippo? Would we use that power for good? Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Besides, think of the bears having to lick ass for a week to get the taste out of their mouths it’s inhumane.

      3. Nam, it might be just as funny if I said I was completely serious.

        Poor BooBoo and Yogi.

    3. Dennis, if that was a real dream…
      To see men in your dream represent an authoritative figure, the dream forces you to acknowledge your authoritative & aggressive side.
      To dream that you are being pursued or attacked by a bear denotes anger & uncontrolled aggression. You feel trapped.
      To carry a backpack in your dream represents the decisions & responsibilities that are weighing your down.
      Bacon in your dream symbolizes essentials, staples & life’s supply
      To dream that you are carrying a knife signifies anger, aggression &/or separation.
      Odd numbers are considered more aggressive then even numbers, #3=Three stands for a trilogy, the past, present & future also to Dream of the number 3 may be telling you that the third time is the charm hence your option #3 which you woke up before using. You should look up all those symbols. “”

  22. The Intellectual Freedom Movement website is nearing completion (if not already available).

    The key in (legal/fictional) commerce has been keeping our real human identity separate from the inhumane “legal fictional presence” corporation identity. Knowing the difference is fundamental to walking upon these paths. Without the distinction, attorneys make humans into “wards of the UN Court” as “infants of unsound mind”.

    There have been several methods identified to keep us separate. One of the interesting methods that Harvey Dent suggests is getting a Certificate of Authentication on the Birth Certificate and doing a Power of Attorney over it; between the legal presence and yourself as human. Becoming the Attorney-In-Fact over the legal fictional presence corporation insurance franchise is/was the key to being “legally competent.” Knowing the phrase “I am competent to handle my affairs” is most critical in handling all legal fictitious attorneys.

    The greatest issue is who creates these legal presences…


    I’m in the legal mood today…

    1. I should have added this comment……….“I am incompetent to handle my affairs”…..The VA just loves giving you 10% for that one so they can control u even more………We are here to help….LOL

  23. In this day, Takes guts to predict. You a brave man. Seems Lying Shithead Shulkin, ( hope I got that right), has had a hidden agenda all along. What a lying, …. I’m thinking we knew that anyway. Why, or how does LSS, get away with all the shit, he’s getting away with? The VA is truly a complicated milking pot for thieves and other perverts. Totally agree with double standard for Veterans and AFGE. Sickening.

    1. @Jo3n – – – If anyone can get the White House Communications Office squared away, General Mattis can. Certainly the biggest obstacle to POTUS Trump having a reasonably successful Presidency is getting the staff to be able to put out a clear, consistent message regarding policy, etc.

      Not very effective when there is so much infighting going on that what comes out sounds like three year old’s fighting over the last piece of candy . . .

      Also, “videotape is real” and someone should make the POTUS aware of that.

      1. James,
        In my opinion, the only reason there’s so much “infighting”, not only in the White House but everywhere, is due to the “leaking of classified information”!
        The news outlets have been caught, and called out, for their bias and fake news multiple times! They are complicit in “publishing classified information!” Which is a felony!
        I believe like Seymore. Come August, when the corrupt politicians are back in their respective states, President Trump will be able to get much acomplished.
        If he takes his time, I think we’re going to see some interesting things occur!
        As some have said; quote: “These are very interesting times we’re living in!”
        We’re also watching history unfold.

      2. @Jo3N – – – Correction. Should have been General Kelly vice Mattis.

      3. @Crazy elf – – – Well I sure hope he can as well. Last night, or rather this morning at around 3 AM – – – turned on CNN then set TV sleep timer. Discussion going on about “duty swaps” in the cabinet. Particularly with regard to Sessions. Would be great if they could make it happen.

        Also they kept replaying Scaramucci’s “profanity-laden” interview, decrying it in full force. Funny! They’ll argue that “profanity” is “protected speech”, but NOT when it is used by the White House. Jerks!

  24. Hey, brothers and sisters, check this out from; “Gotcha News” today!
    “Mattis Issues “New Orders” to the Military!”

    Published on July 29, 2017 (02:55 minutes long)

    From the article: quote: “The Military is not a democracy…”!
    No more “political correctness” either!
    Finally, an “old school” leader of the military has taken the reigns! And, he’s letting all his subordinates know the “who, what, why, when, where and how” a military is supposed to work and play!

    1. He is right.

      Elf with the Senate getting ready to recess for summer vacation and when they recess do enter recess Trump is able to make appointments to high level positions such as Attorney General, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Director of the FBI, and the Supreme Court. The appointments will only be temporary until January unless by then they are confirmed, but until January they will be in the positions with out having to go through the senate confirmation process.

      He has already nominated Christopher Wray for the FBI Directory.

      Who do you think he will make recess appointments to replace Shulkin and Sessions with?

      Also with the rumor of a justice retiring I wonder if it will happen during the recess and Trup can appoint a replacement?

      1. I think it would be very good if POTUS were able to appoint another Justice to the Supreme Court during the recess . . .

    2. From the link provided by @Crazy elf- ‘Mattis told the Services to conduct the view of the “requirement of mandatory force training that does not directly support core tasks,” according to a Friday memo obtained from Military Times.’

      Sounds like Mattis is getting down to the basics. Some better stay in the walk in freezer, or they’ll melt.

    3. General “Mad Dog” Mattis is exactly on point. I predict he will get things squared away quickly.

  25. @Seymore Klearly – – – Thank you for ALL that you do for this group. We are most fortunate to have you. I certainly understand your actions regarding helping others. Yes. The recent situation is NOT what you are about at all.

    I hope this recent unpleasant situation will not deter you from your purpose. You have provided help to many of us.

    Disgruntled Veteran
    1973 – 1976 USMC
    1978 – 1993 USN
    Wounded Warrior
    Honolulu, Hawaii

    1. James Clement, WAY out of proportion. I agree that this isn’t what Seymore is all about. I know what I put in my response, and I DO appreciate all the things that Seymore posts, for me and for others. No need for hyping things up. Got a problem with me, you got my damn number bro. Its everyone else that has problems, RIGHT? Wishing you the best with your new endeavor. Second time that this has PURPOSELY happened. Peyton Place II. Geez.

      1. With some people, it takes class, effort, and energy to solve things behind the scenes, especially when they have all of your contact information. Must be nice to PURPOSELY throw someone under the bus. And, we talk about trust.

        Don’t expect the VA to change when we can’t bond together as a uniting force against this corrupt agency (VA). If change does come, don’t expect it to happen in a clipping pace. Its going to be sloooooooow. VA doesn’t even honor what they were created to do in the first place.

      2. Consider this. My response was to Seymore Klearly. Not you. Want to attack me? Fine. I’m a Big Boy. I can handle.

        By your “Way out of proportion” post – – – you outed yourself. I was going to keep my mouth shut. Everyone on this blog with normal intelligence and reading comprehension could clearly see what has been happening with your situation. Most would just be nice enough to not mention it.

        But since you decided to attack me for making a post to another, let me just say three things:

        1. You are your own worst enemy.

        2. When people try to help you (as many have) either take or discard their advice, rather than bugging them to death as if YOUR stuff was the SINGLE most important task to be dealt with right this second. They have busy lives as well.

        3. Start working on solving your own problems rather than waiting on others to do the work for you – – – and things will get better. Constant whining solves NOTHING.

        Straight Talk from the School of Hard Love.

      3. James Clement – – – Your post, “I hope this recent unpleasant situation will not deter you from your purpose.” Unpleasant? Only wanted to know when?

        Everyone? Sure, your right, like always. I’ve recognized those that have suggested things to me. I’ve seen others get ripped apart. Not unusual. Guilt trips. Can’t get what’s currently not available. OK, lets pull it out of thin air. Abracadabra, there it is, see it?

      4. ANutter
        38 CFR 14.514 – Suits by or against United States or Department of Veterans Affairs officials; indemnification of Department of Veterans Affairs employees.

        § 14.514 Suits by or against United States or Department of Veterans Affairs officials; indemnification of Department of Veterans Affairs employees.

        (a)Suits against United States or Department of Veterans Affairs officials. When a suit involving any activities of the Department of Veterans Affairs is filed against the United States or the Secretary or a suit is filed against any employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs in which is involved any official action of the employee, not covered by the provisions of §§ 14.600 through 14.617, a copy of the petition will be forwarded to the General Counsel who will take necessary action to obtain the pertinent facts, cooperate with or receive the cooperation of the Department of Justice and, where indicated, advise the Regional Counsel of any further action required.

        (b)Counsel and representation of employees. The Department of Justice may afford counsel and representation to Government employees who are sued individually as a result of the performance of their official duties. A civil action commenced in a State court against an employee, as the result of an action under color of his or her office, may be removed to the applicable Federal District Court. If a suit is filed against an employee as the result of the performance of his or her official duties, where the provisions of either 28 U.S.C. 2679 or 38 U.S.C. 7316 are not applicable (see § 14.610), and the employee desires to be represented by the U.S. Attorney, the Regional Counsel will obtain a written request to this effect from the employee and will also obtain an affidavit of the facility Director describing the incident in sufficient detail to enable a determination to be made as to whether the employee was in the scope of his or her employment at the time. These statements, together with a copy of the petition and two copies of a summary of pertinent facts, will be sent to the General Counsel, who will transmit copies thereof to the Department of Justice for appropriate action.


        (1) The Department of Veterans Affairs may indemnify a Department of Veterans Affairs employee, who is personally named as a defendant in any civil suit in state or Federal court or an arbitration proceeding or other proceeding seeking damages against the employee personally, where either 28 U.S.C. 2679 or 38 U.S.C. 7316 is not applicable, for any verdict, judgment, or other monetary award which is rendered against such employee; provided that: the alleged conduct giving rise to the verdict, judgment, or award was taken within the scope of his or her employment and that such indemnification is in the interest of the Department of Veterans Affairs, as determined by the Secretary or his designee.

        (2) The Department of Veterans Affairs may settle or compromise a personal damage claim against a Department of Veterans Affairs employee, in cases where the provisions of either 28 U.S.C. 2679 or 38 U.S.C. 7316 are not applicable, by the payment of available funds, at any time; provided that: the alleged conduct giving rise to the personal damage claim was taken within the employee’s scope of employment and that such settlement or compromise is in the interest of the Department of Veterans Affairs, as determined by the Secretary or his designee.


      5. @James Clement – – – You’re wrong. You think that I’m just pouting about my health status. Hmm. Being a Biologist (no fake degrees), you talk like I don’t know my own body, nor when a body has been broken down via lack of proper medical treatment protocol(s). Which you are well aware of that this is more than common with the VA.

        And, the fact that almost every single Veteran that has been lost in the mix of the VA and not attended to properly (I seen my visiting Nurse’s current and past Progress Reports, conclusion; VERIFIED). So tell everyone Jim, when Veterans get stuck and they can’t take anymore, what do they do? I’m trying not to slide into that lane.

        So why do you, JC, think that I’ve been asking for help. And, yes you did send me a list of mostly non-profits, but funds are either tight, and / or what I need isn’t what they offer services for. That’s NOT my damn fault, and I can’t make them help me if they say no.

        And, let me remind you, that there are others that are using the VA, and they need help too. Hopefully, when all this settles, I plan on helping other Veterans that are in the same situation. You only know what you read, you haven’t evaluated me to know any thing different. Nor do you know how much strength that it takes to hold on, day after day. Your lucky that you can still walk, travel, and take care of yourself.

        Plus, recently there were two (2) people that helped you to get something straightened out, where you couldn’t do it yourself. Hmm. That’s what I’m talking about, double standards. But hey, I understand your type as well. No need for hard love here daddy.

        And Jim, I’m sincerely happy that you were able to get help, because you deserve to have your situation taken care of. From your perspective, getting this all straightened out has been well over due. Time to blow smoke out the window.

      6. “Plus, recently there were two (2) people that helped you to get something straightened out, where you couldn’t do it yourself. Hmm. That’s what I’m talking about, double standards. But hey, I understand your type as well. No need for hard love here daddy.”

        Correct. They helped by providing me with the info that my VA would not, and a sample form that was e-mailed to me.

        They helped. But IT WAS I that had to do the work. Fill out the form specific to my situation, provide the documentary evidence to back up what was claimed on the form, submit it to the proper office, then await their decision. . .

        And it worked.

        NO double standard here.

      7. Yeah, sure Jim, I hear you. Like I said, YOU have no idea of what is going on in totality with me. And its not all about me. But in your mind, you think otherwise. And that’s all well and good. Good luck when going over to the W. Coast. Hope it all goes well for you.

      8. 38 CFR 0.602 – Core Characteristics.

        Authorities (U.S. Code)

        § 0.602 Core Characteristics.

        While Core Values define VA employees, the Core Characteristics define what VA stands for and what VA strives to be as an organization. These are aspirational goals that VA wants its employees, veterans, and the American people to associate with the Department and with its workforce. These Core characteristics describe the traits all VA organizations should possess and demonstrate, and they identify the qualities needed to successfully accomplish today’s missions and also support the ongoing transformation to a 21st Century VA. These characteristics are:

        (a)Trustworthy. VA earns the trust of those it serves, every day, through the actions of its employees. They provide care, benefits, and services with compassion, dependability, effectiveness, and transparency.

        (b)Accessible. VA engages and welcomes veterans and other beneficiaries, facilitating their use of the entire array of its services. Each interaction will be positive and productive.

        (c)Quality. VA provides the highest standard of care and services to veterans and beneficiaries while managing the cost of its programs and being efficient stewards of all resources entrusted to it by the American people. VA is a model of unrivalled excellence due to employees who are empowered, trusted by their leaders, and respected for their competence and dedication.

        (d)Innovative. VA prizes curiosity and initiative, encourages creative contributions from all employees, seeks continuous improvement, and adapts to remain at the forefront in knowledge, proficiency, and capability to deliver the highest standard of care and services to all of the people it serves.

        (e)Agile. VA anticipates and adapts quickly to current challenges and new requirements by continuously assessing the environment in which it operates and devising solutions to better serve veterans, other beneficiaries, and Service members.

        (f)Integrated. VA links care and services across the Department; other federal, state, and local agencies; partners; and Veterans Services Organizations to provide useful and understandable programs to veterans and other beneficiaries. VA’s relationship with the Department of Defense is unique, and VA will nurture it for the benefit of veterans and Service members.

        VA is a model of unrivalled excellence due to employees who are empowered, trusted by their leaders, and respected for their competence and dedication……TRUSTED BY THEIR LEADERS…NOT BY US…TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER…LOL……..You need to start looking at the VA laws NUTTER


  26. Seymore you are very ?, what you have to share benefits us all. A veteran with a tbi It’s nice to know someone is looking out for all of us.

    You know how to gather information some of us can not or do not know how to find.

    Thanks for your input !

  27. @Seymore Klearly – – – Seymore, I didn’t mean to insult you. Its that I’ve been asking for help from even my family and friends. But once I mention that I have PTSD, I’m ignored. I didn’t mean in my post that your for sale, but when I’ve been blessed, I’ve always shared with others to possibly help them with a need.

    I truly didn’t mean my statement to be offensive, and I sincerely apologize. Its that when you first asked me to share the names with you, you stated, “Do it now.” So, I thought that you were going to jump right on it. I was wrong, and I’m deeply sorry for any hurt feelings. And I would hope that since you already have findings that can help me, that you’d think again to reconsider. I don’t know what else to say about obtaining health care. Even the visiting Nurse has been talking with other Nurses who she works with through a third party for any possibilities.

    Seymore, I don’t want you to think that I don’t appreciate what you’ve started to do. But on my end, I have posted that I’ve been looking for help. Non-Profits in my area have tight budgets. And I already posted that I’m looking for an attorney, anyone would do the same. From my experience, I didn’t want to contact an attorney until I had all the eggs in the basket to help stop the VA from committing such crimes against us Veterans. And, if I am compensated (time is of the essence), its definitely not like, “take the money and run.” There is a hell of a lot more that is in the background, on how I plan on letting others know about the VA’s malpractice. And Seymore, your help counts as to accomplishing this. This is the whole objective isn’t it? Doesn’t matter how the information gets dispersed, because we don’t know what other Veteran, spouse, or love one that this could help.

    If anything, besides my health care needs, I’m going to put any type of funds into a marketing and promoting campaign (which has been my goal the whole time, by getting the word out using tactics that ex-POTUS’s team did). I may not have as much funds as them, but when I get stabilized, and I’m better able to think clearer, and having more energy, I plan on mapping my own strategy out using Social Media. So in theory and fact Seymore, by you helping me, this then we enable me to pitch in and do my part to help other Veterans, just like you do by posting on Ben’s.

    When I make a friendship or establish a relationship, that mean a lot to me. I’m sorry for any offense or awkward feelings that you may have felt, but I can’t do this by myself. And from past experience, when a Veteran contacts an attorney for help against the VA, it costs more for a VA Malpractice Attorney to proceed, then it does regular legal issues that don’t involve the Federal Government.

    In the past, when I had a legal problem with another Federal Agency and the State of Hawaii, the damn attorney wouldn’t act in a so-called professional manner. It was only when I went to the Law Library in Hilo, Hawaii, and spent almost a month learning how to do legal research, to see if I could find solid arguments for a possible suit against the Government. Fortunately, I was in excellent health at that time (not like now, and not of my own doing), that I was able to make 3 solid arguments backed by case law. When I went to their law office to present my findings with no appointment, I was rushed into to see the attorney. Up to this point, I was only seen by a paralegal. This is why I want the eggs in my basket before agreeing to counsel.

    Seymore, in fact, I didn’t really know how long the time frame would take in helping me. At this point, I don’t know what to say to you. But I can say this, even though I’m amped up about getting the information from you (and it means a hell of lot more than what anyone my perceive), my intensions like yours, is to put the spotlight on the VA as much as possible, and with no rock not being over turned.

    At this point, I’m lost for words, but would wish that you’d sincerely reconsider. If not for me, do it for the rest of the Veterans. I was under the impression, that since you said “Do it now,” that time was of the essence on your end as well.

    Seymore, If this doesn’t clear up everything, then I encourage you to call me, 302-894-3135. Thank you, – – – Nutter.

    1. You did something that a lot of people don’t know how to do. ! Apologize !

      It takes a big person to do this. !

      If the va would do this, instead of covering it up and making it worse. Veterans would be better off and the employees may have a red face for a little while.

      But it would be over, unless they broke the law.

      It’s nice to see someone, think about how another may feel. Nice Job. !

  28. ANutterVet,

    When I keep see post by you that include my name and dollar signs and I know that it is projecting a very untrue image of what I am about and why I am here posting. It really bothers me.

    You were reaching out for help concerning the Heath Care you are receiving via the VA. It sounded serious and life threating. I responded offering my assistance and began using my skill set to assist you and I found that in fact one of your Doctors should not even be holding a medical license or practicing medicine at the VA or anywhere.

    I pointed this out and do believe you are at serious risk of possibly fatal harm. I also suggested and still believe that you need to immediately find a way to receive care outside of the VA system.

    I am done looking into your situation there is a lot going on that is taking up my time right now and I am not interested in using my knowledge and skills to provide you with information to pursue a claim or lawsuit. Although I would recommend getting an attorney. One that will have an investigator who can provide such information.

  29. I luv you Benjamin Krause! You are spot on with everything that has to do with scandals, scoundrels, and sociopaths!

  30. Wow I am always giving money to Disabled Veterans and have always felt that the money was not
    going were it was supposed to go and now I believe I got the truth I am on disability myself but I never get any help, these people are always sending my address labels and tablets and calendar’s
    so if the VA needs money so badly than how can they afford to have these labels and calendar’s personalized , so all I can see is that the VA is nothing but a scam and I will never give to them again and my Dad fought in Vietnam he never got any help only crapped on so take care all you fakers

    1. marie,

      Just want to point out that a large percentage of the Real Veterans that are posting here are Vietnam Veterans who like your father never received any help from the VA and have only been crapped on.

      So when you come here and make the statement “take care all you fakers”. You are insulting the men and women who have served just like you father. We have nothing to do with the VSOs and do not collect any money from any donations to them.

    2. My father served during Vietnam but did not go. He.said he wanted too but military said it would cost gov too much money if he died cuz he popped a kid out every year. Marie you can call anyone a faker but specify like ur a faker climaxer. Augh boom. And then VAMC’s r a faker playing medical hospital. I wouldn’t call these vets fakers, shit Vietnam naw don’t do it.

    3. Wow the usual get trust then hit with abuse. Guys and gals this might be the Marie who witnessed a crime in an honorable which they know nothing about veteran in radiology, felt bad but failed to tell truth, which offenders removed from VA. They like to stalk those who r 4 justice because they r repeat offenders and want ur mouth shut. If you which you have traits of price shit low life traits, simply take ur fatass elsewhere u despicable price of confirmed trash. MOS start out synthetic and slam veterans. Sneak bitch get a life.

      1. And by the way if my body is going to be in pain for rest of my life. You bet ur fatass compensation pays. You freak of nature. Act like u know what goes on with ppl serving their country and sacrifice any and all. Trash shit no wonder u made one comment n split. She will be back guys x va employee with oh my god revenge n hate cuz she weak bitch n failure to society.

  31. Ben Hi Again!
    On your article above ,You forgot to mention that, During the Iraq invasion, Vice President of the
    USA was the Notorious DICK CHENEY (Former CEO of the Halliburton and the KBR)!
    During this time, I was mobilized and deployed in Kuwait and Iraq (Mar – Nov 2003)
    While I was in Kuwait (that was in the News) Halliburton got cot
    1. Buying Oil from the Kuwaiti Gov for $0.50 and sell it to the US Army for 1.50, !
    2. Hiring Local nationals in the Food Services (mess-halls) for a buck a day and charging the US Government “BOOKOO MONEY” ! ! Among these workers, some of them, Smuggled the poison “ricin” and “Castor beans” to poison our food and cause permanent damage to our GI Systems!
    Found to be members of the Notorious “AL ZARQAUI” Terrorist team !(Al Zarqaui got Killed later)
    3. And a lot of other FRAUD WASTE AND ABUSE cases from the Notorious Halliburton and KBR!

    1. Vassilis, as karma would have it, some of those ‘locals’ working on the bases were so starved the plates of foods sneaked out to them was not chicken but pork & they liked it…………

  32. Out from the “Washington Examiner”, Saturday, July 29, 2017.
    “John McCain: New block on defence policy is ‘unfortunate’!”

    Looks like McCain got his ass handed to him by Rep. Rand Paul! All because McCain voted “NO!” on repealing Obamacare!
    There’s also a video attached! Check it out!

    1. P.S.
      This article was written by: Travis J. Tritten | July 28, 2017 12:32 pm.

  33. Hilarious video: College students and professors LOVE socialism … but have no idea what it is


  34. The Pentagon Is Actively Poisoning Americans Across The US And It’s 100% “Legal” – Governmental Services Corporation Watch

    The Department of Defense and its contractors are currently using at least 61 active military sites across the country to “burn and detonate unused munitions and raw explosives in the open air with no environmental emissions controls,” according to a series of bombshell reports from ProPublica that give insight into the largest source of pollution in the country: The Pentagon.

  35. Wow, looking at the comments, we all have been in this rain storm.
    if its ethics and honesty being questioned, has anyone in the Senate receiving disability been asked? why working and disabled?

    1. @Tom

      It is due to a technicality that “disabled” Senators continue to get disability while in the Senate. The rules say that you can’t “earn” income and continue to get disability, which of course excludes all form of bribery, graft, and corruption which are substantially “gifts” and not earnings. Most of the Senate does not engage in a human activity generally recognized in the free world as “work”. Disabilities only impede work anyway, not greed, and SSA has ruled that sitting on your ass and spending other peoples money and telling them what to do is not “work” as defined in SSA statute (which the Senators wrote…)

  36. I wonder how many claims were denied to veterans by these same supposed highly educated
    Va examiners? From which country?

  37. Something to Keep in Mind – – – New York City, NY — New York Injury News — In this article, Robert G. Sullivan, Esq., an advocate for patients injured by medical negligence, sheds light on a little known practice used by attorneys representing healthcare providers. Under a recent decision, Arons v. Jutkowitz, attorneys for doctors and hospitals sued for medical malpractice may conduct entirely secret interviews of a patient’s physicians. The interviews are “secret” as neither patients nor their lawyers are present when the doctors are questioned. Worse, patients may never find out what was discussed! This decision changes the litigation landscape in medical malpractice suits, and jeopardizes a patient’s right to privacy.

    Dirty unethical dogs. Some attorneys for doctors and hospitals will go behind your back, and interview your doctors when a malpractice suit is filed against them. Wow. Isn’t that sweet. We’re supposed to trust attorneys just like the trust in physicians.


  38. Ben, you question the adjudicator and the C&P examiner in this case.

    What about the multiple, supposed medical professionals who treated this veteran over 16 years? Did not a one of them examine him closely enough to determine the severity of his condition?

    And you are exactly right to question the absolutely fucking pathetic way the DOJ and VA are smearing this veteran if he has not been convicted.

    Even if he has been convicted.

    How long ago did Shithead release his BS list of VA employees who were “disciplined” for wrong doing?

    What does the VA say EVERY. FREAKING. TIME. another VA hack is caught breaking the law?

    We cannot release the name of the employee because of Privacy protections.

    WTF is different in this veterans case?

    You also provide some good examples of other massive fraud where Uncle looks the other way simply because some of that fraud ends up in the pockets of policians and investors, but I think the same examples can be found just within the VA.

    Do they really need 127 interior designers while whining about not have enough care providers? What kind of fraud took place and who benefited from that palace here in Denver?

    Gee? Why wasn’t Rubens and Graves smeared by the VA and DOJ and prosecuted for stealing roughly the same amount?

    Did the VA and DOJ make all kinds of derogatory remarks when Burch was committing blatant fraud? Why was he not prosecuted?

    You can bet your ass if his tax records were examined you could find evidence of tax evasion.

    Why are all these VA directors not prosecuted for insurance, medicare, Medicaid or other third party payer fraud when they knowingly bill them for service connected care?

    The double standard at applying the law in this country has seriously pissed off citizens in just the last 10 years, and it is time that is stopped.

    Why is this happening? In my opinion it happens like this for the same fucking reason they have their travel fraud posters hanging all over the walls at a VA.

    They want veterans to live in fear of being made an example of, while ignoring the massive fraud going on all around them…including defrauding veterans of their earned benefits.

    Or, to tell other veterans not to bitch too much about how pathetic the VA is, or they could be ruined with public smearing and kangaroo court prosecution.

    1. But the DOJ and VA will smear a Veteran’s name, but won’t release the names of the medical providers involved. What a fucking double standard. I shared with my wife, that the VA will do whatever THEY see fit to make themselves look good. Another method of priming the public and everyone else before a suit even starts. Convicted before given a fair trial.

      “oh, ain’t that America, simple and free?” Shit. Ass wipers. They aren’t good enough even to touch my shit. Damn fuckwods.

      1. ANutterVet, I read the linked article provided by Ben. It said the veteran has only been indicted.

        …and the VA has no problem participating in smearing him.

        And, as you point out, no provider of his is mentioned. There is no way in hell VA providers were competent in providing care to this veteran, so why is the VA not investigating the gross negligence?

      2. @91Veteran – – – As with everything else, I believe that the VA is ONLY interested more in protecting their image (keep da monies coming in, then all $$$-changers are happy), and to always throw those under that bus, that stand up to the VA, or to those that may for what ever the reason cause the VA ANY turmoil, whether that person is indicted (no trail yet, but still labeled as guilty), or that the person has a legal right to make the VA quiver by calling the VA on specific behaviors, actions, or issues, and those incidents that are surely wrong. Simple as that my Brother. – – – Nutter.

    2. VA thinks other people are stupid and can not see what they are doing.

      You are right plaster a veterans name all over, VA employees get protected.

      Who’s bank account will his money go into, everything indicates he is still receiving his payments, when he actually is not !

      If it an’t one thing it’s another, he had to piss off someone so they went after him. Proof is not needed, we said he did it and that’s good enough for us.

      Can’t release name’s, but sure can put veterans in jail. How much have they stolden.

      Who is holding them accountable.?

  39. Some of these VA Medical Malpractice Attorneys only want to take on cases that involves medical errors due to flawed operations, follow-up, post operative care. My situation is different, it’s an accumulation of improper and follow-up care, knowing that I’m not able to leave my residence due to my disabilities.

    Children of Isis, a one hour program on July 31 at 10pm, Charlie D’Agata reporting, previews were quite interesting.

    @91Veteran – Thanks for the links previously posted.

    @cj – Check voicemail on cell. If can, later tonight would be a good time to catch up. Send me an email. Already registered a FB name. Will post a link to my FB page later when things are set-up appropriately, securely, and when I feel comfortable of how FB works.

    Slowly but surely, pushing and tugging, moving on to new turf. A lot of time being spent on Social Media strategies to shine a light on the VA, to hopefully shame them into embarrassment. We’ll see what happens. But once I get a taste (like the first a wild animal tastes blood), I’m not stopping not matter who or what gets into my way. No turning back, no negotiations, nothing. The way that my body is now, I may not be able to regain myself back to normal. It was suggested today by my visiting Nurse, that I may have to be admitted to a multi-diagnostic medical facility. Before all this happened, I told my VA PCP this exact thing, but to no avail. A new case of wait, wait, wait, then try to hurry up. It doesn’t work that way. Make a cup of coffee, take your meds, give the dog a treat, tell mama you love her (or make love to her), then give me a holler. Buckle her up cowboy. Woo who, LMAO

    @Seymore Klearly, are you almost ready to rock? Need more time? Update? Thank you. – – – Nutter.

    1. @OLDMARINE – – – Another link for you (see above). – – – Nutter.

      1. I got it Nutter just because I don’t comment I read most all links and videos save what I need to save…LOL

  40. It doesn’t bother me one bit that this veteran got away with doing this for that many years. As many times as VA examiners lied on me and bamboozled my claims, I just can’t feel any resentment at all towards the guy!

  41. After reading all comments, I forgot what the theme is. Anyway, day to day things are getting worse for Veterans, definitely not better. Choice is useless to most of us. By the time you get a referral, it’s broke again. All these new VA outpatient clinics will end Choice. I cannot fight the VA. In fact, I’ve come to despise the VA and anyone associated with the VA. Until Trump takes away my Medicare, I will use it.

    1. They have taken away Veterans pensions already, next is service connected disability payments.

      That’s how they will fund the choice program.

      1. Not quite it won’t happen va compensation will remain. And I think choice will change. If they can find savings and make money off private sector. Employees know now jobs at risk, VA looking for professional quality medical personnel. Will those little guys n girls keep following those twisted upper pro employees? Or will they ban together and take care of their families? Especially now they can see freight train headlights coming and the twisted can’t protect or promote anymore. N if there is a hell, knowing it could be destiny their 2nd brain cell will flash alerts.

      2. Don’t know, they interviewed two veterans who stated their pensions were taken away already.

        If you have not been on here b4 welcome and share ur story.

        Your story is part of history and will be recorded for all time.

  42. Do you need to find Federal cases, dockets and filings from U.S. District Courts and U.S. Courts of Appeal?

    Then visit; “”

    1. how do you make a dishonest man honest? Laugh at them for mentioning the noun man. Laugh all the way to their cell. Lmao again

  43. bamboozled haven’t heard that word since childhood.
    The new weekly accountability report came out today @

    1. 2 more pages up to 32. Been quiet here where I live for 6 days. You wouldn’t believe what happens here va employees.

      1. I have been on their so called harass and surveillance which is stalking for what they decide is against their way of we can do anything we want to a patient, especially if reported. And they continue as to think I won’t say nothing. Sit outside my bedroom window or balcony leave when close up. Go to trash one guy starts to walk toward me in dark. I give look ur balls r mine he backs off. Drive by me yell keep ur fucking mouth shut. Found rug in dirt under bedroom window after I confronted 4 of them yelling outside bedroom window at. 3 am, then 1 making moves to fight, I gave death stare, I pulled rug out of there put on grass waited to see when it would be picked up abt 6 days later it also had imprints of ladder stand after it rained on it, lol everyone just walked by it. Of course I lock window now shine lights in window and base boom boom boom 2 am There’s plenty more and it’s now up to them to forget they ever knew me. The best one is when patient advocate came up to me and gave me hug in the hall when I left 3 cars pulled around me at light one then pulled to side of road, as I drove by she pulled out to run me into oncoming traffic side. I maneuvered and chased up along side of her, gave death look. Then the 3 went down a side road. Oh the one that yelled keep ur fucken mouth shut followed me to trash headed toward me I reached like I had gun she sped off it was fucken phone. Lmao. I don’t know exact number of removed or relocated employees because of what was reported by agency’s that went on in med ctr. But they uncovered much more than I knew 1st hand trying to get at why this would happen. I knew patient advocate b4 she became one. Oh one time I was visiting her in her office and they called a shooter drill lmao. I was going to leave they said no you stay in here. We laughed I said it’s probably u guys they want to shoot. They been behaving like they have for way too long. It is time their way of life goes to shiiter. I have faith their corrupt policies of behavior and organized is not acceptable to good ones, they say they heard abt them and their day will come. Get the leaders. Bye now

      2. Take you time and get your phone and record these people and then call the police.

        Situation solved. Start from the start not the middle of the story.

        Take ur time, who, when, where and how ?

  44. #2. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

    The FDA green lights nearly any drug that is chemical based for treating disease and disorder, yet bans every single seller of natural remedies from stating on a product label that the remedy cures or prevents disease or disorder, when thousands of them really do. The FDA also promotes GMOs without labels, when 90 percent of Americans want them labeled.
    #3. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

    The CDC is a for-profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet. During the 2016 fiscal year alone, the CDC Foundation raised over $42 million. The donor list for that year includes dozens of evil corporations, including Bayer Corporation, Cargill, Inc., The Coca Cola Company, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, and of course the Pfizer Foundation. The list of partners listed on their website is even more depressing. The list of the CDC Foundation’s corporate partners is replete with pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers, pesticide manufacturers and biotechnology companies. It is truly mind-boggling that such an organization not only exists, but was sanctioned by Congress.
    #4. The American Heart Association (AHA)

    These clowns post toxic recipes on their website that literally cause diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Are they making money from diabetes or trying to prevent it? The AHA attacks coconut oil as a bad fat, when it helps prevent Alzheimer’s and is one of the healthiest fats humans can possibly consume. The AHA is just another rogue organization funded by Big Pharma with insidious goals that undermine its very slogans.

    1. #5. Susan G. Komen “For the Cure” (Komen Foundation)

      Criticized for its use of donor funds and choices in sponsors, like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), cancer education by Komen is in full swing, with a huge push for mammograms all over the world. Reviews of mammograms suggest an increased risk of developing breast cancer from too much radiation, plus mammograms run the risk of false-positive readings. Anyone hungry for a bucket of hydrogenated-oil-soaked, hormone-laced KFC? Komen also sells bottles of alcoholic Mike’s Hard Lemonade at the events. Let’s all get drunk and then walk crooked for the cure for something. Be sure not to drive home! Komen Foundation takes in more than $55 million a year from sponsors like PepsiCo and KFC, and the CEO of Komen, Nancy Brinker, takes home an annual salary approaching $700,000 while suing any organization that even tries to use the word cure in their slogan or logo. Great work Komen!

      1. The Komen Foundation has been very good at advertising their breast cancer awareness fight with pink ribbons, and of course the show the NFL puts on every year by wearing pink.

        The Komen Foundation got into a pickle a few years ago because of their partnership with Planned Parenthood, and when many started pointing out the statistical increase in women with breast cancer who had abortions.

        Not sure whatever happened with that.

    2. I’ll bet u not long from now, as soon as they can get a foot in the marijuana door, it will be deemed a medical miracle.

      They will make sure they control the money !

  45. I will probaly get fired for this….
    #1. The American Medical Association (AMA)

    From TruthWiki:

    The year is 1847. Physicians in America are not enjoying competing with inexpensive, natural remedies, which are offered by Indians and skilled midwives. These are remedies which are effective but are not profitable or patentable, so elitist physicians join forces and form an alliance called the AMA, the American Medical Association. Not just any doctor was allowed to join this new, prestigious organization, but only the “regulars” everyone knew well, and those who did not use herbal remedies, homeopathy or Native American remedies – for anything. By the turn of 1900, word got out fast. The AMA is “hiring” and if you join the “patentable remedy industry” there would be plenty of money to go around. Critics called it the “Great American Fraud,” and the AMA doesn’t like critics, so they created an anti-critic department called the Department of Investigation, or DOI, to hunt down and shut down doctors and healers alike that were still using natural remedies, and thus digging into the profits of the AMA.

    Did you know that the AMA has one of the largest political lobbying budgets of any U.S. organization? That’s right, the AMA publicly reports that it generates up to $70,000,000 in revenue annually. Did you also know that the AMA has been found guilty of racketeering three times? That’s why you should never trust chemical-based medicine – it was a fraud from its very beginning, and nothing’s changed in 170 years.

    1. Right on target. best prevention for a cold and cure for a cold is moisturizing the airways and a little cinnamon. Drying of the mucus membranes causes cracks which allow the invasion of the cold and flu airborne viruses.

    2. Another resort is to take triple antibiotic ointment (although not a natural treatment), and put a dab on a cotton swab, then lightly swipe the swap in a circular motion to coat the inside nostrils. This is very effective.

      Also, flushing your nose with warm water, then a cold rinse that will shock the tissue to contract and tighten up. A very safe process that I use all the time. – – – Nutter.

      1. I understood only distilled water should be used to flush the sinus due to some kind of brain parasite.

      2. I have the heavy-duty version called Mupirocin 2% ointment. Been doing it with the nostrils for decade now, ever since the initial chronic MRSA infections. Now, it does not take much for me to have random MRSA outbreaks ever since those really bad ones needing actual surgery rather than lancing. Powerful ointment and it moisturizes.

        I was on a PIC Line and self-administering IV’s of Vancomiacyn (sp?), a heavy duty MRSA killing sting like hell medication for 8 weeks straight. I shudder at the thought of going through all that again…

        But, maybe it really did not happen? Will have to see if ‘Dan’ refutes me or not… 🙂 Dick.

      3. Namnibor, how do you know that you have MRSA, are there signs? I spent 3mos basically living @ the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center NY w/my mom, she had it, the hospital was infested with it but the VA would not test me for it. Since then I’m concerned I may be carrying it. I didn’t understand I could get it from Mom at the time & didn’t/wasn’t always provided protective gear.

      4. @NiteWish- A person is considered MRSA Positive until at some point you test negative 3 or 5x within a 6 month window. But my experience started back in early 90’s that turned into something around spine, nothing on surface, just terrible beating pain…back then it was seen as an anomaly, and even though had no health insurance, I was forced to remain in hospital for 4 weeks back in 90’s after the surgery, of which had to be emergency as I was going paralyzed…I missed meeting lead singer of The Cure because of that illness period…and I was on nasty strong IV antibiotics back then but it came back in 11 years with a vengeance but other parts of body.
        MRSA is everywhere, and really strong in any hospital environment and even more so if it’s a VA facility. Fact.
        Skin, when it causes welts and carbuncles that get really dark red/black in center, can be small/large, usually deep tissue and if you try to squeeze, you only make the infection deeper in tissue…must be lanced or full surgery if to that point.
        Mine basically goes all way to mid-80’s when USAF botched a surgery on me and infected me with some viral agents. I have never been quite right since and definitely not so these days as all progresses.
        I would only wish a nasty MRSA infection on entire body of N. Korea’s leader, the infant with a rocket launcher. We really need to wipe him off the planet. Scary monsters.

      5. damn Nam you’ve been dealt a raw deal way to much in this life. Possibly a next life will be full of good fortune. I was having a nice ice cream bar when I checked images for carbuncles, yea rather gross. You are a strong soul I am glad I met you, my life has been enriched.
        And always be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.

      6. @NiteWish- Now you’ve done it. My demented mind will now have dreams of “Carbuncle Ice Cream”. LOL. Those are two words that *never* should be anywhere near each other: Carbuncle Ice Cream. 🙂

        In all seriousness, I am every bit the survivor in this life with a strong dose of “Donnie Darrko”. That movie is a close soundtrack to my life thus far. 😛

  46. 07/28/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    One thing comes to my mind after all the countless number of Aerospace Crimes that were prosecuted in Southern California during the late 1980s and early 1990s [recorded/reported in the LA Times] —kickbacks.

    No doubt there are kickbacks involved in this case—Just look at the Sharon Helman case [concert tickets].

    Nothing new under the Arizona Sun.

    Stay on the Phoenix VA—-the roaches are not the main concern —508 is the VA’s body count [VA’s number 293 (2014)+ 215 (2016)] since October of 2016.


    Don Karg

  47. @Seymore Klearly – – – Had my visit with In-Home Nurse today, and EVERYTHING is VERIFIED. VA is DEFINATELY INCOMPETENT, with an overdose of NEGLIGENT MALPRACTICE.

    ALL EGGS ARE IN OUR BASKET. The light is green, and there is NO DOUBT that the VA is responsible. I have the full support of my Nurse, and our notes are almost a mirror image with slight deviations.

    I’m ready on my end. WHOMEVER is at FAULT, this is NOT MY PROBLEM. Let’s get this train rolling down the tracks, inertia is key. Also, I’m flagged by the VA, will not recognize or respond to my requests like they did in the past. Don’t care though, because when it all comes out into the open, the VA isn’t going to look good at all. We can take a big portion from their bonuses. I share with others that are on my side, and whom back me up; $$$.

    How’s the research going on checking out these so-called compassionate and loving VA PCP’s and other Medical Specialists that are actually quacks? Lets move em on up a notch. Ready on this end. – – – Nutter.

  48. I am curious. “Song bird” McCain is supposed to be 100% perm and total disabled and cannot lift his arms any higher then right below his shoulders. Ok if that is the case, then exactly how did he lift his arm so his hand was higher then his shoulder when he told the VA he couldnt do that, and this was shown in the Senate Video when he voted down the Skinny bill.

    Secondly he is supposed to be 100% disabled. Ok then how in the bloody hell is he working as a Senator and making 200,000 a year and still receiving between 2500 and 2800 a month from the VA?? If you are 100% perm and total you cant work and if you dare make so much as a dollar doing something for a friend and the VA finds out about it, they then start proceedings to remove you from receiving the disability rating as you can work. So again how is McCain still receiving his disability pension from the VA?

    Thirdly they had better be glad they caught this guy (sarcasm intended) when they did as he was at 16 years. And if you hit 20 years at the same rating, according to the VA regulations they cant touch you nor can the lower your pension nor can they do anything else.

    So they are mad about this Vet receiving a pension and yet for every Vet they deny they get to take a part of the money that would have went to the Vet for a bonus or for trips as has been reported? Someone PLEASE tell me they see something wrong with this picture other then me.


      1. That puppet master is a club called the Ring Knocker’s Club, aka Silver Spoon Spelunkers.

    2. Take another look at the video. He listed left to get his hand above his head. Arm did not go above shoulder.

      Hope he’ll do it again for veterans. Including those who only get 30% for not being able to lift their arms above their shoulders.

      1. Lem …I would kick him down to 10% he can blow his nose, and another 3% for not being able to comb his hair rounded off to the 10% …NEXT…I’m giving out C&P exam’s out today…Just smoked a bowl and I feel like a doctor
        What a deal…LOL .Anyone else

      2. I believe he can comb his hair. Just has to use alternating hands and tilt his head to the comb.

      3. Lem….Well I can fix that just put a lowering kit on his neck just like they do on cars then I can knock off his other 10% and save the tax payer some cash ..My bonus money comes from a percentage on how many I can cut…this C&P job sure is sweet man, I’m bringing in the Lincoln’s,…LOL….

      4. Just for fun, when giving McCain a reevaluation, simultaneously set-off an entire pack of M80’s and let loose a cage of angry crows and if he lifts his arms and screams reduce him to 0% and tell him he can continue to collect his 1)Retirement Military pension, 2) Senate Salary and all perks, 3) Social Security, and 4) all his lobbyist kickbacks and such…he will hardly miss his VA 100% Comp., while someone at the VA funnels it their way instead…oh, he can also keep all the beer $ his wife surely also has pouring-in daily and all 6 mansion estates scattered about USA and Europe.
        He can still smile as well so knock off another % to make that a negative rating # for starters.

  49. VA is just getting a taste of their own fraudulent medicine but if it’s documented by the actual military who could argue with the truth!

  50. From:
    “The Next News Network”
    “Gary Frenchi reporting”
    Dated: July 27, 2017 (05:54 minutes long)
    “This Former Army Special Forces Vet Just Risked Everything to Get This Message to Trump!”

    I have to say this. Do y’all remember what many young college aged people said during the “First Gulf War” about “joining the military?”
    There was a lot of blow back from many military service personnel.
    Remember these words;
    “I didn’t join the military to go to war. I joined to get a college degree AFTER I served!”
    This was also during the time when Army Boot Camp Recruits, Ft. Jackson, S.C., were given a “small paddle”, to put in their back pockets, and when a drill instructor got too close, the recruit would pull out the paddle and say “your too close, sargent!”
    Remember that bullshit!
    Did these recruits actually believe they could do that during a “firefight”?

    1. Crazy Elf, I recall that bullshit about only joining for the college education very clearly.

      One case in particular was a professor at UW Madison in WI saying his son only joined for the college. He was rather public in his comments about it such that if he were my father, I would have joined the fucking foreign legion just to get away from the embarrassment.

      I also recall those raving nitwits in Madison claiming a draft was coming, and they were going to protest by camping out on the Capitol steps in Madison until all the troops were home.

      Given it was winter in Wisconsin, I think their protest lasted all of a week.

      As for the paddle held up by delicate flowers, that came after during the Clinton years when the Consideration Of Others bullshit in the military was all the rage. Some were referred to as Stress cards in which basic trainees who were feeling stressed could hold up the card for a time out from the stress of the Drill Sergeant.

      If you get a chance, Look up General Claudia Kennedy. She was a Clinton hack that pushed that kind of bullshit.

  51. @Seymore Klearly – – – Can I have an estimated time of arrival for your research? Need to rock and roll, and make some heads vibrate and racket, spilling out the VA’s incompetence and neglect so that ALL can see, and to be encouraged to go after and fight the VA, to obtain proper health care, and to collect monies for damages.

    1. While I know that looking in to a claim is important to you. I need to ask you, are you looking into receiving proper Medical Care outside the VA?

      1. Affirmed. At home Nurse visits today. Need to compare notes. VA will TRY to jeopardize anyone, even the 3rd parties they hire to take care of Veterans.

        Seymore, thank you for your concern. As you are well aware, its very taxing on a Veteran when they KNOW that they have to protect themselves from a party that is supposed to help the person reach their best goals in health. Rat Bastards.

      2. @Seymore Klearly – – – My wife, also my Primary At-Home Caretaker, had to have an emergency visit to the Dentist. One her molar’s broke in half. Add on another $3,000 for one tooth.

        From my experience, being negatively conditioned by the VA, can cause people to get upset when other things in life add more to their plate that is already overfilled and flowing over.

  52. @OLDMARINE – – – Right on, I like ANY other person, whether being a CIVILIAN or VETERAN, has the right to know what is in their Medical Records, and that these records are to be kept private. Your Health and Medical Records are protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and it applies to the VA as well. I’d would encourage you to check yours if you have any suspicions that they are wrong, due to any errors, or direct and purposeful manipulations that are NOT true, that makes that VA look good, and for you to look otherwise (bad, wrong, or what ever is on the VA’s agenda pertaining to you and the VA’s health care services provided to you).

    I want to know EXACTLY what is in my Health and Medical Records, because there is a extreme difference in my observation of my body, all the additional symptoms that I’ve I noticed (in only 3 short months), and with my last conversation with my visiting at home Nurse, she totally believe in what I say. My Nurse is embarrassed, concerned, and ticked off, that the VA doesn’t even communicate with her, other than when my Nurse puts in a request to continue her services (via a third party agency).

    This is where I get even more pissed off and offensive. My Nurse keeps telling me that her hands are tied and their is NOTHING that she can do. I on the other hand believe and feel strongly about, is that if you’re frustrated (my Nurse), that I’m not afraid of the VA, and that it doesn’t matter who they are, because I’m protected by Federal Law (HIPAA), and without ANY reservation, I can prove with a doubt, that the my VA PCP and other Medical Staph (not a misspelling), has provided incompetent and negligent medical care for me.

    My wife is upset, frustrated, and just wants them out of our lives. Our marriage is stressed to the maximum, to the point that I see the VA as a PURE ENEMY, and that I need to expel them from me, like taking an enema to blow out the stanky fecal load via the build of fluid, and the agitation of my rectal nerve, that makes the muscles in my rectum, to expel this nasty shit out of my presence.

    This thick and sticky phlegm of a Federal Health Care Agency for us Veterans, needs to be reformed and reorganized to better take care of us. And, OLDMARINE, I have already committed myself to be sacrificed according to the VA’s thinking (not mine, psyche), because when someone calls the VA on something that is NOT right and should be changed, fixed, or reapplied, they get offensive because WE can be the game changers. The only thing, is that this change will NEVER take place unless you stand up for yourself. When you don’t or can’t, the VA will take advantage of this to suit their own agenda.

    I can even prove without a doubt or reservation, that the VA fucked me over in the training of my K9 PTSD-Alerting Service Dog. Just on this one issue that the VA has knowingly dropped the ball on providing only half way decent health care, this will confirm and validate my argument, that the VA is and has, provided me with incompetent and negligent health care. I feel confident in presenting my own arguments that backups my accusations. And, this is only for one issue. There are plenty more.

    Where the VA stands, I stand at the opposite polarity, totally. Its black and white, cat and dog, an opening a closing, salt and pepper, hot and cold, flowing and stagnant, and fresh and stale. There is NOT a match, not even close, major differences are obvious to the point where ANYONE can detect the demarcation point that separates my health from when I first started to receive health care from the VA, until this point in real time (now).

    I have over 50 pages of CONDENSED notes in my personal files. They touch them, they die. Simple as that. Don’t care what they say or do to me. It is in my total power to manage how I proceed in this matter. I have control, not the VA. When I have all the eggs in my basket, I don’t play with fear, I go at them without hesitation. You have to make sure all the ducks are lined up. I made a bet, that if someone will evaluate me, and they don’t see what I see (third party), and if I’m wrong (pertaining to my health), I’ll give them $500.

    OLDMARINE, I’m not telling you what to do, I’m encouraging you to demand (not request), those progress reports that supposedly details your current status in health. Not only could you be sitting on a gold mine in damages, but if true, you can help to open the floodgates in making the VA be held (here comes that word), ACCOUNTABLE. Please think about and consider what I shared with you. May all of you have your socks blessed off from you. – – – Nutter.


  53. Here’s three articles out late yesterday.
    From: “The Military Advantage Blog”
    “VA ‘Choice’ Funding Deal Near; Trump Targets Transgenders”
    Posted by: Tom Philpott

    From: “ news”
    Dated: 27 July 2017
    By: Richard Sisk.
    “Transgender Troops Welcome at VA Despite Proposal Ban”

    This is from “Liar Shithead Shulkin”!
    Also, in the comment by “16201640”, this person gives a great reason on why transgenders should not be given “sex changes on the government’s dime!” They claim their “this way since birth”. Therefore, how can it be “service connected”?

    From: “ news”
    Dated: 27 July 2017
    By: Holly Ramer
    “Veterans Air Their Frustrations about Manchester VA Hospital”

    Great read!

    As you have noticed, I’ve given Shulkin an added “descriptive word” to his “title”!
    This is due to his lie about NOT knowing what was transpiring at the Manchester VHA. He was notified 10 months ago! So, therefore, his name will now be;
    “Liar Shithead Shulkin!”

  54. Another vet taking the fall for some high level educator’s fraud? They eventually caught the Director of Education on Guam but those of us who paid back funds we never received never got our money back.

  55. $790 BILLION Defense $$$ Allocation to avoid a Gov’t Shutdown Oct.1, but the congress critters, including insane McCain could NOT come-up with $$$ to extend VA Choice Program?

    Some war profiteering contractors are getting really fat off Uncle Sam. Maybe USA’s sons and daughters should simply cease being willing to fight their wars and force the bankers and congress critters to go fight them….or their engorged offspring?!

    That allocation was not your normal military budget…it was only to stave-off a potential shutdown. WTF? Where’s all the $$$ going? Iran on pallets? Perhaps buying Afghan Army more woodland camouflage uniforms for their dark side of the moon landscapes?

    1. Hey Namnibor,

      They did reach a deal the main sticking point was caused by the VSOs claiming that if they only fund choice it will hurt the VA.

      So the deal for emergency funding to the choice program had to include additional funding for more leases to expand the VA, more money to make improvements to existing properties, more money to update medical equipment and increased funding for hiring more staff at the VA.

      Without the additional pork the emergency funding wouldn’t pass and Choice would run out of money.

      “Congress Reaches Deal to Avert Shutdown of Veterans’ Health Choice Program”
      By NICHOLAS FANDOS, New York Times, July 27, 2017

      “The veterans groups — including Disabled American Veterans, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Vietnam Veterans of America — had sent a letter to lawmakers on Saturday objecting to the House bill’s terms and spent the weekend lobbying congressional staff members to change it.

      “If new funding is directed only or primarily to private sector ‘choice’ care without any adequate investment to modernize V.A.,” the groups wrote, “the viability of the entire system will soon be in danger.”

      “Now, after several days of tense negotiations, the House and Senate are both expected to take up bipartisan legislation that would infuse $2.1 billion in new funding for Choice over six months, as well as about $1.4 billion hiring, work force improvements and the authorization of 28 leases that increase the department’s internal capacity to deliver care.

      The measure is expected to pass before members of both chambers leave for their summer recesses.

      The agreement will be seen as a victory for a group of influential veterans organizations that teamed up with Democrats to defeat an earlier plan, advanced by House Republicans, that they said advanced private care at the expense of the department’s in-house offerings. The groups — and Democrats — have generally advocated simultaneous investment in both the private care program and the department itself.”

      Full Article at: “”

      1. I’m envisioning the VSO’s and House/Senate Congress Critter lobbying scenario to be looking very much like the great game called “Angry Birds”. Of course. the VSO’s are the giggling and snarling piggies and all the congress critters are the ‘Angry Birds’ with clipped wings from the piggy lobbyists.

        The Systemic Cesspool with the Piggies all lined-up at the feeding $$$$ trough. Those fucks were only concerned about their relevancy, NOT improving the damn VA or the VSO piggies would surely see otherwise WHY Choice is even needed.

        Guarantee *very few* real improvements occur at the VA to “balance out private sector Choice”…nope, this was ALL about Performance Bonuses.
        Wouldn’t ANY VA “leases” already have been negotiated and paid for with allocated yearly budget?
        I smell pig shit. Thixotropic Pig Shit (TPS).

      2. Forgot to mention that the 28 leases are for new Department of Veterans Affairs (V-A) major medical facilities. They have been planning this maneuver for a long time now.

      3. Here is a list of some of the places they will start building with the new leases. Notice that they include building new offices for the Black Hole in Aurora Colorado.

        The pit that keeps on taking.

        Also notice the number of new research facilities. That is VA speak for new buildings on College Campuses.


        *Virginia congressmen, senators applaud inclusion of medical leases in veterans legislation*
        Published Friday, Jul. 28, 2017, 7:15 am

        “For more than a year, Sen. Warner has been spearheading a bipartisan effort in Congress to approve the overdue medical leases. In September 2016, he led a bipartisan group of Senators in introducing the Providing Veterans Overdue Care Act to authorize leases for 24 Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities in 15 states, most of which had already been waiting for congressional approval for more than a year. At the beginning of the new Congress in January 2017, Sen. Warner teamed up with Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) to reintroduce the legislation.”

        “Because Congress failed to act, the list of leases waiting for congressional authorization has grown to 28 facilities in 17 states:
        Outpatient clinic, Ann Arbor, Michigan
        Outpatient mental health clinic, Birmingham, Alabama
        Research space, Boston, Massachusetts
        Research space, Charleston, South Carolina
        Outpatient clinic, Corpus Christi, Texas
        Outpatient clinic, Daytona Beach, Florida
        Office space, Denver, Colorado
        Outpatient clinic, Fredericksburg, Virginia
        Outpatient clinic, Gainesville, Florida
        Outpatient mental health clinic, Gainesville, Florida
        Outpatient clinic, Hampton Roads, Virginia
        Outpatient clinic, Indianapolis, Indiana
        Outpatient clinic, Jacksonville, Florida
        Outpatient clinic, Missoula, Montana
        Outpatient mental health clinic, Northern Colorado, Colorado
        Outpatient clinic, Ocala, Florida
        Outpatient clinic, Oxnard, California
        Outpatient clinic, Pike County, Georgia
        Outpatient clinic, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
        Outpatient clinic, Portland, Maine
        Outpatient clinic, Raleigh, North Carolina
        Outpatient clinic, phase II, Rochester, New York
        Research space, San Diego, California
        Outpatient clinic, Santa Rosa, California
        Mental health clinic, Tampa, Florida
        Outpatient clinic, Lakeland, Tampa, Florida
        Outpatient clinic, Terre Haute, Indiana
        Outpatient clinic, Rapid City, South Dakota

      4. Jesus H on a Qtip.

        Leases? Didn’t Shithead recently talk about closing facilities?

  56. Maybe that veteran needs to hire a good P.R. firm and turn his steaming pile of shit into a nice chocolate cake like the VA does…The OIG is a joke its just PR blowing smoke up our asses like they are doing something,..YEA you get vet’s that try to scam the system but its peanuts compared to what they get away with.
    A VA employee gets caught and its only musical chairs, There settlement agreement when they fire an employee is just relocation money to move to another VA employment mill…..Such a deal…LOL

    And I almost forgot travel pay fraud is a crime, It’s posted everywhere so u won’t forget.

    And NUTTER I don’t get any progress reports or doctors notes any more because I use it as proof against them, So they cant tell me I am making shit up, just cut off the info..LOL

    They have too many crooks in their kitchen and can’t keep their story straight of the ingredients in their world famous shit sandwiches …LOL

    1. RAND Corp. has found upon very close evaluations that the VA’s world famous shit sandwiches are indeed standardized brown matter from State to State. The only difference is the thixotropic properties of those world famous shit sandwiches. Some stick to the walls like super glue and others just slide right down.

      Rand Corp. recommends fiber made from shredded Kevlar and Teflon.

      1. Word of the day: Thixotropic-(use in medical/chemistry) The property exhibited by certain gels of becoming fluid when stirred or shaken and returning to the semisolid state upon standing.

        Used in VA setting: Engorged Purple Team Member is a thixotropic bag of shit.

      2. Well I know for a fact if you use the Teflon diet there is no need for toilet paper, may not even need to flush with the momentum coming out of the chute but that only works if you stay away from the VA shit sandwiches and their so called medicine…But if you do take their form of medicine and need to detox watch the vid. below for directions …LOL

        “”…1;29 min
        Taking A Trip | Assy McGee

      3. I should have added this song also came to mind.
        Paul Simon – Slip Slidin’ Away …LOL

      4. My ass does not need the encouragement of depth charges to loosen things up. I live with polar opposite problem and dream of *just* one day of being constipated. Just one day would be nice. Already have sufficiently caused to have my property management/landlords to have to replace -2- American Standard toilets…think I’m missing out on some quality control $$$$ here.
        The only Teflon Shit Sandwiches (TSS) are those from AFGE herd. Nothing sticks to them, not even the law. Teflon Turds. 🙂

      5. @Namnibor – – – Haven’t heard the word Thixotropic- semi fluid to fluid state, visa versa. Memories of organic chemistry. Microbiology- thermophile; an organism that can withstand, survive, and multiply in a wide temp environment. VA AFGE Union Employee’s and Staph are thermophiles. Thermophiles that live in a Thixotropic environment.

  57. Anyone want to hazard a guess how many vets who work at VA eventually receive VBA be efits of some kind? Any wagers on how many former military VA nurses retire early via the IU clause and suddenly become diagnosed with a service connected disability after they work at VA for a while?

    Has ANYONE ever investigated former military VA employees to see if the statistical odds are in their own favor when applying for services? How about individual state VA? Did you know there are HUGE statistical differences between who gets granted VBA benefits for PTSD according to which state they are sought in? Has it never occured to anyone to audit individual adjudicators to see if Santa Clause is real and not a myth? Hasn’t ANYONE audited early retired VA nurses to see how many them draw IU and full VBA in addition to Social Security, or is it just too tough to track them down on the ski slopes of Aspen?

    Good buddy deals flow throughout VA and it boggles the imagination to get a grip on how much cash is being funnelled to the good ol boys that play along nice. The numbers have to be staggering because the billions funnellled into VA evaporates faster than a teenage boys promise once he learns his girlfriend is pregnant.

    1. DENNIS….. Did you know there are HUGE statistical differences between who gets granted VBA benefits for PTSD according to which state they are sought in?…….you are right, And Not just PTSD every thing you claim.

      or is it just too tough to track them down on the ski slopes of Aspen?….LOL…LOL GOOD ONE

    2. Those huge differences between VA benefits depending what State they live in and apply in exists as to show very clearly that the VA is definitely NOT a standardized system but rather, a huge standardized systemic mess.
      ANY true ‘system’ would not matter one bit whether applying for benefits while living in New Jersey or Arizona but there indeed is a huge chasm between facilities and VA Regional Offices….yet, the regulations are all standardized and NOT State Specific, so……………..that CLEARLY states that the incompetent human bags of flesh called the AFGE are the SYSTEMIC PROBLEM, not so much the regulations or ‘system’…the bags of wasted human flesh filled with cottage cheese, rotten spices, puppy dog tails and absolutely nothing nice is the HUGE problem with the VA.
      Why is it that quite often a Veteran that’s had an established and granted Disabled Veteran Compensation from a certain State and for years, that decides to move to another State and once moved, that new VARO will suddenly declare, “We do things differently here or you are not really disabled so we are ignoring what your prior VARO and VAMC did and going rogue…and by the way, you now owe the VA $XXXXXXX.00 for illegally receiving VA benefits….WTF?

      Something tells me AFGE Piggies line their pockets with such gaming of the system and throw we Vets under the bus so they can enjoy yet another year of daily lunch all you can eat buffets from the VA Pharmacy window…and a Purple Team Never-ending Conference Room Table Of Donuts.

      Now, that does not excuse ANY blatant or otherwise fraudulent claims. However, as difficult as the VA Comp. Claim System is, I find it VERY unlikely that very many Veterans are able to game such a fucked-up system.
      What’s more likely? What’s more likely is rather than the VA Claim Evaluators getting fired for making grave errors, the VA simply goes after the Veteran FOR the VA Evaluator’s mistake, while the VA Evaluator receives a huge bonus for reclaiming that $$$, whether it was warranted or not. THAT’s what we are contending with because the human element at the VA is a steaming pile of poo that’s ALWAYS hungry for more cookies.
      In a mood already today.

  58. @91Veteran – – – I got your comment about contacting the Information Officer, to obtain my progress reports from my Nurse and ex-PT person. Something is amuck since the only thing of the reports in my file, is the a note saying they were received. Why the VA doesn’t have this information on my file, maybe hiding something like I’m really not well enough to continue on THEIR (VA’s) path of treatment. My Nurse agrees with everything that I’ve shared with her. She visits me tomorrow. Thanks 91. – – – Nutter.

    1. ANutterVet, saying what they can find in your file and complying with a FOIA request are two different things.

      Any of your providers could intercept your request for records and claim not much is found. A simple request may not have much weight in law.

      With a FOIA request, the Privacy Officer is required to log it in, required to respond that they received your request, required to make a search of whatever clinic might have your records, and required to comply with your request within 20 days. They might request an additional 10 day extension.

      Either way, they are required to either respond in writing providing the records, or required to respond In writing stating they did not find any.

      Either way, you have them by the balls.

      If they have your records, you can ask why they have not provided better care based on the progress notes.

      If they claim no records are found, you can ask why the hell they are paying an in-home care nurse who writes progress notes, but are somehow lost by the VA.

      Telling you they received the notes is not what you asked for. You are asking for the actual notes which you have every right to receive.

    2. To add to my comment ANutterVet…I was lied to repeatedly by local VA officials, and other VA management all the way up to that worthless fuck McDonald.

      I can prove it because I got tired of being lied to and submitted a FOIA request.

  59. The question is did he? All I know is what the VA said. I’m a firm, do the crime, do the time. If you get caught. How VA handles Veterans claims is another subject altogether. What’s going on now in the VA is scarier.

  60. The problem is that the OIG is set up to recover the money years later after a claim has been approved. Just like insurance fraud investigators.
    It is just time to expose the OIG again with their fraudulent prosecutorial practices. They have agents who actively search through the CAPRI system when they do these types of investigations. They require a warrant , but they don’t follow the law as required.
    They government including DOH is a Racket against veterans.
    My belief is that you literally are an inmate to the VA when you submit to their bullshit jurisdiction via collecting benefits.

    1. @CorpsmanUp! – – – I’m a warm fart close you. We should get in touch with one another. Leave a note, and I’ll post my number. I left you a comment a couple of days ago. – – – Nutter.

  61. Simply put in the Veterans claim system it is not how disabled you are and how well you prove it. It is all about who you know. When you have County Veterans services officers only providing services to city and county staff.

    DAV, VFW, and American Legion posts leadership employed by the VA in positions at the VA handling claims. Their assistance is provided in getting a claim through not just if you are a member but if you are connected to management in the post.

    All other Veterans claims go into the automatic claim denial process.

    1. I dont know what county you live in but the county I live in Aryn-Nate and Tanya will bend over back words and do anything they can to help you. And they ARE county Veteran officers. So please dont paint all of them with the same brush


      2. Yeah, right, Dan.
        It was the very County Veteran’s Commission Officers, VSO’s that let TWO of my best friend Veterans die because they would not go to bat for wither of them when the VA arbitrarily decided to cut their meds off.
        The one friend went to the streets and was using illegal intravenous drugs to get relief, as he was formerly a RN after all. His County Veteran Svc. Officer KNEW he went to the streets and did not care one bit…I know because I confronted his indifferent ass and all his response was, “The VA wanted the very best for your friend and the VA was just HAPPY that they were able to get his compensation approved.” No, I’m sorry I KNEW…nothing.
        The other friend was left to die outside a homeless shelter because the Veteran Svc. Officer of the County said he was on his own because my buddy apparently did not serve enough chronological days in Activated Reserves when sent to the big kitty litter box in Middle East….my buddy and his Unit were called back to the States only TWO DAYS before he would have qualified for full benefits…so 2 days short of 24 months Activated Active Duty Guard…but the County said, “You’re on your own”….did not even try to help him get $$$ for food or shelter.

        So do NOT come on here and act like all these County VSO’s are righteous. Fuck off.

      3. Dan,

        I am happy to hear that the County Veterans do a great job in your area.

        But Around my part of the country when a CVSO does his job they lose it. Here is an article on CVSO that made a mistake and did get a Mickey Fin pulled on him so that he would be fired.

        “County fires veterans service officer”
        By Shelley Nelson on Nov 3, 2015 at 8:45 p.m.

      4. you can show some people all kinds of evidence, yet they will make an excuse, it was only one ! If they would add all of them up its a problem.

        Well, well it was not me ! ever heard of that Guy, It was not me !

        They need to put on here how many cases they won and how many they lost and give examples of the problems these service officers have with the VA, maybe someone should know.

        It will help them and the veterans. Quit staying quite !

        I had a service officer sell me out and the VA hired her for doing their bidding !

      5. I am truly sorry to hear that Seymore as Veterans we deserve better then this. But as I was trying to tell the other guy, it is completely unfair and unrealistic to pain all of the county VA workers with the same brush. There is good and bad on every issue. Its my hope that if the County VA person is doing their job that they are left alone, and it does not hurt to have a Veteran who is former Veteran Advocate for a sitting US Congressman, as a county Commissioner either.

      6. @Dan…For God’s sake, there’s a ‘T’ in the word “PAINT”, it’s not PAIN, although you are one.

        “Enunciate”–T. Capote, “Murder By Death”

      7. For GODs sake, you have a problem with the truth? Seems this site does not have an edit feature or I would have corrected it myself

    2. namnibor, if you want to use foul language do it someplace else I refuted your claim and if you want to call them and ask its 419-782-6861. And you VERY unfairly try and paint all the County VA workers with the brush of your opinion. So tell us namnibor, what makes you any better then the people you are complaining about?

      1. You can ‘refute’ all you want, I need not call some # not even in my area code or anywhere, I know how I lost my own close friends so do not even try to justify yourself through trying to act like any VA Psych and stating it really did not happen the way you think…if my foul language evokes the asshole in you, perhaps you should be asking yourself why you’re so defensive. Oh, and thanks for further pissing on my friend’s graves with your indifference and denial. Very VA like.
        Interesting how just about anyone that comes on here in past to present named “Dan” was of the exquisite asshole variety…probably a funny hat as well.


      2. You asked me to provide a number namnibor, and I did, now you are complaining about that and still calling names like a spoiled 2 year old. I am sorry but I cannot believe anything you say if you are going to act like this. You are suppose to be an adult, so how about acting like one

      3. what is your VA job, all is well Hu ! Thousands of people will disagree with you, why do you think their is so much talk about the VA being the worst place to work, thousands of veterans dying, denied their deserved disability.

        Veterans on here do their homework and post what they see and read ! VA has falsified wait time and lies to congress, the VA committee on veterans affairs and the veterans, defending the undefeatable !

        Former VA worker, suffered for forty years because VSO officer believed the VA, that my official military records were destroyed, when they had them all along.

        How many veterans must die, before VSO officers get the message, the VA is not a friend to veterans, they are their downfall !

        Get Real !

      4. james I dont work for the VA and never have. But to pain every VA worker (county or otherwise) with the same brush is just plain wrong. There are bad ones like the one out in Phoenix that Songbird McCain voted to allow her to get her retirement and bonuses, but I have to believe that there are good ones as well otherwise whats the point of even having the VA. If they are all bad then we need to raize this to the ground, salt the earth and start over after firing everyone from the Sec on down to the trash collector. You have to hope that there are some good ones there, otherwise whats the use? Everytime I go to the VAMC of Northern Indiana I am treated with respect and I never leave the place that someone there isnt saying “Thank you for your service”. If I had one complaint about it, it would be the parking as there is far too little of it. But by trying to paint every VA worker with the same brush is equal to the Vietnam Soldiers being spit on and called baby killers, to the WW2 soldiers being called losers because of them being chased out of Africa by Rommel. It is just plain unfair. If you are not doing your job then yes by all means be replaced, but if you are doing your job, then why punish them? Simple logic

      5. Dan, unfortunately in many of the bad things we find out about going on at the VA, we also find many of what you describe as “good” employees who are well aware of what the bad employees are doing…and those “good” employees do nothing.

        Even in instances where there may be laws requiring they report problems…they stay silent.

      6. Veterans on this site have said over and over, there are good employees and Some have blown the whistle and for their concerns affecting veterans care,

        They are retaliated against by the bad one’s. !

        I worked for the VA for 25 year’s, I was not social, all work and other employees knew if I seen a veteran being harmed in any way, that employee would be written up.

        Some people may call that a ?, that’s fine at least that employee knows better to harm anyone in front of me.

        VA employees hate people like me and have retalated against me. I am a whistle blower !

        Blowing the whistle on how veterans are being punished by the illegal disruptive committee !

        Employees can and do report many veterans as being disruptive, beause they say something about an employee or their treatment and other B.S.

        VA employees do not have to follow VA regulations, the VA is letting employees use hearsay as fact (truth) and will admit they have no proof, but will punish that veteran anyway.

        Do some real research about the VA as a whole, then come back on here and tell us what you have found out !

        Remember the VA is the worst rated federal enity, thousands of veterans have died waiting for care and VA employees tried hiding the facts.

        The good employees You are speaking about are just as guilty as the employees harming veterans when they look the other way.

      7. And just how do you know they are looking the other way? SOMEONE had to make a call about the people in Phoenix and Indy and the files that were found outside in the Dumpster at the VA Regional Office in Detroit. So why paint them with the same brush?

      8. @Dan- *NEVER* did I *ASK* for any fucking number. YOU are putting words in my mouth. Stop being a true dick. Never wanted a number in first place. Check all my posts. Not ONCE did I ask for a number.
        Check your meds or maybe your crackpipe is broken you fool putting words in my mouth.
        Again, fuck off.

      9. Sorry but you did namnibor, and your continued use of foul language is not needed. Any person with two brain cells can say what they want without resorting to profanity. So whats your problem that you seemingly cannot?

      10. James Gallegos…..I smoke a bowl then I pretend like I’m a doctor ….I was just joking with this comment…….. I’m going to get fired for this

      11. A retired Disabled Vet. And Tanya will tell you I have helped with everything I could for any Vet who asked me because its the right thing to do.


      12. @Dan & namnibor,
        First to Dan,
        I’ve read each comment between you and namnibor. I have to side with namnibor on him NOT asking for a phone number from you! As a matter of fact, you were the one to first offer up a phone number!

        Secondly, As far as namnibor’s replies back to you. The way his close friends were not taken care of by the Veterans Administration, and local VSO’s, can cause a person to curse!

        Lastly, I’ve lost two VERY close friends in the past two years. All due to VA’s incompetent medical care! The VSO’s responsible for them, cared little for them. Hell, they didn’t even have the courage to come to the funerals!
        If they had, well – their asses may have been handed to them!

      13. Lets see Dan goes to the VAMC of Northern Indiana & gives a phone # for Defiance, Ohio. Troll alert?

      14. Dan, My point was some ‘trolls’ use identity deception & others here are more apt at spotting them. It was a simple question, nothing more.
        There are 100’s of definitions for “Trolls”. “”

      15. OldMarine, I’ve been angry, I’ve been rude, I’ve cussed, Gone off topic, Participated in chit-chat & etc……

        I’ll admit I know nothing. I do research ‘facts’ when I’m interested. So maybe its not Me.

      16. In a combat zone yes, I can see that happening. But honestly, would you actually be cursing like that around your mother or grandmother or daughter or aunts? Really?

      17. Dan you have passed my ‘your for real’ test. Welcome aboard. I am female & mostly edit out the foul language, though sometimes I do laugh at it.

      18. While doing VA exercises side arm lifts for ‘arthritis’ I gave myself a spontaneous pneumothorax[lung collapse] Another reason why I don’t trust the VA & their ‘medical’ practices. If not for my niece balling her eyes out please Auntie go to the hospital I’d have just continued to lay in bed until dead. Did that injury on Monday, went to hospital Tues night, released Saturday. Now where is the Prudent Layperson denial letter stating this is not an emergency. LOL Lack of oxygen appears to have blurred my vision. Can’t follow the posts when you can barely see them. While there I gave this website to the wife of an agent orange vet.

      19. Its really sad, that veterans would rather die at home, afraid the VA will kill them anyway.

        Give ur niece a big hug for me, without her, you may not be posting today.

        To bad are love one’s are also effected !

        At least u have a reason to live, screw the VA !

        Let’s stay alive and give them what for !

      20. Yes I was in the US Army and retired from there, and yes they do curse but not as much as three of the posters here. Seems like every third word is a curse word

      21. Maybe they are sailors, so what’s ur story?
        A lot of people on here have had a really bad experience dealing with the VA.

        I had to suffer from a gun shot to the head and found out 40 year’s later that due to being shot that the VA had lied about my military records were distroyed in a fire in may 1973 and I was discharged in Oct 1973.

        Suffered with ptsd, called by the VA that I was a milinger, faking, ended up in jail for drinking and driving.

        Tried to commit suicide, divorced 2 times, the va has done this to hundreds if not thousands of veterans.

        I hired an attorney and found out the VA had lied about my official military records and had them all along.

        Had a former coworker lie to the VA after I retired medically, she only did so in retalation for me saying something about her job performance.

        The VA admitted they had no proof of me ever being disruptive, they can not even put me at the clinic.

        The Denver VA believed what she said as fact and punished me for 5 year’s, had 2 doctor’s harm me physically.

        They threaten me stating If the VA “ever” hears that I become disruptive “again” that they would file federal charges, have me arrested and banished from all VA care.

        Denver has covered up since 2004 and has put so much pressure on me, that I do not trust any of them.

        I am 100% disabled and should have been since I was discharged.

        If you would do some real research about the VA, you Should be outraged and will have a better understanding of what so many veterans had been through.

        Sometimes we get VA employees coming on this site and get the veterans even madder, I guess they get off on it.

        You, we do not know exactly what they are going through. Many of us have become reclusive, because of what the military and the VA have made us go through.

        You should understand that they have every right to be ?.

        We need people to help, not come on here and preach, as they are preaching to the choir.

        Been there done that !

      22. I agree, they do have a right to be upset with how they were treated. But to try and pain EVERY VA worker with the taint of the idiots that treated them badly makes them no better then the people they were complaining about. Its like my father always told me “If you have a problem with someone, you have a problem with THAT person and that person alone. You DO NOT have a problem with that persons race or the company where they work or that persons family. So if you have a problem with a person then deal with that person and dont try to bring the world into it.”

        Pretty smart old man if I do say so myself.

      23. Dan, resolving a problem with an individual is fine as long as the individual agrees there is a problem, but that doesn’t match reality at the VA where the lies get bigger the higher up the chain you go.

        If you have a problem in a clinic, you might try resolve it with the clerk, nurse, doctor or chief of the clinic, but when they all lie to cover their asses, then what?

        Sure a veteran can go to a patient advocate, but when the patient advocate lies, is never in their office or refuses to return phone calls, then what?

        You might go to the Chief of Patient Safety, Chief of Staff or right to the directors office, but again, when they lie or if anyone in that chain refuses to recognize a problem, then what?

        You can go to the VISN director, VA HQ or the IGs office, but again, what do you do when they lie or refuse to acknowledge a problem?

        Well, you can go to your congressman, but then you have to hope they will actually recognize the problem and act further than doing a simple inquiry…and getting the same lies in response.

        Believe me, I have done all of the above, and it was only a FOIA request where the proof was provided that the problem was finally solved.

        Many vets here faced the same problems of lying bureaucrats, so while solving problems with individuals is nice, the VA is full of ass-covering bureaucrats that will not think twice about lying to your face, regardless of what it means for your health.

        Further, if you look up the news articles about that VA employee in Louisiana beating an elderly veteran to death, there were a number of VA bastards that covered it up. It was the county coroner who pushed for charges while VA management looked the other way, and the AFGE union helped keep that thug on the payroll.

        The problem with your utopian idea of the VA is that there has been zero accountability for these actions for many years, and dead veterans is the result.

      24. 91… and it was only a FOIA request where the proof was provided that the problem was finally solved.
        HOW DID YOU WORD YOUR ..FOIA…I need to do the same.

      25. Oldmarine, your FOIA request needs to be worded towards obtaining records for whatever problem you are trying to solve.

        In my case, I wanted to see how every VA appointment I had within a certain time frame was coded for whether it was service connected or not, and why they billed my insurance for service connected care.

        I don’t recall the specific wording, but could look it up if you need.

        I essentially said I request a printout of every appointment at Grand Junction VAMC from xyz date to xyz date, and how that appointment was coded. That record also showed the primary reason for the appointment, so it made it easy to match up with other records that showed their mistake in not coding it service connected.

        The other FOIA I submitted was to the VA Executive Office for a copy of any records, emails, faxes, etc., showing what action McDonald took or directed to be taken to resolve the fraudulent billing of my insurance at Grand Junction.

        Up until I submitted that FOIA, the records showed very little waa happening other than finger pointing between Grand Junction and their facility handling the billing. At some point, the FOIA records showed Shulkin emailing another flunky to look into it, with various other VA managers from VAHQ down through the VISN and to the local VA digging into it asking what was being done about it.

        The FOIA response from the VA Executive Office had all names, phone numbers or email addresses redacted, but I got the exact same FOIA response from the local hospital with none of that redacted.

        The two biggest issues with that FOIA response was that it showed McDonald not doing anything at all to look into the problem, and local VA managers more concerned with covering their ass and how they might look bad in the local media.

        Both responses were very eye opening.

        Ben had a couple posts here some months ago with the wording you can use for a request for records either under FOIA, or under the Privacy Act. That wording is very helpful. All you need to do is copy that wording from Ben’s post, and add what specific records you are looking for.

        Also, these requests can be submitted using email. Do a search on Veterans Affairs FOIA officer, and you can find a listing of every FOIA/Privacy Officer in the VA, including their telephone and fax numbers and email addresses.

        One final note. Don’t let any VA FOIA officer try bluff you into thinking you will have to pay for those records. If they contact you suggesting they will bill you for those records, tell them to put it in writing so you can include that bill in the inquiry you will have your congressman make, and to include it in press releases you will send to the media showing the VA is billing veterans for access to your own records.

      26. No, I have to disagree. In just todays Ft Wayne Journal gazette (Wed Aug 2nd) We find that 2 people were fired and 2 more were suspended with the very real chance of them being fired as well at the Peru Indiana VA Outpatient Clinic (Peru Indiana is where they house Air Force 2 so the security around that AF base and town is VERY strict)

        1. They reduced the amount of pain killers prescribed to 6 patients without an exam or notification, and he was the Associate Chief of Staff of the place! He was placed pushing papers until the investigation is complete and then he will be terminated because one of the patients died. he also faces a civil lawsuit from these 6 patients and or their families so he is in deep trouble and sinking quick.

        2. Had 2 employees who made blind appointments. Meaning they made the appointment without the patient knowing it and then cancelled it. Both of them were fired on the spot.

        Down in Indianapolis they found the director of the VA Hospital there was a spouse of the regional Director and they were writing each other scripts for pain killers. One was terminated on the spot and is facing 30 years in a federal prison and the perm loss of their medical license while the other is also facing federal prison time and the loss of their license as well.

        In Ft Wayne VAMC I had to get a port for treatment and yet the VA there fought me tooth and nail about sending me Heprin (a blood thinner) when I could go to the drug store and get Buffrin which is the same thing. I fought them for over 6 months and the end result was the Director of the hospital was reassigned and put on probation. The Chief of staff was demoted, the Head of the Pharmacy was demoted and put on probation and was warned that if he EVER so much as refused a prescription from a doctor again (unless he found out the medication would conflict with the medication the Veteran was already on) he would be fired instantly and his license would be revoked. Now when I call into that hospital for medicine, or to make an appointment, its “yes SIR how can we help you today SIR” honestly thats a little embarrassing.

        But even with all of that, I only blame the people who caused the problem, not every VA worker there. And yes this was serious as if the port is not cleaned on a regular basis, it can turn into a clot and the port is attached to a vein going directly to my heart. If a clot or a part of one breaks lose, instant heart attack so this could be a very deadly instance.

        As you can see they are trying to clean up the VA, but this mess didnt happen overnight and wont be cleaned up overnight. Thats why I keep saying you cant pain every VA worker with the same brush

      27. Dan, all of what you said proves my point.

        Yes, there are those being held accountable now like the husband/wife you mentioned, but only because it became a public issue.

        The people involved in the medication being cut off are being held accountable due to lawsuits. I can guarantee you those veterans or their families likely repeatedly contacted the VA to resolve those problems, and they were ignored until a veteran died. Think of how many VA employees were contacted by those 6 veterans begging for proper medical care, with every one of those employees failing to act until one died.

        In your own example, it’s clear there were multiple people aware of the issue, and all failed to act until you pushed it hard enough to get someone’s attention.

        The point I am making is that there are often many VA employees aware of a problem, but not a damn one of them will move to fix it on their own until forced to do so.

        There is no reason for a problem needing to become a public scandal before bureaucrats act.

        In your example, you were lucky in resolving the situation before you ended up dead. There are many veterans not so lucky, and their families end up picking up the pieces.

        Think of how many worthless VA employees you had to contact to resolve your problem?

        Yes it is getting better, but it will not be where it should be until a veteran only has to alert 1 VA employee to resolve a problem.

        How do I know it is still not where it needs to be? The news reports of veterans continuing to commit suicide in VA parking lots. You can bet your ass those veterans tried to get help by alerting VA employees to a problem. They were clearly ignored. Their suicides prove it.

      28. Again 91 Veteran, what I said proves my point. they are trying to fix the VA but it is not going to happen overnight as the problem didnt not magically happen overnight

      29. Oh, and Dan? If there are some poor VA employees getting their feelz hurt because they are lumped in with bad VA employees, then they should do a better job of getting rid of the bad ones instead of looking the other way.

      30. Sorry missed the T in paint. My keyboard slider broke and now my keyboard is lopsided until I get the parts to fix it tomorrow or Thursday. Sometimes I tap the key and it does not make a connection.

      31. STILL absolutely NO reason to use foul language. I didnt cause any problems so if he is angry then be angry at the people who caused the problem, not everyone else.

      32. @Crazy elf- Thanks for having my six. I knew the troll was trying to manipulate and it just will not work. Like I am dumb enough to call some number posted out as bait? Ha…HA!

        ~~Gurgle~~ *Veracious Troll Alert* ~~Gurgle~~

        No more Troll Scooby Snacks for you, Dan. *Dick*


        (we may have a floater down here)

      33. Sorry but you are fast becoming not worth the effort. If you have a problem then you have a problem with the people who caused it, NOT everyone else. maybe your attitude is what needs changed.

      34. @Dan: Dan, how many people does it take calling you an asshole or dick before you get the message. Now I understand in your pea brain mind, that I used foul language, when I was only quoting others.

        The only attitude I see that needs adjusting is yours, you claim be mad at others and not you, you tell a disabled Veteran on this site “you are fast becoming not worth the effort”. Typical VSO BS, see Dan? It does not take too much time at all to let a VSO have enough rope to hang themselves with. In fact you are just like the other VSO’s you wish to not be included with.

        Instead of looking like a manly man, you end up looking like a man trying to shoot pool with a rope, know what I mean Irv?

        namnibor is a well respected member of this community, and a friend to all, your not.
        namnibor has always had a positive impact on other Veterans lives, you so far, have fallen way short in our eyes.
        OLDMARINE said it best of all, “Dan the Dumbass”

        Now Danny boy, exactly who the fuck you think you are coming to this blog and telling member what language they should or should not use, they defended this country for anyone to use any language they damn well please, in fact, they have MORE of a right than anyone else to use whatever language they so chose. Got it language NAZI useless piece of shit VSO asshole. Now, as nice as I can possible say this, go fuck yourself..

      35. You want to talk about parents? let’s start with your bitch mother, asshole, then we can move on to your asinine father. See dipshit, I won’t fall for your bait and trap BS. Last word is mine. Don’t expect an answer to your next post addressed to me.

        ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈?? I am not like ??
        ┈┈╱▔▔▔▔▔╲┈┈┈?? the rest ??
        ┈╱┈┈╱▔╲╲╲▏┈┈┈? GURGLE ?┈
        ….VSO DAN


      36. And just why do you want to talk about your parents like that? The conversation was between me and another person and you decided to stick your nose in it and call names so you cant complain now when it happens to you.

      37. @Dan The Dumbass Dick:
        “[And just how do you know they are looking the other way? SOMEONE had to make a call about the people in Phoenix and Indy and the files that were found outside in the Dumpster at the VA Regional Office in Detroit. So why paint them with the same brush?]”

        Dumbass: It was NOT a single VSO that alerted the horns or played Whistleblower to expose the Phoenix VAMC Wait List Scandal…NOR 99.99% of every other scandal making Ben’s Blog…it was Veteran VA Employees wanting to do the right thing.

        All those VSO’s haunt every hall of every VAMC and all have their heads with funny hats all up each other’s and the VA’s ass covering for them under the guise of “Assisting Veterans”…

        ..VSO’s have lost their way and relevance and with technology and networking, your typical Dino VSO is only fighting for air ($$$$$) for survival…not helping Vets to the maximum by helping clean-up the VA swamp…because you are piggy’s wallowing in swamp as well.

        Oh, so sorry about your once-virgin-ears. You obviously are not around other veterans all that much or that cherry would have been popped long ago.

        Now once again, fuck off dumbass dick.

      38. Talking about yourself again I see. Respected member? Not hardly. The most vocal and foul mouthed? yes. If this were another thread you would be considered a spammer. And if you did this on any other thread your posts would have been removed for violating the terms of agreement for posting. I have met many people in the Military like you, and we had a way to solve them. We made them walk point.

      39. Dan ……Walk point I bet u should know, just for being A asshole, ASSHOLE…And u sound like a spammer with a funny hat, now run along ASSHOLE no funny hat wearing mother fucker is needed here, go try bull shiting on some other site maybe someone will believe you there ……ARE ALL U FUNNY HAT WEARING TURD’S AS STUPID AS U

      40. Dan …..You need to lay off the koolaid and smoke a bowl….and u better watch it I’m a gona huff and puff and blow that funny hat off of your head……want a hit?

      41. Try it boozer, drunks always talk shit and end up with a black eye.

        I would rather be around someone smoking pot, than a boozer.

        After awhile their true colors come out.

      42. Try what?I am not a boozer or a drug user as I find I can do far better with a clear mind then a clouded one

      43. U would need to have a clear mind to keep up to my fog-ed one…I bet u learned a lot shuffling papers around…..Want a hit?

      44. I know what you mean with the PTSD. Docs said I had a bad case of it back in 93′. Cant be in the same room with a person in a white lab coat as its either fight or run still to this day. And God help you if you come at me with a needle, even in jest. Life took a decided “turn” when you wake up in a hospital and they are operating on you and you have no pain killers or “gas” or oxygen and no way to say anything. The gas passer darn near killed me and he actually did kill a Chief Petty Officer as he let him have some “soup” before the operation. Sort of hard to deal with this when you are in a VA psych area being treated for this and one person turns the corner wearing one of these lab coats. Lets just say that almost everyone in the hall way had a very bad day that day.

      45. In the newspaper today:
        When someone says something ‘obnoxious’ you reply “Am I hearing you correctly, That sounded snippy”

      46. No, when someone says Obnoxious I think of three people on this thread who seemingly think they know it all and demand that everyone accept what they state as fact.

      47. James might be a girl or girlyman or part time minister incapable of handling foul words.

      48. Highly doubt it. I have colored the air myself when an M-60 opened up on my platoon, but that does not mean I have to use that kind of language every time.

      49. I figured that much, thats why I told him in my unit; he would have a perm assignment of walking point

  62. Lame Brain McCain strikes again. Why is as yet unknown whether he was voting against Trump or just for the Democrats. Or because he hates America.

    “Senate Rejects Slimmed Down Obamacare Repeal as McCain Votes No”

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