VA Settlement

VA Settlement: Agency Rehired Bad Boss It Paid $85k To Quit

VA Settlement

One VA settlement smells of backroom dealing where VA paid $85,000 for a hospital boss to quit only to hire him back at a new location. He will not be forced to repay the money.

Terry Atienza, CEO of Grand Junction VA in Colorado, negotiated a resignation settlement of $85,000 for him to resign “from federal service voluntarily, completely and irrevocably”. VA paid the funds and Atienza started immediately applying to other VA positions elsewhere.

The bad VA boss was targeted for removal due to chronic absenteeism and misconduct following an by VISN 19 boss Ralph Giglioti. This is apparently similar to the Denver VA case of regional office director Melanie Renaye Murphy who was also chronically late or absent 508 times from 2011 to 2014.

VA then hired Atienza at Overton Brooks VA in Louisiana. He will be allowed to keep his resignation settlement despite not abiding by the spirit of his resignation stipulation.

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VA Settlement – Rehire Excuse

When asked by The Daily Caller about the payoff, VA spokesperson provided comment on the matter saying, “all parties agreed that it provided the correct outcome for Veterans, employees and stakeholders.”

That statement defies common sense and is a blatant falsehood and fails to explain how Veterans are provided the correct outcome.

It would have been better if VA merely lit the $85,000 on fire. Instead, the agency’s idiotic policies resulted in wasting taxpayer dollars by reinforcing the fact that agency employees, especially its leaders, are above the law.

No amount of misconduct or criminality will result in termination in most instances.

Atienza will now keep his windfall, maintain a healthy paycheck, and not be held accountable for failing to show up for work.

This is one of the more incredible outcomes following a misconduct investigation I have seen for some time.


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  1. james gallegos: do you think it’s possible that the fire was a cover story for using your identity for something else ?

  2. You vet’s didn’t even hear me!!!! This sister “vet” committed suicide after trying to receive help from the mental health department. Where
    else in America can a person walk into a government hospital and pull out a 9mm pistol and blow their brains out!!! Yet “no one” is traumatized!!!! Seriously their were so many employees retiring and quitting etc..”””Not one vet lost their life that day in
    2010….but we all died a little when she pulled that trigger!!! One day I pray that someone will place a small momental
    in honor of this vet…at this time a moment of silence for her…..??? may god have mercy on her soul amen!! Im done with this “venting” nobody cares!!!!

    1. @Big Biz, I say the sister vet is in a better place. She went to meet her maker. I believe she went to the heavens above us to meet her maker where she can have peace and tranquility for the rest of her eternal life. Big Buz, we veterans do care. I personally nelieve she is in a better place than having to fight and deal with Satan in the VA and on this earth. I do believe in the Lord Jesus Christ above and await his return. When the Lord Jesus Christ walks on this earth again, we will be showered with many blessings extending into eternal life.

      1. @Big Buz, typo error with my previous sentence in my previous post with the sentence “I believe she is in a better place than having to fight and deal with Satan in the VA and on this earth”.

  3. Angela, Frank, Benjamin etc. What these “new veterans “don’t know is 40-yrs plus dealing with a demon and all the vicissitudes that come with being a veteran. They see wearing that uniform gives them “special” treatment from their after service life!! Brother vet’s it’s the exact oops!!! Your life is transitioned into “””PTSD””….and you can’t/ won’t. realize it until it’s consumed you, family, friends etc..This is what the “”vet-matrix” is/was designed for. I was a kid in the “70’s”and the system was already structured to destroy my life!!! Once I was told via the administrative staff at the V.A. Hospital in Detroit that i wasn’t able to receive an “i.d. card” because I was “killed” in the Oklahoma terrorist attacks “”… Same name. ..same d.o.b….same Except my last four saved me from being dead in their system..this is the type of incompetents veterans address everyday. ..also I was placed on erroneous medications for years after being told that I had a “birth defect ” in my “back” verses being “kicked in my back” while on a “”motivation detachment ” for punishment. Years later the same came clean and admitted that they made a “misdiagnosis” with my back problem…gave me a check $500.00 and “‘Still Denied “”my claim. This is the entity that controls your life as a vet medically. Or try this one in 2010 a female vet at the same v.a. Hospital in Detroit came up to me and spoke. ..””how are you “””…and then turned a conner.. Just feet from me and pulls out a 9mm pistol and blew her own head off!!!! Yes she committed suicide in a v.a. Hospital. And the EMERGENCY. CRISIS CREW FROM WASHINGTON DC came to evaluate me for “”PTSD”‘ as a result of my witnessing the incident..after all was said and done my ptsd claim was denied and i was “”arrested for child support “” because I talked to the channel 7-news….the military police officer at the hospital where this happen at tackle me to the floor and ruffed me up!!!! Nobody said nothing!!! That same agent provocateur is now “”fired” “for misconduct. Sgt.Friendly look at you now???. You vet’s better listen to what 40-plus years represent as an insight into the world of V.A.

    1. Yep, I do agree. Trust me I do. I have been through hell with the VA over 20 +years. I though do not trust them with my life at all so I have to monitor my situation most of the time. For example like I was sharing how I wished 2 providers a Merry Christmas and wished them a new fruitful blessed year. I only say it to yes to bring forth a little peace between the VA and the veteran but to also bring forth continued peace within myself. Big Biz, I can be hospitable to the providers but at the same time be very vigilant as to what they may be up to next. Some providers are down to earth and for some there is no hope for. The ones who have no hope have no idea what ethical, accountable and humanistic attitudes are all about. All they know is evil and can’t comprehend good in one’s heart. Overall though, the whole government is mean as hell. So the TRUMP administration is really truly unreal and really appears unbelievable particularly if Trump gets his policies accomplished. Thanks.

  4. Total disregard for life. 🙁 I tell you what though, when the end of time comes, and I do believe in the Lord Jesus Christ above, and the Bible which states all will be judged on judgement day. All these murders and whomever who lie, cheat, and steal will surely be held accountable when the Second coming of Christ is upon us. These people who are killing veterans on this earth land today may not be held accountable now, but when Jesus comes back, they will surely pay then and be held accountable.

  5. It goes on like a vicious cycle that just won’t quit. The autopsy came back about a week ago on the 54 year old female veteran in the homeless shelter at Tomah. She died of mixed drug toxicity and the case is closed without further ado. The drug cocktail was not described and no employees at Tomah were implicated.

  6. I posted this comment earlier:

    “After the Saint Louis, Missouri VA hospital potentially exposed 1,800 patients to HIV-AIDS, Rima Nelson who was the Director at the time was neither fired, nor disciplined. Instead, she was moved (literally) halfway around the world to a VA clinic inside the American Embassy in Manila, Republic of the Philippines.

    She was given a very elaborate condo, and continued to draw the same $160,000 salary from the VA that she made in Saint Louis. Imagine how well that allowed her to live! The average income in the Philippines is less than $4000 per year.”

    Well, looks like her foreign vacation ended this past summer. She is currently at Phoenix where, I am sure her skills will “serve many veterans well”.

    If the veteran manages to survive. Given Phoenix VA’s history over the last few years – – – that is a BIG IF.


    1. The VA must want to ensure they spread the HIV and AIDS around consistently around the USA VA System so they can have Dr. ShiNAZI come back with another magical concoction to treat and then leave the VA again only to sell his treatment back for an exorbitant amount of $$$$, funneled through a Big Pharma Co. ShiNAZI was working for all along… the short answer: The VA must need new lab rats or non-human test subjects, creating a problem for a future problematic cure…yeah, that’s it. Rat Bastards.

      Speaking of rat bastards, Obama is scurrying to get as many Terror Prisoners out of GITMO before the White House doors hit his ass upon exit. Remember, a good % of illegals entering our USA through “Sanctuary State of Mind California” are “NH”, meaning “Non-Hispanic” and the very terrorists are going roundabout and trying to enter by those means or go right back to the battlefield after being sprung from European Jails and killing more USA Soldiers….FACT.

      See, Obama does not like to be wrong or even take anyone’s advice that does not jive with his own ideas (military generals as an example and still at war because of it)…and Aleppo in Syria should never happened…Obama has much blood on his hands and blaming Russia makes no sense if anyone has been keeping-up with Obama’s shitty strategy, if one can call passivism a war strategy when the enemy has sworn to kill all Christians and anyone that does not think and believe exactly like them….how does Obama think again? Sympathizer or true belieber? 🙂

      1. Of the 7 Obama exchanged for Bergdahi, it been reported in the MSM that 5 have returned to their terrorist activities in Afghanistan. But that shouldn’t come as any surprise since Qatar was involved in the prisoner exchange and they are a major funder of Sunni Muslim Terrorist groups world wide according to the US State Department and the European Parliament.
        And I love this, Qatar and the CIA working together to rebrand Al Qaeda in Syria as moderates so Obama could continue to arm, aid and fund their terrorist activities in that country under the deception that they are moderate Syrian Rebels. FACT!

        The attack yesterday in Germany was found to be a Pakistani political refugee immigrant. Time to seal the doors and build the wall and enforce the damn laws on the books. Did Obama throw the Patriot Act out as well?

        Again, is Obama a Sympathizer or true belieber?

      2. @Namnibor – – “The VA must want to ensure they spread the HIV and AIDS around consistently around the USA VA System so they can have Dr. ShiNAZI come back with another magical concoction to treat and then leave the VA again only to sell his treatment back for an exorbitant amount of $$$$, funneled through a Big Pharma Co. ”

        Indeed. Coordinated plan of attack. Vets will be “Rima’d” from the left, right, and center.

        Poor Bastards.

        Hope you are feeling better. I suffer from vertigo and nausea is my constant companion. Not much fun.

  7. Interesting about Atienza’s Facebook page. I see one of his friends on Facebook is none other than Richard Jeffrey Tremaine, Associate Director at VA, Eastern Colorado Health Care System.

    Friends in high places.

    1. @91Veteran- With only a little bit of research, you established a cliché. The old boy network. Good ole buddies covering up for one another, while taking advantage of and using Veterans. Gold brickers, brown nosers, and anal sucking verts.

      To All- When reviewing articles, blogs, data, and other information about the VA, it will not take long until you’re scratching your head with many realistic and sound questions that need to be addressed and tended too.

  8. For all you happy warrior’s out there waiting for the Great White Hope( The Donald) to swoop down and rescue veteran’s from the VA in January , there are TWO sure ways to tell the fix is in:
    # 1 Mc Donald is retained as head of the VA
    # 2: McDonald is replaced as head of the VA
    How hard was that ?

    1. @John Cokos – We really do not know what will happen yet. Time will tell. The VA will not be fixed overnight. It has taken approximately 32 years for it to degenerate to its’ present level of apathy and disgrace. I do not expect immediate major miracles. I do expect one or two immediate MAJOR changes, then over time continuous minor, POSITIVE change throughout this next term. That is the best all veterans can hope realistically hope for. Remember, the American Public-At-Large has the attention span of a gnat.

      @ANutterVet – Read your comment re my post. Silly Buggah! I will take a #2 as well. Not going to publish my e-mail – – – but I have a plan. Take me a few days to get things set up, then we will be in contact.

      @91Veteran – Agreed. FIRE ALL OF THEM !!

      @Seymore @Elf – I agree with what Gingrich is saying. P-E Trump should stay on the attack with these bozo’s . . .

      @Angela – ” Dumbing down America leads to dependency, control and dictatorship which if not gotten a hold of can lead to Marxism and communism etc. ” – Spot on !!!

      Going to be busy for the next couple days – – – then it will take a marathon reading session to get back up to speed on what happens here. I read every article Ben (and associated commentary) publishes on this blog.

      Until then. Stay safe. Keep fighting.

      1. @Disgruntled Veteran- Oh, I didn’t mean for ya to publish your email address on this blog or anywhere else online. If I recall correctly, you asked Ben to send me your email. I don’t know how this works. Anyway, I’ve been keeping your friend in thought. Keep me up to date per his tests. I had a very good friend who lived on the Gold Coast with a similar matter. Stick by your friend my local Brother. I’ll hear from ya when you get back. Have a Merry Christmas.

  9. Hey Elf,

    Did you catch what Gingrich is saying about the VA? An article today stated “The VA has a bullseye because Gingrich considers it the “archetype of – of disaster.”

    “You can’t fix it unless you change the civil service laws,” he said. “You can’t change the civil service laws within the normal framework of Washington.”

    To win over recruits to this crusade, Gingrich said, Trump should keep his message about VA simple and violent: “Do you think people who kill veterans should stay in their jobs . . . [should] we make the government union people happy and keep their jobs, people who we know broke the rules and killed veterans?”

    “You know, the Veterans Administration (the VA’s former name) is a total disgrace, and it’s embarrassing that the senior veterans organizations endorse the current secretary, because he has failed totally to clean it up. And they did it because they prefer the current status, where they have access to Veterans Administration offices, rather than making sure that veterans are taken care of,”

    From “Gingrich urges ‘straight-out war’ on federal bureaucracy”, Joe Davidson, Washington Post, 12/19/2016″

    1. I don’t disagree with Gingrich and being harsh and focused on the VA. I wish he would stick with advising Trump on just that.
      When he gets into advising on reforming civil service laws throughout the federal government, I fear he will be taking on a bigger battle than necessary, and he (and Trump if he takes his advice) will lose.

      Demanding changes in laws or whatever is necessary to reform VA and fire the dead wood that has accumulated there over many years is a fight that can succeed for exactly the reasons he stated, “Do you think people who kill veterans should stay in their jobs . . . [should] we make the government union people happy and keep their jobs, people who we know broke the rules and killed veterans?”

      There will not be much support by politicians for the unions, or much support from the public for the unions if the focus stays on that, but if he takes on the entire federal government, then suddenly you have support and sympathy for the poor, overworked Social Security clerk just trying to get Grandma her monthly check. You have support and empathy for that poor meat inspector who is just trying to keep you safe. You get sympathy and support for that poor Forest Ranger who has to close the national park because there isn’t enough staff to keep an eye on the little kiddies.

      You are dreaming if those wanting to protect their union donations will not fight using those excuses.

      The focus needs to be kept on the VA and veterans getting proper health care. Going off on some tangent just waters down that message.

  10. I haven’t read the comments here, so maybe some of what I comment on has already been said.

    This whole article pisses me off. Now I know why Grand Junction has billed my health insurance over $12000.00 for service connected care. Now I know why they refused to pay the rental fee for a physical therapy machine I needed after surgery. They had to pay off this guy, and his bonuses.

    Not only did the VA pay this guy his ridiculous salary, but they paid him the $85k to make him go away, on top of $31,589.00 in bonuses over three years according to this USA Today article:

    Did they also pay to move him like they did with Rubens and Graves?

    The “settlement” Gigliotti signed was BS. Hey, here’s $85 grand. Sign this and we’ll call it good.


    This VA IG report from 2012 shows there were serious problems at Grand Junction throughout his tenure, yet he collected bonuses anyway?


    Would the VA have these kinds of problems if they actually hired veterans? This local article from 2009 shows Atienza was not a veteran, yet he has worked for the VA since he graduated from college.


    But hey, he was chronically absent, and getting paid for it. Why not piss away more money on him? It also explains why his Acting Director was never in her office when I went to see her.

    Seems he likes to fish according to this posting, so maybe he was absent so much because he was fishing somewhere. The posting also shows he was in Prescott, AZ at the time.



    1. Agree 91Veteran. Why can’t the VA operate with the majority with being veterans? The VA could even train most if its own doctors with the young veterans transitioning from the service today. The VA could pull from the Sam Houston Health Sciences University, the Uniformed Services University, the Navy medical school etc. These schools are funded anyway from the AAUW, NSF, AAAS, NIH etc. The VA could establish funding to these schools to fund young doctors who will obligate to working for the VA for a certain time frame. There are so many positive clean avenues that the VA could establish to implement real quality health care. I could innovate many but with the first avenue being–the VA could be veteran employed controlled and the list goes on. YEP. FIRE and START over with some employees who have their heads out of the gutter and the toilet. Hire some who have real ethical values with the regard for human life being at the top of the list. Really a person can by summed up at the interview to determine the work ethic and humanistic qualities. And too, the summation of these qualities of a potential hire could be predetermined if the VA would screen properly. VA could be the BEST if certain leadership were in place…………..

      1. Last week the VA approved nurses to act as physicians without oversight. We’re in for a bumpy(er) ride.

    2. I posted the same but with the link to all the VA employee bonuses in 2014. I believe my post is awaiting moderation. Good detective work on your part. I’m very interested in finding the relocation award. Did run across one moving pay “bonus” of $127,000 plus. I say “bonus” as nobody needs that kind of money to relocate.

  11. All Vets- I remember when President Obama made a statement to encourage Americans not to watch RT television news. I went and did my own thing. So for a few weeks I continuously watched RT. There is a big difference in content, delivery, and truthfulness. Conclusion; we put out propaganda as well.

    I shared with some one in whom I know, and he told me that our news media can’t lie. This took me aback. I wonder how many other Americans believe the same way? Same theme, ‘The Dumbing Down of America.’

    1. Yep, dumbing down America has been Obama’s agenda and Hillary Clinton’s too. It comes with our country that has become 90 % socialism under the Democrats. People do not have jobs, people living in poverty, millennials having to live with parents because the jobs are limited, veterans dying due to poor health care, maybe a 1% GDP growth poor growth in America. People know that many are struggling but did not relate it to Mr. Obama and his policies. Yes, Mr. Obama is a likable fellow but his policies suck. When Mr. Obama speaks he is totally delusional with the state of this country and particularly the Department of Veterans Affairs. This is why it pays for one to do his or her own research and keep up with regularly with current and past events. If one monitors closely, the audience or the american person keeping up with the happenings in the country, will be able to recognize the lying. Yes, many Americans have wised up because it came with being in contact with the appropriate sources and resources in relation to media or social media. Most newspapers these days are liberal. Check it out. Trump with his policies and Republican policies will reduce the socialistic nature of this country. Trump honestly is really trying to be straight forward as possible because he cares about the country. He may get derailed but I do not believe it will be all of his making. Go behind me and check out what I am saying. Dumbing down America leads to dependency, control and dictatorship which if not gotten a hold of can lead to Marxism and communism etc. Check out Stallin the former Soviet leader. He murdered people by the thousands maybe millions. With Trump being elected, maybe this country can float back to capitalism with growth. Then, many Americans’ lives can turnaround. This will promote independence and more self reliance. This will allow Americans to think for themselves. Then, the concept of Dumbing down America will disappear. Thanks.

      1. @Angela- Thanks for you response. If we look @China, their GDP Annual Growth Rate is 6.7, while the U.S Annual Growth Rate is 1.6. China has approximately a 4x higher growth rate.

        I remember a few decades ago, that when you saw a picture from China everyone wore the same color and type of clothing. The U.S. economy should be doing a heck of a lot better than what is happening. From what I observe in my own area, I often think that the Obama Administration is constantly changing the numbers [promote his legacy] to make him look.

        No wonder the poo slides downhill to the VA. These people are defecating all over us. I’ve seen weird things occurring in many other areas of our Government as well. Hey you poo shooters, eat your own turds. You stanky nincompoops.

      2. @Angela,
        You have evidently read, “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire!”
        This is a great book. It explains, in great detail, how the “Caesar’s”, then “Pope’s”, lost everything. The “Holy Roman Empire” became a destitute empire.
        Just as America was sliding into a cavern of despair, so will the world, if humankind does not learn from the past!
        War, pestilence, despair, hopelessness and all of the seven deadly sins will be cast upon mankind. If not for the reliance of humankind. It is up to mankind to beg forgiveness from GOD! For, if we allow the few to rule over the many, we will see an end to humankind!
        As was written long ago, it’s up to mankind to rise above that which makes man ill! To fight for what mankind has always searched for,

      3. Yes, our country is following on the heels of the Roman Empire collapse as well as Venezuela and even Brazil. Our country has to do an about face to survive. I tell you what, though, the resistance is in full force. It is going to be tough to plow our way through the corruption to get to the other side to a dimension beyond our wildest dreams. I have hope though. I just pray.

    2. The so-called mainstream media not reporting something is as bad or worse than them reporting something false.

      Years ago when Bill Clinton ran his first campaign, I recall hearing on the radio or reading about someone who was against Bill running who went to one of his campaign events in Chicago. She was essentially manhandled out of the event because they were aware she was against Bill. There were also lots of reports of their appearances to be stage-managed right down to the tiny details. Not much of the stage-managing was reported, and NOTHING was reported about that female being manhandled out of the event by the media who witnessed it.
      Anyway, Rush Limbaugh described a situation once long ago that shows how bad our media was then, and they have only gotten much worse…but they are being discovered because so many can see or find the facts in other places. These places are denounced and denigrated as alternative media because it clearly shows what hacks those in the mainstream have been. Rush described being in Europe and reading some European newspaper there about Clinton awarding the Medal of Honor to the parents of Randy Shugart, killed in Somalia. His Father told Clinton, “You are not fit to be president of the United States. The blame for my son’s death rests with the White House and with you. You are not fit to command,”.

      The US media did not report that. At all.

      To date, the only reports I can find of that are on a blog at:


      and here is the full story from the London Sunday Times:


      In fact, you won’t see any mention of it in the video released to Youtube by the Clinton Foundation:


  12. Namnibor, I totally agree. This blog is about Veterans, and our plight against the Veterans administration. I honestly try to ignore what is now officially our new President Elect’s choices. I have to focus on the VA. It’s obvious that appointing the VA Sec. Is no guarantee that anything will change. It’s hope…., that’s all. Hope is all I have. Ben and Seymour, and so many other people on this site have opened my eyes as to all the problems within the Veterans administration. Personally, I need to work on the issues these Veterans have discovered and reported. Sorry for the rant.

    1. @Jo3n,
      No need to apologize. We’ve all been there!
      When we report articles, sometimes with videos, on other than VA issues, they’re for your future information. It gives you, and all others, a sense of power. Remember this one thing, “knowledge is power!”
      Knowing how Trump is setting up his cabinet is a way to figure out how he can, or cannot, drain the swamp!
      I believe his picks have been pretty good so far! Of course, that’s just my opinion!

  13. Hey, Seymore, check these out.
    Here’s three videos from Utube.
    “The Connors Report Media”
    (1:03 minutes) 12/19/2016.


    The Electors have spoken. There were only two “faithless voters”!

    “The Doctor of Common Sense”
    Dec. 19, 2016 (12:26 minutes)
    “Obama Is #48 On Most Powerful People: Trump and Putin Is #1 & #2”

    This is according to “Forbes Magazine!”
    According to Forbes, Putin is #1 and Trump is #2! With Merkel coming in at #3! How that happened is a miracle. She’s completely lost all control of her country!

    From: “The Doctor of Common Sense”
    Obama Family Moving into $5.3 million Home After He Leaves Thanks to Taxpayers”

    This “…eight (8) bedroom home…” is located in the wealthiest section of Washington DC. Also, the Obama’s purchased it from someone connected to the Clinton Crime Family!
    It’s been reported he’s staying to disrupt the Trump Presidency as often as possible!!!!!!
    Maybe, with the factual evidence coming to light over Obama’s “Forged Birth Certificate”, the new President can have his FBI and DOJ “take care of business”. The way it’s supposed to be!!!!!!!

  14. “[When asked by The Daily Caller about the payoff, VA spokesperson provided comment on the matter saying, “all parties agreed that it provided the correct outcome for Veterans, employees and stakeholders.”]”

    I do not think the VA actually knows the difference between a “correct outcome” and an “undesired outcome” at this point because the VA used this same excuse when they were questioned by me 7 years ago when my Veteran best friend had his chronic pain meds cut-off and he was harassed even at his apartment by the VA’s Disruptive Behavior Committee. The VA said to me, specifically, the VSO that handled Robert’s case, “The VA got the desired outcome, in getting Robert his owed benefits”….(the VA by proxy actually killed Robert….bastards)
    So, what is a “desired outcome”? What is an “undesired outcome” as defined by the VA?

    President Elect Trump….PLEASE HELP VETERANS and FLUSH McDonald…make sure to wait around to flash a second, third time because these VA rat bastards are resilient rats.

    1. namnibor,
      The ‘desired outcome’ for VA has always been to murder veterans!
      Their old adage is “DENY AND DELAY UNTIL THEY DIE!”
      If they can’t wait that long, “misdiagnose” veterans ailments until they die!
      If that doesn’t work, give the veteran a disease, example; CANCER, that will kill him/her.
      And, under no circumstance, tell the veteran the truth about anything!

      1. Yep, this is truly the way they are. Many of the best providers that I have had over the years only stayed with the VA for a short time. They left to open up their own practices. I only have one doctor who has been with me 17 years.
        Now in our relationship, we are equal believe it or not. He does not push his agenda on me now. He is my psychiatrist. He actually is respectful now. Actually, of all these doctors, he is the most compassionate. This doctor trust me has been on my bad side before. He used to lock me up years ago. It is very rare for a veteran to have a doctor for 17 years but I have.

      2. Angela, that’s indeed rare and great you have of all flavors of VA Dr.’s, a Psych Dr. you not only stayed with for 17 yrs but also is a Psych Dr., because of all the types of VA Dr.’s, I find the VA Psych Dr.’s the most sinister of the lot. Those experiences are shared with Vets in different States, different circumstances, but most of those VA Psych Dr.’s are not that far advanced from the very lobotomies they used to give to Veterans to “quiet them”, and that practice was only ceased in less than a lifetime, and they tend to RX by throwing darts at the VA Pharmacy Formulary, even if it takes 40 darts and something much better has been out in private medical and the shit the VA pushes already has lawsuits from “undesired outcomes”…consider yourself very lucky to have a great Psych Dr., but I bet he has some sinister toys in his attic or tied-up in his basement, or else it makes one wonder how ANY VA Dr. can stick around for 17 years and not report the fraud and corruption all around them? Hmmmm?
        More vomiting. When will this stop?

      3. namnibor, yes, I do disagree with how he treats some other vets that I know. He is a product of the old medical model. Most psychiatrists have new more advanced training today. Yes, he used to pump me full of medications galore. I used to have tremendous major depression aligned with hallucinations, delusions, voices. I used to be a mess. In 2004, my parents stood up to the VA about the medication practices and let the VA know that the meds needed to be streamlined. The VA was holding me as they have many times. The VA was having to go to court to get the judge to order to keep me. My parents were towing the line with them.
        My mother knows her stuff and was calling them out on their crap. How can anyone keep up with all those medications? All these medications that the VA prescribes are not necessary. Maybe some but not to the point that one is a zombie. Yes, it breaks my heart that my veteran friends are being overmedicated. This is a slow death. I am often upset about this with them. But what can I do? I can’t do a damn thing. I bitch to a government veterans representative but even her hands are tied. I can’t afford an outside psychiatrist so what am I to do? This is why I have been so desperately wanting to be back into employment and own my own to get health care outside the VA. I can’t take the VA. It is so emotionally abusive and
        greatly interferes with my life particular with my trying to go to school. This psychiatrist does not bother me now. It is mainly the other doctors. This psychiatrist bothers me now because of the way health treats other veterans. I can’t see about the other veterans because the doctors have become so secretive about all care. So a doctor could be killing a veteran and I would not know it except by seeing that the vet is not doing well. I do know about many psychotropic medications because I have been on tons particularly anti psychotic medications and anti depressants. I am on none now. It has taken me years though. If I knew of inappropriate medications being prescribed, I could bring it to the legals or individuals outside the VA. I just observe and best stay out of it. Can’t afford an outside psychiatrist but I am working my way away from needing one. Thanks.

      4. This comment is an addendum to my previous comments about my 17 year VA psychiatrist. Honestly, he really is a compassionate doctor for being in the VA honest to God’s truth. I tell you what though, the veteran can stand up to him and he does respect that. However, the veteran and myself included needs to do it in a non attacking manner. If one comes across as attacking in a harmful way, I guarantee you he will be calling the police and the veteran with myself included will be locked up in a closed psych ward. No joke. These VA psychiatrists can be animals when dealing with veterans. Yes, they do have power and yes, the VA does have the power to transfer to a State lock up Facility. The process has to go before a judge in the legal system and medical proof is necessary. As for the psychiatrist, he is decent but behind on new treatment modalities. Many times though he can’t make a decision regarding the veterans because his hands are tied due to the heavily regulated system.He will rarely do paper work. Outside agencies find it very hard to get in touch with these doctors. In regards to Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation, the CRC Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor wanted written documentation to either confirm or deny his support towards my participation in Chapter 31 for retraining. He would not offer input at all either for or against. This attributes to restrictions within the system. He can’t make decision because he is so uncertain about the sustainability of veteran in reference to the veteran being able to make it through school and later being able to successfully hold a job. This is a tremendous barrier within the system and needs to be reformed with a bridge program developed from the extension of Independent Living connecting to Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation for employment itself. The bridge program could establish more factual evidence for the psychiatrists to pull from when faced with making a decision about a veteran who has been long term employed and who has a mental disability. Yes, I am referring to all mental disabilities including TBI. Parts of the brain do regenerate itself with the correct stimulation. Many veterans want to be able have lives as meaningful as possible and not be hung out to dry and wither away with a slow death. I could go into all this more in depth. My bottom line like I have mentioned over and over, the barriers are attributed to the nature of the system. Overall, my 17 year psychiatrist is a decent provider. No joke.

    2. If they don’t kill you via reckless health care, they’ll do their best to drive you nuts. I needed ONE thing looked at early this summer. Not exaggerating when THEY – The VA Medical Center PCP and cohorts – scheduled me for a maze of appointments of everything from ENT to Tai Cheng; over 100 scheduled appointments. My original request was maligned by a swarm of phone calls coming in at 5 a day for weeks straight. My original issue was intentionally overlooked – a service connected condition – and when I landed an inevitable flare due to their intentional course of avoidance, THEY told me they couldn’t help me and I should go to a civilian Doctor. Ended up paying cash to see a private physician and pay for the associated Meds for that profoundly disabling service connected condition as well as an array of medication out of my own pocket.

      While the VA throws money at their useless employees with reckless abandon, I’m left to figure out how to make ends meet with a couple dollars a month COLA for years on end. That’s one hell of a way to show me, the veteran those employees claim to represent, I’m nothing. They collect windfalls while giving me the worst of the worst healthcare. If I don’t like it, I’m a bad patient and am denied care anyway. It was a terrible summer for me. In the real world of medicine, it would take one phone call and a few appointments. Instead, the VA dragged me through pure hell and when that toned down, I find out from the news media I might have been exposed to HIV or hepatitis via another VA employee.

      How much are veterans supposed to put up with? When is somebody going to step in and DO something about it?

  15. We veterans are being lied to by Democrats, Republicans, and all these other idiots that Trump gets to talk for him. I read the newest on the investigation into Clinton and Benghazi, and nothing. Comey story be out soon. Sorry Klearly, this cabinet and other picks are mostly a joke, or all of us are being used and set up big-time. What President Elect Trump has done, is moved Wall street to Pennsylvania Avenue. How many tax dollars are being spent keeping Trump happy and protected in New York, Florida, Washington D.C.? What’s the tax payers paid to keep his family in line with what they are accustomed to? As of now, this entire election process and all the crap that we as Americans have been subjected to, has been one lie after another. And, I voted for Trump. Now, as truths come out, I feel used.

    1. @ANutterVet & Jo3n,
      Might I suggest y’all stop listening to, or watching, the Main Stream Media’s!
      They’ve been lying the American people for way too long!

      1. I totally agree. I only watch main stream at the end of their broadcast gor the feel good stories.

        Problem is so many people listen to this nonsense

      2. It’s important for me to read and view news from variety of sources and weed it out from there because even the “alt-news” goes a bit over the top in the truly wild conspiracy theories, so you have the news scale much like the PH Scale where it can be very acidic on one end or so alkali it is corrosive on other end and as far as news sources go these days, regardless of source, it’s all about freaking likes, shared, and attention…the truth got lost long ago, or at least in last 8 years.
        Do not get me wrong, I prefer some of the “alt-News”, but it’s my theory that even within the Alt News it has been compromised by the vermin from other end of PH News Spectrum in order to try to blur the lines of each.
        Do not paint yourselves in a bubble of one flavor of news to assure your retain true Critical Thinking, otherwise you are no better than those only watching regular MSM in their bubbles.
        Watch it all…the truth then shows itself more easily or at least the liars.
        Rant Out. More vomiting. 🙁

      3. Main stream media never reports on the facts. They get caught up in the Obama -Clinton Ideology instead of the true facts that comes from being pragmatic.

        Trump is the king of pragmaticism. Just thought I would comment.

      4. All I was suggesting is that it’s always a good idea to keep-up also on whatever your enemy’s may be up to or espousing that’s also mixed with a different flavor of truth. Distorted, but it’s there. True critical thinking requires ability to view all angles without a bias one way or other and coming-up with your own conclusions or even hypothesis from that.
        It’s pragmatic to know thy enemy. Know how they talk, walk, poop, cry and dies. All useful tidbits to furrow out the truth during say, a waterboarding exercise. 🙂

    2. Its always like this in a close election. Remember people staring at hanging chads through magnifying glasses? It becomes absurd because people choose to use their creative imagination in order to stir things up. “Worry” is a misuse of the creative imagination. Worry is a choice influenced by those who wish you well and those who do not care if you die.

      I have not watched television nor do I have it hooked up and have not for 15 years. My antenna in my travel trailer I was living in blew over one night. No TV and lived in the woods. After about a month it was like a fog lifted. I began getting interested in working my property, and had lots more energy. The REAL reason I continue to discard chances to look at the “boob tube” is I become emotional in a negative way. It is mostly made up dolls with mush for brains acting intelligent by shifting facial expressions, but the truth is they read from a script.

      I have zero idea what media outlets are pushing today but I suppose its the same as yesterdays garbage. I see little flashes of stuff on the internet that seem planted and coordinated but they always fizzle.

      I have only met three other adults who went cold turkey off of television. I was amazed at the similar experiences – we each felt like a “fog” had lifted. I think the brain gets adapted to attempts at manipulation every commercial break (every few minutes), then on top of that the shows themselves are meant to manipulate emotion. The TV makes it very hard to focus on the day because it plants ideas by intent with the hopes of gaining your money and support. So I admit two things; 1) I have no idea what current scandal is being copy and pasted to the talking faces, and 2) I do not care.

      Lets wait until Trump takes office and see how he handles the job he was elected to. Until then, worry and the television is just a tool being used by those who seek power in the future.

      1. Yes, Dennis, totally agree with you. Actually, the media is very emotionally controlling. I stay away from the liberal media. If I clue in, it is Fox Business, Fox News. or some of the conservative radio stations. I never read newspapers as they are liberal and a dying industry. And too, even though, I have a 17 year old Sharp brand TV, I still at many times turn it off for hours on end or sometimes days. If I did not do this, very little positive would even happen due to the nature of what is being reported. Most of what is being reported is negative. Although, I do switch the channel to TEXAS RANGER as well as other heart lighting and comical shows. One thing though, I love about TEXAS RANGER is he kicks the crap out of his criminals. Hey, do you think TEXAS RANGER could become the VA secretary to kick some of the scum out of the VA. We could sure use his help. TEXAS RANGER physically kicks or beats his opposition. 😉 I am sure you all know of TEXAS RANGER. TEXAS RANGER is surely not a Namby-pamby.

  16. All Veterans- The liberal left media is putting out false information on why we elect our Presidents by the Electoral College. This is Fake News. Ok, Facebook and Twitter Billionaires where are you? This type of fecal material is all around us. Seems like we need to drain the swamp all over the place, an epidemic?

  17. @Disgruntled Veteran [repost]- Are you still having Ben to send me your email address? I ate dried cuddle fish, and soy sauce on my dirty rice today. And, I’m a white man. Pass me the ahi, tako, along with da fresh home made poke please. Oh yes, I like piece lilikoi cake. Mahalo

  18. @Disgruntled Veteran- please read my post under your 5:02 p.m. response dated 12-09. Thanks.

  19. Seymore,
    According to sources, 9 dead and over 50 injured in Berlin, Germany when that semi drove through the crowd.
    The “driver” has been arrested.
    The one thing I know won’t happen is;
    The MSM, due to Merckle’s control over their medias, will not let the truth come out IF it was a terrorist attack!
    Only the real medias, the “Alt-Right” will report the truth!

  20. Been really sick and nauseas most of day today fellow Veterans and survivors. I will reiterate what is required and why:

    The VA requires nothing less than a *complete* enema and yes, that will mean gutting even the rare good and rare great VA Employees in order to get rid of all the sickness within.
    The corruption within the VA has evolved into a cancer with self-consciousness not much unlike what ISIS is to the Muslim world.

    ….and tell me again why McDonald thinks he should remain at the helm? Why all the VSO’s are rooting for McDonald? Is lack of accountability worth so much to these vermin that they would kill for it? Yes, and they have and continue to do so.

    FUCK YOU VA you are out of control and we are taking your asses DOWN with a complete draining of this swamp….a partial draining will not work at this point, the cancer has metathesized.

    metathesis me·tath·e·sis (mĭ-tāth’ĭ-sĭs)
    n. pl. me·tath·e·ses (-sēz’)
    Double decomposition of chemical compounds in which an element or radical of one compound exchanges places with another element or radical in another compound.

    The corruption at the VA has radically taken the place of that thing called integrity.

    Integrity: noun


    adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.


    the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished:
    to preserve the integrity of the empire.


    a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition:
    the integrity of a ship’s hull. <—-The V.A. Titanic's hull indeed is impaired and compromised.

    Now, I shall get back to vomiting…..

  21. Oh yea of little fainth!!! To do nothing is “death” ….listen read the current legal positions of our “U.S. Federal. Courts”. Two (2) thirds of all the cases submitted to the “”U.S. COURTS OF VETERANS APPEALS “” are “”rejected” “…in laymens terms. The V.A./BVA didn’t prevail. Stop looking at the V.A. as the government and see the “demon” as another criminal!!! What the. V.A. does (selected employees) is run a “Matrix” !!! Against it’s veterans!!! One of the very first things the Honorable Judge Steven D. Reiss; BVA said to me at my first full hearing in 42-yrs was….”I apologize for the board taking this long to hear your case”…and Im still here praying for the wrong to be corrected….””MALUM IN SE “”. Brother veterans Im a “”GOD FEARING MAN”” and this devil will reap what it’s been sowing!!! You aren’t really “God” just because it states…””….vet’s lives matter!!!!

  22. Does seem like a lot of people doing bad things. Russia seems too comfortable. Big Biz, it’s about trust, and the VA has millions of taxpayer dollars to spend. A welcome idea, just can’t see it being enough to win.

  23. When the system operates outside of the Constitutional restraints in place that protect the assets of The People, then it really is like letting the fox into the henhouse. VA operates as a quasi-government under direct and absolute authority of the Executive Branch and is untouchable by the other two branches of our government.

    I can prove it is not a good idea too, but I suppose the last several decades of exposed official misconduct and gross negligence are easy enough to Google. Department of Veterans Affairs; concocted by Ronald Reagan and implemented under George Bush number one is a failed democratic experiment.

    The Constitution and the Bill of Rights attached were written not because men feared that agencies and beaurocracy “might” evolve into a nightmare; the writers of the Constitution were “certain” of it. They had fled a place because of it and were willing to go to war to protect themselves from it. The men who wrote the Constitution didn’t just sit down one day and smoke a joint, get high, and make this stuff up. They had seen for themselves how really morbidly icky people can become – and they wanted something clean. They were tired of the filth.

    The agency has become a hive. You can’t change the attitude of the swarm in the hive because the swarm has a whole agenda all of it’s own – and it aint The Bill of Rights…

    1. @Dennis- The VA’s inside agenda needs to be changed? According to your post, I deduct that Veterans may expect a change when, and only when, a new Secretary in appointed in order to fix the VA’s internal incompetent behavior, that is causing many life threatening problems to Veterans. I’m a newbie to this awkward and extremely dangerous system.

      1. The VA requires nothing less than a *complete* enema and yes, that will mean gutting even the rare good and rare great VA Employees in order to get rid of all the sickness within.
        The corruption within the VA has evolved into a cancer with self-consciousness not much unlike what ISIS is to the Muslim world.

        ….and tell me again why McDonald thinks he should remain at the helm? Why all the VSO’s are rooting for McDonald? Is lack of accountability worth so much to these vermin that they would kill for it? Yes, and they have and continue to do so.

        FUCK YOU VA you are out of control and we are taking your asses DOWN with a complete draining of this swamp….a partial draining will not work at this point, the cancer has metathesized.

        metathesis me·tath·e·sis (mĭ-tāth’ĭ-sĭs)
        n. pl. me·tath·e·ses (-sēz’)
        Double decomposition of chemical compounds in which an element or radical of one compound exchanges places with another element or radical in another compound.

        The corruption at the VA has radically taken the place of that thing called integrity.

        Integrity: noun


        adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.


        the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished:
        to preserve the integrity of the empire.


        a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition:
        the integrity of a ship’s hull. <—-The V.A. Titanic's hull indeed is impaired.

      2. The point I am making is much more basic, ANutterVet. You asked if a change of Seceratary would make a difference.

        My point is that the very fact that we even have a “Secretary Of Veterans Affairs” is the core problem. From this nugget of truth (America now has a Sec. of VA which it did not until Reagan), we can track the disease to patient zero. My point is that the decision to elevate these services to the cabinet level, irregardless on intention, is a deviation from the intent of our Constitution. Hell, before Jimmy Carter we did not have a Seceratary Of Education, or a Secretary of Energy either. He came just before Reagan.

        Let me ask you, what has the Sec. Of Ed. done for your own kids? Raise hands… hands up.

        Let me ask, what has the Sec of Energy done for the price of gas at the pumps? Price of electricity? Brownouts?

        Now, what has Sec of VA done for veterans since his job was created? What he has done is made it nearly impossible for veterans to participate in equal protection under the law, made “due process” a committee decision, and employed persons at VA to negotiate with persons at VA to decide what persons at VA will be paid, and provide them with imunity from State Law.
        This is what the creation of the job, “Secretary of Veterans Affairs” did for vets.

        VA will NEVER stop being VA anymore than Frankenstein could stop being a monster. It was not meant to be created at all. There should be no OIG – we have “FBI” for that. There should be no DBC – we have “Due Process” for that. There should be no decisions about who practices medicine in any given hospital – we have State’s licensing boards for that. There should be no decision to transfer corrupt employees; except by a jury of their peers and then the transfer would be to a very different type of federal facility…

      1. @Disgruntled Veteran- Are you still having Ben to send me your email address? I ate dried cuddle fish, and soy sauce on my dirty rice today. And, I’m a white man. Pass me the ahi, tako, along with da fresh home made poke please. Oh yes, I like piece lilikoi cake. Mahalo

    2. I’ve watched bee hives as the smoke puts them to sleep. Then their “handler” scoops them up. Maybe that’s what needs to happen to the VA!

      1. @Crazy elf- However, bees are awesome creatures that benefit this planet and humans in so many ways that I would not wish to insult the earth’s bees in comparing them to the VA corruption so let’s use cockroaches instead…because mere smoke it NOT going to put cockroaches or VA Roaches asleep. Matter-in-fact, they will probably grow even stronger from the smoke.
        Nope, the cleansing properties of sunlight and tons of water utilized for a complete VA Enema, then completely drain swamp with all the crap from VA Enema. Far away from any bees that could be harmed.
        However, the bees have agreed to sting the shit out of any persistent floaters to lend a helping hand to get back to business of making honey for Veterans instead of making honey for VA Witch Dr.’s.

        The butthurt snowflakes and cupcakes are out in full force in my city today. Picking-up a prescription for extreme nausea today had me negotiating protesters yelling at me and my car because it has a Veteran identifier and USAF identifier around plates…I kept my cool but was ready to projectile vomit on-demand, if the situation warranted it. 🙂 I now wish I had barfed all over one of these butthurt snowflakes. Would have made my year, but my car would have been undoubtedly damaged because of it, so I kept my cool and vomit to myself. 🙂

        (still have a sense of humor when sick as a sick dog…)

    3. It was a reasonable idea. Right up until Congress decided they can just ignore their oversight responsibility in favor of getting in on the gravy spilling from the train.

  24. “””Not one vet will stand with me???”” I don’t believe that “we veterans ” can’t/ won’t. come together on one accord to address “our” issues in court!!! That’s who we are!!! Fighters woman. & men train to do battle….in essences we’ll fight wars for “others” but can’t/ won’t fight for our own benefits,rights we gave our lives for!!!! What the hell wrong with “us veterans “…Just” “”1000. Vet’s “”join me and hire our lawyers to get this. “””‘CLASS ACTION “” started? ??

  25. Raw Video: Russian Ambassador to Turkey Assassinated

      1. Turkish investigators are stating that the shooter is a member of the US based Gulen Group. Which is connected to the Clinton Foundation.

      2. “Turkish official links Russian envoy killer to exiled cleric”, By Orhan Coskun, ANKARA, Reuters, Mon Dec 19, 2016


        “A Turkish security official said Ankara saw “very strong signs” the gunman who killed Russia’s ambassador there on Monday was a follower of a U.S.-based Muslim cleric blamed for orchestrating a failed coup in July.”

        “The people he lived with before school were detained over FETO. It was determined that the people with whom he graduated from school were from a FETO team,” the senior security official said of the attacker.”

        “Information was obtained to the effect that people who helped him get into school were from FETO. There are very strong signs that the person who carried out this attack was from FETO. The investigation is currently focused totally on this.”

        “The official also cited the fact that the attacker had taken July 15-17 as holiday. The government may argue the timing of his holiday demonstrated foreknowledge of the July 15 coup.”

        Although there is a need to point out that new in Turkey is more controlled after the Coup attempt and this report is filed from Turkey.

    1. In Germany 18 wheeler plows into crowd.

      “Truck plows through crowd at Christmas Market in Berlin, killing at least nine”

      Wonder what they have planned for the US today.

      1. Seymore,
        A couple of things here.
        I read a few years ago where a university in Michigan ran trial runs on meds. They only used a few people, guinea pigs, to reach a (desired) result. I questioned the VHA about this. With no return calls.

        Yes, I’ve been following the two articles about the Russian Ambassador being assassinated and that possible terrorist’s attack in Germany.
        I didn’t know about the connection to the Clinton Foundation on that assassination!
        Great find, Seymore!
        I read, or watched a video, today where Putin is really holding back his anger. At least he’s being sensible.
        I also watched a video on where Obama has sent “combat ready troops from Ft. Carson”, “over 1200 tanks”, “F-16 & F-35 fighter planes” over to the Ukraine. He’s also, or has, sent “…troops from Ft. Bragg”!
        He’s weakened America to such a point it’s hard to believe what he’ll do next!
        And, according to Fox News, Obama is staying in Washington DC after he leaves office. This is the first time this has occurred since President Wilson.
        Obama plans to disrupt President Trump’s presidency as often as possible.
        I saw a video yesterday, where no less than 2 million Biker’s are going to protect Trump’s inauguration!
        There’s a lot of crap happening with all those butthurt RADICAL libertard snowflakes.
        I believe they should stay home!


  27. At the end of the day this is a very good/ cool manner for “vet’s” can vent!!! Nevertheless after dealing with the “”BVA/V.A. for more than 42-yrs””..Im seriously. wanting, praying for the greatest “legal” battle against the enemy! !! All we do is “talk” …that’s what they want “us” to do!!! We need the “”biggest civil rights litigation “” ever filed in the. U.S. Federal Court history against the “‘BVA/V.A. HERE.Now is my $$100.00 dollars towards such a litigation to hire the “best” legal minded attorney’s!!! Will “”1000″”vet’s come together and join me? ??? We must stop “venting,talking” and bring our fight to the “”COURTS””!!!! I was at Fort Ord 1974-75. Its called “”MALUM IN SE””” (wrong) . Trust me I know I’ve been “filing” their forms since 1977..back then veterans couldn’t file “”APPEALS” “…The laws have changed but “vet’s” continue to be/ do the same thing….””””NOTHING” “”!!!. Young/ Old veterans it’s time…way to long of being “”F…””over..Brother veterans are truly, dying before their claims are heard &denied!!! Don’t we see…””NOBODY” ” is gonna help us!!! Nobody!!! Malum in se!!!

  28. This is just a test using Microsoft word to see if the strike through functions on comments when copy and pasted.
    This is the test line.

    1. The strike through function on Microsoft word does not work when copy and pasted.

      I did have the strike through running on the line “This is the test line.” But it did not copy and paste with the function intact.

      1. T̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶a̶n̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ ̶t̶e̶s̶t̶ ̶u̶s̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶”̶a̶d̶a̶m̶v̶a̶r̶g̶a̶.̶c̶o̶m̶”̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶t̶e̶s̶t̶ ̶p̶o̶s̶s̶i̶b̶l̶e̶ ̶s̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ ̶t̶e̶s̶t̶ ̶f̶u̶n̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶.̶

      2. I went to and it changes what you type into strike through text.

        It seems if you use the – symbol between characters you get strike through letters.

        “-E-x-a-m-p-l-e-” = -E-x-a-m-p-l-e-

    2. Merry Christmas to you and your family Ben and to all my fellow veterans and their family members, May the New Year bring all of us a positive New Year. For Christmas I would like just one thing ! Seeing VA employees crying as they lock the Jail door.

      But I bet we hear that the 1.2 billion the VA asked for will be given to each employee as a Bonus, Its called a Bribe. Merry Christmas. Lets send a Lot of Coal to each VA center to include VBA and Mcdonald, Maybe they will get the Message

  29. These lines are a bit confusing. The VA has turned into a home grown (except for the Dr’s) terrorist organization. If our President Elect does read this blog, or has someone else read this site, then he knows. The information Ben, and others, have already provided should be enough. If he’s not, well then I see why McDuck has the gall to ask for his job back. The upper echelon is truly out of touch with Veterans. Too many management personnel in the VA should be in jail, not. Rehired. We have a crisis, and that’s a shame.

    1. Yep, totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VA is out of touch with vets who need appropriate care. The VA has such defeatist attitudes towards the veterans. Veterans who want to get tasks accomplished in their lives can’t because the VA obstructs and gets in the way with the VA insanity. The insanity or corruption of the VA is contagious to the veterans. This leads to the deterioration in all lives of the veterans. This insanity or corruption is a revolving door and needs to be busted up by Mr. Trump.

      Yep, what a shame! What is up with the crossing out of the lines in the posts? Anyone who is doing the crossing out, can you please explain? The comment that was crossed out was not harming anyone. The statement made such as this from my perspective is considered freedom of speech. When and only when should there would be a problem with it, is if the person took action. Words can be expressed. The words only become a problem when the person acts on his or her words to harm someone or somebody.

      This is my new nickname for Secretary McDonald. He is a Namby-pamby. A Namby-pamby is someone, usually a male, who is overly weak or spineless, sentimental or indecisive. This term describes his leadership style. He has been spineless when standing up to the VA union. Thanks.

    2. Lets contact Trump and tell him or his Assistant to look into our allegations, If he would maybe these employees will see bars and not drinking bars. I agree with you. Thanks

    1. @James – I was able to read your comment with the strike-through on the text. I agree with “The VA is harming veterans more than our enemies.”

      Great observation. Bravo Zulu !!!

  30. Now you know why the VA requested 1.2 billion dollars to help veterans. Its not to help veterans it for VA employees, I think higher management is trying to line their pockets, before Trump gets a hold of them. What the VA did in this case is nothing less than criminal and they all should be fired.

    How many veterans had to die so this person could scam the U Government and its citizens.

    Crooks, criminals, I said fired, I meant put into jail or placed in a yolk and placed in front of the White House, Hell have Trump water board them to get the truth, The VA is harming Veterans more than our enemies. Yes veterans are in real danger and no one cares.

    1. The comments I see the most when AFGE is calling for more money goes something like this: Our veterans, our heroes, are relying on us to care for them and we can’t unless you appropriate more tax dollars. We need to get more AFGE employees into the Veteran hospitals so we can care for those we honor.
      Soon after follows the plight of low employee pay hikes are causing our veterans to receive less than optimal care because we need higher wage increases to attract quality workers to appropriately care for our heroes.

  31. 12/19/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    When dealing with the Criminally Insane, expect anything and everything to happen, and do not try to understand or you too will join them.

    These people should have been locked up a long time ago; Treason and its Mayhem.

    And this action is a little action compared to what the VA is really up to—this is another example of redirection.

    Stop and refocus on the real intent of the Defendant, and their Associates, and of course their counsel.

    The fact is that they [the VA and the Government] are refusing Benefits and Medical Care to our soldiers.

    That is the issue —-stick to it. Why the Morrison Foerster case did not go through in 2007, is beyond comprehension.


    Don Karg

    1. They want to start cvt today, tele therepy 1.5 years ago I can just imagine a bunch of quacks where I cant see them taking bets I when I will waste myself

      1. @Bill- I hope you have close family or friends who REALLY care about you and your medical issues. Most of us need a good solid support system. The VA lacks in this area as well. If your having issues with this, I personally know how you feel.

  32. Hey Elf,

    Did you hear about the new 1984 style home-delivered prolonged exposure therapy coming direct from the VA to your living room. For those Vets who are suffering from PTSD. I guess they really want to keep them triggered and observe while they are doing it.

    “Telemedicine for PTSD no less effective than in-person therapy”, Reuters Media, December 19, 2016

    1. Have to wonder what cornucopia of pharmaceuticals works best for these researchers. With them prescribing Tramadol with its hallucinogenic side effects for PTSD. It will be the ultimate step in mind control.

    2. A better article on the subject

      “Telemedicine for PTSD no less effective than in-person therapy”, By Shereen Lehman, 12/13/2016

      Ultimately the VAs claims the reasons for the studies that have been completed are: “This modality has the potential to address stigma- and geographic-related barriers to treatment, such as travel time and cost.”

      Although I am sure it also increases the safety level for the researcher when working with the Vet. Also less likely to have a veteran show up like in NJ and light themselves on fire outside the clinic.

      1. @Seymore- There were only 132 participants in one of the studies [127 men, 5 women]. I believe there needs to be at least 1k to test a hypothesis in order to produce some sort of theory. I’m always skeptical when research is conducted with a small sample.

      2. You may be right ANutterVet. But in total these studies have been ongoing for a while with no info being made public.

        “Prolonged Exposure (PE) for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Telemedicine Versus In Person”

        “Randomized Controlled Trial of Home-Based Telehealth Versus In-Person Prolonged”

        Exposure for Combat-Related PTSD in Veterans: Preliminary Results.
        This modality has the potential to address stigma- and geographic-related barriers to treatment, such as travel time and cost.


        Clinical Trials dot gov reports theses studies also under the same funding

        “Prolonged Exposure for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) With/Without Yohimbine”

        Study Status: This study has been completed.
        Study Completion Date: May 2015
        Primary Completion Date: April 2015 (Final data collection date for primary outcome measure)
        No Study Results Posted on for this Study

        Prolonged Exposure (PE) for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Telemedicine Versus In Person

        Sponsor: VA Office of Research and Development,
        Collaborators: University of Pennsylvania, University of Hawaii,
        Information provided by (Responsible Party): VA Office of Research and Development


        Wikipedia — Yohimbine (/joʊˈhɪmbiːn/)[2] is an indole alkaloid derived from the bark of the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree in Central Africa. It is a veterinary drug used to reverse sedation in dogs and deer. Yohimbine has been studied as a potential treatment for erectile dysfunction but there is insufficient evidence to rate its effectiveness.[3][4] Extracts from yohimbe have been marketed as dietary supplements for improving sexual function.[5]


      3. Personally I find the study using Yohimbine as bazar. It is the equivalent of giving PTSD suffers Viagra during Prolonged Exposure therapy for PTSD

      4. Just to be clear the Yohimbine experiments were also in-home telemedicine also.

        Why were they trying to cause sexual arousal during Prolonged Exposure for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

      5. The VA has been pushing these studies for years, and the sole reason is cost. They might claim it is for veterans who cannot travel to a VA, or for stigma or whatever other BS reason they pull out of their ass, but it still comes down to cost. And you can bet your left nut that it will not be limited to those who can’t get to the VA. It will be given across the board. For those vets wanting an in-person appointment in February, they will be told the earliest available appointment would be next August.

        It makes me wonder how many have been pushed in this direction already, and have committed suicide because they could get nothing more than a phone call from the iCare VA.

    3. Seymore – Thanks for posting the article.

      “We can now save the travel time and bring the treatment right to them” if a veteran lives too far away to attend 12 to 15 weekly sessions, can’t take off work or feels stigmatized coming into the clinic, said Acierno, a psychologist and researcher with the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center in Charleston, South Carolina”


      How many employers will tolerate the veteran “who can’t take off work” to go get their healthcare at a clinic, video-conferencing with their “therapist” for an hour or so – – – during working hours? Probably not many.

      How many stigmatized veterans would feel “comfortable and safe” with this form of treatment while at work? Probably not many. After all, anyone who happens by their cubicle – – – is CERTAIN to have plenty to gossip about with co-workers at the water cooler. . .

      Therapists that are concerned about DISRUPTIVE VETERANS BEHAVIOR should BEHAVE in such a manner as to ensure that the VETERAN will not become DISRUPTIVE.

      1. Excuse me, but its all va employees who have contact with veterans that are harming veterans by using the disruptive committee. This committee is not legal and they should have no power over anyone. The veterans don’t get anyone to defend them against false allegations.

        As they say it was the facts at the time ? What kind of B.S. is that, since when can an American citizen be accused of something and not be able to defend themselves. If a person goes inside a store the Manager does not call that person in and tell them they are going to be punished by him or the store, No they do like anyone else, call the local police and the outside police will arrest or give a ticket and that person can face the music in court.

        The VA has no authority to punish anyone, That’s are judiciary systems job, at least there a person can force them to produce any evidence against the person and that person can have someone defend them as per law.

        No sir the VA wants to have complete control of our veterans, while they flier the Veterans deserved disability monies, I get so upset to hear that any person, let alone a veteran being falsely accused or accused of something and not have a right to defend themselves.

        All of the Veterans civil, constitutional and human rights are thrown out the window. Do you know how easy it is to have a veteran punished, its this easy ! I am a VA employee you pass by and mumble something a VA employee thinks your speaking about them and that employee without you knowing can and do report you or any other veteran they like as being disruptive and that’s all that is needed and your screwed and they will punish you and threaten you and if you disagree and ask for the proof, All the VA has to say is WELL THOSE WERE THE FACTS AT THE TIME and don’t have to furnish any evidence at all.

        They admitted to me and a senators office that they had no proof, even with them stating they had no evidence our Senators can do diddly squat about it. So the VA is above the Law and could give two shits whom they hurt and they will threaten you with Arrest, Federal Charges and Banishment from all VA care.

        As they say only in America can someone harm a disabled person at will and get away with it and not have to provide any proof ! Does that remind you of anyone in Germany in ww1 and ww2, The VA is doing the exact same thing to veterans and no one cares enough to get to the bottom of it.

        Veterans lives matter, VA stop your thugs from harming Veterans.

        Ask Bob Mcdonalds office about this very matter, he knows and so does his aid Stephanie, who is worthless and a real danger to veterans.

      2. Could you imagine being at work, taking an hour off to talk about your experiences causing PTSD, then going back to work?

        Clearly these nitwits think those feelings can just be turned off at will, so why bother with the therapy.

      3. 91Veteran, I am not part of the treatment that you are speaking about but I can surely provide some insight. You are absolutely correct about doing therapy while at work or near work. This idea is absurb. Here is why I say this. When one is dealing with trauma experiences with the thoughts and feelings, this needs to be done in an appropriate environment. This treatment concept is just more negligence to the psyche when the exposure therapy is not done in an inappropriate environment. By doing this PTSD exposure therapy while at work, it can be disruptive to the focus and attention needed to do an accurate job. When one does a job, the psyche needs to be able to fixate; and also, one needs to be able to position himself or herself to perform whatever tasks are going to be accomplished to reach positive results. Also too, to get to the core of the internal feelings and internal thoughts, this should be the focus not work or being at a job. I guess the VA never learns. Half Measures available us nothing. For once, if the VA would do it right the first time, maybe the veterans might just heal.

      4. I really do not even understand what they are doing unless it is some more research at the expense of the veteran. I can already tell you that their new way of treatment is not going to be successful. PTSD clients have greater intensity of feelings which cannot be just redirected spontanously. If treatment is at work, the feelings and thoughts would linger into the work environment. Not going to be good for the veterans. My take on it.

      5. 91Veteran

        Your question “Could you imagine being at work, taking an hour off to talk about your experiences causing PTSD, then going back to work?” add to that some of the research they have the Veteran taking a drug called Yohimbine used to counteract sedatives in animals and know to cause sexual arousal in humans. Also knowing that they are prescribing tramadol with it’s hallucinogenic side effects to Veterans with PTSD.

        Now add the fact that is probably a PSY APN that is on the other end of the View screen.

        All that while you are building stronger connections to the worst memories you have.

        They are trying to kill us off.

      6. Or imagine your PTSD is from sexual assault, and the clerk insisting on that telemedicine appointment break while you try working only sees the PTSD part.

  33. Here it is again, the hire, fire, and hire again with relocation syndrome. The VA imposed a negotiated-resignation settlement for T. Atienza. Then Atienza applies at another VA facility, and gets hired. How did his jacket get wiped clean of his previous penalties and employment dismissal? This tells me that each VA facility monitors and governs itself and is a separate identity from the whole VA system. This case clearly verifies that there is no consistency in protecting Veterans from rule breakers that benefit themselves.

    The main reason in establishing the VA was to give care to ALL Veterans that qualify for help. It was not created to protect the jobs of the workers that are employed by the VA, or other identities.

    Every time I hear about situations like this, it TYRS to make me feel like I’m a number instead of a human being. All I’m trying to do is to get help so that I can take care of myself, my wife, and my buddy boy- K9 PTSD & Alerting Service Dog. To truly accomplish this, I need to trust those who participate in my health care. Do you see my hesitations?

    This is what runs through my mind- Ok Veteran, face the wall, put your palms face down on the wall, spread those dang nam legs, now squat down a little, ooooh! Do it again, do it again, do it again . . . . And, the shafter did return. Shame on you, you useless VA Administrators, top, middle, and low level managers, who are nothing but gold brickers with no integrity.

    I’ll bet you that T. Atienza has a history of bullying, harassing, and intimidating those employees who do not believe in his philosophy of treating Veterans. Ben has revealed personality traits of T. Atienza that fits this assumption.

    My fellow Vets, this is another example that confirms, this type of behavior is not only a problem at the top level of management it runs rampant. The VA needs a bull dog with new blood to pull the plug in order to truly “Drain the swamp.” The question is, will Trump, surely stir and monitor the dump, to drain this stinky swamp?

  34. And follow the bouncing ball.

    I truly do not believe this system can be changed short of bull dozing the evil empire down and giving vets private health care.

    1. Yes, Bill, I am starting to believe this as well. Let’s just go to private care. More of the same if the VA stays. I am seeing some private doctors now through Tricare anyway. VA just can’t seem to get it together to establish accountability and ethicality.

  35. I would like to know “WHO” were “…all parties…” involved in this illegal fiasco!
    This individual knew he was in violation of the contract. His ability to be rehired had to have come from up above. Was it one, or all three, of those in charge in Washington DC, (“McDipshit”, “Shitty” Shulkin and/or the other asswipe)?

    1. Elf, if you read the settlement agreement here:


      It really says he agrees to resign, which is irrevocable. It says nothing about him being able to get rehired somewhere else, which is what I suspect both he and Gigliotti agreed to all along, except that part didn’t get put in writing.

      This is just disgusting. If Giglitotti had enough evidence to support charging him with being AWOL from duty, or to show he was taking leave inappropriately, he certainly had enough evidence to support firing him. Why didn’t he? Was this a quick way to get rid of him? Clearly the MSPB or those higher thought there was no credence to his charges of racism. It almost makes me think those above Giglitotti didn’t want to put in the effort to fire him.

      It reminds me of that thief who claimed he was on sick leave, only to be working in his motorcycle shop.

    2. Why would he walk away from piles of cash if he can get it? Who says he can’t? The DVA nor AFGE stopped it so he hopped right back on the money train. I’m quite intrigued as to whether he shows up on time in Shreveport. If he has been back to repeating his old pattern, he might not be now we’re bringing it up.

  36. Good article, Ben.

    Every veteran who pays attention to how the VA handles their incompetent personnel can see that it is the modern day equivalent of the old “shell game” played at so many carnivals across the land.

    After the Saint Louis, Missouri VA hospital potentially exposed 1,800 patients to HIV-AIDS, Rima Nelson who was the Director at the time was neither fired, nor disciplined. Instead, she was moved (literally) halfway around the world to a VA clinic inside the American Embassy in Manila, Republic of the Philippines.

    She was given a very elaborate condo, and continued to draw the same $160,000 salary from the VA that she made in Saint Louis. Imagine how well that allowed her to live! The average income in the Philippines is less than $4000 per year.

    My father who is an 89 year old veteran, receives part of his medical care from that facility. According to the recent “secret” star rating report released by USA Today last week – – – that facility is still sub-standard, as is the facility where I receive my primary care.

    And SucVA McDipshit volunteers to “stay on if asked”.

    I do not condone violence, but it is not too difficult to understand how after many years of abuse by the very agency that is supposed to help them – – – a veteran would want to take matters into their own hands in order to get someone at the VA to “listen to me”.

    Because they do not listen now, nor have they for many years.

    It is time for the AFGE to be disbanded by Presidential Order, much the same way PATCO was under President Reagan in the 1980’s. Then, start firing these incompetent bastards left and right.

    1. @Disgruntled Veteran,
      Very well put. These kinds of “deals” show veterans just how deep the corruption goes within VA!
      And, I believe this is why President Elect Trump is having such a hard time finding someone to be VA-SEC!

      1. Without a doubt, Elf – – – the selection of the new SecVA will be one of the most critical decisions P-E Trump makes during his first term. I read the fact that he has NOT met with the VSO’s as a positive sign. He has quite publicly commented for a few years about the rampant corruption within the “whole veterans system” that allows a select few to benefit – – – while the majority of veterans are at best, very ill served – – and at worst, are actively harassed by the Veterans Administration.

        So he is well aware of the circle-jerk between the VA, VSO’s, and AFGE. And he knows that the selection of the next SecVA will be a defining moment for his Presidency.

        Were it me, I would immediately FIRE SucVA McDipshit – – – not allow him to resign. Then I would hold a brief press conference, and explain that I might require a couple of month’s to pick my next SecVA “because I have to get this right for all of you who have gotten it right for our nation so many times, then been cast aside and spit upon”.

        Once I had made my selection, I would back them up all the way. And swift changes for the betterment of all veterans would result. As well as ongoing positive changes.

        And if they were fucking up – – – I would immediately tell them “You are Fired! Do NOT pass go. Do NOT collect $200. Get your ass out NOW.

    2. The VA is finally catching up to what Law Enforcement has been a past master at: The Return of The Rouge Employee. They have some catching up to do….

    3. The St. Louis director gets to maintain the wage either via Title 5 or 38 neither which I’m that familiar with – yet. However; I do know should she move to a lesser position, she retains the higher pay scale. A Union perk.

  37. Truth be told over the years I’ve met
    a few down to earth V.A. EMPLOYEES that try to help veterans. However most don’t care at all!!! After waiting over 42-yrs fighting for compensation benefits I’ve put my mind to believes that the. V.A. wants veterans to “die” before they pay benefits. Currently I have a statement issued from the BVA in 198
    1/85 stating that they believe I took a “beating” but recovered from the injuries!!! A Lt. Literally beat me and put me in the hospital “kicked me all about my back “…but the BVA DENIED my claims nine (9) times. It’s been long over due that somebody tell the truth about our military in the “70’s”!!! Just how racist it operated towards minorities!!! back then. The “n” word was used daily!!! Yet Im 60-yrs old and I’ve never saw the truth in any documentary or movie about discrimination. Don’t ask don’t tell!!! It’s truly sad.

    1. Big Biz,

      You can read/ google my story, Red Sea of Hatred! Trust me, I feel your pain deeply, and there are many that gives you immediate consolation!

      I was almost murdered in 1974 and sought help from the VA in 1975, and yhey denied my claim.

      After almost being murdered , suffered from countless nightmares, sleepness and other problems, the VA did not want to hear my profound devastations.

      Instead, and horribly, the VA wanted me to say I suffered from hallucination and delusions, so they could try their new drugs on me and other veterans.

      UConsequently, many Veterans were thrown into the streets like 5 years old garbage, which resulted in mass veterans homelessness.

      I came close of being homeless but I had a car to live in!!!!!!!!

      Finally, I was approved with partial benefits in 2010, and still fighting for other veterans and mine.

      People continue to tell me to write to President elect Trump for assistance.

      However, he and the Russians are only interested in controlling the pipeline that runs through Syria. As always, vets are going to be put in the back of the bus or even worse, off the BUS!

      God bless

      You can email me anytime!

      1. @BigBiz & @Frank @Benjamin—–Yes, there are some down to earth providers. They are few and far between though. What happens I believe is many of the employees just quit caring because many of them have issues themselves. They honestly do not know how to deal appropriately with the veterans because they are not healthy themelves. So because they can’t do their job effectively most of them have to have that damn union to protect them. Then, instead of the employees getting assistance through the EAP program if there is even one, everything just gets shoved under and this is how the corruption festers. And too, many do not give a shit if they even got some help or not for themselves to better inept them to treat the veterans. The VA attitude across the board is not to believe the vets. I wonder where this comes from. But I tell you what Benjamin and all, that to earn respect one has to show respect. I did something truly out of the ordinary today. I called up 2 of my most recent providers over the phone and wished both of them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Both were shocked. I told one of them that I did not need anything. She mentioned that when veterans contact her or meet with her, the need exists for something.
        I told her that I was speaking with her and extending my care for her as just a human being. We all need some peace in our hearts. I told this provider that I did not need her to do anything for me at this time. This was just a moment of courtesy. Thanks. The employees and Veterans need to come together as one. This will be hard because it is the system that causes the divide.

  38. In reference to the Atienza news, knowledge of this makes me sick to my stomach and want to cry. Get rid of the scum. I mean scum. Even, I have would sense enough to show up to work and follow the rules that are required of me. Sounds like he does not have sense enough to even to get out of the rain when it is pouring. Comparison —Atienza, of course, is the employee that you, Ben, have mentioned; and, I am the patient. What is wrong with this picture? I am disabled to a degree and have been fortunate to be able to develop compensatory measures to help myself over the years; but however, it appears like Atienza is both unequivocally incompetent and clueless regarding accountability. I believe Atienza is the one who needs to be locked up.

      1. AFGE contracts have absolutely nothing to do with mgmt personnel; they’re written, with management to safeguard bargaining unit employees rights. Managers are not bargaining unit employees. What we often see is mngrs taking advantage; just as is shown here in this article.

      2. How about Veterans rights, oh ya I forgot we don’t have a union to protect us from Employees. We did sign a contract and that contract has been broken by VA employees whom the union protects.

        Where’s our protection, come on man or woman don’t you read or look at the news, the union is doing such a good job, Hundreds are dead at the hands of VA employees and accused of disruptive behavior to control them.

        Your dedication to harming veterans is on your hands and their deaths ! Nice Job !

        How many did you take part in.

    1. I fully agree with you regarding Atienza! I thank you for your service and continue to be strong!

      Like you, I’m also partially disabled, it took me 40 years to get my PTSD and other medical conditions, after I was almost murdered in 1974.

      Now, I’m asking for Earlier Effective date for past compensation, where I applied in 1975 but was denied because I declined to be a guinea pig with their new drugs. I was approved in 2010, with witnesses.

      In addition, I was approved by the judge for my seizure, 2016, after suffering from being hit in the head and got the run around like I was a circle!

      This is Hurtful and sad, this Atienza gets $85,000 dollars, a bew job and devastatingly, the VA does not do us right!

      It sad!

      I’m seriously thinking about an attorney regarding these appeals.

      I’ll pray for you and please do the same for me, and let’s continue to fight, fight, fight!

      Stay blessed!


      1. All of you write directly to trumps team and us that it took forty years tell them your story.

        Maybe the truth will come out and someone just may be held accountable and be fired or placed in jail for falsifying our official military records and or hiding them or destroying them. These people must be held accountable for their misdeeds towards disabled Veterans.

  39. After waiting for a full hearing 42-yrs since my injury at Fort Ord, Ca. Judge Steven D. Reiss(BVA) finally has my case and my prayers will be acknowledged as god places his divine interceptions on my behalf…42-yrs of denial after denial filing all the wrong paper work. Trusting the wrong people to help me. Taking medicine for an erroneous medical diagnosis via the V.A. Hospital and after yrs the V.A. Admitted they issued me a misdiagnosis!!! In 1974 the BVA didn’t have. “”MRI’s or PTSD Evaluations “” now we do!!! Malum in se!!!

    1. I feel you! All your issues sounds so similar.

      Keep fighting and God bless you, Angela and all the veterans that deals with all the daily craziness and hateful demonic spirits that hates veterans!



      1. You are one of thousands, I would like to know did the VA tell you that your records were destroyed or lost ?

        40 years sounds like you might have served in the Vietnam area, The fire was in may of 1973, I was discharged in Oct 1973 after the fire, Yet the VA told me my military records were in the fire !

        Lie, unless they kept a spark just for my records. I know many veterans were told this and it not be true.

      2. @ James Gallegos


        “40 years sounds like you might have served in the Vietnam area, The fire was in may of 1973, I was discharged in Oct 1973 after the fire, Yet the VA told me my military records were in the fire !”

        Yes Sir. I have been told the same story from the VA. I was honorably discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps July 9, 1976.

        Shook my head more than a few times after they told me that.

      3. Do me a favior Call Kenneth Carpenter out of Topeka Kansas, he is a good lawyer who was able to help me with the same situation and I am now rated at 100% for PTSD, still fighting for a disability for Traumatic Brain Injury that I did not know I had when the attorney filed, I was shot point blank in the head at close range.

        The VA denied me for the TBI, even after a Qualified VA doctor placed into the official record that I have A TBI and documented by Scat scans, MRI’s. I have obtained those reports and now going to reapply. This time at the bottom I am going to send a copy to Trump and my Congressman CC; that way they will know that they are being watched.

        I expect the same result, because the C&P the doctor states I was shot in the head per Military records, but they refuse to change their statement stating I was hit in the head with a tear gas canister, Damb crooks.

        Anyway, contact Charter Carpenter that’s what its called and ask for Catherine, she is his assistant. Need to let you know I think he only does PTSD, not for sure, If he takes your case and wins he will get 25% of the end result. So its very important that you ask him to file a clear and unmistakable error on the VA’s part, hopefully you can get your disability and your back pay.

        785-357-5251 is their # Please call I’m tired of the VA lieing to veterans like us, the fire can not last 5 or more years past may 1973. Let us know what he says, this would be good information for other veterans in the same boat. If you like you can tell them I referred you to them, I’m from La Junta co

      4. James,

        Thanks for all that info. No can do, as I have my stuff going on behind the scenes, and am NOT going to post info about it – – – until the “Fat Lady sings”.

        Hopefully, other vets will find your information useful.

        Happy Holidays!

    2. It’s a horrible tragedy regarding the female vet blowing her brains out in the VA.

      However, of course it hurts deeply. Horribly, I also witnessed a man blows his brains out, where I was 2-3 feet from him, after shooting his girlfriend, She lived and he died!

      And yes, residual of his blood and other matter was own me!

      When you told me about the female vet, I thought about him, along with other horrible things that I have tried to deal with myself for years and survive, sir!

      So please, don’t think this vet was minimizing, uncaring, anestheized or ignored her and others vets deeply, painful and horrible-intense, devastation! I DO! I CARE AND HURT BEYOND WORDS!!!!!

      The VA just continues to be detached and only moves in a very deep and dilatory situation, even when its horrible and painful disconsolate!………………….

      Let’s keep fighting for all the vets, theirs and our families!


      1. Well said, Frank.

        The reason EVERYONE is on this blog is PRECISELY because they DO CARE about their fellow veterans.

      2. Frank I think its funny how we veterans think about other people over ourselves, God Bless you and takes some of the hurt away. Merry Christmas to you and yours God is watching believe it or not.

      3. Sir,

        I thank you so much! Indeed, God is supreme!

        Thank God for you and all the veterans that served this great nation of ours! Frank

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